Blue Moon

November 1, 2020

Share This: link to article on patreon about synergy crystals –   Crimson Circle OctdufdiitoSbtlelopro a29lloh naatn 7:55s uonAoreehduM  ·  Halloween Blue Moon. The last time there was a Blue Moon on Halloween was 1944 and many considered that year to be the significant turning point for World War II. You are invited to commune here with the other Ascended Masters on the planet Celia Fenn t8Sponhsoaredmt  ·  The energy of the Full Moon/Blue…


New Light Codes Will be Activated at the Lunar Eclipse in Leo

January 28, 2018

Coming up for a very powerful week.

First we have the Full Moon/Blue Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo on the 31st.

Lots of powerful Divine Feminine energy flowing and urging us to dive deep and discover the sources of our own personal power. As with any depth process, this may not be easy, and you may find yourself having to confront things that trigger you or make you uncomfortable in some way. Don’t despair, keep going deeper until you hit that bedrock of raw creative power that is in each one of us.