The Revelation

The Revelation Phase Begins

By Lauren C. Gorgo, 04/26/2016

Here we stand on the other side of that robust eclipse journey, chastened but wiser…and holy crap, what a journey it has been.

For the first time ever I found myself actually wishing I could return to it…that somehow it felt better (?) inside the birth portal than to be thrusted into the intensity that was waiting for me at the other end.    Tumultuous or not, every single one of us has been altered in the most fundamental ways…to the point that we still don’t completely know what that means.

April is always a month of obvious transition, both within and in the world around us.  It is a time of being suspended between realities, of shedding our old skins and stories while beginning the intuitive foray into new, deeper level truth. Many souls also utilize this powerful energetic window of transition (literally) for their physical departure and so we have all have been deeply letting go in one way or another.

We can’t truly be masters of the physical world until/unless we embody our physical form.The Revelation

With so much intense transformation in so little time it is has been pretty difficult to determine which end is up but from what I am hearing, that familiar ass-over-teacup feeling is about to ground into something very productive.

If you are reading this then I am sure you are aware that in just a few days we will be in quite an extraordinary and rare celestial passage as FIVE planets will be retrograde…at once. (Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Pluto & Mercury)  Not knowing how to even process this I asked for a clearer understanding of what this will mean for those of us who are deep in the throes of embodiment.

What I was given was an image of a bulldozer clearing mountains of rubble from a roadway with the understanding that the next few months are going to provide us with quite an assortment of supportive energies to move some BIG things out of our way in order to clear the path to our new life and purpose…in some pretty permanent ways.  Ways that will serve to finally reveal our true nature.

It feels like we are being given a really extraordinary opportunity to release, remove, reset, restructure, resurrect so much from our past before we move into the second half of 2016.  This reads like a housecleaning of the highest order…even if very literally in that the deeper we descend into our bodies, the more we inhabit our dwelling spaces which always prompts us to let go of more stuff, to eliminate excess and to simplify.

For so many years we did not feel “at home” in ourselves or on the planet and that transient feeling of being between worlds has been reflected in our physical homes/living situations and lives. But now, after carving out so much internal space…dissecting & decluttering, detonating & dismantling our entire human existence…we are now ready to create some serious external space, for our new Self to fill in.

So just like the Phoenix rising, we get to…erm…sweep up our ashes.  Who knew.

In the bigger picture, because the new reality system (grid) is now anchored (go team!) we too can finally anchor…both in our bodies and in our true lives.  We diligently dedicated ourselves to building the foundation and framework for our new life template, and now we will get to embody it.

And because we let go of so much heaviness within, we can now more effortlessly…and with great universal support…bring the world we inhabit into greater alignment to more accurately reflect our hard earned lightness of BEing.

We seem to be headed for some very long-awaited cathartic moments…a monumental release of years, if not lifetimes, of spiritual imprisonment.  ©As LOVE, Inc. 2016 All rights reserved.

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