You are currently viewing FULL MOON IN ARIES ~ Sharad Purnima : an Avatar of Vishnu. Divine Love’s Flame ~ DNA Ignition UPGRADE!
Fire Moon in Aries

FULL MOON IN ARIES ~ Sharad Purnima : an Avatar of Vishnu. Divine Love’s Flame ~ DNA Ignition UPGRADE!

FULL MOON IN ARIES ~ Sharad Purnima : an Avatar of Vishnu. Divine Love’s Flame ~ DNA Ignition UPGRADE!



Paul White Gold Eagle

Greetings Holy Emissaries of the Light Spheres of Shambhala

Happy powerful Full Fire Moon in Aries!!

With this massive Portal opening we have fiery energies flowing in from on high. Many of our ground crew Earth Angelics are feeling like pressure cookers with the major inner expansions activated.

Today we align on the Mayan Tzolkin Calendar with Galactic Signature Kin 144 Yellow Magnetic Seed as we begin our 13 day journey with the Yellow Seed Wavespell of Enlightenment and Awakening. This special day is encoded with our  Starseed Ground Crew of the 144 to assist in the alignment of our Quantum Crystalline 12 strand DNA of homo-Luminous; Light beings of Eternal Life.

Tomorrow we have the majestic 10/10 Gateway and in two days time with Kin 146 White Electric Worldbridger we begin our next 10 days in a row of Galactic activation Portals. These interdimensional Portals and Gateways are assisting all Lightworkers in the bridging of Heaven and Earth through our central channel and into the Still Center of the Core of our Being to bring into this realm the Keys and Codes of the totality of our multidimensional Sacred Self.

With these full moon energetic magnetics flowing into the field, Pachamama received a powerful activation and release with a magnitude 6.2 earthquake on the Central Mid-Atlantic Ridge at 16:38 UTC right on the Equator and 23 degrees due West of the Prime Meridian as the Zero Point Still Center anchors us in to the the foundation of our fifth dimensional reality.

With the Power of our all-mighty I Am Presence we Command the full Radiance and Glory of our Cosmic Conscious Godhead of full illumination to CoCreate our New Heaven upon the New Earth. By the Glory of God’s Sweet Embrace we commence our total transformation into Christed beings of the Eternal Flame to light up all Grids of the Divine Creatrix.

As we continue this Great Shift of the Ages into the full Transition we are exiting out of the old earth and entering New Earth day by day moment by moment. Keep lighting up the grids Warriors of our Rainbow Tribe of the New Lemuria…A’Ho!




Right now: Moon at 20°17′ Aries, Sun at 16°49′ Libra

sabian symbols

Current Sabian Symbols

Current Sabian Symbol for the Sun

A retired sea captain watches ships entering and leaving the harbour.
Sabian Symbol for 17º Libra

The current Sabian Symbol of the Sun is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing solar influence, the vital energy and the personality, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this day, while the Sun’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 17º Libra.

Current Sabian Symbol for the Moon

A pugilist (boxer) entering the ring.
Sabian Symbol for 21º Aries

The current Sabian Symbol of the Moon is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing lunar influence, the emotional background, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this moment, while the Moon’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 21º Aries.







Valerie A. Elster

Body MAPPING Updates in the Field. DNA Input/Output. Old Trauma + SOMATIC Releasing into the FIRE!


Purple Rose
Purple Rose


Juan José Vallejo Cívicos

Eternal Life within the multidimensional fractal Universe is the experience of Sovereign existence through the diversity of unique Spiritual Noble Organic Lifeforms, Quantum Structures, Astral Bodies and Ethereal Dimensions in Free Spirit.
The Advanced, Natural Intelligent Noble Souls, Honor, Respect, Learn, Create, Transform and Evolve within the universal Momentum of the Conscious Spirit of Unity of the Master Creation.


fractal Universe
fractal Universe



Myriam Gillis



As, all portals on earth that were inverted, will be fully integrated and returned back to the light, to become the light that commands the full spectrum of light as the GODS COMMAND OF Yeshua.

with kind regards, always
Myriam & the Sirians.


❤ You are Bearers of Divine Love’s Power Flame… Vibrate your Light, Gaia needs your Love…
Be patient… with yourselves, with others… it’s a period of unloading anything that can’t run its course in this passage…. to the higher dimension…. and it can be “painful” for some too… For those who don’t understand …. that this world is in transition, and nothing will ever be the same again… in their own lives… everything will change .. as well….
Everyone will be put back on their true path… with all that may entail… It can’t be any other way…
Don’t be distracted anymore… it all comes together… so that the children of Gaia can live in symbiosis again… for the Divine Order to be restored…
Don’t give up on your weakness…
Every one is important …
Every move, every thought, every action….
everything must be connected with the heart…
For everything to happen in alignment with the divine….
For the good of all…
Don’t forget… You are loved… ❤
~Ashtar Shan’A~
Loves Power Flame
Loves Power Flame
LOVE YOURSELF so wholly and completely that “you” dissolve into LOVE- and all that remains is a glorious instrument for God to express Divine LOVE.
Love Is. Love Is. Love Is. ✨🤍✨
God Is. God Is. God Is. ✨🙏✨
If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!
2 Corinthians 5:17
Multidimensional self
Multidimensional self



Tania Gabrielle


In less than 4 hours the gorgeous 7:7:7 FULL MOON in ARIES will be exact!

What a great opportunity to notice our tendency to be polarized. For example, when we get attached to what we view as the negative in another person and promptly forget everything positive that we experienced. ..

This really limits us. And limitation is the opposite of expansion.

Consciousness will always expand, if it’s ALLOWED to expand.

So this Full Moon in the first passionate, self-directed, courageous sign of Aries with the Sun in balanced, loving Libra Is asking you to CHOOSE…






Pars Kutay


As We Are Getting Close to 10:10 PORTAL. . . The Largest DNA UPGRADE of 2022 is Upon us!
WE Are NOW Entering the FINAL Stretch in this NEXT STAGE of a Human Energetic Template Attunement!
As of October 22nd, 2022 WE Are in for a total SHIFT in REALITY via This DNA Ignition UPGRADE!
Happy Full Moon Dear Ones.
~ 💜 ~
DNA Ignition
DNA Ignition

Blue Rose Oracles

Daily Download

The Lunation in Aries is joining Chiron for a cosmic dance through the deepest layers of our awareness and internal process.
Together they present both the clarity and the gateway through which we can transcend incarnational cycles and karmic patterns by receiving the shadow wounds, acknowledging what’s being reflected and trusting in our ability to hold space for the transformational energies we are moving through.

