March 2019 Energy Report ~ Finalizing the Ascension Cycle ~ March 7, 2019

March 2019 Energy Report ~ Finalizing the Ascension Cycle ~ March 7, 2019

a message from Jennifer Hoffman
We’re in the 3rd month of 2019 now and it has a 3-3 vibration so we’re at a point of mastery potential all month. Will we rise to the occasion and allow this mastery to become mirrored in our own energy field? Even with a Mercury retrograde, March has tremendous potential for forward movement on an energetic level, think of frequency and vibration, not speed and motion. So even if we do not think that we are actively moving forward, we need to consider action and movement in the context of the whole energy field, how much it is shifting, and how action must first be grounded internally and energetically before manifesting itself externally.
March opens to a new moon at 15 degrees of Pisces, just as Mercury goes retrograde in Pisces, Chiron just moved from Pisces to Aries, Venus moves into Aquarius, and the big move of the year – Uranus moves into Taurus, closing a cycle that began in 1933. Now we move from the fire and chaos of Uranus in Aries to the more grounded and perhaps slower movement of Uranus in Taurus. A movement from a fire sign to an earth sign will slow even erratic Uranus down just a bit. The Mercury retrograde all month will help too.
What we have going on in March, though, is another new paradigm shift, one that takes us from a constant push forward and receiving new energies into a slowdown that requires consideration of our next steps, new choices, and how we’re going to use the access we have to new energies and potentials. I am talking about the Uranus sign shift here because it has been responsible for our vast energy movements since 2010.
We have been in full on energy download, expansion, and integration for many months. In fact, Uranus in Aries started in May 2010 which started us on this path of receiving as much energy as possible, even though we could not possibly integrate that level of energy as we were receiving it, so it could be present on the planet. This is why so much transformation has been made on so many levels, some of it not very pleasant, during this period. The quick endings to relationships, the loss of friendships, people deciding to leave the planet, the strong polarization we are seeing in the world, all happened with Uranus in Aries.
Now we can slow down a little and start integrating this energy but there was a blessing to it happening so quickly in that we were able to get closure on karma and soul group cycles with much less effort. In some (or many) cases, the people involved left our lives and ended those cycles, rather than us having to make the breaks. And we will have time, until April 2026, to work with Uranus in this new way.
Taurus is also ruled by Venus, which is going soften the edges of Uranus in a way that Mars, Aries’ ruler, did not. Air and fire is a volatile combination while air and earth encourages growth with far less drama and chaos. And one more thing, Venus is in Aquarius, Uranus’ sign, while Uranus is in Taurus, Venus’ sign, which means they are in mutual reception all month. That’s going to add extra oomph to the potential of these two energy cycles all month, in spite of a Mercury retrograde.

The Full Moon and Equinox

Our full moon at 0 Libra/Aries on March 20 occurs on the Equinox, raising the frequency of this new beginning of the zodiac cycle. A full moon is a culmination event but it also begins a new astro cycle so it’s a call to create strong endings that allow for powerful new beginnings. Are we ready to tie off all of those lose ends and not leave any dangling strings that we have to return to at a later date? Healing is a process of completion and closure, it is not ‘fixing’ things so they feel better.

Finalizing the Ascension Cycle

Completion and closure are necessary now because we can’t move forward into new aspects of ascension, multi-dimensionality, and continue with our 3D/5D integration if we have a lot of strings tying us to the past. Let’s talk about this in the context of Mercury retrograde which lasts all month, until March 28. Mercury is retro in Pisces, the final sign of the zodiac. Mercury has a special relationship with Pisces as Mercury rules karma and Pisces is the sign where we experience our karma on a soul level and also can create its resolution. Do you see the potential to end karma here?
Since I began writing and channeling Archangel Uriel in 2004, I have shared that one of the reasons we are in this lifetime is to end our karma and our karmic cycles. This is part of our ascension cycle, it is necessary for us to achieve full access to 5D energy, and it is one of the final steps in our 3D/5D integration.
We have had many opportunities to do that in the past 15 years, some are more powerful than others. Sometimes we need several opportunities before we can actually create the completion and closure that will end the karma. And in March we have yet another opportunity to do that because March energy is a call to embrace our mastery, make room for miracles, and march forward with the grace and ease that is part of our divine harmony blueprint.
So with all of this potential what is going to happen in March? Energetic sovereignty rules, victim consciousness is a much less powerful option. The keywords for March are intentional action with attention to inspired, deliberate action that is congruent with our divine harmony so we move towards our highest and best outcomes in all things.
We can use the potential of March to think about endings and beginnings as part of the same sentence. What must end so something else can begin? And what is ending has run out of energy road for us so we can stop looking at the loose ends, snip them off for good, and let exciting new beginnings become possible for us now.
Have a wonderful month.
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  1. Jogendra Nath Danturty

