You are currently viewing Aquarius Super Moon ~ Cosmic DNA Expanding ~ The Star Lions Walk Beside Us

Aquarius Super Moon ~ Cosmic DNA Expanding ~ The Star Lions Walk Beside Us

Aquarius Super Moon ~ Cosmic DNA Expanding ~ The Star Lions Walk Beside Us


Paul White Gold Eagle

Greetings Dream Time Weavers of the New Way of Living from the Heart

Happy Full Super Moon in Aquarius and Galactic Activation Portal on the Mayan dreamspell Calendar with KIN 85 RED RESONANT SERPENT.

With today’s Supermoon and Galactic Activation Portal we have major higher dimensional energetics flowing into this realm from the Company of Heaven directly from the Great Central Sun.

Many Starseeds are feeling a massive lifting of a weight off their shoulders and crowns with these activations flowing in from on High. Mother Father God is sending the higher frequencies of unconditional love and truth to uplift and elevate all our Ground Crew for the final phases of our Great Ascension Process.

In the Self Realization of our Buddha Nature we are resolving and releasing all that no longer serves Gaia and all her Children of the Sun. Brahma sends reinforcements for our Warriors of our Rainbow Tribe of the New Earth.

The Blue People are with us now to assist all Earth Angelic ground Crew through all upgrades and Spiritual Advancements for ultimate Soul Growth. The Beings of the Blue Ray working with the Rainbow Children are transmitting the keys and codes into the Living Hearts Through Dreams and Synchronicities for the full activations and upgrades of our Crystalline Solar Diamond DNA of the 12 strands of the 144 Codes. In Divine Alchemy we are transforming into Christed Light beings of the New Humans of homo-luminous.

We are now on the fast track, the Direct Path to our final home and destination of the New Golden Age of Eternal Life.

All veils and entanglements are being lifted for our full Coronation as Sovereign Grail Kings and Queens of the New Earth Arising…A’Ho!


Right now: Moon at 20°25′ Aquarius, Sun at 19°26′ Leo

sabian symbols

Current Sabian Symbols

Current Sabian Symbol for the Sun

American indians perform a ritual to the sun.
Sabian Symbol for 20º Leo

The current Sabian Symbol of the Sun is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing solar influence, the vital energy and the personality, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this day, while the Sun’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 20º Leo.

Current Sabian Symbol for the Moon

A woman disappointed and disillusioned, courageously facing a seemingly empty life.
Sabian Symbol for 21º Aquarius

The current Sabian Symbol of the Moon is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing lunar influence, the emotional background, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this moment, while the Moon’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 21º Aquarius.



Ramona Lappin

Last step; taking the artificial intelligence networks down, fully dissolving the artificial Matrix simulation & holographic overlays, REVEALing ALL NEW ORGANIC ASCENSION REALITIES NOW!! LET’S GO!! 🔥


Celia Fenn

Full Moon in Aquarius : 11th August
With the Lions Gate energy still flowing powerfully we are now in the Aquarius Full Moon.
Ruled by the electrical energy of Uranus, this moon is not “comfortable”. In fact, to many it will seem as though they are being pushed out of their comfort zone.
But beyond this comfort zone lies the Cosmic spaces of exploration and adventure.
The Divine Feminine urges us to step up and step out into the New Earth Flow of Creation and Adventure.
The Star Lions walk beside us, and the Archangels.
We draw on the loving support of our Soul Families, our Angelic and Galactic Families and the New Earth Community of which we are a part.
Have a beautiful Full Moon transit fellow travellers!
❤ ❤ ❤


Full Moon in Aquarius
Full Moon in Aquarius
AUGUST 12 2022
There is a great DNA activation happening tonight in the light of this full
moon which is a turning point for many.
An upgrade of a greater opening of the true and magical nature of the divine existence.
The weavers, the maji,
the charismatic ones
are coming back because now its is safe for them to come back.
They are undoing the self imposed bindings, freeing themselves.
They will show themselves.
People will see them.
They will see who they really were all this time!
Message from the Lemurian Princess:
“Your world is blossoming in a way like never before!”
*Telegram invitation link:
Υπάρχει μια μεγάλη ενεργοποίηση του DNA που συμβαίνει απόψε υπό το φως αυτής της πανσελήνου που αποτελεί σημείο καμπής για πολλούς.
Μια αναβάθμιση ενός μεγαλύτερου ανοίγματος της αληθινής και μαγικής φύσης της θεϊκής ύπαρξης.
Οι υφάντρες, οι μάγοι,
οι χαρισματικοί επιστρέφουν γιατί τώρα είναι ασφαλές για αυτούς να επιστρέψουν.
Αναιρούν τις δεσμεύσεις που είχαν επιβληθεί από τους ίδιους, απελευθερώνοντας τον εαυτό τους.
Θα δείξουν τον εαυτό τους.
Ο κόσμος θα τους δει.
Θα δει ποιοι ήταν πραγματικά όλο αυτό τον καιρό!
Μήνυμα από την Λεμούρια Πριγκίπισσα:
«Ο κόσμος σας ανθίζει με τέτοιο τρόπο όπως ποτέ πριν!»
The new grid
The new grid

A powerful Solar Magnetic Blast is happening on this beautiful Aquarius Full Moon.

