The Evolving Human

The Evolving Human ~ Changes in DNA of the Physical Body

By Steve Rother

Greetings, dear ones.
We join you this day as a collective, for we have a little story to tell you about events that are taking place on your planet. You are reaching beautiful levels of evolution. The Earth herself is changing as well; you have seen so much beauty here. Let us first tell you that you are becoming new humans, and that is incredibly exciting. Last time we talked about the multidimensional you and how you have hidden some of your perfection in 11 different experiences of your life, making different choices and each one selecting different routes.  Over here when you make a decision that is equally weighted. Although you may go this direction in one dimension, in another you take that other choice. So, really nothing is lost to your experience as a spirit pretending to be human.

Changes in DNA of the Physical Body

What we are talking about today is your own physical being, for it is starting to change as well. It starts on the very smallest level–the level of your DNA, which has many more strands than you have been aware of. There are a total of 12 strands with a very weak magnetic field that basically outlines the other strands. What is happening is that these strands are starting to be reactivated. As this happens and as the dimensional walls between your other dimensions start to thin, the physical body starts to change. Now it has been quite some time that we’ve been telling you about emotions bleeding over from one of your lifetimes into another. Sometimes you may suddenly find yourself feeling very happy, sad or even depressed for seemingly no reason, only to find out that you are tapping in to one of the experiences that is happening in another dimension that you never had to deal with before. Well, now you are also starting to receive thoughts and feelings through those walls. Not only are the magnetic portions of the wave going through the wall, but now parts of the electrical portions are traveling through as well. Let us explain what that means.

Thoughts Passing Through the Dimensional Walls

In the third dimension, you typically experienced life as linear, one moment after the next. In the fourth dimension, you have learned that time is actually circular. Now that you are in the fifth dimension you are finding it is actually a spiral, which is a combination of moving forward through both time and space. Yet it is always repeating itself, over and over again, allowing for perfection. With these changes, you are starting to think differently because of being grounded firmly in the fifth dimension. Although all of humanity has stepped into this energy, there are many still grasping onto the old third-dimensional ideas. That explains why there is so much incredible separation taking place on your planet right now. So, what are the thoughts that you are starting to become of aware of through the dimensional walls? How do you deal with that? Well, we tell you in some ways it means you are going to get new ideas. In other ways you will stop linear thinking because that is your process as well. You have always had one thought after another, leading to another and so forth. It can branch out in different ways, of course, but you only take one path at a time. What if it were possible to start experiencing nonlinear thinking? You are now starting to experience the capabilities that we have here at Home. Just like with time, we are in the now every moment. Everything is accessible, no matter which way we point. You sometimes talk about time travel on your planet, and we have no problem with that. We always pick up whatever we want, at any time that we want.

