Blue Beyond

Ascending Masters Gathering Energy UPdate Anastacia-Blue Beyond Guide - Holy Shift! - 23rd May 2018 - Part 18 This is a layered update, that I started writing some notes and…

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Update On ‘The Wave’- April Fool’s Or A Starseed Call To Action?

Messages from the higher realms had indicated there was a very high probability that a huge wave of loving and transformational energy would sweep across the planet by the end of March of this year. The increasingly closer possibility was pushing the collective toward high hopes of change soon in our reality. Was it just another foolish prediction, or instead is it a measure of our manifestation capability as a collective?

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Currency Reset – NESARA

NESARA originated in 1500 AD. It is the Fear Reduction package associated with the upcoming 2012 Transition. Obama and Dunford are well aware of this, and are both of the Light Alliance- - contrary to the mis-information on the web and elsewhere. This video explains the origins of the Fear Reduction program, why it exists, and how it relate to the upcoming "2102" transition, which is very real and happening very soon.

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