Chiron helps to reveal the myriad of wounds we carry at a deeper cellular level and alchemise the layers, projections and versions of ourselves reflected through these wounds.

Chirons vibrational resonance is the key to unlocking our most truest expression through opening the gateway to dimensions within that have been submerged, kshadowed, hidden and ignored.

The energetic waves of these powerful cosmic tides are bringing the sediment to the surface. Revealing the deeper layers of our own angst, fears, limitations and wounds like a tidal wave of energies and emotions crashing against the shores of our ever shifting and evolving patterns, layers & comfort zones.

Our nervous systems are upgrading and recallibrating within this potently charged amplifcaton wave of energies. New templates are shimmering around the edges of our awareness ready to be activated and anchored as we shed the response and reactivity drivers to old wound patterns and shift into deeper layers of trust in our own capacity to validate and celebrate our divine essence and presence.

This lunation is gifting you the keys to your freedom codes as we are accessing the wilder untamed aspects of our psyche, the magical realms and inter dimensional universes within our own quantum fields that have been waiting to be rediscovered underneath the layers of conditioning and limiting fear & survival based patterns and programmes.

✨Affirmations ✨

”I am clearing and healing old layers of wounding and creating space for new timelines and templates to anchor“

“I am fully supported and held by the universe as I reclaim the fullness of my divine essence and presence“

✨Journal Prompts✨

What version of myself is emerging and illuminated within this Lunation.

Where am I ready to take action and birth my visions into my reality

What aspects of my shadow are seeking love and compassion right now.



new energetic month
new energetic month


Encoded Frequency


The time is today!

There is an interesting energetic divide. On this moon is dazzling in time to get in line to Miracles unfold one to another in front of our eyes

Collectively, we have changed the deadlines and time lines, getting rid of the karmic ones and aligning ourselves with those that invite us to ascension.

How do I know if you are changing the timeline?

Today I’m sharing with you the basics of what “timeline change” means:

*Unexpected changes; things go and new things begin; As the vibration and intention of the collective consciousness changes, the trajectory of humanity and the earth also changes, everything moves, flows, transforms and renews itself. something dies and another part of you is reborn, allow yourself to be reborn if you feel yourself in that push and pull of the old and the new. If you don’t take off your old shoes, the new ones don’t fit your feet  without hurting. so today you are invited to let go!

* Fluctuating time: Life feels slow or fast and there are even intervals between both where sensations of Deya vu, “did I already do this?”, “I don’t remember it like that?” they cause confusion, and a feeling of having lost your way, yet quite the opposite in that you have a new location in the universe.

In the midst of the current energetic climate, Meditation, go with ease, soothe your vibe and self love is the imperative to align with the window of opportunity opens for profound transformation and immense soul growth.

Normally meditation with higher self will do the trick so today Meditate, spark your light and Glow.


energetic divide
energetic divide


Tijana Sophia

I was made aware that today is Sharad Purnima.

Sharad, an Avatar of Vishnu.

Which is so relevant for, and in alignment with, the energy of this Aries Full Moon.

As we come into our Ascended-Mastery, we are being asked to not only be the Creators of our Life, but also the *Sustainer* AND the Conscious Destroyer.

During this month and particularly with the 10/10 Portal we are being asked to walk in the *NEW* timeline of our individuated Self-Mastery.

And this requires the cultivation and directed attention on our *inner* Sustainer.

Sustainer of our Presence. Our Attention. On our Inner Most Essence and Creations.

Sustainer of our Frequency and Manifestations.

Sustainer of our Service and Dharmic Expression.

In perfect alignment and Union with the Western Aries Full Moon that for me is so much about our Individuated Self.

In our Mastery.

In the Union and Divinity of the Human and the Godhead merged as One.

What a beautiful opportunity to receive all of the support from Life. And everything it has to offer us during this amazing time of Home Coming and the deeper Anchoring of our Quintessence.

It is a Joyous Celebration.

The Union of the East and the West coming together in Harmony to Co-Create the perfect conditions for the uprising of Humanity.

Happy Aries Full Moon and Sharad Purnima beautiful Earth Family.



Diego E. Berman, PhD



Dear friends, the invigorating and empowering energy of the Aries full moon on Sunday October 9 will be followed by yet another energetic wave on Monday October 10, the 10:10 portal.
This 10/10 energy wave has a subtler quality when compared to the Full Moon energies, however, its effects will be felt by many of you who are energy sensitives. The 10/10 wave will be riding on top of the full moon wave, creating a synergistic momentum to be carried through the rest of the week until we reach the eclipse season later in the month.
What’s the meaning of this 10/10 gateway? For those who are sensitive and resonate with the energy of numbers, this double 10 energy will be profound. Let’s look at what the number 1 and the number 0 mean. Number 1 has strong vibrations of new beginnings, independence, courage, and personal fulfillment. Number 0 reflects the void from which all possibilities can manifest, it connects with spirituality and our journey in life. With both numbers appearing twice, both of these vibrations are amplified.
10:10 holds the energy of encouragement to stay true to your soul’s calling. 10:10 reminds us of our own mental and spiritual power to move forward and manifest a life based on our divine calling. It’s a perfect time to explore new things and expand your horizons in the direction of higher and more uplifting timelines. Luckily, the Aries full moon energy is also about regaining our self-confidence and inner power, so be ready this week to fully speak up and manifest your soul’s desires. It’s time to leave our limiting comfort zone behind and create new stories better aligned with our true essence.
This combination of the full moon and 10:10 energies may trigger the release of energetic blockages within our bodies and minds, which means that physical and emotional symptoms might occur. Sleepiness, joints, digestive, skin, and “random” body aches could be signs of the purging process. Use your intuition to discern and do take care of yourself. Stay hydrated, rest, and recharge.
Have a wonderful full moon and a 10:10 gateway friends! I’ll be posting updates as the energy waves continue to roll in during the rest of the week. Stay tuned!
Much love ❤️


