Beyond 2012 ~ The Veil is lifting

Beyond 2012 ~ The Veil is lifting

We’re going to talk about  2012 and the lifting of the veil. The veil that separates us from our higher self, from the great beyond from the other Shore. From the Great Spirit. Many people are saying that the end of the Mayan Calendar was off by five years so the end date actually was December 21st 2017. Check out this video here from the positive side of 2012 the veil is down 98%, Tom’s talking about the veil that surrounds this earth.

Now if this is what some people call the firmament or the veil that keeps us separated from our Galactic family. The Galactic sun’s energy can now get through so there’s nothing basically that’s stopping the Event. We can help speed up the process we can help manifest the event into this room by staying in the heart and living from our heart. You now have more power, power than you’ve ever had. You are a warrior if you’re here on this planet I know it’s could be a tough time for you it is for all light workers now if you’re watching this video you are a light worker or wayshower system buster you are a warrior of the light a warrior that lives a path with hurt and so I thank you for all that you do thank you for being here.
Something  big just happened. He explains it in here now we also have talked about the planetary alignments these Eclipse portals and many other things that are happening in this realm right now as we speak so without further ado I’m gonna silence my mic and start playing this video .
Hi my name is Tom Price and welcome to the positive side of 2012 the year 2012 began a marvelous magical time of change and most of you are likely unfamiliar with what this means among other very important things it’s out with the bad guys and in with the good guys that means we are getting America back we’re getting the world back and Mother Earth is going to become the incredible beautiful amazing place she once was the planet is the website and our YouTube channel is the positive side of 2012 both of these are dedicated to bringing you proof that things are change and that this is not just the rhetoric or someone’s crazy dream hello this is Tom I have more news about John F Kennedy did I make just to give you and I’m sure you’re anxious to hear many of you based on your comments well that’s got to wait another video or so maybe two you can’t always get what you want sounds like a song but here’s what you need to know what I need to tell you.
On December 21st 2017 a month ago that was the winter solstice that is when I brought up Lucia Renee’s blog and that blog told us that there was a veil around the planet veil imposed upon humanity human species and that veil was alien software so you get used to these terms so we’re gonna be talking about software more and more as time goes by nonetheless this veil was around the earth is around the earth then and I am pleased to report well she was reporting that it was starting to come down effective the winter solstice is starting to come down and lo me hold I’m very pleased to report now here it is the end of January roughly a month later that the veil is 98% removed and falling it will be 200 and just as important and equally exciting I’ve been told that the human species is 98% awake that’s amazing which means that 98% of the population at least questions say to mainstream media so thanks to the efforts here my channel or many otherchannels and you know trump on TV you name it and all the stupid things the Cabal has done recently all those things have helped the masses.
At least ask the question you know we really been told the truth if not more so that’s it this is time for celebration it’s a go celebrate we are free of the veil and people are awake so that’s a game-changer think about it that’s a game-changer we’re in a new game now no we just finished a first round of the boxing ring yeah we’re in we got fully charged up we’re back in there now with more tools than ever we have power and I’m not talking about the starseeds I’ll talk about them later I’m talking about the actual humans who are here and have been here for thousands of years under the control of the bad guys.
Now we have power we’ll get to that but let’s first talk about the event date a little bit I touched on the event date in courts 1183 that was the recent newsletter and there I stated very briefly that the event now is event based so what does that mean well what it means is that the grandfather clock I talked about how struck you know midnight it struck 2012 one point one point point point point but just like daffodils coming up you know daffodils are flowers bulbs that come up poke their head through the snow sometimes in the now basically and the january/february whenever however the actual date that they you know to agree now varies from year to year not to mention from location to location why because that is event based depends on the temperature primarily I’m sure snow water everything else it’s event based so just like all your other flowers you know the 20 the grandfather clock strike in 2012 is sort of like the winter solstice or the summer solstice or the spring solstice dates you know the Solstice date so to speak.
Let’s get back to the news now the infamous Trump’s State of the Union message last week was a big disappointment for many or all of us who are hoping that it would be a major event well we’ll talk about that in a future video here soon but nonetheless, it wasn’t so obviously it’s not on our timeline. However this FISA memo was just released to the public which is astonishing this FISA memo is such a major event it’s an event in our timeline it is part of our timeline and that’s the timeline of events that has to happen that will happen before the actual event so having said all of this stuff now I want to summarize here we are where we’re at by saying that all of this boils down to me asking you a key question now that the veil is down and we’re awake and that this milestone FISA memo is out publicly and it clearly states that remember clearly states that the US government is corrupt at its core including the justice system.
Now that all of that has happened but all of that in place there is an incredible tremendous opportunity for us as the human species to make tremendous progress that is we can actually now contribute to the event date contrary to the past where we were just bystanders waiting for the event date to occur we are now participating in the event date starting right now and us collectively I mean we all individually you’re gonna affect your own timeline you have control over your own timeline and collectively we have control some control at least over the actual event date


