48 ~ Energies of Sacred Union and Zero Point of Creation ~ Archangel Sandalfon ~ GREAT LIGHT ACHIEVEMENT

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48 ~ Energies of Sacred Union and Zero Point of Creation ~ Archangel Sandalfon ~ GREAT LIGHT ACHIEVEMENT


Right now: Moon at 7°43′ Aries, Sun at 26°49′ Aquarius

sabian symbols

Current Sabian Symbols

Current Sabian Symbol for the Sun

An ancient pottery bowl filled with fresh violets.
Sabian Symbol for 27º Aquarius

The current Sabian Symbol of the Sun is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing solar influence, the vital energy and the personality, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this day, while the Sun’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 27º Aquarius.


Current Sabian Symbol for the Moon

A woman’s hat with streamers blown by the east wind.
Sabian Symbol for 8º Aries

The current Sabian Symbol of the Moon is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing lunar influence, the emotional background, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this moment, while the Moon’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 8º Aries.


source: www.astrologyweekly.com




Greetings beloved ones! I am Archangel Sandalfon.
the twin brother of Archangel Metatron. I am sending this today for several reasons. First of all, it is time. It is time for the prayers that have been reverently uttered by the lightworker community to be fulfilled.
Secondly, she is worthy. She is struggling to write this. You are all worthy. You all also seem to struggle with this sense of dignity. Beloveds from the heart of God, from the magnificent and wondrous All That Is, you are all worthy.
Gaia is worthy to ascend and you are worthy to ascend above her and into her aura field. (I see rainbow colors enveloping Gaia like a huge prism bubble and everyone in her is also filled with this rainbow).
This feeling of unworthiness and deficiencies is false. It is part of the indoctrination program for the lower spheres and you have learned them well. Now you must forget them, for you are ready to lead and in order to lead, you must know in your heart of hearts that you are worthy to do so. Each of you has earned your rewards.
These energy-filled weeks, as well as the push and pull of the lower energies and the densities within them, have been exhausting. Like a strong pull, these energies stretch further and further, until one can no longer remain in contact with the other and a rupture occurs. A lengthening of spheres, as the dimensions shift and draw further and further upward.
There are infinite points within the dimensional hard stretches. Infinite points of perspective. When you perceive Source within, you do not question feelings regarding worthiness. When you allow doubt, it can be more challenging. Now is not the time to question your mission.
The prayers of all people are in the process of great fulfillment. The great awakening is at hand. It is now approaching your world. (I hear the sound of angel trumpets. I see ancient sealed documents as they are opened and huge bronze bowls are emptied upon the Earth). Those who have eyes to see and ears to hear awaken to the inner call of higher dimensional love, which is within them. This love is everywhere around them, but has felt repressed within this holographic framework they have experienced for eons.
I am Sandalfon. I answer prayers, strengthen intentions and assist in the realization of results. I work with the music of the spheres, the vibration of the tones. You can work with me. Musicians already know me, you may not realize this within your human density. The density is raised. Gaia peels away the layer of the lower pathways. So you too must remove what no longer serves you and what depresses you. Now is the time to serve yourself with inner love and nourishment from Source. Allow yourself to be loved, to feel this love all around you. Allow yourself to feel the dignity of this mission that awaits you.
You were chosen to lead. Lightworkers were selected for a specific task and all of you have enough talent and experience to do it. Some of you lead in the quiet moments. (I see parents with their children, they teach them quietly). Some of you will be a great voice for many. (I see renowned teachers with great social media platforms). All are important. All are equal in the eyes of God.
