You are currently viewing Cassiopeia Goddess is RISEN AND FREE! Awakening Codes ~ INCREASED ASCENSION PROCESSES (The Regulus Effect)
Divine Goddess Energies

Cassiopeia Goddess is RISEN AND FREE! Awakening Codes ~ INCREASED ASCENSION PROCESSES (The Regulus Effect)

Cassiopeia Goddess is RISEN AND FREE! Awakening Codes ~ INCREASED ASCENSION PROCESSES (The Regulus Effect)



Paul White Gold Eagle

Greetings Christos Sophia Spiritual Warriors of God’s Kingdom on Earth

On this 8:1:8 Portal we are bridging in more of our Leonine Energies of our Royal Lyran Nation of New Lemuria. 

Synchronizing with today’s energy we had an amplitude blast on the Schumann Charts at 13 hz, Code of our Divine Goddess and then a blackout for several hours bringing in the Void of the Cosmic Womb and with it the Power of Silence and Stillness. Within the center of the emptiness is the Still White Magnetic Light of God Source Creator. This is the Creative Principle of Infinite Intelligence.

As we tap into the Creative Life Force in the Center of our being we become the conscious Co-Creators of our New Heaven upon the New Earth. We navigate through these unknown waters of the Great Mystery to reach the Other Shore of Enlightenment on our Mission of Freedom Earth. 

All Starseeds of New Eden are the Ground Crew of Volunteers for the Liberation of Gaia and all Her Children of the Sun. We are at the culmination phase of our Ascension Journey as we make our final preparations for our Quantum Leap of Consciousness into homo-Luminous, beings of Infinite Light and Eternal Life.

No matter what the false ones throw at us our Lord Ganesha is with us to break through all obstacles and barriers on our Path we travel with our Hearts and Minds as One with destination Pure Land of Amida Buddha.

The Eagle and the Condor hold the Keys and Codes of Divine Union both within and without to transmit to our Earth Angelics of the 144 through the aethers into the Higher Self of our Monad to flow through all Soul Star Sparks to Light up the Grid for our full Redemption and Divine Dispensation of the Holy Spirit in this Now…A’Ho! 





Right now: Moon at 26°37′ Virgo, Sun at 26°00′ Leo

sabian symbols

Current Sabian Symbols

Current Sabian Symbol for the Sun

Daybreak – the luminescence of dawn in the eastern sky.
Sabian Symbol for 27º Leo

The current Sabian Symbol of the Sun is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing solar influence, the vital energy and the personality, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this day, while the Sun’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 27º Leo.


Current Sabian Symbol for the Moon

Aristocratic elderly ladies drinking afternoon tea in a wealthy home.
Sabian Symbol for 27º Virgo

The current Sabian Symbol of the Moon is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing lunar influence, the emotional background, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this moment, while the Moon’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 27º Virgo.







Your Highest Timeline Might Have Grounded this Week. Check your ALIGNMENTS / Matching Actions Needed. Rainbow PLASMA #unity🌈
Sea dragon by Oksana kerro
Sea dragon by Oksana kerro
The Goddess is here…
Whole Earth receives the awakening codes… 🌞
The Goddess is here
The Goddess is here
As you open your high Christ-all 💎 heart back open, not only are we connected to all & feel star light family here – you also open to our true telephatic organic innate nature.


Gene Key 29 – Leaping into the Void

August 18th – August 23rd 2023

Half-Heartedness – Commitment – Devotion

“This Gene Key has a certain genius, and it’s a funny kind of genius. It’s about making luck. It’s true. When we aren’t drawn into emotional or desire decisions, then we create the conditions for good fortune.” – Richard Rudd, 64 Ways



