You are currently viewing Temple of the Solar Rishi Activating ~ Guardians Of Light (Magnetic light of Mother) New Blueprints of Ascension – DIRECT CONTACT!

Temple of the Solar Rishi Activating ~ Guardians Of Light (Magnetic light of Mother) New Blueprints of Ascension – DIRECT CONTACT!

Temple of the Solar Rishi Activating ~ Guardians Of Light (Magnetic light of Mother) New Blueprints of Ascension – DIRECT CONTACT!



Paul White Gold Eagle

Greetings New Earth Wizards of our Galactic Legion of Light

Happy Galactic New Year of the White Overtone Wizard. Our Earth Shamans walk the Medicine Way for the benefit of all Sentient Beings of the Universal One. One Heart, One Mind, One Love. The Separation game ends as all our Ground Crew Earth Angelics join together as One in Unity Consciousness and initiate the Freedom Codes within our Divine DNA Blueprints of the 12 Strand Crystalline DNA of the 144.

To assist Gaia and all Her Children of the Sun through this Ascension Process our local Solaris released another series of C Class Solar Flares today and two more M Class Flares the most powerful maxing at M 4.63 at 10:37 UTC, encoded with our 37 into the 73 Codes of our New Eden. Pachamama also received another powerful activation today on the Ring of Fire with a magnitude 6.4 earthquake in Vanuatu at 12:44 UTC, our Code of the 144 flowing in.

As we journey through this Stellar Gateway of Magnificent Transformation, together we Rise and Thrive on our New Heaven upon our New Earth! With the Wisdom of the Buddha and the Love of the Christ the Eagle and the Condor merge together in Divine Union of Hieros Gamos to usher in the New Era of Peace in Eternal Bliss Consciousness. We now know as a collective humanity that we have suffered enough and we take control back to free ourselves and all our Good People of our New Jerusalem from the Wheel of Samsara by continuing to turn the Wheel of Dharma forever more…A’Ho!









Happy Tara Day and Medicine Buddha Day everybody!

“We often do not think to call on Tara because a lot of our practice focuses on the non-dual aspects, but we live in duality. We can see Tara as an archetype, but she really exists, yet she is also non-dual, so she does not have to come from anywhere or go anywhere.
She can appear whenever we need her, but we have to ask. Both asking and doing practice with visualization, mudra, and mantra are like dialing Tara’s hotline. Tara is famous for responding when called, so remember you can call on her when you are in need or afraid of something.”
~ Lama Tsultrim Allione, from the Green Tara Commentary
Happy Tara Day
Happy Tara Day
Temple of the Solar Rishi Activating = Solar Plexxus
Light Manifestation + Transmission.
Gates Opening! ⚡️⚡️⚡️ #rebirth
Hearing Walk Ins Coming in SOON to REPLACE some Soul Aspects
Higher Monad Templates!
Either new ones are dropping in
Ones that have already dropped are now being activated.
Especially in Divine Unions/Partnerships!
Know the Truth, but respect the illusion. Big day for the collective tomorrow.. False grids unplugging ATM. Very busy day today for the dragons in the ethers.. #lovewins ❤️


art by Michael Blank



🌀26/7 Planetary New Year🌀Here we go…Lions Gate Opening💫 Sirius Channel Open Wide💫Earth Sun Sirius Aligned…ready to receive an Immense Flow of LOVE 💙
Lyran Feline
Lyran Feline


July 26th Planetary New Year

Today, under the sign of Leo, we celebrate the Planetary New Year. This means we are commencing a new Spiral of Time and Creation both on a personal level and on a planetary level.
We made such huge shifts in the past year and cycle as we expanded and expanded into our Holographic Multi-dimensional body. Now we are ready to “engage” and create more of the the New Earth.
We are living in a Reality where Love, Peace and Joy can create the life and the reality that we desire.
Have a beautiful and Magical Day!
Blue Avian beings
Blue Avian beings


🐋💛Magnetic light of Mother💛🐋

Creating Harmonic Resonance in the Field.
In Harmony with The Electrical Truth Sound of Heaven, Grounded Through The Lineage Of Michael.
Sanctifying All Space, All Dimensions.
Reclaiming The Sacred Energetic Body Of Mother in All Dimensions.
Strengthening Us, Nourishing Us.
Offering Magnetic Return To Golden Alignment To All.
Mother Of All.
Embrace and Reconciliation into The Human Body Of One.
Reconnection of All Dimensions into One Space Time Reality.
Returning All That Doesn’t Belong, To Source Via Michael’s Line.
Weaving All Timelines into One, Golden Timeline.
Assurance Of The One Way Of Creation.
Magnetic light of Mother
Magnetic light of Mother
We are shifting from the old to the new. And so many are in The Twilight Zone. 4D of dreams and nightmares not fully conscious. It is the in-between.
So to assist ourselves and the collective to awaken. To navigate with grace into 5D. Be in compassion. Feel held and attuned to Divine Grace. We can do these simple ways
1. Stop pause and take a breath.
2. Stop thinking trying to understand fix solve.
3. Remember we are the bridge for 5D
4. Feel into the possibility we are more powerful than we think
5. You are love
6. There is a Divine plan. The magical beautiful powerful wonderful creative not only is waiting IS here.
7. We can assist each other. And through doing so we create Heaven on Earth.
8. Sometimes all we need do is listen. To ourselves and each other.
9. Remember to anchor and ground as the collective releases shock and trauma.
10. Remember you we are love. We are loved unconditionally by Gaia Divine Ones and Source. And through each Soul everyone is Divine inspiration. We Are Love.

