Source Codes of the Holy Spirit ~ Blue Ray Empaths ~ The Ninth Wave of Ascension ~ Blueprint Energy

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Source Codes of the Holy Spirit ~ Blue Ray Empaths ~ The Ninth Wave of Ascension ~ Blueprint Energy


Paul White Gold Eagle

Greetings Galactic Angelic Ground Crew of our team of 144. Waking Up, Rising Up!!

I Bless you All in these transmissions, not with ego but with the Love of my mighty I Am Presence. With every word I type and every word I speak is a simple reminder to your Super-Conscious Mind that you are One with Infinite Source. All concepts and beliefs in separation were part of the false program of suffering and limitation. We have reached the critical mass of Gnosis that we have suffered enough, both individually and collectively. And in this Now we activate all in the resolution of ending all suffering for every Sentient being of Light and in this, Earth Angels, we activate and initiate the Freedom Protocol of Rainbow Body for Gaia and all her children.

In this we become the Guardians at the gates and portals of Terra Nova Gaia; the 33rd Nation of the Galactic Federation of Light. We resolve all things in the Unborn Mind of Buddha, which is Pure Awareness. With our Sword of Truth and shield of Love we protect all portals and gateways to keep the streams of consciousness clear and pure to only allow that of the Light and Love to have access to our Divine Matrix of the New Earth. We stand guard and are vigilant in our thoughts and deeds to be Enlightened in the Courage of the Royal Lions of the New Lemuria.

The True Wizards of the Emerald Palace have returned as Sovereign beings of Earth Mother to bring the True White MAjick back to this realm to Assist Gaia and all her children in this Great Ascension Process. There is no plateau to Bliss and Love and we continue to be elevated in our Conscious Awareness of our I Am Presence. We live from our Hearts being Christed Warriors of the New Jerusalem and we lead the Way with our Holy Light. Heart Portals are fully open and connected to our Legion Etherically and Meta-Physically.

Sacred Star Family of the Eternal Light. Step into your Divine Sovereignty, step into the Glory and Passion of the Christos Consciousness of the True Heaven on the New Earth…A’Ho!!



Right now: Moon at 18°23′ Taurus, Sun at 2°12′ Libra

sabian symbols

Current Sabian Symbols

Current Sabian Symbol for the Sun

The dawn of a new day reveals everything changed.
Sabian Symbol for 3º Libra

The current Sabian Symbol of the Sun is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing solar influence, the vital energy and the personality, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this day, while the Sun’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 3º Libra.


Does that about summarize where we are at on this New Earth Timeline?


Current Sabian Symbol for the Moon

A new continent rising out of the ocean.
Sabian Symbol for 19º Taurus

The current Sabian Symbol of the Moon is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing lunar influence, the emotional background, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this moment, while the Moon’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 19º Taurus.


The New Lemuria, She is Arising, Rising!!



Rise and Shine Blue Ray Beings!

There are non-corruptible souls wearing human suites and walking at this time of Ascension on Earth, they have returned many times to teach higher ways of understanding, great wisdom, knowledge and sacred truths about the Divine Love of Creation.
They are physical portals to higher realms, in their etheric DNA they store the History of the Galaxy, they are living libraries and nodes upon which the energetic grid that surrounds earth can be sustained.
They are the receptacles, the transmitters and the amplifiers of higher frequency energy, they come to be system busters, paradigm shifters and changers of physical worlds.
They hold the Mother Creator Goddess Energy within them, they are the Blue Ray Empaths, the Shekinah’s Children, they can manifest anything and direct energy using the power of their minds.