You must carry out your mission, whatever it may be, with the inner certainty that you are not alone, that you are worthy and that you will be infinitely heard and loved. I am the archangel Sandalfon. I send you frequencies of angelic music and codes of dignity, wrapped in light. (I feel and see a wonderful mantle that is filled with prism light and colors that vibrate with sound. I feel the fears and unworthiness melt away. Something inside me bursts a little more. I am in a cocoon of light and sound.)
How can a child of God be unworthy? There is no separation. You are the same light and love that shaped the stars and it took an incredible amount of effort to do this. You have the same power of intention within you. Speak aloud the intention for your path to be clear to keep your will strong. I Sandalfon will help you.
Your world needs a great change. Your people are tired of the burden. This burden is being lifted. Light fills the darkness. There is no place for its absence. I am Sandalfon. I activate your third eye and your inner ear which is about ancient wisdom, to allow greater inner discernment.
You are immensely loved and you are not alone. Peace.
Energies of Sacred Union and Zero Point of Creation
As Venus disappears from the Morning sky today Feb14/13 , Inanna/ Venus concludes the Morning Star Descent aspect of her Shamanic journey and enters the second phase…The Underworld…(in case you have been feeling a bit off Center….its coz your Soul journeys with Inanna, consciously or unconsciously as Venus is the divine feminine guiding light of our souls ascension process).
Invisible to us as she is Shielded Now in the veil of the Sun’s Glare it is here that she dies to her old identity ( Queen of Heaven) and enters into Sacred Union, meeting, acknowledging and witnessing with her Shadow Aspects . Along with her we too enter the Alchemical Fires of the Underworld to be Transformed as we face our deepest Fears one by one and midwife ourselves into Wholeness , Sovereignty and Empowerment through the Gateways of denial, rage, shame , guilt and pain that we had kept under lock and key ,in order to survive.
But Now ,as we move into the frequencies of New Earth, we have chosen to move beyond Survival into Freedom!!! And hence the very gateways that once appeared to offer us protection need to be conquered , for only when we have conquered our deepest cringes do we cultivate the Fearlessness, Courage and Confidence to meet the Shadows of our Earthly realities and Transcend them with ease and grace…an essential prerequisite as CoCreators of the New.
And so while the Energies of Sacred Union ( meeting of the Polar opposites, Light and dark, masculine and feminine ,heaven and underworld, water and Fire)are Not the easiest to traverse, it is In The Union that we obtain the KEYs to our Liberation from the illusions of Fear and move into the Neutral Void Of Creation/ ZeroPoint ( as opposed to polar opposites) that is the womb space for birthing Freedom, Sovereignty and Empowerment in our Earthly Realm to transcend its associated challenges and Inanna Ascends from Queen of Heaven to Queen of Heaven AND Earth!!
And in amazing synchronous , this phase in this particular Venus cycle aligns with the Energies of Brigid , Goddess of The Eternal flame of Transformational and Creative Energies who is also the Keeper of the Sacred Waters of Life of Cleansing, Healing and Nourishment …..ie She is the very Embodiment of The Union of Opposites (water and Fire) and can assist us in moving with fearlessness, ease and Grace through this period of Sacred Union and Creation, within and Without. And what a delicious synchronicity that this phase begins on a day traditionally associated with Love , Valentines Day, for this meeting of our shadows and Union thereof requires us to operate on the highest frequencies of Love ,of self first, for only then may we hold others in judgement free, entitlement free, prejudice free and pretension free ie Unconditional Love…the Super Highway of Spiritual ascension.
Be Light ,EnLight ,InGrace
Art by Lost-Bear graphics


