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Father and Son

Your Spirit Guides are Communicating ~ Jupiter and Chiron Align ~ Transition ~ Invocation to the Violet Flame

Your Spirit Guides are Communicating ~ Jupiter and Chiron Align ~ Transition ~ Invocation to the Violet Flame



Paul White Gold Eagle

Greetings Galactic Star Guardians of Terra Nova Gaia

Today our Earth Angelics of the 144 experienced another massive Shift in Consciousness  as we walk in between worlds. We have experienced over 16 hours of blackout on the Schumann Charts. This is the Void Energy of the Zero Point coming in through the Sacred Space of our Inner Peace.

As the Higher energies continue to flood into this realm from the Great Central Sun all is in preparation for this coming Powerful Equinox Portal on March 20th-21st and the Heavens Cross Gateway on the 22nd. These alignments will further assist Gaia and all Her Children of the Sun in the Final Phases of the Great Ascension Process.

You may be experiencing much pressure today in the sacrum , sacral chakra and tailbone at the base of the spine. This is part of our core activations in the root chakras. you may feel the intensity down through your glutes, legs and out the soles of your feet. This is basically to keep you anchored into Pachamama as we rise up. The “Seat” of our Soul is grounded into Gaia. She keeps us awake and aware as we transcend through our initiations and transfigurations.

Continue to breathe through your experiences. Allow the energies, thoughts and feelings to flow through you without resistance. We achieve this through acceptance, forgiveness and allowance. We allow the Holy Spirit to work her light through our Sacred vessels, our Avatars of Consciousness.

With the Love and Truth of the Almighty One we live our Divine Missions empowered in The Sacred Union both within and without. We live our passions on the Path with Heart.

The Great Spirit releases you now from all ignorance programs and projections, so you may live in the Truth and the Peace of the Eternal Bliss Consciousness

The Way in is through the Love of our I Am Presence. We call Buddha Mind or Pure Awareness, our True Nature.

We resolve all things perfectly in this Original Unborn Buddha Mind of Pure Awareness. We are absolved of all discordant energies in the Self Realization of our Sacred Self at one with God Source Creator, the Great Mystery.

You manifest your Spirit into this realm, in a physical vessel,  to assist Gaia/ Mother Earth and all her Children of the Sun in this Great Ascension Process. Together we Now Rise and walk each other home to the Kingdom of Heaven within, to Transform this Field of Consciousness to the Paradise she has always evolved to be…Aho!


Right now: Moon at 18°17′ Libra, Sun at 19°14′ Pisces

sabian symbols

Current Sabian Symbols

Current Sabian Symbol for the Sun

A table set for an evening meal.
Sabian Symbol for 20º Pisces

The current Sabian Symbol of the Sun is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing solar influence, the vital energy and the personality, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this day, while the Sun’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 20º Pisces.


Current Sabian Symbol for the Moon

A gang of robbers in hiding.
Sabian Symbol for 19º Libra

The current Sabian Symbol of the Moon is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing lunar influence, the emotional background, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this moment, while the Moon’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 19º Libra.





Cucumber Beetle on Sweet Pea Flower
Cucumber Beetle on Sweet Pea Flower

Swami Sri Yukteswar’s Mahasamadhi: “The Lion Has Left His Cage”: March 9, 1936.

Great souls are more than human. They have such divinity. In a letter from Paramhansa Yogananda to Rajarsi Janakananda dated March 17th [1936], written in Ranchi just 9 days after Sri Yukteswar left his body, we can hear the pain and humanness in his expression, the tremendous love and sense of loss he was feeling:
“On March 9, 7 p.m., our Sri Yukteswar left his body; and about that time he intimated to me of his departure. Also on the train I saw two tunnels of light and his astral self telling me of his departure. Though since his departure I have been seeing him all of the time, practically, still it is a great, great shock that I won’t ever be able to show you and Mt. Washington devotees Swami Sri Yukteswarji in body. He had told me, “If I live through March (Bengali Chaitra month), I will live longer.” When I had asked him to see an American lady from California, he replied, ” won’t see her now, nor anyone else in this life.” I know there would have been a great battle if I was present at the time of his passing. I wrote a letter to him asking him not to give up his body, but the people through whom I sent it did not read it to him. Guruji was slightly feverish for five days. His fever left in the end; and while his body seemed perfectly well, he left in samadhi..
Swami Sri Yukteswarji
Swami Sri Yukteswarji
💚Massive DEATH + RE:BIRTH Cycles Happening as we Re:Encode this Planet w/PURE Crystalline LOVE.💚
Dragon ReBirth
Dragon ReBirth
Your spirit guides are communicating with you 😇
The calling is getting louder – the time has come.
It’s been going through the prep and now it’s ready.
Spirit Guides
Spirit Guides

‘Aries is the first sign and so now it begins…’