The Ninth Wave

Cosmic Frequency of flawless SOURCE Light is activated in a new 36 day cycle from today, the energies rise to transend what was limited…


I AM Ashtar with an important Message to the LightWorkers & The Warriors Of Light!
It is important at this point that you – as the LightWorkers and the Warriors Of Light – all of you that are moving this whole Ascension Process forward, all of you that came here to do this – are moving about your Missions.
You are reaching the finish line and it is time for you to take up that Mantle of the Missions that you came here for.
This is the moment when you are Awakening and helping many others across The Planet to Awaken as well. Because it is all about Consciousness. It is all about the movement of Consciousness.
As We from Our Ships look down and see all that is happening, all that is changing, We see Gaia as She has birthed into a new understanding, a new higher frequency Herself.
As long as you can resonate to the frequency of Gaia, as long as you can be in that frequency and be able to move along with it, that is the important point. Because those of Humanity that are not able to, they will not. They will not move along with the frequency of the Earth, they will not be abel to resonating at the same frequency as Her and therefore they will have another path – but understand that all have a choice.
All you LightWorkers & Warriors Of Light came here to volunteer and to be a part of this Transition and you are all being trained to be ready for this. You are all being prepared ahead of time so when those moments of the announcements come – you will be abel to turn around and assist others who are not quite acclimated and not quite ready to handle these Energies.
At the time of the announcements there will be much confusion. You will then be abel to assist in helping others to let go of that confusion – helping to reach clarity – and to understand that all that is happening is happening for a reason and because it is being orchestrated.
Nothing is being left to chance.
You must understand this.
Your entire life is being orchestrated by you and your Higher Self and all of those that work with you and within you are assisting in this entire process. So you are never alone. None of you are ever alone.
The Ashtar Command, The Company Of Heaven, The Ascended Masters, The Agarthans and many, many Beings Of Light are working with this Process
Even those that are simply here to observe are assisting in the Process as well.
Just as those of you that are not quite taking action yourselves are assisting in the Collective Process because your very thoughts, your feelings, your understandings and your knowings – as they shift and change – are also shifting the Consciousness and the Awareness on a Collective Level. Movement of Awareness does lead to movement of Consciousness.
Everyone is participating and everyone is making a difference – this you must understand.
Several important announcements are comming forth and they are going to shock many people across The Planet. It is time now to keep those seatbelts fastened. Things may get a little rocky but do not be fearful – be only ready and Aware!
Calm is a SuperPower
I AM Ashtar
I always enjoy these times that we can be together and I am looking very much forward to those times that are coming where we, your Galactic Brothers & Sisters, will land in many places – even in some of your backyards – and we will all be abel to meet in person.
All of My Peace & Love be with all of you

Pars Kutay

In this Calendar Month our Blueprint Energy will BEcome Activated.