5 hours ago

Elders of the Land, First Nations – God has taken the Land back from destruction under the hands of the enemy. Your War Cry has been heard and answered.

From 1776 onwards, the land of North America was stolen from the Originals. God has taken it back, and returned it back to the Elders of the Land. This Restoration began February 13 2021.

The rule of Greenland, Canada, and the USA will be re-written now, to accommodate God’s New Crystalline Children, that have commenced their decent to planet Earth. This will continue Worldwide.

This is also brings full restoration of the Medicine Wheel. Balance has returned to through all 4 corners of the Earth. The mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual balance is bringing harmony to the directions, seasons, elements, the natural cycles of existence, and of self.

I am hearing the Cree and Sioux Tribes are witnessing full restoration in the flesh first. All 12 Tribes if Israel are being rescued and restored now.

God’s first task on the land is to remove all genetically modified organisms in food and farming. No farmers no food.

The cabal’s attempts to destroy humanity through genetically modified organisms has failed. We will be witnessing God’s Wrath over the enemy that has been implanting this in the flesh of human kind. This will reflect in the closure of various dominating North American food chain companies that have been established worldwide.

Taurus Season we will witness the birthing of this decree, under the Most High God, in the flesh. God has commanded it.

Thank you all for saying YES to God’s plan. This freedom and restoration of the Elders and the Land has been coded in various weekly extended readings in 2018-2020, and again for this week’s Ascension Energy Extended Reading of February 15-21 2021. This was the final yes needed to tip the scales completely in God’s favour, bringing us full restoration to God’s Home, planet Earth. THANK YOU FAMILY 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

This is already ONE AND DONE. Nothing can stop what’s coming 🔥

source: https://www.youtube.com/c/CarolynKundaliniTwinFlames/community

Take to Heart
Previously unfelt, refined and pristine energy is pouring onto Earth and into your bodies from the Great Heavens. It came in with a roar through the Aquarian Portal only to get your undivided attention.
It is undeniably with you.
In the moments when you feel shaken to your core know it is the refinement shaking up and out the dense and unrefined.
We in the Upper Realms are with and within You. You in the Upper Realms are absorbing into you.
In the moments you may feel small and alone Know that couldn’t be further from the Truth.
You are the Center of Our Attention, Protection and Provision.
Breathe and take deeply into your core the Love and Infinite Potential that exists for you.The stagnant and stale will be absorbed as you breathe and allow.
What you are going through is the greatest recalibration in your history. In ALL of Human history.
Do you know how magnificent you are?
Glory Be to You.
~through Maureen with Love

Karen Lithika

The Arcturians
We come through on the new Light Momentum reaching your World. See the unfolding of light layers day by day, moment by moment.
SEE the Wayshowers of Light Coming through now, as the New World is starting to emerge starting to appear.
Like the New Dawn, as the Sun rises so does the awakening of a new Light to your World. To see the opportunity every day brings, not to lose hope of what is unfolding around you.
For each day brings a Higher Light Spectrum into your World. We ask you to surrender to this concept, know in your heart that the unfoldment of your world is continuing. The great Light Show is here.
To see the unmasking of many in days to come.
To see your role as the Light Showers, the Stewarts of Light, amongst the many who are Awakening.
I am shown a Tsumani of Light, a great Light Wave Coming to our shores, like a great Light Wave reaching land.
Know you are prepared as you have chosen to awaken your Consciousness day by day. The choice to unpeel the layers of your reality, to find the real you.
To fall away from the comforts of your surreal world and to see the reality for what it is.
To reach a Higher Light Point in your reality of truth and Higher Light Consciousness.
We send Love to every Light Being in your Construct, as your Light Journey continues to unfold.
With Love, The Arcturians
The Arcturians & Karen Lithika