For some time I have been receiving that March 23rd will be very significant — a shift date. Today I asked what might unfold and was shown a rainbow-coloured fence accompanied by the words ‘frequency fence’ floating through skies filled with light. Next I heard ‘the angelic realms descent’ so I asked how this will feel for those attuned: ‘Absolute support — being cherished. You will be alive to this world in ways you have never known.’ A beautiful vision appeared of people wandering in Nature in wonderment, their frequency building and building — which I heard will ‘raise the frequency for all’ and I was shown again the rainbow fence, understanding it will somehow maintain the high frequency here (and I understand that frequency fences have been used in negative ways in the past but this is some sort of override to that system.)
‘You are not indebted, you are free. You must learn now to live in love. Aries is the first sign and so now it begins. The meek shall inherit — the earth is primed.’
And if you look up the word primed, it means ready in body and mind! How blessed we are! 💗
now it begins
now it begins
Thanks to Fine Art America for Angels on Clouds by ArtAbuse.
You are currently in an unprecedented period of heightened manifestation. This is the opportune time to focus on positive thoughts as well as positive futuristic goals and outcomes in alignment for All. Your manifestation abilities work stronger and have more effect when manifesting from the place of service to Others.
You are encouraged once again to make available, as well as further develop this ability, the physical appearances of Your multidimensional ships in this reality and close to the surface of the planet, to be seen by Others.
You are now in a heightened energetic environment to enhance Creation and the Ascension Timeline.
Love and Light
Rick Jewers
multidimensional beings
multidimensional beings
The Diamond LIGHT is gaining strength and many are FEELING it… It effects us each uniquely. Be easy with yourself and do not bring fear into anything you may be experiencing.
It is likely that some are beginning to, if not continually feeling, various forms of “pressure.” Know that this is not some sort of personal emergency. It is just our physical, mental, or emotional response to what our being is experiencing. Please breathe through it all with as much ease as you can.
Of course, listen to your body! For some, getting physical support and healing may be necessary. Please listen fully to your inner guidance.
For some, it may be helpful to meditate if you are able. Soak in waters. Do some coloring. Sleep. And if you are aware of thoughts and feelings rising within you- commune with your HEART. You may find journaling particularly supportive in assisting with release and inner clarity, as well.
We are all traversing these evolutionary times together, beloveds, and YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Please know that YOU ARE SO VERY LOVED and YOU ARE HELD in PEACE and GRACE.
Be easy, and be lovingly kind to yourself and all aspects of you that arise!
If there is a flood of anger or negativity, let it reveal itself and allow it to dissolve. Be a loving and compassionate witness and remain detached. It will dissipate and dissolve naturally if you will allow it.
I AM holding you each in my HEART with prayers of LOVE and GRATITUDE, and the KNOWING that ALL IS TRULY WELL.
And, all is unfolding beautifully in Divine Timing!
Love Is. Love Is. Love Is. ✨🤍✨
God Is. God Is. God Is. ✨🙏✨
Mother Nature
Mother Nature
The energetics of these portals are surely getting more pronounced… Or is it that we have increased sensitivity…?
Today the energy has felt so still, in a surreal way. It feels as if normal transitions were stopped to make way for something huge with even the air feeling taught and pensive. Dusk was quiet and almost eerie, with the sense of something about to come flooding in. In these moments it felt as though the whole world was tuning in and would in their aroused anticipation literally hear the drop of a single pin.
Currently it is now full on, with high pitched vibration pelting at the ears, mouth and heart areas and a strong vibrational current running throughout the body. (Perhaps this will bring the ability to speak a new truth or channel higher frequencies through words.)
This portal is a four day event, with the main player being the 23.02.23 bench mark. So far it seems to shout loud and clear about the distance we have already come from the disconnect of the old era at the end of 2022.
These energies are likely to affect the physical body, possibly through pain body activation coming from the nervous system reaction to sensing something new. As it builds be sure to use all your tools to remain calm and to keep your own agendas of mind, body and spirit in alignment.
Today I have been shown how many lightworkers are acting as frequency holders to allow for the ascension of the more newly awakened and awakening individuals. If this is you you may not feel up to doing much at this time and will find bodily aches or heaviness speak to you of the immense work you are undertaking in other levels of your functioning. I see many holding the ‘doors’ to this portal open in order to secure a safe passage and speedy energetic charging of those who need it most. This is a most loving and devoted path. Recently I have been contacted by individuals suffering chronic conditions who have voiced to me their own experience as frequency holders or gatekeepers, such as I have described.
Sensitive children may show sudden bursts of activation but may also need watchful emotional guidance, especially across the night times as they settle to rest.
Sleep disturbance might be a factor as will piercing high pressure within the ears and head. This could also be followed by bouts of fatigue as energies drop back into normal range. Feeling ‘fluey’ is another sign.
Today I have been hearing new revelations on the angelic agenda, which I hope to reveal as is appropriate. Those of you who have heard my story will already know that we are hurtling through the heart of the Divine mother to be directed to the heart of the golden age; and although that may not be physically possible within our current living lifetime, it most certainly is possible as an afterlife experience for any or all of us that desire it.
For now let us be content to journey through our own hearts and attempt to readdress the balance of universal laws through truly loving our own self. That will be a legacy and a great gift to our own descendants for thousands of years to come. The intense purging and release work undertaken in recent weeks allows us to lift higher than ever and as we feel our lightbody rushing to reach back to source we are in no doubt of the respond to a call. With this set in motion have no doubt or fear that it is absolutely right and perfectly guided to head into the unknown.
Beloved Ones,
The intensity of this month continues with another planetary event on March 12th, Jupiter conjunct Chiron, that will create a healing portal for all who are in need of restoration. March offers us a wonderful opportunity for healing and clearing all that represents an impediment to our personal evolution. Jupiter with Chiron, both in Aries, together with this month of March, is gradually introducing us into the next integration phase in April, with the coming of the first solar eclipse in Aries of the year.
March provides us with the healing energies required for us to prepare ourselves and our bodies, at all levels, so we can move into the next phase of integration and stabilization. Jupiter is a planet whose main essence expands everything it touches. Jupiter reunited with Chiron, expands its healing essence, offering us a unique opportunity to scan our bodies, so we can know what is in need of healing, and clearing, before we can continue descending new frequencies, anchoring them into our bodies.
Jupiter and Chiron in Aries remind us of the courage to look at our wounds, embrace our shadows, and be empowered to embrace pain as our best teacher. It is precisely when we look at what hurts us and integrate its lesson, that we can let it go, growing, evolving, and keeping what we learn. Wounds only debilitate us, when we hide them, when we allow them to grow inside ourselves, for when we face them, and retrieve the lost soul fragments of our soul, we finally become whole again, and hence, aligned with our Divinity, understanding from a higher perspective, what we have experienced, in our dual plane.
This is a very powerful month to work on the rehabilitation of our DNA, clearing eons of distortions, genetic inherited patterns that are not ours to repeat, and above all, after this initial step, activating the dormant DNA layers that are ready to be reconnected, for all we wish to know is already within, we just have to prepare our bodies through conscious healing, to reactivate this wisdom and power within us, retrieving all the knowledge and abilities that were disconnected.
Those who are of Essene lineage will benefit from these energies greatly, removing implants/imprints, and beginning to restore their unique Essene/Cathar coding to be able to move into their planetary mission, for it is now for the first time in our human history that almost all the earth’s structures are being restored, which signified as well the restoration of our own connection with our planet, and with all the dimensions.
We are in a miraculous portal to heal and move forward in our personal soul path. When we are ready to confront all that we have been denying, clear fears, victimhood programs, and retrieve our sovereignty, we find the infinite possibilities out there for us to pursue our soul desires and purpose.
It is in our hands to be devoted to transcending all that impedes us to retrieve our power, and stepping, gracefully, and bravely, into who we truly are – sovereign creators of our own human experience.
I wish you a healing and restorative passage, Beloveds.
Within Infinite Love,
Natalia Alba
Art by: Encoded Frequency
Jupiter conjunct Chiron
Jupiter conjunct Chiron