It has been a very long time since magnetic storms have been this strong, (see chart) and right on top of the full moon! New frequencies are blasting toward us from the Galactic Center, through the Great Central Sun, then through our planetary Sun. This energy is hitting our Mother Earth and flowing into our lives, into our blood and altering or DNA right now, all through this powerful magnetic pulse. Just think about that for a minute!
Magnetic storms and full moons are typically challenging for sensitive / emphatic people. To have them both peak at the same time is very rare. Aquarius rules the nervous system and is also karmic. There is an acceleration happening for those willing to do the work. We can quickly burn through intense issues, like the sun and moon moves quickly through space. Pay attention to anything that is weighing heavy on your energy field. There is a massive amount of transmuting in process with these energies. A lot of past life karma is going to be cleared if you are willing to work the deeper layers of your being. This feels like a powerful time for self healing, self empowerment, and deep self awareness. It feels like a beginning of a new chapter for humanity.
It feels like the power of the sun, and the intuition of the Moon are in perfect balance today. I think we are going to start to see a lot of things that feel oddly and unexpectedly balanced, in a world where nothing seems balanced at all. It is going to feel strange and surprising with each new step. We are finally coming into the place where we are in the world, but not of it.
We are, and have always been, the envelope pushers, the boundary busters, the frontiersman and the energy junkies. We didn’t come here for what is, we came here for what is coming. We are constantly pushing down walls, breaking the chains that bind us and escaping our tidy little cages . . . and we question everything. We are never satisfied with the status quo as we are always looking forward and leaving the past in a cloud of dust. We are feared by those that want to control us even though they know they need us. But there is no holding us back because we are wild and curious, loving and compassionate, truth addicted but kind, incredibly inclusive, and love mother earth and humanity with every cell of our being.
It has been a pretty tough and life altering couple of years for most of us. For many of us it has been a real fight to come back into ourselves, or to stay here at all. But today, huge and especially curated pieces of our divine selves are returning to us that we will carry forward. They are flowing back to us from yesterday, last month, years past, the last life, the ancient past and past ages. All that we had forgotten or lost along the way that is still valid for the future, is now alining with our new pristine future.
It takes hard work and courage to move beyond the old patterns and programs. It is time to claim this gift, this powerful magnetic lunar energy and use it to bust thought any remaining old blocks we might still have. We will stand firm in our healthy boundaries and in our own unique and equally valid divine power! The universe is conspiring to insure a positive evolution and ascension for humanity! It will not fail.
Ps…. The aurora borealis are going to be fantastic tonight if you live close to the poles! I am already jealous.
Update… Adding a few tips here….
* Open all your windows and doors at sunset / moonrise to let out the old and bring in the new.
* Go barefoot as much as possible.
* Hydrate and drink electrolytes. Very important.
* Take a salt bath.
* Be in Nature without any human intervention.


Kiche transitional calendar it is 1 AJPU. The number 1 is considered a great force and power but sometimes doesn’t flow easy. Ajpu is Grandfather SUN and a day that is doubled in energy.

Yucatec Modern Calendar it is 1 CHICCHAN and a portal day. The number 1 is considered a receiving day. It is a energy where things begin. It is connected to creative force of the universe. It’s a good place to gather up energy to create from in the future. Chicchan initiates creation and is ruled by the crown chakra. It is about remembering and receiving knowledge, can be strong willed or extremist, but also powerful and charismatic. It can be a very harsh and challenging energy and sometimes can trigger survival issues.


Solar Magnetic Blast
Solar Magnetic Blast
With each passing day, regardless of how You may feel, You are becoming stronger. You are becoming stronger in Your manifestation/Creator abilities which utilizes Your energetic field to effect and Create reality, and it is indeed important to know how this all works.
Basically, Each is responsible for Their own energetics And respective fields, and polarity of the field is where it becomes very important to keep Your field positive charged and not negated. For as a Co-Creator, You are here to Create good and positive things, and that Creation begins within You. The polarity of fear is negative and the spectrum of fear states are many, including aggression, worry, and even sadness, to name only three. This is why Your inner work is essential to Your empowerment, so that You are not generating any of the fear and negative spectrum into reality and contaminating Your own reality and that of Others. As Your Co-Creator abilities become stronger, a higher prudence is required as well as being more meticulous in Your spoken and written words.
Not only do You affect Your realities air space, the non material, and important to know, You also affect every thing You touch that is material. This is where a strengthened One must be more conscientious of Their ability and affect upon material things through the touch and interaction with material things in Their reality. If You are a strengthened One, and oblivious to Your ability and negative, You will be applying a negative charge into the items You touch and come into contact with.
You deposit energy polarity into everything You touch and the polarity You deposit, if negative, Creates a negative field around the item, and if there are more items that You have touched while in a negative state, in close proximity to each other, an extensive negative field can be created in that space by You, that simply affects every One negatively that may enter that field, or touch a negated item.
It is best to constantly have a Love touch and a positive consciousness to maintain a positive field around You. Then You will see a harmonious space and an environment free of negativity. Fear ways, negative ways no longer serve, and it is being assured that the old fear paradigm is stripped of its presence and replaced by the Harmonious Paradise of positive.
A reality exists with polarity, a positive reality eradicates the remnants of darkness that perpetrate fear for the negative reality.
Love and Light
Rick Jewers
Whales of Sirius
Whales of Sirius
LIONSGATE SHIFT 11 August, 2022 With Father & Divine Mother & The Elohim. FROM THE GREAT CENTRAL SUN.
From The Great Central Sun Akashic Records.
This Shift Released Onto Gaia 11 August, 2022 From The Great Central Sun : The Omnipresent Omnipotent Power of Creation Existence Itself Together With LionsGate; by this very different description Has Within A Significant & Greater Proportion Of Intensified Higher Frequency Energies From The Great Central Sun Released Onto Gaia Than Has Been So Ever In The Long Durations Of Gaia’s Existence.
With These Intensified Higher Frequency Energies From The Great Central Sun :
This Has & Will Take Gaia Into A Significant Higher Energy Band Long Awaited For These Times.
As Suryananda typed this in our session there was a very different sense of a different energy, surreal, almost. Aed wonderful Suryananda. Yes. Father was
also Present which enhanced an already beautiful session.
As is recognised on Gaia and as the seeker who transcends Gaia with expansion of consciousness, that which is on Creation Itself goes beyond in aspects than those reached by technical means as rockets are launched into worlds and planets beyond Gaia.
& Understanding Of Creation Itself Becomes Manifest As Recognition Occurs.
The Great Central Sun As All The Innumerable Suns Within The Great Central Sun Are Not Visible To Those On Gaia as is so for certain other planets, worlds and stars.
This is why so much of Existence & In Essence
CREATION is not seen with technology. Although technology is a source of great excitement as inroads continue to be made as worlds beyond Gaia are landed on and what has not been seen by people on Gaia are brought into being leading those on Gaia further into that which has waited for many ages.
As All That Exists IS ENERGY in one form or another, we can see how with This Shift of 11 August, 2022 and also being enhanced specifically with the energies and frequencies of LionsGate, which as Aed & Suryananda have shared, is Vast & Immense; As These Two Aspects Of Creation & Existence Have Merged Together The Gift To Gaia & Inhabitants Is Un-paralleled.
Thus great excitement has been taking place not only Within The Great Central Sun But Stars & Other Worlds.
Yet Further Shifts Will Be Released Onto Gaia Thereby Assisting Gaia and those on Gaia in aspects necessary as Gaia continues Ascending Into Ever Higher Frequencies.
Whilst inevitably more people on Gaia Ascend Further thus being of great benefit as old ways are transcended long awaited.
When we look at the different energies and frequencies The Energies of The Great Central Sun are very different to other worlds and planets elsewhere in the Vastness of The Cosmos & Space.
Although All Existence comes under the jurisdiction of The Great Central Sun, nevertheless as we enter and recognise whilst on Gaia, The Great Central Sun Creation Existence Itself In Its Most Pure Form Being Non Physical, We Are Taken :
Which Knows No Suffering & Only Love & Joy Abound.
During Aed & Suryananda’s today, we were deeply blessed by The Presence of Father who looked in very soon after our session began.
The Love & Energies of Father Assists Many On Gaia Being Ever Present; Love Inevitably The Key Transcending Gaia.
Aed & Suryananda’s journey on The Great Central Sun & Creation continues.
Adam El Daoud & Suryananda
Divine Consorts. 💙
Thursday, 11 August, 2022.
Readers of The Great Central Sun Sacred Scripts Akashic Records & The Great Central Sun Akashic Records.
Also For Both Aspects The Great Cosmic Sun & The Great Galactic Sun.
Seers To The Great Cosmic Sun & The Great Galactic Sun.

