Ascension Signs 2012 and Beyond ~ Return to the Light – Awakening Consciousness 5D and Beyond

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Ascension Signs 2012 and Beyond ~  Return to the Light – Awakening Consciousness 5D and Beyond

Some accomplishments of the Light since 2012.

Ships and Merkaba ships sighted, some very close.

Some ship visitation and contact.

Countless beautiful Divine signs in the skies, like rainbows, Angel cloud formations, Dragon cloud formations, 2 Sun/Sons, 2 moons, hearts, Eye/s of God, etc.

Heightened profound Divine experiences and Miracles.

Multi-dimensional and bi-location experiences.

Divine Gifts and abilities awakened and utilized individually and as groups.

Rapid Awakening with assistance and information of the Masses

Extensive Grid Work and Construction of the 5D Grid

Access to the 5D Grid and realities.

Master Portals successfully opened and operating to full capacity.

Unity and reconnecting of individual Ground Crews and overall reuniting, still ongoing.

Awakening the Great White Dragon Energy and integrating throughout the Light Collective.

The release of many trapped Souls.

Soul Contracts able to be rewritten.

Quarantine of Dark remnants to sub 5D.

Crystalline Children being born/incarnated.

Stabilization of Gaia.

Many New TWIN FLAMES Created.

Transitional temporary financial systems Created.

Vast planetary cleanup.

Reintroduction of some extinct animal species.

The Ascension of some organic life forms to other Dimensional Gaia,s.

Awakening some Benevolent mythical Creatures and bringing them back into this reality.

Bringing White Magic back to life.

Freeing Humanity.

Love and Light

Rick Jewers –

Return of the Light

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