The Cocoon of LIGHT around us supports our action of BEing able to reopen alignments of our Higher SELVES within our Hearts.
The design and purpose of this unfolding process is to support us as an individual to SHIFT our perceptions beyond illusion into Truth.
These Vibrational Waves are also BE-ing constantly released across the Earth plane to create a Sacred resonance to activate a further remembrance process within us.
This HIGHER LIGHT holds the manifestation of TRUTH.
Simultaneously the Waves transmitted by the Covenant are creating an expansive network of LIGHT… which is surrounding the planet and forming an Energetic womb encasing Earth.
Through the anchoring of these network of LIGHT imprints… there are Waves of an expansive Life Force BE-ing generated throughout the planet.
This Life Force is building in layers across the Earth plane creating renewal and expansion by reopening spaces of LIGHT Consciousness within all the Sacred Sites.
At the same time this expanding Life Force Energy are magnifying the Grids… Ley Lines… Vortexes while simultaneously interacting within the Magnetic Core of Earth.
This network of LIGHT that has been placed to fully encase the Earth links directly into the Magnetic Core creating a SHIFT within the Earth’s rotation… placing our planet in a more direct alignment to the Sun.
The Sun’s rays are holding a HIGHER Frequency of LIGHT mirroring the CHANGING Brilliance on Earth.
These HIGHER ENERGIES can be found reflected through Nature… through the Natural Forces. The Sun carries the Pure Reflections of this HIGHER Consciousness in its rays to us.
We can align into these Reflections… to the Brilliance mirroring by the Sun’s rays and receive the Natural LIGHT of SELF. Gifts are BE-ing returned to us.
Our Heart’s potential is BE-ing realized. The Pure Brilliance held within the Sun’s rays is fully engaging within our Heart Cells… activating a transmitter that has been lying dormant within each Cell until Now.
These transmitters carry our unique DIVINE Sacred Pulse. Each Cell’s membrane is BE-ing transformed Dimensionally… carrying a HIGHER Life Force essence as the transmitters come to life.
Every cell within our body has an unlimited potential to exist within our unique Multidimensional LIGHT Frequency through this Expansion.
This means that We have the capacity to hold the full Frequency of our Higher SELVES LIGHT within our Physical Body.
There are Fluid Fragments of our HIGHER LIGHT Ready… waiting to Descend and Align Fully into our Newly Expanded Cellular Structures.
All of us on a Conscious Path are known as a “Way- Showers”. This means that We are destined… through Pre Agreement to forge this pathway Home for others to follow.
We actually carry specific Blueprint Energy within our Hearts to support our rapid Alignment within this actual Time Frame on Earth.
This Blueprint Energy is engaged within the Active Transmitter… which exist in each Heart Cell.
In this Calendar Month our Blueprint Energy will BEcome Activated.
Through this Activation We will experience an acceleration of our Awareness giving us access to a HIGHER Realm component of SELF.
Our Pineal Center will BEcome switched on into an expanded Multidimensional Level System… returning us the Natural Gift of our HIGHER Frequency.
Our Telepathic Center will BE re-calibrated to allow a Telepathic Communion to BE further established to support us in making contact with the Universal Communities on Another Level.
NOW is the Time for us to Actively Engage on a more Complete Level within our Hearts.
These Blueprint Activations will assist you in BEing able to disengage from any drama within our lives.
Making it easier for us to Hold a steady Focus within our Hearts and BEcome Stabilized within these HIGHER Realignments.
Our Hearts are BE-ing enabled to play a fuller role of “an anchor” for us within these Expanded Frequency Layers… enabling us to naturally acclimatize within this LIGHT Frequency Field.
Our Hearts holds the design to play the role of a launch pad by propelling us into these HIGHER Consciousness Settings.
We are BEing prepared to fully interact within these series of Network Imprints that will BE interactive within the Energetic Grids of Earth.
These Happenings herald in a next phase of the “New Dawning” era. The network imprints are creating a higher foundation of light on Earth.
We have entered another Sacred Phase on Earth… a destined time where the HIGHER Aspect of LIGHT can and will BEgin to Unfold.
Blessings are to BE re-established within our Communities of LIGHT as We come together through Heart connection.
The Sacred imprints of remembering are to BE returned to us moving us into a place of Self-Empowerment… enabling us to realign into expanded perceptions of HIGHER Truths… revealing our potential.
This is the Time for the opening of Doorways… for us to receive a Greater Understanding of our world within our day-to-day life experiences while entering the Multidimensional States of SELF.
These CHANGES are designed for us to return to a HIGHER Place of Consciousness… of Knowing. And the link to these HIGHER Planes of Existence can BE found within the Multidimensional Framework of our Hearts.
Our Hearts are Unfolding naturally… like a Flower opening to the Sun… our Hearts opens up to us… revealing our Full Potential as a Multidimensional Tool.
Remember our Hearts are our Sacred Tool and it is the ONLY Avenue to receive communication with the rest of the Universe.
This includes our Pre Agreement work with our Family of Origin off planet… all Galactic Life Force Groups and the Spiritual Realms.
All our Galactic Families communicate through Telepathic communion.
We must Be Aware that while We are operating through our Ego minds We are separated by the illusion and CANNOT receive any communication or intuitive guidance.
This is the Time for us to Activate our Pre Agreements in order for us to successfully complete our Mission. We were NEVER meant to complete this Transitional Phase Alone.
WE created these Pre Agreements BEfore WE entered this incarnation. To activate our Pre Agreements WE simply Call Them Forward NOW.
Within Sacred LOVE of ONE and in Service
Pars Kutay
~ 💜 ~
Non-physical dark forces are using their scalar technologies and entity possession to keep the surface population in a state of fear and induced mass psychosis.
This fear is like a cloud around the planetary surface and even most of the Lightworkers have succumbed to it.
Light Forces have communicated that it is of the utmost importance to go within, connect with the Light and hold the Light no matter what happens in the outside world in the next few weeks and months. If enough people hold the Light, this will ensure the most positive possible outcome in the current challenging situation.
There are many scary news in the media but ultimately there is no reason to be afraid.
Light Forces have begun to clear the innermost layer of the etheric and astral dark force matrix with still tens of billions of Reptilian entities present. This practically means that the battle for the planetary surface on the non-physical planes is now reaching its peak. Dark attacks in the last few weeks have collapsed about 40 percent of the Light grid on the surface of the planet, and thankfully the grid is slowly recovering in the last few days.
Carolyn 144 GODCODE