Ra James

We have an Aquarius Super Moon today. It’s the last of the three Super Moons we have had this year. These energies are so powerful because we are still in the Lions Gate Portal right now. Right now we have so much energy coming in from the Source. This energy is flowing through the Galactic Center and streaming through the Galactic Central Sun, and then through our Sun. This energy is hitting our Planet and streaming through all of us. It will depend on how open you are to the energies, as to how your feeling and handling it.

We have the Galactics here. They have been here and have been using there technology to help those that want it. Many of their missions are of healing, and of helping with the healing process. There is a lot of energetic assistance that is happening, and of teaching new more effective ways of healing. A lot of help is happening because of the ascension. People are going through more intense lessons now because of the energies and where they are at.

There is an acceleration that is happening. Many are not doing the work, so they aren’t seeing much change happening. You have to make things happen too. Many are choosing to stay in the old right now, and that is ok. It’s up to you to be making any changes that you may need to see in your life. This is an extra purifying Super Moon too. We are clearing so much so fast right now. These energies are amazing for ditching any low vibrational energies or bad habits. It’s a great time to detox or to clear things like smoking, sugar, alcohol, addictions, or connections you know aren’t great for you. It’s a good time for releasing what no longer serves you. Aquarius rules the nervous system. That means we may be feeling anything not great for us a little extra right now. Pay attention if things are weighing heavy on you, or stressing you out.

There is a lot of transmuting happening with these energies right now. That means we are clearing old energies. Make sure your saging and doing some type of energy work. The energy work will help you with clearing any blocks within your chakra system. I think of Aquarius as a very karmic sign. Huge cycles of past karma are going to have to come back around for some. Any that have had huge karmic lessons in the past that are still unresolved in any way. This is meant to bring a healing. This can be in a good way though. It may not feel like that going through it though for some. It may feel like things you had moved past are coming back up. This could mean a balance that will occur in your life. The lemons of your past being made into lemonade. If you lost something you’ll get it back unexpectedly. Ultimately this is meant to empower you, for some you will get your wings back.

It’s a good time to be working with, or working on the third eye. Expect extra third eye and DNA activations to continue this week. Be mindful that it may have you overthinking. We are still in a powerful space for manifesting too. Make sure your using the rest of the Lions Gate portal too. With the frequencies rising it’s so important that your tapping into your dreams right now to manifest your highest reality. 811 is also absolutely a sign relating to your twin flame. It has to do with big changes that are coming. This could be a sign from your angels that your twin flame is coming, or just around the corner. If your in a Union this is a beautiful energy for your connection. These energies can help you come into, or come back into synch with your twin flame…


Aquarius Super Moon
Aquarius Super Moon


Pars Kutay


Many of you are asking. “When. . . WHEN is Lift Off to the Higher Realms?
We are sick and tired of this mess. . . and each day is more difficult to live with our unbeliever husband/wife!
What more is there to do. . . as time marches on and on a on and on!
We want to go Home!!!”
All We can say to you is that We are given One Day at a Time to Continue Living the Laws of GOD and Creation.
Yes. . . Mother Earth is very tired and is Feeling the Gravitational effects of Nibiru.
We do NOT have the date of Her turning. . . but She CANNOT hold on much longer.
That is why All the Pleiadian Starships are in correct coordinates Ready to Evacuate Planet Earth.
We are given Clues. . . as to What Needs to BE Accomplished yet. . . and We have found what We Need to Accomplish.
What We See is that We are Nearly at the End of our Work. Mother Earth Rejoices that We have done a Good Job in Helping Her.
She is READY to Graduate!
We have Realized that We must Help ALL SOULs at this point to Polish their Pearls of Cosmic Consciousness.
Do NOT get discouraged for We have All the Help HEAVEN Allows.
We Stay Ready! Stay Focused. . . Balanced. . . Centered. .. and Calm.
Remember. . . it is Always about SOUL PROGRESSION and NEVER REGRESSION.
~ 💜 ~
Higher Realms
Higher Realms

