Return of the King – Part one. Her story

Return of the King – Part one. Her story.

When I was a little girl, I knew things.  Things that could not be explained by others.  I could also do things.  Things that people would not believe unless they witnessed my actions for themselves.I knew that one day,  I would marry the King.  Making me the Queen.   And I wouldn’t just be ” A Queen”, I would be ” The Queen”.  As silly as it sounded,  I told my family and my friends that.  I would sit in front of my duchess and  brush my hair 300 strokes a time, 3 times a day. 
My mother obviously thought I was crazy and lived in fairy land.  Always with my head in the clouds.  I was doing this from as early as I can remember.  Things were that crystal clear in my visions, I could tell you the name of My Husband.  I knew that I would marry twice.  The first time I would marry a Garbage Man.  But the Marriage was destined to fail.  A life lesson however and one that was necessary so I would appreciate the Man I was meant to marry.  The one I was destined to be with.

I used to draw.  But not what the other kids were drawing.  I would draw a Crown.  A particular Crown.  On everything.  On the margins of my school books,  everywhere.  I also used to draw the Star of David.  The Sumerian Sun Symbol.  The Upright Pentagram, and the Egyptian Ankh.   I used to draw Owl’s,  Eagles,  Dragons and a serpent that was always eating it’s tail.   I don’t know why. 
My father used to nurture this side of me.  Talk about the Star of David.  Egypt.  The Pyramids and what he believed they were really for.  But never while my family was present.  My mother was pretty insistent that I already had my head in the clouds and he didn’t need to fuel the fire that was burning brightly inside me.

When I was very little,  Star Wars came out on VHS.  This was a turning point in my life.  I could do the things that the Jedi could do.  I told my father who encouraged things.  They were only little things at first.  The more effort I put into it,  the better I got.  The easier it become.  But it come at a cost.  I would get a terrible headache afterwards.  And it could last up to 4 days.
There was a day when everything changed.  I was getting very confident in my abilities.  I begun showing friends the things I could do.  The neighbors,  Anyone who was prepared to give me their time so I could show them.
I was so determined to prove it to my mother who was very dismissive of my abilities and kept calling me crazy and delusional,  that i took both sets of car keys and locked them in the car.  I made sure I locked every door and I checked to make sure that they were all locked.  There was no mistaking that I deliberately locked the keys in the car.  Then I went and got my mother so I could show her once and for all that I can do this.  Then she would have to believe me.  My best friend and her brother were there,  My brother was taunting me that “mum is going to flog you”. 

My father and his work crew pulled up and the old man from the house across the road walked in at this moment as well.   Mum came out of the house and she was seething.  While everyone was watching,  I tried to open the door using the “force”.  It didn’t work.  Then I became upset.  Mum walked into the house to get the belt.  My brother was still taunting me.  I was getting upset and started to cry.  As mum walked back outside and towards me with the belt,  I gave it another try and the lock on the car door popped up.  In front of everyone.  There was no mistaking what I had just done.  My father smiled and gave me a hug then said not to do that again.   Like that was going to happen. 
I began getting taunted.  Lead by my brother at first.  There was a lot of sibling rivalry between the two of us. But then the rest of the kids joined in. 
My father sat me down and told me that I had to stop doing it.  People were beginning to talk about it in a bad way and they didn’t want this to plague me my entire life.  This was the most adult conversation I had ever had with my father up to that point in my life.  I thought it was wrong.  It was who I was.  It is what makes me special.  They laughed at me because I was different.  I laughed at them because they were all the same.My mother took me to the doctor and I was medicated.   I was 5 years old.

I did what my father asked.  He still spoke with me about things that were Gnostic now that I look back at it.   But I was no longer able to practice without severe consequences to my actions.
The rest of my childhood was what I classed as boring.  Run of the mill.  What normal folk did.  I had a privileged upbringing.  We did it tough as a family.  Especially during the depression in the 80’s and early 90’s.  But I had all the toys that the other kids in the neighborhood didn’t have.  Everyone was my friend.  As long as I didn’t use my abilities because they would quickly run to my mother and that was not a good thing. 
In my teen years, we moved away from my childhood house to an acreage property near the base of Walsh’s Pyramid in Gordonvale.  There was always a sense of that was where we were meant to be.   My father and I were fascinated with Pyramids.