    Dear Paul and Jennifer Hoffman,
    Sincere thanks for such a wonderful message of love and light. We came to now the importance of this March month and its energies. We are going to utilize these energies for the highest good of all in the name of Lord.
    Love and Gratitude

  2. Patricia Loaiza

    Paul Butler, thank you so much for your dedication and wonderful contributions to our planet.
    I LOVE you brother.

  3. Dr. Schavi M. Ali

    This is another wonderful message. Thank you, Paul and Jennifer Hoffman. In terms of ascension symptoms which you ask that we report, many people are experiencing immense fatigue, a feeling of being in more than one dimension (a type of dizziness), and some heart palpitations. The in -coming SOURCE LIGHT is continuing to upgrade/re-calibrate/regenerate every aspect of us. Thus, the same symptoms are likely to be experienced as the clearing-out of old paradigms and the reception of new frequencies is still happening. To connect profoundly with the sweet energy of the Divine Mother (who has, of course, numerous names and forms as is pointed out in this message and video), I suggest wearing the pink crystal Rose Quartz and also Rose oil. The Rose Quartz is calming, balances hormones, lowers blood pressure, helps to alleviate dizziness, alleviates heart palpitations, insures a good night’s sleep, and encourages a person to nurture himself or herself with spiritual and natural therapies. The Rose oil has a high hertz frequency and has similar properties to the Rose Quartz crystal. Both have wonderfully loving vibrations. What everyone must continue to realize is that the often uncomfortable symptoms are not imbalances of the body, mind, or emotions. Rather, they are vibrational activations for purposes of clearing, cleansing, and purification which we must remind ourselves about, particularly during the Mercury Retrograde when self-reflection could “trigger” thoughts of worry and concern. If we tune-in to our Divine Higher Selves, we will receive blessed assurance of our perfection which is being refined via SOURCE LIGHT. All is well. Everyone should continue to rest and relax as the integration of the LIGHT occurs during this month of high cosmic currents of energy leading us into the next Full Moon and the Vernal Equinox. Get some Reiki and a massage too. Love to all!

  4. Jogendra Nath Danturty

    Dr. Schavi,
    Sincere thanks for sharing wonderful things, I really appreciate your Great Work & Contributions.
    Few of my recommendations [ you might already know them ] Please kindly share with your network.
    1. The Saint Germain, Violet Flame can be used for its spiritual healing effects.
    2. We can also use small Pyramid Caps or Copper Pyramids or hanging Pyramids – and Do Meditation.
    3. We can sit silently in stillness and Observe the Natural Breath with Eyes Closed.
    Love, Gratitude & Regards

  5. Dr. Schavi M. Ali

    Namaste, Jogendra!
    Blessings to you, and thank you for your wonderful suggestions. I will definitely share them with my clients and students. I am so grateful to be sharing this journey of LIGHT with you. I am also so happy that we can connect in this way since we are miles apart in the physical sense but in one vibration in the spiritual sense.
    Much Love, Peace, and Light!

  6. AliceinW

    I am just discovering these different channelings; most likely because my Higher Self has recognized how much I have been suffering with Ascension symptoms. But your information has given me a great deal of consolation because I thought I might be truly “losing it”. I am a Gemini sign so the Mercury retrograde is always a challenging energy for me but this one has been extremely significant. May the Light be with us all.

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