~by Levi Banner

Venus is no longer visible on February 14 until early May. Funny, as traditional astrology sees Venus as relationships, and she leaves the world stage on this calendar date known as Valentine’s day 💔
This exit from our view, is a part of the great story from Babylon about Ishtar, and the even older Sumerian tale of Innana. Both different names for Venus. Both stories of her journey through the night sky.
Venus, which represents the sacred feminine to the ancient cultures and to us Shamanic Astrologers, now enters the underworld and goes through a transformational death and rebirth. She will rise again in the evening sky, reclaiming her place as the queen of heaven (as the story goes) in May. In the Babylonian and Sumerian story, she only passes through seven gates. Which is usually how many times the Moon passes Venus during this phase of her cycle and is likened to the seven chakras. This time however, there is an eighth pass of the Moon. We call this in our school, the death by intent gate.
It’s time for the sacred feminine to transform, to go into the underworld, to let go of who she was, so she can embrace her potential power, and become more of who she truly is.
Jupiter, the planet of growth and expansion, is expanding this potential and amplifying our site of this extra gate. Having been in the glare of the Sun this past month, Jupiter comes back into our site this same day. Almost to shine a spotlight on this Moon, Venus meeting.
We are picking up speed after the 7 celestial bodies lined up in Capricorn and delivered a powerful New Moon.
The old ways are crumbling so rapidly now, attempting to process from the defunct codes simply causes glitches in the experience.
New pathways stem but the choice remains to fix and experience perceived failure through the defunct system or to forge the new and experiment within the fields in which opportunities are abundant.
As we prepare for Mercury to turn direct, the parameters seem to narrow into a bottleneck, and all becomes so very precise.
Painting – ‘Birdsong’ by Karoly
Mars in Taurus sextile Neptune in Pisces. Mercury retrograde conjunct Jupiter in Aquarius – Activate your inner artist by stimulating your imagination. There are many forms of creativity but everyone has the spark of divine essence within. You don’t need to compare your creations to anyone else’s. Prayers are answered when you start working on your dreams. Visualise your goal. Feel the pulse of life in your veins. Retrograde Mercury’s conjunction to Jupiter whispers ‘remember your joy’.
Let your body absorb and delight in the thrill of the senses. Simple pleasures bring peace to the soul. If you are angry or in an aggressive atmosphere, go outside and inhale the scent of leaves, listen to birdsong, run your fingers through the grass. Eat meditatively and mindfully so that you know when you are satiated. Sing out stress and fear. Remind your inner warrior that it’s important to find time to rest and recharge. Lay down your sword. This is compassion in action.
Degrees and Times
Mars 19°Ta42′, Neptune 19°Pi42′ – 02:13 (UT)
Mercury, Jupiter 13°Aq20′ – 21:39 (UT)
source: LeahWhitehorse.com
Kin 62 ~ White Planetary Wind
The number 10 is called ‘Planetary’ and it’s key words are ‘Perfect, Produce and Manifest’. The 10th day is associated with the word ‘perfect’ so expect a perfect day with a score of 10 out of 10! How did the number ten become associated with perfection? In all cultures, not just Mayan, the number ten is the number we measure everything by….simply because we have ten fingers to keep count on. Can you count up to ten ways in which you can enjoy today? Make a list and see what you can manifest.
Today is White Wind, which represents ‘Communication, Breathe and Spirit.’ Naturally combining the number and day the result is ‘a perfect day to communicate’. Send a message, sing a song, engage in public debate, voice your concerns or have that talk you have been putting off. Remember, we are journeying through the wavespell of the Red Skywalker that invites us to be more adventurous. Can you muster the courage to say what you really want to? White Wind days are also great for communicating with spirit, so expect unexpected messages from coincidences, dreams or random encounters.
Today’s Guide is White Dog which represents ‘Love, Loyalty and Heart’. To be guided by The White Dog on a White Wind day suggest that all communications should be guided by heart. Be loving with your words even if those words might not be what the listener wants to hear.
The Challenge of the day is Yellow Human and so if you were born a Yellow Human, you may find your issues surface today. As a person with great intuitive skills, you often lack the ability to express yourself and share the wisdom you have. Try harder to communicate today and you may be surprised at the outcome.
