Blossom Goodchild. Direct Voice channel for The Federation Of Light

Blossom Goodchild. Direct Voice channel for The Federation Of Light


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Dear loved ones
To all who read these words, greetings from the Galactic Federation.
In this message from the Galactic Federation, we’ll discuss the most important steps you can take now to be ready for Ascension—and what will happen for your planet to achieve ascension.
After hearing about the Ascension Process.
Do you know their extension?
It’s an energy shift that will affect every aspect of life on Planet Earth, all at once.
We are very pleased to announce that the long-awaited Great Change or Ascension of your planet is taking place.
You have completed the Third Dimension, and the collective consciousness of this planet has reached such a critical level, especially in recent years, that there is no other way but to ascend.
We want you to know you’re doing just great!
You’re doing more than right.
It’s been an incredible journey so far and the best is yet to come.
Let go of everything that was once familiar to you, everything you thought you knew or understood.
Your eyes are open today, and the curtain has been lifted.
Today you understand what is at stake for humanity, but you also realize how beautiful the plan is on which you’ve been working all these years on Earth!
We, the Galactic Federation, come to you today to inform you that we are sending massive amounts of photonic gamma light waves through your Central Sun that pass through you into the cells of your being.
Some of you are well aware of the massive energy changes that are currently coming and you may experience enhanced ascension symptoms such as insomnia, or the need to sleep a lot more than usual.
Even physical discomfort is a possible symptom of ascension, as your bodies are changing and adjusting to higher frequencies.
Many of you are just waking up and others are just starting to wake up.
Your numbers will go drastically.
If you are reading this message, it means you are one of the chosen ones.
But we didn’t choose you.
You did it.
You volunteered for this great mission knowing that the rewards you would reap from this lifetime experience were a massive milestone in your own personal development.
You will now proceed to fulfill your divine purpose.
We need you to step up and do your part in this ascension process and we want you to know that we are here with you, helping and guiding you every step of the way.
There are so many of you who are looking forward to the changes to come.
You are longing for the truth of your existence on this planet to be released for all people of all cultures to see.
It’s been a long journey, but the process is almost complete, and only a few more steps to go.
We can’t give you a date at this time, there are too many factors and beings involved but the process is “very, very close.” “
Everyone is requested to maintain their high vibrational energies, no matter what is happening on Earth right now.
Don’t judge, don’t react emotionally, but tap into your inner peace and joy no matter what’s happening.
Be constantly aware that the process of ascension is taking place now, but it will take a while to fully manifest.
The final teaser will come with a bang once all the preliminary conditions are met.
In this sense, the great climax is upon you, but always remember that what is manifesting is not simple events but profoundly significant revelations that are far more important for the awakening to take place within all of you.
Everyone will continue to go through their own process of individual ascension and go through different scenarios that someone else might experience.
The changes we see in this world are people waking up and seeing the illusion for what it really is.
All Awakened will aid and support individuals who are going through the process of releasing their karmic conditioning, dissecting their false self, and dealing with the atrocities of suffering.
You will witness the end of the transition, and you will usher in a new era that will bring to light what has been hidden for so long.
Many revelations will take place.
The revelation is the final stage of the ascension process and it will be a great shock to all.
It will come as a big surprise and a moment of understanding.
This will mark the end of the old world and the birth of a new one; there will be no more darkness or deceit in human consciousness henceforth!
We love you so much.
We’re here with you.
We are Your Family of Light.
Aurora Ray.







【Love 【
Even if you have the power to move mountains, tear oceans, and stop rivers,
I can’t resist the love.
Love is the heart of God that heals all things.
What saves lives is not superpower,
Because love is the power.
Shinji Koenji
A poem that opens the eyes of the mind
【Love 】
Although the power exist that move the mountains, divide the ocean or stem the river
it can never fight off Love
Love is God’s mind which heal everything
It’s not a supernatural Power to save people,
It’s a power of Love
Shinji Takahashi
A poem that opens the eyes of the mind





Meditating 🌀
There is no personality in God.
God is life and energy itself.

💛💜💛🧡💜💙💛YOU KNOW YOU HAVE HEALED 💛💙💜💛🧡💜💛when you no longer have any control over what people do..
You know you’ve healed when things aren’t emotionally in you anymore.
The hurtful words of others, their confusing actions, the way they see you, what they say about you or how they treat you…
It doesn’t concern you anymore because you know it rarely matters to you….
You know it’s just their own projections, their own fears and insecurities are being revealed….
They still have their own healing….
They still need to learn to grow emotionally and mentally instead of projecting their problems onto others.
You know you’ve healed when something that hurt you in the past doesn’t bother you anymore because you got to the root of the problem, understand trust issues or childhood issues made you believe certain actions meant you weren’t good enough or worthy of love or not being valued or respected….
You know you’ve healed when you work on yourself and your self-esteem to the point where no matter what someone else does to you, it won’t break you..
You know who you are and have learned to never let another person determine your worth….
You know you’ve healed when you’re ready to let all the people go without worrying….
You know you’ve healed when you’re still trying to win their love and affection just to feel entitled..
You know you’ve healed when you stop going so hard for people who do so little for you because now you know you’re not worth it..
And now you won’t allow yourself to stay because you learned that it’s better to be alone than with someone who offers you so little, and that it’s much better to leave than to stay and fight a losing battle…
You know you’ve healed when you no longer wait for people to come up or show up or tell you what you want to hear….
You know you’ve healed when you truly wish them well but look for happiness elsewhere.
You know you’ve healed when you finally realize that all of your emotional causes and pain were caused by how you interpreted someone’s behavior and how it grew an old wound or caused a painful memory…
Because when you understand yourself and your own wounds, no one can use them against you….
You won’t allow people to provoke or hurt you the way they used to because every time you react to someone else’s pain, you hurt yourself more each time you defend yourself in that way…
You know you have healed when you no longer seek people’s approval because you know it all starts within you, it’s real work, it’s a real challenge, and that’s how you change everything around you…
Rania Naeem
Thank you Justyna 🤗💛💖 via Małgorzata Jarecka



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