Nonlinear Thinking: Taking Shortcuts in the Thought Process

What if you could do the same with your thoughts? Well, that is beginning to happen with all of humanity. The human animal is starting to evolve very quickly in order to carry more light. You are eventually moving into light body, which you have done before. You have done it in the days of Lemuria, as the Anasazi and Mayans. Before you have done it in small segments of the Earth, but this time it is going to be a rather large move. You are starting to move in these directions now, and one of the interim steps is to release the habit of linear thinking. What this will provide is shortcuts everywhere, although it will be very frustrating for your systems. Your math teachers want to know how you arrived at a solution. But what if you could just go to the right answer every time, and not worry about all the steps that you had to take? That would be very frustrating for the teachers and school administrators, but it could advance humanity quite rapidly. Basically, that is what lies ahead, learning how to stop thinking in a linear fashion. So, what exercises can you do and how can you work with this? How can you start to practice this right now?
Well, it is actually nonlinear thinking. Dear ones, much of what you consider sometimes to be intuition is truly channeling. When you get those answers very rapidly, you do not quite know where they came from. Most of the time on Earth, people do not trust an answer that is received in that way. They want to be able to go back and follow the rules of how you got there when in reality it was simply a movement. We find it really interesting because many of the great discoveries on your planet were made from people who simply knew this was the truth. Then they go through their entire lives trying to figure out whatever was necessary to put one foot in front of the other, building a linear path and proving that truth. If they did not know it in the first place, they would not have discovered it. We are speaking of Copernicus, Fibonacci, Socrates, Einstein and even Tesla himself; they knew something first and then went about proving it.  That sense of knowing is channeling and non-linear thinking. After receiving this message, they would then have to figure out the linear path backwards in order to prove it.
What if you were able to just take the shortcut? Would you not be able to speed things up rather rapidly on your planet? We tell you, dear ones, that is exactly what is ahead. All that is needed is to become aware of your thought processes to start with.  You can always come up with a great idea, but when you do come up with it go backwards to discover what led you to that idea.  What were you thinking just before that, and even before that? Follow the path backwards, so that you become aware of your linear thinking habits. That is the beginning of the process, then pretty soon you will be able to make these jumps. Because you are human, you are not going to trust it. Very few people do in the beginning because it takes practice to start understanding that it is no longer necessary to go through all these paths. You can come up with the right answer every single time, and especially to the big questions. Why? Because there are so many beings on the other side of the veil that want you to succeed, they are dropping these ideas into your form of consciousness. If you can step out of linear thinking, you can interpret and trust them. You have this stream of consciousness that extends right above your heads; you tap in and grab one of these thoughts to bring it in. Are you responsible for all of these thoughts? No, some are what you would call negative thoughts. When you receive one do not try to release or ignore it just say, “Oh, there is a negative thought. I think I will just let that one go by. But here’s a really bright thought over here, so I am going to grab this one and discover it. Dear ones, choose your thoughts carefully. You are not responsible for what goes into your head, but you are responsible for what stays there.
Grasp those ideas and start dreaming, learning to channel in heart. Your entire reality will start changing very quickly, because you will gain a new perception of everything around you. And the more open you are to that perception, the more you will begin to see change. Change is ahead for every single one of you, dear ones. You have placed yourself here on this Earth at exactly this moment for a reason. There is no one here by accident, no one here that is just taking up space. Yes, you are here on purpose. We love to see you work with that and we can’t wait to see what happens next.  You have some very exciting times on your planet.  Although there are challenges we are not worried because the best people are on the job.
It is with the greatest of honor that we reflect you in this way helped you remember who you are in these times of change. You have already won the game dear ones.  We leave you with three little reminders to treat each other with respect. Nurture one another at every opportunity for you are nurturing yourself. Do not forget to play well together.
Espavo, dear ones.
The group
A video version of this channeling is available here.

Espavo, a word to Re-member

In live channel, the group has been telling the story of Amor. The story begins with Amor as a twelve year old boy living in the days of Mu (Lemuria). The group says it is time to tell this story because we are at a point in our evolution that is very similar to where we were in the days of Mu.
In the very first chapter of this story, the group told of how Amor was at his Walk into Life. This was a custom where a twelve year old boy or girl would declare their commitment to be a responsible adult. There were no laws to speak of in the days of Mu, but there were customs that they adhered to. One of those customs was when a person walked into Life they would choose one other person, usually older, to whom they would make a commitment to help them transition when it was time. At the very last moment Amor chose a man whom he knew only slightly named Etu. Etu was a linguist who worked with the ancient languages. During the months and years that followed, Amor and Etu got to know each other as the custom suggested.
After being apart for some time Amor was summoned to the house of Etu, for it was his time. Even though Etu was a very young man he was still leaving. Amor came to his side and in that moment the two men completed their sacred contract. Amor gave permission and guidance for Etu to leave if he chose. Etu then had Amor come close to the bed. He told him that he had a gift for Amor. As Amor bent down to hear Etu told him the gift was a word and the word was ESPAVO. In the last hours of his life Etu explained that the word ESPAVO was used in the ancient days of Mu. It was a greeting that was used for both hello and and goodbye. Etu told Amor that it was now time to bring back this ancient word into use for the time of evolution was nearing. This word was to help people re-member their true place in the Universe.