Gene Key 29 – Leaping into the Void
Gene Key 29 – Leaping into the Void



The Regulus Effect : How you May be Feeling

At this time of the year as we transit through Leo and towards Virgo, we feel the intense effect of the Royal Star Regulus, also known as the “Heart of the Lion”.
Regulus is a massive Blue White star that spins at an accelerated rate, and when it is alignment with Earth (as now) we feel this accelerated energy. The purpose of this is to provide extra “fuel” for our lift off into a new cycle of TimeSpace.
This may cause several effects in your physical being:
1. Exhaustion and the feeling that things are moving too fast. Please work with self care and rest when you need to. You may find yourself sleeping more than usual.
2. Dehydration and Muscle weakness or spasms. You may find that you feel dehydrated and that your muscles are either weak and/or going into spasm. You need to hydrate, but you also need to add a small amount of bio salt to water every day to provide the mineral salts the body needs to absorb water into cells. Bio salt is salt made from earth sources rather than sea salt, such as Himalayan salt. Our modern food sources often lack this kind of salt and when there is extra pressure on the body, we can become dehydrated.
3. Dizziness and Spaciness. This relates to the brain working with high frequency energies and feeling “top heavy”. It is so important to ground yourself and spend time in nature. Archangel Michael tells me that we are learning to work with a “gravity well”. I am not too sure yet what that means, but it seems to be the effect of distortions in the TimeSpace continuum when it encounters a physical body. It wraps around the body and causes strange “warps” in the energy. That sounds about right, but I have no idea how you deal with it other than staying in your heart and allowing the flow of love to keep you balanced and upright.
just know that this powerful and intense energy is preparing you for powerful creations and miracles in the months that will come.
The Regulus Effect
The Regulus Effect

It is done! Cassiopeia is RISEN AND FREE!

Cassiopeia is associated with Mary Magdalene and she represents in greek mythology the queen who is chained to her throne. Sometimes forming an M shape then other times a W shape. The same shape seen in many mudras in rennaissance art.
She came in last night. Both as an archetype and symbol, also as a star temple connected to starseeds, and finally as both a consciousness and as a Goddess.
There are myths about her being vain, and punished for that, I recommend you read between the lines as always when a goddess is demonised in some way, and put it aside to contact her direct
She came in with themes for starseeds who are clearing any targetting or chains to prevent from rising, and keep in the material world
by that I refer to starseeds trying to remain clear channels despite the muck and mire from inner trauma as well as the outer resonance that is same frequency as the inner trauma (fragmentation from past stories, ancestral and geographical etc) as well as chemtrails, spraying of foods, poisons, tech and other waves and what some may call ‘implants’.
so she comes to aid those clearing that and maintaining a foot in both worlds and connection to higher places and spiritual sovereignty through that
So this is what I get –
as fantastical and ‘out there’ as it may seem
Her throne is free.
There is no longer a chain there….
She rises there now with the most radiant light.
She is back.
She is risen.
Tall and aligned.
This is big!
If you are drawn to connect to her, you may like to imagine yourself in a temple of light upon the star, and just simply call that in and then call her in.
You will see her chains being removed and as you see this she rises up so beautiful and tall. Simultaneously her starseed beings of light also rise and shine their light to a new radiance. It is so beautiful! She is risen again!!!!
And as you imagine and feel this, you may also feel it within you too. You may feel your own chains being removed and dissolved and transformed into a beautiful object in the light, and then take up the object of light, the balm, the medicine, and as you place it within you where ti feels right, you illuminate into a new and clear energy.
This is about empowerment and becoming the risen queen.
The light returning to her, to you.
Mary Magdalene is here aiding this.
She is also the risen queen.

The stars also align to the womb or temple, the last star of the W is caph and she is the entrance of the womb temple






