333 Stargate Portal Activations

333 Stargate Portal Activations

Just a reminder – 🙏🏽❤️
To Get ready Warriors Of Light for the 333 Stargate opening on
Sunday March 3rd,
Beloveds , we are being prepared
To receive a multi-dimensional gateway to higher consciousness and the 333 Christed activations.
So Meditation on this day is key to Expand your consciousness awareness into Quantum potential ….. Collective Soul Family ❤️

Ria Aurora Athena Ash
333 Stargate

333 Master Teacher Activation

We are in for a rare treat on Sunday, March 3rd, 2019…a sacred activation of 333 Christed Consciousness. In numerology, 33 represents the ‘Master Teacher’ and Eternal Truth. The 33 Master Teacher inspires the spiritual upliftment of humanity and the pursuit of greater wisdom. Now that Chiron has moved into Aries for an extended period of time, you will feel more inspired to explore your true self, your divine authentic self.

In past cultures, this spiritual quest involved leaving society for years, if not decades, to enter a monastery for intense training. Instead, you are seeking spiritual mastery and Ascension while still immersed in the daily stresses of modern living. Through daily spiritual practice you are gradually aligning with your Soul essence and living according to divine will. Trial by fire, you are honing333 stargate portal your vessel. You are living in the purification fire!
This rare 333 blessing on March 3rd represents the Triad – the beginning, the middle and the end. It is the totality of creation, a completion cycle, the life force made manifest in the body, the mind and the Soul. The ‘Power of Three’ – 333 alludes to sacred Alchemy.
In ancient mysticism, Thoth preserved the Emerald Tablets of Alchemy for a future time. That time has come! As we step into the 333 Stargate with Lord Metatron, we will activate the Master Teacher within each and every one of us. This is your call to level up higher, to embrace the 333 Christ Consciousness in your body, mind, spirit.
We will be broadcasting the 333 Global Activation on Sunday, March 3rd, 2019. Join Manette and myself with Earth Keepers and Lightworkers all around the world, as we expand into our higher potential. The show is recorded for replay. If you would like to participate, register here: https://newearthcentral.com/?p=208628
Lovingly, Meg Benedicte
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333 Master Teacher Activation

333 ~ March 3, 2019 ~ Get Ready For Your Personal Revolution ~ 333

Tomorrow, March 3rd, 2019 energetically is 333.
What is unfolding is miraculous, the energy has shifted  phenomenally and your world is changing.
Your world is your reality, and every person experiences their world uniquely.
We are not a herd of humans, marching to the rule of a dictatorship, that feeds off of its victims.
NO not in any way, shape or form. The illusion was to keep you there. Held in the shadows of a long-lost dream, or so you thought.
The true dream has been kept alive since the beginning of Earth. And always, the dream of you, has existed eternally.
So the curtains are now pulled back, for all to see for themselves.
This world was never what you thought it was or everyone thought it was.
This meeting of frequencies ~ in a foray of multiple dimensions, co existing, suddenly wake up, to what is present.LoveHasWon-AN-333
As if overlooked, but no, it was never overlooked. It was mass consciousness, that existed only as that. After all, it was not yet the Age of Aquarius, where uniqueness had not fully been set free, able to take center stage on the world of reality.
We are here, we have never left.
There is no death, but a dream blowing in the wind, of a time gone by, in the thoughts of those existing only in time.
You are so much more.
You ARE that light you desire.
You are that Glory.
That Love.
That song, that birth, that forever utopia, of a world….swept behind the scenes of its awareness.
We are with you, we always have been and “you” are the “all’ that you have sought.
Now the portals open wide, welcoming all who are ready. .
The frequencies have shifted.
This is YOUR Revolution, to the true you and the full embodiment of it.
The treasure opened up, is you. 
The appeared long-awaited dream, meeting itself in the mirror of existence. 
All that was to be found, is now found.
And in love, the stars sing for the glory that has awakened through the children of the Sun rising to the now, heralding call of its destiny.
It is you, it is you, it is you.
WE celebrate you, in the Highest love and its accompanying glorious light, bestowing all upon your awareness, that you are.
Thank YOU to all of YOU that have donated to help my work! May you be blessed abundantly. 333 stargate portal
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  1. Jogendra Nath Danturty

    Dear Paul,
    Sincere thanks for such a wonderful article, Grace is continuously showering on all of us. Lets us see our beautiful mother earth and its children with health and happiness all around.
    Love & Gratitude.
    Jogendra Nath

  2. Dr. Schavi M. Ali

    Although the Schumann Resonance is registering only 15 Hertz as of now, there is powerful energy streaming forth from the cosmos or either it is about to do so. People are phoning-in who had strange dreams last night. Heart activations are also occurring. I heard the musical tones of “F sharp” and “G” in the water when I showered this morning. These are supposedly the tones of the root chakra ( “G”) and the crown chakra (” F sharp). We are being re-calibrated from root to crown, and the entire chakra system is being upgraded. Today is definitely a day of astounding influxes of SOURCE LIGHT, and thus, this is an important day for connections to the higher realms via meditation. Since this is the day of the “333” vibration, it would be amazing to meditate at 3 :33 PM in whatever time zones people are in today.

  3. Jogendra Nath Danturty

    Beloved, Schavi
    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful message, your reply’s are giving us lots of inspiration and support in these exciting times of Divine Grace !!!
    Love and Gratitude!!!

  4. Dr. Schavi M. Ali

    Blessings to you. Jogendra! I am so thrilled to connect with those like yourself who are of a Higher Consciousness in these profound times. The “Golden Age” is coming down the birth canal!
    Love and Light!

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