Suryananda Aed

THE GREAT CENTRAL SUN & THE VIOLET FLAME Have Released A Download & Shift Having FOUR ASPECTS Encompassed Within : One Being A Metamorphosis: Inner Body Changes Intensified: Fluidity of Thought & Inter Dimensional Travel In Our Etheric Form Light Body: Being A Major Epiphany: Released Onto Gaia 9 October, 2022. 💜
These FOUR ASPECTS Are A Variation on the Tripple Downloads From The Great Central Sun & The Violet Flame of 6 & 8 October; one being a New Timeline. (Both posts to be shared in more detail soon after initial confirmations).
With Father & Divine Mother & The Elohim.
From The Great Central Sun Akashic Records.
Great excitement has been generated with many celebrations taking place within :
The Great Central Sun
The Omnipresent Omnipotent Power of Creation : Existence Itself
Following on from so many deep and impactful Shifts & Downloads & Two New Timelines :
This Shift & Download as described above has been very much A :
Included within has been a continuation of :
And A Major Epiphany not only for Suryananda but many on Gaia.
NOTE Inner Body Temperature Changes Intensified Does NOT Refer To The Different Body Temperatures Experienced Due To Being Cold For Economic Reasons Or Hot.
These Inner Body Temperature Changes Intensified Are Not Day To Day Changes Due To Weather & Economic Issues.
People on Gaia will interpret these four aspects as described in their own unique and individual ways and depending on their roles and paths on :
The Great Central Sun :
Which is inherent within. Thus the reactions and understanding will differ as inevitably people will process these Shifts & Downloads individually dependent on not only their consciousness but their own affinities as or to their Inner Drive :
In Essence That Which Motivates Them :
This very much applies to :
Inter Dimensional Travel In Etheric Form Light Body :
Seekers on Gaia will gravitate towards their own magnetic pull of Home :
Meaning All Are Pure Consciousness From :
The Great Central Sun
But To Where Non Physical Forms Have Always Been :
If Stars & Other Worlds Beyond
The Great Central Sun.
Inevitably Fluidity of Thought
Is Of Tremendous Importance :
For With Fluidity Of Thought :
The Seeker On Gaia
Is Receptive To Ongoing Deep & Complex
New Understanding & Recognition Of That Which Has Not Been Thought Of As New Expansion Of Consciousness Unfolds & Gifts The Seeker :
Long Awaited Freedom From Old Beliefs & Outworn Understanding As The Barriers & Veils Of Gaia :
Are Transcended.
As Aed & Suryananda’s session was coming to an end, Father looked in.
It was just after 10.00 am when Suryananda as our session began recognised and became aware of yet another profound and powerful Shift & Download.
This has taken a great deal to retrieve being a Major Epiphany. But we decided to complete the Shift & Download of today before putting together the Two Shifts & Downloads of 6 & 8 October.
Adam El Daoud & Suryananda
Divine Consorts. 💜
Sunday, 9 October, 2022.
Readers of The Great Central Sun Sacred Scripts Akashic Records & The Great Central Sun Akashic Records.
Also Both Aspects The Great Cosmic Sun & The Great Galactic Sun. Amenti. Atlantis. And Many Others.
Seers To The Great Central Sun : The Great Cosmic Sun : The Great Galactic Sun. Amenti. Atlantis. And Others.


Purple Goddess
Purple Goddess


Ana Maria


The Celts considered this October Full Moon as a ‘RED MOON’ or ‘MAGIC MOON’ because they believed it has a special ENERGY to AWAKEN and FLOURISH the MAGIC that RESIDES in OUR BEING. Also, this FULL MOON is in ARIES, which is going to GIVE us a HUGE amount of ENERGY, THRIVE and VITALITY.
You can manifest it in the following way:
It is time to understand ourselves as creative beings, and become Conscious,
Today presents opportunities to open your heart or close it. On a daily basis we have different possibilities to react to life, either with an energy contraction or an energy expansion. On a daily basis we can choose to contract the heart vibrating fear or expand it vibrating love.
The opportunity of this powerful Full Moon in Aries is that you connect with your individual Self (Aries) and from the authentic perception of your Being, from the Love that expands, and so you can work to harmonize the We (Libra). It is important that you focus on your individual emotions that today shake and tense your Being, particularly those that ask for release and renewal.
If I know what I want and what I feel, I can say it and act accordingly, then my Being is balanced and I can feel inner congruence. And who is authentic assumes responsibility for being what he is, with the freedom to project to the other and the world being himself
Trust your intuition. Trusting in spontaneity itself is to be fully present with the existentialness of being yourself. And from this authentic act, we can achieve to harmonize our actions with our thoughts and emotions, so that from that alignment we can project outward from our Center.
Thank you.


Luna in Aries
Luna in Aries


Alex Myles


Happy Full Moon!

The Moon in Aries impacts all zodiac signs, but will feel immensely charged for fire signs – Aries, Leo & Sagittarius.

The Full Moon rising in fiery Aries, conjunct Chiron, opposite Venus in Libra, brings a huge energetic shift as some of our oldest and innermost emotional wounds rise to the surface.

Full Moons illuminate what is hidden and during this period we could be noticing how our old wounds have been holding us back within our relationships, daily life or even our careers.

We may find the reason we are not progressing in ways we would like, or why something isn’t manifesting as easily as we might have hoped, is because our old fears and past pain are causing blockages that keep us clinging to what is familiar, preventing us from moving forward.

Once a light shines on these shadow aspects, we will almost instantly feel these energetic blockages begin to clear, and with self-love, nurture and compassion, we will be able to heal and transcend past any underlying issues that have been triggering us, keeping us stuck in a cycle repeating the same patterns.

This may feel like an emotionally intense lunar phase, as it could bring back memories from our childhood, particularly where we may have felt unloved, uncared for or neglected in any way. This doesn’t necessarily have to be connected to our parents or primary caregivers, it could be memories of any dynamic we experienced at an early age that left some kind of emotional wound, that still deeply affects us today.

As the moon is opposite Venus, it is highly likely our self-worth and self-value is in the spotlight, and  we might be reflecting on times when we felt inadequate or unworthy of someone’s love, affection or attention. When we revisit how we felt at the time, and recognise how much it has impacted other relationships in our life, it is essential we are compassionate with ourselves, to help with healing and transcending the associated trauma and pain.

If we try to look at our past without feeling shame, or blaming ourselves or others, the awareness we gain can help us understand why we have replayed events from our past, through choosing partners or friendships that also behaved in ways that resulted in us feeling unvalued or unloved.

We may find on a subconscious level we are attracted people who are emotionally avoidant, or who don’t communicate how they feel, or show it in meaningful ways. We then repeatedly receive the message that we are unlovable, and that there must be something fundamentally wrong with us, as the people we connect with continuously display the same behaviors we experienced during childhood. 

This pattern may not even be in our close or intimate relationships, it could be something we have noticed within our careers, or wider society, how there is some aspect of how people interact with us that triggers insecurities and deep-rooted fears that we aren’t ‘enough’ or are insignificant in the world.