The Occult Power is the Blue Storm. There is powerful magic today with the disruptive Storm in the Occult position. This suggests that communication today has the power to make big changes in your life.
The Ally is the Red Earth which represents ‘Evolution’. Find someone born on a Red Earth day and they will provide great conversation. If you are a Red Earth, expect to play the role of messenger today, you will be of great help to others.
10 IK – KIN 62
14 FEBRUARY 2021
💗HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY ❤ to all Planetary kin. 💞
I perfect in order to communicate
Producing breath
I seal the input of spirit
With the Planetary tone of Manifestation
I AM guided by the power of Heart
14/2/2021 = 14/2/221 = 144-3
5/7 = 12 = 3
14 – Media/Publicity/Recognition/Promotion
2- Twins/Partners/Cooperation
7- Mystic/Majik/Spiritual/Solitude/initiation
3- Holy Trinity/Joy/Communication/Creativity
KIN 62 = 8 Infinity/Abundance/Source Flow
A beautiful day for Manifesting beautiful LOVING partnerships 💏and your true HEART’s desires.💕
Day 10 in the RED SKYWALKER 🚶WAVESPELL of awakening, exploration and EXPANSION! Today we MANIFEST AWAKENING to more LOVE💗 & BLISS 💞through channeling the breath from our HEART, into the heart of GAIA, then up into our Sun, then into the GREAT CENTRAL SUN (Galactic Sun) and then into SOURCE! Layer upon layer of connection to SPIRIT through our HEART PORTAL. Raising our collective frequency and anchoring the GOLDEN SOUL-AR CHRISTOS/SOPHIA frequency – that was BIRTHED yesterday on the planet.🌞💕
PLANETARY 🌎 Tone 10 in the PHYSICAL realm. ACTION – produces, POWER – perfects, ESSENCE – manifestation.
The 10th stage of the RED SKYWALKER Wavespell is the perfection of all we imagined as possible. And more! It is the harvest stage where we happily reap our manifest splendour. The forms we have been imagining begin to manifest into our reality, and our lives begin to reflect the GREAT DREAMS that we desire.
PLANETARY energies enable us to build and manifest strong connections with Spirit and Mother Gaia today as well as our beloveds. We have the power to MANIFEST and produce incredible prosperity, happiness and joy, both in our hearts and the PLANETARY HEART of NOVA GAIA. As we are all ONE HEART. An absolutely beautiful DIVINE GIFT from SPIRIT today as these waves of DIVINE LOVE enfold our Planetary body on this VALENTINE’s day where we cherish the LOVE on our planet and our CONNECTION to all that is, through our beautiful pure HEARTS. At our core all souls are pure LOVE, multifaceted DIAMOND gems. 💎❤💗💞
Use this LOVING POWER wisely for the Highest Good of our Planet and our Earth family 🎆💕
CONSCIOUS SELF: WHITE WIND🌬🍃 IK is the breath of SPIRIT providing the WIND beneath our wings. Follow the signs and really LISTEN to the voice of SPIRIT! Be still and present in the timelessness of the eternal NOW MOMENT as you access Messages from throughout the Galaxy.
❓❓What are you hearing, feeling, sensing and knowing?
Messages from Spirit are always based on a foundation of LOVE, ❤making you feel SAFE, secure and confident. You feel as though a beautiful warm blanket enfolds and comforts you. If these feelings of PEACE and clarity are not felt, then your connection may not be with TRUE SOURCE. Prayer, devotion, mantras and meditation as well as communing with Mother nature are powerful means for strengthening your connection with Spirit. channels.
❓❓How does this information from Spirit align with your dreams, desires and intentions?
❓❓Are you in FULL alignment with, and ready to cocreate with Spirit?
❓❓What are you seeking to PERFECT through your manifestation of the voice of Spirit?
We need to OPEN our HEARTS ❤and fully connect, in order to receive the messages that assist us with our creative vision and our creative ideas. We need to allow thoughts to FLOW through us and not identify with them. We are the vessels for this consciousness to flow through. ❓❓Are you a clear conduit for the flow of Spirit’s messages?
Use discernment to know which ideas are the best to implement filtering them through your pure HEART. Channelling ideas and messages, writing, painting, drawing, speaking, singing. The solutions come forth through allowance.. Switch off and tune in today, to the whisperings of the Angelic Spirit messengers. Can you HEAR them?
🎼The ANSWER my friend, is blowing in the WIND! 🎵 The ANSWER is blowin’ in the WIND! 🎶
Yes, ‘n’ how many years can some people exist
Before they’re allowed to be FREE?
Yes, ‘n’ how many times can a man turn his head
And pretend that he just doesn’t SEE?
The answer, my friend, is blowin’ in the wind
The answer is blowin’ in the wind
Yes, ‘n’ how many times must a man look up