We are in the process of transcending duality as our consciousness levels rise in order to fully embrace unity consciousness, and deep knowing that you are another me and I am another you and it is AS ONE that we co-create the New Golden Age.
The old Divisions, the old judgements, the old shame, blame and guilt, the old separation and alienation have no place in the New Earth.
In the next few weeks and months, so much of the old duality and darkness will surface in some form or another, as the heavenly spotlights are being turned on full blast. Light reveals all, so do not be surprised when all the old things now surface, which have been hidden and suppressed for so long. This included the old wounds, the old things within yourself, which need to be finally let go of, forgiven and loved into wholeness once more: – within yourself and others.
The great collapse is here. The collapse of the old systems, the old governance, the old regimes, the old programming, the old ways of life and living. All need to now to collapse, so that the new can be born and blossom into the fullness of its true Being, with love and unity.
To me these last few weeks, were in a sense a deepening of my insights and understanding of what is now happening on all fronts. All of which is indeed happening, always leads me back to myself, and what I have not loved and owned within myself, and more than this, to a deepening of my realization that in truth the OUTCOME is already there, it is just a matter of now step by step allowing myself to be transfigured, as the deepest truth within reveals itself, through the Divine within.
With it comes a great sense of peace. That all is well. No-thing is missing.
The seeming chaos and collapse, the seeming desperate attempts by those whose time has come to finally kiss their old ways goodbye forever, as they desperately are trying to plug the holes appearing, and then are finding the holes are widening as all crumbles and collapses. This is perfect. It needs to be.
Staying anchored deeply within, the Divine Light, Divine Love, Divine Power and Divine Wisdom is so essential. To be centered in the Light, in unconditional love and inner peace, no matter what is happening in and around us. To be the observer, and not getting entangled and pulled into the chaos. The still-point lies within.
To keep the heart open – no matter what. Let our daily prayer be, that our hearts open more and more, as we master ever greater levels of love and being loved and becoming ACTS of LOVE in whatever way we are being called to do so.
There is such hidden beauty within all this as well the love. We just need to learn to see with the eyes of the soul, and embrace the infinity alive within all of us, and allow ourselves to centered within the eternal eye of the storm, which holds the sacred stillness within its core.
What a time to be alive on planet earth, and to experience and to witness all of this!
Indeed this is why we are here!
And may every word here speak into the depths of your hearts and souls and ignite the deep knowing, the infinite all-abiding love and stillness within.
Judith Kusel

More spiritual lessons are coming to a karmic closure. Today it is about clearing the dominant masculine relationships that created emotional trauma and heartbreak. A portal has opened through the Solar Codes to go through and recover our power and optimism from these people.

The evolved Divine Masculine Christ is here and is calling Divine Feminine to him. Answer the call and go forward into this new world. Doing so will heal the heartbreak and dissolve the past pain. Successfully you will rapture into a new frequency that will attract healthy loving mature evolved relationships including Divine Union.

In Jesus Christ’s name amen. God bless you 🕊 Love Carolyn


Father and Son
Father and Son
Jupiter and Chiron align in a rare astrological alignment between March 9-15, unlocking a potent healing portal. Those who are highly sensitive to energy will feel it most intensely at the peak of the conjunction on March 12.
This cosmic window allows access to a deeper level of awareness and understanding, and highlights our deep-seated and repressed pain and trauma. This is as a time for healing old wounds and being liberated from patterns and beliefs that limit our growth and well-being.
The movement of celestial bodies can have a major impact on both the energy of the universe, and our own personal energy. The positioning of planets coincides with times of greater healing, growth, and transformation and are known to powerfully affect our subconscious and conscious mind, influencing our moods, emotions, and behaviors.
The Jupiter-Chiron conjunction has likely been felt as a buildup of energy or intensity since February 23, 2023. With these two energies growing closer we may notice our unhealed emotional wounds being activated, as they are brought to the surface for healing.
Jupiter and Chiron align
Jupiter and Chiron align
Mercury conjunct asteroid Panacea in Pisces on the Sabian symbol ‘Men Traveling A Narrow Path, Seeking Illumination’ – The path to enlightenment begins here. It begins with a kind thought, a quiet ‘I forgive’ in the middle of the night. It’s about relaxing where once tight muscles screamed against reality. Illumination begins with accepting the reality as it is – and yet knowing it is impermanent, knowing that the soul is immortal, knowing that there are invisible worlds bordering ours. Fingers press on ethereal windows, soft spirit smiles, love pours through the veil. You are loved, throughout and beyond time. Love is your essential nature, the thread linking heaven and Earth.
Panacea’s name means ‘heal all’. It can be overwhelming to think, how can I heal ALL this? So much is wrong, so much cannot be changed, so much pain. You don’t have to heal everyone or everything . Focus on yourself and those you touch – the people who cross your path, a smile for the service checkout person, some seeds for a hungry pigeon, water for koalas, a conversation with an elderly neighbour. Compassion is a choice. Unconditional love is a choice. Kindness is a choice. Enlightenment begins within, by walking the path of light. Choose to heal, one soul at a time. Start where you are.
Degree and Time
Mercury, Panacea 10°Pi39′ – 00:27 (UT)
© Leah Whitehorse
Painting – Tenderness by Léon Bazile Perrault

Kin 35 ~ Blue Solar Eagle

The number 9 is called ‘Solar’ and its keywords are ‘Realizing, Intention and Pulse’. The 9th day of a wavespell is always intense. There is a lot of power in that number and people born on Solar days are really good at getting what they want. Today whatever your ‘intention’ is, make sure it’s the right thing for you – just because it’s easy to get, doesn’t mean you need it. If you are discerning however, in what you pursue today this number really packs a punch and can help you succeed in your endeavors.
Today is Blue Eagle and key words associated with it are ‘Creativity, Mind and Vision’. The Blue Eagle sees things from a higher perspective and uses creativity to solve problems. They are also powerful predators and can take what they desire with ease. The combination of number and day makes for a very interesting scenario. Today provides the perfect opportunity to swoop down and grab what you want so make sure your intentions are good and no one becomes your prey. Be responsible with this power today is the message here. The Eagle, when it has this much intention, is a force to be reckoned with! Take advantage of this viewpoint Eagle offers you today, so you can see clearly what there is up for grabs.
Today’s Guide is the Blue Monkey which represents ‘Magic, Play and Illusion’. Monkey can lead you today if you can understand the difference between magic and illusion. This can help with deciding which opportunity you should grab. Remember though that Monkey does like to play, so try to keep on your toes whenever he is leading the way.
If you are a Red Serpent today will Challenge you. You are normally good at striking for what you want at just the right time but today you may miss your chances. The powerful Eagle is flying over you and so, you may need to keep out of his way. Watch out! You may spot him as he casts his shadow over you – ready to snatch you up!
The Occult power is the White Worldbridger which represents ‘Death, Equality and Opportunity’. This gives the day even more opportunities, so prepare to cross a bridge to get what you want. You may have to let something go… as Worldbridger always insists that you pay a toll before crossing the bridge. The Worldbridger is a very Shamanic bridgekeeper and he insists when in this position, that you cross a bridge to a magical realm.
The Ally is the Yellow Seed and they love to ‘sow awareness’. Today they play a supportive role and so if you need help deciding which opportunity to grab, consult a Yellow Seed. If you are one, your wisdom will be of great benefit to others today. Yesterday the Seed was in the weakened challenge position but today he is better able to be of assistance. If you don’t have one to call upon, do what a Seed would do and gather information. Research what you need to know and don’t forget to share your findings with others.
Kin 35
Kin 35


