Divine Feminine

May 3, 2019

Share This: Greetings 7th Seal Followers, Deep Disclosure and Divine Ms M Fans! We would like to invite the returning attendees and those that have purchased the 7th Seal Activator to a 20% discount for our 2nd Annual Conference in Sedona over July 5th, 6th & 7th! We will have a special guest who has been on our recent podcasts, who is our top partner in the www.deepdisclosure.com work that…


12:21 Solstice Portal to the Great Central Sun

December 16, 2018

Share This: 12:21 Solstice Portal to the Great Central Sun by Meg Benedicte The sacred window between 12:12 and 12:21 provides the most potent manifesting magic of the year….the portal is open thru December 21st while Gaia aligns with zero point energy at the Galactic Center. Many of you are raising your consciousness so that you can be Wayshowers into higher levels of awareness and stabilizers of the crystalline grids. There…


12:12 Stargate Infusion – Gateway Activations Begin

December 13, 2018

Share This: 12:12 Stargate Infusion Gateway Activations Begin   We are still integrating the recent 11:11 Gateway Ascension upgrades into our personal lives and into the planetary collective. As the global Matrix control program unlocks, more and more layers of oppressive patterns and trauma release from your energy field. It is a gradual unveiling of your authentic divine self. It is centuries of enslavement code releasing from your bio-energetics. As…


Meg Benedicte – Prepare for Upcoming Stargates

October 25, 2018

Share This: Meg Benedicte – Prepare for Upcoming Stargates Can you feel the energy amplifying? Our planet is en route to multiple stargate activations in the coming months. During Stargate activations, diamond plasma light streams into your bioelectrical organism and blasts it with new code and consciousness. The key to rapid evolution is LIGHT! Your crystalline biology needs to feed on more LIGHT in order to activate soular circuitry. Metabolizing…


Meg Benedicte – Goddess Creative Spark

October 18, 2018

Share This: Meg Benedicte – Goddess Creative Spark Although it may not have felt like it, we’ve been in a lull preparing for the year-end stargate events. The month of October is time to catch up, adjust, regain equilibrium and gear up for the coming cosmic activations November – January. For the past 19 months the Lunar Nodes (karma/dharma) held court in the Leo/Aquarius axis, providing powerful eclipses that targeted…


Ascension Update – Grid Work, Accelerated Timelines with Sandra Walter on Quantum Conversations

October 23, 2016

The Light levels continue to amplify, our hearts and DNA are experiencing a new level of the Ascension process, and this wave is just getting started. The Divinity and purity of these frequencies is palpable; take the time to connect and receive them with an open heart. The traveling and Gatework have been exhausting these past 6 weeks. This is when gatherings of the heart rejuvenate the Spirit.