Dear friends, as we end this week we are all undergoing a deep energetic clearing post-new moon energies. The light codes we received during this week’s new moon are working deeply non-stop within our energy fields and non-physical layers of our DNA, stirring deeply rooted emotional blockages.
The physical symptoms/manifestations related to this clearing and purging process are unique to our personal history, from this lifetime and most likely other times on earth and other places in the cosmos. The empowering light codes from this Leo new moon are stirring and removing old layers of fears related to feelings of frustration, of not being heard, of feeling emotionally ungrounded, of feeling unloved, and many many others.
All these emotional barriers are being brought up to surface for processing and eventually for closure and integration. As we move through this process, we are letting go of deep layers of stagnant energies that have defined our personality for years. We are now in a process of redefining who we are, we are step by step aligning ourselves with our true essence stripped of the emotional weights that created suffering in our past.
That said, this process of emotional clearing can bring up physical symptoms as our bodies and energy fields unearth these past/inner child/ancient conflicts.
During this period you may experience:
Headaches and dizziness
Lack of focus and concentration
Visual and hearing issues
Increased or reduced body heat
Allergies and skin issues
Digestive issues
Joints and random body pains
Jaw and neck tension
Altered sleep patterns
Changes in energy levels and sugar levels
…and many others.
These symptoms speak about your own story, the memories stored within your being, and the need to bring into your present awareness the issues that are being processed. As always, consult with a health practitioner to rule out any other physical causes. But always remember that we are undergoing a deep personal transformation, and that your physical vessel is one way your soul uses to express itself in this physical reality. We are multidimensional beings, and as such, our Divine essence wants to express itself in the best and clearer way in the physical world.
Be patient with yourself, stay hydrated, and ground your energy into the planet if you feel spacey or out of balance these days.
 As we move towards the end of the month, we will once again be meeting the energies of a super full moon, another intense energetic event to close this powerful month. Stay tuned! much love, and have a peaceful weekend ❤️
Diego E. Berman 2023 Ⓒ

Eirini ~  Crystal and indigo guide to the galaxy


Today’s 8/8 message:
‘’On the path towards the reception of the Cosmic Flame, the White Dove continues her work of bringing rescue and salvation to all the entrapped and lost Living Essences and Beings so that the transition can be smooth.’’
This is one of the most important inner works we have ever been called to perform.
I have received the confirmation that we are collectively stable and ready enough to do it.
As I am writing this post I am hearing the words ‘it’s a piece of cake’, so this tells me that we have already done most of the inner work and we have reached a point at which the ride is getting easier and smoother, I guess more than we can imagine!
The traumatic memories from the physical resets have been
one of the most challenging topics in the healing sessions.
Because they are the ones that have been pushed and locked away more than any other experience in One’s Soul journey as they directly connected to the actual physical sense of safety and survival but also to the relationship with God.
I believe that many of the neuroses, psychological problems and obsessions that humanity has been experiencing, have their root causes in these resetting experiences.
As we are ascending to a new state, we are also stepping on a new ground of Existence in which our safety and survival, which is our Divine Right, are reassured.
Because we have gone beyond the limitations and codependency mode of the 3D consciousness, embracing adulthood as Living Souls and understanding more of ourselves and our purpose.
This process is connected to our true connection with the pure Essence of the Elements.
It is all about the Elements and the Twin Flames are the Masters of the Elements!
Reposting the message below from October 29 2022:
‘’The initiation of the Holy Cell is given to those ready and willing to move ahead with their
New Soul Plan into their new Life within the frequency of harmony and all aspects of True Abundance.
It will also be given openly to the collective after many years
