Activation of the Crown Chakra of Gaia – The Queen – Divine Feminine ~ Kin 240 ~ Yellow Rhythmic Sun

November 25, 2020

Activation of the Crown Chakra of Gaia – The Queen – Divine Feminine ~ Kin 240 ~ Yellow Rhythmic Sun Karen Lithika 22h  ·    Harmony – Unity – Love The Arcturians As you enter the last four weeks of 2020 We ask you to travel to the stars and observe the grandmother planets aligning, to be immersed in universal light rays, the vibrational frequencies of Harmony, Unity and Love. For…


The Kundalini Point of Perception

December 2, 2015

Just as your third dimensional self enjoys traveling from one location to another, your Higher SELF enjoys traveling from one frequency to another. It is easy and enjoyable to travel from one physical place to another because you can enjoy your favorite locations that you have visited for many years.

In the same manner, your inter-dimensional travels are fulfilling and a lot of fun because you are reuniting with your favorite higher dimensional places and beings. We remind you to remember to expand your multidimensional perspectives so that your physical self can consciously enjoy this “inner travels.”


Inter-dimensional Communication Portals

October 18, 2015

Greetings, we are the Arcturians. We are here within this Nowness to commune with you about expanding your consciousness so that you can perceive and move into alternate, parallel and higher dimensional realities

Your consciousness is shifting in between that which you have once perceived as yesterday or tomorrow. In fact, you are beginning to release the confines of time that were bound to your third-dimensional, or even fourth-dimensional, thinking.

Your fourth dimensional thinking moves faster than third dimensional thinking. However, as you move into your fifth-dimensional thinking and states of consciousness, you are beginning to release your concept of time.


Consciousness, Lightbody, and Merkaba

October 17, 2015

There are many challenges being presented to our volunteers to Earth to assist you to “prime the pump” as they said in the olden days. You can talk and teach forever, butthe teacher must keep learning by doing what they teach. In this manner the teachings will progress into the higher and higher octaves of reality.

We ask now that all our teachers fully recognize that it is no accident that they find themselves in whatever challenges that are confronting them. It is the NOW to act like the Galactic Member that you have always been.

In order to BE your true galactic and/or celestial SELF, you must go deep within to the core fears of your human self and heal them. One of your core fears is that you will not be acknowledged for who you truly are. That “fear” is a third dimensional ego fear


The Arcturians and Our Galactic Family

September 17, 2015

Please relax into our message, as it is of a higher frequency than usual. Therefore, we will “take some time” to assist you to prepare your consciousness/perceptions. Please remember that the frequency of your consciousness sets the frequency of your perceptions.

As you focus on the YouTube video below,
allow your consciousness to enter the Portal.

Feel how your consciousness expands.

Allow your Third Eye to perceive deep into the portal.

Feel how the unconditional love of your High Heart guides you.