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The Med Beds

Recovering Dark Fleet Technologies: The Med Beds ~ WE ARE AT THE MOMENT – QFS PHASE

Recovering Dark Fleet Technologies: The Med Beds ~ WE ARE AT THE MOMENT – QFS PHASE





The Med Beds
The Med Beds


Many people are interested in the Med Bed technology that they would like to know about, knowing that this technology has been around for some time, so it is not a new technology, it was simply hidden by the Deep State a long time ago.

It’s not human technology, it’s much older.

As part of the 6 Secret Space Programs, many secret technologies were recovered. But the most advanced Space Program is that of the former Nazis: The Black Fleet, which began before World War II. The Americans absolutely wanted these technologies, they gave factories reserved to the Nazis in the United States, in 1954, in exchange for receiving some patents…

The Nazis, 20 to 40 years in advance, invaded 150 planets, moons or asteroids in space, with the help of certain aliens, and have recovered the rejuvenation techniques, which means that it is still Hitler’s former collaborators who are in charge, the members of the Thule Society who put Hitler in power! Now that they are well established in space, they intended to reclaim the Earth for themselves and allowed their puppets to develop technologies harmful to humans (GMOs, vaccines, toxic medicines, pesticides, etc.), including the most radical is the development of 5G/6G and COVID.

The division within the Secret Space Program is the fact that the Alliance, the humans who do not want their loved ones to submit to this dark plan and who can benefit from all these positive technologies harvested from other civilizations. These alien technologies that have been suppressed for decades through the military-industrial complex, Washington DC politics and government agencies are finally being released.

Secret Space Program leaker Jared Rand, editor of “Stillness in the Storm,” is one of the latest SSP members to come forward. During a conversation, he talks about these very advanced extraterrestrial technologies: “These life-altering inventions come literally from out of this world and involve the ability not only to regenerate lost limbs and cure diseases, but also to rejuvenate the body’s atoms and cells, as well as reversing the aging process. Basically, to better understand, we will have medical personnel at our disposal, who will guide each individual on the procedure and appropriate treatment. This means, for example, that if you are 80 years old and would like to be 30 again, but you have grandchildren, this is one of the things that needs to be weighed, measured and thought about before implementing them. This also means it is possible! With this technology, this 80-year-old woman can be 30 again and have children again. She could have a whole new family if she wanted.

It’s possible, because the body leaves a resonance, a vibrational frequency, of every organ, even organs that have been taken away by radiation or during surgery or any other damage, arms, limbs, whatever it is, any organ leaves a recoverable value . frequency. This means that the memory of this organ is still there… If you talk to people who have been amputated, they will tell you that they still feel like they are missing limbs. The reatomization process depends on an algorithm and computational database that identifies your body’s DNA and performs a complete internal analysis. And it shows very clearly the internal workings in a three-dimensional format of what your organs are like, how they work. The bed analyzes your blood, lists any damage or illness present in the body, tracks anything that is not normal, and then returns it to you via voice communication. He will then ask if you want a complete reatomization or simply for the area in question to be treated? This will give you that choice. If you want complete reatomization, you will have to lie down and sleep soundly. There are no injections, no needles or anything. The re-atomizer will travel through your body to flood it with tachyon particles. Tachyon energy is also plasma energy. If, for example, you want to reproduce a banana from scratch, you have the ability to do so. Using a computerized database you ask the computer to prepare a banana or water that tastes like banana, it doesn’t matter, you will receive it immediately. The earth, the atmosphere, the water, everything is plasma energy, and the universe is plasma energy, it’s just a different form of vibrational frequency. With a replicator you will achieve everything you want. It molecularly reconfigures anything you want through the computer database. Similarly, the Med Bed examines the human body and corrects imperfections. If you have a genetic defect, which happens because we receive 10% of what our parents give us at birth, it will be corrected. 90% of our diseases depend on our lifestyle and 10% are inherited from our genetic lineage. When you’re in that medical bed, you don’t feel any pain, you don’t feel radiation, it’s not a difficult event, you don’t feel anything. However, when you wake up and look in the mirror, you will see that your gray hair is now the same color as when you were 20 years old. Your wrinkles will have disappeared and your vision, your smell, your taste, everything will have returned to the good times of your youth. For the countless irradiated thyroid problems that force countless people to take pills throughout their lives, reatomization will revitalize this gland and return it to the way it was before.

For those who have had their gallbladder removed thinking that the liver will take over, which is not entirely true and often causes other problems, re-atomization will give them an intact, regenerated gallbladder.

The best way to explain the multiple possibilities of these medical beds is not, ultimately, to be a scientist… And simply to observe their effects…

“OK, my gallbladder is regenerated and brought back to life”, cool …!.

Our immune system must remain free to do what it was designed to do, which means we can stay young and healthy if we trust it. The only problem is that the allopathic system and the corruption of Big Pharma on this planet inculcates you from an early age to consume pills, for this or that, no one realizes that they are strange entities that are introduced into the body, and whose effects can range from bleeding, nausea, diarrhea, constipation, and can even lead to death. When you see these drugs as foreign substances, you begin to realize that your immune system may attack these chemicals precisely because they are foreign substances. Your immune system is constantly attacked over time, so it never has time to renew itself. To renew your teeth, to renew your skin, to renew your hair, your vision, which causes your body to deteriorate slowly but surely… Your immune system ends up becoming so compromised that it can no longer recover from the fight against constant abnormalities caused by what has been continuously put into your body since birth.













Wolverine Live Chat June 27, 2024

First of all, I would like to thank each and every one of you for supporting me through all the stressful moments: sleepless nights, non-stop attacks from even Latin gurus and even patriots.

I received amazing news that the funds were released. The Admiral gave the GREEN light to release the funds . The call took place about 2 hours ago and is 1000% confirmed.