Before he can SEE the sky?
Yes, ‘n’ how many ears must one man have
Before he can HEAR people cry?
Yes, ‘n’ how many DEATHS will it take ’til he knows
That too many people have died?
The answer, my friend, is blowin’ in the wind
The answer is blowin’ in the wind
Source: LyricFind Songwriter: Bob Dylan Blowin’ In The Wind lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
These are the Questions that we need to be asking to receive the Answers we are seeking through the Planetary Wind! 🌬🌏🍃
If all the Planetary kin could HEAR and translate the messages of Spirit our world would be a much better place for all citizens. Those souls with the strongest connections to Spirit live their lives with greater FLOW and spontaneity – TRUSTING in the messages and the guidance received which creates pure MAJIK and MIRACLES in the lives they touch. 💫💫💫
✨✨Today is a very HOLY day in which the WILL of SPIRIT over-rides the WILL of MAN… DIVINE INTENTION shall be REALIZED through the DIVINE COMMUNICATION🌬 that is FLOWING🎆 through us today!
Spirit is seeking to produce HEAVEN ON EARTH,💒 so as divine conduits, this is what we are collectively desiring to perfect.
HIGHER SELF/GUIDE: WHITE PLANETARY DOG🐕💕 OC is the higher power today – meaning the focus is on LOVE!💗 PURE LOVE,❤ DIVINE LOVE,❤ UNCONDITIONAL LOVE ❤– and the TRUE LOVE❤ of AWAKENED and evolved souls who are the Messengers of Spirit – embodying this love in their physical vessels on this EARTH plane. How absolutely PERFECT😍 that this code synchronizes with 💕VALENTINE’S DAY💕 – a GLOBAL celebration of the expression of LOVE – romantic love and LOVE and respect of SELF! Honouring all that is an EXPRESSION of LOVE. The PLANETARY tone – brings the focus to GLOBAL LOVE – love for all humanity and all existence through the PERFECTION of the EXPRESSION of LOVE. 💞
OC guides the manifestation process today through our pure and loyal HEARTS. 💕Connecting to Spirit through our Hearts❤ we become pure channels for Divine Wisdom and are well guided on our path of truth, integrity and service to humanity through unconditional love.
The energy is very conducive for close and intimate connection🌐 with others, so we can freely communicate from our hearts with loved ones that we want to be close to today. Sing, dance, pray to Great Spirit from the depths of your heart, channeling messages of love from the divine feminine. All actions must be founded on LOVE which is the new current-sea!.
❤Through the POWER of LOVE💕 all things are possible.
LOVE HEALS ALL AILMENTS❤ and is the fabric holding the UNIVERSE together. 💞
LOVE enables our manifestations to be perfected, for the greatest benefit of humanity and our entire planet. 💕
SUPPORT: RED PLANETARY EARTH 🌏 CABAN how PERFECT that our EARTH MOTHER is the supporting energy today. The LOVE from our MOTHER – human, planetary and DIVINE is the greatest bond that a child can have. PACHAMAMA is sending us her sun kisses💋 today – letting us know that we are DEEPLY LOVED and cherished by our planetary mumma.. Tune in and FEEL her deep love for you through communing with Mother nature and feeling the DEEP connectedness to ALL THAT IS.. Merge like the SHAMANS do and become the EARTH, feel her body as your body and know what we are all on this journey today – as ONE unified PLANETARY consciousness. WE are GAIA – and she is US!👫🌏👬🌎👭
DIVINE SIGNS and synchronicities are flowing through the energy of CABAN today. Mother Earth is totally aligned with Divine intention and is communicating through the breath of Spirit in every one of her kingdoms… through the land to the sea, encompassing all elements as Spirit whispers everywhere… we just need to be STILL and listen through our HEARTS ❤to witness the MAJIK💫 that surrounds us. We need to open our minds, our ears and our EYES eyes to recognize these signs flowing from spirit, and then produce them in our actions. Observe nature, the birds, the flowers, the insects and all creation for your messages.
❓❓What beautiful spirit animal messengers will visit you today?
❓❓In which direction are these SIGNS taking you?
Set your course and allow CABAN and IK to provide the navigation tools.
As it is a PLANETARY 🌏tone day, CABAN’S influence is very GLOBAL, highlighting Collective messages. CABAN enables us to Manifest a deep connection with the Earth, through allowing the Rainbow Serpent to come from deep within the HEART of Gaia and up through our chakras from the base to the crown to the cosmos all the way back to SOURCE! Perfecting our capacity to LISTEN to the wisdom of the EARTH and be aware of the harmonic matrix connecting us into the web of all creation.
❓❓What message will GAIA send to her children today? TUNE in and LISTEN?