when the transformation of earth’s physical body
will be completed as this will be the process of initiation for the unaware masses’’.
‘’Grace from Heaven has been given to all!
What this means is that those who ask for it receive it immediately!
This can only take place through free choice.
Once Grace is received and the individual is ready, only then, a whole redirection on all levels of One’s Being and Twin Flame Union, can begin.
This redirection naturally leads to a new upgraded Soul plan.
This process can only be done through the Heart via Divine Intelligence and Providence and in a very specific way which the human mind is limited to fully access or understand at least for now.
This is why trust in the Self is needed at this point.
The reception of a full multidimensional recalibration and restoration can bring big changes in One’s life, this is why One needs to be ready and have enough stability and grounding before this process begins.
Once One is ready to proceed, then certain steps of integration and embodiment, through events and circumstances that can be quite unexpected, begin to be taken.
When we deal with energies from Heaven it is most certain that we cannot figure out the way of action and the amount of information included for the recalibration and the restoration to take place effectively, so for a while, One could be in the dark.
Again, trust in the Self is needed.
Once enough circuits have been recalibrated, restored and unified, then the energy of True Love can be felt and experienced again in the inner circuits and their flows and at the same time, in the physical and external reality too.
Then, the Twin Flames can actually begin experiencing a full flow of reunion between them and reach an understanding on all the ‘hows’ and the ‘whys’ about themselves, story, nature and purpose that were previously non visible.
This means that the presence of Truth and Remembrance can then flood their systems and they can be taking their own Identity and Being back, becoming co-creators of their own reality via interacting with the Elements.’’
Blessings to all!
Huna Ma Anata Kumara
“The New Earth Energies are being amplified and with it the upgrading in all our twelve bodies as the frequencies and vibrations have shifted by octaves overnight!
I woke up this morning with so much light around me, and became aware of such loving Divine Energy, that I knew I was being surrounded by waves and waves of Divine Love, Divine Light and Divine Power, as never experienced before.
A few weeks back I was standing at a very high energy spot in the mountains, when I was shown what was happening, but in symbols. At that time this was connected to energy work I was being asked to do and did.
This morning I was shown an extended version of the same, and just stood in awe and wonder. I was shown what was happening cosmically, as for the first time since the very beginning the New Earth has been fully connected to the twelve Central Suns again and the twelve Cosmic Universal Suns. This is unprecedented and what this means is that we are now reconnected to the twelve Solar Suns, the Twelve Central Suns and the Twelve Cosmic Universal Suns and Suns and Daughters of the Divine Source.
This means that the 5th to 7th dimensional state has now expanded already into the 9th and 12th dimensional state, in the many spiraling tiers of Creation!
We are returning to the first Eden, in the New Earth and the New Golden Age as the Divine Feminine, is rebirthing all of us who now ascend into the New Lightbody and the New Earth, as every soul is ready to do so.
I cannot even put into words what this means for all of us: – human words are inadequate.
I was in an intergalactic counsel meeting last night, and I was shown what this means. Yet again, this is something which goes way beyond human comprehension and can only be understood by the infinite soul, even as the heart center expands into the absolute purity of Divine Light, Divine Love and Divine Power.
Let go of the past – and all which has been before.
In the here and now you are being transfigured into a new body, a new existence and totally new way of life in unity and harmony with all that is.
All whichever was blocking this, is every person’s own free will and choice. Many will choose not to ascend, mainly out of fear of the unknown.
Let go and allow your ego self to step totally out of the way, and let only your highest soul self, remain. For this is the time to take those leaps of faith into the unknown, the uncharted and allow your old self to dissolve in order to be born totally new.
What a Divine Gift!
much Love. So much Love. So much Love.
Judith Kusel
astral seed
astral seed