Carolyn 144 GODCODE

The heart and mind have been pairing together as a team, connecting you to your Soul’s desires. To get to this level of understanding, imbalances and overindulgences needed to be removed. A lot of effort and initiations have been passed, and your heading to the finish line. Creating a healthy balanced daily routine with moderation and self control will support you in removing the remaining seed point of conception of those blocks.

Mother Earth and the Divine Masculine Christ are also reconnecting and ascending back home as one together. This powerful partnership is transcending the Lion Tribe of Judah and the DMC out of old Earth, with Earth. Together they are ascending back into the Wise ancient souls they are, to reunite with the Holy Grail, and the Divine Feminine Christ, in New Earth.

This is Divine Intervention removing the Masculine from the remaining karmic family ties, and being a slave serving the 7 deadly sins. The Spiritual War that encouraged a distorted masculine slave race throughout this firmament is ready for peace and closure. The Masculine within all of us is receiving a major heart and consciousness alignment and upgrade. Those that are ready to ascend and evolve into their Spiritual Purpose, and have said yes to the opportunity, are receiving answered prayers.

Reunion of the Royal Bloodline is ready to begin in New Earth. These are an Ancient Race of Star Beings that are here to break generational karma and curses, and restore the Light. We are the Light! Continue healing the last layers, and let the light in you shine bright. Continue tapping in to the lifestyle your Soul is communicating, and follow the voice of your Soul.

In Jesus Christ’s name amen 🙏🏻

🕊 Love Carolyn



We are feeling the tension between the old and the new, as the pressure builds for real change in our world. Mercury is days away from turning retrograde, and in exact square with Pluto. Three full weeks of the influence of this square is putting the issues of justice, and mis-use of authority and power, in our face.

It’s time for humanity, and all of us, to make a choice. Align with light and Truth, or fall behind. It’s a strange time if you are spiritually awake. It feels like you are on a different planet than the sleeping ones around you. It’s because you ARE in a different dimension. That means the time has come for us to choose, very deliberately, in each moment, the light of Truth. We need to claim our world by claiming our higher frequency.

Venus is in exact opposition to Uranus, challenging our sense of self worth. We all pray for things to improve. But what if the tables were turned tomorrow, in an instant? Do you deserve the massive wealth of your own abundance and our new world in the golden age? Let’s resonate in that Truth. We Are Winning.


Photo by @juusohd
Venus in Scorpio trine Pallas retrograde in Pisces – As yesterday’s jumpy connection between Venus and Uranus wanes, the Love Goddess reaches out to wise Pallas for guidance. There are patterns at work in our relationships, stemming from unconscious beliefs, sorrowful voices from the past, old guilt, shame, dingy places in our history that we would like to forget. But today’s aspect offers the chance to transform these energies as we learn to solve problems with compassion and kindness.
Pallas takes the tangled threads of the heart, weaves them into a beautiful tapestry. Bad memories become stunning flecks of midnight blue that set off bright lines of sapphire and silver. That burst of first love is a dolphin leaping; the first kiss is a pearl. That moment when you made a loving decision for yourself however hard, a glorious sunrise dancing across waves. Creative inspiration bubbles up. Take out your pens, pencils, paints. Trust the wisdom of your heart.
Degrees and Times
Venus 15°Sc10′, Pallas 15°Pi10′ R – 04:57 (BST)