Karen Lithika


See Cosmic DNA Expanding
The Light Attunement of Your World Awakening to a New Vibrational Rhythm.
For the natural progression of your species is evolution – imprinted in the cellular flow of every being.
For the plight of your species resides amongst the temptation of rapid advancement. The path of concern controlled by the narrative associated with monetary gain.
As the Ascension timeline is in place, the rapid unfolding of this story is played against the AI narrative. For the underlying motivation resides on the natural progression of humanity.
Your Role is to see the advancement of your Light Body as the true tool. KNOW, all levels of physical – light body integration can Now be granted.
This is the opportunity for those aligned with the cellular expansion of Ascension, who feel the deep calling to align with the Light of all beings of unconditional love.
The true intelligence of your world is all around you, available to you.
As technology continues to advance,
‘For the good of Humanity’
Remember the Higher Point of Light Attunement, to seek a more sustainable way of living.
Be a Messenger of Light to Your Friends and family.
Open to the True Intelligence of Life 💥
For Cosmic DNA is NOW awakening in every being. A multidimensional framework of light, beyond the Dimensional Physical Framework of our Current Reality.
Your Role is to SEEK the internal Calling of this Multidimensional Light Expansion. Be Awake to this Light Signature, to Be birthed NOW.
Awaken to this Light Signature💥
To assist the Collective unfolding of all Beings.
Be Aware of the Narrative Around You ❤🌿
Seek the Cosmic Point of Expansion.
With Love For The Journey 🙏
The Arcturians & Karen Lithika
Cosmic DNA Expanding 
Cosmic DNA Expanding


Carolyn 144 GODCODE

Carolyn 144 GODCODE

The Divine Feminine Mother of creation template is rising from within all of us. We are ascending together with Mother Earth. This upgrade brings a death to old earth, and the distorted control structures that ran wild on the Earth. Collapsing of the temptation that kept us trapped in those systems is also occurring in our personal lives,for freedom from the old paradigm. Surrender and let go. It’s not worth it.

We are being called to prepare for the new systems that await. Utilize your new found time and energy to heal and restore yourself. Upgrades are happening quickly, evolving our thoughts, words, dialogue, and self perception. This opportunity is a gift for us to continue working on ourselves before proceeding ahead into the new timeline.

Your blooming into your authentic self. Life is becoming exactly the way it is mean to be… free! What belongs to you is recovering including your health, soul connections, energy, and abundance. Focus on aligning with the Most High rather than the material world as we transition. Creating a healthy lifestyle will also support this growth phase. Taking small action steps today that support your well-being are fundamental for the creation of your happy, healthy, and wealthy life.

In Jesus Christ’s name amen. God bless you 🕊 Love Carolyn


Divine Feminine Mother of creation
Divine Feminine Mother of creation


Ruby Falconer


August 11, 2022: Full Moon at Aquarius 19°21’, 9:36 pm EDT.

This Full Moon is the gateway into the fourth and final Saturn/Uranus square and wow! The discomfort of the unpredictable reigns in our collective experience; what better words to describe a challenging relationship between constraining Saturn and shattering Uranus?
This Full Moon hits the square hard. The Aquarius Moon is conjunct to retrograde Saturn. The Sun/Moon opposition forms a challenging relationship (a t-square) with Uranus. Saturn and Uranus are now within 3 ½ degrees of their final square. Mars is in a waning conjunction to Uranus and a square to Saturn. And this Full Moon closes out the Lionsgate Portal which opened at the Leo New Moon.
This intensity is going to stay awhile so how do we deal with it? First, understand that what is happening is the result of the 2020 Great Shift – the conjunction of Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter in the latter degrees of Capricorn. This conjunction initiated the dismantling of society as we knew it. 2021 brought the first three Saturn/Uranus squares and was marked by uncertainty and unpredictability. This year we’ve had something of a break for about six months. The craziness was starting to feel like the New Normal and most of us were finding ways to adapt. But over the next few months? Fasten your seat belts because we are in for a bumpy ride.
Not all is grim. Three solar system objects span the fire sign Aries – Jupiter, Chiron, and Eris – and another three spread though Leo – Venus, Ceres, and the Sun. There is a creative flow that reveals new possibilities. Know that we are in new territory; beware of old forms disguised as new ideas. The dissolution is not complete and new seeds are being planted. Nurture them in your own life and in the world. Be patient and steadfast. True innovation requires time.
August 10, 2022, by Ruby Falconer. Available for chart readings.
Art: Moon Art by Wendy Ortiz
Full Moon at Aquarius
Full Moon at Aquarius
Beloved Ones,
When we are still immersed in the Lions Gate’s energies, we welcome a Super Full Moon, the third and last one of the year, at 19 degrees Aquarius, to help us continue with our inner work of reclaiming our sovereignty. Aquarius, the great liberator, comes to help us remember who we are, in nature, free beings in charge of our own human experience. The Super Moon in Aquarius conjunct Saturn and square Uranus. Both are important catalysts for us to initiate the change that will allow us to finally become sovereign free beings.
This is a message for us to move from hopeless beings to empowered ones, for at this time of our ascension journey, there are no more excuses, no one else to blame, and nowhere else to run from taking responsibility for who we are, and for what we have previously created. We are navigating a passage in which we have the perfect energies to move from fear to love, for we are being assisted to regain, at all levels, our lost authority upon our bodies and lives.
There are no judgments within Creation, but the ones that we intentionally or unconsciously create, from our delusional perspective of society and who we are. It is now a time for us to fully take charge and remember that we are the only authority of our lives, and bodies, for it is with this simple, but hard-to-achieve, recognition, that we can begin retrieving the wisdom, and purity of who we were created to be.
Illusions are so powerful and well created, that when we are not conscious of the many distortions, we continue living as if we were governed by outer forces and beings. This is why once we regain knowledge and begin to walk as sovereign beings, is so important to become way-showers, so others see that we can create our own jobs, and lives, taking responsibility for where we are and why we are where we are, in our personal journey.
Aquarius is a fixed sign that even if it belongs to the element Air, is represented by the Water Bearer, as a reminder for us to also flow with freedom and adapt to all conditions, as water does. Water represents the emotions we have within as well as the ideas we hold in our mental plane and which most of the time are fixed and linear, limiting us in experiencing our true potential. This sign is giving us the message of releasing old wounds and emotions – returning to our natural state of constant change and flow, bliss and pure awareness with All.
The Water Bearer is precisely ruled by Uranus, which is in a square to the Full Moon. This sign helps us bring the inner change that we are so eager to find on the outside, reminding us that no outer change can truly come, if we first do not go within and transform what is required, as the macro can only show us – as One with us – what we are made of inside and hence projecting.
Aquarius represents the twelve phase of our evolutionary progress within the Zodiac Cycle. It is the antepenultima stage, being the last one Pisces, for us to regain all the knowledge and experience required for reaching ascension. With this sign we begin to recognize our abilities, knowing they are only useful when shared and appreciated, for it is by being of selfless assistance that our presence and essence, on this Planet have true meaning and value.
It is when we reach the wisdom residing in this sign that we have cleared ourselves from karmic records – beginning to allow a higher infusion of light into our physical bodies. Due to this process, we finally step into a path of selfless assistance, where the focus is no longer put on egoic desires but on asking ourselves what we can be of assistance. To do so, first, we need to comprehend the nature of the abilities we came here to work with and offer to others.
A time for us to clear our mental body of false beliefs and programs, regain mental freedom, and the ability to think for ourselves, as well as any inherited patterns, or epigenetic ones, etc. as after all, especially these last ones, impede us to move forward, seeing who we are, our personal power and believing that we are under the will of other forces, government, people… who we believe, are in powerful places, etc.
This passage reminds us of the importance of being true to ourselves, and our personal chosen path, as it is pivotal to clear false conceptions and fears, that impede us to embody our authentic essence and mission, and regain our spiritual freedom
Have a blessed passage, Beloveds!
Within Infinite Love,
Natalia Alba
Art by: Cosmic Collage
Super Full Moon
Super Full Moon