How can we Rapidly Expand?
Expanding your Periperhal Light View, is the Task before You.
Your visual and conscious view point of your world – to expand the matrix view of your reality. Like flexing and building muscle.
Expanding your visual and conscious view will enable you to expand your multidimensional view – on a cellular and visual light perspective. For your Eyes are wonderful Light mechansims ready to reach full potential.
For the physical – conscious expansion is your task – a necessary part of enabling light expansion, that we readily discuss.
For your world resides in an igloo of Light, a ‘bubble’ of light consciousness. If you expand this concept, the light trajectory of you is reaching new heights of unlimited potential.
The task before you is to take each step, integrate and cleanse, align with your light signature whilst living your mission and simultaneously align multiple timelines of light.
As you become masters of your own reality, you will manage the ebbs and flows of physical constraints, coupled with light leaps of evolution.
Our Role is to assist you in aligining your light levels, to know the task before you could be viewed complex. For it is a unique complex puzzle of YOU.
Simply know, Heart Alignment is your answer to certainty and to view your next step.
It is simply a Light Evolutionary Dance, to be a Light SEEKER.
To choose the Path of Light 💥
Know we see you, your unique Light Signature, your wisdom and Insight.
Simply Say:
I accept my reality. I am ready to receive the next level of Light Expansion.
I am an inifinte Being of Light.
Sending waves of Cosmic Light to reach YOU
Wonderful Light Expansion is HERE…know it is within you dear one.
Love for your Day xo
The Arcturians & Karen Lithika

The DNA strands are activating for you to take your sacred pilgrimage to the good life you are manifesting. The devil has always kept you trapped from this, but no more! That seed point entity has been determined, and a course correction of action is here.

