Solstice Activations ~ Shamans of the Andes ~ TRANSFORMATION ~ Jupiter Retrograde in Pisces

Solstice Activations ~ Shamans of the Andes ~ TRANSFORMATION ~ Jupiter Retrograde in Pisces

Paul White Gold Eagle

Greetings Beloved Soulstar Legion of the 144. Stepping fully into mission of merging Heaven and Earth, Heart and Mind become one coherent unit of Light.

Happy Summer Solstice in Cancer and most Blessed Fathers Day to our amazing Divine Masculine BroStars of Light.

Today on the Mayan DreamSpell Calendar is Kin 188 ~ Yellow Rhythmic Star. The Star of Enlightenment.

The Code for today is Synchronic with the 8:8 Omega Lions Gate of the Royal Lyrans of New Lemuria. Also as i transmit this we are at 88 degrees in our Sacred Portal.

As these Event energies are flowing in through these Galactic Portals we are riding these wild waves into the Other Shore where the Many merges with the One.

In this time of Revelation we are activated in the Christos Consciousness energy of the Exalted One Prime Source Creator of Infinite Life. Our True Nature of Pure Awareness. The Clear Light of Bliss Activates us in this Now as the Eyes of our Spirits Open and we realize our connection and oneness with all things.

With these intense waves coming in and the great shift and awakening going through a massive quickening over the next couple weeks buckle up and enjoy the ride. We are the Event and the Awakening of the New Awareness of Eternal Bliss Consciousness made manifest.

the Mighty Presence of my I Am is the Way in to the Kingdom of Heaven for all sentient beings of Pure Light.

Many Blessings Angels of the New JeRuSalem….A’Ho!!



Right now: Moon at 9°10′ Scorpio, Sun at 0°00′ Cancer

sabian symbols

Current Sabian Symbols

Current Sabian Symbol for the Moon

A fellowship supper reunites old comrades.
Sabian Symbol for 10º Scorpio

The current Sabian Symbol of the Moon is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing lunar influence, the emotional background, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this moment, while the Moon’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 10º Scorpio.


Current Sabian Symbol for the Sun

On a ship the sailors lower an old flag and raise a new one.
Sabian Symbol for 1º Cancer

The current Sabian Symbol of the Sun is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing solar influence, the vital energy and the personality, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this day, while the Sun’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 1º Cancer.


SA Smith

Today is all about the Sun and it’s energies.
In the Northern Hemisphere it’s the longest day, in the Southern it’s the shortest.
Either place that you maybe experiencing this day, know that massive energies are here FOR YOU!
We also have Father’s Day today in the United States. Sending love and light to all the amazing Lightworker Dad’s
Right now these energies are the calm before the storm of amazing high vibrational energies.
Centering yourself now will help you as these roll in.
Find a quiet spot and quiet your mind.
Then ask your guides and higher-self to help raise you up to your highest vibrational frequency.
Ask them to clear your field and remove anything that is not of your greater and higher good.
You’ll feel the energetic changes within you instantly.
At this point I’d suggest wrapping yourself in Source light.
Then enjoy your new higher vibrational state and use it to surf high within the energies today.
This is the beginning of an amazing few days of exciting experiences for YOU!
It’s time to wake up Divine One

Winter Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere
The Sun Gate (La Puerta del Sol) at Tiwanaku, Bolivia
Beloveds ~ Let us make good use of the sacred occasion of SOLSTICE, a Natural Time Holy Day that unites us All. Technically Solstice is exact at 8:32pm PDT on June 20 Yellow Rhythmic Star, but it is a 3-day window of alignment. Let us join our hearts with those all around the globe who are observing this sacred portal time. I am sharing this Solstice message from the Andean Shamans, through Hugo E. López. Below is a translation in English. Having just heard someone who speaks Spanish directly translate it, this is not necessarily the most accurate translation, but the essence absolutely comes through.
Please receive and listen with your hearts, and let this message call you to a deeper level of consciousness, where you not only PRIORITIZE internal harmony (and therefore act in service to external harmony) but you also comprehend the impact of your vibration, moment-to-moment, upon yourself and upon all life, in a new way. Let us take responsibility for the energy we are receiving and transmitting through our human instrument, and let us do the work to raise our vibration, into palpable harmony, on behalf of the Whole of Life. NOW IS THE TIME 🙂 Blessings, Eden Skywalker

Hugo E. López

This is a message from the shamans of the Andes about the energy of change that will lead the Earth to the summer solstice …
The natives knew it, they never lost connection with the earth and the source, they knew how to interpret the messages of the universe, and still do …
The summer solstice has always been a sacred moment for them, the moment of reconnection with Source.
This time, however, they herald an unusual moment in heaven and a watershed moment in the fate of humanity.
On this June 21st, the summer solstice, the Earth will be in direct and precise alignment with the center of the galaxy and the central sun of Alcyone.
In this unique moment, the Earth will receive a direct influx of very subtle and high-level energies from divine sources.
These are the energies of evolution, the energies capable of changing our genetic codes and causing evolutionary changes in species and planets.
On this day we must tune in to the highest of peace, love, among all living beings on Earth.
“We must imagine a bright future for humanity”
Natives all over the world know of this astronomical and divine event.
The Andean shamans, guardians of the knowledge of the ancestors and the Pachamama (Earth) send us the following message with a tone of brotherhood and urgency …
We share this with you, which is very important for humanity and the planet:
“At the same time, many guardian grandparents of the Andean tradition of ancestral lines are gathering …
Praying and performing ceremonies and rituals for the healing of all.
* The Guardians tell us that it is very important to stay together and send positive and creative energy of love to the universe *.
* They ask us to maintain an attitude of tolerance, brotherhood and solidarity for seven days … *
* Interact without arguing, lovingly communicating and calming our minds, letting go and forgiving every situation … *
* We are asked to maintain harmony within ourselves, not to fight, not to judge, not to resist and not to confront, so that the sum of all this energy helps our grandparents to more quickly strengthen the rituals they perform to protect and preserve our lives. *
* They ask us to sing and raise our vibration to the Light, to the Creator, to beautify the balance of our sister world. *
* Therefore, let us ask for the protection of every living being. *
If you know someone who works as a healer, holistic practitioner, spiritual teacher, teacher of the here and now, light worker, ecological community, share this message with him.
“It is important to be united at this crucial moment in our history”
Thank you for your love, because with the cooperation of every grain of our sand we can help protect our home planet and our beloved humanity!
More than ever, we must be together now in peace and love!
Happy Solstice Day everyone!
We made it!
What a bizarre day.
Officially the first day of winter, I am in summer clothes watering the garden because the spring plants I put in have not been getting rain and its been so hot everything is wilting.
There is a warm wind blowing and the sky is a kind of milky white color, unusual for Solstice which in my experience is always intense vivid blue!
My body feels heavy and anxious, which I recognize as an “overload” of Solar Codes incoming.
What to do?
Try to remain calm and peaceful.
Spend time in nature…like being in the garden.
Focus on the New Earth and making that leap to the New Earth timeline higher levels at Lions Gate!
Have a peaceful and love filled day.
Oh…and Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there!

