by Meg Benedicte

Since the June Solstice Activations, there has been some intense shadow clearing as the world releases from the grip of dark fallen forces. We are in the process of unwinding from oppressive polarity running in all areas of our lives. This may feel like an emotional roller coaster – ranging from moments of extreme highs, only to drop into depression, fear or paranoia. This push-pull effect is the result of opposing forces unlocking and Lions Gate Activationopening into more unity consciousness.

As the outdated system of Duality continues to dissolve and evolve, you may experience a manic tidal wave of emotional release. Many LIghtworkers have been involved in a ‘Mission of Mercy’, holding divine Light with fallen souls. I’ve been aware of this mission myself for at least 15 years. This particular mission has reached a successful completion this year, as the crystalline Light quotient reached critical mass on planet earth. Now many are in the process of disentangling from the fallen forces and establishing self-sovereignty in their lives.

This week the solar infusion streaming thru the 8-8 Lions Gate portal is blessing humanity with a powerful Ascension upgrade. The galactic solar light codes are blowing open stagnant, dormant bio-circuitry to pulse alive with deeper Soul embodiment. As the polarized forces dissolve within, the Soul Presence increases in greater magnitude.

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Building in momentum, the annual 8:8 Lion’s Gate this Monday, August 8th is the time of year when our planet aligns with Star Sirius and the Galactic Center, creating a harmonious portal that unites “matter and antimatter”. The Infinity Figure-8 symbolizes union, integration, abundance and balancing polarity. The incoming Galactic Light from the Great Central Sun is revealing all that was hidden in shadow.

It may seem like the world is getting more polarized, but in truth the brilliant Light infusion is illuminating what has always been there. The 8-8 Lion’s Gate opens the Infinity portal that propels you past all previous limitations. It is the symbol of expanding beyond your normal boundaries. It is the geometry of Oneness, the original state of your divine being. Take this time to open and receive the blessings streaming in from Star Sirius, the Galactic Central Sun, and the 12 Tribes of Christed Light. Tuesday’s Leo New Moon is filling the heart center with more optimism, creativity and fun!

You are invited to join other Starseeds and LIghtworkers in our 8-8 Lions Gate Activations, Monday at 12pm Pacific.
Registration is $10, sign up here>>>:https://newearthcentral.com/?p=12835

Lovingly, Meg Benedicte

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Dear Ascension Pioneers!
The portal and gateway of 8.8. is finally here! Our polar opposites are merging and unifying, which is bringing a salvation and freeing of the old self and all the imposed convictions and beliefs. With that process, many Beings are ready to recognize their own unique Light in the Greatness of All That Is! The sacred marriage known to us as “Hieros gamos” does not only refer to a sacred Union between a man and a woman or masculine and feminine. In the most mystical way that is a spiritual Union, a marriage of opposites, of yin and yang, of Spirit and matter. With the full understanding comes the potential for embodiment, and when we can unify all the polar opposites within ourselves on one level, there will always come a new level to merge and unify! So why do we take Divine Union as something so final!?
It is a Soul journey from the most micro to the macro, as we are growing from our personal unification levels into realms of greater mastery, stepping into sacred partnership Unions, planetary Union, Galactic Union, Universal Union … So that we remember how Cosmic we actually are as that Cosmic Beloved within God consciousness! The limitations or imposed beliefs (even spiritual ones) are the only thing that is keeping us from truly becoming all that we are, a Being within its own sovereign domain! The sacred marriage is an alchemical process and we will even be able to feel the ascended descent of our Soul, because the most profound sense of freedom, harmony and Self Love will be rooted and embodied within us!
We are outgrowing one stage of our life as we move into the next stage of our Soul’s journey! As this transition period is at hand, we might often question our life and the choices that we are currently making, which is a natural part of the physical Ascension path, because the more Soul that we embody, the more we wish to consciously choose for ourselves. When we feel unloved, unsupported or even totally overlooked, the main reason behind it is usually the fact that we are still not making our choices through our sovereign Self, the conscious Creator spark within! The more we choose to ignite and create our reality according to our own resonance and vibration, the more we will feel internally loved and provided for, and the proper help and support will begin to appear in the outside world as well, as a pure reflection of our willingness to create through our authentic Soul Self! This is a state of receiving without being needy. The aspects of us that might still feel fragmented can create temper tantrums or stubborn clashes of will, but the parent part of our Soul is always there to call those aspects back Home into the Whole that we are! The pathway to create that comes through conscious allowance. The more we create willingly, the more our Life force rises in the body, and the higher our awareness will become … The more Bliss we will radiate!
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Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

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