The initiations for self mastery proved that nothing is outside of yourself. This is the fact that was hidden underneath trauma bonds. You’re stronger, wiser, successfully independent, and sovereign. You’ve conquered the demons for ascension into the New Earth.

It’s time to come home to your destiny Beloveds. The doorway is open for you to move on. Say yes and go forward through the gates and receive what is waiting for you.

In Jesus Christ’s name amen. God bless you 🕊 Love Carolyn

Divine Goddess Energies
Divine Goddess Energies
On Friday, August 18th, the Moon, ruler of receptivity and responsiveness, in modest Virgo has a lot going on. She makes connections to Chiron, the Teacher, Mercury, the Messenger, Uranus, the Great Awakener, Mars, the Warrior, and Neptune, the Transcender. With the Moon (ruler of emotions), Mercury (ruler of thoughts) and Mars (ruler of actions) all in practical Virgo there is a pull to be logical and analytical when it comes to how we feel, think and desire to move forward in situations.
But, the connections to Chiron, Uranus and Neptune brings in a push to delve deeper into our soul’s truth and allow karmic healing, inspired revelations and spiritual enlightenment energies to activate and permeate our Being-ness. It will be a balance today of the mundane and the otherworldly for the Innocent Maiden Virgo today! Blessings of Love and Light to All! ♥️
the Moon, ruler of receptivity and responsiveness, in modest Virgo
the Moon, ruler of receptivity and responsiveness, in modest Virgo
Sun conjunct Urania in Leo – Urania, daughter of Zeus, Muse of Astrology and Astronomy. Here she sits on the throne of the creator, illuminated from on high, raised to exaltation. Globe and compass in hand, she guides us towards our destiny, threads lines between the stars making patterns from the sparks. It is she who rules the Fates, universal decrees written in light. We are all children of the stars, cosmic travellers, a multitude of lives lived in this galaxy and perhaps others. Where astronomy is the noble study of the physical universe to further our understanding of space, astrology is the art that deciphers the message and the meaning written in the skies. Two complementary disciplines dancing together, teaching us of what it is to be a soul having a human experience.
Cast your eyes over your astrological chart. Look for your sun’s placement that gives you mission, purpose, identity. This is your inner star, a lighthouse in the dark calling you home. Look up into the night sky and wonder at the wheel of constellations ticking across the arch of the heavens. Be amazed at the miracle that brought you here, to live in these times, in this body, on this planet. Know that inside of you is a universe as vast and compelling as the outer universe. May your spirit be lifted to new heights. Celestial soul, I bow to you.
Degrees and Times
Sun, Urania 24°Le50′ – 01:13 (BST)
Urania asteroid number 30
© Leah Whitehorse
Painting – Allegorical Portrait of Urania, Muse of Astronomy by Louis Tocqué
Allegorical Portrait of Urania
Allegorical Portrait of Urania

Kin 197 ~ Red Lunar Earth

‘Lunar’ is the name for the number two and its keywords are ‘Polarize, Stabilize and Challenge’. It’s the second day of the Yellow Warrior wavespell . Before this mission gets on its way, there are issues to contend with. As it is a Portal day, there will be an extra intensity to these issues. There will be no progress on this mission if you don’t analyze your situation, confront your problems and come up with solutions.
Today is Red Earth which represents ‘Evolution, Synchronicity and Navigation’. The Red Earth is concerned with growth and self-improvement but when it falls on a Lunar day, these things don’t come easy. Be prepared for a potentially frustrating day and for progress to be painfully slow. Another way of seeing it is that progress can’t be made without removing obstacles. So, deal with your problems today as the Lunar energy is pushing us to face up to them anyway. Avoiding problems is a problem in itself and so, if every time we have a Lunar day we practice dealing with them, then in time we ultimately get better at doing it.
The Guide today is the Red Moon which symbolizes ‘Going with the Flow’. When the Moon guides us, it is asking us to relinquish all control. As it is a Lunar day, it is appropriate that the Moon plays a big role. If you allow yourself to just go with the flow today, the problems and challenges will be easier to navigate. Just take everything in your stride and trust that things will work out.
The Challenge today is the Blue Hand which is the symbol of healing. When in this position healing is harder to come by. Especially with this intense Portal day influence. If you know a Blue Hand, give them a hug, they will find today harder than everyone else. The Blue Hand also represents reaching out or ambition. When in this weaker position, our own attempts to accomplish may fail.
The Occult power is the Yellow Seed which represents ‘Sowing Awareness’. This may well be the saving grace of the day. Yellow Seed loves to share wisdom and when in the Occult position, the wisdom it’s attempting to make you aware of – is all about magic and how magic can help you. Use whatever magic knowledge you have, to help you get through this intense day. If you don’t know the answers to the issues you are facing then do more research. The Yellow Seed implores you to gather information. Removing obstacles so you can evolve, naturally becomes easier when all the facts are available to you. Make informed decisions!
The Ally today is the White Wind, the communicator. If you know a White Wind, talk to them and you’ll get some great advice and support today. If you don’t know one, be a communicator yourself. Talk to others about what is going on, this will help immensely. When the White Wind is in this friendly position, this means we are likely to get good news.
Kin 197
Kin 197


