11:11 Artificial Intelligence Cryptocurrency and the Biological Singularity

In this video I explain the connection between artificial intelligence and cryptocurrency. A.I. is here my friends and there is very little we can do about it. Do some research into black goo, the black box of Saturn and Alien Intelligence. What is this artificial intelligence. Is it alien consciousness manifesting through technology?

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11:11 Portal & Dropping The Veils

Join host Michelle Walling as she discusses the effect of the 11-11-15 portal, dropping the veils, walk-ins, and spontaneous awakening with Maria Bethencourt. Maria has a Wordpress site where she has kept her readers informed of her Arcturian aspect's perspective on the shift and how it has affected her. Maria will explain how we have moved from the matrix timelines to the sovereign ascension timelines with the recent Wave X energies. Hear what it is like for Maria when she looked at the television one day and saw the what the news anchors on tv really looked like, and how she can turn this ability on and off.

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