I also received messages from a high source at the Central Bank of Brazil and this is imminent now and nothing can stop it!

The Pentecostal group received news and started with the blessing stage1, certain leaders are paid and then the leaders distribute money to their members. The Second Group starts after July 4th.

It’s been difficult, but that’s it!!! I can release the opera if I want, but I can’t. There’s a big meeting over the weekend, and they’re going to call me after the meeting to launch the opera. That’s when I get the call or when Iraq celebrates the revaluation of its dinar on Sunday. It was finally published in the budget. Finally arrived!

That’s it guys!! And that!

When they call me after the meeting, I will have Carpathia say something special to you, and after that, a special video made by a member. Then the Trumpets of Freedom, and then the Opera!!!

I’ll unmute the room and we can all celebrate.

So now I would like you to get ready for the weekend for our celebration. You can even start celebrating now!! I am going to church now with my family because as you know this has been extremely difficult for them as well. God bless each and every one of you. I love Wolverine. (transcribed by Carpathia)




Additional Guidelines for ZIM Holders (Any Security)

⦔    This includes those with just Zim, as well as those with other Bonds, and those with both Zim, or other Bonds, who also have currency.

⦔    Remember, Zim is almost entirely for projects. You will get your share of the ransom, but the uniqueness of the project determines whether you get paid more for the projects and possibly for yourself.

⦔    NO ONE is getting outrageously rich from Zim. Some will be rich. Some even richer, but not as rich as those who bought planned full suitcases.

⦔    There is a starting value per 100T Zim note, but not a “rate” like you think of with coins. With coins, the rate you get is the same for all the notes you hold at that rate.

⦔    Zim is not “fee” based. It will start with a value that will be used as the starting value.

⦔    Whether you have a lot of Zim, or a little the starting point is the same per 100T note, or the equivalent. It will not start below the walking value.

⦔    The starting point is a value for each of the first 2 100T Zim notes or equivalent. The amount per 100T note will decrease until it reaches a certain number and then it will be a constant amount no matter how many more you have.

⦔    This method is only for the portion you personally receive, and your debit card will have 1 or 2% of the total for the first 9 days, and then an additional 8 or 9% will be added to your card balance. The remaining 90% will be interest-bearing and paid out with the interest earned in a structured payout over an indefinite period of years. These amounts are all your personal share of the Zim redemption. So you will have a continuous flow of funds coming your way for many years to come.

⦔    Projects must be presented before leaving the redemption center in a brief overview that will give your Wealth Management team (with whom you will sign a contract) an idea of ​​the uniqueness and viability of your projects.

⦔    In the 2nd meeting, with your Team, you will prepare everything necessary for your projects to be presented, and you will negotiate the financing of the entire project(s). The duration of the projects is 25 to 50 years, with the possibility of renewal. This part is a big undertaking and will take some time considering all the other projects you want to do.

⦔    Within the final organizational plans for your projects, there will be areas of personal benefit to you based on what your projects entail. This means your idea and continued contribution will earn additional compensation for you and your family. You may be part of the Project hierarchy, but unless you are a qualified and approved Project Manager, you will not “do” everything.

⦔    The previous option to support a project from a list is no longer a separate part of the plan. Everyone with Zim will automatically contribute, upon redemption, a fixed percentage that will automatically fund these plans, even if they are not submitting a project(s) of their own.

⦔    Your belief in your project, your desire to help you implement it, and its uniqueness will determine your final approval. These final plans will be audited and receive final approval from DoD experts in planning, financing, logistics and feasibility.

⦔    If your project is approved, you will receive the necessary financing to carry it out.




Someone on SNS is claiming that the Central Bank promotes digital currencies and tokens promote QFS the same way *but totally different currencies*

The Central Bank Digital Currency is the currency mined by Cabal and connected to the INTERNET, while the QFS token is a digital currency mined by WH connected to STARLINK SATELLITE.

I said the other day that 95% of the  contracts between  German and Chinese payers and old  bondholders (tier 1 and 2)  are broken. That’s over 1 million or over 1,000,000 revoked policies.

However, not a single customer I have contacted has been destroyed.

Between this month and the end of the year, THE  EURO WILL FALL COMPLETELY.

On July 4th, the EU and the United States will STOP PRINTING THE EURO and DOLLAR, ordered by the COURT.

All BRICS member countries  have become  gold-backed currencies,  which means that around  3.2 billion people spend gold worldwide. To date, official members include Russia, China, India, Brazil and South Africa. The world population is  currently less than 7.9 billion  people. It is reported  that around 40% of the  world’s population already owns  gold medals.

Iran and Argentina signed  new memberships.

*I can still hear.”

Egypt Germany and Italy can no longer pay Russia for oil and natural gas. Since both countries have no money and cannot pay the gold-backed Russian ruble, Germany will obviously go bankrupt.

Done. Those who pay today owe  payment groups with some  old bonds from Germany and China.

But in the end he cancels  these agreements, because after  the investigation they carried out fraud  behind him.

About MEDICAL BEDS, all  nursing beds have been distributed all over the world and we are still waiting for the target of when it will be  implemented and implemented in  each city in each country.

Finally when RV and GCR  start rolling The world can enter an era of abundance. For that, we are now WAITING FOR THE FAKE RESIGNATION OF B* ID EN

A perfect storm is approaching  tipping points everywhere,  and a wave of truth is  slowly crashing, states,  moods are shifting  , fears are subsiding,  news fatigue is  increasing, and the media  is turning a corner. One or the other  reconsiders their position, admitting  “SERIOUS SIDE EFFECTS” or saying that the  PLUGS requirements DON’T HELP.