“Summer Solstice, June 21, 2021 ~ TRANSFORMATION”
On Monday June 21st, 2021 at 12:32 am ADT, we have the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere. In the Southern hemisphere we have the winter solstice.
For those celebrating the Summer Solstice we are celebrating the longest day of the year. The greatest light. For those celebrating the winter solstice you will be experiencing the shortest day of the year.
The word solstice means (latin solstitium) sun-stopping. The Sun appears to rise and set, stop and reverse direction on the same day.
So as we celebrate the longest daylight during the Summer Solstice, we recognize the next day the sunset clock time is earlier. There is less daylight.
We are celebrating the SUN, which represents the spiritual Sun. The Sun behind the Sun. The LIGHT and the energy for Earth and its sustaining power of energy for us here on Planet Earth.
We can look at this, (above as below) in that we also have within us a SUN, the central aspect of our Being. Our core true inner consciousness, our heart, which is our true eternal light.
As we celebrate the Sun, we too, can celebrate our own conscious LIGHT. Our true source of Being. Our eternal selves. OUR connection to our eternal Being.
So as you celebrate summer and sunshine and the spiritual Sun. Connect with your true eternal LIGHT. This will facilitate your own unveiling of your eternal light.
AS all things are symbolic, so too the Sun is. Our warmth, our energy, our hope our sunshine. So to your Soul. Your love, your heart, your eternal Higher Self, God Self, eternal Being.
Which is why you are here. To reconnect consciously while in form.
To KNOW that the love you desire is YOU.
To be that love in all moments as you.
To embody the perfection of Being and the Glory that is eternal in the now.
To live as the ultimate embodiment.
The perfection of love and harmony. Flowing through all moments as this.
As this glory is bestowed upon you, you breathe eternity in all moments.
Love pours through you and your vessel shines as the purest Sun of all Suns.
In this there is no higher blessing.
We activate and bless all in this perfect knowing and being, in all moments everywhere.
With The Divine Council of Overseers, all NOW, in the purest love of eternity and Glory, Now.
In eternal love and bliss,

Ukeron White

“This Solstice is a very important milestone in the Planetary, Solar System, and Galaxy Ascension. Powerful divine energies are flowing from the Cosmic Central Sun, into our Sun, and affecting all the surrounding electromagnetism, both of Earth and the beings that inhabit it, and of the other planets in the Solar System. Major upheavals are expected at all levels that will obviously affect all of our DNA. At the same time that these powerful ascension forces are converging, the opposing involutive forces are carrying out operations (either physically or astrally) to try to negatively affect the magnetosphere of the planet as well as its inhabitants. Nothing can stop the planetary ascension, but the desperation of these involutive forces can still do some damage.”