9 MEN – KIN 35
9 MARCH 2023
I PULSE in order to CREATE
Realizing mind
I seal the output of VISION
With the Solar tone of intention
I AM guided by the power of MAJIK💫
9/3/2023 = 9/3/7 = 9/10=9/1=10=1
9- Completion/Destiny/Endings/Grace/Mission/Humanity
10- Manifestation/Authority/Power/Leader
1- New beginnings/Original/Leader/Independent/Unique
✨MONTH/YEAR codes✨
3- Holy trinity/Creativity/Joy/Happiness
7- Spiritual Test/Initiation/Solitude/Majik/Mystic/Magician
10- Manifestation/Authority/Power/Leader
1- New beginnings/Original/Leader/Independent/Unique
20- The AWAKENING/Clear vision
23- Royal Star of the LION /Strength/Protection/Support
KIN 35 = 8 Infinity/Abundance/Source Flow
A Divinely Majikal enVISIONing👀 day to find solutions, as now we can SEE the whole PICTURE!🖼
✨✨✨ The SOLAR EAGLE is flying ahead and opening a PLANETARY🌎🌉 GATEWAY through this HEAVENLY passage, to a 20 day WINDOW of AWAKENING 💥 and CREATING the BIG VISION.
Great REVELATIONS🙄 will surface when the BLUE ELECTRIC EAGLE drops a BOMBSHELL 💣on 29TH MARCH 2023 🎆
Stay tuned! 👀✨💥
Day 9 in the BLUE HAND🙌 WAVESPELL where we realize HEALING🌿 through our capacity to trust the BIGGER PICTURE. The energy is VERY SPIRITUAL today, and coupled with the visionary EAGLE and majikal MONKEY, we have an opportunity to hold the VISION for GREAT SUCCESS and accomplishment. A beautiful combo on this potent VIRGO FULL MOON.
As we can now SEE👀 the FINISH LINE, we KNOW that we have ACCOMPLISHED OUR MISSION of HEALING our planet and LIBERATING her from darkness.
SOLAR ☀– Tone 9 in the SPIRITUAL realm.🕊 ACTION – realizing, POWER – to pulse, ESSENCE – intention The ninth day of BLUE HAND🙌 Wavespell is the one that gives the last push prior to manifestation.
The SOLAR☀ phase is where we wake up to the fact that our Will affects the reality we experience, so we begin pulsing, extending our intent into realization. Visualizing what we want to manifest and pulsing that intention from our heart, assists us in making our dreams come true. You are the humanitarian whose dreams unfold the larger pattern of our new world.
Today we are pulsing double Majik to manifest our Greatest VISION on a 10.10 DOUBLE MANIFESTATION code.
❓What powerful VISION are you PULSING into reality?
✨Today we need to TRUST, that what we SEE IS possible. ✨
BELIEVE IT and you will ACHIEVE IT! 💥
Today’s question is “What is the greatest and most creative picture we can envision for our Planet? 🌏🖼
Divine blessings for our journey to realizing our GREATEST and BEST LIFE possible on this Earth plane!
It is time to SOAR in clear blue Solar skies. 🌞🌞🌞
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
CONSCIOUS SELF: BLUE SOLAR EAGLE☀👁 MEN provides us with a beautiful gift today. The gift of VISION. 👀 In particular the gift of foresight, and seeing the BIG PICTURE to finally and permanently solve our healing challenges.
KIN 35 is an absolutely BRILLIANT interStellar code.✨💫✨💫.. not only do you have the POWER of panoramic VISION👁 today, but you have the MAJIKAL healing power💫 to ACCOMPLISH that VISION… A superb line-up of characters in today’s PLAY!
By zooming your lens outwards to more expansive panoramic views, your problems become miniscule, and you are able to easily grasp brilliant SOLUTIONS. A new and broader perspective, allows for more ideas, wisdom and information, to colour your landscape with wondrous opportunities for growth.
❓Are you EXPANDING your VISION 👁 as you integrate all your experiences?
The friction and disharmony you have experienced is evident as resistance that blocks your path.
❓❓What is the ORIGIN of this resistance? 🤔
BLUE EAGLE will pinpoint the EXACT moment in your timeline where this knot occurred. Call on your BLUE EAGLE today to hone in and use his beak to pull out the knots obstructing your path. Once CLEAR from obstructions you are FREE to CREATE🖌..from a clean palate. 🎨
Today we REALIZE ourselves as co-creators through trusting the greater VISION of what we are doing here on planet Earth. This encourages us to get creative and ENVISION the most majikal realities that we can, allowing those visions to PULSE through us and out into the greater cosmos. 🍥✨
BLUE EAGLE holds the codes for our collective PLANETARY MIND, so today’s code has great influence in our Planetary LIBERATION. The FOCUS is on en-VISION-ing the DIVINE PLAN successfully and fully REALIZED for Ascended GAIA.🌈🌎
❓❓❓How can your IDEAS and new perspective be woven into this grander landscape to create more ease, grace and harmony in your life, in your family, in your community and in our world?
❓❓❓What is your EXPANDED VISION 👁 and Soul’s purpose on this planet? Meditate on this today, to get clarity on your divine mission.
Step up and get ready to go BIG!💥 YOU HAVE ARRIVED!!✨✨✨
HIGHER GUIDE: BLUE SOLAR MONKEY☀🐒 CHUEN is today’s higher guide bringing forth much MAJIK! As our yearly code totals a 7, we have DOUBLE the MAJIK 💫 available today for our beneficial spell casting! Start PULSING💓💓💓 your MAJIK!!! 💫✴💫✴💫