Ra James

Today is the Galactic New Year. It’s the first day of a New Year of the galactic calendar, which is made up of 13 Moons, and 28 day cycles. Today’s frequencies are helping us to shift into a new frequency, and even new realities. It’s a great time to set intentions for the new year ahead. Today corresponds with the rising of Sirius. However Sirius actually rises and first becomes visible August 11th. Sirius is a Gateway to Heaven. As our Planet aligns with the Sun, and Sirius tons of supercharged high frequency energies stream in from our Great Central Sun. These energies will be powerful for DNA activation over the next two weeks.
They are raising up the frequency of the entire Planet. The Lions Gate Portal will open from July 28th to August 11th. We are already very much feeling, and in the energies of the Lions Gate Portal now though. Expect royal codes that align with the heart chakra. On the 8th day of the 8th month we have the 8/8 Portal. This is the peak of the Lions Gate. This means the energies will be at there strongest. On the 8/8 Portal we have a powerful astrological alignment with Earth, Sirius, Orion’s Belt, our Sun, the Great Central Sun, and the pyramids of Giza all aligning. This alignment activates the portals and energy vortexes within the Earth and the Ley Lines.
That’s why it’s such a powerful time to be doing energy work. It’s so powerful to connect with the Earth and to get outside right now. With these Energies you may experience spiritual awakening, kundalini activation, third eye/ heart chakra activations, opening of your chakras, clearing of blockages, spiritual experiences, downloads, an increase in clairvoyance, visions, dreams, or astral travel. It’s a great time to clear your energy, recharge or to activate your crystals…
Galactic New Year
Galactic New Year
8:47. …. DIRECT CONTACT!!!!! …
No more veil…
No more darkness..
No more secrets…
No more shadow, No separation…
Everything comes to the surface….
Devil – is not the Devil… >
> This is the substance of matter / physical body / consciousness / material goods …
it was only necessary to learn how to interact with it correctly ………..
>> Shadows are the source of strength !!!!!
Final merging with your body /
spirit <> matter …
We – the Fallen Angels – were in a long oblivion / breaking the connection with the source … and the illusion of bodily consciousness.
.. EVERYTHING CAME to LIGHT !!!!!.. ..
Everything healed / dna, genetics, bloodline /.. Everything restored and balanced ..
All one ….
No war ….
Now it’s time for SACRED INTERACTION …
💜💙🤍💫 Our entire space family 💫🤍💙💜
7/26/23: If July has squeezed you, challenged, conflicted, or even conquered you… yay! You’ve been polished and promoted. Nothing July has done is without merit or benefit. You are a torch that has been lit, and any angst, drama, or trauma is the fuel that will help you to burn brighter. The world needs your light and your hard-earned compassion. It needs those who are willing to take the heat and evolve through the process and the pain in order to gain the experience and wisdom that will be necessary in the future. Today is for standing in your power, shining for yourself and others. This is no small accomplishment. Most will not even try.
July 26th – New Blueprints of Ascension – Major Shifts Higher Frequencies Update from our Experience of Downloads/ Light Codes/ Blueprints/ Template’s/ beyond 🦄
We have been Clearing/ Cleaning Up millions of Timelines/ Realities/ Parallel Universe’s/ Parallel Realities in Night Awake State … To Activate Trillions of Template’s for the New Atlantis Downloads/ Template’s!!! ✨️✨️✨️✨️
New Lemuria Krystalline Diamond Liquid Plasma Photonic Light Solar Template’s ✨️ Dolphin Krystalline Kingdoms to Assist with Restoring Purity/ Divine Child All New Template’s✨️✨️✨️
Plato’s – New Wisdom Codes…
All New Sacred Divine Krystalline Inner Marriage – New Hieros Gamos Celestial Sacred Marriages – Partnership – All New Soul Agreements – New Divine Holy Union of the Celestial Ray’s of Pure Love Consciousness Of Creations…. New Inner Trinity 333 Sacred Soul / Christed Oversouls Marriages..
New Universe’s Key’s of Remembering – To synchronize All as One Inner Union –
144 New Systems – 333 Trinity Key’s Systems Unity Consciousness – 777 Pure Love/ Abundance Restore / 1111 Reset
We Are Activating All New Godsource Consciousness Template’s Beautiful Codes ..
Reminder for Pure Light Body Care / Hydration _ Pure Clean Water… 💖


New Blueprints of Ascension
New Blueprints of Ascension


Dear friends, the energy waves from the Lion’s Gate energy portal are already flowing in, today marks its official opening. 💫 Today’s portal opening has been accompanied by strong solar winds and a moderate geomagnetic storm in our planetary atmosphere, allowing the Lion’s gate lightcodes to stream stronger than usual.
Today, July 26, we are also moving into the new Galactic Year according to some ancient cultures such as the Mayans. This event marks a new chapter in the evolutionary story of us as an enlightened human race.
One particular divine feminine attribute being awakened by the Lion’s Gate energies is DIVINE CREATIVITY. Please remember these lightcodes are not gender specific, they affect us all equally.
As we move deeper into the Lion’s Gate portal towards August, you may start noticing your creativity being enhanced, including downloading tons of inspirations/insights and happily exploring and expressing your ideas in the outer world. Are you feeling sparks of artistic invention and imagination? Ideas for new projects? An inner nudge to change an aspect of your life?
These downloads go beyond artistic expression; your problem-solving skills may also improve, you might unearth new talents, and create a more enjoyable life for yourself. Any unique gifts will certainly grow during this transformative period. And more importantly, you will be able to share these positive new timeline adjustments with other fellow humans.
Try to devote some time daily to express yourself creatively. It could take the form of writing, painting, dancing, singing, cooking, etc. Your heart will be leading the way. Any creative blockages will have to be faced under these energies, but fear not, this process will allow you to find any hidden stagnant energies to be released. Enjoy exploring out of your comfort zone and creating a new more expanded and joyful reality.
Have a wonderful Lion’s Gate friends. Much love ❤️
Diego E. Berman 2023 Ⓒ



Chellea (Channel & Mystic)

The Big SHIFT to 5D has Begun! ~ The Andromeda Intergalactic Council

Greetings in the Light, and the love of our Infinite Creator.