THE SYSTEM CONTINUES TO COLLABORATE  in every corner, problem  INFLATION” and  prices continue to rise, accusations of  stupidity manifest everywhere, and “THE INDUSTRY SEES BLACK”

No matter how hard you try to avoid reality, you will soon catch up. This is a lesson that privately owned Western central banks are currently learning as the illusion of fiat currency collides with the real world. The recent complete collapse of financial markets is not a normal market movement. It’s a systemic collapse.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average has continued to decline in 11 of the last 12 weeks. Something is happening that has never happened before. The most recent was the 1929 accident, 10 in 11 weeks.


RV-GESARA-(GCR-RV.)RV-GESARA-Releases unprecedented prosperity funds in a “wealth redistribution program” to every individual on Earth, as well as the release of vast sums of money for humanitarian purposes across the world planet.

This means that every human being can become an instant billionaire without debt of any kind. This is according to the Global Currency Reset and Revaluation (GCR-RV)








Join Paul White Gold Eagle in this very Sacred Portal of Mother Earth in Washington as Gaia sends her perfect Love, Blessings and Bliss to our Ground Crew Earth Angelic Starseeds of the 144.

Have a most beautiful and blessed Day on the New Earth… Namaste!

Much Love and Blessings in the Light. The Eagle and the Condor…A’ho! 🕊🕉🦅


Holographic Simulation
Holographic Simulation


Every day there are more scientists who support the theory of a holographic simulation.

Holographic Simulation

Matrix Hypothesis

cosmic pantomime

universal hologram

Julian Assange released

The Earth is being renewed

Rising gold reserves

The human being is reborn

Free energy in a Swiss city

France is on the verge of collapse

Kenyan Parliament invaded

All changes are underway

Banks liquidate European bonds

Spain grows three times faster than the euro zone

Malaysia and Thailand apply to join BRICS

The  “simulation hypothesis”   proposes that all of existence is a fictional reality, like a computer simulation. Proponents of this hypothesis often argue that anomalies or limitations in our perception of reality could be signs of simulation. This idea has been explored in several science fiction films such as   The Matrix  .

The holographic simulation theory proposes that the universe we live in may be a two-dimensional projection that we perceive as three-dimensional. This idea derives from the holographic universe hypothesis of theoretical physics, which suggests that all information contained in a volume of space can be represented as a hologram.

Holographic simulation is a technique that allows you to generate three-dimensional images that appear to float in the air, creating an effect of depth and movement. It’s an interesting concept that combines hologram technology with advanced simulations to create realistic and immersive three-dimensional representations. A hologram is a three-dimensional image created by recording light interference patterns, allowing it to be viewed in three dimensions without the need for special glasses.

The idea that we live in something like a general computer simulation has been popularized by philosophers such as   Nick Bostrom  . In his famous 2003 essay, he raised the possibility that advanced civilizations could create simulations so detailed that conscious beings would be unable to distinguish their world from the real world within those simulations.

Physicist   Melvin Vopson  of the University of   Portsmouth   suggests that the physical laws that govern our universe could actually be algorithms that execute a mathematical structure, which would imply that we live in a simulation. Other scientists such as   Max Tegmark   and   James Gates   have found clues that could support the idea that our universe is a simulation, such as the rigidity of mathematical laws or the presence of error-correcting codes in the equations.


QFS main currency
QFS main currency

The RV (currency revaluation) will take place by the end of this month

⚜ From QFS Intel ⚜

Both NESARA and GESARA promise to be free from taxes and villainous crimes.New asset-backed digital currencies offer this.

The heavyweights who have reigned over us for centuries have neither access nor the right to access.

This is also the beginning of the end of the banking system as we know it.

If QFS (Quantum Financial System) allows secure and direct transactions, neither banks nor intermediaries will be needed.

Let’s link directly to QFS and have a personal account.

RV (currency revaluation), GCR (world currency reform), and the crypto community can see that [asset liquidation] has been completed.

This must be the case.

The same goes for Bitcoin, which is currently considered a [fiat currency], and there is no difference.

You will receive the exchange value and can exchange it for your country’s CBDC.

This new financial system cannot harm the millions of Bitcoin holders.

* About this, I will add my opinion below.

The new system establishes the same currency value for each cryptocurrency (currency), some figures go up and others go down.

White Hat Allegedly Implicitly Taught XRP Price on QFS Using Animation [The Simpsons]


This new quantum system has been in operation for two years and knows everything.

Those who break the law and harm innocent people for financial gain will soon be caught and eliminated.

By the end of this month, we are happy to have definitive proof of RV in a digital, sovereign, and corruption-free [currency].

In this exchange, RV participants will have a personal [crypto wallet] and a quantum computer to manage new assets while exchanging exotic and strange money for huge amounts of money held in a new legitimate quantum system

operated by Stella System, with XRP as the means of transferring funds.

Protocols 19 and 20 are (ready) ready.

All we have to do now is wait for ISO20022 to be implemented worldwide, but that should be done by the end of this month.

Once Protocol 20 is fully implemented, purchasing XRP will be easier at banks and will be held like any other currency account.

May 1st is the beginning of a new monetary system, the beginning of a major prison, and the beginning of fair trade for the first time in decades.

◆ Addition (my opinion) ◆

The [DS cryptocurrency] created by DS, such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Tether (USDT), which have been used for human trafficking and money laundering, cannot go under the new regulations. disappear.

However, ETH’s performance has been improving little by little since last summer, and information has begun to change, and by the fall [maybe ETH will stay?] Information was beginning to appear.

And in the latest materials obtained earlier this year, it was found that ETH will stay.

[Materials with description of the ETH network]

However, there are almost no materials describing BTC, and even if there is a description, it is impossible to judge whether BTC will remain, and even now, even people related to WH and Q have lost 99% of the cryptocurrency. BTC is definitely gone.

