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Mary Rodwell & Maree Batchelor, MD – The New Human: “95% chance that 50% of humans will activate New Earth, as 50% of current humanity opt to stay on 3D Earth”


PEACE PORTAL DRIVE, Blaine, WA – In an interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre, author Mary Rodwell & Multidimensional Healer & Physician Maree Batchelor MD explored the full range of mutual research and multi-dimensional practice findings around New Humans emerging in humanity’s frequency ascension toward a New Earth.
A New Human: Abductions vs Adductions
Researchers R. Leo Sprinkle, PhD quoting the late Roger Leir, MD writes in an Introduction to The New Human by Mary Rodwell that “[Mary Rodwell] found that many ET ‘abduction’ Participants changed their viewpoint about these encounters: They were not abducted (taken away from Earth); they were adducted (taken toward the Stars). From a multidisciplinary perspective, many Participants viewed themselves as developing a multidimensional perspective about their encounters with ETs. These encounters were viewed as physical/biological/psychological/spiritual events, and the effect was to develop a purpose or personal “mission” to assist Earth and Humanity.”[1]
As to New Humans, “These children are able to talk about the physical spacecraft; the biological aspects of surgical interventions and “implants’; the psychological aspects of their interactions with ETs and military personnel, and the spiritual aspects of their HSA (Higher Sense Abilities): psychic abilities as well as their purpose or mission. Not only are they New Humans, but they view themselves as working with other humans and ETs to build a New Earth as to develop a New Humanity.”[2]
“The New Human
“The ‘New Humans’ are new generations of children and young adults consciously and intimately connected to galactic intelligences. ey contend that they have come from star origins to bring about change and spread the truth of who we really are. They tell us that the star visitors are the ancestors of humanity, and created us. They say most of our species are still asleep and need to be awakened to our true heritage, and that they have come here to help, particularly with new ecologically and spiritually based technologies. rough their awareness and knowledge, they believe they can help older generations understand their heritage.”[3]
“I have come to the conclusion that not only are there star children amongst us, but the entire human race has been advanced forward at a rate that is unlikely to be due to slow evolutionary forces, but far more likely that this rapid advancement of the human species is due to alien intervention of our bodies and minds.” Dr. Roger Leir, author of e Aliens and the Scalpel. [4]
The New Earth
M: “In terms of the children talking about the New Earth, what is your understanding of that?”
Z: “My understanding: there is a new Earth but it’s not necessarily new, we are just moving into a new vibration, but to us it is new. It’s been there for a long time. It is waiting for our arrival. Gaia is already at the destination she wishes to be; she is waiting for us to move with her.”
M: “Gaia is moving into another frequency or another dimension; how do you explain that?”
Z: “She is moving into a higher frequency, a collection of similar frequencies. at’s all we are in actuality, is a collection of vibrations.”
M: “So what the children are really saying is that when we are awakened we will be able to move more with Gaia to this other plane of awareness and New earthreality.”
Z: “Yes, but we are not necessarily moving with her, just moving space around us to get to her because she is in one position and we are in another position which exists in the same space.”[5]
I am here to wake people up
Dr. Maree Batchelor, MD
“People don’t realize the matrix is galactic. Many don’t understand that the ‘gods’ of the old religions, the Great Beings and Ascended Masters that people are going to temples and bowing to, are really multidimensional galactic beings…,”
Dr. Maree Batchelor, MD, comments on DNA in Chapter Fourteen [of THE NEW HUMAN], which explores the possibility that human DNA is now being activated for humanity to evolve:
“After reading the chapter on DNA, I got a deep sense, a real knowing, that this information is bringing together pieces of the puzzle that start to form a picture of our highest truth.
In each of us we have this knowing, but for some it is yet inaccessible by the very DNA programming that has created us and is then sustained by the dense manipulation of the matrix we live in. This information is here to activate and awaken our truth. I felt I was surrounded by a bubble of energy and by high-frequency beings as I read the information in Chapter Fourteen. This indicated to me that this information is true and vital for humanity. I agree with the information that a number of off-world/alien beings has artificially modified our genetics. Some, not so benevolent, wanting humanity to remain enslaved in a limited, lower 3D reality without knowledge and connection to our divine gifts and source energy.