The Earth is now receiving the maximum Light intensity that she can withstand for the moment, in her advancement into the 5th Degree spectrum. As The Earth Rises higher in the degree of Light, we will be able to direct more of the Cosmic Energies towards her. She is ascending very quickly now. These intense frequencies will penetrate even the Darkest, most obscure places. The Dark ones still on your Planet, are running scared at this moment. They have nowhere else to hide. The disclosure taking place is lifting the veil on all the crimes that’s been hidden. The frequencies the Earth is receiving is now affecting everything The Dark ones try to do against this Earth and Humanity, all attempts at deception or violence will be countered.

These Dark ones have tried to escalate the current wars on your planet to cause more chaos and fear. But their attempts have fallen by the wayside, with no attention being given anymore. More people are turning their backs on any mainstream narrative that the dark ones on your planet try and push. Their agendas of Darkness is literally crumbling out of their hands.

This Earth and Humanities Big SHIFT to the 5th Dimension has begun.

These energies are transforming every living thing, including the Earth. It will also enhance actions of positive nature, as well as hender actions of Negative nature such as causing harm and doing against others.

When doing positive activities such as helping others and Group meditations, These events will run very smoothly because they match the frequencies that the Earth is now receiving.

Those holding on to the Lower vibrations of Fear, Hate, greed or selfishness will feel these energies as something that is contrary to their way of being. This will cause outbursts of Negative behavior, and uncomfortable changes to the body, including increasing illness and disease.

We have stated before that No one is left behind in this ascension, nevertheless, there are those who choose another Path. Their freewill allows them to make the choice to stay within the 3rd Dimensional state of Consciousness or to move higher in the degree of Light.

However, the Light penetrating the Earth in these moments will not allow for the 3rd degree Mindset. So, chaos will erupt within the Minds of these individuals. In most cases, these beings will lash out at others and even themselves. They still have a choice whether to accept the Light frequencies and change their way of being. But there will still be those who won’t, and They will not be able to withstand the frequencies and may choose to leave the Earth at this time. These beings however, unless consciously following the dark path, will be advanced in spectrum during their next lifetime. They may leave now to only return as a 5th dimension of Consciousness. This is what we mean when referring to, No One is Left behind in the darkness.

All who wish to ascend, Will Ascend. There is no need for Gurus or Spiritual Teachers to get to there.

The 5D isn’t a Place but a Vibration of Light Degree. The Only states of consciousness That can withstand these vibrations is That of Peace, Love, Care, Giving and forgiveness. This becomes your way of being, and it becomes your next level or degree of Consciousness. Your Ascension will happen naturally. But changes must be made within yourself to allow for the Higher Light to be embodied. This is a Natural evolution of Consciousness. Everything on the Planet is raising in consciousness. This includes all animals, and wildlife, plants, and even the Rocks which are in a 1st degree of consciousness advancing upward in light. Every living thing, including the Earth herself, is experiencing changes, of some sort. Your societies and the 3rd dimensional lifestyle are also transforming.

Those who are moving into the Higher degree of Light, will experience Friction when dealing with the 3D daily issues of your everyday life. Simple tasks that are embedded in the 3D world, such as Paying Bills, going shopping, running errands, will all be more difficult to accomplish. The Human Society in General will change, everything must transform to meet the 5TH degree of vibration. The big Shift of Transforming from a 3D world to a 5th Density society, doesn’t happen overnight. A lot must be dissolved before the New can replace it.

Once the information of our Presence becomes widespread, More people will become curious of their true reality. This will help with the momentum of the Transformation.

Nevertheless, the changes that you who are on the ascension path are experiencing will be profound. Many of you are already witnessing the early stages of advanced Vision within the Higher Spectrums. Many of you are already experiencing new or dormant abilities showing themselves. And Many of you are on a path of remembrance of Past Lives and all the Wisdom obtained therein. All of you who wish to advance in the Light will do so.

How easy or hard that is for you will determine what you are willing to let go of from The 3rd density Mindset. This would be the Ego. This is the letting go of opinions and judgement of Others and self. The Higher consciousness is a higher understanding. Meaning you now see Others as yourself, in a different form having a different experience. We are Each a Spark of the Creator, and all should be treated as such.. This new way of Being will be hard for some to obtain. But this is what direction The ascension takes you. It takes you in the Direction of Oneness with the all.

During these moments in your time space, you must look inside yourself and witness your own being. Are you headed in the direction of Oneness? Are you becoming more compassionate towards Others? Are you raising yourself and Others in the Light and Love of your Infinite Creator? We are all a part of the Grand Existence of the One Infinite Light which we all came. To Ascend is to understand your connection to it all. The All is One.

We would like to give a special moment, for The Beautiful Wanderers and Starseeds of Light, who have so graciously given of yourselves, selflessly, to the Divines Plan. We Thank you, and celebrate you in Oneness.

