December 27, 2020

Share This: Divine Masculine Christ – Shekinah the Divine Mother  Carolyn SERVANT OF YHWH 6 hours ago Divine Masculine Christ Update On December 25 2020, Shekinah, the Divine Mother, united and merged with the Divine Masculine Christ. This occurred in Spirit, and will birth through this Capricorn Season. The 33 degree Celestial lineup was activated in the 33 vertebrae of the spine of the Divine Masculine, for Union. The…


ILLIA-EM ELOHIM OF ARCTURUS – Kin 12: Yellow Crystal Human

April 10, 2020

Share This: MESSAGE FROM THE ARCTURIAN LIGHT COUNCIL and ILLIA-EM ELOHIM OF ARCTURUS Elaine Degiorgio Sitting in the Sacred I AM Presence connecting with my Higher Self. with Heru and my Spirit Guide Team I Connect with the High Council of Arcturus and bring for the following message: Greetings dear Ones… We, your Arcturian friends, are jumping time lines to communicate with you right now. It was not always foreseen…