However, some of us have already started to have our DNA activated to overcome some of the modifications. We could be called the ‘first wavers’, on the leading edge of the awakening movement. We, as these ‘first wavers’ have already been switched on at a DNA level (as mentioned by others in this chapter), to remember our mission to embody a higher truth about humanity and to help bring in the frequencies to subsequently trigger awareness in others.
The DNA in its current state of the sleeping individual is causing disease, disharmony, dissatisfaction and separation. This has created a mindset of greed and violence, which has led to global unrest with planetary environmental destruction and a propensity for war. The individual behavior and thinking are thus affecting us globally. This keeps us in fear and chaos and easily controlled by powerful beings (both human and off -world) with negative agendas.
The Solution: we need to awaken individuals at a DNA level by activating and upgrading our Divine DNA blueprint to bring individual harmony, leading to global peace and Universal balance. The good news is that the DNA is changing – the DNA chapter gives evidence of this. It is happening at birth for some children, to increase their consciousness and override dominant patterns and conditioning that the rest of us are subjected to. Others of us may not have received this upgrade at birth but have been switched on and activated later in life. This switching on occurs by increasing frequencies. We live in a time where increased photonic light packages from the sun, combined with benevolent galactic higher-dimensional input, has commenced the process of awakening the individual. The DNA that is being activated holds some further keys to awakening. We need to understand, as others have stated in the chapter, that some of the alien DNA that has been engineered into the human is blocking this process. This inorganic DNA acts as a receiver to further negative influences and ensures control by non-benevolent beings.
In addition, we have been tricked into carrying forward fear-based DNA patterning and programming from past life Karma and family lineage inheritance. This is further enhanced by cultural and societal influences geared towards individuals striving for acceptance and therefore sustaining the sleeping status quo. To complete the picture, we also need to be aware that there are biological, environmental and energetic negative manipulations e.g. Chemtrails, toxins, EMFs (electromagnetic, low-level frequencies) subliminal hypnotic symbolism, and much more, all ensuring we stay asleep, keeping the DNA blocked, making it harder to activate, clean and clear.
To state this more plainly, the non-benevolent manipulators of our DNA continue to influence and control us by keeping us in fear, asleep and separate, with less hope of DNA activation to a more evolved human being. The work of those of us that have overcome some of this DNA manipulation i.e. have already been activated to some extent, is to remove the negative alien influences at a DNA level and to clean off additional receivers and the additional fear-based programs.
The DNA needs to be activated. Cleaning, clearing splicing out the inorganic negative alien aspects, removing inherited patterns and negative karmic influences along with additional influences of the matrix. Upgrading the DNA to its original Divine blueprint for innate abilities. This would allow an elevated level of joy, peace, and love, the ability to self-heal, and heal others, increased intuition and connectedness, development of higher senses like clairvoyance and clairaudience and an increased connection to a higher power, with greater wisdom and expanded awareness and knowledge, and more. A connection to the truth of who we were originally meant to be!
The DNA activation, as suggested in Chapter Fourteen, is brought about by frequency. The first wave of individuals, including the new children and the light workers already activated on the planet, can help bring in the necessary frequencies. The DNA can be altered by frequencies held in symbols, sacred geometry, artwork, music, mantras, light language and by transmission through high-vibrational counseling, information and touch. All of this is becoming available by those of us capable of embodying higher frequencies and acting as conduits of this high-frequency galactic light.
We also need to be aware of the negative side of some of these modalities. Lower vibrational forms (e.g. symbols, art, music, entertainment, media) are used purposely to keep us asleep. Working in 3D and in higher dimensions, the DNA can be upgraded. As mentioned, pieces of the inorganic alien DNA, additional receivers (toxins and parasites, etc.) and inherited DNA imprints (both individual karmic and family patterning) can be cleared and upgraded. This clears the physical, emotional and energetic body, bringing forth the New Awakened Human. The newly awakened human, as a collective, can provide the tipping point towards the restoration of the planetary balance and harmony and subsequent survival of the human species on the earth. The benevolent galactic beings supporting this movement toward awakening are working very hard on a DNA level to assist humanity with this.”
Dr. Maree Batchelor, MD
Skype: mareebatchelor
Mary Rodwell, The New Human: Awakening to our Cosmic Heritage,
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[1] Mary Rodwell, The New Human: Awakening to our Cosmic Heritage,
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