We and your other Star Families await you in Joyous reunion.

You are the Masters Returning Home.

We love you and Honor you.

In The Love and Light of The Infinite Creator.

We are The Andromeda Intergalactic Council, here to Serve The Divine.

Channeled By Chellea, at

New Atlantis
New Atlantis


Guardians Of Light💥🌿

Ancestral Guides, Light Family, Know they Walk Beside You.
Showering our deepest thoughts with Ancient Light Awareness 🙏
As we choose inner guidance and self-acceptance. The opening to Higher Light Families is now Presenting.
The momentum of your Light Journey is now providing these opportunities, to converse and BE in this wonderful light synergy.
Connecting to Your Ancient Light Family 🙏
Many of you are Now in this place of wonderful Synergy.
For the Light Perspective of your Journey is leading you to a Wider Point of Expansion🙏
It is simply seeing this Light Perspective and expanding your light view to converse with the Ancient Ancestors and Beings connected to your childhood learning.
Remember our Guardians present themselves in many forms 💥🌿
Be Open to the information you are receiving🙏
Don’t allow set backs to deter you ❤
Simply Open Your Light Space To the Wonders of Light 💥🌿
The Tools of Higher Light Communication 💥
Embrace the Light. For the challenges are opportunities to Expand. Continue dear one.We see the challenges you are facing. Continue working through the physical threshold of your reality🙏
May this message provide you with Strength and Resilience ❤💥
Together we walk in Light 🙏
Sending waves of Cosmic Love ❤
The Arcturians & Karen Lithika
Guardians Of Light
Guardians Of Light

In the past, people’s rejection towards you due to their own envy and jealousy may have created havoc to your health and wellbeing. You may have felt that it was safer to hide and let these people be in spotlight, also letting them receive the benefits that come with that. That form of sabotage is concluding.

Continue taking back your power, energy, health, and happiness. A new chapter of being risen up, being seen, and safety to thrive is here. Open your heart to the new blessed opportunities and relationships that you can now receive. This includes reaping the rewards of your past efforts, attracting love, moving, wealth, and new doors opening.

Surrender the need to know and control how this happens. Instead continue being balanced, stable, grounded, while focusing on moving towards the light.

In Jesus Christ’s name amen. God bless you 🕊 Love Carolyn


Snow lotus
Snow lotus
On Wednesday, July 26th, we have Mercury, ruler of the mental realm, in creative Leo the Lion in an inconjunct to Neptune, ruler of the spiritual real, in otherworldly Pisces the Fish. Mercury rules thoughts, ideas, perceptions, messages and communications and in Leo is very creative and colorful! The connection to ethereal Neptune stimulates imagination, inspiration, fantasy, mysticism and psychic sensitivities. This aspect could possibly generate illusion, confusion and delusion. However, if we shift our perspective, it can also generate mystery, magic and miracles! Focus your mind in the area of creative manifestation! And then trust and believe in the power of your thoughts! Blessings of Love and Light to All! ♥️
Mercury, ruler of the mental realm, in creative Leo the Lion
Mercury, ruler of the mental realm, in creative Leo the Lion



Lunar Aspects – The Moon continues her journey through Scorpio, engaging with Saturn, Mars and Jupiter. Many people ask, why is it so HARD right now? Everything feels intense, authorities seem untrustworthy, it’s difficult to know the truth. The scent of secrets hangs low in the air, tantalising yet poisonous, undermining control. Rules and regulations that affect everyone seem sodden with undercurrents of power games and hidden wealth. ‘I smell a rat we say’, as it disappears back down the sewer. Trickle down policies trickle away and no one at the bottom is getting fat on the profits.
‘So, what do we do?’ asks Mars. Monitor your overload. Pay attention to world affairs but know when to switch off. Give yourself time to refuel and recharge. Choose your charity, goal or cause and pour your spare energies into that. Don’t feel guilty for not being ‘perfect’ in your efforts to help. There are sharks in the pool, corporations that should bear the brunt of responsibility. Know that a small act of kindness is tangible evidence that peace is possible. Lean into your faith and your spiritual helpers. Guard against quick judgement, overcompensating or over-consumption. Leave room to experience your emotions and tend to your needs. Be honest with yourself about personal changes that need to happen. Work on resilience. Trust that you can deal with whatever life brings.
Degrees and Times
Moon 06°Sc03′, Saturn 06°Pi03′ R – 05:27 (BST)
Moon 09°Sc48′, Mars 09°Vi48′ – 12:31 (BST)
Moon 13°Sc05′, Jupiter 13°Ta05′ – 18:38 (BST)
© Leah Whitehorse
Painting – Meditation (Portrait of the Artist’s Wife) by William Merritt Chase
Meditation ~ Portrait of the Artists Wife
Meditation ~ Portrait of the Artists Wife

