White Buffalo Calf Woman

White Buffalo Calf Woman

Awakening to the galactic and unconditional love

Dear children of the Earth, let your mind hover over the wind blowing in your hearts.

Let your spirit fly on the Eagle’s song, the flicker of a star.

Let your spirit rise on the rainbow bridge.

I am White Buffalo Woman.

I am the one who weaves and heals the wounds in your heart. Like a spider, I weave a web of light capturing the morning dew of hope.

Many are waiting for my return. But I tell you, in truth I never left. I have always been there. Only those who are constantly placed in the heart know it. I always accompany them with what you call “channeling”, but it’s a lot of other things. It’s the language of the heart … of love … of light.

Ascension is only available when you fully embrace the Earth, with its dilemmas, sorrows and pains. Because you come to clarify and love the flesh of your flesh that comes from the body of Mother Earth.

By not loving your humanity, not loving your earthly nature, not loving your cells, your organs, your hair, or your wrinkles on your body, you do not like your Mother Earth.

You can heal her only by loving yourself. Stop every day and love every part of the human body to carry it beyond your light.

You are asked to enter this door of Light loving every ache, every pain, every bone, every hair of your body, inside and out.

It’s easy to love dolphins, trees and rainbows, but it’s not so easy to love your humanity.

Do you like who you are right now?

Every intersection of life is etched in the memories of your DNA. Every choice you made – no matter how you see it now – was a divine choice – because that choice is the choice of your soul made in love.

Every experience that you have sprouted, cultivated and harvested was a manifested creation born of the Divinity within you. Every individual on Earth has a different experience. Do not judge their experiences, do not criticize them, do not analyze them, do not repeat them, for their experiences are perfectly divine, as they were created.

The energies that come ask you to balance and not worry if your neighbor is in balance, if your husband is in balance or if your boss is in balance. Balance begins and ends with you. What others do is not your concern, it’s their experiences in this 3 Dimensional world.

Do not deal with the details of the transformation of others. take care to respect your choices, your energies, your frequencies and your challenges.

Many seem to have arrived at the end of the rope and choices. Believed to be beloved, you are asked to move mountains, to change the molecular structure of what blocks your path, to go through what prevents you from separating the seas from your life. By facing obstacles, your doubts, your fears, you become a true warrior. Even if sometimes the warrior kneels down, he does not fall.

Walk in empowerment knowing that you can transform what you have created into existence.

For every element of your life, every experience, every event, it’s you who gave it life. You created it in the physical world.

I ask you to love all your creations – because the Great Spirit does not even reprimand one of his creations – he loves them all, no matter how much the creation does not love himself. You are asked to re-take the Creator posture and love what you brought into your life.

You are all at the door of the Great Central Sun. You will experience an eclipse of the sun yourself. This does not mean that darkness will enter your heart, but that you will go inside the portal of the heart and enter into all that you have produced to remember. On the other side of all these black holes are the stars being born, it’s a re-birth in you.

Walk in the sun. The sun is a door of pure light. It is a pinhole in the cosmos, and the veracity of the Great Spirit shines through it. Walk in the sun in yourself. Embrace who you are. Stand in your light.

I am White Buffalo Calf Woman.

I leave you in love and blessings, by the four winds.

White Buffalo Calf Woman is like my spiritual mother. It’s been many years now that she accompanies me and she watches over me. Her unconditional love is of great strength. Every time she comes to visit me, we feel the Sage spreads, and I find myself totally bathed in love.
I love you Mother.
Mitakuye oyasin