Today’s Galactic Signature is Kin 24 Yellow Spectral Seed

After the Perfection of the Planetary Tone of Manifestation comes the Freedom of the Spectral Tone of Liberation.
Yellow Spectral Seed – HUNLAHUN KAN guides and teaches us to honor our existence as a fertile garden of limitless potential in order to achieve liberation and break from rigidity and receive unlimited, boundless options. Liberation means to set free from bondage or confinement. Yellow Spectral Seed – HUNLAHUN KAN encourages us to seed with intention and to plant strategically by using our awareness to target what we wish to grow in our lives or what we want to weed out of our existence. Also as the positive energy of destruction which leads to necessary renewal, Yellow Spectral Seed – HUNLAHUN KAN reminds us to release everything that is detrimentally affecting our existence.
The Cauldron of Creation is inviting us to dissolve the presence of unwanted energies and to break down structures that uphold limited thoughts, beliefs, and actions and to allow seeming chaos to be a revitalizing release into the full spectrum of limitless wondrous possibilities. There is no ending or beginning to the complexities of life’s simplicities. There is only the experience of the whole, which is endlessly offering Itself as a unlimited joyride of interconnected parts arranged in a splendidly cryptic, yet highly functional, intelligent order. Seeming randomness is nothing but the play of our unseen Creator. So we would be wise to simply release our seeming need to control the reins, and gracefully merge into the cosmic chaos, and feel a child-like release into the mystical spontaneity of our Great and Wondrous Creator’s embrace.
Today’s Synchronotron Readings
3:84 Say: We believe in Allah and that which is revealed to us, and that which was revealed to Abraham and Ishmael and Isaac and Jacob and the tribes, and that which was given to Moses and Jesus and to the prophets from their Lord; we make no distinction between any of them, and to Him we submit.
38:4 And they wonder that a warner from among themselves has come to them, and the disbelievers say: This is an enchanter, a liar.
Kin 24 ~ Yellow Spectral Seed
The number 11 is called ‘Spectral’ and it’s key words are ‘Dissolve, Liberation and Release’. The 11th day is all about letting go, releasing whatever holds you back so you may feel liberated. What needs dissolving in your life? Has a certain situation passed it’s sell by date? To progress through this wavespell, you must lighten your load. Imagine you have been traveling upward on a mountain path and now you must reduce the things you’ve been carrying in your backpack. Be ruthless and practical …you will feel lighter!
Today is Yellow Seed, key words associated with it are ‘Awareness, Targeting and Flowering’. We all have wisdom and knowledge to share and Yellow Seed days are great for doing just that. If you were born on a Yellow Seed day you are always striving to get your message across and today, you are in your element. As today is a ‘Spectral’ day this makes for an interesting combination. The information you share today will have a liberating effect on you or the person you are imparting that information to. So, if you want to feel lighter and make your journey easier… share vital information or accept knowledge that will enable you to release.
Today’s Guide is also Yellow Seed and so it is a double helping of awareness.
The Challenge of the day is the White Wizard, so if you are a Wizard, you will find it difficult to sow awareness….all you can do is draw upon your charm, enchant people so they are captured by what you have to say. There is still plenty of knowledge for you today you may just have to strive harder than everyone else.
The Occult power is the Red Earth which symbolizes ‘Evolution’. This suggests that today’s attempts to sow awareness can led to evolving on a magical level. Remember that regardless of what day you’re born on, always look to the Occult position for strength…anyone can tap into it.
The Ally is the Blue Eagle the one who sees from a higher perspective. Those born on Blue Eagle days will be a great help to others providing support and friendship and offering their viewpoint. If you can’t get hold of one, be like an Eagle and try to see everything from a bigger perspective.

Today is Yellow Spectral Seed day on the 13 Moon Dreamspell Mayan Calendar.