Solstice MidSummer Solstice; Change of Trajectory

As the Sun Stands Still at the Solstice Midsummer Gateway before changing direction , we too are experiencing a standstill of sorts where past timelines/ experiences/ individuals come up for review. We review these from the Higher Perspective we have gained since, clearly seeing the veiled truths/ red flags of these experiences/ scenarios/individuals and how/ why they bifurcated onto a different trajectories than our own. And while there could be a sense of sadness,grief, isolation, loneliness or even anger and abandonment, it is important not to re-engage with these timelines / experiences/ individuals in recognition of the fact that their Trajectories are simply no longer in alignment and our Path is aligning with the Frequency dictated by our unique Soul purpose.
As the Sun will now begin to trace a new trajectory via this Solstice Gateway, we too are being placed on a New Trajectory…That of The Pearly Silver Lunar Sun of The Goddess Head/ Shekhinah/ Sophia/ Shakti. This Divine Feminine Lunar Sun carries the Crystal Laser Fire whose ability of Transfiguration which is many times more powerful than the Solar Sun ( acts with a Laser like focus). This transfiguration requires us to Now move past the Union of Polarity/ masculine and feminine ( which has been our focus for many many years now) and strive for achieving the Divine Trinity Within ie union of Mind , Body and Spirit/ energy, matter , antimatter/ mind,heart,soul/ conscious, subconscious, super conscious. In other words moving past our old version of Time and Space , Light and Dark or Masculine and Feminine distinctions and moving into the The Liminal Space Between!!! …
This “Liminal Space Between “ , achieved ONLY under the navigation of the Lunar Feminine Sun is the Bedrock of CREATION…the New Creation of a New Age that we are all moving towards in our own unique ways…via the Trinity of Thought , Words and Action.
It is in this Liminal Space Between that we will be able to gauge the distortions and omissions in the Information and knowledge that has been handed down to us and replace it with “inner wisdom “ born from this Liminal Space Between.
It holds as its Potential The transfiguration of ‘indoctrination’ into “wisdom. The Transfiguration of Distorted Patriarchy into the Divine masculine. It holds the potential of transfiguring the Gateways pain and suffering which have so far served as the breeding grounds of higher Wisdom into gateways of Self Worth, Confidence, Sovereignty , Freedom, Passion and Pleasure. And it is precisely from these that is born a Power that is Fierce yet tempered with Wisdom which is capable of birthing a whole Level of New Beginnings for the Creation of a New Age!!
As the Sun is Poised to change its trajectory, keep your intentions sharp with respect to the Transfigurations you wish to achieve via this change in trajectory, how are you going to embrace the Holy Trinity within and what you wish to birth/ create for the Greater Good via this Union, that which steeped in Grace, Inclusion , Honour, Justice and Protection of All Sentient Expressions of LifeForce Energy and their interconnections.
EnLight ,InGrace, InJoy
Be The Change You Want To See
Sa Kei Na
~by Levi Banner
Summer Solstice on June 20/21 is a part of the Sun’s cycle where it reaches the most Northerly point and quite literally stands still for a few days as it reaches the top of its path towards North and begins to go back down South again each day following.
A very powerful day for setting intentions.
This is a potent time to get going with your life projects.
This is when the Sun is at its peak in the North and the moment when Summer begins. The opposite weather in the Southern reaches. This represents that solar polarity and the shift from bright light back towards dark.
Solstice is the first day of the Sun’s season of Cancer.
Cancer is a water element sign, culture bearer, that values community, family and home.
The watery nature is expressed through the feeling function, which is seen as caring for others, cultivating community and supporting projects. The emotional sensitivity of Cancer is expressed as a deep understanding of how to nurture and take care of loved ones.
Cancer is the response to the need for nourishment. Like a parent to a child, a teacher to a student or a counselor to a client.
This Solstice you might ask yourself:
How can you take care of myself first so I can better care for others?
Are you over giving or giving to get?
Are you feeling your emotions fully?
Are you clinging to the past?
Now is the time to respond to where you need nourishment in your life. This could be your own feelings, your body or your friends and family.
Now is the time to nurture and support the projects that need your loving touch.
The Guru and this June Solstice by Mary Kern
Like the recent solar eclipse that culminated with a powerful Mercury Sun conjunction, this Solstice also has a powerful companion influence.
Jupiter, on its eastward movement through the zodiacal signs, stops and stands still like the Sun appears to stop on this same Solstice Day (as well as the day prior and following). Think of this as a time out of time and a portal for co-creation. From planet Earth, since we are moving much faster around the Sun than Jupiter, this is how we experience Jupiter’s movement in the sky. From here it will appear to us that Jupiter will stop and then move backwards, hence a retrograde.
Jupiter (02 Pi 11 R), stations retrograde at 8:06a PDT on Sunday, 12 hours prior to the Sun entering Cancer at 8:32p. Jupiter has been traveling direct through the sign of Pisces since May 13, 2021.
Jupiter in Pisces is a commitment to be in service to spirit to relieve suffering. Its excursion back into the sign of Aquarius lasts four months until it stations direct on October 18th). Jupiter travels through two signs during this retrograde blending together the meaning of these two archetypes. Jupiter in Pieces now adds Aquarian energy to it. Pisces can bring in confusion and cosmic dreaming but traveling back through Aquarius adds more information to the compassionate heart of Pisces, blending the Aquarian’s quest for detached, cosmic overview and revolutionary cosmic consciousness to the current Pisces quest for empathic devotion to service, visionary dream, and healing of suffering.
Any planetary change in direction, be it a station retrograde or direct, is a time of slowing down, stopping, and shining a spotlight at the portion of the sky where this occurs. In this case the location, 02 Pisces 11, is being activated. Jupiter is near the star Sadalmelek, located at the shoulder of the Water Bearer constellation. This area of the sky, sometimes called “The Sea”, is where the water droplets of the Water Bearer and nearby constellations of the Fish and Cetus the Whale reside. A prolonged focus here may suggest a cleansing or even dissolution of ancient karma as well as new possibilities arising from the watery womb.
In Chinese Astrology Jupiter means “the guru”. It is the teacher who supports our soul’s journey alway informing us of a bigger perspective of our specific role in this lifetime. Jupiter activates, vivifies, expands and often brings a higher truth of our soul’s intention presenting the next octave of our purpose every 11.5 years when our natal degree is again crossed by this giant planet. If your Jupiter natal sign is in Pisces you are in a personal Jupiter return.
With the Cancer Solstice Sun aligned with this stationary change of Jupiter we may feel optimistic, nourished and more supported to make a contribution we deeply believe in. Is there a specific cause that has the potential to create authentic change that you are being drawn to?
Sun in Cancer/Summer/Winter Solstice- Re-Mothering Yourself, The Magic of Nourishment + Sensitivity, Coming Back Home to Your Soul’s Essence
On June 20th/21st we have a magical cosmic event! The Sun, which represents our ego, vitality and life force leaves the air sign of Gemini and moves into the water sign of Cancer. On the same day, we have the powerful Summer Solstice, for those in the northern hemisphere and the Winter Solstice, for those in the southern hemisphere.
Solstice days are portals of divine magic, initiation and miracles. Shifts of all kinds in our consciousness are prevalent as we enter a new season of possibility and progress. They represent the longest (Summer) and shortest (Winter) days of the entire year. Cancer, the 4th zodiac sign, deals with home, family, emotional foundations, nourishment and security.
The Sun in Cancer and the Summer/Winter Solstice is here to bring an awakening of our emotions and a soothing presence of healing light. The Summer/Winter Solstice is about action, progress and forward movement, mainly due to Cancer’s ruling modality of Cardinal energy being present. The Cardinal signs( Cancer/summer, Libra/fall, Capricorn/winter and Aries/spring) all begin a season and due the responsibility and courage it takes to initiate a season, these signs often are amazing leaders and people who are ready to take on whatever task and objective lies before them. Sometimes labeled as “bossy” the Cardinal sign element wants to get things done and to be the first one to initiate such progress with determined action. Some huge shifts within our emotional bodies will occur over the next 30 days. As mentioned, Solstice time invites magical occurrences and spiritual breakthroughs. If things have felt stagnant or just blah, expect to see a renewal of your energy levels and a new profound connection to your purpose and destiny.
The Sun in Cancer and Solstice wants you to come back down to earth and to honor your deepest emotions and sensitivities. No other sign is as emotional and deeply in touch with their intuition as a loving Crab. Time spent decorating, reconnecting with family, cooking and extra self care are all favored as the Sun presides in Cancer. Speaking of family, there is an emphasis at this time to heal any emotional traumas with our mother or our inner mama. Understanding and compassion will flow on a whole new level at this time. The cosmos are asking that we embrace our tenderness and emotions with an acute level of protection and acceptance. Major healing of our inner child is also possible now as we reconnect to our inner emotional compass of self love and self awareness. This is a time to deep dive into our well of what makes us feel safe and secure. It all begins with coming back home to ourselves and embracing all of our strengths as well as our weaknesses. The Sun in Cancer/Solstice wants you to lovingly tune into your deepest emotions and instead of running or hiding from them, to look them in the eye and to nurture and honor their presence. The only way “out” is through.
For this magical new season and Solstice, I have decided to write a special poem for this Cancer season. This is continuing the tradition I have created for each sign. I hope you enjoy it! Happy Birthday to all my loving and sweet Cancers out there!