During the school holiday’s in September 1996,  My father was killed in a truck accident. He was 34 years old.  I was in year 11. 
I was not close to my mother.  I resented her.  But I had to get to know her again.  I worked up to 50 hours a week as a waitress so we could keep paying the mortgage.  We were subjected to the same financial tomfoolery that the recent royal commission into the banking corporations of Australia recently exposed.  If I didn’t work,  We would have lost everything.
At the end of year 12,  I met my first husband.I knew who he was.  I used to go to the markets as a child on a Saturday morning and buy a slushy from the slushy van that he used to work in.  My father told me that I would marry him one day and I had better get to know him.We had children.  But he didn’t love me like I loved him.  I grew out of love with him. 
We divorced in April 2009. 
In October 2009,  I went looking for the man I was meant to be with.  I knew that he wouldn’t be easy to find.  I went around Australia twice in my search for him.  While on the search,  I knew that I would have to follow the signs to find him.  Use my abilities.  My senses. I had a strong feeling that he was in Perth.  My abilities began to come back and the more I embraced them,   The stronger and more clear they become.
Little things like the Crown Casino being on Bolton Avenue in Perth.  That was confirmation that I was in the right place.  He was here I just had to look. 
During my search, I embraced Buddhism and the teachings of the Buddhist Abbott.  This helped me silence the chatter so I could hear my divine guides.  My higher self.
I embraced Gnostic teachings,  I read more religious texts from many religions to better understand the message.  I read hidden gospels and epistles and many different translations from different languages of the same gospels and epistles. I came to the conclusion that they are all trying to say the same thing.  I studied Frequency and the effects that these have on the body.  Vibration, Magnetism, Physics, Astrology, Numerology, Quantum Physics, Quantum Entanglement, Metaphysics,  Geometry,  Mathematics and their relation to the universe and everything around us.  It is my opinion that Science and Religion have almost completed the full loop now and are proving each other.  Religion is being proved by Science.   The universe and everything that we know and understand in our lives has a connection in some way to Science.  The Fibonacci sequence is found in our DNA,  our Biology, nature.  The shape of a shell to the petals of a flower or the placement of a branch on a tree, our Galaxy etc.  Everything is too perfect for there not to be a creator.  The language of everything can truly be found in Mathematics.

I found my Husband in 2017. 
I said to him when we initially started talking, if he could not stimulate me on an intellectual level,  that it wouldn’t work between us.  To be honest,  I was getting over the meat market that internet dating had turned into and was just looking for someone who could hold an educated conversation and restrain from sending me a photo of their genitalia. 
6 weeks we talked before we met for the first time.  The first day we agreed to meet,  he stood me up.  He said he had car trouble.  I think that he had a dose of nerves.   I don’t get stood up.  This was the first time I was stood up in my entire life.  My guides told me to give the man another chance. 

The day he picked me up for our first date he turned up at my house with a bunch of flowers.The moment I set eyes on him,  I knew it was him.  I had the song ” When you were young” by the Killers going around in m head the entire day.  I couldn’t stop singing it to myself.  ” He doesn’t look a thing like Jesus , but he talks like a gentleman,  just like you imagined, when you were young”.
I took the flowers he gave me up to the house to put them in a vase.  I turned around to look at him and he was bumping his head on the steering wheel of the car.

We went to Cicerello’s on the waterfront in Fremantle and he bought the Seafood Platter for 2.   And said yes to the Crab and Crayfish.  We talked quantum entanglement for hours.   It was the most enjoyable company I had in my life since my father had passed away.  Almost 20 years.   We hit it off.  He understood me.He had  the confidence to tell me on out stroll through the E-Shed Markets that I would look good in a dress as we walked past a Wedding Dress.  He has since told me that he knew on the first day that we met,  I was the only one for him.  He had made up his mind.

He didn’t tell me who he was straight away.  We talked about Family Heritage.   I told him that I came from a very proud family and or Lineage goes way back.  The Bolton’s held Mary Queen of Scots captive in their Castle to prevent her from signing the declaration preventing any Scotsman from sitting on the throne of England. 
I knew there was more to his story that he was not telling me.  He introduced himself using a different surname to the one he is currently known by.

We moved in with each other and over 6 months, he gradually introduced me to information that surrounded his lineage.  He is the True and Rightful Heir to the Scottish Throne.  The Direct Father to Son, Father to Son Ancestor of Robert the Bruce who had a Son that was hidden from the then King Edward the Longshanks who was systematically killing off the Bruce line. My husband is from the male line.  The only known descendants are of the daughter who married a Stuart. 

