New Earth Energy Update ~ 5d Crystalline Ascension Manifestations – The Event

New Earth Energy Update ~  5d Crystalline Ascension Manifestations – The Event

After the last massive re-set and energetic “quarantine) we have entered a new galactic vector… parallel to the 3rd dimensional earth… (co-existing) on a higher vibrational octave. It is pure crystalline fluidity galactic plasma orgasmic flow.

Resistance will bring up turbulence in your energetic field and express itself thru anxiety, tension and nervous energy. Your central nervous system is now attuned to the new frequencies of light of the 5th, 6th and 7th dimension and above.

If you manage to surrender to the flow you will become one with the pure sophia-christos plasma field of unity.. you will witness yourself as being an instrument of the divine, tapped in, tuned in and fully aligned with the cosmic forces working thru the ONE source in multiple expressions.
Getting out of the way… meaning letting go of all attachments to certain outcomes, certain answers, certain realities, will enable a full surrender to grace offered each present moment always in honor of the higher plan and outcome for ALL.

This is our new playground and stage for materializing miracles, abundance, joy and creative solutions to the new heaven, that we all came here to manifest. However to play in this field nothing less than divine sovereignty is demanded… which means applying our ability to master our vibration and synthesize with our higher expression and divine purpose ongoing. Own our divine siddhis and take responsibility as co-creators.
When anxiety troubles you…. face it, make friends with it and offer it your hand to walk thru the rites of passage (which is what they are) to your greatest potential. Now is the time where we are encountered with our greatest fear…. namely the fear of our own divine might (power) and the miracles that we can achieve thru applying it.
Trust you will not fail… there is not even an option, if you trust in your inner heart knowing.. love and trust is the key to the freedom of surrendering fully to her will… the divine feminine is now in charge and hold the ministry as keeper of divine truth and will reign thru divine unified love hand in hand with the divine masculine. Yes she is raw creative power, a divine might that no longer tolerates to be submissive or discredited. It is her time to go center stage and reign from the Heart of ONE, from the womb of love from now on all that violates the law of one, is doomed to fail. Only divine truth shall blossom in the garden of the new heaven on earth. And so it is. ~ Grace Solaris


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  1. Mary Back

    I know I heard Paul Butler say that a wave of energy of the Event will happen on March 21st but I can not find video now and my friend wants to hear it.

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