Yellow Seed, (tribe 4 of the 20 solar tribe archetype cycle), targets, flowering, awareness.
Yellow Seed encourages you to treat your life like a garden. Plant seeds that you want to grow in your life/garden, or for other people to grow in theirs. In our culture, we have trained ourselves to do this process backward by focusing on what we don’t want as opposed to what we do. Words like no, don’t, can’t, shouldn’t, wouldn’t, couldn’t, etc…, go unrecognized in the manifestation process. The world we live in is user-friendly, it is set up to give us exactly what we want. What you think about, what you believe, and whatever you say, are the seeds that you plant, and what produces all of the manifestations in your life. When you say what you don’t want, the universe eliminates the negative words and acts upon the rest. When you catch yourself doing this, forgive yourself, we have all been doing this because it has served a larger purpose of teaching us this important lesson, and in the process, helped us to grow.
Find the proper words to ask for what you do want. Sometimes these words require a bit of thinking because the ingrained pattern we have created usually defaults to the negative statement. I often will repeat the positive message three times, (aloud if appropriate), to give it added strength. Once you get the proper seeds planted, cultivate them. Give them the care, and positive attention that they require, and they will grow big, strong, and healthy. Visualize what you want is already manifested. Keep the faith, and stay positive. All of the seeds that you plant will sprout, but only those that you care for will thrive and flourish. Conversely, Yellow Seed encourages you to weed out those things that you no longer want to have growing in your life/garden. Pluck those things up by the roots and toss them onto the compost pile and they will immediately stop producing results.
Spectral tone of Liberation, (step 11 of the 13-step creative energy tone cycle), dissolve, release, liberate.
Following yesterday’s perfect manifestations that came within the realm of the Blue Night, dreams, abundance, intuition, it is now time to liberate yourself of those manifestations that are no longer serving you and your highest vision of yourself. Release any attachments, ideas, fears, restrictive thinking, and unnecessary rules that you have imposed upon yourself. Dissolve limiting structures and liberate yourself so you may expand to unlimited new horizons and possibilities. As you liberate yourself through targeting, flowering, and awareness, you clear the way and create opportunities for tomorrow’s cooperative group activities involving survival, instinct, and life force, (Red Serpent).
Liberation through and about targeting, flowering, and awareness.
Day 11 of the 13-day cycle themed White Wizard, enchants, timelessness, receptivity.
Written by Roger Grossman
11 KAN – KIN 24
I DISSOLVE in order to Target
I seal the input of Flowering
With the Spectral tone of LIBERATION
I AM guided by the power of MY OWN POWER DOUBLED!!!
24/9/2021 = 38= 6/9/5= 6/14=6/5 =11=2
24- Charisma/Magnetism/Joy
6- Heaven/Christ/Harmony/Romance
11- Portal/Gate/Polarity
2- Twins/Partners/Cooperation
✨MONTH/YEAR codes✨
9- Endings/Destiny/Service/Humanity/Grace
14- Media/Publicity/Promotion/Recoignition
KIN 24 = 6 Christ Consciousness/HEAVEN/HARMONY
September 24 and KIN 24 = 24.24 6.6 coding
Day 11 of White Wizard Wavespell using the Wizard’s majik 💫 through his pure HEART💟 to cast his new Majik Dreamspell…
Today we are being RELEASED from the Dark Magic Spell casting that had humanity enslaved and created a PRISON PLANET.. The WHITE WIZARD with the SPECTRAL TONE🌀 is LIBERATING💥 our WHITE Majik 💫within our HEARTS, to release ALL BLOCKS, allowing our personal and collective destiny to unfold at our greatest POTENTIAL flowering.