Fortunately, this aspect between the Moon and Chiron helps us overcome these fears by realising that how other people react to us and communicate with us is rooted in their own fears, conditioning and learned behaviours. We will not only find ways of nurturing ourselves so that we fill these inner voids, but we are also awakened to similar wounds that other people around us have, and we are able to perceive our relationships in an entirely new light.

We may find we are able to heal our own wounds through forgiving other people for how they treated us, or even just coming to a place of acceptance that how other people treated us was not a reflection of who we are, but of who they are.

It begins to make sense, in a profound way, that how certain people treated us was not personal at all, and was simply due to wounds they experienced, and as those wounds had not healed, they project their pain on to others, in turn to cause other people to feel what they were feeling on an internal level.

This Full Moon, opposite Venus, is going to help us to see how vital it is we nurture ourselves, rather than looking for external validation, and we will be recognising the importance of self-compassion and self-nurture, and finding ways to ensure we take care of ourselves in ways that make us feel fulfilled, safe, secure and loved.

Overall, this is a time to release whatever has been holding us back and causing us to subconsciously sabotage our happiness or avoid deeply authentic relationships, so we can move forward with an open heart, ready to experience love and life from an entirely new perspective.

Due to the Full Moon being in Aries we may notice we have been feeling a little more impatient than normal and that we are quick to react in anger, however, these little temper tantrums will only last a hot minute, and if we’re aware of it we will likely be able to calm ourselves before saying or doing anything we may regret.

Aries is known for being courageous and having a warrior-like spirit, so if ever there is a time for breakthroughs, it is now, particularly regarding themes where we have felt fearful of letting go. We may find we are now able to release old attachments, and connections to people that have felt more like trauma bonds and addictions than healthy, balanced, mutually reciprocated and rewarding relationships.

If we are not quite ready to let go of certain dynamics, even just altering our perception on past experiences, and offering ourselves more self-love and care will dramatically affect our emotional well-being and quell tension within ourselves and prevent and repair conflict with others.

Aries are brutally honest, assertive, direct and sometimes quite brash, so don’t be too surprised if our, or other people’s, communication style is suddenly bold, brave and straight-forward and over the next couple of days. This could even lead to unexpected emotional confessions – particularly with Venus, the Goddess of Love, in opposition to Aries

Collectively, this phase is an immense healing period and a major positive energy shift for our entire planet, as we awaken to emotional pain we, or those around us, have either suffered, or are still going through, and we take steps to heal and be much more compassionate within our connections.

Over the next few days it is highly important to be gentle with ourselves, and others, as we recognise we all have wounds and we are all in the process of healing from past experiences. We are all worthy of love, compassion, kindness and tenderness and now is the time to redirect our energy internally, and to have those deeply healing honest conversations with ourselves, and others, so we can finally release past pain and manifest everything we have been hoping and dreaming for – particularly connected to love and our most important relationships.

Alex Myles


Moon in Aries
Moon in Aries


Intuitive Astrology with Jaime

We are in the energy of a potent Aries Full Moon with Chiron offering deep relationship healing with self so we can come into healthier, more sovereign, co-creative relationships with others. This is an invitation to embrace the magic of who we authentically are to share with our relationships.

With this Full Moon, the Moon at 16°Aries is fully illuminated by the light of the Sun at 16°Libra. The Aries-Libra axis is the relationship axis. Aries represents our relationship with self, and Libra represents our relationships with others. With Chiron strongly activated with this Full Moon, deep wounds around where we haven’t felt safe to authentically express ourselves in relationships in order to belong may come up to the surface for healing. This Full Moon may bring up intense emotions to the surface for alchemization. This is an invitation to heal our wounds keeping us trapped in the past so we can more boldly and courageously embrace the magic of the present moment and how it is to be in relationship with others in the purity and possibility of the present moment.

Venus, the Wisdom Keeper of the Libra Mysteries, is conjunct the Sun as she travels behind the Sun through her Underworld journey. Since she started her cycle in Capricorn in January, we’ve been through initiations to surrender conditioning, distortions, and inversions around the feminine that have kept us disconnected from our heart essence and fertility. As Venus is now in the Underworld, we are being asked to fully surrender distorted versions of ourself. The Underworld journey is where we die to who we are not to be reborn into the truth of who we are vital and full of life force energy. This is the phase in Venus’ cycle where we love ourselves back into wholeness to be resurrected into more of our Sacred Feminine essence. There is powerful magic available as Venus travels through the Underworld by turning inward and nurturing your relationship with yourself.

Venus opposing Chiron with this Aries Full Moon feels like a highly significant initiation leading into her Libra Venus Star point on October 22nd.  The Venus-Chiron opposition stirs up our emotions for powerful heart alchemy. Wounds around previous relationships may arise to break through armoring around our hearts that we have placed to keep us safe and protected, which worked at one point in our lives for survival but is now keeping us disconnected from authentic sacred relating. With Chiron, the alchemy comes through the broken open human heart that opens us up to more love and compassion. We have to feel it to heal it. If intense emotions arise, is there a way to safely hold space for what’s moving through? This is where the Chiron medicine is alchemized. And if not, can you hold yourself with self-compassion and gentleness?

What does your body and nervous system need to feel supported?

I sense what is being released with this Aries Full Moon with Venus opposite Chiron will open up space for what wants to emerge as Venus meets the Sun at 29°Libra on October 22nd for her exterior conjunction. This is the first Libra Venus Star Point in over 100 years seeding a new relationship paradigm of sovereign, sacred relating. Venus is in a Capricorn cycle that started in January of this year which is asking us to create the template for sovereign, sacred relating for the New Earth. The Star Points that have been moving through Scorpio have been calling us to heal out of balance power dynamics in relationships, among many other powerful themes. Now that the Star Points are precessing into Libra, we are being called to uplevel our relationship dynamics and co-create as sovereign beings so each being in a relationship has the life force energy available to bring their magic through to create in partnership as opposed to getting it drained in co-dependency and out of balance power dynamics.

Pluto stationing direct with this Full Moon is adding to the intensity. See my previous post about Pluto stationing direct if interested to explore more into this.

