You Are Not Dying, You Are Physically Ascending & Awakening to Your NEW Earth Existence Here


Your human aspect will experience many deaths along the way. Your physical body will too. This is how your SOUL awakens INSIDE YOUR BODY, and your physical cleanses and purifies all of the human’ness you came here to experience and transcend from within you.

As your physical body awakens, it becomes conscious too. The ENERGY of LIGHT will start to move inside of you, activate and awaken that which you didn’t REMEMBER existed….
To the human aspect, this is a surprise. To your Spirit/Soul, it’s exciting, exhilarating and it’s like FINALLY! Yet, your human aspect will resist, struggle, avoid, fight… in every way possible. This is where many hear the message “Resistance is Futile”, and start to realize that the resistance creates suffering in every way. Some physically, some emotionally, or both. apocoagoafaraether_orig
This intricate and LIFE-LONG process of Spirit-U-ally awakening, means that you are starting to REMEMBER again. All completely through the heart, everything you “thought” will no longer be true, for truth will start to come from inside of you. New awareness, new experiences, new visions… and the SPACE BETWEEN the Old (Earth) Dimensional Reality and your NEW Earth Reality is a confusing one… For you will constantly be presented with the opportUNITY to choose. Which one is your priority, which one is important to you, which one are you focused on, contributing to, believing…. and EACH time you “try” to forget, go unconscious, not see… this is where things get “aligned” for you.
You came here to awaken, fully, to REMEMBER fully and to BE your Multi-Dimensional Master self NOW. The days of waiting until it is comfortable or convenient are over. You are here to REMEMBER WHO you are, WHY you are here and CONTRIBUTE to NEW Earth Existence through everything that you have, do and are.
These higher vibrations shut the human aspect down, dissolve the old memories (imprints), obliterate the programs of Old Earth. Your physical body and physical reality go through a COMPLETE OVERHAUL and transformational process. Your entire existence as a limited human will cease to exist. It will be but a holographic imprint that is accessible where it serves a purpose of assisting another in awakening to the purity of Divine Essence Love again.
The human aspect will hold on. These frequencies override one’s ability to do this anymore. The human will see loss, fault or victim to something. The soul will see the purpose and understand it all. The human will wait until there is nothing left and it is forced. The soul/higher self aspect will choose, jump and do. WE always step up, challenge ourselves and let go of the old earth realities. WE always DO from sacred love, sacred respect, sacred honor… for WE do not have the capacity to DO or BE any less here. WE do stand in our Power, WE do take Full Responsibility, WE DO not allow the old in our immediate physical reality world anymore…
WE cannot be broken… yet it’s not from a space of stubborn, fear or resistance. It’s from a place of IMMENSE INNER POWER that emerges as we RETURN to higher consciousness existence through our OPEN HEARTS, open & honest communication and no longer needing to save, protect, convince, hide or go small….
The human aspect does have to be broken, if the higher self aspect is unable to emerge “first” from within. Where one is open and BE’ing a higher self, then we just “see” the human aspect. WE do not give it power anymore, for the human aspect is weak… it just pretends it is strong… for it has not idea that this is not true.
Love can bring those walls down, break the barriers of the human…. Mastery is how you do this. Your Light is your Power. Your strength is INSIDE of you. Your ESSENCE emerges in every moment that you are totally consciously present… it radiates out to touch and affect everyone & everything you do. This spans all dimensions and activates your realities that you DO desire to experience here. You have to choose and move out all that you don’t…..
Amnesia, foggy groggy, drugged feeling, sleeping, no energy, over-stimulation, visions and voices… these are all a part of the bizarre process of evolving back into the light. Your physical body must completely re-work itself, so that you can WALK in multiple dimensions simultaneously, intentionally and naturally. Intricate geometric codes and sequences are held in your physical body make-up (DNA/Molecules/Cells) and your own energy field (Universe). With every cosmic/galactic Light Activation that occurs in every nano-second of every day now, these are rapidly and expeditiously activated FOR YOU. Your conscious awareness of HOW this works, gives you the (cap)ability to intentionally activate and integrate at WARP SPEED (the speed of Light). Your human resistance or avoidance will “cause” you to have an experience you do not desire or injoy, so that you can make a different choice….
This is a beyond magnificent experience, magical, amazing and to the human, bizarre and beyond “real”. This will challenge every mentality and belief you have (as a human). It will also bring you back HOME again, from inside.
Your entire human reality world will be dismantled, reconfigured and re-constructed from the inside out. The outside will become a vibrational response and materialization of all that you came here to truly experience of the higher realms/other dimensions of New Earth. ♥
Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼
Ancient Elder & Guardian of NEW Earth, Teacher/Coach/Guide, Author, Transformational Speaker, Master of all things Energy ♦

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