We are your Arcturian friends, closely watching the evolving processes on Gaia.
As high level frequencies arrived from your Galactic Center, and now penetrating the surface of your planet, many veils are lifting on the astral and ethereal level around earth and also around yourself.
This is the reason why we are now coming closer together. Now it is easier for us to make a conscious connection with you, as it is also easier for you to connect with the level of our higher frequency of light.
This supports you in dealing better with the intense negative emotions that surface on many places on your planet, because Divine Light is Shining on it; especially in the regions of war and accumulations of people who are escaping their devastated countries or who feel sorrow and discontent in the countries where they arrive.
This is the time, dearest friends, you have been preparing for, to stand in this planetary increasing tourmoil upright and energetically strong. To provide centers of equanimity and emotional strength to break the waves of negativity.
You have been preparing for this by first releasing and healing your own karmas (personal, ancestral, regional or global). Without the suffering you have been going through and without going beyond it, you would not have the stamina to support the lifting of the present chaos that is all around you.
If you have established already happiness and equanimity in your daily life, wondering about a new rising darkness, do not take it personally!
It does not matter whether you live directly in a region of war or social conflict, or far from it. Many of you light workers and – warriors are sensitized to be aware of the disturbed and distorted fields of your planet wherever you are. Because this is the work you voted to be here for.
As tremendous fields of darkness are being released into the consciousness of humanity and planet earth, content, that has been unconsciously suppressed for so long, accumulated by millenniums of  incredible suffering, these dense vibrations are now slowly dissolving into Divine Light, with the help of the high frequencies  from your Galactic Center, channelled through your Sun.
This is not always an easy experience for you as you consciously participate in this global transformation. It might be for many of you a challenge for your physical and energy body.
However, if you are just  aware of the cause of it, and by connecting with your own higher consciousness and also our joyful presence, low and dense energies can be transformed and lifted  in an instant into  Divine Light. It requires actually  your constant conscious work of release, again and again. And we are here to support you if you connect with us and ask for our help.
It is also of great importance that you join forces with your human family of light, because united you are invincible! This must be a joint venture to overcome in this moment the vast negative heritage of mankind.
The immense Light is here, yes, but the transformational work must be done now. It does not happen by itself, but by the conscious participation of those of you who are dedicated to the light.
We are here to encourage you with Divine Love and Vision! Nurture yourself with Essential Light of your Being and the Power of Love.
You are the Hope and Promise for the Victory of the Light on Earth, that Is the Reality of your Life. You live the Fulfillment of what has been prophesied since ancient times.
We thank you, the whole Universe celebrates in gratitude your spiritual strength and your unwavering  intrepidity!
With Love and Blessings!
We are the Arcturians!
Conveyed by Ute

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