Mars, the Wisdom Keeper of the Aries Mysteries, is in Gemini slowing down to station retrograde late October. As Mars retrogrades through Gemini October through January, we will be asked to reorient what timelines we are directing our life force energy into. At the time of the Full Moon, Mars is square to Neptune retrograde in Pisces. If intense emotions are triggered with this Full Moon, there may be confusion around what the actual trigger is, and we may find ourselves tempted to impulsively project out at anything that catches our attention, run around distracting ourselves, or engage in escapism. Be mindful of reactivity and how you are crafting your words. Take time to slow down and draw your energy back to yourself. Our energy can get diffuse and scattered with Mars square Neptune. When Neptune is activated, things are not what they seem. Someone triggering you is likely a divine player to remind you of a deeper wound seeking healing that has nothing to do with that person, but simply pointing you back inward to heal a deeper wound.

This current lunation cycle we are in that started with the Libra New Moon was opposite Jupiter retrograde inviting us to be in relationship with those that are in alignment with our highest path. With the Full Moon, Jupiter is retrograde at 1°Aries preparing to move back into Pisces in late October. 1 is the number where new energy flows in. Because Jupiter is retrograde, the new expansive energy is flowing inward to support forward movement on our quest to bring through the higher inspiration that was seeded with the Pisces Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in April. We may not see the blessings and gifts yet as the energy is calling us inward to clear any energetic blockages around moving from our sacred full body yes.

We’ve been in a time of accelerated evolutionary growth as every Full Moon since July has been with an outer planet working on deeper evolutionary themes that are rippling out much farther in time. This will culminate next month with the Taurus Lunar Eclipse with the Moon conjunct Uranus, the Great Awakener. 

Fire Moon in Aries
Fire Moon in Aries


Erik Roth of InSpiral Nexus



October’s Full Moon takes place in the sign of Aries at 16°32’ and will be in conjunction with Chiron.  In this current age, the sign of Aries is overlayed by the constellation of the Fish and where the March equinox (Zero Aries) is located.

From an experiential perspective, the Moon stays full for about 3 days and so will look full on the 8th and 10th as well.  The sign of Aries being strongly activated this time in conjunction with Chiron is a pre-cursor to a period of time between late February and mid-May of next year where the nature of Aries comes fully into view.  This is due to various conjunctions taking place in Aries in 2023.

Aries is the archetype of the warrior in traditional definitions but its essence is mission-oriented, rugged individualist who is loyal to a cause or purpose. This essence is operating in the context of this age and seen more as the alpha-like energy that competes for everything, is ambitious and desires victory above all else.  It also strongly shows up in those needing to show their strength in the world or to rescue all that are in need.

Since the Full Moon is conjunct Chiron, this will emphasize the vulnerabilities and the medicine needed through Aries. This includes the recognition of knowing that acknowledging one’s place of vulnerabilities is also a strength.  Aries can have a tendency to avoid discussions about cracks in their armor or especially their feelings.  In some segments of society, it amounts to never admitting defeat or being wrong.  This can, at times, show up with the signs of Leo, Scorpio or a few others.

This is in part what Chiron is showing us as where the medicine is needed.  Chiron is the shamanic, wounded-healer and teacher.  It is there as a guide to assist us in formulating the medicine we need to work on our deepest wounds across the present and across generations.  Another layer are the wounds that Aries bears with regards to warfare and the wars that have raged across the planet for thousands of years.  Aries, as a sign, was utilized in a distorted way in this regard, looked at more as one-dimensional and regulated to being the “warrior” and fighting.

But Aries is much, much more than just a warrior (the word warrior is derived from “war”).  Aries is a fiery, actional force in the world at large.  Finding its mission and purpose is priority number one for Aries.  It can sacrifice itself for the mission, but it is not something that is intended to be reckless, but more as a last resort.  In its shadow, it will be only its mission as the only view, regardless of much of the world around them. This can lead to stepping over others who get in the way of that mission.

Chiron can help Aries see its blind spots in both an individual and in society in general.  Also, humanity’s relationship with war has been in a moment in time where it was made to be a normal part of life over the last few thousand years.  But war isn’t normal.  And to recruit Aries as only the warrior in normal wars is certainly not how civilization can truly evolve except perhaps to self-destruct.  Self-defense is one thing and a need to defend home and family is important.  But Aries’ role is much more intended to be a defender / protector and not a conqueror. 

It is also about what takes place after wars and other services where traumas take place in the missions or duties.  How can the healing happen and how can Aries be supported in the long-term. These are questions that Chiron is highlighting for humanity and each individual who perhaps has Aries or Aries-like themes in life.

From Lynda Hill’s “The Sabian Oracle” (pg 17), the Sabian Symbol for this Full Moon is 17 Aries and provides another aspect.  The title of the symbol is “Two prim spinsters sitting together in silence.”  The keywords are “the need to loosen up emotional blockages.  The struggle to hold onto one’s original identity.  Compromise because of social expectations.  Meditations that communicate.  Exclusive relationships.  Relationships that have a quiet knowing.  Dignified silence.  Inner withdrawal.  Communicating through body language.  Spinning straw into gold.  Rolling of the tongue.”

From this symbolism, it shows that it is perhaps a collusion in silence of events previously enacted that may have created trauma for humanity.  But it is just as easily an inner communication that conveys what is needed in reflection, introspection and inner process in partnership.  There seems to be some qualities of Libra here, in the polarity of Aries.  The archetypal expression of Libra can bring out what is needed through personal and community relationships, which can be a powerful resource toward processing and healing.

Like all signs/archetypes, Aries is experiencing a fragile moment in this current age of redefining the use of its skillset.  This Chiron – Full Moon conjunction may help us with the awareness of our blind-spots and where we can have greater awareness of our vulnerabilities.  It is not meant to rid ourselves of vulnerabilities or blind spots, but to work with them in a way where they provide the shamanic medicine needed for a healthy approach to our healing journey.


constellation of the Fish
constellation of the Fish


Leah Whitehorse


Full Moon in Aries – The peak of the lunar cycle reaches boiling point. A burning issue becomes apparent and cannot be ignored. With the lights intimately bound to a Venus-Chiron opposition, matters around goals, independence, passion and autonomy are bound up with fears of rejection and not being good enough, rich enough or attractive enough. The Aries Moon wants to appear strong, but vulnerabilities are evident, and triggers tapped. We need to show each other who we are behind the warrior mask so that we can meet each other on equal footing. There is strength in acknowledging weakness.

Underneath everything is the question, are you happy? Because life’s incessant call to achieve, to chase, to WIN can become like an over spiced meal, erasing all other subtleties of flavour. It’s time to clear the palette, cool down, question whether what you are chasing is really what you want. Consider your needs but remain open to compromise and connection. Dare to follow your inspiration, even if it means breaking from the herd.