Literally translated it means:

“Thank you for taking your power”

We invite you to use this ancient greeting once again. This is the time of power and we thank you for being here with us.
ESPAVO dear ones
Steve Rother and the group

Mega blasts of every frequency underway right now ☼ Buckle up baby and let completely go…..

Lisa Brown

Over-Stimulation & Hyper-Excited Cellular Activity has begun… These work with various nervous system upgrades. High high high electromagnetic and plasma energy/photonics…. these will short the human body out, while super charging the LightBody. The more light held, the more these are exciting and awesome. The more carbon-based the form, the more these need to be honored, so your body can do important rewiring/re-configurations and be fully integrated while you rest/sleep/surrender/honor/allow. For those inJOYing — keep on keeping on BABY! Varying frequency bandwidths/densities will experience these however is most appropriate and important for whatever phase each is in. If your physical Lightbody/reality calls for you to shift, then shift and tune accordingly. Cosmic Weather increases too. ♫

Mega LOVE! WE have “Lift-Off”! ♫☼

Lisa Transcendence Brown

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  1. Jogendra Nath Danturty

    Dear Paul & Steve,
    Thank you for sharing such a wonderful article.
    Regards & Gratitude.

  2. Dr. Schavi M. Ali

    Namaste and “Espavo”, Everyone!
    As I write this, it is Thursday, March 14, 2019 (in linear time). When I glanced outside, I noticed a pink glowing wave in the distance just below the early morning sky. Many would say this is the Sun’s refraction on the magnetic currents of the morning horizon; however, I sense that it is a special energy wave–perhaps a “Plasma Wave”–a part of a larger cosmic frequency building up in the atmosphere. “Light Codes” are coming daily into the electro-magnetic fields of the Earth further transforming collective consciousness. Some of the symptoms being experienced by my clients and students are extreme fatigue, heat sensations, muscle aches, heart palpitations, and a strange feeling of being stirred-up in the central nervous system which causes some anxiety. I explain in my teachings that these are “Transformation Symptoms” as we are being “upgraded” in our DNA and cellular records and as we express more sacred LIGHT. I recommend to everyone that we take these days of the Mercury Retrograde (which is March 5th to March 28th) as a time of extra relaxation and receiving of energy work such as massage, acupressure, Reiki, etc. Also, spending time in Nature, having a relaxing meal with like-minded people, and meditating are wonderful activities. Even for those who have outside “jobs”, they should come home from work and relax for the evening. The planet Mercury governs the nervous system and the brain. So, we must relax much more when the planet is in retrograde. Plus, the Super Full Moon is coming soon (March 20th). Because it will be brighter and larger than a regular Full Moon due to its elliptical orbit, it will potentially heighten human emotions. Be sure to use essential oils and crystals and gemstones for calming various feelings. “Sacred Sustenance” is the title I have given to this powerful month of March because of the “Plasma Waves”, Mercury Retrograde, Super Full Moon, and the coming of the Vernal Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere. Consequently, lots of LIGHT is being sent to our planet that must be integrated into our systems. Let us welcome the LIGHT!

  3. patricia bonchek

    OH My! I am listening now and looking at your Sunset pictures and stopped to write this — thank you so much for sharing the Seagull story and the Sunset it looks so magnificent and I am leaving the West Coast soon San Diego area – moving back to Cleveland where I was born actually and I am crying because the Sun and Sunsets I will miss most yet you have warmed my heart because maybe I don’t have to miss them God Bless Lake Erie this Sunset looks so incredibly beautiful and now I’ll continue listening and I like how you do the script and the Voice Overs Namaste

  4. Deitra McClure

    Thank you for posting this lovely article and the picture of Lake Erie. It was the affirmation I needed for moving to and remaining in Cleveland. As Yeshua says, “There are no coincidences.” I will start looking up at sunsets more often.

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