CHUEN is the cheeky, mischievous innocent child who loves to PLAY! And what better tool to PLAY with, than MAJIK?! 💫 CHUEN is a talented Magician and time traveller, who has the power to gather and reveal much information today throughout SPACETIME.
BLUE MONKEY🐒🐒🐒 can divulge the illusions and trickery that have kept you blinded from SEEING the BIGGER PICTURE. 🖼. The MIND games that have kept you confused and in the DARK. Perhaps you have veered off your BEST path, or lost your way completely through all the smoke and daggers! Detach from the MATRIX GAME and look at life again with FRESH EYES.👀
Allow your Divine child to show you what is BEAUTIFUL in your life and our world. Your DIVINE CHILD KNOWS the best path back to claim your DIVINE existence..
As you remember your inherent Majikal powers, you can use them to CREATE and MANIFEST from a place of greater awareness, pulsing your desired intention into matter through alchemical MAJIK.💫💫💫
Energizing your BIGGEST VISION👀 with Monkey Majik is very potent indeed, especially with a 10.10 code to boot! 🐒⚛
SUPPORT: YELLOW SOLAR SEED:☀ 🌿 KAN – the Solar Seed today is SEEKING the LIGHT,✨ so that it can GROW and CREATE, and REALIZE it’s highest potential. The SEEDling🌱 soaks up the sun’s rays and majikally alchemizes them through the process of photosynthesis – creating the fuel for future GROWTH.🌿
The seed packet contains all the codes – nutrients, data and stimuli needed to achieve the seemingly impossible – Miraculously transforming into the huge oak TREE🌲.. How is that possible? Nature truly is remarkably Majikal.💫.
The seed unlocks its inherent codes, and pulses this intention to GROW into a big tall tree, everyday of its existence. It holds the bigger picture in its original SEED, and this is the rocket fuel that programs the growth.. This is the metaphor needed for us all..
✨keep holding the DREAM of the BIGGER PICTURE🏔🖼✨
✨pulse it out with FOCUSED INTENTION every day. ✨
All the STAR🌟 BLISS🐬 SUNS🌞 incarnated on Gaia hold this BIG UTOPIAN PLANETARY DREAM in our coding.. It is written in the STARS✨ and written in our DNA.⚛ We all KNOW IT and can FEEL it to the CORE of our being..
✨NOW is the TIME to PULSE☀ this LIGHT out collectively in order to✨ MANIFEST MIRACLES.✨
🌸We are NEARLY THERE Planetary Kin – one last PUSH!!❤❤❤
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: WHITE OVERTONE WORLDBRIDGER 👑🌈🌎 – CIMI holds the keys to the KING-DOM.🔑. Today’s SUPERPOWER is an OVERTONE 👑 Worldbridger, so we have RADIANT☀ POWER to COMMAND our VISION 👀 into creation. Claiming our sovereignty👑 as the New EARTH creators and leaders.
CIMI is building the rainbow bridge🌈🌉 to allow you to cross-over to achieve your greatest VISION, and our Planetary RAINBOW VISION.. MANIK the BLUE HAND and CIMI are a brilliant combo. – they work synergistically to accomplish GREAT THINGS.
CIMI asks you to SURRENDER your greatest VISION 👁 to Divine Will, knowing that you will have all the support, people, networks and resources you need to realize your plan.
CHALLENGE/GIFT: RED SOLAR SERPENT☀🐍– CHICCHAN carries the power of life force, kundalini, instinct, survival, wisdom and awakening. RED SERPENT also holds the store of FEAR.
RED SERPENT challenges you today to release your old fears. All those old blocks, patterns and programs that are rooted in survival and defence mechanisms must go!! Surrender to the DEATH of – FEAR, STRUGGLE, poverty and dis-ease. The FEAR of FAILURE, FEAR of SUCCESS and greatest FEAR, of dying before you REALIZE your MISSION.. Your greatest DESTINY.
Today’s 9.9 code amplifies your ability to SURRENDER your PAST pain and FEAR, close that chapter and then turn the page to write your NEW BEGINNING… beautiful support from our codes today.. for COMPLETION and REBIRTH. It is TIME to RISE like the resurrected phoenix which is what the SOLAR SERPENT excels in!
Most of your core wounding relates to your base chakra issues so draw on your AWAKENING kundalini power to raise and release these energies funneling it into majikal creation power!
NOTE: This combo of BLUE EAGLE and the SOLAR SERPENT in challenge position, may cause a RUDE and ABRUPT AWAKENING😵 for many souls today!💥.
BLUE EAGLE often appears in the DREAMTIME😴💤 to get his messages to a more receptive MIND. The SERPENT🐍 is a kundalini specialist and can thus unravel the blocks in life force. As the flow of chi surges upwards through our chakras it can bring an explosive BREAKTHROUGH💥 in consciousness. All very promising and much needed codings for our progress!
✨Today we need to TRUST, that what we SEE IS possible. ✨
BELIEVE IT and you will ACHIEVE IT! 💥
Today’s question is “What is the greatest and most creative picture we can envision for our Planet? 🌏🖼
Divine blessings for our journey to realizing our GREATEST and BEST LIFE possible on this Earth plane!
It is time to SOAR in clear blue Solar skies. 🌞🌞🌞
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
PICTURE CREDITS: A slow Sunrise over Earth from International Space Station – satellite footage DIVINE GRATITUDE 🙏❤🙏❤🙏