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: BLUE SELF-EXISTING STORM🌀 🌩🌪🌫CAUAC. Today’s STORM has a self-existing tone, enabling our Manifestations to easily take form. The SUPERPOWER of this spiritual wind is that it helps us define what it is that we wish to manifest. CAUAC assists us in transforming old thought forms that have blocked our manifestation power and our direct communication channels with Spirit. The STORM can unlock any blocked or stored energy in order to catalyse these thoughts into more creative options in our Manifestation process. Through releasing FEAR and stagnant energies we can raise our vibration and EXPAND our connection to GREAT SPIRIT.
This occult STORM🌪 power today can catalyze great PLANETARY transformation🌀 through the power of LOVE.❤ LOVE is the most powerful EQUALIZER and has the ability to soothe the savage beast, bringing HARMONY to warring enemies. Remember to SPEAK words of LOVE to melt the HEART walls of all concerned.
The BLUE STORM is supporting the WHITE WIND, in bringing through a breath of FRESH purified AIR 🌫for our PLANETARY BODY!! 🌬🍃 Ahhhhh no more Chemtrails or pollutants! No more TOXIC energies – let us all soar on the WINGS of LOVE! 💕💞
CHALLENGE/GIFT: YELLOW PLANETARY HUMAN😊EB presents the battle of the EGOIC mind versus the BUDDHA mind. Divine Mind versus hu-man mind! In order to have an open and accepting mind we need to let go of judgements, criticism and fear. We cannot hear the voice of Spirit if our mind is cluttered with FEAR and busyness, which clouds our thoughts and pollutes our actions. The death of egoic control of your thoughts through surrender will accelerate your union with Divine Mind.
DIVINE MIND accepts ALL HUMANS as EQUAL and can unconditionally LOVE and respect all LIFE FORMS. The small human can be SELFISH and self serving, instead of living a life in SERVICE to ALL. The PLANETARY HU-MAN is uniting our collective MINDS through the PLANETARY DIVINE MIND.. the higher 5D consciousness of Ascended GAIA. A powerful GIFT of KIN 62.
EB challenges us to PERFECT our independant will, in order to MANIFEST the dreaming of ABUNDANCE for all beings. We use our wisdom to make better choices to manifest the brightest outcome for our PLANET. Manifesting the COLLECTIVE dream for our planet through listening to the wisdom and whispers of the indigenous ones and our ancestors in order to expand our consciousness.
Our CHALLENGE today is to surrender our small human will, and align with the Higher Divine Will for the benefit of our Planet and all HU-MAN- KIND.
We must unite together through the POWER of higher LOVE💕 and hold the highest intentions for producing our BEST UTOPIAN DREAMS, manifesting HEAVEN ON EARTH. ❤💒💞
Today’s question is “How can I EXPAND my HEART,❤ through LISTENING to Spirit in order to manifest PLANETARY transformation through the power of LOVE?” 💕
Divine blessings for following your heart whisperings on the path to MANIFESTING personal and PLANETARY LIBERATION & ABUNDANCE 🌈💖🌈💖
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
PICTURE CREDITS: DIVINE GRATITUDE to unknown artists 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
Gate of God
Peru Lake Titicaca
Machu Picchu
Easter Island
24-point Planetary Rod
Water Portals
13:13 Coding Stargate
Parallel Uluru Oz
Grail Retrieval
Global Change
Restoration – Illumination
Pillars of Power
Antartica Sub-Currents
Planetary Staff
Aquatic Transmission
Transmutation DNA
Womb of the Child
Equatorial Planes
Fomalhaut Star
Guardians of the Heavens
Gate of Man
Trans-Dimensional Navigation
Galactic Nursery-Migration
Blue Star Rising
Golden Age-Expression
Antares Chief Star
Cosmic Royal-Gnosis
Polaris North Star Power
Planetary Re-genesis Medicine
Lemuria Stargate in the House
Draco Inheritance-Law
Betrayal – Slavery
Annuit Coeptis Empire
Osiris Curse
Mutation – Consent
Own it – Root Chakra
Humanity-Collective Free


Thou Mighty, Infinite Presence! Creator of all that is, always
majestic in Thy Conquering Presence, we give Power only to Thee. We forever
withdraw all power we have ever given to outer things and stand serene in Thy
Majestic Presence, Love, Wisdom and Power. Knowing that, ” ‘I AM’ here and ‘I AM’
there and ‘I AM’ everywhere, then ‘I AM’ serene in Thy Majestic Presence,
manifesting Thy Love, Wisdom, Power and Judgment—that I have Thy foresight
and see far beyond human possibilities.” I give praise and thanks that I, now and
forever, acknowledge and accept only Thy Mighty, Victorious Presence in all
things, in my Life, my world, my mind, and my body.
I give praise that I have placed about each form Thy Magic Circle, Invincible,
Impenetrable to anything unlike Thee. I stand guard over my Life, body, mind,
world and affairs, that nothing manifest unlike Thee. We thank Thee.

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