Therefore, at present, what is called [DS cryptocurrency] like BTC and USDT is not a currency that will remain in the future, but will be exchanged for a new QFS currency even if its value drops, just like fiat money.

And after the exchange is completed, I think it will disappear as planned.

Therefore, I think it is better to exchange for a major currency like XRP at the highest possible time.

[QFS main currency]
Vital Frosi
Vital Frosi

Vital Frosi, about Gesara.

Everything we have known up until now, what is known through science, education, religions, all of this will cease to exist.

The earth will not be even a shadow of what it was until now.

Otherwise it wouldn’t be a planetary transition, it would be a small change and the Earth has always had changes over the millennia.

The change will be so profound that people think that Gesara is only financial. No. Financial is one part. The one who will change the financial part within Gesara is the so-called QFS, which is the quantum financial system. It is an arm of Gesara.

Within the quantum financial system there will also be the so-called VR that you will hear a lot about. Evaluation, revalidation of currency values.

There is no way to create a new quantum financial system if there is no revaluation of currencies. What does this mean? It means that all currencies will be converted. Because there is a lot of dirty money stored.

Billionaires who have made all the scams in the world, they have real fortunes. In coins, in cash, in values, in kind and they need to make the exchange. And then in this exchange they will lose everything.

So, the question of the quantum financial system is important, very important because it will bring prosperity to people, it will return everything that we paid unduly in this life, mainly, such as interest, installments, exorbitant prices, taxes, all of this was taken from us, even within medicine.


We know that diseases are created so that we can consume the product. They themselves create the diseases and create salvation, as they say, the medicines.

We spent all these things on health plans and we will get them back because it is our money. It was taken away. So people who had little will have resources because a lot of money will come back and those funds will also come to those who really didn’t spend much but needed something, so they will receive them. These are the benefits. So everything will come so that things can start to change.


These changes are so important that they will truly change everything. People will no longer need to work compulsorily. Today people need to work because they are forced to.

How is a person going to live if they don’t have a salary? And the salary is only given through work, and it’s slave labor because the person works almost their whole life, on average eight hours a day.


Besides that, you still have to work at home. So in fact we work more than half the time, right? To earn a starvation wage. It doesn’t help much, which is almost useless.

So this is a way to keep people enslaved.


This will end because the financial system will liberate, but it is not just the financial system that will liberate.


The financial system will provide a quality of life, but it has to change the entire structure of the world. So governments will change, religion will change,

means of transportation, energy will change. Energy will be free, it will no longer be charged for energy, it will also be natural energy, without pollution. We will have those technologies that Tesla himself brought and that were all suppressed, because they did not generate profit for the system.


Health itself will have healing technologies for all ills and there will be cures like this in a matter of minutes.

The scientist himself at the time called William, he was a medical scientist, he developed a special box that at that time, seventy years ago,

He would put the person inside, give it, regulate the energy there because it was all energy, all vibration and the person would be cured of all illnesses. And that is a prototype.

Today, they are more evolved, more advanced, but that was also healing at that time. But then what did they do? They accused him of I don’t know what, they arrested him, they put him in jail one day and he appeared hanging as if he had committed suicide. In fact, they killed him. Because he was a danger to the system.


So, Gesara will bring benefits. At first, because of the financial system, then he will cancel all people’s illegal debt.

People say, “Oh, but I’ve never had debt.” No, you didn’t have debt, but you consumed. You paid for electricity, telephone, water, medicine, and you bought food at the supermarket, you used fuel. You bought a car, right or wrong?

you had a house, you bought construction materials. You paid very high taxes. You paid. Because it wasn’t fair. Because in the new law, the tax will be minimal. It will be

It seems to me that around ten, fifteen percent, a single tax when the product is produced and then there is no more tax, nothing else.


You will no longer need to pay IPTU on your house your entire life, as we do today.

You won’t need to pay IPVA on a car every year, that’s theft. We know this, all of this will change, as will professions. There will be people who no longer need to work, so someone has already questioned it, but then there will be a lack of product.

No, there won’t be a shortage of products because there will be technology that will replace work and people won’t have to work so hard to produce. The machines will produce.



Then there will be nothing missing, on the contrary, there will always be more abundance. And things will start to change. The government itself that is now contaminated throughout the world, at least 90% of them are at the service of the cabal. There will be new elections and only clean, honest rulers will be left. The public system of what it has today, 97% will be unnecessary. Only three percent is enough. And then we will really have a change there too.


People won’t be unemployed. They’ll have resources. Don’t worry about that, there will be other things to do, people will find what they like and will earn enough and won’t even be forced to work. That’s a wonderful thing.


Then an international criminal and legal court will also be established.

putting an end to the partial justice that exists in countries today. This justice that we know now will be completely unnecessary. It will no longer be useful for anything. Because it was never justice. It was a game of self-interest.



So there is indeed an Earth alliance that comprises every change on Earth and it is a very grand thing.

But the Earth alliance is a group of beings from Earth and from outside of Earth and they are the ones who are making all this change.

That’s why certain rulers signed the Gesara Law without knowing what it was. And now they see that things are going to catch on, right? Two hundred and nine countries seem to have signed.


And these courts are really going to hunt. A million or more people in the first echelon and another million or more people in the second echelon who are part of the Illuminati command cabal will all be removed. These judgments. Many of them for crimes against humanity. So they are the remnants of the cabal and they will be cleansed because the cleaning began in the astral and now here on Earth, in the incarnates, right? Then the politicians will leave their positions naturally and there will be new elections.

and those who are ready and prepared to lead the people and not govern the people will be elected. All conflicts will also cease. Naturally.


It’s like the rain, wind, thunder, and suddenly the cloud passed. The sun came back. All conflicts will be resolved. Even though they’re going to try now, the last card. Try a third war. They won’t succeed. They won’t. It’s already been defined as a false flag, right?