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❤️❤️❤️ Erika Hódos

Earth’s her=story is DNA story.KEYS OF ENOCH are the awakened ones/lightworkers who can activate the golden age…..you are the ONE you have been waiting for…the Christ (consciousness) in return.
You are transmitters and receivers of source energy.
You are the keys
Kin 6 The Rhythmic Balance of Opportunity
18 July 2019 ~ NS
Wavespell Blog: https://wp.me/p83Oy1-2dr
KIN 6: White Rhythmic WorldBridger
I organize in order to equalize
Balancing opportunity
I seal the store of death
With the rhythmic tone of equality
I am guided by my own power doubled
Harmonic 2: Galactic Store
Remember Elegance of integrity
* Journey:
– Tzolkin: Day 6. Column 1 of the Magnetic Dragon.
– Wavespell of the Red Dragon: Day 6.
– Rhythmic Chamber (Tone 6): Command Equality.
– Red Eastern Castle of Turning: Court of Birth
– Galactic Season of the Dog: White Truth
* Kin Synthesis: 6 WorldBridger
Solar Seal 6 = WorldBridger
– Action: Equalize
– Essence: Opportunity
– Power: Death
Galactic Tone 6 = Rhythmic
– Function: Equality
– Creative Power: Organize
– Action: Balance
* Oracle:
– Guide: 6 WorldBridger (Kin 6)
– Analog: 6 Skywalker (Kin 253)
– Antipode: 6 Warrior (Kin 136)
– Occult: 8 Eagle (Kin 255)
* Root Race:
– White Family of the White Root Race.
– The Refiners. Keynote: Spirit.
– White Members: Wind, WorldBridger, Dog, Wizard, Mirror
* Earth Family:
– Cardinal Family: Establish the Genesis.
– Members: Red Dragon, White WorldBridger, Blue Monkey, Yellow Warrior.
* Chromatic Clan:
– Red Blood Clan.
– Position: Throat. Action: Transmit.
Galactic Maya “Dreamspell Tzolkin Count”
Powered by Tortuga 13:20 – Planet Art
Based on the visionary publication:
“Dreamspell: The Journey of Timeship Earth 2013” (1990-1991).
By José and Lloydine Argüelles (Valum Votan & Bolon Ik).
* Ancient Maya Tzolkin Count
Original Sacred Count of the Maya.
The Blueprint of the inter-dimensional 13:20 Tzolkin Matrix.
– 12 Ajaw = 12 Sun, Kin 220
– Ajaw = Sun God, Light, Royalty, Divine Lord, Warrior, Junapuh Hero.
– Trecena of Muluk (Water) = Moon Wavespell
– Long Count LC
* Discover more:
– Calendric Calculator:
Dreamspell Journey by Valum Votan & Bolon Ik
– In Loving Memory of José and Lloydine (Valum Votan & Bolon Ik), Mother and Father of the Planetary Kin, Ascended Masters of the New Time.
– Authors in Eternity of Dreamspell, Telektonon, 13 Moon Calendar, The Discovery of the Law of Time, The Galactic Culture Master Plan, The 28 Meditations on the Law of Time, amongst others.
– Founders of the Planet Art Network (PAN), Harmonic Convergence, Day Out of Time, Rinri Project, Foundation for the Law of Time and The World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement.
In Lak’ech
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  1. Sandy Bella

    Wow! I’ve been thinking about White Buffalo Calf Woman lately and wondering when the White Buffalo Calf is going to be born. Wow! I love both White Buffalo Calf Woman and Spider Woman.
    And the topic of Self Love is extremely painful for me right now. I had a breakthrough yesterday that I need to be the person I am waiting for who will show me the love and compassion I am waiting for. The thought of loving myself in that way was excruciatingly painful yesterday. Wow! The synchronicities of these updates is amazing sometimes!!

  2. Sandy Bella

    About the recent topic of Disclosure, I will be the Heyoka Empath I am and speak my truth as I see it –
    Humans crave and lust for the same power and control as the Cabal. Humans do to their own families on a smaller scale (to feed off the suffering they create) what the Cabal has done to humanity on a much larger scale. Because it is now illegal on much of The Earth to physically torture others, humans have perfected the art of psychologically torture so as to feed off that energy. To come here to save the humans from the darkness is to come here to save the humans from themselves.