He told me that he had been recently told of his lineage.  When they first came to make him aware,  He thought they were Mormon’s and he said he slammed the door in his face.  He knocked on the door again and told him it was about his father.  My husband had never met his father. 

The man told him that his father was buried in NSW but if he was to exhume the grave, they would not find a body because it had been moved to a family tomb.My husband looked for his father.  He could not find any trace of him until after his death then his name popped up in Senses Records and a Death Notice.
My Husband had a Private Investigator look into it.  They thought he may have left the country and they looked for a passport but one could not be found.  The Private Investigator returned to my husband and said he was told it was above his pay grade and it was best for him if he walked away and stayed out of it.

They told my husband that they have always known where he was.  Then proceeded to tell him where he grew up.  Where he went to school.  Who his friends were.  Where they lived.  Mother’s details.  Maiden Name.They knew too much.  Things that only people who were close to him cold have known.  He said now that he looks back at it,  He can see where they have had involvement in his life and he was none the wiser.
They gave permission for my husband and I to wed.
My Husband and I are not wealthy people.  But we have everything we need.  And we are wealthy in spirit.  He could not afford an expensive ring at the time. 
He proposed on the night of the Blue Blood Eclipse in Queens Garden in Perth under a fully eclipsed moon.   The ring he put on my finger was in the shape of a Crown.  The shape of the Crown I used to draw when I was a child.  It was a 3 dollar trinket ring off Wish.  He has since purchased something more appropriate.  However,  that trinket ring has sentimental value that can not be matched.

The day after he proposed,  We were approached in the shopping centre while doing grocery shopping to get confirmation of the engagement.
Our priest bows at us.  Does the curtsy and tells me to look after him because he is a rare breed.   When I first went to see him because I needed to talk about what I was getting myself into,  He looked at me like the Aliens had landed.  It is not everyday a woman walks in off the street and dumps her partner’s lineage on him explaining where it went back through history and how it went all the way back through the Grand Masters of the Knights Templar to the Merovingian Kings and back to Jesus and Mary Magdalene and there was irrefutable, incontestable, incontrovertible  documentary evidence going back to 4000BCE.  Obviously he got a visit from those in our background.  He changed his tune and could not have been more accommodating. 

My Husband and I completed or pre -marital course with the priest and we were anointed in a small and private wedding ceremony in July 2018. 
I look Remarkably like Mary Magdalene in the painting of the Sheppard’s of Arcadia standing in front of the imaginary tomb in the imaginary landscape.  I also look remarkably like Isis.

I can tell you that the Renne Le Chateau Mystery that Michael Baigent,  Richard Leigh and Henery Lincon  and the Holy Blood holy Grail book that they wrote is on the money if you know where to look and how to decipher it.

Hugh Montgomery was researching in the Habsburg Library when he found a piece of parchment in the back of a book stating that Jesus and Mary Magdalene had children per-carnum meaning of the flesh.  He also has a document that backs up the Nag Hammadi Texts.  If you want to know more, watch his video The God Kings.   Sir Tim Wallace Murphy was researching Rex Daus Families and the Hereditary Priesthood and their connections to the Knights Templar,  The Merovingian Kingship and the Bloodline of Jesus and Mary Magdalene and his works deserve a commendable acknowledgement. 

All of these people will say the same thing.  Do not believe us, go and find the information for yourself.  All the information is in their books.  All the information in their books are demonstrable and provable.

We are preparing to go public with my Husband’s  DNA to confirm this.  It will be in the not too distant future.
What I wanted to make very clear,  is we are normal people.  Just like you.  We  are going through the ascension process.  We are experiencing the same ascension symptoms,  similar challenges.   This life has not been easy for either of us. We want our story to become public.  We understand that in doing so,  we may be in danger.  However we are also aware that we are divinely protected.  If our mission comes to an end,  we have prepared ourselves and we know we signed up for this journey. 

Melissa Bolton


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  1. Sandy Bella

    If I were to ever meet my Twin Flame, it would put us both in danger because my last ex partner, the dark witch is extremely dangerous and makes sure some of his ex partners including myself stay single. I cannot stress enough how extremely dangerous and powerful he is. He makes it very clear what will happen if we don’t stay single. He also uses magic to keep his ex partners longing for him. It hasn’t worked on me. I have a 2 yr restraining order on him. It’s already 6 months into it. He has much much less of a presence in my life now but sometimes I feel like I’m like The Goddess Persephone and my ex is like Hades and I may be enjoying a Season of Springtime right now but Hades may return in the Winter in 18 months. He was 100% convinced that I will be his wife one day even though I told him I would never marry him.