And then prosperity funds will be released. That is already being stored, that is gold that they have stolen from all time. And the Saint Germain gold they call it. There is a huge, incalculable amount, we have no idea how much.

And everything will be directed towards good. More than six thousand patents. Which are for free energy, healing, etc. Very advanced technologies that were shelved because they were not in the interest of the group that controls the Earth. Because they profit from these things.


Money won’t last forever either. It will last for an intermediate period during the transition there. After that, you won’t need it anymore. We need to understand that we are in this important moment of planetary transition.

everything will change and if we say that everything will change, everything really changes. So justice

will finally be seen on this planet. Why? Until now, we have been dominated for the last three hundred and fifty thousand years by the Archons, the Reptilians, the Draconians, the Greys and all the evil races that came fleeing from the Star Wars, mainly from the Orion arm, right? And here the creator decreed its end, here is the end of the line.


Things will definitely only get better. Everything that happens from now on will be for the better. Even if something appears at the beginning that is not so good, but it is for the best, for everyone.

The Earth has already made the change, but we are still in the dust. We still need to wait a little bit and let the dust settle to really see the change, okay? I hope it helped you.

As I always say, my mission is enlightenment. That made it clear enough. A big hug, namaste.


Vital Frosi finishes


Thank you, Vital!










🔥 Calling On and Connecting with our Star Nations 🔥


Connecting with our Star Nations

This Sacred Art was taught to our People from the Andromedan Council of Light. This is a Special Practice to call down our Star Nations, Star families, Galactics. Any Star Race that resonates with you will come from this Call if put into practice. Being consistent and not giving up is the key to success with any Divine Spiritual Art

click here to learn this Galactic Art





6/27: 6/25 (Tuesday) All countries in the world have been reset to value their gold/asset-backed currencies 1:1 against each other

Thursday morning, June 27, 2024

“Black Swan” is quietly underway! ?

We will continue to check the “financial market” related to the “world currency reset”!

Well then

From Judy Notes on June 26th

I’ll extract the parts that interest you!

today’s message

What comes next will shock the world.

World War III Alert,
Russia Blames America for Terrorist Attacks

It is advisable to have food, water, money, medicine and supplies to last at least a month.
For your family and to share with others in case of emergency.

Judy notes

On Tuesday, June 25, 2024, Julian Assange was released from prison.
His information about the pedophile child sex trafficking ring that Obama, Biden and Clinton ran in the White House was also released.

A member of the British parliament was also released on Tuesday. British MPs released information about a false cabal dirty bomb flag that was allegedly being attributed to Russia.

At the same time, Prime Minister Netanyahu was arrested by Israeli police and accused of being a war criminal for inciting false flag attacks inside Israel.

But the most shocking thing that happened on Tuesday was that every country in the world was reset to value their gold/asset-backed currencies 1:1 to each other.

– This will automatically and effectively shut down the Cabal’s international drug network, mass shootings, child sex trafficking, organ trafficking, and adrenochrome harvesting network.
Dirty money will be transferred to the new Starlink global financial satellite system.

 Tuesday, June 25, 2024: Q: What comes next will shock the world! Alternative News (

 Tuesday, June 25, 2024
What is happening to the children in the underground tunnels under Israel and Gaza?
Gaza is one of the largest organ harvesting centers in the world. Israel is producing biological weapons.
Prime Minister Netanyahu is being held by Israeli police as a war criminal for inciting false flag attacks inside Israel.

If the US federal dollar falls, drug and human trafficking will end.
Because the crooks cannot convert their money into the new system.

 Tuesday, June 25, 2024: Julian Assange becomes a free man. He left Belmarsh Prison on the morning of June 24, 2024, after spending 1,901 days. Is the world ready for Pizzagate? Bombshell: Julian Assange is free!
Bill and Hillary Clinton have a lot to worry about. American media group (

 Tuesday 25 June 2024, British MPs warn of cabal dirty bomb false flag.
Russia Blames America for Terrorist Attacks: Situation Update: British MPs Warn of ‘Dirty Bomb’ False Flag Plot to Blame Russia! Russia’s latest terrorist attack on the USA! Names the US as a “party to the Ukraine conflict” – WTPN |

 Tuesday, June 25, 2024: Bombshell Report Judy Bynton Without Biden’s order or approval from the US Congress, the US Air Force with ATACMS missile.

 Monday, June 24, 2024: The Federal Reserve Board was hacked. It was gone!

that is all



Canadian researchers invent a new method to extract energy from the algae photosynthesis process and power Internet of Things devices


The need to shift away from fossil fuels and toward more sustainable energy production is critical. That’s why a team of Concordia researchers is exploring a potential energy source that not only produces no carbon emissions, but also removes carbon while it works: algae.


Innovative research in the Optical-Biological Microbiosystems Laboratory

Researchers from the Optical-Biological Microbiosystems Laboratory recently published a new article on this topic in the journal  Energies  . In it, they describe their method of extracting energy from the photosynthesis process of algae suspended in a specialized solution and housed in small energy cells. Properly configured, these cells can generate enough energy to power low- and ultra-low-power devices such as Internet of Things (IoT) sensors.

Extraction of electrons through photosynthesis

The idea of ​​the microphotosynthetic power cell is to extract electrons produced through the process of photosynthesis.

Photosynthesis produces oxygen and electrons. Our model captures electrons, allowing us to generate electricity. Therefore, instead of being a zero-emissions technology, it is a carbon-negative technology: it absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and supplies it with a current. Its only byproduct is water.

Kirankumar Kuruvinashetti, PhD 20, now a Mitacs postdoctoral associate at the University of Calgary.

