10 Ways to Boost your Immunity Naturally

June 24, 2016

In this time of the great shift, more than ever, we need to be conscious co-creators with our health and wellness. Our bodies and nervous systems are becoming more sensitive to the nerergies and vibrations of our world and environments. We must be vigilant in being responsible for how we treat and nourish our sacred temples, our physical bodies. Obviously our thoughts and actions are also very important but in this article today I will be covering our physical bodies and health.


Max Christensen – What is Alchemy

Pranic Festival – Max Christensen “What is Alchemy?”   An interview with my Taoist teacher Max Christensen (ching Feng Dao Shr) Taoist Master. http://primordialalchemist.com Published on May 10, 2015 * Activating New Paradigms * Merging Ancient Alchemy with Futuristic Inner Sciences * Self-Healing & Rejuvenation * Living on Light * Living From Love * Alchemy, Inner Mastery * Celebrating Peace, Harmony, Joy! * Cocreating Paradise on Earth! * Join us…

September 10, 2015