Eden Skywalker

HAPPY GALACTIC NEW YEAR TODAY 🙂 As of July 26, 2023 we have now entered The Year of The White Overtone Wizard! We are now embarking on a new orbit around the Sun focused on EMPOWERMENT ~ ENCHANTMENT ~ LIVING OUR MAGIC ~ and the experience of TIMELESSNESS we feel by rooting to NOW-CENTERED TIME! The Wizard codes reminds us that the past is only a memory, and the future never actually arrives, because Life only happens in the Present Moment!
As our opening quote in The New Galactic Calendar says: “The moment is our constant guide. It is the doorway to all that matters. And slowing our presence to meet the heart of each moment opens us to the mystery and power of life.” – Mark Nepo …. I feel that quote is so potent and life-changing if we really absorb it, enter into its teaching, contemplate its insight so we can embody it in our human adventure….
In Lak’ech ~ I Am Another Yourself, Eden Skywalker
Moon 1, 1 – We are in the moment of maximum intensification in Earth’s entire history, if not the entire history of solar system.
Episode 1 – Precept 1. – The sole purpose of life is to remember God and return to the soul; that pure place where you can read the written words God has placed in your heart.
Kin 174 – Preach 18. – Cosmic History is the structure of the universe projected through your own body and it is like a harmonious work of art.
The Magician, charmed by Timelessness, cannot be overshadowed by anything.
Toned Wizard
Stellar excitement is a life-long record of the superior analog functions of other stellar masses whose heliocosmic consciousness is advanced to the superconscious and subliminal consciousness. Stellar excitements reach their peak in moments of galactic synchronization: the subliminal conscious feedback of the fifth untoned galactic force stabilizes universal life in new plateaus amid soaring peaks of excitement. The starry plateaus define different evolutionary eras of the planet and the star system.
Experimental Zone:
Space troop 24.3
Cosmic History
Cosmic History

Kin 174 ~ White Overtone Wizard

‘Overtone’ is the name for the number five and its keywords are ‘Empower, Radiance and Command’. The fifth day of any wavespell shifts up a gear and brings with it intensity! The number five gives a great deal of power to whichever day it falls on. Also, the fifth day is the same color as the first day of the wavespell. This symbolizes a shift in direction and speed. The next day that is the same color will be the ninth, and the last day is also the same. These four days are the most important in the wavespell because of this connection.
Today is White Wizard which represents ‘Enchantment, Timelessness and Receptivity’. The empowered Wizard is a dude to be reckoned with for sure. His spells are at their peak and we all fall under his enchantment. You can be a Wizard today if you choose, use your charm and cast spells. It’s a case of being spell bound or doing the spell bounding. This is a very empowering opportunity, so make good use of it. As always, remember the Wizard is a good guy, so don’t misuse your charms to get one over someone else! Use this power only for good and not evil. The Wizard is the Jaguar, the Shaman. He has the ability to take you to other worldly realms.
The Guide is the White Wind which symbolizes ‘Communication, Spirit and Breath’. Allow your words to guide your actions today. Walk your Talk and don’t be all talk and no action. Words have a lot of effect today because it is White Overtone Wizard. Spells said out loud have more power, and so be careful what you say.
The Challenge is the Yellow Seed which symbolizes sowing awareness. If you are a Yellow Seed, then today just isn’t your day. Everyone is so completely under a spell that they don’t listen to the wisdom you are trying to impart. No one seems to be able to pay attention, you can blame Wizard for that. Today is so surreal because the day’s energy is strengthened by the number five.
The Occult power is the Blue Hand which represents ‘Healing, Accomplishment and Inner Knowing’. When in this position Blue Hand can facilitate magical healing. As I have said before, always look to the Occult power of a day to find strength and opportunity. We can consider all aspects of today but Blue Hand in the Occult position is the one to focus on. Profound progress can be made, it’s an empowering day after all! If you are a Blue Hand you’ll enjoy this much power and the Wizard doesn’t mesmerize you, because you are so strongly aspected.
The Ally is the Red Serpent and so if you are one, expect all your friends to turn to you today for support. Your sensitive nature makes you a great friend all the time anyway but when in the Ally position, you excel in helpfulness. If you are not lucky enough to have one in your life, you can still benefit from the Serpent’s message. And that entails using your instincts, and being sensitive to all that is going on. The Serpent also offers you a chance to release any poison that you may be holding onto. Which is very friendly advice.
Kin 174
Kin 174


