New Galactic Update 19/10/2019

October 21, 2019

Share This: New Galactic Update 19/10/2019 Ria Aurora Athena Ash  Dear ones : There has been a lot of interference in your Reality that is playing out in your Now Timeline …. As the continuation of Higher 13D Light code’s continue to integrate /activate ’ And upgrade your Physical avatars , Your DNA/RNA and subtle energy fields. Your light bodies & Merkabas are working an extra gear to acclimate to…


Galactic update

August 13, 2019

Share This: Galactic update 💫 11:08:2019 All is welcome to share…. ❤️ “ Beloveds , We are now at this time , in a new cycle of dings where we reside in the 12th hour moving into Ding 3/4 ….. As the clock ⏰ Has struck in the 12th position …. in alignment with the Galactic Centre of this galaxy and the all the central Suns. Currently we are weaving between two versions…