1 DECEMBER, 2019
Christina Papageorgiou
As this code is so profoundly DIVINE and falls on a 5X Majikal day – spirit guided me to this BRILLIANTLY synchronized WING MAKING EXERCISE – channelled by my beautiful soul siStar Cindy Wilson – Divine Gratitude 🙏💝🙏💝🙏💝

🕊🕊🕊Our feathered friends – BIRDS are messengers from the Divine as they spend most of their time in the AIR – which symbolizes the BREATH of SPIRIT – the Holy dove.
🌬💎🍃🕊🌬💎🍃 🕊
HEALING EXERCISE FOR SUNDAY DECEMBER 1ST, at 4.44 pm (the ANGELIC frequency) your local time (or whatever time best suits you!
The bluebird of HAPPINESS flew through a “40 day” window on the 11/11/2019 gateway and is effortlessly journeying because it is FREE to do so.
Birds are also messengers like the angels and our galactic winged friends.
As we find a feather(s) we are transitioning into WING MAKERS…the Creators of our New Earth🌈🌏
Are you ready to make some wings?🕊
The primary function of the “flight feathers” is to aid in generating thrust and lift, therefore enabling flight. VROOOOM.🚀
“Flight feathers” for some birds have evolved to perform other purposes…like “flags” displayed over their territories or courtship rituals to attract partners/mates.
In some of our winged friends… the feathers are showy plumes and also create sound during lifts and their “Show-off” flights.
🕊Hold the feather(s) and imagine attaching it to your back, one on either side of your spine – where your WINGS will sprout and GROW.
🕊Next, Imagine growing wings and then prepare to start lift…
🕊Focus on breathing – inhaling from Gaia’s CRYSTALLINE core and exhaling to the Sun’s core as you prepare for LIFT…
🕊Get ready to thrust and LIFT OFF…flapping wings and then focus on breathing in ENERGY from the central sun as you lift using the solar winds to support your wings…
🕊Once you have reached your altitude…Fly to the top of a mountain…
🕊Find a tree top or ledge to land and perch upon to take observations…What do you SEE? What do you HEAR? Stay as long as you desire…
🕊When you get a sign…Leave the top of the tree and fly again and SOAR…
🕊Continue focusing on the WINDS of spirit – the solar winds from the Great Central Sun and the Rainbow plasma waves creating ripples and currents throughout the cosmos…allow these frequencies to ripple through your feathers…. and allow spirit to become the WIND beneath your WINGS…knowing you are NOW fully supported by the DIVINE!
What did you see? We look forward to hear your reports from your flight this weekend. Thrust, Lift, Fly and SOAR🍃🚀🕊
CONGRATULATIONS on getting your WINGS! 👏
Namaste – beautiful golden WINGED ONES! 🌈🌏💝🕊


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  1. Dr. Schavi M. Ali

    When I performed this exercise, as I sat on top of a huge mountain, at first there was silence as I watched the hustle and bustle of humanity below moving busily about their daily tasks. Then I heard lovely soft slow music wafting around me–not jazz, not rock–just modern lovely calming music with soft vocals. There were no words–just a sort of “Aum” sound. I soared off from the mountain and felt the warmth of the Sun and saw rainbow-like pastel clouds of color: turquoise, pink, light green, yellow, and violet. As I continued to soar, I felt peaceful and relaxed. This is a wonderful exercise that is actually a spiritual ritual that can connect us to the Higher Self. Thank you for posting it.

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