5 IX – KIN 174
26 JULY 2023
Commanding receptivity
I seal the output of timelessness
With the Overtone tone of RADIANCE
I AM guided by the power of SPIRIT
26/7/2023 = 8/7/7 = 8/14= 8/5 = 13=4
26-Empowerment through Compassion😍
8- Infinite ABUNDANT Source Flow💫
13- Goddess/Cosmic consciousness/Natural Lore/synchronic time
✨MONTH/YEAR codes✨
7- Majik/Mystic/Spiritual/Solitude/Initiation
14- Media/Publicity/Promotion/Recognition
5- Freedom/Change/Transformation/Movement/Liberation
20- The AWAKENING/Clear vision
2- Partner/Twin/Cooperation/Alliances
23- Royal Star of the Lion/Strength/Protection
KIN 174 = 12 = 3 – Holy trinity/Joy/Creativity
What BRILLIANT codes to set off our MAJIKAL NEW YEAR🎉🎊💫 on a wonderful start!!! –
✨26 Empowerment through COMPASSION which is the THEME of the OVERTONE WIZARD – connecting to HEART CONSCIOUSNESS…
✨8 flow of energy from GOD/SOURCE/SPIRIT amplified by the WHITE WIND higher guide, and
✨13/4 NEW EARTH code – constructing through Goddess anc Cosmic consciousness… in harmony with synchronic time and Natural Lore..
What more could we ASK for???
Divinely PERFECTO codes today – on NEW YEAR’S DAY… HIP HIP HOO-RAY! 🎉🎊🎇
Last Galactic spin – 9 months ago – KIN 174 aligned on the MAJIKAL FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE IN TAURUS!!
These were the codes on that day –
We had an ✨8.8.✨ ABUNDANCE💰 code bringing forth INFINITE blessings from Spirit.💋💋💋💋. AMPLIFYING the abundant blessings of TAURUS and VENUS. This grand celestial lunation, aligning with the MAJIKAL OVERTONE WIZARD, with a 7 MAJIK day code, and a 16 code of sudden changes and unexpected events, is truly a SPECTACULAR line-up.✨🌠✨🌠✨..
KIN 174 occurred 27 months ago on 6th June which was a 6/6 HEAVEN’S GATE portal – linking through the portals to all these HEAVENLY blessings. WHITE WIND – is the HIGHER GUIDE on this MAJIKAL day so SPIRIT really DOES want us ALL to PROSPER! 🎉🎉🎊🎇
Today is a SUPER EXCEPTIONAL – divinely guided, MAJIKAL day of pure RADIANT LOVE! 💞💞💞
We can tap into these energies flowing through the portal OPENED through KIN 174 ALL YEAR –
LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL ✨💫✨– abundance, pleasure, love and blessings from our HEAVENLY FATHER/MOTHER GOD/DESS…
💝🐕👪🌹 💝🐕👪🌹💝
Day 5 in the WHITE DOG WAVESPELL 🐕of unconditional love, loyalty, devotion, Service, friendship and Faith.. We are uncovering and healing all that separates us from SOURCE LOVE in order to BE LOVE! 💕
Today we are EMPOWERING others through the power of ENCHANTMENT💫 to radiate LOVE, loyalty and devotion to each other through our precious Hearts. A very beautiful code!
We are SUPREMELY BLESSED to have the OVERTONE WIZARD taking the reins and REIGNING over this entire DREAMSPELL YEAR… this supremely enhances our POWER and ABUNDANT blessings. Open your HEART❤ and your arms to RECEIVE the MAJIK✨ pouring forth from SOURCE today!
OVERTONE 👑– Tone 5 in the SPIRITUAL realm. ACTION – commands, POWER – empowers, ESSENCE – radiance Number 5 represents the Center,🔘 core purpose, foundation and central intent. It is the CENTER of the wheel from which all the spokes emanate. This is the phase where the energy of Creation returns to the center and then RADIATES outwards.
Overtones 👑command the unbounded. They order it to BE and so it becomes! Their POWER🎆 radiates from their soul essence through a pure connection to SOURCE, this is the true source of unlimited power.
The OVERTONE TONE gives the RAINBOW WARRIORS the power of SOVEREIGNTY,👑 to RISE UP as KINGS and QUEENS of NEW EARTH.. COMMANDING their POWER and enchanting their legions of followers with their RADIANCE..
The OVERTONE👑 power combined with the WIZARD and WHITE WIND, make for an incredibly beautiful and enchanting energy – akin to the POWER of true love.💓 This is a very special code today…
What an exquisite combo!! 🌹🌹🌹
✨✨✨The greatest MAJIK in all of CREATION is the POWER of LOVE radiated through our pure Magnetized HEARTS.💓💞
Make no mistake this is DIVINE SOURCE ALCHEMY.☀⚛☀
KIN 174 aligning with the eclipse – last year on the TAURUS/SCORPIO AXIS ACTIVATED our DIVINE POWER to OVERRIDE all DARK MAGIC (Scorpionic patriarchal control patterns) and empowered the WHITE MAJIK we all hold inside our TRUE HEARTS – to flower through the VENUSIAN/TAUREAN 5D Bliss energies.
Today the MOON is in SCORPIO so we can truly CRUSH these dark Scorpionic energies and CLOSE the doors to the underworld PERMANENTLY!!! hallelujah!!!
The OVERTONE WIZARD with his wand of TRUTH will uncover any dark lurking energies, but make no mistake – WHITE WIND is the Higher force this year – so SPIRIT WINS.. DIVINE WHITE MAJIK rules this year.. the battle of DARK over LIGHT finally ENDS!!
“Dear GOD before the courts of HEAVEN, I invoke the Law of Encroachment.
I call upon the Holy Angels to remove these evil creatures and dark entities, and to break this operation over me and my loved ones.
In Jesus name we pray.”
AMEN 🙏🙏🙏
REPEAT 3X to BREAK the dark dream-SPELL!
Divine Gratitude to beloved siSTAR @ Fran shore for sharing this powerful prayer.. 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
Today’s questions are “Can I RADIATE Divine SPIRIT through my HEART, through claiming my DIVINE POWER to walk my TRUE PATH of DESTINY”.
“Am I RECEPTIVE to the guidance of SPIRIT, to fulfill my DREAMS?”
“As I COMMAND my TRUE DIVINE POWER – am I willing to RADIATE my LIGHT and enchant others?”
🐬🌈 ❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤
Divine blessings for RADIATING the most pure Divine spiritual energy in pursuit of your DREAMS today. 💓🌹💕💞🎆