Day and night power generation

The microphotosynthetic energy cell consists of an anode chamber and a cathode chamber separated by a honeycomb-shaped proton exchange membrane. The researchers fabricated microelectrodes on both sides of the membrane to collect the charges released by the algae during photosynthesis. Each chamber measures just two centimeters by two centimeters by four millimeters.

The algae are suspended in a two-milliliter solution in the anode chamber, while the cathode is filled with potassium ferricyanide, a type of electron acceptor. Once the algae photosynthesize and begin releasing electrons, the electrons will be collected through the membrane electrodes and conducted, creating a current.

Meanwhile, protons will pass through the membrane to the cathode and cause oxidation, resulting in the reduction of potassium ferrocyanide.

The process also works without direct sunlight, although at a lower intensity, explains PhD student and co-author of the paper Dhilippan Panneerselvam.

Like humans, algae breathe constantly, but they absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Due to their photosynthetic machinery, they also release electrons during respiration. Electricity generation does not stop. Electrons are collected continuously.

Dhilippan Panneerselvam

Advantages and challenges of the system

Muthukumaran Packirisamy, professor in the Department of Mechanical, Industrial and Aerospace Engineering and corresponding author of the article, admits that the system cannot yet compete in energy generation with others such as photovoltaic cells. The maximum possible terminal voltage of a single microphotosynthetic power cell is just 1.0V.

However, he believes that with sufficient research and development, including AI-assisted integration, this technology has the potential to be a viable, affordable and clean energy source in the future.

It also offers significant advantages in manufacturing compared to other systems, he says.

Our system does not use any of the hazardous gases or microfibers required for the silicon manufacturing technology on which solar cells are based. Furthermore, disposing of silicon computer chips is not easy. We use biocompatible polymers, so the entire system is easily decomposed and very cheap to manufacture.

Muthukumaran Packirisamy


Through the  website


Whoever said: “”NESARA-GESARA is another trap of the beast.”” he also said the same thing about the Brics. 

And whoever said this also expressed himself in the same terms in relation to cryptocurrencies backed by gold/assets. And he has harshly criticized Trump and Putin and the leaders of the Alliance to discredit them and point them out as evildoers who want to dominate planet Earth.

But he also criticized those who believe that those who expressed themselves in the terms described above are DeepState. In fact, he wants to hide behind words. How do you want to put it?

If you who fight against DeepStete (the Alliance) are accused of wanting to do worse than DeepState itself, when it comes to power, who do you think is the person accusing you? Simply put, you who made all these accusations are an undercover member of DeepState, no matter how much you try to prove otherwise.

You can use bombastic headlines all you want on the page where you write, you can use the most honeyed words you can find, but your nature is corrupt to the core.

But always the one who, by deception, has placed the Plan in a negative position, to the point of making it appear to be the opposite of what it really is, is the one who persecutes those who are part of the Plan and exposes the truth.

But she does not do this in broad daylight, but with deception and in the darkness in a hidden way, so as not to be recognized, otherwise she is lost. And when her goals are not successful, revenge always ensues.

This is what someone who pretends to be a savior on the surface really is like, but actually lives in darkness. Sooner or later, he gets caught up in his own plots and starts to unburden himself and expose his true nature, but then he squirms like an eel trying to prove that he’s not DeepState, when in fact he’s rotten inside up to his neck.

Those who actually defend DeepState are also co-responsible for all the horrible things that DeepState has done and their judgment is in accordance with what it is and not with what it falsely says or how it wants to be seen. However, this whole state of affairs is about to have its epilogue.

The impending storm triggered by an equally imminent statement from Scutus opens the process. All events cascading like dominoes will follow closely or simultaneously to upset the current fragile balance.

In all this storm, no one will have the time to continue their current routine, so all these intrusions in the lives of others will cease, causing that blessed and long-awaited break that brings back the peace you tried to bring back. restore for so long.

Then the trial will come, but this is a topic that no longer matters. The fate of those who tormented you follows its path as it should be, but the cut places each person in the exact place they chose according to the life they lived.

Those who spit poison against justice will drink their poison, but those who supported the truth will live for the truth and justice they have always supported. And that is all except to hail the onset of the Storm as a liberation. Never seen such a beautiful storm. You first had to see what hell is like to fully appreciate it.

The Storm Rider



[Important] The bold elements of Plan Q that you couldn’t understand until now have been revealed

There are some important elements that we did not understand in the draft Q plan. This time, such a bold element has become clear, so I would like to share it with you.

[Memo] What key elements of Plan Q have been revealed? ?

What are the key elements of Plan Q that have been revealed? ?

In fact, regarding the Q-Plan,  there are some  elements that I did not understand (that I was not able to recognize as true at the soul level).

Not everything was clear, but in the wake of the “middle world line transition” that occurred the day before yesterday (the 24th), I suddenly came  to the conclusion that “this is the truth” at the soul level (having trust).  There is a bile element that was able to do this.

This is a bit off topic, but

Apparently, in the  “middle world line” that was transferred this time,

Situation where disclosure (disclosure of information) is accelerating

Turns out it is. In this regard, I would like to add another observation to the article below that I uploaded the other day.

Give back the story.

After the transition of the middle world line, from the afternoon of the 24th to the present (morning of the 26th, Japan time), information related to the bile element of the Q plane (high-dimensional information through the soul, information in this world, etc.) suddenly became available.

When tapping on various information,

The bile factor that led to the judgment that it is “true” at the soul level

Among them, the following elements are what I would like to consider as a “memo” this time.

1) What criteria will the Earth Alliance use when deciding to release GESARA?

2) What is the scope of planned disclosure of truthful information prior to the GESARA release?

1) What are the indicators (guidelines) for “GESARA disclosure”?