  3. Sandy Bella

    ❤ One thing that baffles me sometimes about where I am on my Path, is how I sometimes refuse to follow Spirits Guidance and i sometimes have it out with Spirit and I even occasionally tell Spirit what’s happening not the other way around yet they stay patient and stay with me in such a loving way ❤ The reason why this baffles me is because to find oneself on the Path of Mysticism, The Mystic has had to go through a period of turning All over to Spirit. One cannot find the Mystic’s Path unless one does this and then it is Spirit who decides who is ready to walk The Path of Mysticism. So when I sometimes decide to rebel against Spirit, I am stunned when I look back that it doesn’t block me for I could not have found myself on this Path if I hadn’t gone through the stages of disempowering my ego and then learning that Spirit is indeed safe and trustworthy for me to turn everything over to them ❤ Ive been putting it down to the fact that it must be because I built that foundation and now I have a wonderful relationship with Spirit but now I have become aware of something else. That thing I do where I sit and rub my arm compassionately and listen to aspects of my shadow selves have it out and have their day in court so to speak, that’s exactly what my Higher Selves are doing for me. I am one of the Lower Selves of my Higher Selves and they lovingly stay with me and they compassionately let me have it out with them and let me have my day in court and get it out of my system. How amazing is that ❣❣

  4. Sandy Bella

    About manifestation – Any truths that are not acknowledged and not brought out into the light no matter how ugly they are, can and do manifest. No matter how loving and positive ones intentions may be, if ones shadows are not acknowledged, healed and integrated then the shadow will also manifest.

  5. Sandy Bella

    ❤ Just had a big shift. I’ve started doing EFT tapping again last couple days and this morning after doing light tapping for a few different issues, what was brought up for me was this feeling of being really upset about the world but in particular people/humans and their behaviours and actions towards others in general. Nothing specific. While tapping on this, i went so deep into my heart and I experienced sinking down deep into Gaia and my own heart while tapping on this. It was the pain that humans cause that I released – at least some of it. I feel amazing now. I have never journeyed down into Gaia while tapping before. I feel so much better ❤

  6. Sandy Bella

    That just took my inner work to a whole other level. I also have my Atlantean Andara now. It started working on me as soon as I took it out of my letterbox yesterday. I absolutely love her. She has a very strong energy and gazing into her is like gazing under water. When I first connected with her through a photo of her before she arrived in the mail, I had visions of Pyramids under water I dreamt about many years ago.

  7. Sandy Bella

    It’s 3:33 pm here in Sydney. Just had another Mystical Experience. I have this thing that happens to me when others try to control me where I feel it as being squeezed in a vice or sometimes it feels like rope being wrapped around me tightly and it’s suffocating whenever someone tries or wants to control me in any way no matter how subtle. Sometimes just a thought someone has about me causes it even if they don’t act on it.
    I just merged with Gaia in a semi altered state and I experienced her experiencing feeling trapped and unable to expand. It was really strong. I was crying. I had no idea our Gaia has been experiencing like this, similar to how I do and I felt pressure around my throat while in this altered state – was hard to breathe, She was showing me what it’s been like for her for centuries. I can’t stop crying. Gaia is allowing me to start releasing some of her pain in this way. All these years I’ve felt so trapped exactly what Gaia’s been feeling.

  8. Sandy Bella

    Mother Earth’s throat chakra is the Middle East and also near the Great Pyramids of Egypt. There was a lot of pressure around my throat. I started choking at one point – was very heavy pressure around my throat while merged with Gaia

  9. Sandy Bella

    ❤ I’m so tempted to want to merge with Gaia again and try and clear her throat chakra but I’ve never deliberately gone into a altered state. It just happens to me when it happens. When I used to go to 12 step meetings, there was this woman at meetings who was always trying to block my throat chakra at meetings. She would throw dark energy at my throat. I got really angry about it once and I ripped it out of my throat at a meeting and threw at her throat chakra as hard as I could and she started choking and ran out of the meeting and everytime after that she threw her darkness at my throat chakra, I would throw it back and make her choke. I was involved in a couple of different psychic battles in different 12 step meetings. Crazy, crazy stuff. Things got do ridiculous that when I got home from a meeting one day when I was living in the sharehouse, there was a huge Spider Spirit in my room. I felt her presence in my room as soon as I walked through the front door and she stayed with me for protection until after Spirit catapulted me out of all those dangerous situations. I don’t know what to do ❤❤

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