This Bitcoin thing is taking over the news I got to tell you the craziest event date now notice that the veil started coming down on the winter solstice and it’s essentially completed it’s removed affected the lunar eclipse of January 31st hmm now for those of you who’ve read the book you know that I was skeptical about lunar eclipses and astrology and the like yet I was forced to change my tune and I now know I now recognize that those things eclipses and alike or just cuckoos just like 2012 was cuckoos relevent cuckoos in the grandfather clock and of our universe and that’s what it is it’s a grandfather clock or universe and as I stated earlier in this video that it’s not to date you know nothing’s gonna happen on those particular dates like a lunar eclipse date but any related special events are gonna happen you know around those dates just like the flowers and lo and behold the infamous FISA memo just came out on February 2nd but Congress has batted it around they could have batted around a lot longer or a lot shorter but lo and
Behold it was batted around and finally issued Monday you’re right about the Friday February 2nd just right after this lunar eclipse hmm so
you be the judge food for thought well let’s move on now and let’s quickly talk about the FISA memo itself just in case you’ve not heard about it now there’s plenty of websites giving you all the details I’m not going into the details in courts 11:39 that was in August of 2020 seventeen eight months ago or so I stated that all this Russia collusion baloney was exactly that baloney and now this Pfizer memo makes all of that official it’s beyond any doubt now to the public that it was all baloney and that the politicians who were accusing Trump of colluding with the Russians or themselves colluding with the Russians on this totally illegal uranium deal so more importantly here just the big picture just a big picture was what I want to give you go elsewhere.
I get the details but the big picture here is that it points the finger at the mainstream media once again and they’ve been pushing this collusion story they probably still are even today for it forever so that number two now even more the masses are gonna wake up I mean this is really gonna hit him over the head they haven’t been hit over the head already that’s good it clearly states that the FBI and the Justice Department are crooks at least the upper levels of those and it states for that Hillary is a crook along with the Democratic National Committee so it makes you it points the finger and makes you makes you question every other aspect of the government of the US government.
So pinch yourself or hit yourself on top of the head I can’t do it my head on but pick yourself I mean this is this is worldwide this has implications worldwide because people worldwide I hope and I’m sure are watching the u.s. very closely now many black-robed judges have already been indicted or turned themselves in the indictment count is now up to fourteen thousand or so it was two three five eight nine ten now it’s fourteen thousand now that’s over the US appetite includes the states and DC but even so you split up between the 50 states that’s 300 per state that’s a lot and also the high-profile Bundy case in Oregon these people were just exercising their rights to protesting well they were just released from prison before any sentencing really occurred but they were just released from prison because of the same corrupt FBI so the judges threw the case out it because of the closing argument.
I hear the closing argument but the closing argument was probably completely invalid based on the wrong stuff I was just you know horrible they were treated horribly also Michael Flynn his sentencing has now been delayed for the same reason now he was convicted of colluding with the Russians before the election so that’s gonna be thrown out not yet but it’s close you know so you can readily see all these dominoes are falling you can rarely see that the fuse has been lit I mean James Gilligan had the term earlier that the shift that’s hit the fan shift this at the fan I like that but this one here from x-22 before is much more appropriate that the fuse has now been lit and it has we are now getting America back it’s now official we’re getting America back no doubt about it.
And it’s just a matter of time but and here is the whole point of this video here now don’t kid yourself the bad guys are not going down without a fight now think of it you know what is FISA memo and all the stuff happening these guys are not gonna go down a fight this is really their last you know their last gasp of air it’s like ever gonna have one so they’re not gonna go down without a fight and we need to talk about this more so because now as I said earlier in this video you are a warrior the veil remember to veil without veils now down 98% and you’re gonna have new tools so to speak and that means an improved you and it means you’re gonna be trained and that is happening as I speak.
The training programs are being set up and I know that’s the case because I’m involved with it this channel is involved with it in a small way and what they do is they locate people doing if five people doing what they love to do then just simply plug them into the matrix so here I am and to you I say welcome to the matrix this is your first training so now let’s get back to the bad guys and the Pfizer memo so the Flyers of memo that memo is gonna
prompt them to do something stupid again like it didn’t know why you with your rocket and the submarine in this case they’re probably so desperate that they’re gonna break out this.
These archaic obsolete anti-gravity machines I think it are called the TR three s and Tare fours this will be what they use to create an alien invasion as Austin Powers might say alien invasion now we’ve had this technology for a long time oh by the way it’s it’s nothing new nothing new at all so you break out a few of these things they start a few fires they get shot down why what’s the point and it was a point of having a single missile being fired off a sub in Hawaii and then what was the point of having NBC there ready to film at all now you come home or you.