Leah Whitehorse

Full Moon in Aquarius – The lights are square the Nodal axis, Mars and Uranus. The Moon sits close to Saturn. The mood is serious. We’re jumpy, frazzled, uncomfortably aware of limitations and blocks. Self-doubt creeps in, we begin to question – who are my friends, my kindred souls? Where am I going? What will happen in the future? Everything is hard work right now and we fidget and fuss, filled with the desire to break free. But the skies counsel patience, forbearance, fortitude. It takes time to build strong foundations. It’s worth the work and the wait. Breathe through resistance. Be authentic in your dealings with others. The more you step into your authority, the easier it is to deal with life’s unpredictable elements.
The Sabian symbol of this lunation is ‘A Large White Dove Bearing A Message’ and Uranus, ruler of Aquarius is connected to higher consciousness and God mind. Look out for messages from above – dreams, sudden knowing, feathers in your path, an angel on your shoulder. Know that peace is possible for peace comes from within. The soul is always free.
Degrees and Time
Moon 19°Aq21′, Sun 19°Le21′ – 02:35 (BST – August 12, 2022)
© Leah Whitehorse
Painting – The wait by Vincenzo Migliaro
The wait
The wait

Sean Caulfield


In early September the 13th Day of the 8th Wave begins, it aligns to the beginning of a new 360 day Tun calendar round.
Downloads of new information will arrive, a new sacred resonance will give strength to the feminine within, so as to assist Earth’s HEALING.
Whereas the 9th Wave is understood to be in resonance with the Universal Frequency, the 8th Wave is understood to be in resonance with the Galactic Frequency. The Galactic Frequency aligns to the Divine Feminine that with the Divine masculine in sacred support holds the Universe up and in balance with the Will of Divine Source.
The feminine return that began in 1999 with the activation of the 8th Level is HEALING THE TRAUMAS of the Soul, so as to bring freedom and PEACE on Earth… You can study more about this code in the 9 Level Mayan calendar Pyramid of the evolution of the Universe.
Quantum Codes of Evolution, 11 Aug
1-Ahau – FULL MOON… NIGHT 116
Sean Caulfield
8th Wave
8th Wave



According to the vast majority of applications, calculators scholars and researchers on Maya calendrics, TODAY marks the completion of 5135 years from the “Ground Zero date” or ALPHA Point of the Mayan Long Count, corresponding to vigesimal marker 4 Ajaw, 8Kumk’u and correlated to the Gregorian calendar date of August 11,-3114 (3113 BC).
The completion of this new solar orbit from this “Zero Point” in time, is enshrined, once again, by a masterful fractal synchronization sequence of nested cycles within cycles of time between Sirius (the brightest star in the night sky) and Venus (the brightest planet in the night sky).
As we complete TODAY one more solar orbit from the “Zero Point” in time devised by the Maya, planet Venus is PRECISELY entering Leo, and will stay there for the next 3 weeks. This is a powerful alchemical synchronization Venus (the planet ruler of relationships and the heart) enters the Heart of the Lion, the star Regulus.
How are these events interconnected through the fabric of Time-Space with the cycles of Venus and Sirius? Let’s examine this in more detail:
This celestial alignment marks the closing the “Lion’s Gate” Portal of 2022 and opens the doors of the 35th Solar orbit from the Harmonic Convergence of August 16-17 of 1987, the event that signaled the completion of the Quetzalcoatl Prophecy of the 13 Heavens and 9 Hells.
This synchronization closes in an EPIC way the Lion’s Gate Portal of 2022, the time of the year when the Heliacal Rising of the star Sirius (the brightest star in the night sky) is taking place across the Northern hemisphere while the Sun is transiting the constellation of Leo (hence the name ‘Lions Gate’). The Lion’s Gate Portal begins to open on the 26th of July (Day 1 of the Sirian/Galactic New Year) and reaches its full aperture on the 8th of August or the 8/8 with the heliacal rising of Sirus at Giza latitude. Thereafter, it begins to close and is completed by the 11-12th of August.
★ Tomorrow August 12 corresponds to day 224 of the Gregorian Year and it takes Venus 224 days to complete 1 orbit around the Sun
★ August 16-17, 2022 will mark the completion of 35 years from the Harmonic Convergence of August 16-17, 1987 (KIN 55-56), ★ As mentioned many times in the past, Planet Venus is the orchestrating force behind the narrative of the Quetzalcoatl Prophecy.
As presented before las Gregorian 8.8 we entered a 33-DAY synchronization window to 9.9.22 and the completion of 3333 DAYS from Galactic Synchronization 2013.
With so much noise, doom and chaos transpiring around our planet at this time, it is wise to focus our attention in the sacred harmony, elegance and beauty of the movements of our HOME planet in relationship to Sirius and Venus, our and brightest Stars in the night sky, as they reach this NEW harmonic junction across the fabric of Time and Space. By shifting our focus of attention from chaos to harmony, and seeing the world from this Higher Perspective, we are entering into resonance with the larger patterns and cycles of the cosmos and weaving a field of heart-mind coherence and harmony around the Earth. This process is also known as the “telepathic reconstitution of reality”…

