We Are Being Prepared Right Now for Total Change

We Are Being Prepared Right Now for Total Change

A Clarion Call Went Out from The Mother

Some weeks ago on ‘An Hour with An Angel’ – May 17th 2016 – Archangel Michael explained to us why many had experienced feelings of exhaustion earlier in May. In the following excerpt from that radio show I have added the darkening / underlining in an attempt to clarify what this message is saying to us. Every single person on this planet is currently being penetrated by Loving Energy from Source through the Portal of the Pleroma. Look around you and ask anyone how they are feeling lately. Everyone is experiencing tiredness on some level. One friend says she can see that people are ‘outside of themselves’. We are being prepared right now for Compression Breakthrough / The Event. These are Michael’s words. “Many, at this time, have been taken out, shall we say, put on the sidelines for reconstitution, rewiring, regridding…some just to learn how to breathe again.
The energy that is penetrating not just your planet, because sometimes when we refer to penetrating your planet, you do not realize fully that it is penetrating each and every one of you. The channel is correct: it is knocking you sideways, left, right, center, backwards, forwards, up and down.
Now, let us explain. You are in a time of extraordinary change. Many of you have forgotten, but, thankfully, the Mother has not. Her Tsunami of Love has never ceased. There have been times when it has been stronger or softer, but that has never changed. But, what She has done is called upon all of us. Now, you know that we are all one and that we participate in the One.
But, aside from that, each of us: the archangels, the seraphs, the cherubs, the angelic realm, the legions of light, the legions of sheer energy that we don’t speak of that often, all the legions of your star brothers and sisters, the entire legions of the ascended masters, the entire legions of what you can think of as your ancestors both on and off planet – the clarion call from the Mother went out to us.
And, this has been saved for the time when the final push had need to come. All of us – there is not a single being of what you think of as the Company of Heaven, the Council of Love, all the councils, the Intergalactic Council – we have all been asked to send the full force of our loving energy, our creative force, to each of you.
But, the waves that are penetrating not merely your heart, your cells, all of your bodies – awakening glands (pituitary, pineal, thymus, thyroid), the energies that are speaking to your cells, to your nanostructure – are being laser-like, filled with this collective energy from all of us.
You can think of it however you want. You can think of it as the wildest thunderstorm you have ever experienced; as the strongest golden rain (that is my sister Gabrielle’s (Archangel) favorite); as the tidal wave, the tsunami; as the perfectly quiet peace and silence. But, there is not one of you, aware or unaware, recalcitrant or indifferent, that is not receiving the impact – full impact – of this energy.
Now why, at this moment, has the Mother – can you think of it as – enlisted her troops, her legions? Now also, as I say this, understand you and the planet, all of Gaians, all of what you think of as humanity, are in the framework of the Mother’s New Time. We have spoken of this, but think of it as time being fluid rather than frozen and linear. …………
……. The pattern of the grandeur is all around you. So this is the time of real, profound, great, timeless awakening.”
Link to the full transcript of An Hour with An Angel from May 17th 2016

Free Will = What We Do with the Energy

So what do we do with this energy when we have assimilated it? Source would always ask you “what do you want to do”. Due to the situation of slavery on this planet and like Cobra said recently in the PFC interview the majority of people on Gaia are slaves to their 9 to 5 jobs. “It’s not as harsh existence for example as the slaves in Roman times but still human beings are not free and now it’s time to liberate the planet.”
When we suddenly soon find ourselves with other choices, choices that we might never before have had the luxury of even considering, what will we decide to spend our time and energy on? What gives you the greatest joy to do? That’s where you will find the answer. This penetrating energy from The Mother is making people ask themselves what their priorities ought to be.
“But as you allow this energy to penetrate and to settle, you will feel – and many of you already are feeling – significantly different. Rest when you need to, because this is more energy than you have ever received upon this planet, period.
And this penetration will not stop until our job, in the name of the Mother and Father, is done.”
The Joy of 3rd Dimensional Earth Experience
Yes, we are now developing an awareness of what it feels like to be 4th and 5th dimensional beings existing in a physical 3rd dimensional world. We are leaving 3rd dimensional limited thinking behind us now as we develop in the Love vibration that surrounds us and we are learning to release the fears that have dictated the lives of so many on Gaia for so long.Part of the plan for the future of Gaia is the uniqueness of humankind being able to reach a level of readiness for Ascension whilst retaining and remaining in a physical body.
On the recent May 26th PFC interview with Cobra he was asked the following questions:
Richard – After The Event, will the Ascension process always result in a physical density shift for the individual?
COBRA – The Ascension process culminates in the actual Ascension. And the actual Ascension always means transcending all lower planes of creation, physical, astral, mental. You can of course always then materialize those bodies as a hologram but you’re not in no way attached to them. You’re in no way attached to those planes any more after your Ascension process is complete. (1)
Richard – Is the 3rd density always a lower level of consciousness?
COBRA – It is lower level of consciousness on planets that are occupied but physical plane or 3rd dimension is just a reflection of the spirit. It’s not lower or higher. It is simply one aspect, one expression of the creation. (Thank you very much) (1)
Richard – Cobra, can you please explain how dimensions’ work? How many dimensions are there? How is consciousness related to dimensions?
COBRA Dimensions are just descriptions of states of vibration of matter. Matter and spirit are 2 aspects of the same thing the same energy field. And if that energy field gets more densified we have physical matter which some people term the 3rd dimension and if it gets rarified we get to the 4th dimension of the etheric & astral plane. If it gets even more rarified, we have the 5th dimension of the mental pale and this continues on until we get to absolute rarified matter which is absolutely spirit which is absolutely connected with the source. And these are just various manifestations of the One. (thank you) (1)
Richard – How is spirit evolution related to dimensions and consciousness?
COBRA – Dimension are just playground for they are just spaces of expression, possible ways how consciousness or source can manifest. They are not… the evolution of spirit is not defined by dimensions. It is defined by level of integration with the Source and this level of integration can manifest in any dimension. (thank you). (1)
People who have a limited view of reality i.e. they do not believe in an existence beyond death, unseen dimensions and energies, existence of other beings/races in our solar system / galaxy etc. will come to find that their view of reality is broadened 100% within a three-day period after The Event. Just imagine the effect that this is going to have on humanity! Could anything ever be the same again?
Many of us may be familiar with, the aforementioned energies and dimensions of our astral and mental etc. bodies through varying levels of awareness experience.  Because of these experiences we can more easily relate to and accept a broader view of reality. However, we still might need to be reminded of the information here from Cobra that points out that each dimensional experience is equally divine – Source is equally present in the 3rd as in the 13th dimension / octave.
The original plan for this beautiful planet absolutely involves the joyful experience of this so called three dimensional reality whilst still being consciously aware that we are spiritual in nature. The Archons main goal in keeping us as hostages here has been to create in us a feeling of separation from Source. In earlier incarnations many of us may have devoted years of living in isolation and meditation as a pathway to enlightenment and a deeper connection with Source. On Nova Gaia we will learn the joy of simultaneously having a conscious awareness of this 3D reality and a blissful awareness of being one with Source in our everyday lives.