Cancer Season Poem

May the beauty of your loving heart be recognized and honored for its depth and awareness
As you look inside and rediscover your emotions, may you be gentle and understanding with the battles you have fought + overcome
It takes courage and insight to confront the unknown waters of trauma + to accept yourself with unconditional love + forgiveness
Within this new season may a new you be forged with conviction + determination
May you come back home to your heart and listen to her wisdom and sweet music of unlimited possibilities and magic
You came here to love and to remove any blocks to such love
There is a forever summer inside your being that longs and craves for your own nourishment and care
In a world that wants to make you tough, may you find the strength to be soft and tender
May you find solace within your soul and honor the journey of your existence
No rush or force is necessary now
Being in the flow and gentleness are your new friends
May you know how loved and appreciated you truly are
You are safe and you are right where you need to be
May you honor the miracle of your existence
May you make peace with yourself + find the courage to do the same with others
You are protected
You are worthy
You are a walking and living miracle of infinite abundance and love
© Astromomma, 2021
Image: “Queen of Cups” by Eric Dunne from the Illuminati Tarot Deck

~Alana Fairchild

On June 20th, 2021 – Jupiter Goes Retrograde
June with Jupiter is a cosmic canoodling on the divine dance floor. The softening dance from head to heart unfolds with Jupiter turning retrograde in the sign of Pisces and Aquarius. From heart to head and back again, Jupiter’s movement through the skies is a benevolent unity dance, supporting integration of our ideals of justice and community, with the spiritual qualities of compassion and kindness.
Jupiter dallying through Pisces and Aquarius has an important message for us at this time – we can only birth a new world if we learn to love humanity. We need a sense of kind humour regarding our tendency as a species towards utterly ridiculous behaviour, whilst noting our capacity for kindness, selflessness, courage and goodwill. To work towards the overcoming of ‘species self-hatred’ is a redemptive act on personal and collective levels.
It restores our self-esteem as humans and without self-esteem even well-intentioned acts tend to become self-destructive. We have to love and respect ourselves enough to believe that if we let ourselves off the hook of condemnation and judgement, we will be motivated to help and heal each other by something far greater (we might call that love). To break the cycles of harm, hate needs to evolve into compassion, and a soul-cackle inducing sense of humour is one of our most powerful allies in this task. Jupiter’s journey through this particular process will not be complete until January 2022, so we have some time to explore these teachings deeply.
In support of integration, Mercury goes direct on June 22, with the optimistic Sabian symbol of “the head of a robust youth changes into that of a mature thinker”. Humanity needs to evolve from defending opinion at any cost to the surrender into wisdom, from manipulation to facilitation of grace. May all hearts take this journey in a timely fashion for the greater good.
Divine closure to the month is the full moon in Capricorn, falling on June 24 – 25 June (depending on your time zone). Another soul-healing lunation honoured in Western Occultism, this is the spiritual festival of Guru Purnima, or the Full Moon of the Masters. This is a spiritual-radiance bearing lunation of the consciousness of the Masters.
Who are these Masters? They are the genuine gurus and teachers, the 10,000 Buddhas and the Goddess of 10,000 names, the Enlightened Ones initiated into the Universal Ageless Wisdom that transcends doctrine and boundaries of the human mind, and unites all deeply within the sacred chamber of the heart. (For our community, this celebration is of an actual spiritual event that takes place via the full moon. Full Moon in Capricorn this year is earlier than the usual July date, falling on June 25, although we understand and also take delight in the celebrations that are marked on set days in the calendar too.)
The blessing of this full moon will manifest according to your heart space. Give your heart the honour of some time to become centred, contemplative and spiritually receptive. The heart knows how to do this, you don’t have to overthink it.
A teaching to support this precious lunation is that your ancestral lines are not limited to your biology this lifetime. They are not limited to this dimension. Through literally star-dusted journeys your soul has found your way to this planet, an advanced spiritual school of Earth, to take accelerated enlightenment training. The gift of a body is coveted by many beings and the opportunities for spiritual growth in this realm are considered to be of the highest available. Being human is a precious gift worth honouring, and yet it is not all of who or what you are.
Don’t cut yourself off from the enlightened sources that speak to your heart, even if you were not born into a particular tradition. I know witches that love Jesus and Hindus that adore Mother Mary, and everything and anything in between and more. If the stars speak to you, open to their light. Be present to that which awakens the innermost truth of your heart. The spirit is wild and free and your ancestral lineages of divinity can flow freely into a heart that is able to recognise and receive divine love in its unending forms, without fear. Be open and allow the dispensation of grace from the Master or Masters that speak to your soul, to touch and awaken your heart.
May all hearts receive the transmissions of light needed to awaken with joy and peace to manifest the greatest beauty of collective visioning possible at this time on Earth and beyond.
Sunday June 20 2021
“Inside the silence we find truth. We wither and we bloom. We grow into and out of people and relationships and ways of being and entire lives. We learn the edges and the boundaries of ourselves” Jeanette LeBlanc.
The Wild Ride goes on……
Solstice greetings! As you enter the final Gateway of this Eclipse-Eclipse-Solstice passage, notice your very different mind frame in the wake of the revelations of the June 10th Mental Freedom Point.
These vast, oceanic shifts in perception, awareness and intuition will rise in waves as Mercury slows to turn direct in Gemini on June 22nd just as transpersonal gas giants Jupiter and Neptune both station retrograde in otherworldly Pisces.
The days between June 21-24 bring a touch of luck and inspiration as Venus harmonises with Neptune and the Lights align with Jupiter and Quaoar -the Creation force- at the Capricorn Full Moon.
Channel the sense of expansion and boundlessness as a chaotic moment of time out of time for somatic healing but remember to stay grounded. Welcome what you label:” confusion” as the perfect state for integrating fresh thinking.
Just remain flexible and neutral as the Internal and External Revelations Present