Kin 85 ~ Red Resonant Serpent

‘Resonant’ is the name for the number 7 and its keywords are ‘Attune, Inspire and Channel’. The seventh day is all about adjusting your frequency, tuning yourself in – so you may receive wisdom from the Universe. We are now right bang in the middle of the wavespell, so a good time to ponder what you’ve experienced thus far and attune so you may understand what steps to take next. Some cultures regard the number seven as lucky and if it does enable you to channel, well that seems lucky to me!
Today is the Red Serpent which represents ‘Life Force, Instinct and Survival’. The Serpent is a very sensitive creature, it detects the slightest movement. He has a good handle on everything that is going on in the vicinity. On Serpent days, we too can use our instincts to work out what is happening. If you try to feel the subtle vibrations and use your snakey senses, you too can detect details you previously overlooked. This sensitivity however, can be intense so be aware of that today. The Serpent also represents transmutation – as it is said if you can survive a snake bite, you become stronger. This symbolizes transmuting your own poison, or darkness or whatever prevents you from vibrating higher. Take advantage of this energy today and process the venom you may be poisoning yourself with and set it free. As it is a ‘Resonant’ day, you can channel the wisdom you need to help you succeed.
Today is Guided by Red Earth which represents ‘Evolution’ and this is a very appropriate guide for such a day. Allowing the desire to progress on your spiritual path, motivates you to channel the Serpent’s healing process. These two go together so well because the Serpent crawls on the Earth on its belly. This close connection.they have means that today is a great day for connecting with nature.
The Challenge today is the Blue Eagle. The Eagle is so busy flying high in the sky, that he forgets to land sometimes and ground. This energy represents the Crown chakra, and the Eagle is the opposite of the Serpent which represents the Base chakra. If you are an Eagle, come down and see the earth up close like a serpent does, you may learn something with this up close and personal perspective today.
The Occult power is the Yellow Warrior and when in this magical position, you can expect opportunities to go on a magical quest. Make it your mission today to use a little magic and channel the wisdom you need.
The Ally is the charming White Wizard. Consult one if you need a friend today as they will be very useful, Wizards can enchant you and help you find the right path.
This is a Portal Day so there’s a potential for intensity!
Kin 85
Kin 85