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Invocation to the Violet Flame 💜💜💜💜💜

Mantle of Violet Fire 💜
From the Lord God of my Being, I AM That I AM, I call to beloved Saint Germain and your legions of cosmic Violet Flame angels to come forth to infuse and saturate my being with all activities of the Sacred Fire, especially the Violet Flame of Transmutation and Freedom.
• Clothe me with your cosmic mantel of Violet Fire of Transmutation, Healing, Freedom, Diplomacy and the Science of true Alchemy.
• Dissolve and consume from my being all that does not reflect perfect Love and Harmony.
• Through Mercy’s Flame, transmute all errors of the past and barriers to my Ascension.
• Protect the youth of this world in an aura of Violet Flame.
• With much gratitude, I ask this to be manifest in God’s Holy
name. And so be it, Beloved I AM!
(Repeat the whole invocation three times)


Invocation to the Violet Flame
Invocation to the Violet Flame

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The future and the New Earth. The Earth is changing. We are changing. The big questions that arise.What is the fifth dimension version of Earth and how do we transition? There are many theories that contemplate ,how we make the Quantum Leap forward into so – called New Earth,leaving behind the Old One.This Article today should by no means be solid proof for what is to happen but instead to examine the theories that are already presented to us to help piece together what lies in store for us in the future. Dolores Cannon work talks much about the split between the Old and the New Earth,which is separated by dimension or density . One is third density based on the other fourth / fifth density based. The vibratory change is aligned to the difference in our chakra energies . Transitions from a third dominated society to a fourth / fifth chakra society . The third chakra represents the energy of our Solar Plexus and expresses how we use personal power to establish individualism,but also to maintain control in our physical surroundings . This gut based Consciousness is more strongly tied to the masculine energy and in doing ,so it has learn towards the unbalanced service to self attitude that has gotten us into some pretty sticky situations.
Fourth / fifth density Consciousness is tied to that of the fourth energy Center in our chakra System that of the Heart. Fourth Density individual’s have woken up to the reality that a being posseses a power and presence beyond that of their physical body,and the person starts pursuing their path towards obtaining higher states of consciousness. At this stage,the person adopting this density state is aware that vibration is the key to enlightenment and that through an open heart chakra,they can connect to all things in the Universe to see beyond purely the physical constructs of 3D . The heart chakra conforms to the pure energies of love , compassion,harmony and cooperation. Some theories suggest that the fifth density will transition from the heart space Consciousness up another notch to align with the fifth chakra. This is the level that we express and can manifest our thoughts instantaneously through the fifth dimension.
It is where we can materialize and de – materialize,going from our physical body to our light bodies and vice – versa . This is how the Annunaki were able to change form and how the wild Egyptian stories of these beings changing identities could hold much truth and validity after all. So how do we shift ? Again ,there are some people that theorize that we will be born into a completely. Now World vastly different from our current surroundings . However,it personally think that the shift will be much more subtle then we would like to anticipate . Rather than having a drastic change between a dystopia and a utopia . In contrasts,I see the split coming in the form of a duplicated canvas of our current Earth. Just like how a cell divides naturally through mitosis . I see two identical canvases being birthed . Initially only for the two Worlds to change as we decide which one we want to live in.
Living in a parallel World ,separate from One another would be my understanding of it ,as part of our evolution. It is up to us how we want to transform the World ,and so we won’t just wake up in some magical paradise. Our current reality is presenting us with the catalyst for change,giving us the choice to choose between the Old and New Earth. Separated by the Frequencies of fear and love. The next four years are particularly vital as to what version of Earth we decide to live in. It doesn’t matter about your past ,but what you are choosing in this now moment moving forward. This is why Dolores Cannon is saying ,we have the ability to release all karma as long as we drop affairs and let go of any negative attachment,,we were previously holding onto that was causing us trauma. Trauma is essentially fear stored within the body. These next four years will be really testing us, as a Global Species in how we respond to darkness and how vibrations,when we choose to forgive and move on from all the negativity that our World has been flooded with for thousands of years.
Only then we can move past our traumas and start rebuilding again from that of a blank canvas . This is what our bodies have been preparing for over the last several months and years to hold Higher levels of light and Consciousness that will keep us strong and centered when all all of the truths of the World are revealed to the Masses . We would seek to repeat the negative cycle of retaliation if we were to fight negative with negative energy. This time we are given the opinion to move past the corruption through unconditional love or to keep feeding Beast with it’s own energy. Understand that responding with lower vibrations to anything at all regardless of the situation at hand ,is actually keeping off planet entities which control our Matrix System alive. The more we hold the light ,tye quicker the Wave forms of the planet rise and expand,resulting in a much faster change in alchemy of darker energies. The choice is yours in every now moment. Every negative choice keeps you attached to the Old Earth and dense energy System,we must learn that we are constantly flicking channels from the old and New Earth all the time, depending on our current state.
We are essentially training to consistently keep our selves in the higher timeline by always responding love. It is really as simple as that. What we are currently experiencing is known as Pluto return in Astrology. Pluto is the Planet of secrets ,but also represents death,both physically and symbolically. In our Solar System. It is the slowest planet to complete one full cycle around our Sun and takes approximately 250 years to do so. Why is astrology so important in all of this? The planets in our Solar System are the energetic tools that govern our Consciousness to transcend us Into higher density beings eventually. The essence is in the the Bible were astrologers and quoted in this famous text , the wise man follows the stars. Pluto . When it comes back round to it’s native point in it’s full cycle Orbit creates what we would call break up ,shake up time . It reveals secrets ,so we can alchemist change and learn from what experimentalism of the past that did not serve us . So we can rectify our mistakes. It is all a learning process in our evolutionary Consciousness as a modern human race.
As you could probably tell, we are in this break up times . As of now ,the last Pluto return occured when the Declaration of independence was firmed after the War between England and states around 250 years ago, when Pluto was sitting at 27 degrees of Capricorn. We are currently at 25 degrees of Pluto bin Capricorn,meaning we are a couple of degrees away from the biggest fourth coming to the surface for all to see. Funnily enough ,if you go back 250 years prior to these event’s ,You also had the split up of the protestants and Catholics . Everything works in cycles and it is as if history keeps repeating itself like a constant carousel ride. The ride only stops when you realize you have to jump off. To get off the ride. Tye ride is to not keep yourself from spinning round and around on the wheel of karma. This Pluto ,return is a big one in establishing who will graduate to the next stage in our evolutionary process and who is choosing to stay ignorant or continue on with learning and experiencing the 3D reality.
David Wilcox is suggesting that these dualistic whoops works in twenty – sixths thousand years increment cycles with us being at the pivotal stage of the processional equinox. He suggests that those left behind would have to wait until the next cycle to complete in order to ascend. Dolores Cannon opposed that this was not the case and that those choosing not to go on to the higher realms of existence will play out the rest of their karma on their third density planets,in their journey of the soul . After the next four years ,Pluto moves into Aquarius and stays there fir 20 years . This is the rebuilding stage where it is likely that free energy for all will surface and all debt and homelessness will be abolished. We will start to move closer towards group mind thinking and eventually become in all connected Social memory Complex that looks out for each other’s best interest. This is the New Earth period where we will reshape and remold the foundations of the future. It is an absolutely amazing opportunity to be alive at this time ,to be part of this evolutionary extraordinary recreation process .