Art by Ellen Vaman
Jupiter stations retrograde in Pisces – Check in with yourself to see whether you’re happy with developments so far. Consider where you may need more education, more optimism, more faith. Examine your expectations to see whether they are helpful or harmful. Don’t be too quick to judge the heavens for taking away the ‘perfect opportunity’. From above, the picture looks vastly different. Sometimes, what seems like a reversal of fortune is actually a blessing in disguise.
A slowdown in developments does not signal failure. There is more to be gained from inner exploration right now which will ensure you’re fully prepared for opportunities later down the line. Joy is not a place or destination. Joy is in this moment, and this, and this…Joy is the rhythm of your heartbeat. Use the power of prayer. Transmit peace.
Degree and Time
Jupiter 02°Pi11′ R – 16:04 (BST)
Painting – Miranda by John William Waterhouse
Kin 188 ~ Yellow Rhythmic Star
‘Rhythmic’ is the name for the number six and its key words are ‘Balance, Organize and Equality’. Rhythmic days remind us to get into a rhythm and organize our lives to restore balance. Put on some music as you tidy your space, pace yourself so you can get it all done and remember…it is very rewarding when you tackle things with a positive attitude. Pat yourself on the back after you complete the tasks that need attention.
Today is Yellow Star which represents ‘Beauty, Art and Elegance’. Yellow Star days are for shining like a star, appreciating beauty and indulging in Art. As it is a ‘Rhythmic’ day… beautify your space as you organize it. See the beauty in balance!
The Guide today is also Yellow Star and so a double helping of that energy.
The Challenge is the White Mirror which represents ‘reflecting truth’ and when in the challenging position, the truth can be hard to find. Be aware of misleading information or someone trying to pull one over your eyes.
The Occult power is the Red Skywalker which symbolizes ‘Space, Wakefulness and Exploring.’ When in this magical position the Skywalker shows us that we need an open mind if we are to understand the mysteries of the Occult. That’s not to say you should believe everything without question but Skywalker invites us to ‘Wake Up’ and experience a shift in consciousness.
The Ally is the Blue Monkey who makes a great friend to have around today. They have a great appreciation of beauty and so if you need a hand making your space more beautiful, call upon a Monkey to lend a hand.
Today is Yellow Rhythmic Star day on the 13 Moon Dreamspell Mayan Calendar.
Yellow Star, (tribe 8 of the 20 solar tribe archetype cycle), beautifies, elegance, art.
Rise and shine! Yellow Star encourages you to do, wear, embody, and inspire art. Life is art. Many people think of art as having solely to do with traditionally thought of modalities like drawing, painting, sculpting, acting, singing, poetry, writing, etc… In actuality, anyway that your creativity is able to manifest can be done with an artistic flair. It could be something you do while at work, or even something as seemingly mundane as solving a math problem, packing a suitcase, or choosing an outfit to wear. The ability to perceive art qualifies you as an artist. We are all artists, and life itself is our canvas. What are your art modalities? What are some of the ways you can add a touch of elegance and style to your surroundings, or any task you are tending to? Explore new ways of allowing your creativity to come forth into the world? Strive to add an element of refined simplicity and grace to all that you create. Beautify the world and your surroundings in an elegant way.
Rhythmic tone of Equality, (step 6 of the 13-step creative energy tone cycle), organize, balance, equality.
Tone 6 is where the biggest transformation takes place on the creative energy cycle so that equality and balance can be achieved. If you look at the way the number six manifests in the physical world, a great example is how six appears on the face of dice, where it appears as two columns of three. If you were to cut that image in half with a line, no matter where you draw the line, you will always wind up with two equal and balanced remaining portions.
Yesterday’s heart-centered emanations of knowing, healing, and accomplishment, (Blue Hand), are transformed through today’s Rhythmic tone so that equality and balance can be attained. This process enables you to become magically attuned and centered so that you can resonate with new frequencies coming through during tomorrow’s tone 7. Tone six is also referred to as the housekeeping tone. Put everything in its proper place and order both outside as well as inside of yourself. Strive for equality and balance in all of your creative endeavors.
Organized, balanced, and equal, beautifying, elegance, and art.
Day 6 of the 13-day cycle themed Blue Night, dreams, abundance, intuition.
Written by Roger Grossman
Artwork by Endre Balogh
6 LAMAT – KIN 188
20 JUNE 2021
Balancing Art
I seal the store of elegance
With the Rhythmic tone of equality
I AM guided by the power of
20/6/2021 = 20/6/20_3 = 2/6/5=2/11=2/2 =4
2/2- Twin Flame Portal 👫🔥👬🔥👭
6- Heaven/Christ/Harmony/Romance/Fertility
5- Liberation/Change/Transformation/Freedom
11- Gate/Portal/Polarity
2- Twins/Partner/Cooperation
4- Form/Structure/Foundation/Earth
KIN 188 – 17=8 Abundance/Infinity/Flow/In breath-Out Breath/ – Triple 8 ABUNDANCE coding!! 💰✨💰✨💰
The beautiful, diplomatic and PEACE loving DOUBLE STAR🌟🌟 today along with the moon in the romantic sign of LIBRA, TRIPLES the VENUSIAN PEACE POWER today! We have a DIVINE opportunity to organize for a PEACE filled life, and world today. A beautiful day for TWIN FLAMES, soul mates and partners to find harmony and BALANCE . 👭💕👬💕👫
NOTE: The 20/20 👁👁DOUBLE AWAKENING 💥💥CODE will reveal what needs to be balanced for PEACE to REIGN supreme.
Day 6 in the BLUE NIGHT 🌃WAVESPELL of dreams, intuition and ABUNDANCE. Where we are collectively DREAMING the NEW WORLD into reality!
Today we are ORGANIZING our physical reality to create SPACE for more ABUNDANCE, BEAUTY and HARMONY in our lives. We are finding greater BALANCE through our connection with the beauty in our world. 🌿🌼🌸🏵🌺🌻🌹🍀🍀
RHYTHMIC – Tone 6 in the PHYSICAL realm. ACTION – balances, POWER – organizes, ESSENCE – equality. The Rhythmic phase is the one where this all adventuring and radiating miracle that is you, learns to WALK! But consciously! Precisely! With fine organisational instincts. And what superb balance we see! Very soon you have mastered walking, and are up and running! Go forth and explore your territory!
Today is a great day to find BALANCE in your physical reality/body by clearing and balancing any disharmony in your world.
Today we are organizing our physical reality for balance and equality, creating more BEAUTY and HARMONY. A FANTASTIC DAY – for SPRING CLEANING, Feng Shui, decluttering your house/space, organizing your office, creativity, channeling ideas, journaling or reflecting on your GOALS and DREAMS. It is time to allow your beautiful DREAMS to surface and FLOW through you, bringing them forth into your PHYSICAL REALITY!