2 CABAN – KIN 197
18 AUGUST 2023
Stabilizing synchronicity
I seal the matrix of navigation
With the Lunar tone of challenge
I AM guided by the power of Universal Water
18/8/2023 = 9/8/7 = 9/15=9/6=15=6
9.8.7. countdown!!! 🚀🚀🚀
18- Social upheaval/endings
15- Spiritual Alchemy/Charisma/Magnetism
6- Heaven/Christ/Family/Romance/Fertility
✨MONTH/YEAR codes✨
8- Infinite Abundant Source Flow
15- Spiritual Alchemy/Charisma/Magnetism
6- Heaven/Christ/Romance/Family/Fertility/Joy
20- The AWAKENING/Clear vision
2- Partner/Twin/Cooperation/Alliances
23- Royal Star of the Lion/Strength/Protection
KIN 197 = 17 = 8 Infinity/Abundance/Source FLOW
A powerful day of COMPLETION in order to find and navigate a new FLOW.🌫🌈 A NEW PATH and NEW TRAJECTORY.
Day 2 in the YELLOW WARRIOR 🏹🌈 WAVESPELL of fearlessly QUEST-I-ON-ing everything in our path with a profound intelligence, disabling the old paradigm and fully focused on forging a new path to a brave New World.
In order to fearlessly charge ahead we must answer the challenge of
Today we evolve through listening to the messages of the Earth for all the clues of synchronicity, that point us in the RIGHT direction in order to GO WITH THE NEW FLOW! 🌫🌈🌫
LUNAR🌓– Tone 2 in the PHYSICAL realm. The LUNAR tone represents the sacred twins, cooperation, relationship, polarity of male and female and duality. It’s ACTION – polarizes, POWER – challenges, ESSENCE – stabilizing. Yesterday we MAGNETIZED and attracted spiritual energy and today we anchor that energy in our PHYSICAL bodies and physical environment.
The LUNAR tone may reveal challenges today, in order to recognize and release anything stopping us from finding our true path on our QUEST to realize our Dreams.
The RAINBOW WARRIORS🌈🏹 have the skills, POWER and WISDOM to GET THE JOB DONE! 👍👍 We are EVOLVING past the challenges, obstacles, limitations and resistance that has sought to STRENGTHEN US… We have honed our mighty swords on these rocks and are now much SHARPER and STRONGER. 💪💪💪
FEEL the POWER of Spirit coursing through your veins and allow nature to soothe your soul, healing your ailing techno. stressed body. Open to the FLOW of chi that meanders majestically through the rivers, mountains and woods of the natural world to accomplish great healing today! 🍃🌿
✨✨✨The DIVINE PLAN for EARTH can, and WILL BE ACCOMPLISHED through the dedication of the loyal RAINBOW WARRIORS.✨✨✨
That is our QUEST and the WARRIORS will FEARLESSLY defend this DREAM, until it is made MANIFEST in all its glorious RAINBOW SPLENDOUR..
Enjoy this beautiful gentle day beloveds, stop, listen, connect and revel in the✨ Majik ✨of SYNCHRONICITY!🍥🍥🍥
Today’s question is “How can I anchor the synchronic messages of Pachamama, to navigate my correct path on my Quest, and GO WITH THE NEW FLOW?”🌈🌫
🐬🌈 ❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤
Divine blessings for a beautiful Divine flowing day on your wonder filled QUEST.
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
CONSCIOUS SELF: RED LUNAR EARTH 🌏-CABAN attunes us to the signs, synchronicities and FLOW of the natural rhythms of Gaia. CABAN beckons us to LISTEN to her RHYTHMS and cycles, to be sensitive to the FLOW of her messages.
Today Gaia gives us the signs of synchronicity – RIGHT PERSON, RIGHT TIME, RIGHT PLACE, to point👉 us in the RIGHT direction for our QUEST.
❓❓❓ The QUEST-I-ONS we must ASK today are –
👉“Where am I headed?”
👉“Is this the RIGHT direction to the promised land?”
👉“Do I need to adjust and correct my course, in order to arrive at my desired destination, to fulfill my Mission/Destiny?”
Our sense of DIRECTION is being honed today, so that we are not wasting any time and space on our mission, intuitively knowing we are on the right path. Connecting much deeper to our Pachamama in order to STABILIZE our connection to her Earth body, fully anchoring ourselves in the New Earth plane.
Red Lunar Earth reminds us that we are the Children of Gaia, 👭👬🌎 and through our Earth Mother we are all connected. 🌐 As she feels and senses through us, we too can sense and FEEL through her, as we connect at a much deeper and more empathic level. Talking to the trees, listening to the wind and the chirping crickets, and feeling the pulsing of her heartbeat. As we connect and feel more deeply we develop more love, respect and begin to truly honour this beautiful paradise we call home.
Tune in and be inspired through listening to Gaia’s messages, to navigate your path to the beautiful world we are creating.
Pachamumma is calling her RAINBOW WARRIORS HOME! ❤🌍🌎🌏❤
HIGHER SELF/GUIDE: RED LUNAR MOON🌜 – MULUC adds more gentle, feminine intuitive energies, and a beautiful sensitivity to this glorious day, polarizing with the more masculine energies of the YELLOW WARRIOR.
The power of the Goddess👸 and her Universal waters💧💧 allows us to FLOW🌫 with the signs, messages, thoughts, ideas and opportunities that arise today. Our focus is on PURIFICATION of our physical body and that of our Pachamama – her land, air and her Universal waters.
We are also QUEST-I-ON-ing the ancestral patterns that we have inherited through the familial and ancestral lines, releasing patterns of the past that impede us from attaining our forward momentum. Purifying and releasing all that impedes our FLOW.🌫
Release the PAST and LET GO – in order to GO WITH THE NEW FLOW! 🌫🌫