Those who look through the eyes of fear at this stage will only experience turbulence in their own minds , because they cannot see the bigger picture. Negative always leads to positive. Those choosing the pathway of the Heart will be protected on their Ascension journey . As the body transitions From carbon to crystalline,this light form of matter wont be affected like our Old biological systems. When the New Earth increases vibrations,the heartbeat of the planet measured through the human resonance,has recently risen as high as 8.5 hertz ,after being kept at around 7.83 hertz for thousands of years . This is demonstrated that not only is the love expanding on our planet,but time is also speeding up too. Even though we will conform to 24 hour clocks ,the actual time when measured the Frequencies of the past is more likely that we Experience 16 hours days. The shifting of timelines has already begun. The Pleiades have said that the acceleration via the frequency of the planet started in 1987and continued up until 2012. In what they call this timeframe. The nano. This helped us shift into a parallel reality which matches up perfectly with the Mayan calendar and prophecy,as there wasn’t really any physical signs as evidence that we had changed worlds as such.
It seemed like nothing had happened. The Dawn of a New Era was born in 2012. Even though we had no clue what was going on, see technology that was being harnessed and implemented by the Dark Forces to create New Portals in aid of controlling our universe was flipped on its head when the creative switched the channel on those beaches . The New Age was born when this secretive plan suddenly diminished, allowing for the people to eventually gain back control of their planet. In the time since the reality change ,these darker forces have nowhere to hide.Now that their technology is useless in relation to their main agenda . They can only attempt to control the population through fear ,but they all know deep down they’re all screwed as they’re being backed up into a corner with no exist route . The timeline split seems to come down to the choice between organic Ascension through doing the work on yourself or taking the shortcut route through that of the transhumanism integration.
It is a decision in whether to keep you already divine form or to go down the route of becoming a Cyborg. The Artificial Intelligence main frame would connect you up to a separate Consciousness Grid that would access your Soul or take it from you. If you were to choose this reality for yourself,Worlds split by consciousness and separation and splinter off through the biological decisions you undertake, Ascension can only be achieved with pure biology. The 666 number that is referred to as evil is a representative of your creation based molecular structure. The density of our Atoms carry within them ,6 PROTONS ,6 ELECTRONS, 6 NEUTRON’S. By keeping you in a Carbon based body,you cannot Ascend out of the third dimensional plane. So after entities can keep feeding off your energy and integrate you into their own Consciousness. Grid of denser matter. Theinoculations rolling out currently are the first stages in stopping you from developing Crystalline bodies,hence, why they call it the Mark of the Beast 666.
Those who choose to become Cyborgs will be letting go of the Matrix programming. A Matrix within a Matrix infiltration System. Those choosing the path of love and light will start their journey from fourth Density into the fifth density. When the education Systems are reformed after the collapse of the Old Socialize ways in the next few years.Creativity and Spirituality will be at the forefront to develop a souls growth. There will be a much Greater emphasis in helping the Hunan race evolve to it’s final stage. Where we will eventually transition into the fifth dimension when these systems Solidify themselves in our New Societies ,the New Earth Schools will teach you how to become Masters of your Multidimensional Selves that will allow Yiu to eventually switch between physical forms . It is said that in order to do this ,one must go through Five initial stages…. the first initiation bis the controlling of the Ego within the physical body. Additionally we must learn to not give in to temptation like alcohol consumption or excessive eating and other temptations that may plummet our vibrations. This is really the stage to master the physical body……
The second initiation teaches students to control the Astral body and will learn how to initiate this one with their physical body,so the being is best ready to serve this or her fellow companions. Upon demonstrating this New Skill. Students will be given the secret of the sea , astral,light , karma…….the third initiation,stage is all about learning the Laws of creative thought building to manipulative matter. This can only be achieved when the foundation of the physical and Astral bodies can be controlled to allow these new psychic facilities to open up the sub Levels of the mental plane , for that secret will be gifted to beings that this stage of learning…….the fourth initiation is one of immense Sacrifice that devotes the individuals attention to a greater capacity for learning of occult Wisdom and the studies of the Cosmic Plains at large.The individual at this stage develops fourth Dimensional vision to be able to see further possibilities constraining to time and become more attuned with a greater understanding of how sound and color are used to heal as well as create the secret of polarity and universal sex for all kingdoms all revealed to students.
After this commitment of study has been acknowledge and thoroughly demonstrated to the ascended Masters…….the fifth and final initiation consists of mastering the six mental sub plane and the final secrets of the three Fire types is gifted to those that have become true Masters of themselves. Once all these Five stages have been completed . Humans would then be allowed into the higher dimensions and can either choose to go on explore other avenues of creation or decide to stay go fifth Dimensional entities in the new Earth. The New Earth creates itself when we choose to create it. This time is now . 9 D Actuary and council want to remind us that we are not limited to laws,,money in the bank ,nor our geographical location. It is only when you change your vibration that you change everything. It has never been about change of scenery,the new Earth,but instead a change bin you as your internal World effects how you perceived your outer World . Worlds split by achievements and beliefs . The Pleiades stress that what you are invested in can build billions of Worlds and not just one. It all comes down to ,if you believe You can do this. Since everything is just thought ,and thought is infinite,this is the power we hold in form of probabilities within quantum mechanics . Set your intentions all the time as this is how you take control of the Matrix and recode its information failed to manifest the World You want to see. This is a Skill that we all need to practice.
Focus on what you want rather than what You don’t want . And this is how we will all shift . The shift betweens dimensions that separates the Old and New Earth,seems to be a big topic for discussion . How does it occur and we will know when it happens? Today I will be exploring not only how the shift may occur but also the time leading up to the transition and how we can anticipate when we are close. The perspective. I will be sharing today is a mixture between predominantly Melchizedek teachings alongside some quantum hypnosis data from Dolores Cannon material. As always please take what resonates and leave the rest . Thank you . It is actually more probable that we probable that we move into the fourth Density then the fifth . The Native Americans who shifted on Masses say ,we are moving into the fifth from the fourth Density because these tribes count tye void as an actual World. And so they begin counting their dimensions from that point onwards . This is exactly the same as Malcolm description of us moving from the third dimension to the fourth. They both equate to the same thing ,but the levels defined differently. Melchizedek has kindly helped me in implementing some light Codes and downloads into my Consciousness for me to share with you .
Seraphis bayhas jointly assisted in this process with them both activating the seven seals of Solomon within my body to align me onyo the Ascension pathway and help me better understand the shift which is to come . Melchizedek describes that we must prepare ourselves fir the fourth Density as the laws of this dimension change and we must become better equiped to control our State of Mind . Since this New level of reality manifests your thoughts instantly. He described a hole / hall in the great pyramid of Egypt which held fourth Dimensional energies and acted as an educational tool room in order to train the mind ,so that the bring encompassed in that space could learn to adapt to this New level of reality. As humans in the 3D are still hold on to a lot of trauma which shows up in our negative thought patterns. If we were to take that cognitive behavior into this great hall,we could instantly manifest our own nightmares. The fourth dimension itself occupies our dream time and hence why we can experience nightmares as they are subconscious thought frequencies that manifest themselves through our own projections . When we go to sleep,lucid dreaming is a similar skill set of controlling your mind ,so You can program your reality to the experience You wish to encounter.
This is why the people who are going through the New Earth must be accustomed to the higher Frequencies. Otherwise negative thoughts could sabotage the other beings and the environments around them. Manifestations still occurs in the 3D. It is just that there is a log in between the time from thought through to fruition in the physical. This is due to the density of light that takes longer to travel through the layers of distortions to reach us before manifesting itself in the third dimension. The frequencies becomes slower in the wavelength form as a result . Hence ,why times seems longer in acquiring your desires . As this process isn’t instant in the 3D. Many humans will choose to reject the spiritual concept of the law of attraction because it does not take on an immediate effect. Melchizedek describes the chaos that takes place before the planet shifts into another dimension. What occurs close to this time of dimensional transition is that Geometric fields of the planets severely weakened and become highly erratic by nature. This is the final phase before the big changes takes place and this stage can last anywhere them three months to approximately two years .