Degrees and Times

Moon 16°Ar32′, Sun 16°Li32′ – 21:54 (BST)

© Leah Whitehorse

source :

Painting – A Ligurian Shepherdess by Henry Herbert La Thangue


A Ligurian Shepherdess
A Ligurian Shepherdess


The Tzolkin Times


Kin 144 ~ Yellow Magnetic Seed

‘Magnetic’ is the name for the number one and its keywords are ‘Attract, Unify and Purpose’. The number one is unifying and when we all stand together as one, we become mightier. All the days that participate in the 13-day journey form together to become one experience. The dynamism of the calendar centers around this sacred count of 13. Today, Yellow Seed is the one setting the agenda for this wavespell and that simply means that we reap what we have sown and now is the time we harvest this bounty. The ten Portal days in a row, make this one of only two wavespells where this occurs. Personally, I find it’s not as intense as the Serpent wavespell (which is the other one with ten Portal days in a row) but it can be just as eventful.
Today is Yellow Seed which represents ‘Awareness, Targeting and Flowering’. Things we’ve done in the past, good or bad, come to fruition during the Flowering wavespell of the Yellow Seed. Many wonderful surprises happen during this time and so much abundance! And ideas like plants take time to grow and so, may you sow good things now that later you will benefit from. Take care of those ideas too as they need nurturing and care. The Yellow Seed is very concerned with acquiring knowledge, searching for information and accumulating facts. Not only do Yellow Seed people have this thirst for knowledge, they are also very eager to share what they have learned. Today is perfect for information gathering and sharing wisdom.
The day is also Guided by Yellow Seed and so a double helping of this energy. The first day of a wavespell is always guided by itself. (the 6th and 11th day are too)
The Challenge today is the White Wizard which represents ‘Enchantment’. The Yellow Seed is too aware to fall for Wizard’s enchanting spells and so Wizard has less charm and power today. If you’re a White Wizard then today is not your best day. Try to benefit from today’s energy anyway and if you can’t, then all you can do is hang on until tomorrow where you’ll be better placed as the Ally power.
The Occult power is Red Earth which symbolizes ‘Evolution’. This is one of the reasons why this wavespell is so special, as it’s a great opportunity to blossom. Naturally, the Seed is planted in the Earth and these two wavespells follow one another in the Tzolkin too. Of course the Earth is full of abundance and this connection to Mother Earth is very magical.
The Ally is the Blue Eagle who represents ‘Visions and Creativity’. If you have a friend who is an Eagle, they can be great to have around today. If you are one, expect to be called upon for your assistance. If you don’t know one personally, the Eagle’s energy is friendly to all today and he can advise us to look at the whole picture and to come up with creative solutions to our problems, a great help indeed.