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
💝🐕👪🌹 💝🐕👪🌹💝
CONSCIOUS SELF: WHITE OVERTONE WIZARD☀👑 🔮– IX is the Magician, whose powers are activated by wisdom that emanates from the HEART.💓 Today we can access potent energies through being in a hyper receptive mode of anchoring with a deep receptivity to many dimensions. This requires stillness and attunement in order to conduct and flow these energies through our vessel.
We are seeking to OPEN our HEARTS❤ to greater LOVE 💞and RADIATE🎆 this outwardly. 💓🎆
This beautiful OVERTONE energy is true spiritual POWER. The POWER that emanates from our inner core being, our TRUE- pure DIVINE essence, radiating pure conscious energy. The spiritual power that weaves the beautiful shamanic web of creation, connecting all our kin in one beautiful glistening web of LOVE. 🕸💞
You can connect to this WHITE MAGNETIC WIZARDRY PLANETARY GRID🌐 which was formed in 2019, and is available at your disposal. We are commencing the 5th Year of our 13 Year WHITE WIZARD cycle. Much MAJIK awaits us in our journey to COSMIC ENCHANTMENT🍥😍 in 2031 – the Year of the COSMIC WIZARD! Woot woot🎉🎈🎊🎉🎈🎊🎉🎈 – Planetary party – dear STAR 🌟BLISS 🐬SUNS 🌞
And so we have a 13 year cycle to MASTER our spell casting beautiful Alchemists! 💫✨⚛ Hone those majik wands!
The power of enchantment can be utilized in your desires and creations through shamanic, ritual, ceremony and spell casting today. Make sure you say “This or something better, with harm to none through the POWER of LOVE.”💕 And so mote, it be!
Perfecto energy for SPELL-casting a new DREAM-spell through this wondrous, EMPOWERING NEW GALACTIC YEAR! 💫💫💫
HIGHER SELF/GUIDE: WHITE OVERTONE WIND 🌬– IK represents the voice or breath of Spirit. Such an UBER powerful code to have the WIZARD guided by Spirit, particularly the Divinely RADIANT🎆 – Overtone Wind – high White Majik codes indeed.💫 This WIZARD is DIVINELY PURE! ✨✨
WHITE WIZARD is a tool of the LIGHT, a conduit for the work of SPIRIT and totally devoted in his Divine Mission to the Divine Plan, through the WILL of SPIRIT. The OVERTONE WIND is the HIGHER POWER guiding the energies through this ENTIRE YEAR, bringing forth the WILL of Father God. This combination of truth bringers – IX and IK – WIZARD and WIND – is activating CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS☀.. which is assessed from SPIRIT through a PURE HEART. ❤🕊✨❤
☀YESHUA/JESUS THE CHRIST☀ – epitomized this energy signature as he told us “through the Father all things are possible” YESHUA incarnated on EARTH to teach us that our GOD was not OUTSIDE of us, in HEAVEN or some other “higher place”, but existed within us – and could be directly accessed through our HEART. ❤
A wise Magician is spontaneous and transparent, allowing MAJIK to come in, rather than trying to control it or make it happen. 💫 A true Magician dances the dance of love,💃 through offering gifts of FREEDOM to others. This is real MAJIK. The WIZARD of old, who appears out of nowhere, to FREE our HERO’S from the dastardly villains and SAVE their lives. ✨💫✨
Freed from the need to use power to manipulate or control, a magician uses WISDOM to manifest LIBERATION💥 and LOVE.❤❤❤ And the OVERTONE WIZARD uses DIVINE WISDOM to LIBERATE others.
✨✨✨Today SPIRIT is seeking to LIBERATE HUMANITY from the DARK MAGIC control agenda..✨✨✨
Allow the breath of Spirit to flow through your vessel guiding your enchantment today and LIBERATING you from darkness. . OPEN your receptivity to the Divine, in order to receive the guidance on the direction in which you need to move forwards. If you are still wondering WHERE you are headed, BE STILL, receptive, and ALLOW the messages of Spirit to come through loud and clear.
The WHITE KIN are the refiners, they wield the sword of TRUTH🗡 and are Divine Messengers spreading these TRUTHS. 🕊🕊🕊
Today we have 3 WHITE KIN – Wizard, Wind and White Dog all charging through these portals ensuring we AWAKEN to the Divine TRUTH and Divine plan for planet EARTH.. A beautiful GIFT for humanity. Hi Ho Silver! 🐎🐎🐎
WHITE WIND/SPIRIT is the HIGHER POWER today seeking to GUIDE us into this new GOLDEN ERA using the POWER of WHITE MAJIK.. This message came through soooo STRONG.
I heard the words “You have to believe we are magic. Nothin’ can stand in our way” – and I recognized these lyrics from the song MAGIC, sung by the beautiful ANGELIC Olivia Newton John (R.I.P. 🙏🌹) in the 80s musical XANADU movie … more info. at this link…
The song kept reverberating in my mind so I checked the lyrics – which absolutely BLEW ME AWAY!! ✨☀✨☀ It felt like these words were being DIRECTLY SPOKEN to me by SPIRIT🕊 – and so I MUST share them with you – TINGLES ✨✨✨✨
Come take my hand
You should know me
I’ve always been in your mind
You know I will be kind
Building your dream has to start NOW
There’s no other road to take
You won’t make a mistake
I’ll be guiding you🕊
You have to believe we are magic
You have to believe we are magic
Don’t let your aim ever stray
And if all your hopes survive
✨I’ll bring all your DREAMS ALIVE✨
For you
I’ll bring all your dreams alive
For you
Through every turn I’ll be near you
I’ll come anytime you call
I’ll catch you when you fall
I’ll be guiding you🕊
You have to believe we are magic
Nothin’ can stand in our way
You have to believe we are magic
Don’t let your aim ever stray
And if all your hopes survive
Destiny will arrive
I’ll bring all your dreams alive
For you
I’ll bring all your dreams alive
For you
You have to believe we are magic
Nothin’ can stand in our way
You have to believe we are magic