icoin pro

let’s say you watch that NBC clip you’re not there but think again as far as they’re concerned you are there you are in that fight this isn’t a fight about
money or property this is an inter-dimensional war welcome to your first interdimensional okay first things first when you’re in a roar the first thing you want to do or one of the first things you want to do is study your opponent find his weakness so to do that we have to go back to Genesis once again a quickie lesson on Genesis now this assumes you’ve seen courts 1153 for the more fuller version of this course 1153 you can search YouTube before and you can also find it in our playlist entitled a quick education on this event it’s the second video in this seven video serious.
Here we’re gonna do a quickie lesson and here it is so you have a flat line you start with a flat line which is nothing and from that you get a sine wave that has a plus hump and a – hump aspect to it these add up to zero they add up to nothing so from nothing you’ve just created something and the Christ the Christ consciousness is the plus and Satan is the minus so this is my definition of Satan now we don’t want Satan that might assign to manifest you want to stay on paper can we come up with and we made a potential because if it does come out of there and manifest then it becomes the devil and demons and all those things so we have free will which is a problem because that makes us vulnerable to this and that’s why every
religion every meditation you know every yoga exercise and anything and everything you do they tell you to first surround yourself with the protective white light it’s all about your intentions and we call that white light protective white light the Christ consciousness.
It’s not Jesus per se it’s about what he represented so she found yourself with that protective white light at Christ consciousness and for Christians this is that wonderful feeling you get or in joyous occasions and joyous Christians and you are generating that energy that consciousness and just as important here is when someone walks into that room or into that church during these times of high energy they can feel it literally they absorb it they are feeding on now do you understand your opponent  what is the mirror image of that well well the bad guys are doing exactly the same thing it’s the opposite of the white it’s not white it’s really black but I prefer to use the color red so what is this red energy really is it fear I mean I’ve talked about fear and how the bad guys feed on the fear but you know what does that really mean but more so fear is just one little piece of it there’s a whole lot more that can get tremendously horse her stories and just happy fear so what is the right term here you can call it The Satanic consciousness or the satan consciousness but that’s just a religious term it doesn’t necessarily  mean anything.
There is no definition for it in the dictionary, however, the new-age dictionary does have a term for it and their definition is it is the energy produced by the suffering of humans or animals. It’s the energy that you emit. It’s the consciousness energy that you emit during suffering during illness during fear or anything. Like the horrors that the bad guys have done to humanity a new world order of stuff and the wars and
all those things either as a group or as individuals including babies. All those Horrors have one thing in mind and that is to create this louche, this food and that’s exactly what Trump’s executive order was all about. It was about the human rights abuse. This executive order was issued on December 21st 2017 which we now know is the real 2012.
The alarm clock going off, just like walking into a church and feeding off of those vibes and it is wonderful vibes. You walk in there and you feed off of the Holy Spirit. what do we do what are we really up against. .  Number one this has absolutely nothing to do with  -dimensional money or food or property or anything to do with 3d. Instead these activities, I just mentioned, and all the stuff they’ve done to us. It’s just a means by which to generate this inter dimensional food and that’s what this is. This louche is inter-dimensional food. It’s really fourth dimensional food we get . We get excited about it here but not in the fourth dimension its food here on the third dimension. We eat food to get energy and the fourth dimension you don’t do eat food. There’s nothing there and the fourth dimension your food is energy so they don’t eat food.
They literally eat energy and thus they literally eat this louche. They consume it they consume the energy the consciousness. That’s a lot to swallow, but the real point of this conversation is to help you understand that we are not dealing with humans. We’re not dealing with humans here regarding this consciousness. We are dealing with interdimensional beings and Trump was surrounded by interdimensional beings during his State of the Union address. Now you and I are not capable of seeing this stuff but the people who are training do see and they have their popcorn and we’re very entertained by the entities. A lot of politicians that are right there on TV surrounding Trump.
Let’s get back to the war okay when the veil is down you will be improved and you will be trained and you will therefore become an offensive weapon. Instead of just playing defense and we call Dracula and escape and the light you know Dracula did not like light so you’re gonna learn to use your
light to eliminate these bad guys once and for all from our reality. You will, therefore, be assisting this intervention. You will be using your free will to remove the last traces of food, the last traces of louche for these interdimensional beings. That’s what we’ll do and as soon as we do that, in my opinion, that is when our flower finally blooms that is when this event-based transition occurs.