CONSCIOUS SELF: & HIGHER SELF: RHYTHMIC STAR🌟🌟 – LAMAT is self-guided today so we are DOUBLY blessed with BEAUTY and GRACE! LAMAT is the VENUS✴ STAR of beauty, elegance, grace, harmony and PEACE.
LAMAT is beckoning us to view the world around us through rose coloured 👓 glasses. Shifting the perspective on your life through what is GOOD and BEAUTIFUL.🌹🌹 Connecting with the sights, smells and senses of the nature kingdom enticing you to come and play with the fairies and elementals. Bringing forth the natural kingdom into your home and garden, a vase of fresh flowers, some pots of culinary herbs, some oxygenating plants 🌿in your bedroom or office, or even a forest mural🌲🌲 or picture in your lounge room!
🌟Surround yourself with BEAUTY🌹 and your LIFE will begin to FEEL more harmonious and balanced. Count the BLESSINGS and the RAINBOWS in your day!🌈🌈
YELLOW STAR🌟 kin are gifted Artists🎨 and artisans, 🏺very crafty and creative with their HANDS. They are BRILLIANT diplomats and PEACE keepers, which is where they really SHINE.🌟 LAMAT StarBlossoms have undoubtedly held positions as Galactic Ambassadors and Peace Diplomats as exemplified by Queen/Senator of Naboo – Padme Amidala in Star Wars. As we have a LIBRA moon reflecting the SUN’s LIGHT today the PEACE and BEAUTY in our world is amplified.
🌠LAMAT provides perfect energies for healing and balancing any disharmonious relationships with our kin today, particularly with the 2/2 coding highlighting twin flames and partners. LAMAT🌟 STAR-LIGHT🌠 enables us to FEEL LIGHT and FREE, SHINY and BRIGHT once again. ✨✨
The YELLOW STAR 🌟ignites your creativity today and unleashes your store house of GOLDEN energy within your solar plexus chakra. Our Planetary Solar Plexus chakra – ULURU has once again, been super activated on the ELECTRIC SERPENT day, and thus our own personal chakra is operating at full capacity now unleashing more confidence, creativity and soul POWER..🎆
LAMAT is a brilliant vehicle for creative expression through Art,🎨 craft, singing, dancing and creating beautiful music. 🎼🎻🎶 All this beautiful energy will lead you to greater balance and harmony within yourself and through your outer reflection in your relations with others.
LAMAT also OPENS the portal to Cosmic ABUNDANCE✨💰💰💰 and combined with the 8 coding is a BRILLIANT DAY – to ORGANIZE for greater FLOW from SOURCE to fulfill your EVERY need. 👏🤗
✨✨“I NOW ALLOW GREATER ABUNDANCE💰✨☀ – from expected and unexpected sources – to FLOW effortlessly into my life” AND SO IT IS! 🙏❤🙏❤
Invite the gift of HARMONY into your life by allowing the BEAUTY of Creation to bring more balance, and LIBERATE you through higher LOVE, JOY and BLISS.
✨✨✨ LAMAT invites you to BE THE ARTIST🎨 and PAINT 🖌a better picture🖼 of your life.
SUPPORT: BLUE RHYTHMIC MONKEY🐒 – CHUEN invites us to come out and PLAY! ☺ Discovering the Divine child in each of us. Playing as children, joyfully in the physical expression of this divine MAJIK of creativity. De-LIGHT-ing in the beauty of the wondrous world around you. Believing in the Majik and Miracles that exist, allowing them to be part of your world. Casting our pretty spells of enchantment over all that we see.
CHUEN brings forth GREAT MAJIK through the STARRY PORTAL of LAMAT bringing more serendipity into your day.💫💫💫 A whimsy majikal flow to carry you away to beautiful fields of wild flowers 🌸🌼🌺🌻 where you can day-DREAM the day away with your beloved, making daisy chains and blowing dandelion wishes!
The RHYTHMIC MONKEY will help us to find a balance between PLAY and work, by extending our perceptions of what is possible for us to experience and create. Trusting in the divine patterns at play that LIBERATE more joy, innocence and beauty in our lives. Trusting the MAJIK of Divine Spirit through our innocent child, to guide us to reach our highest destiny in Divine synchronic order!
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: RED GALACTIC SKYWALKER🏃– BEN enables us to manifest the New Time by traveling and exploring what must be done, what are the response-abilities that are ours to share? What planetary needs are ours to focus on, elevating with others? It is time to LIVE YOUR TRUTH and be your AUTHENTIC SELF in every moment of your day.
We cannot just float endlessly in a SEA of BLISS with the RAINBOW UNICORNS!!! 🌈 We must ANCHOR this BLISS on the physical plane and team up with others who are doing the same. Follow the lead of ANAKIN SKYWALKER and take time out in your day to picnic with your beloved filling your HEART with this BLISS and sharing it with your kin!
RED SKYWALKER also assists us in SPACE CLEARING 💫and expanding our physical reality 💥to allow for more beauty, harmony and greater ABUNDANCE to flow in. Opening doors to other realms and dimensions, new worlds with greater beauty and Majik. BEN shows us that the SKY IS THE LIMIT!! Or rather that there is no LIMIT in this endless infinite Galaxy of creation. 🍥✴🍥✴
EXPAND your concept of your physical reality and REACH for the STARS. It is TIME to rise up and FLY on the Cosmic Currents of consciousness. As we manifest together the highest potential for beautiful life here on our divine planet, based on TRUTH, transparency and authenticity. We ARE becoming the models of the NEW HARMONIC MATRIX and WE CAN bridge the pillars of HEAVEN and EARTH.💒🌎❤
CHALLENGE/GIFT: WHITE RHYTHMIC MIRROR –🔎 ETZNAB as the challenge gives us the power of TRUTH, endlessness and REFLECTION today. Giving us the gift of accessing the endless order of Creation. The WHITE MIRROR energy POTENTLY reveals all that needs to be released and stripped away as the TOWER crumbles and falls..Allow the walls to CRUMBLE and the old foundations to be destroyed in order to build the NEW, thus enabling us to reorganize our physical environments for more SPACE, balance and greater HARMONY. Elevating our homes and our PLANET to that of sacred temples that uplift us to greater PEACE and fulfillment. It is TIME for the CITIES of LIGHT to RISE! 🏙✨
The MIRROR REFLECTS and the challenge today is to witness the reflection in your partner, relationships and external environment. The 20/20 code allows you to SEE with CLEAR VISION any distortions and discordance reflected back to you.. So claim it, heal it and create SPACE for a beautiful new REFLECTION of SELF to grace your world.
ETZNAB challenges us to SEE the BEAUTY in all things and to hold LOVE AND COMPASSION in our hearts. Allowing ourselves to release into the beauty, letting go of the endless order and seeing it reflected in nature, all around us, the elegant creation that stirs your heart and uplifts you with joy and BLISS!❤❤❤
Enjoy this BEAUTY 🌹– filled day of divine creativity ✨may you play in the GOLDEN fields of your DREAMS.
Today’s question is “How can I organize my physical reality to bring more BALANCE, HARMONY, ABUNDANCE and BEAUTY into my life?”
🐬🌈 ❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤
Divine blessings for finding more BLISS and creative SPARKLE✨ in your LIFE!
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
PICTURE CREDITS: Anakin Skywalker and Padme- Queen Amidala – STAR WARS DIVINE GRATITUDE to Lucas Films 🙏❤🙏❤🙏