Kin 144
Kin 144



Christina Papageorgiou


1 KAN – KIN 144
9 OCTOBER 2022
I unify in order to target
Attracting awareness
I seal the input of flowering
With the Magnetic tone of purpose
I AM guided by the power of MY OWN POWER DOUBLED!
9/10/2022 = 9/1/6 = 9/7=16=7
9- Completion/Endings/Destiny/Service/Humanity/Divine
16- Tower struck by lightning/Sudden changes
7- Majik/Mystic/Spiritual/Solitude/Initiation
✨MONTH/YEAR codes✨
10- Manifestation/Authority/Power
1- New beginnings/Original/Leader
6- Heaven/Christ/Family/Romance/Fertility
7- Majik/Mystic/Spiritual/Solitude/Initiation
2- Partner/Twin/Cooperation
20- The AWAKENING/Clear vision
22- Architect of PEACE/Master builder
KIN 144 is a TRIPLE SEEDING CODE🌱🌱🌱 which commences the 13 day SEED CYCLE.
Our DNA⚛ is about to be
during this cycle to enable new data and codings to be downloaded into our DNA.
Today is a TRIPLE SEED DAY🌱🌱🌱 of great AWAKENING💥 to our DIVINE PURPOSE!!! 🕊🕊🕊
KIN 144 is an impetus for great GROWTH during this cycle. 🌳🌳🌳
WE also have a 9/9 code which symbolizes COMPLETION of one cycle and transition to the next stage of our growth cycle… OUR DNA is being upgraded so too is NOVA GAIA’S … Another very potent Ascension day folks!✨🕊✨🕊✨
✨✨GET READY for a QUANTUM LEAP 🏃in our EVOLUTION🚀 our entire HU-MAN species is being ELEVATED. ✨✨
✨✨✨A DATE WITH DESTINY! An extraordinary MAJIKAL✨ day for ✨AWAKENING✨ and initiating our new collective Divine Destiny path!🙌💫🌈
GET READY🌟 STAR-BLISS-SUNS!!!🌟🐬🌞🌺🌸 Get out your hoe and start tilling the fertile soil as we are commencing a new 13 day wavespell today – that of the YELLOW SEED🌾, which is the 12th Wavespell in the Tzolkin Calendar.
In 2 days time, on OCT 11th, 2022, we shall commence our climb up the DNA ASCENSION LADDER as we traverse through a column of 10 GAP DAYS IN A ROW! 💥 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥
Souping up the energies with more intensity and POWER to harness for your creations. Luckily this passage will not be as unsettling as the RED SERPENT🐍 GAP journey of shedding our skins.
We are NOW entering a very PRODUCTIVE and FERTILE CREATION CYCLE! ❄🎉🎊.
✨✨✨ On July 24th, 2022 we completed our journey through the DREAMSPELL YEAR of the YELLOW ELECTRIC SEED,💡🌱 so we are well acquainted with the evolutionary transformation that the SEED brings to humanity. The ELECTRIC SEED YEAR played a massive role in humanity’s AWAKENING and upgrading to UNIVERSAL consciousness. The ELECTRIC SEED marked the IGNITION🔥 of humanity’s evolution to higher collective consciousness.
Today the YELLOW SEED WAVESPELL arriving at this pivotal point in time is once again about to SUPER IGNITE💥 the next phase of our evolution and soul growth, particularly for the wayshowers, the STAR 🌟BLISS 🐬SUNS🌞 leading the way to the NEW ERA..
This wavespell kicks off on an ARIES FULL MOON🐏🔥 on OCTOBER 9/10th – on the 10/10 MANIFESTATION portal.. This is akin to a WILDFIRE🔥🔥🔥🔥 blazing through the forest,🌳🔥🌳🔥 burning up all the debris, and POPPING all the seed pods, on and in the ground to AWAKEN and begin to shoot as the soaking rains 🌧follow the FIRE🔥🔥🔥..
ARIES is the fearless warrior, who is independent and fully FOCUSED on his path as the LEADER and ENTREPRENEUR. The YELLOW SEED also holds strong FOCUSED and YANG masculine energy, couple this with the 10/10 – 1/1 MANIFESTING NEW BEGINNINGS codes and we have phenomenal FUEL to fulfill our DESTINY… ✨✨✨✨✨
.Another DIVINE GIFT🎁 for our ASCENSION passage – Absolutely GORGEOUS! ❤✨❤✨
We are now moving towards greater UNITY and HARMONY, we are able to embark on a new GROWTH cycle – that of bonding together through DIVINE SERVICE to construct our beautiful NEW EARTH PARADIGM.
WHAT can we expect from the YELLOW SEED WAVESPELL????? 🤔🤔🤔
We can expect MUCH more fertility,🐣 creativity🎨 and Abundance🌻 to FLOW into our lives… through our ability to fully FOCUS our intent on our Divine Missions…
Greater numbers of people will RAPIDLY AWAKEN as they arise from their slumber in the deep dark soil, and they use their energy to turn towards the LIGHT – the SUN 🌞– the SOURCE of LIFE – breaking ground and joining together with like minded souls to form common-unities – UNIFIED in their purpose.. 🌻🌻🌻🌻
The SEED WAVESPELL 🌾 is about RIPENING🍇 to your fullest POTENTIAL🌲 – It is about NEW GROWTH🌿 and EXPANSIVE creative opportunities, in order for you to BLOSSOM🌻 and AWAKEN the potential in others💐 through your sheer MAGNIFICENCE..
NOW is the time to SOW all your new ideas and INITIATE new projects, so that they can take root🌱 and GROW. 🌲Our effort will assist us in manifesting our HIGHEST POTENTIAL and SEED the highest timeline for NEW EARTH. 🌈🌏
✨✨Make sure you invest in a notebook/diary📔 to keep with you at all times, in order to record all those SPARKS,✴ ideas and inspiration you will be receiving… Make sure that you LISTEN for the signs and promptings, revealing your new direction, and take INSPIRED ACTION – to see them GROW! 🌻✨🌻
MAGNETIC⏺ is tone number 1 in the SPIRITUAL realm as we initiate a new wavespell cycle. Power: Attracts Action: Unifies 🔘 Essence: Purpose. Day one of a new wavespell always starts with the Magnetic tone of purpose. In the beginning was the ONE!. From out of nothing, here ONE comes. Spinning happily – magnetizing all that it requires for more excellent adventuring. Once strong in purpose, all will effortlessly come together.
The Magnetic tone is all about ATTRACTION. Attracting everything that you require to fulfill your purpose and your goals. People, resources, relationships, money, support and all that you can imagine. The attraction seeks to unify all as one! Thus MAGNETIC kin have a very strong connection to SOURCE,☀ and a gravitational pull to return there and bring all their buddies with them. The power of ONE is very strong today as it unites us all as ONE HU-MAN-ITY! 🔘
❓❓🤔What are you desiring to ATTRACT during this 13 day cycle in order to RIPEN🍇 to your fullest POTENTIAL?
❓❓🤔What are you seeking to ATTRACT today to SEED your New Reality?🌈🌴💕
Today’s question is “What projects and ideas can I SEED🌾 today, allowing me to AWAKEN and FLOWER into my Highest Potential?”🌹
🐬🌈 ❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤
Divine blessings for the creation of your beautiful fertile Garden of Eden..BLISS on EARTH! 💓🌏🌈
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
CONSCIOUS SELF: & HIGHER SELF/GUIDE: YELLOW MAGNETIC SEED 🌾🌾– KAN . Today is a triple YELLOW SEED day! (Double SEED plus the Wavespell ) It is time to roll up your sleeves, put on your gardening gloves and green thumbs and plant those new SEEDS, in organized and symmetrical rows!
Today is indeed a great day for GARDENING on any plane! Whether that be physically in our own gardens, or the collective gardens of our Planet. The GARDEN of EDEN. 🍇🍈🍉🍓🍒
We are aiming to SEED🌱 our HIGHEST POTENTIAL 🌲during this cycle, through FOCUSING on initiating our new ideas and projects. As it is a MAGNETIC day we have great power to ATTRACT all we need in order to LIVE our purpose.
It is not just about thinking, or brainstorming, but actually commencing ACTION. Plan and organize your ideas and projects into manageable steps, but take that first step today, bringing forth your Dreams from yesterday, into REAL-ity.
KAN inspires us to fully BLOSSOM💮 🌸🌼today, to share our packets of LIGHT🌠 with others so that our SPARK can ignite their soul’s potential.
YELLOW SEED is a brilliant TEACHER,🎓 and is adept at nurturing the potential in others, so that they can RIPEN and BLOOM. In order to TEACH others, one must first seek to reach the highest personal levels through AWAKENING to one’s own Divine potential.
LEAD the way as wayshowers, beautiful WISE STAR-BLISS-SUNS.🌟🐬🌞 🌸🌼🌺🌻💐
It is a beautiful day to FLOWER🌼 and plant new ideas, in the minds of the receptive, in order to TARGET greater planetary awareness.💥🌎
We pray that greater numbers of the sleeping masses, WILL RAPIDLY AWAKEN to the Divine Truth during this 13 day cycle.. The more AWAKE our collective is, the QUICKER we manifest a better Reality for ALL HU-MAN-KIND. AMEN to that! 🙏🙏🙏
SUPPORT: BLUE MAGNETIC EAGLE👁 – MEN provides the VISION today, giving you the panoramic view of your whole project, enabling you to see the whole forest. 🌲🌳🌲
BLUE EAGLE gives you the power to ENVISION the completion and accomplishment of your goals, energizing and anchoring them into this realm. You can perceive each step in your path, as it leads to the whole – allowing you to imprint the total blueprint into your SEEDS of creation. The MAGNETIC EAGLE will assist you in attracting all that you need to nurture these SEEDS into hardy plants that can bear nourishing fruit.
BLUE EAGLE gifts you the POWER to SEE👀 and recognize the full potential of your ideas, knowing which one is the most fertile, needing to be planted first. The POWER of Future VISION🔮 is a very potent skill for budding ENTREPRENEURS, particularly on this ARIES FULL MOON!
The VISION and CLARITY that the BLUE EAGLE provides is instrumental in bringing forth the greater AWARENESS and AWAKENING of the Yellow SEED cycle. Having the EAGLE as our SEER is a very valuable asset indeed as it brings us the power of FUTURE VISION 🔮the Art of Prophecy.!
BLUE EAGLE holds the coding for PLANETARY MIND – our COLLECTIVE consciousness. As the supporting energy for the entire 13 day Yellow SEED cycle – this ensures that PLANETARY MIND is being UNIFIED through greater AWAKENing💥 and is RIPENING 🍇to a higher potential of DIVINE MIND – through our evolutionary DNA upgrade of our collective MINDS.
HALLELUJAH – massive DNA upgrades for ALL! 👫⚛👬⚛👭
A very EXCITING and dynamic cycle for intense and accelerated GROWTH and AWAKENING.. yippee!! BRING IT ON! 🎉🎊🎆
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: RED COSMIC EARTH🍥 🌏– CABAN is today’s SUPERPOWER meaning it will be easier to align with the many SIGNS, and synchronicities that point you in the right direction to realize your fullest potential growth. We can access this information from throughout the Cosmos with this expansive occult power today.
Understanding the RIGHT TIMING within the cycles of the whole Cosmos – realizing that GAIA 🌎 is evolving through this Ascension cycle in accordance with the Divine Plan. We can then decipher our place, our purpose and our Mission in the unfolding of this greater cycle as we learn to GO WITH THE NEW FLOW . 🌫🌫
✨MAY the plan of LIGHT✨ and LOVE ❤ work out, and
✨MAY it seal the door🚪 where EVIL dwells..💥
This is the DIVINE PLAN for GAIA🌎 to be a PLANET of LIGHT! 🎆 (No more PRISON PLANET!)
The DIVINE PLAN for each individual is to hold and embody the greatest LIGHT QUOTIENT in our cell-ves that we possibly can! The LIGHTER you are, the HIGHER you can FLY! KIN 144 upgrades our DNA so that we can hold more LIGHT.
Tune into COSMIC GAIA as the SUPER POWER, during this cycle to ensure you are the RIGHT PERSON, in the RIGHT PLACE at the RIGHT TIME. Listen, observe and follow the SIGNS, synchronicities and promptings to catapult you along your path, to attract all that you require for your divine Mission and accelerated soul growth.
Your heart and that of Mother Gaia will have greater connectivity today, bringing forth the POWER TO SEED the highest potential for birthing NEW EARTH. 🌈🌏
CHALLENGE/GIFT: WHITE MAGNETIC WIZARD 🔮– IX provides today’s GIFT and blessing, and that is to open our HEARTS❤ and become more RECEPTIVE to the higher LIGHT flooding into our planet and flowing through our expanded consciousness. This whole cycle requires us to be guided through our HEART CONSCIOUSNESS. ❤❤❤
The MAGNETIC WIZARD connects us to the Universal GRID🌐 of WHITE MAJIK through this 13 year WIZARD cycle.. We have the POWER to break the evil dark hypnotic spell, through the power of enchantment, using our CHARM to connect HEARTS. LOVE is the panacea to FREE the soul from enslavement.
Our CHALLENGE is to be STILL and LISTEN.. looking for the signs and messages from Spirit and Pachamama. Using the Majikal tools of the Wizard to energize our SEEDS and our Creations – so that our Majikal Beanstalks can evolve in accelerated time.
The WIZARD reminds us that WE HAVE THE POWER💥 – to create GREAT THINGS through our PURE HEARTS ❤ with our focused INTENTION. ⚛⚛⚛
Spend some time in REFLECTION during this cycle to receive more guidance from Spirit revealing your Divine Mission. .
Our challenge is to anchor these majikal energies into our physical reality in order to fully FLOWER as the beautiful Star BLISS SUNS 🌟🐬🌞 that we all came to Earth to be!. Aho! 🌸🌺🌼💐🌻
Today’s question is “What projects and ideas can I SEED🌾 today, allowing me to AWAKEN and FLOWER into my Highest Potential?”🌹
🐬🌈 ❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤
Divine blessings for the creation of your beautiful fertile Garden of Eden..BLISS on EARTH! 💓🌏🌈
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈






