Meggan Rachell – We all have heard so many messages on the Ascension. A lot of fear and programming to this day still gets through in messages from the Divine and other side. One thing I’ve learned is to fully trust and let my heart guide me when it comes to these messages. Take what feels in resonation and in vibration with your heart and leave the rest. So much of this language is based on perception.

Real quick reminder for those that do not know what the Ascension is. The ascension is known by many names… some may know it as the dawning of the golden age of Earth. 1000 years of PEACE. THE FALLING OF BABYLON. ARMEGEDDON, THE RAPTURE. THE COMING OF CHRIST. The ascension is moving our awareness/consciousness from this 3d world, into the 5th dimension crystalline christ consciousness world that is already all around us. WE ARE GOING BACK TO THE GARDEN OF EDIN.
We are transferring our consciousness from one state, to a more evolved level of being and conscious awareness. We will mold our reality, it won’t be overnight. We will not undergo physical body death for this to happen, although for some this is the route they may choose. Our bodies will undergo and have been undergoing a cellular reprogramming from our corrupted and altered 2 strand DNA template to the fully functioning ORIGINAL HUMAN GENOME TEMPLATE of the 12/14 strand DNA.
Our bodies will lose density and become more adaptable/flexible/suitable. Our bodies will begin emitting light as the physical body transforms. As our awareness expands so does our perception and we will begin to see, feel And experience more than was ever possible in the third dimension. As always, expect the unexpected. What has been in the works of unfolding is far beyond our current level and capability of comprehension. There is so much that theALL SOULS WILL ASCEND other side cannot even begin to explain on a human level. Through feelings is the closest I’ve come to knowing what the Ascension is, PURE BLISS/PEACE BEYOND IMAGINATION endless wave of cascading love, joy, peace, and ecstasy continuously cascading one after the other. Is the feeling.
I keep getting a reoccurring message from my internal guidance system. It feels in total resonation with my heart. The message I received today at 4:41pm (144 thousand) is that all souls will ascend. All souls have the capability to ascend as of this moment. Our awareness and perception creates our reality. In the reality I’m feeling resonation with, all souls ascend. Fear is what would keep souls trapped in a lower vibratory 3d world. My heart is saying this will not happen and is not in the highest interest of humanity.
Through my awareness of thinking all souls will ascend, I create it. Im not dooming any of my brothers and sisters to this fate by thinking i know what creation has in store for us. I will leave the door open for them to join the higher realms and dimensions at ALL TIMES, if/when they so choose. We are collapsing the third dimension, nothing will be left here. Bringing it to zeropoint. Our job isn’t over here until the last soul has left time. Once we step outside of time, (currently happening) those of us who are rainbow bridges from the 3d to the 5d will be able to move through different times and dimensions with ease (already happening). From this point on this journey will not be as linear as it has been so far. Now is when time stops, and we begin the merging of the different aspects of time and us.

Pure jubilation and laughter because we still have so much clean-up to do around the world and within – but we already know that the dawning has occured, that love has won, and that yes, every soul did/will ascend. Don’t you love paradoxes? We’ve already ascended but we have yet to do it. LOL Life is laughter. I love you all, now that we all know no soul will be left out of the rewards of heaven, can we please take this all less serious now and just have more laughter, love and fun? 😂
stop punishing yourself! You’ve made it. AND don’t worry, the older sister you always wished for is here to lead you all through the abyss, and I promise, I’ll be holding your hand the entire time. The light of creation shines down on us all. Darkness is truly afraid of the LIGHT, not the other way around. Let us all laugh in the face of DARKNESS. And let us all just be honest and say darkness is the part of us that we’ve ignored, shamed, and have left alone to heal. We tried to seperate darkness from us, only to realize the darkness was the light… the light that got shamed, abandoned and hid away. To fear darkness is to fear yourself. DARKNESS to me, is what needs to be accepted, healed, and transformed.
DARKNESS = hides/hidden. Light illuminates/uncovers = truth. If we uncover all lies, if we bring all darkness or pain energy into the light, (illuminate it) it shall then also be the light. If something is of the truth, (open, honest) it is of the LIGHT. Do you see the symbolism yet? Don’t ever shame or tell someone to ignore or hide or stop speaking there truth. For an unpleasant energy to be transformed/released it needs to be brought up and acknowledged. Let everyone speak there own perception of truth openly. W/o shame or degradation. To keep hidden is to keep the healing from happening. Let all pains be expressed openly now. Let all lower energies or percieved dsrkness be expressed, accepted, and transformed into light. Let the great healing and transformation of humanity occur. Let the lamb and the lion break bread together.

It’s party time!! I’m serious about us having more fun and being less serious about this. (Lol) I used serious twice on purpose. Laughter would make this ascension so much easier!!..
Please don’t take me so serious, I’m serious. 😅 Lol. Laughter is so healing, join me, life is so much better like this.
I LOVE YOU mmmmmy family from the stars!! This truly is a wonderful life. I’m blessed to have you be a part of it.
Meggan Rachell
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