Crystalline Multidimensionality  – METATRON

October 23, 2019

Crystalline Multidimensionality   (Excerpt from 9/14/18 Earth-Keeper Newsletter) METATRON Archangel Metatron via J. Tyberonn Crystalline Multidimensionality Greetings All ! I am Metatron, Angelic of Light, and I greet you this moment in Unconditional Love ! I am joined in this session by Tyberonn of Crystalline Service. Now, there are places within the Crystal Vortex in which extraordinary multidimensional experience can occur. There is a heliotropic aspect to dimensional gateways and…


Benevolent Encounters With the 5th Dimensional Kind

December 1, 2015

The Benevolent Encounters With the 5th Dimensional Kind – Metatron & The 33rd Dimension.   Through the fields of glory and the unification invocation principle a new set of decrees is beginning to take root in your cognitive understanding of oneness. Through various ecological improvements on your planet, through various geological innovations, through the technology that is spreading rapidly around your planet, much of distress and misalignment in your ecological…



September 15, 2015

Greetings my beautiful beings of light! Before I begin this channeling I would like to add a personal note.

As many of you are aware we are moving towards an amazing event which is to take place on September 23 – 28th. So much has been said about the Final Blood Moon and the days preceding and following this event. I have received many inquiries about this subject. Many of you are worried that something chaotic may happen on or around this date, and whilst chaos certainly is part of this process, what we are about to experience is another wave of Awakening.