Pleiades 1 Messages June 20 2021

P1 calling Terrans for origins recognition! Attention for calls in PVSE / SdE !!

Retreat sensors are activated.

Divine Builders are near.

Mystical areas reveal themselves.

Perfection starts to be understood.

Port 144 liberated. DIVINE TEACHING standards are announced. Nevic support in tune: 30% (non-regressive).

Port 144 liberated. DIVINE TEACHING standards are announced. Nevic/Terran Reverberation: 30% (non-regressive).

Attention The Line *The Star Bearer! Support of Projector for Illumination started: 37% (non-regressive).

The Line The Star Bearer: Line Illumination in progress: 37% (non-regressive). The Light Celebrates!

Larger supports are sent.

Deconstructions of relationships pattern in progress.

Divine Coverages expand.

++++ Warrior Signals are sent.

Calls to Collaborators +++++++ are sent.

Temporarily, end of transmission.

Pleiades 1 (ASHTAR+++++++ELEVEN)





Summer Solstice Puja (Prayer, Blessing, Workshop Etc.)

Instructions are in between the (((( )))), and the words to speak are in the “parenthesis” feel free to change this as your instincts tell you; allow your inner self to be the administrator. But, if a direction is present, please face the corresponding view.

We use nature as a rhythmic reminder, a friend, an ally, and an inspiration. Everything said and done can be done in a “divine light” if we keep this underlying tone. The following words hail from many different traditions.

“Specific Points of Interest from the “Macro Goddess Collective.”

Summer Solstice 2021:

Shifting Winds of Change to Emerging from The Refiner’s Ring of Fire to a dive straight into the Emotional Deep End


We are the plan for the future. We are the secret weapon. This current celestial moment of highly-charged photonic solar codes mixed with intense and nuanced planetary influences is all about each soul putting in their work on the micro to anchor in the newly upgraded frequencies of the collective and of “Mama Gaia” herself and beyond to the macro. We are experiencing a detox on a cellular level, shedding old beliefs, values, and perceptions along with DNA (re-)activations.


Notes and Points of Focus for one’s energy.”

