Bypassing the Need to Wait – 5th Dimensional Consciousness

Bypassing the Need to Wait – 5th Dimensional Consciousness

from Pleiadian Delegate by L’Aura Pleiadian
When you are always “Waiting” for something that is not present in your life to arrive, you are living in the grand illusion of 3D, that is the Repetitive cycle, and incarnation cycle, of YOU always WAITING to receive that ONE thing you desire the most. You will receive That one thing you desire the most, which your Soul Desires, which you have incarnated over and over to receive, that is, your Destiny. And it is far greater than you realize.

Your Soul has set before you a Journey to arrival when you incarnated, guiding you in the present moment, to your deepest Desires, which is YOUR DESTINY. This is a fool-buddha-562034_640proof Journey. YOUR Soul knows what you need to be ready to receive. And no matter how far you go off track, you will always be brought back on track, because there is NO way AROUND IT.

Have you ever noticed, that when you are truly PRESENT, everything just shows up effortlessly? When you have let go of waiting, and trying and obsessing over that One thing, that is not present Now~ everything just arrives.

You have stepped out of 3D waiting, your Soul is guiding you every moment, and you have QUIT the endless battle of struggle and suffering, which is the resistance to the path of ease and grace, in the present moment. Everything magically unfolds, in the present Moment~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness. It is ARRIVAL and the end of struggle and fighting the PATH of your Soul. The path you have incarnated over and over to RECEIVE.

Living in the Present moment, and bypassing the Need to Wait (which is bypassing your need FOR control and resistance to arrival) is the allowance and acceptance of your Arrival, of the present moment, which ends the perpetual need for waiting (which is the 3D cycle) that you keep “incarnating” into. Do you need to wait till another incarnation to receive your Destiny?

Will you STOP Waiting and stop obsessing over everything THAT is not PRESENT NOW in your life now, and you Let that go And arrive NOW, YOU Receive. It is in the being present and in the letting go of the need to control and wait for what is not here now, that you RECEIVE your Destiny, your Desires AND MORE.

Give YOURSELF MORE Love not less, in every moment, with every experience, with every fear that arises. In all ways you recognize you are waiting, needing to known, controlling. And recognize that is why you are here, to Love yourself, to RECEIVE all that you desire! Love yourself More and More and More. And Receive the Great Love that you ARE in the Present Moment. That you are Not separated from.

Some of you are dealing with a type of Post Traumatic Stress that you have carried throughout many lifetimes, this is the fear that is unresolved, that ONLY WANTS more Love ~ not LESS. Accept you have fear, accept yourself, Love yourself!

Do not WAIT to love yourself TILL you are the way you desire to BE, Love yourself through acceptance NOW.

Through the application of 5th Dimensional Consciousness, which is self-love and acceptance of yourself and the PRESENT MOMENT~ you ENTER the present moment. And Arrive. And enter Receiving All that your Soul has for you to Receive. No longer existing in a 3D world of waiting and struggling and suffering, over and over. You can end this endless cycle NOW. Love what is, STOP endlessly waiting for what is NOT PRESENT NOW. I hold you in this, in the GRAND Destiny of your Eternal Soul, and in this your Freedom from suffering, through YOUR GREAT

Feel these words, enter deeply the present moment through your Breath and Receive the NOW Moment.

I no longer wait for what is not present to arrive.

Instead I arrive~ in the present moment.

I live in the present Moment which is the Path of my Soul.

My Destiny Unfolds for me, as I have Arrived.

I Am Present, I no Longer “wait” in a timeline of 3D, that only served to keep me in the cycle of waiting.

I have freed myself from this endless cycle.

I Have Arrived.

Eternal Love and Bliss!

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