11 AUGUST 2022
Inspiring instinct
I seal the store of life force
With the Resonant tone of attunement
I AM guided by the power of navigation
11/8/2022 = 2/8/6= 2/14=2/5=7
11- Portal/Gate/Polarity/Illumination
2- Twins/Partner/Cooperation
7- Spiritual/Majik/Mystic/Initiation
✨MONTH/YEAR codes✨
6- Heaven/Christ Consciousness/harmony/Family/Fertility
14- Media/Publicity/promotion/Recognition
5- FREEDOM/LIBERATION/Change/Transformation
KIN 85 = 13 =4 New Foundation
Today we have a DATE with DESTINY on this potent GAP portal day.. ensuring these POTENT codes are fully encoded in GAIA’S GRIDS as humanity TRANSFORMS! The Serpent,🐍 resonant emotions😢, blue storm🌪🌩 and GAP day 🍥💥– Mamma Mia what a PUNCH!!✊ 💥💥
Day 7 in the BLUE STORM WAVESPELL🌩🌪🌀 of purification, cleansing, transformation and evolution. The STORM and the SERPENT brings each of us, and humanity, a HUGE Majikal transformation today, through shedding our old emotional snake skins!. 🐍🐍🐍
Today we ATTUNE to the cycles, transcending the old survival themes, and transforming them to a higher frequency, allowing our kundalini🔥🔥 to rise up, elevating our consciousness. 📈🌟
RESONANT 🔮 Tone 7 in the EMOTIONAL realm. ACTION – inspires, POWER – channel, ESSENCE – attunement. The RESONANT tone provides the ability to fine tune and channel the majikal forces today, to affect great healing and transformation. 🌿⚛
Remember that it is our VIBRATION that will energize our creation.⚛ This is broadcast through our EMOTIONAL body, rather than our mental body. So it is uber important that we are stable, calm and receptive to our feelings, and what frequencies we are actually emitting as a transmitter to the aetheric realm.
At tone 7 our vibrating phenomenon learns to be still and to listen. Mystical 7 understands that EVERYWHERE is majikal but right here is better, once we attune and then channel the majik through this present moment that is available to us all. Number 7 is also the frequency of the Mystic and the Magician which strengthens our ability to affect real change and transformation in our lives.
We have tone 7, and the daily total which adds up to 7 – giving us a 7.7. MAGICIAN’S code on this potent GAP day! 🌟💥💫
❓❓What are you ATTUNED to today?
❓❓What ELSE is possible for you, once you release your emotional attachment to FEAR based responses?
UNLEASH your MAJIK today! 💫💫
Today’s question is “What instinctual FEARS and emotions can I release, to raise my consciousness beyond SURVIVAL mode, IGNITING my PASSION💋💃 through my higher Divine Mission?”
Divine blessings for your transcendance of FEAR, in attunement to the BIG PICTURE. ❤❤❤
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
CONSCIOUS SELF: RED RESONANT SERPENT 🔮 🐍 CHICCHAN The themes for RED SERPENT are SURVIVAL, life-force, kundalini, passion, vitality and instinct. 🔥💋💃🌿🌞🔥
CHICCHAN increases the INTENSITY🔥 of the day, as primal FEARS are highlighted. FEAR may arise to be cleared and transformed TODAY, through the power of the Serpent to shed it’s skin, and be born anew. As RESONANT is an EMOTIONAL tone this AMPLIFIES the EMOTIONAL triggers today.
✨✨The CHOICE you need to make today and everyday, is between LOVE❤ or FEAR? 😱 What are you attuned to?❓❓❓
Sadly large numbers of the populace are still attuned to FEAR 😨– This is what drives their thoughts, words, and ACTIONS. This is how they are manipulated, controlled and kept enslaved. 😱😱😱
When you operate through FEAR,😱 the higher analytical and intuitive aspects of your BRAIN – SHUT DOWN. You literally DO NOT have the capacity to have rational thought. You become STUCK in FIGHT✊ or FLIGHT- 🏃 SURVIVAL mode, taxing your adrenal system, which creates more FEAR and anxiety.😱😭😱
🌟🌟🌟 The way OUT of this vicious cycle is to SLOW down, switch OFF and tune out… Limit the sensory overload and retreat into nature to calm your body, mind and soul.🌞🌿🐦
As we attune to the natural flow of life, we can then RELAX, and our BRAIN begins to function better, with more clarity from our intuitive messages.
RED SERPENT operates and ACTS through INSTINCTUAL responses.. if you are stuck in FEAR MODE then your will RE-ACT to triggers and stimuli usually in a limited format. To raise your frequency and find SOLUTIONS, you must be willing to LISTEN and ATTUNE to a higher channel of wisdom.
If you are BALANCED and in the LIGHT side of RED SERPENT, you can attune to the more positive aspects of the wise Serpent giving you more vitality🌞 and life force🔥 to fuel your PASSION,🔥 whether that be of a romantic nature or of a creative expression focus. 💃💃💃
The SHADOW of Red Serpent can arise today, bringing up our instinctive connection to SURVIVAL, and whatever that means to you, be it physical, financial, emotional or wherever you perceive lack, FEAR or DANGER.
The anxiety, fear or nervousness arises through the chaos and agitation of BLUE STORM, which is seeking to purify and cleanse your vessel of all limitations and FEAR based emotions and thinking.
The BLUE STORM 🌪energy is heightening these emotions and assisting in the final PURGE.. releasing you from bondage and enslavement through FEAR.
Use your breath, through relaxing, meditating, doing yoga or sitting in nature🌿 to gently heal and release these ancient primal fears. CHICCHAN is the symbol of the healing caduceus, so utilize this panacea for your wounding today to restore your LIFE FORCE🌞🌟 and make you WHOLE again.
EDITOR’S NOTE: recap dream I had 9 months ago – the last Galactic Spin of KIN 85.
Yesterday morning on Overtone Night – DREAMTIME day – I had a dream where I was walking on a red dusty road in the outback, which felt like the Rainbow Serpent 🌈🐍ley line. The path had young rainbow serpents🌈🐍 slithering onto it from both sides of the road – huge numbers of them now joining the main artery. I had been tuning into ULURU the previous day and the RAINBOW SERPENT🌈🐍 had been calling me. I take this message to mean that there are many more Serpents available to humanity now to reclaim and COMMAND back our POWER and healing life force. The Serpents had a lilac glow with black stripes – indicating much transmuting is happening now. 💜🌈💜
Synchronistically my beloved and talented siStar Haven MorningStar Greer – had intuitively drawn a Mumma Serpent 🐍healing her injured hand 💗🖐💚… I perceived the healing rays in her Artwork as young serpents! Sistar Haven is a Self-Existing Serpent 🗳🐍-4 CHICCHAN, so she is defining the form that the healing will take through her Art. Absolutely DIVINELY PERFECTO! Deep gratitude Shamanic siStar. 🙏🙏🙏
The RESONANT SERPENT powerfully activates and raises our KUNDALINI energy today, so channel this wisely for healing and expression through creative pursuits. It is time to use your VITALITY🌞 and PASSION🔥❤ to inspire others..
HIGHER SELF/GUIDE: RED RESONANT EARTH🔮 🌎– CABAN assists us in attuning and listening to the cycles and timing of Mother Gaia, instinctively knowing there is a “right time” for everything. ⏳👍
The Resonant EARTH is brilliantly calibrated to Pachamama like a tuning fork, totally in sync. with her rhythms. Where Mother Earth goes, we all go, as passengers on this timeship⏳🌏 called EARTH/TERRA!