On a PLANETARY LEVEL we are TARGETING AWARENESS as a focus point for GLOBAL AWAKENING! Absolutely PERFECT on this EQUINOX portal seeking to bring back BALANCE and HARMONY to our Planet.
Through this process of DISSOLVING all barriers and ILLUSIONS lies our REWARD…Through LIBERATING the TRUTH we align with our HIGHEST BLISS TIMELINE💟🐬.. anchoring it into the concrete SOLID foundation we have constructed. 🌎💟🌴
SPECTRAL🌀💥 is the 11th tone of creation. Tone 11 SYMBOLIZES a gateway, creating a POTENT LIBERATION PORTAL. WE also have an 11 daily total giving us a 11.11 DOUBLE PORTAL – to LIBERATE us from the old Polarity game!
The SPECTRAL TONE is providing an EXIT DOOR for us today, inviting all to WALK THROUGH leaving all our BAGGAGE BEHIND!
The SPECTRAL TONE operates in the EMOTIONAL realm and its actions are that of DISSOLVING, RELEASING and LIBERATING! This is a beautiful blessing from Spirit today as the SPECTRAL actions amplify our PLANETARY LIBERATION events today. CABAN- RED EARTH is the occult power today – making KAN’S focus expanded on a GLOBAL level. This creates a very potent transformative power.
Today we have a whole panorama of releasing, dissolving and cleansing old debris in order to LIBERATE NEW EARTH and our NEW LIFE.. Anything that stood in the way of expressing your Spiritual MAJIK through your Divine Mission WILL be OBLITERATED! 💥💥
It is TIME to finally release and LET GO of the old shackles and MOVE FORWARD! 🏇🏇🏇
What a wonderful BLESSING we have today with this Shamanic power of the WHITE WIZARD finally FREEING us all from the Dark DreamSpell!!! HALLELUJAH💥 HALLELUJAH💥 HALLELUJAH💥
Today’s questions are “What must I DISSOLVE and RELEASE so that my HEART💟 can fully BLOOM 🌹and LIBERATE my MAJIK VISION?”💫💫💫
“How can we DISSOLVE the old dark Dreamspell, RELEASING the TRUTH to LIBERATE global AWARENESS of our collective DREAM?”
Divine blessings for our PLANETARY LIBERATION and successful SEEDING of our NEW reality! 👁🌈🔮🌏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger
CONSCIOUS AND HIGHER SELF: DOUBLE – YELLOW SPECTRAL SEED 💥🌾💥🌾 KAN indicates the time is ripe for NEW BEGINNINGS… This is the GREAT AWAKENING 👁👁CODE – as we have DOUBLE KAN = TARGETING AWARENESS… With the SPECTRAL TONE this may provide the IGNITION 🎇needed to AWAKEN 👁👁more of the sleepy, MSM hypnotized masses… 🛌💤
Get READY for FIREWORKS – detonate the gunpowder!!!! 💣🔥🎇🎆🎆
Today we release into the world our HIGHEST HOPES for our collective future. It is time to SEED the NEW TIME, as the cocreative potentials for growing awareness and SEEDing the New Earth paradigm PERMANENTLY! 💟🌴🌎
All over the planet people have been setting their roots into the NEW TIME, demanding change!
Today we feel the LIBERATION💥 of this energy as it takes hold in the collective consciousness.
The BRILLIANT flowering StarBlossoms🌸🌼🌹 gather as ONE TRIBE in our unwavering focus on the collective feeling of
✨WHAT WE CAN GROW into, and
✨The ABUNDANCE that this planet can SPROUT for all beings.
The emotional release of previously heavy, anchoring energies allows for the levitation of all energies rising upwards into a huge growth spurt for our collective awareness. We can then all SHINE as the ripening StarBlossoms in ONE PLANETARY field, maturing into FULL BLOWN SUN-FLOWERS,🌻 reaching for the LIGHT of the SUN,🌞 thus becoming the SOLAR LIGHT BEINGS of our Divine Destiny.
The biggest FEAR the dark controllers have is that of a FULLY AWAKENED LIGHT WARRIOR! 🌈✨🎆
SUPPORT: BLUE SPECTRAL EAGLE 💥👁MEN After 10 days of receiving and anchoring these POWERFUL new frequencies upgrading our DNA and our Galactic MIND, we are now ready to RELEASE and fertilize OUR COLLECTIVE VISION to the world.