What are the indicators (guidelines) for “GESARA disclosure”?

In Plan Q, until now, as a prerequisite for “GESARA publication”

Awakening of people (awakening rate)

was assumed. Of course we believe that this still exists as an important element.

However, if we use this element as an indicator (guideline) for GESARA dissemination, questions (issues) arise such as “What is the specific awakening rate?” and “Is there a way to find out the awakening rate?” .

This part was an element that was unclear (ambiguous).

However, this time… What follows is the “Indicator for releasing GESARA” that I have understood to be true at the soul level.

When the possibility (danger) of rebellion from dark side organizations (DS, etc.) is completely eliminated by disclosing to people all over the world, and 100% safety of earthlings is guaranteed.

It is.

At this point, the power of the dark side organizations (such as the DS) has weakened considerably, but some power still remains. Although the complete defeat of the dark side organizations (DS, etc.) is certain,

A desperate counterattack against the peoples of the world and the possibility of causing a catastrophe

It is thought to exist.

Simply put, when it reaches a state where even this “desperate counterattack” is not possible, the “truth disclosure” will be carried out and the “GESARA disclosure” will be carried out without any delay.

This is what I understood.

The main body of the Earth Alliance is  a “military organization  ”. It is very convincing that the above elements are the indicators (achievement goals) aimed at by the mission called Plan Q.

2) What is the scope of planned disclosure of truthful information prior to the GESARA release?

What is the scope of the planned disclosure of truthful information prior to the release of GESARA?

It can be said that it is the providence of the natural world, but to be reborn in a new world (5th dimensional world),

Destruction of the old world (DS society) and abandonment of unnecessary elements

Disclosure of the truth that was hidden in the old world (DS society)

is a mandatory element.

Among these factors, what has not been clear so far is

What is the content and scope of truth disclosure (disclosure) carried out prior to the launch of GESARA?

That’s what it means.

All evil actions (plan to enslave humanity from Earth) and mechanisms of the modern dark side organization (DS)

Are you just revealing the truth about… or

The “existence of a dark side alien” who was the mastermind of a dark side organization, and the dark side alien’s plan to enslave Earthlings that has been going on since time immemorial.

It was unclear whether the truth would come out based on the relationship with aliens (extraterrestrial intelligence) and Earth’s history.

Honestly, for people who have not yet attained enlightenment  , I think it would be difficult for them to understand the  truth that is based on the relationship with aliens (extraterrestrial intelligence)  . That’s what I think.

Therefore, I thought that the truth of these stories would be revealed several years after the start of the GESARA society.

But this time it became clear that

The complete truth will be revealed based on the relationship with aliens (intelligent extraterrestrial life forms)

about this.

Personally, I find it very rewarding.

What is required of us (individual earthlings) now! ?

What is required of us (individual earthlings) now! ?

Perhaps what I am going to talk about now are elements that have become apparent due to the transition to the mid-world line.

From the Earth Alliance perspective,  we find that  the “two elements” mentioned in the previous section are important.

And… at the same time, another important element (intellect) became clear from our (individual earthlings) perspective. (I think it’s an essential element in today’s midsize world lineup that has changed).

We need to clearly show our willingness to say “NO” to the “fear and negative elements” that the dark side organizations (mainly the government, the media, etc.) are currently trying to impose on us.

It is.

Until now, even those who are awake

Once GESARA is released, everything will change, so until then, we will superficially respond to the negative pressures from the “government, etc.”

I’m sure many people thought this and acted.

However, this does not apply to the  current, recently transitioned mid-range world line.

If we want to achieve the disclosure of the truth, we must first clearly show our willingness to say “NO” to the  current negative pressure from the government and the media  .

This  is  what each of us must work on in the new middle world line.

What remains the same as before

there is no need to convince others

about this.

yourself (each one)

Refuse the “negative pressure (elements)” received from dark side organizations (governments, etc.)

Disclose information that you hold to be true on a soul level (as long as it is within your immediate area)

All you need to do is keep this in mind.

Plan Q
Plan Q

Today’s Japanese Yen Collapse Sparks Financial Panic  

Global markets in turmoil as yen falls to record low against US dollar

In this article:

  1. Japanese government prepares for massive intervention in the yen
  2. Impact on gold, oil and bond markets
  3. Concerns about global financial contagion
  4. Experts’ views on the future of the yen

The Japanese yen fell to its weakest value since 1986 following comments from Japan’s Deputy Finance Minister Masato Kanda. This historic decline comes despite recent government efforts to stabilize the currency, raising concerns about global financial contagion.

Japanese government prepares massive intervention

Vice Finance Minister Masato Kanda expressed serious concern over the rapid depreciation of the yen, calling the measures “unilateral.”

He assured the public that the government is closely monitoring the market with a high sense of urgency.

Kanda stressed that all necessary actions would be taken against any excessive moves, but refrained from commenting on whether the current situation qualified as excessive.

Previous statements by Kanda indicated that Japanese authorities were ready to intervene in foreign exchange markets at any time. Finance Minister Shunichi Suzuki echoed this sentiment, stating that all possible measures would be taken to manage market developments.

Despite these guarantees, the value of the yen continued to fall, causing greater volatility in the market.

Yen falls to historic level today: rising above 160 yen against the US dollar
Impact on gold, oil and bond markets

The devaluation of the yen against the dollar today creates a ripple effect in several markets.

The stronger dollar has triggered significant selling in gold, oil and treasuries. Investors are reacting to uncertainty and the potential for further market disruptions, resulting in increased volatility in global financial markets.

Gold, traditionally seen as a safe asset, saw its value fall as the dollar strengthened.

Similarly, oil prices have been affected, with fears of a broader economic slowdown weighing on demand.

The bond market was also in turmoil, with Japanese interventions reportedly financed through the sale of US Treasury bonds.

