Ashtar Command

Urgent planetary report !!!

Dear Ones 🙏🏽…

We are being guided to look at what is happening with the collective Timelines that are unfolding into a mass storm at the moment 💨🌊🌪….
With clarity and hope 🙏🏽… and not a tempestuous conflict of emotions💭 ….

For example:
What is happening right now with the English Brexit Being extended now till October 31st …..

And what with the Arrest of
Julian Assange….

what the heck is happening here😮 ….

well …. We need clarity …..

So ….. Commander Ash’Tar’Ka’ree Speaks …. 💫

Beloveds my brothers & Sisters 🌸….

Your realm is being bombarded with mass amounts of Photonic kinetic plasma light from our Great alpha and Omega Central Sun ☀️

However at the same time …..

There is a mass amount of intense waves of negative polarity entering in …

There are Astral energies that are being sent into this planetary field , it is negative energy that works with the compartmentalised negative energy of our fallen brothers & Sisters …
That think themselves your controllers ‘

when they are not ….

These ones Are reeling in this negative energy …. at the same time as great love light is flowing in to your planetary mother …

This dark energy is

For one thing only …. to feed of fear .. division… and separation…

Because divine grace and light is winning ( The feminine is balancing out the masculine Polarity)

And We are working to remove this negative energy….

But Remember dear ones ….

Your light beloveds is exceptionally bright and it’s clearing so much of the Etheric Grid … enabling timelines to split … there are multiple variables at play here….


Our Fallen brothers and sisters are sending massive amount of negativity birthing from the Lower Astral realm …. this negative polarity is to feed off Collective fear …. ( this is there Ultimate weapon)!! FEAR …..

And unfortunately the unaware beautiful souls do not understand this …. ‘ the sleeping souls of this realm are executing this fear …..
running there individualized multiple programs of fear division and separation ……… unfortunately they are feeding this negative polarity …. at an Unconscious level….

They are grounding this into there subtle energy bodies including your … Etheric Body, Emotional Body, Lower Mental Body, Higher Mental Body, Causal Body, Soul Body and the Integrated Spiritual Body…..

thus creating magnetised fear….

Remember beloveds

Fear is nothing but a program that runs ( magnetised negative spiritual algorithm ) …….

until you move into your high-hearts… into zero point of True Oneness Of self realisation that you are one with God …

you then eliminate this program ….

And unfortunately The persistent Programming of fear , within fractions of the collective is pushing the result of this negative polarity energy that is coming to play……

Remember beloveds ….

All That is taking place around you ‘ is a stage …. the stage is set , the actors are acting out there necessary roles… All is a purged storm yes , but this planet is not all within a purgatory polarity…..

There is still hope beloveds !!! , and you are the hope ….. you are the spiritual eagle warriors of the 144 who volunteered to come here to this realm with us your Galactic counterparts …

to persistently fight in the name of the creator light most high …..

To bring this planet into a higher state of consciousness to bring your brothers and sisters with you…. to be part of a utopia cornucopian paradise that will be the new 5D Earth 🌍 …. and to share this existence with us your galactic brothers and sisters

thus becoming planetary galactic citizens…..

You came here Beautiful souls , not to give up on the great fight ,

To stand in your power your sovereignty and divine light 💫⚡️

To Stand in the face of adversity…

To move within the realms of oppression with dignity’ grace strength and valour…!!! ….

As Great co-creators ‘ continue to anchor in the light …. to be the conduits of light …. when all of the lights “seem “ as if they’re going out ……

beloveds , you are now in the deep end of the pool… you have bypassed the shallow end …. and are treading deep waters…. in these times of Great purging that is necessary to move this Great shift into the golden age ….

We your Galactic Brothers and sisters are under universal oath .. of the prime directive , you also came in with this coded oath ‘ you understand necessary collective timelines ‘ …, collectively have to play out ……

The implementation and involvement of our Galactic Fleets And Our galactic presence …. can not infringe on your ( free will) we have to abide by certain diplomatic clemency …..

Beloveds ….We are your Galactic family we are your spiritual teachers & …. we have come to support mankind in a spiritual awakening ….. and will continue to be by your side through this great storm….

However as a human collective you have to drop your tempestuous fears and Programs that you are running individually and collectively ….

As Fear of separation from self, is exactly what the negative astral polarity wants …..

So use your inner discernment , your inner compass… when feeling these times of confusion….

Don’t give your light away to these ones … beautiful souls that you are ….

know thy self …..
Continue on….. wonderful divine spiritual warrior eagles ❤️
We are all One …
We are with you always ….

Be the ever powerful co-creators powerful Masters ….. that you are manifest the light within & without ….. continue to be the guiding lights ….. No matter what darkness is put in front of you ….

Continue on with mass meditations understanding how powerful you are when you come together as a collective …. working with manifestation & intent of collective mass meditation….

And know we your galactic brothers and sisters are with you always ….

As you are the great soldiers and legions of light …. and yes ‘…
you are in the trenches …..
but you are our eyes and ears….
so stay vigilant stay steadfast ….

In brotherly and sisterly love relief and truth

And We Bow to you…. beloveds 🙏🏽

Namaste my beautiful brothers and sisters 🙏🏽🌍

All my love ❤️

High Commander Ash’Tar’Ka’ree
Of The Jupiter Command & AshtarCommand

Telepathic Channeled by
Ria Aurora Athena Ash

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  1. Michele Vernier

    Olá amados,
    Venho expressar a minha imensa vontade de fazer parte desse movimento.
    Tenho um Canal no youtube e gostaria da permissão para compartilhar as informações do Blog no meu canal no Brasil. É possível?
    Aguardo retorno.

  2. Paul Butler

    Hello Michele,
    Greetings my friend. Feel free to share anything on my website and vlog. Please link back to my website or videos. Namaste. Blessings…Paul

  3. Annabel

    I’m not getting jack shit assistance so I’m leaving this dump of a planet and going home to get everything I could ever want or need. They got anything to say about that? This planet can rot in hell for all I care. All I want is to have my health back, everything I ever lost like a will to live, passion, creativity, genuine and (actual face to face) real connection with other like minded people, and in the physical not just online , (online relationships are no consolation for actual physical contact) and yet we’re just supposed to carry on putting up with so much shit for what, another fucking month, another fucking year…? Totally unacceptable. I am sick of reading about all this while my life has not changed for the better in a any fucking way at all, as usual, despite all my efforts. Maybe they could discuss just how many treasured lightworkers, starseeds, wayshowers etc we are going to lose (if anyone actually gives a shit) if nothing actually seriously improves in massive and very real, tangible ways for us all like YESTERDAY. We are SICK of doing ALL THE WORK for so many decades and getting jack shit in return. It’s not right, it’s not balanced and it’s not giving me any incentive to stick it out. Maybe next time they could discuss that, eh…? I couldn’t give a toss what is happening all around me – but maybe I might if I actually felt better! Where is this so called help and assistance for us world weary and soul fatigued starseeds, highly sensitives & empaths…? Just left here and kept being told to basically suck it up and just be positive, be grateful even! What a joke. What a disgusting way for us to be treated after all our decades of hard work. This whole life, everything about, deeply sickens and offends my soul. If nothing is really going to change anytime soon, many of us will be lost to suicide. But hey, who cares right?

  4. Eve

    Sharing on
    Thank you so much.

  5. Eve

    Thank you for everything. Things are beginning to make sense to me now.

  6. Paul Butler

    Namaste Eve. Thank you for your Light. Much Love and Blessings…Paul

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