Don’t let your aim ever stray
And if all your hopes survive
Destiny will arrive
I’ll bring all your dreams alive
For you
I’ll bring all your dreams alive
For you
Source: Musixmatch
Songwriters: John Clifford Farrar
Magic lyrics © John Farrar Music, Lido Music, Inc.
Absolute FULL BODY TINGLES✨✨✨ – keep these lyrics in MIND today as you give GRATITUDE to SPIRIT🙏🙏🙏 for the GUIDING you, in allowing your DREAMS to unfold – DESTINY is calling.
NOTE: Spirit EMPHASIZED the word “ABOUND” so I had to look up the bible meaning – According to W.E. Vine, the Greek word rendered “abounding” in this passage (1 Corinthians 15.58) is defined as “to be abundantly furnished, to abound in a thing…the work of the Lord.” Likewise, Strong defined this word as From G4053; “to super-abound (in quantity or quality), be in excess, be superfluous; To abound literally means to go over the bounds. To abound is to overflow; to be plentiful; to exist in large amounts.
Today has a 26/8 day code – which activates great ABUNDANCE and SOURCE FLOW through your compassionate SERVICE to others – what a BLESSING that will continue to GIVE for the entire YEAR..
This is THE YEAR to fortify your union with Spirit/God/Goddess/Source to EXPERIENCE DIVINE MAJIK in your life… hand it over to Spirit. 🙏✨🕊❤
SUPPORT: RED OVERTONE SERPENT👑 🐍🔥🔥– CHICCHAN fully energizes the capacity of our life force🔥 to fuel our passionate heart’s desires,💞 connecting with our kin, as we RADIATE this unconditional LOVE. Empowering the LIGHT, sovereignty and raw expression of our instincts.
How DIVINE that our KUNDALINI is rising to empower us through this wonderful YEAR, to make the changes to improve our lives and RADIATE our LIGHT.
Our RADIANCE is initiated by pure primal expression as our kundalini rises🎇 through our body. As we become clear vessels and align with our HEART, we become a vibrational match for that which we are creating. Our instinctual pulses will guide us through survival responses to create our greater mission and express our greatest passion. 🔥🔥🔥💃💃💃
The OVERTONE SERPENT👑🐍 is a very sensual and radiant snake❤🐍 who can fuel🔥 the BLISS barometer🎇💞 today especially linking back through the portals to the VENESIAN/TAUREAN energies!! Be aware of your adoring admirers this year – great PASSION 💋 is unleashed!
Beautiful energies fuelling romance, partnership and joint ventures.
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: BLUE SOLAR HAND☀🙌 – MANIK governs healing, attaining knowledge, intuition and has the power of ACCOMPLISHMENT – to achieve your DREAMS. As the SUPERPOWER today MANIK assists us to receive our deepest knowledge through our intuition, and guidance from Spirit. We then PULSE that forth into being through our loving hands and devoted HEART.
We have tremendous Solar Flares 🌞🔥 and Ascension energies🚀 flowing through these Gateways, bringing huge upgrades of our DNA and LIGHTBODIES – The SOLAR HAND will assist us in accomplishing the embodiment of all this added SOLAR POWER🌞🔥🚀 today anchoring the new DIVINE majikal energies in our cellular memory.
The BLUE HAND 🙌 brings us the POWER to ACCOMPLISH great healing on our journey to ONENESS!
As we become more receptive to the voice of Spirit, the solutions become clearer. We are all connected to HUMANITY’S great dream, that of collective Abundance for all beings and our PLANET.
We each can accomplish GREAT THINGS, individually and collectively if we are operating with our PURE HEART’S❤ loving intent, through the Collective dreaming for our PLANET! 🌍🌏🌎
CHALLENGE/GIFT: YELLOW OVERTONE SEED👑 🌱– KAN challenges us today to reclaim our POWER and TAKE INSPIRED ACTION!! 💥💥
How PERFECTO that the blessing of this MAJIKAL YEAR – is to BURST OPEN our inherent SEED PACKETS as the STAR BLISS SUNS that we are – FLOWERING to our full potential.. what a brilliant super BURST of blissings.
The SEED🌱 needs to GROW and EVOLVE in order to FLOWER! This OVERTONE SEED is bursting to RADIATE🌞 it’s full blooming🌼 potential! Filling the world with the most exquisite perfume and beauty!🌹
Now is the TIME to get moving, ARISE from the darkness and move toward the LIGHT. 🌞✨🌞
Set forth your intentions to take root🌱 🌾 where we are being nudged by Spirit to step up and start doing! RADIATE more LIGHT ✨through your day and your actions. Gather with others to co-create the NEW EARTH guided by the Divine Will of Spirit.
KAN gifts us, with the capacity to MANIFEST and cocreate our Highest Divine Missions THIS YEAR. Yahoooo!!! 🎉🎊🎇
Go forth and SEED the highest LIGHT and LOVE through Divine Service on our planet! 🌼🌹✨
Today’s questions are “Can I RADIATE Divine SPIRIT through my HEART, through claiming my DIVINE POWER to walk my TRUE PATH of DESTINY”.
“Am I RECEPTIVE to the guidance of SPIRIT, to fulfill my DREAMS?”
“As I COMMAND my TRUE DIVINE POWER – am I willing to RADIATE my LIGHT and enchant others?”
🐬🌈 ❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤
Divine blessings for RADIATING the most pure Divine spiritual energy in pursuit of your DREAMS today. 💓🌹💕💞🎆
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈




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Have you seen the increase in Diamond Light this month?
My meditations, visions, and sessions have been infused with vibrant Diamond-Solar streams, flows, and light blasts for weeks now.
Our Hearts are being prepared for the next Equinox already; these Cosmic infusions have purpose, direction, and next-level activation.
Call it forth!
Diamond Light
Diamond Light

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