🔥 New – 13 Days and 12 States to reach My Sacred Condor🔥




Sept/ Oct 2020 ~ from Cleveland Ohio to the Pacific NorthWest – 2 hours 45 minutes  never released footage : CLICK HERE

Paul White Gold Eagle’s Vision Quest and Journey to the Sacred Condor’s Roost in the Pacific Northwest. Over 13 days journey from the end of September and the beginning of October of 2020. Many magical moments through multiple Sacred Portals from Cleveland Ohio, through the Crystal Mountains of Arkansas, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Wild Horses in Death Valley California, powerful Vortexes of Sedona, the beauty of Mt Shasta through Portland Oregon over the mighty Columbia river past Mt Hood and into Washington State to beautiful Mt Saint Helens.

The Gold Dragon Masters of Kunlun made it possible to merge the timelines for the re-Union of The Eagle and the Condor in Divine Union of Hieros Gamos. Almost 3 hours of footage, most of which has never been released before, and only will be released on Patreon and Youtube memberships. Thank you to our team that supported us through this journey and over the last 2 years of our work and mission together. We appreciate you for your support and to our Tribe that continues to support us in our current work and mission of the Great Awakening and Ascension of Gaia and all Human Consciousness.

Much Love and Blessings in the Light of Source…A’Ho!

the Eagle and the Condor





Prayers to the Seven Sacred Flames-🔥

Prayer for Transformation and Ascension-
💫 🙏🏻༺꧁💛꧂༻🙏🏻💫
My beloved I AM Presence, I acknowledge you as the Source of my being and life.
I ask for the Divine Plan for my life and my Holy Purpose on Earth to be made manifest now.
Please shine your Love and your Light into my heart and into all my chakras, into my mind, my feelings and my physical body.
I hold myself willing and ready to receive more of Thy Light and Thy Presence so that I may express and expand my consciousness through Thy Christ Love and Wisdom.
I ask that you monitor my heart and feeling world to receive daily and in all matters of my life the Wisdom and Guidance that will quickly take me, with ease and grace, through the Seven Temples of the path of initiation to receive the gift of my Ascension as soon as I meet all requirements.
Charge all conditions and activities of my physical life with your Sacred Fire, Love, Purity, Beauty, Grace, Divine Perfection and with all the God-attributes of the Seven Sacred Flames.
Reveal your Divine Will to me daily and release in me the Illumination Ray of the Mind of God.
Infuse in me the Healing Power of your Eternal Presence.
And so be it, beloved I AM!
Prayer for Transformation and Ascension
Prayer for Transformation and Ascension

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