  2. Sandy Bella

    How Strange! I watched a YouTube video about jealous people a couple months ago because I find learning about the enemy helps me survive this warzone. Anyway, I started reading the comments of people who were struggling with jealousy and I was horrified by some of the things they fantasize about doing to those they are jealous of. One guy wrote he wants to kill, cook and eat all those he is jealous of so he can ‘ABSORB Their SPECIAL POWERS’. How interesting is that!!
    And my ex, the witch was always acting threatened by me and saying things like, ‘You are just a muggle, I am the witch. You’re job is to make me happy and leave the witchcraft to me do you understand?’ And I would be like, ‘I am no threat to you and I never will be because I am a Mystic, not a witch. I have no interest in developing psychic abilities or special powers. My interest as a Mystic is my connection with Spirit and ascending only.’ And then other times he would all of a sudden for no reason be wanting me to engage in battle against him and he would say, ‘Come on, let’s see who the most powerful witch is’. I would almost wet myself with fear cause he was using magic on me all the time back then. I ended up working out how to unzip my mouth when he used to use magic to zip my mouth closed all the time so I couldn’t talk. So then after that he used to double zip my mouth so I couldn’t work it out.

  3. Susanne Bungum

    Melissa, thank you for your story….goosebumps all over!!!
    I need to tell you who I am. I am one cog in wheel of two of Godess Isis.
    I have been in kundalini for 5,5 years now. I was sent to Maui by spirit and on top of crater Haleakala my root chakra opened. Also an ancient portel in the crater opened.
    I live in Sweden and worked this whole time to save this world energetically with a few other people as well.
    What is coming to surface nowadays is truley amazing!!!
    In a week I leave for the pyramids in Bosnia, there I will meet up with the other cog in wheel Judy Satori, a world know teacher. I have been hidden so incredibly well I myself never knew. Will see what happens then
    I have met my twin flame, he was east german….met through the sport of diving.
    Sandy Bella….I’ll see what I can do regarding your ex….NOONE shall stop twin flames from meeting up, as THE twin flame I am, so it is!!!

  4. Susanne Bungum

    Sandy, your ex will be taken care asap. I have such powers as several of the women I work with have. Read my comment below. 🙂

  5. Sandy Bella

    Hi Susanne, one of my ex partners parents was from Sweden and the other Norway. He is a Norse Witch. He comes from a long line of Scandinavian Witches. His whole family are all witches. Some of them are connected to The Freemasons.

  6. Sandy Bella

    My ex is also extremely dangerous in other ways. Involved with bikies gangs and underworld crime here in Australia. Done lots of very bad things to people.

  7. Sandy Bella

    One of his Spirit Protectors is a Black Panther. I cant remember the name of it. He has to make regular offerings to it with meat for continued protection. I think he does it once a month. His Aunt is a very high up Dark Witch and they work with demons. When he does exorcisms on people and their homes, he keeps the demons in some kind of energetic prison in his home. He also keeps demons imprisoned in objects. Some of his demons, he uses and some he says he has on death row.

  8. Sandy Bella

    He also wears a Mjolnea for protection.

  9. Melissa Bolton

    Thank you Susanne for your comment. I ask that you share my story. Share it with everyone who will listen. We are in a very unusual position. But a great one and we accept it with open arms. We are of the understanding that my husband is the only direct descendant left. Every other direct line has died out. To be honest, he is struggling with this situation and the fragile nature of it all. He is suffering from anxiety and needs the world to rally behind him and embrace him for him to step out into the light. We are just waiting now for final DNA test results to return because everyone in the world is going to want to see if they are connected in some way. As I said, there are known descendants, but my husband is the only direct descendant left. Meaning father to son father to son and that is the only definitive way to trace the lineage. We are going to need everyone’s support and we thank you for your kind words at this time.

  10. Melissa Bolton

    Hello Sandy. Thank you for your comment. Remember that we are all transitioning at the moment and we are manifesting our reality. You are going to need to distance your thoughts from him and forgive. I can assure you that this situation will improve. But to move forward, one must not look back. Be strong. Soon you will be free of this and you can focus on meeting your twin flame and enjoying the happiness that this brings. Take care and stay safe.

  11. Susanne Bungum

    Shared on FB

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