  • Self Mastery of emotions.
  • Self Mastery of thought.
  • Self Mastery of the physical vessel.
  • Set clear intentions moment by moment, set clear boundaries with others, particularly those not in a vibrationally harmonious “State of Being.”
  • New ever-expanding energetic system throughout entire being to be embraced.
  • “Sun” trine “Jupiter in Pisces” encourages big spiritual visions coming into focus.
  • “Venus in Cancer” trine “Neptune in Pisces” promotes recalibration of interpersonal family relationships and evoking a deep reverence felt at the cellular level for the Divine Intelligence displayed in the meticulous design throughout nature.
  • “Saturn in Aquarius” trine to “Mercury in Gemini” (who goes direct the day after the solstice) activates our long-term planning and vision for the future being built for the betterment of humanity.
  • “Moon in Scorpio” opposing “Uranus in Taurus” and T square “Saturn in Aquarius” intensifies the Collective Emotional Body, particularly regarding the Freedom vs. Control dynamics playing out on a global scale.
  • Pluto is steadily grinding through the last few degrees of Capricorn, continuing to bring to light what needs to be revealed on global financial & other power structures.

(Face East)

“I face my mind, body, and divine spirit to the East. I welcome in the new quadrant of the Earth’s settings with a divine blessing from the infinite source of my being. I am one with existence, centered and focused on bringing in more favorable circumstances than ever before. I summon air!” 

((( Invision yourself and planet earth engulfed with the following “Breezes:” White, Pink, Light Blue, Gold, Yellow, Green, Red, Teal, Rose Gold, Silver, Orange, Indigo, Violet, Platinum, Diamond, and Rainbow. Then, list the things you are grateful for)))

(Face Southeast)

“I face my mind, body, and divine spirit to the Southeast. I am an instrument of “Infinitely Expanding Creator Source,” As such, I choose to facilitate the divine.” 

((( Bring yourself to a place of self-love and feel the entirety of “Supporting Energy” that is around you and flows through you and all things )))

(Face South)

“I face my mind, body, and divine spirit to the South. I know the element of fire transmutes energy very quickly. Therefore I summon “The Deepest Love in the form of Metaphysical Flame” to sever all that no longer serves. I summon fire!”

((( Invision yourself and planet earth engulfed with the following “Flames:” White, Pink, Light Blue, Gold, Yellow, Green, Red, Teal, Rose Gold, Silver, Orange, Indigo, Violet, Platinum, Diamond, and Rainbow. Then, envision all that no longer serves us leaving reality )))

(Face Southwest)

“I face my mind, body, and divine spirit to the Southwest. I am truly and deeply grateful for the many blessings that I have in my life. I am truly grateful that I am safe, fed, and have shelter. It is my command that all beings have the opportunity to have a life of peace and purpose.”

((( Envision the Earth and its inhabitants in a very peaceful, healthy and prosperous place )))

(Face West)

“I face my mind, body, and divine spirit to the West. I bring forth the energy to sustain physical health. I bring this energy to ensure all vital needs are met, to live in health, prosperity, and happiness. I summon water!”

((( Invision yourself and planet earth’s inhabitants engulfed with the following “Waters:” White, Pink, Light Blue, Gold, Yellow, Green, Red, Teal, Rose Gold, Silver, Orange, Indigo, Violet, Platinum, Diamond, and Rainbow. Then, get a clear picture of peaceful Earth and peaceful personal life )))

(Face Northwest)

“I face my mind, body, and divine spirit to the Northwest. I have the desire to make all things better. Even great things can improve and can become greater. I am one with an ever-growing universe that evolves daily.”

 ((( List the things in your life and your macro world that are positive and then transmute them to be in an even greater state of being with “Violet Thundering Light” )))

(Face North)

“I face my mind, body, and divine spirit to the North. I am one with all aspects of Gaia. I celebrate her journey by sending Earth my highest blessing of appreciation. I summon Earth in this way!” 

((( Engulf your physical reality in the following “Plasmas:” White, Pink, Light Blue, Gold, Yellow, Green, Red, Teal, Rose Gold, Silver, Orange, Indigo, Violet, Platinum, Diamond, and Rainbow. Then, send “Emerald Green Light” from your heart chakra penetrating deep within the Earth )))

(Face Northeast) 

“I face my mind, body, and divine spirit to the Northeast to usher in a new timeline that is more beautiful than anything ever thought possible.” 

((( Envision and feel yourself and those joining us today rising, then engulf all the participants in the following “Ray Lights:” White Ray, Blue Ray, Yellow Ray, Pink Ray, Green Ray, Ruby Ray, and Violet Ray. ))) 

“I face my mind, body, and divine spirit to all the unnamed directions to help my mind digest the fact that I am limitless in all orders. In this setting, I become one with the power of the infinite stars and celestial bodies. “

((( “Draw-in” the energy from all existing stars. Bring this energy in through any chakras that your intuition is pointing to )))

“I face my mind, body, and divine spirit inside to hear the silence, the language of the infinite.”


((( Please speak the following aloud as you come out or meditation “Mitakuye, Oyasin, AHO!” )))









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  1. Namaste, Everyone! Happy Solstice and Happy Father’s Day (to those in the USA). The energies coming into our planet are intensifying as we align with the Great Central Sun and as Mercury moves direct on Tuesday. The energies may be rather slowly arriving, but they will level up as the days and weeks move forward. Rest as much as possible and drink lots of water with lemon. LIGHT is potent. DNA is quickly multi-stranding. We are being offered opportunities to lift in consciousness via various cosmic frequencies soaring into our planet. Meditate daily and wear a “grounding” prayer mala. Boddhi Seed or Sandalwood or Lotus Seed or Rudraksha are excellent choices. Recite a healing, protective mantra upon it. One of the best is “AUM” (also seen as OM) which is known as the “Pranava” ( “Cosmic Sound”). It translates as “Oh, Divine” and also as “Hail” (as if to acknowledge the Divine). “Light Activation Symptoms” can be calmed with this simple but profoundly potent mantra. Much Love!

    1. Greetings Dr Schavi,
      Thank you very much for your work and your Light. We truly appreciate you and all you do for Hue-manity. Much Love and Blessings from the Eagle and the Condor…A’Ho!
      Paul White Gold Eagle

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