We need to look and listen for the SIGNS. This intuitive instinctual response has been honed through our ancestry, so that we can recognize when DANGER lurks nearby, or we do not feel SAFE. Tap into the energy of Mother Gaia to lead you to safety and natural abundance, finding safe shelter in her arms. As you fortify your connection you can draw up greater LIFE-FORCE through your EARTH star chakra using that as a POWER 🌋generator to charge your Mission.
CABAN and CHICCHAN make a formidable duo to tap in and channel this incredible POWER and VITALITY to inspire others through your PASSION for LIFE.
RED EARTH 🌏 guiding the RESONANT SERPENT🐍 is a powerful Planetary day, raising GAIA’s kundalini🔥 through our Planetary Serpents,🌏🐍 and activating the life force in Gaia’s Chakras and Grid system. 🌐
GAIA may respond with EARTHQUAKES, VOLCANOES 🌋 floods, or other phenomena to purify and cleanse the mass FEAR held by the collective that has been stagnating her energy.
As GAIA purges her meridians, this enables more VITALITY and LIFE FORCE to flow through the Planetary Grid🌐 Higher consciousness energies will then FLOW through our entire GLOBE benefiting our Planetary family and accelerating ✨THE GREAT AWAKENING.✨
TRUST IN THE DIVINE PLAN!🙏💝 MOTHER GAIA is well in control, dear Star🌟 Bliss 🐬Suns🌞. 🌹✨✨✨
SUPPORT: WHITE RESONANT WIZARD 🔮💫 IX encourages you to SURRENDER to the changes, to OPEN your HEART,❤ to feel SAFE, and to take down the barriers to love and growth. WHITE WIZARD allows you to become more receptive, to know, and understand what is TRUTH leading you back to safe ground.
WHITE WIZARD allows you to transcend the Earthly ways and reach for the Heaven’s! You have access to much MAJIK💫💫 today through IX, the RESONANT codes, the 7 day code, and EARTH MAJIK. 💫💫💫💫
The WIZARD is tribe number 14 = 7+7 giving us another DOUBLE DOSE of the 7 MAJIK frequency!!
The WIZARD loves to sit in contemplation with Mother Gaia,🌏 immersing himself in nature🌿 and becoming ONE with all that is. Feeling and sensing her rhythyms and heartbeat, as he enters his Shamanic journeys.
He is very skilled at reading the SIGNS and using the GPS, to track the source of blockages and interference, in order to CLEAR the PATH, for moving forward in harmony with Mother Earth.
The RESONANT WIZARD is very adept at channeling wisdom from multi-dimensional realms for inspiration and creative expression. You can draw upon this power to cast your Majik DREAMspell 💫and ENCHANT and inspire others through your integrity and alignment with your Divine purpose.
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: YELLOW RESONANT WARRIOR 🔮 🌈🏹 CIB Sadly humanity is quite resistant to change, and thus it often takes an event of cataclysmic proportions, and/or a life-threatening situation that FORCES change upon us. Most people need plenty of “friction” creating RESISTANCE, in order to catalyze the change needed for GROWTH and soul expansion. Mother Gaia generally obliges us through NATURAL DISASTERS, her ECLIPSE cycles, and astrological alignments and transits – especially the SQUARES.
If you do not move in the direction of your DESTINY the celestial bodies will “pull the rug out from under you” and force you to MOVE!
If only we were more in sync. with the cycles and could FLOW with the energies, our transition and growth would happen with ease and grace. Instead we resist, hold on and battle with these new forces, reluctant to let go of the old.
The Ascension cycle is a brilliant example of how our bodies feel threatened by these high level frequencies, reacting with FEAR and thus shielding and rejecting them as foreign. If we could relax and assimilate these energies, by naturally listening to our bodies wisdom, and the guidance of our Higher selves we could bypass the FEAR and discomfort.
Detoxing, purifying and raising our frequency naturally, eliminates the need for stress, hardship and battles. The YELLOW WARRIOR today gives you the courage to face the battles, hardships and challenges that arise through facing your innermost FEARS in order to catalyze great self-transformation .
The RESONANT WARRIOR also awakens the RAINBOW WARRIOR🌈🏹 who is attuned to the New Earth, to bravely come out of his shell and courageously LEAD the masses, who are still trembling from the trauma of the last few years.
These Warriors of the Rainbow 🌈 are the Wayshowers who hold NO FEAR, because they are privy to the Divine Plan for Earth. As they fearlessly lead the way to NEW EARTH with confidence and trust, they inspire others to feel safe, protected and provided for in these transitional times.
CHALLENGE/GIFT: BLUE RESONANT EAGLE 🔮 👁 MEN provides inspired VISIONS👁👁 today that channel the solutions needed to evolve. BLUE EAGLE provides the clarity and objectivity, to overcome the tyranny of enslavement to our emotional body and irrational fears. We can see the big picture of what action we need to take to transcend our FEARS and align with our Higher Missions.
🌟🌟🌟The RESONANT EAGLE provides the FUTURE VISION🔮👁 of Gaia’s evolution.⏳🌏. showing us the DESTINATION, so that we can use the RED EARTH GPS system to set our course for the most Utopian timeline. 🐬🌴🏝🌈
The BLUE EAGLE clan are the prophets, seers and scouts that lead the tribe to SAFETY, and the promised land.
Allow BLUE EAGLE to fly into the distance and return with the maps directing our QUEST to find the Holy Grail.
So beloveds a day of great kundalini rising 🌋🐍from Pachamama, to allow the reception of Divine inspiration from the Heavens…helping us navigate our path to the promised land – Somewhere over the rainbow.🌈🌈🌈
Blessed be and deep LOVE…💗💗💗
Today’s question is “What instinctual FEARS and emotions can I release, to raise my consciousness beyond SURVIVAL mode, IGNITING my PASSION💋💃 through my higher Divine Mission?”
Divine blessings for your transcendance of FEAR, in attunement to the BIG PICTURE. ❤❤❤
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈

Implant Removal Ceremony




Cutting all Chords and Contracts ~ Freedom from all False Programs :



Prayer for Sixth Ray Healing~

Invocation to the Flame of “Resurrection” ❤

I AM the Resurrection and the Life of my eternal Freedom in the Light.
I AM the Resurrection and the Life of my physical body’s perfect blueprint
I AM the Resurrection and the Life of my emotional body’s perfect blueprint
I AM the Resurrection and the Life of my mental body’s perfect blueprint
I AM the Resurrection and the Life of my etheric body’s perfect blueprint
I AM the Resurrection and the Life of my spiritual body’s perfect blueprint
I AM the Resurrection and the Life of the Ascended Masters Purity and Love.
I AM the Resurrection and the Life of the healing powers of the Sacred Flames.
I AM the Resurrection and the Life of my Immortal Perfection and Illumined Love of the Cosmic Christ.
I AM the Resurrection and the Life of the powers of the Sacred Fire within me, restoring all the wondrous gifts of my Divine Essence.
( From The Seven Sacred Flames by Aurelia) ❤

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