Concerns about global financial contagion

The continued weakening of the yen has sparked fears of a broader global financial contagion.

Japan’s extensive but unsuccessful interventions in the foreign exchange market caused international astonishment, especially in the US.

The US Treasury Department recently added Japan to its “watch list” of currency practices, reflecting growing concern about the potential impact of Japan’s actions on global markets.

Experts fear that a collapse in the yen could trigger a domino effect, destabilizing other currencies and markets around the world.

The interconnected nature of global finance means that significant movements in a major currency can have far-reaching consequences, including leading to a global financial crisis.

Experts’ views on the future of the yen

Market analysts are divided on the yen’s future path. Some suggest Japanese authorities could intervene if the yen’s value exceeds 160 against the dollar. Others suggest authorities could wait for even more volatility before intervening again.

Despite these differing views, the consensus remains that the future trajectory of the yen is fraught with uncertainty.

The government’s current measures appear woefully insufficient to stem the tide, and other, much more drastic interventions will be needed to avoid a complete collapse of the yen.

The final result

The yen’s decline to its weakest level since 1986 has sounded alarm bells in global markets. Despite assurances from Japanese authorities, the currency’s rapid depreciation has highlighted the limitations of government intervention.

As fears of global financial contagion grow, the future of the yen remains uncertain, with growing ramifications for markets and economies around the world.

Contributor article:

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🔥 Calling On and Connecting with our Star Nations 🔥


Connecting with our Star Nations

This Sacred Art was taught to our People from the Andromedan Council of Light. This is a Special Practice to call down our Star Nations, Star families, Galactics. Any Star Race that resonates with you will come from this Call if put into practice. Being consistent and not giving up is the key to success with any Divine Spiritual Art

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Events are yet to happen, others are already advanced.

Talk about Luciferian landmarks that will be completely demolished.

In Israel there is the Khazarian mafia that controls the Chinese communist party in the world.

Those who are in charge of this whole process are not the Chinese, but the Khazarian mafia, which is Zionist. This same mafia controls 90% of global media.

All over the world, planes and trains will start to be grounded, that is, they will stop.

The whole world will start to stop.

There will be times when many parts of the globe will have their electricity turned off. The lights will be turned off, because the power transmission system will be changed. This is because in many parts there will be a switch to Tesla’s free energy, which is secretly being developed and assembled.


Bitcoin centers and servers are already closing forever, because digital currencies will be backed by gold and precious metals and will be within the Quantum system.

nothing can exist in the economic area outside the Quantum system.

99.5% of the world’s cryptocurrencies are Chinese.

In the US, nuclear sirens will go off and people will think it’s a nuclear attack, but it won’t be.

The media will play up the idea that a 3rd world war is being started. And precisely because, buildings in various parts of the world will be destroyed, imploded, even with missiles.

Don’t be afraid, just be happy and celebrate, because these are the forces of light beginning to cleanse the planet.


There will be water events at sea.

There will be a fall in the stock market, many investment companies are already reporting that things are already bad and that the market will have a huge crash and will crash all the stock markets in the world.

Because the big companies dominated by the Cabal will go bankrupt. Because at the same time, humanitarian funds will be distributed to the people of the planet.

So they are taking power away from the big ones and giving it to the little ones. The first will be last and the last will be first. Biblical.


We are heading towards global martial law.

The wave of arrests will spread to all countries in the world. The armies of several nations are united. The global order that must be coming is missing.


More to come like:

Stock market crash, global martial law, Quantum system activated.

They are activating the Odin, Gesara, RV project.

End of DS, everything will fall apart. And the Military Courts come into action.

Confessions of all prisoners will be recorded and we will see very famous people, artists, athletes, actors, politicians, bankers, businessmen, everyone who was already on the blacklist will be arrested and their testimonies will be recorded telling everything they did.


There will be 10 days of general shutdown in the world, people will not be able to do much. There will be no television programming, but there will be military programming. Everyone will be able to watch 3 sessions of 8 hours, 24 hours a day.

People will be watching a single channel, where all the crimes ever committed against humanity will be broadcast.


People will be extremely impacted, terrified, but it will be necessary.

The Odin project is a powerful platform tool. It is part of Quantum Starlink, which is the system that will operate the entire Quantum internet system that the world will have.

The current system we have will break everything, the Quantum internet system will enter, a thousand times better, safer than any other we have ever had.

Most of the things you know will be exchanged for others.

These Quantum systems are secret space programs that are beyond the reach of the Cabal. No one with bad intentions can touch this.


Some covert operations like a call to a code which is q2337 is a military operation which is informing that Mossad media will be removed as well.

Mossad is an Israeli terrorist group. Many of their satellites will be shot down.


Media assets will be removed. Or they will continue with social networks, but with another management. So it won’t come back and other social networks will come, much better, to replace the one that is there.

The secret space service will eliminate the Mossad’s media satellites, it’s on the agenda. This will hide media worldwide, it will all be blocked. All media will be replaced by the Quantum system. And this is what is called the Odin project.

There will be a worldwide blackout and the entire energy system will be replaced by the Tesla system. There will be the demolition of 34 buildings (currently 33).

The economic collapse that is coming.

Rothschild family Central Bank changes to rainbow treasury notes, which are those backed by precious metals and not oil or wars.


All of this and much more that has not been said here are part of the Storm project, which is currently underway. All of this will lead to a final outcome.

Don’t be afraid of anything, calm down the people who are afraid when they see these things, finding everything that is happening very strange, but from now on everything will be very strange indeed. But it is for the good. It is for the light, it is for peace, it is for the liberation of humanity.

The time of evil on Earth is over. Now is the final moment of transition.


Peace and light for everyone and keep moving forward, there are magnificent things coming.


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