Are You Part of the Solution?

You’ve all heard the expression that we can either be part of a solution or part of the problem and I felt that maybe another reminder of something that Cobra said recently at the first Ascension conference in Switzerland could be of use to repeat here for those that may have missed that information. He said: If one hundred percent of the key persons had followed their inner guidance; we would have had experienced the Event in 1996! The people in this conference room follow their guidance at least up to fifty percent or more. Otherwise they would not be here. This is a good sign. The more people awaken to their guidance and gifts, the more the process will be accelerated.”
So how much do you allow that inner voice to guide you? How much do you allow others / society’s requirements / demands etc. to dictate what you do with your life or spare time and energy? We have all been programmed early on in life to stick to standards that keep us in control in the matrix. To stand up and speak out against wrong behavior in our homes and workplaces etc. can involve being seen as a ‘difficult’ person and even involve being ‘punished’ one way or another. Yet how else can change occur if we continue to allow outdated ‘bullying’ and other control techniques to rule our lives? These pathetic energy thieves and bullies who control so many homes and workplaces because good people allow themselves to continue experiencing pain and suffering by choice!
Pain and suffering were never meant to be a part of this paradise in the original plan and that brings us to another recent question that Cobra received namely;
Richard – A lot of people say that it’s necessary for evolution to experience negativity, would you agree with that
COBRA – I would absolutely not agree. That was a teaching that was disseminated by the Archons to keep people enslaved. It is absolutely not necessary and it is harmful for the development. (excellent, thank you so much) (1)

Archangels Are Dissolving the Veil

We learn that the Galactic Superwave is the basis for the entire transformation process of our planet and solar system and that since April 2016 the power of this Superwave has been rising. We know that the Light Forces are currently working in the area of the heliosphere now focused on the removal of the toplet bombs and the power/control that the chimera group have had in this area. Because it is now possible for more and more Light energy to get to our planet there are now many Light beings arriving here. Cobra recently said that “Archangels are dissolving the veil as cosmic light beings. We have also learned that “More and more light vortices are being established and activated. Wherever a Cintamani stone is placed, Angels are coming to clear and create the vortex.”

The Final Push

At the beginning of this article we learned from Archangel Michael that every single member of the Co of Heaven and Galactic Light Forces was now involved in transferring Love vibration to each and every person on Earth and this was being executed to prepare for the final push!
Total harmony in our lives is obstructed until the plasma entity we know by the name Yaldabaoth is returned in essence for purification to the Pleroma / Galactic Central Sun. My Guides tell me that after several requests to Lightworkers to focus on decreeing and visualizing this process taking place, there are now thousands following that advice and doing this and we know that each request and action from Lightworkers for the removal of darkness is answered by the Angelic Light Forces. Yaldabaoth is dying and soon the final remnants of this entity will be swept away entirely from this planet and solar system and it will finally be time for us to be liberated and become the galactic citizens that it has always been our birthright to be.
Until that moment know that by cooperating and working side by side (internet same thing) with other dedicated light workers on all kinds of projects, we know that we are preparing the way for what lies ahead. Follow your inner guidance and do whatever you can to prepare for change – you will not regret it.
Therese Zumi
Recent PFC interview of Cobra
Veritas Galactic Sweden www.veritasgalacticsweden.net

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