SUPPORT: WHITE LUNAR WIND 🌬🍃– IK works in unison with CABAN to bring us STRONGER messages today. We have the messages from Mother Earth amplified through the whispering wind. Feel the connection to Spirit, to Mother Gaia and to the natural kingdoms allowing the synchronicities to FLOW through you today.
Take note of which direction the WIND🍃 is blowing in order to navigate your correct path. Open your sails⛵ and anchor the energy through your body using your breath.🌬 Allow pure consciousness to FLOW🌫 through your physical vessel.
Dance, channel, play instruments, write, draw and allow the Divine to animate your being. Feel yourself in synchronic FLOW🌫 with the cycles and timing of the Natural world.
Allow the breath of Spirit🌬 to course through your body, becoming a Divine conduit, the living bamboo reeds and conduits of FLOW🌫 for spiritual evolution. 🍥
The OVERTONE WIND is the higher guide for this entire NEW DREAMSPELL YEAR!!! The urge from Spirit to become a RADIANT vessel for the Divine Plan, will continue to prompt you all year! Make your commitment today!
What is stopping you from partnering with Spirit to fulfill your destiny?
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: YELLOW CRYSTAL SEED💎🌾 – KAN Is the SEED of new potentials which fuels expanded GROWTH. We are all SEED pods with potent LIGHT✨ packets encoded within us. The CRYSTAL SEED contains the codes of its particular species, which connect all beings of that unique origin through their DNA.
We are reminded today that as blessed STAR -SEEDS we are always CONNECTED to our family – be that on EARTH or throughout the galaxy, through our DNA and our GOD FORCE – expressed through our DIVINE SPARK. ✨🌟✨
🌈KAN enables us to expand our focus and fearlessly aim for our highest potential of common-unity with our broThors and siStars. One by one, each sowing our own unique seed, through our unique talents and contributions, until one day our garden has flourished into the GARDEN OF EDEN!🍇🍍🍓🍒🍉🍋 A haven filled with abundance that we can harvest at will. Collective ABUNDANCE for all beings.
Tune in to the HIGHEST POTENTIAL revealed to you today, through CABAN🌎, MULUC 🌛and IK🌬🍃 to lead you down the path of greatest LIGHT!🌈🌟☀✨
The RAINBOW WARRIORS 🌈🏹 must continue planting these SEEDS, of their VISION of the NEW EARTH, in all the MINDS of those they encounter – especially the UNAWAKENED ONES! Indeed this is our DIVINE QUEST and our greatest CHALLENGE!
Sowing SEEDS🌱 in barren soil requires great FAITH and dedication to the cause, trusting that one day the seeds will take root and GROW into a HUGE expansive FOREST! 🌳🌳🌳🌳
GET READY for the HARVEST as the SEEDS begin to RIPEN and POP!!
CHALLENGE/GIFT: BLUE LUNAR HAND🌛 ✋– MANIK challenges us to TRUST🤞 in the presence of HEALING🙌 that is revealed through following the path of least resistance. Learning to listen to the cues in order to be in right alignment with the Divine Mission that we are embarking on. Overcoming all challenges and obstacles on our path, in order to ACCOMPLISH our Mission. ✨✨✨
The RAINBOW WARRIORS🌈🏹 have the skills, POWER and WISDOM to GET THE JOB DONE! 👍👍 We are EVOLVING past the challenges, obstacles, limitations and resistance that has sought to STRENGTHEN US… We have honed our mighty swords on these rocks and are now much SHARPER and STRONGER. 💪💪💪
FEEL the POWER of Spirit coursing through your veins and allow nature to soothe your soul, healing your ailing techno. stressed body. Open to the FLOW of chi that meanders majestically through the rivers, mountains and woods of the natural world to accomplish great healing today! 🍃🌿
✨✨✨The DIVINE PLAN for EARTH can, and WILL BE ACCOMPLISHED through the dedication of the loyal RAINBOW WARRIORS.✨✨✨
That is our QUEST and the WARRIORS will FEARLESSLY defend this DREAM, until it is made MANIFEST in all its glorious RAINBOW SPLENDOUR..
Enjoy this beautiful gentle day beloveds, stop, listen, connect and revel in the✨ Majik ✨of SYNCHRONICITY!🍥🍥🍥
Today’s question is “How can I anchor the synchronic messages of Pachamama, to navigate my correct path on my Quest, and GO WITH THE NEW FLOW?”🌈🌫
🐬🌈 ❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤
Divine blessings for a beautiful Divine flowing day on your wonder filled QUEST.
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈




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“Powerful presence I am, beloved God, my heavenly source, please manifest in me now the holy Violet Flame of transmutation. Bring the Violet Flame to every cell, molecule and atom in my body, filling me completely. Blessed Violet Flame shines in my heart and expands around my entire body, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, engaging my entire being with its divine grace, love, mercy and forgiveness.
Transmute all karma, negative thoughts, actions, acts, and energy that I have ever created at any time, in every dimension, on every level, in every body, over all time and space, past, present and future, for all eternity. Transmit anything and everything in my way of embodying the Risen Christ that I Am.
Beloved Violet Flame, transforms all that has been transmuted into the golden and platinum light of God, the Christ Consciousness, the divine light that never fails. >Send this golden and platinum light to me now, filling and enveloping my whole body with your Divine radiance. Raising my vibration and frequency to the highest level possible for me right now.
Let it be. Thank you Lord Amen. ”

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