In this time period ,civilized Nation starts to break down as tye geometric field closer towards zero. Tye consciousness grid of the planet holds our thoughts ,feelings and memories ,as this fields radically distorts. So do we,the extreme changed it our psyche makes us unravel as Global Civilization Ocean and we we go completely off the wall as a result . The same thing happened in the fall of Atlantis,where the people went completely crazy as Earth’s magnetism moved to zero. The same can be raid for some astronauts that initially first went into space who experienced the zero geomagnetic field for two weeks or more. These individuals had full mental breakdowns. Future astronauts are now given a small appliance or device.That they wear on their belt that is able to produce and maintain a stable geomagnetic field around their bodies when in space. Well- being of the individuals is also stabilized on both physical and psychological level. As a result of utilizing this tech. The planet in our Solar System all play their part in changing our Grid which affects our Consciousness.
This is why planets retrogrades makes us feel uneasy as it manipulates the grid to get us into start behaving diffirently and faces us out of our stagnant ways.Our Moon which controls the tides ,has a prolific effect on our emotions through distorting the geomagnetic field within our Saturn Moon Matrix System. In Astrology ,our Moon sign represents how we show and express our emotions. Full moons are powerful because the energetic influences is stronger on our electromagnetic fields held within the Unified field of our planet. This is evidence in police records in major towns and cities where reports of crimes Globally have the largest numbers on record for the day of before and after a full Moon occurs .those who not have control of their emotion’s are more likely to fluctuate in how they response. This Moon shifts give an individual the opportunity to utilize more power within their Consciousness if harnessed correctly. But alternatively these energies can have a more detrimental effect on a persons psyche too…It’s not just arrived either which is affected . Stock Market changes and shift drastically as the trading sector is all governed by emotions too. This is why with all the changes we are seeing on our planet right now, everything is breaking down,or at least remolding itself within our economy. Those who have worked up their vibration can see past the chaos and aren’t affected so much by the external changes which were initially set off by a distortions in our Geomagnetic energy grid. Physically the distortions in the Geomagnetic field play havoc with our technologies and also effect nature and other Intelligent forms. Birds are the magnetic grid of the planet to navigate to migratory routes and since we’ve had so many distortions in these fields,many of this birds are not migrating to their normal locations anymore.
The same goes with the whales and dolphins who Aldo magnetic lives as their Inner radar System. Those that would have followed the coast line are now being beached as their navigation Systems are being manipulated and distorted ,so that any of them end up stranded and washed up in land . Melchizedek also States that there is a shift In the Earth’s human resonance before the planet transitions into another dimensions . The heartbeat of a planet is usually consistent for thousands of years before it rapidly undergoes a sudden surge in frequency as it moves closer towards dimensional split. We are seeing this happen right now ,as the Earth transitioned from 7.83 hertz emerge to as high 8.5 hertz more recently.Each of us in our Earthly journey holds subconscious memories of the Cataclysm and Geomagnetic distortions that affected our Consciousness in past lives associated with a dimensional shift that occured in our previous incarnations. For every shift that occurs ,there are those that break through to the next dimensions upwards and those that get left behind as the old matrix system resets itself.
This is on the basis that the planet hasn’t already been destroyed or still salvageable from the damage implemented. There is a version of Atlantis that we all know about that fall and destroyed 80% of the population as the old Earth reset itself. However,there is a version of Atlantis that moved into a higher dimension and currently exist for those that were able to make the shift through their vibrations. At that point in time . The purge of humanity is bringing up these past traumas of when we didn’t make a shift in the part and is providing us with an opportunity to see ,if we will differently this time through raising our vibrations. Uniting us a Social memory Complex or going backed into survival mode like we did in our previous incarnations,is the test everyone is presented with to determine who will make the cut and who want be going forward into the next dimension.
Everything up until now in our Earthly existence has been training to hold the higher states of Consciousness,so that we can move past the Geomagnetic energies of the planet and met get sucked back into the lower densities. Melchizedek stresses that uses the ET. Sending us the high frequency gamma rays of light energy. Alongside those who are invested in spiritual development that are helping the planet to shift through keeping High Vibrations on the surface as the world’s resets itself and transitions in these difficult times. Melchizedek himself incarnated as a Native Americans who shifted in another dimension with his tribe. He described the actual shifting overlapping dimensions which separate from One another as explainable beyond what the mind control comprehend. The Native American label this event as the day of purification. As we transition into a New Grid ,the data of the old grid breaks down ,where the New grid cannot take the higher densities of matter.
The synthetic materials that we use in our technologies will be dismantled back to their original elemental forms . This is why the malevolent AI timeline will be eradicated in the New Dimension,and the transhuman Agenda will cease to exist. Melchizedek explains ,this is why we have no evidence of Ancient advanced Civilization technology as physical proof because all the synthetic machinery and materials were broken down. From past transitions and matrix resets . Airplanes that existed on the Earth , millions of years ago,show no trace of sightings or Archaeological discoveries,as the materials from there past objects have broken down to their original molecular structures like how glass would reform back to sand. The best example is the remnants of Atlantis that had to start again from complete scraft.
We essentially went backwards as we shift forwards ,as we push the reset button civilizations and all of its contributions . It is a possibility that some of our technology could carry over into the fourth dimension,but that would require a special energy field to keep it’s molecular structure ,in fact ,when passing through the End times and apocalyptic narratives boils down to that of the World starting again from a complete blank State in both realities However,one will be destructive and the will not ,as they , Reset. Just like how Atlantis was broken down. Are we seeing the old Earth?? Just repeat This once again ? This might be what my benevolent reptilian channel treb meant by the earth going through a perpetual loop. See my treb transcribe channeling for more info. The actual Dimensional shift , according to Melchizedek,occurs within a 5-6 hours timeframe. This moves us into a New Time Space dimension as we pass through the void to enter the fourth dimension. For those who are choosing to evolve . The higher dimension starts to show specific change in color and forms outside of regular 3D human Conciousness and spectrum of light as it bleeds current reality.
To shift over,this will only be visible by those who match these higher Frequencies and will move over into this World. This corresponds greatly with Dolores Cannon work which describes the immense changes and increases in the upgrade color pallet in the New Earth. Everything seems more vibrant and there are even certain forms in this New Environment that are not recognizable to us humans at this point. The introduction to New Foods and plants like the self cooking custard apples are said to be one example. Trees have been noted to have changed in some instances,with those embedding the colors of both purple and orange within their trunks . Dolores work explains that the Old Earth during the separation phase between dimensions will provoke a cleansing period that the planet will go through in the 3D,and those not choosing to evolve will get stuck with these hardships on the planets as the others who have increased their vibrations can step into the New Dimension and see what is unfolding in the lower one.
Gaia in the third dimension , will eventually seek to destroy the surface of the planet and it’s inhabitants as it attempts to reset itself within flashflood and various earthquakes. The temperature of the older earth will get so hot that it will destroy and burn up the plants and make it very hard to breathe. Cracking due to the heat in the ground, will lead to toxic gasses held within the Earth to also be exposed on the surface andflood the atmosphere. Many will die from this exposure of toxins . It is gas that we cannot sustain within our lungs and so people will be forced to seek refuge underground to survive. This is how a portion of humans evolved into grays who became slaves of the reptilians through this negative timeline choice. This is still a gray area for some…Much love…….