Thank you very much thank you very much for listening and I look forward to bringing you more videos training videos such as this intertwined with my regular mix of videos and for those of you listening to his channel for the first time please see the playlist I already mentioned that’s seven videos and it quickly brings you up to speed on the past couple years of events so do you know what’s going on so you have the current news and for those of you who want a little more conservative viewpoint without ET stuff or anything else please see your playlist called getting America back it’s exciting in and of itself.
You can start there and move through the seven video series and finally get the book because the book gives you the history before all that last couple thousand years of history very briefly and it also gives you the history of the transition and you need to know about the transition and to learn how the universe works all in a very short well-written package it’s a non religious book it’s non confrontational and most importantly it teaches you how to be successful in this transition you have to be in the heart to be successful in this transition and it gives you references to go other places if you are of different belief systems etc etc so thank you very much again for listening and as I said please look forward to more of these videos training videos and because if you only knew what I’ve been through there’s a lot more to say I just got to figure out how to say it so you’re gonna be we’re going through an amazing time folks we’re going through an amazing time so please keeps us they subscribe and get your friends to subscribe because sooner or later they will so be the first to tell them and otherwise thank you very much, once again thank you.
All righty there you have it I hope you enjoyed that I took some notes here that I wanted to talk about but first let’s take a look at some of the comments here now his channel tom is the positive side of 2012 Tom Price I believe his name is the planet you check out his website let’s see don’t need another BS matrix the matrix hikes I don’t want to be part of the matrix or what did I hear on C just like everything in this realm or in reality itself there’s a good and a bad you know and up and it down it’s my teacher who’s a Taoist master calls it the one law that sine wave that tom was talking about the rise and fall of civilization the plus two minus the yin the yang but the matrix itself see it has a negative connotation because of the movie the matrix and because most people are well pretty much everyone suffers in the matrix. The 3d Matrix. MA means water to the ancients this is an ancient term this isn’t a new  word. The ancients used the word Matrix to represent something of an illusory nature. Ma represents mother matter mather, marine Mary the Virgin of the Waters. This is water symbolism and as feminine and trix trica silly rabbit tricks are for kids he tricks the sacred the divine, the innocent. We can say Ma-Trix means “Divine Water” now this divine water some call it the waters of Sophia that water was corrupted by the Archons. The clear water was diluted cloudy it became cloudy that veil the clouding but that veil is lifting. Open the eyes of our spirit father mother creator so that we may see all things.
This veil is being lifted so I just wanted to clarify that because people are afraid of the matrix or there’s that fair but it is the source is divinity the divine God truth love I am grateful for you sharing the truth thank you 98% who maybe 70% more believable absolutely not 98% all it takes is one percent of the bail to keep the light blocked out so we are closed the event that’s coming soon you’re awesome thanks for all you do awesome video explains so much makes perfect sense thank you for your work so check out that video so a couple other things you know that sine wave the rise and fall which is time that is linear time manifesting out into this realm so you had the Christ which was the positive the lifting the rising up the ascension it’s also the heart and Bowers and we say middle Dan Tien the Emerald Palace the green aurora borealis in the center of the accretion this now Walter Russell who is a Christian mystic genius would say God is the still quite magnetic light at the center of all things it is still because all things move around that Center it’s the center of the magnetic field the singularity and it’s magnetic because it pulls into that Center just like in a black hole or a toroidal field it’s a better name that field that is like a torus that circulates it’s like the figure-eight it’s spinning and circulating that Center is still like the eye of the tornado the eye of the storm total stillness so when you talked about this interdimensional war it’s a war between the physical and non-physical it’s that constant battle that constant duality no there are beings that are beyond the veil that are beyond this three-dimensional realm some people call them Galactic’s or ETS angels higher dimensional beings there seems to be an apparent battle that has been going on through the ages between the good and the bad that rights are wrong but that that is part of the veil and after that lifts there will be no longer any battle so try to live from the heart put your mind in that awareness into that still white magnetic light that’s at the center your beam and we will be arriving very soon as this event as a light penetrates through the veil once the veil is lifted many people believe that it will be sometime in the first quarter or 2018 so very soon where you have 144 p.m. here time 144,000 starseeds lightworkers that will lift up all of humanity and you are one of them my friends so thanks for being here thanks for watching this video have a great day
my friend be in the love and the light of truth
Paul Butler

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