The far SEE-ing 👁👁Majestic BLUE EAGLE releases the VISION and solution to any impediment to our growth and successful accomplishment of our Divine destiny. The growth phase fuels our capacity to receive the VISIONS of the future released from the core of our being. Our capacity to FEEL the VISIONS, and FEEL what we SEE as REAL and possible for us and our PLANET is held and energized in our MIND’S EYE waiting to be fully LIBERATED.. This DISSOLVES the need to stay small, and allows our-cell-ves to find our wings and FLY HIGH soaring in the blue panoramic skies.
Today the PLANETARY MIND held by the BLUE EAGLE TRIBE – will be upgraded as the HIGHEST POTENTIAL PLANETARY VISION is LIBERATED through this EQUINOX portal.
BLUE EAGLE is holding the NEW WAY DREAMING for the collective and will SEED this DREAM into EVERY MIND and HEART of all beings on our PLANET… A VERY fertile day for planting NEW SEEDS!
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: RED ELECTRIC EARTH 🌏 CABAN provides the moist, fertile soil in which to plant and nurture our newly sown seeds. CABAN is showing us that we are about to commence a new evolutionary cycle in which humanity needs to BOND together, in SERVICE to Mother Gaia and each other.. UNITING as ONE GLOBAL family for the betterment of ALL.
The ELECTRIC tone is also the tone for this YEAR of the ELECTRIC SEED – so the POWER to BOND together to LIBERATE this AWARENESS in our PLANETARY MIND is DOUBLE TODAY! BOOM 💥 BOOM 💥
The ELECTRIC tone is IGNITING 🔥change today through our EARTH MOTHER – keep an eye on La Palma🌋 and Mt Etna 🌋– for EXPLOSIVE IGNITION🔥🌋🔥 through these Volcanoes releasing our collective pent up frustrations and ANGER through Mumma Gaia’s meridians.
NOTE: There are currently 26 volcanoes 🔥ACTIVELY ERUPTING🌋 across the globe – with another 15 Volcanoes on minor ERUPTION ALERT!! A total of🔥 31 ACTIVE VOLCANOES💥 – GAIA is firing on all cylinders!!!💥 🔥🌋🌐
GAIA has reached a MAJOR TURNING POINT – a new GROWTH cycle.
Look for the SIGNS and synchronicities aligning with your HIGHEST VISION to navigate your way forward, knowing how to receive the proper nutrients you require to achieve your dreams. As the tone of this OCCULT power is ELECTRIC we have very POWERFUL SIGNS appearing today… The ELECTRIC tone is the rocket fuel🚀🔥 – the SUPER FERTILIZER – the DYNAMIC LIFTER, to boost our GROWTH🌱 and our DREAMS today…
RED ELECTRIC EARTH will provide the GLUE that holds us all together, UNITED in our common cause of PLANETARY LIBERATION for our PACHAMAMA! 💥🌏
CHALLENGE/GIFT: WHITE SPECTRAL WIZARD💥🔮IX provides DOUBLE THE MAJIK today, with our Wizard Wavespell overlay of Majik empowering this SEED.
Our WHITE WIZARD allies take us on a shamanic journey deep into the dark underground to examine our roots. The Majikal WHITE WIZARD in unison with BLUE EAGLE can uncover the dark, damp energies that have been polluting the potential of the seed to sprout and take form. Any thorns that have penetrated the ROSE🌹 of our PURE HEARTS 💟will be extricated.
IX will provide his majik sword of TRUTH, to sever those binding energies, freeing the SEED to allow its roots to grow deeper into the soil providing a solid foundation for this NEW DREAM and NEW WORLD to fully anchor, prosper and grow into a beautiful garden of BLOSSOMING ROSES🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹
It is TIME to finally release and LET GO of the old shackles and MOVE FORWARD! 🏇🏇🏇
What a wonderful BLESSING we have today with this Shamanic power of the WHITE WIZARD finally FREEING us all from the Dark DreamSpell!!! HALLELUJAH💥 HALLELUJAH💥 HALLELUJAH💥
Today’s questions are “What must I DISSOLVE and RELEASE so that my HEART💟 can fully BLOOM 🌹and LIBERATE my MAJIK VISION?”💫💫💫
“How can we DISSOLVE the old dark Dreamspell, RELEASING the TRUTH to LIBERATE global AWARENESS of our collective DREAM?”
Divine blessings for our PLANETARY LIBERATION and successful SEEDING of our NEW reality! 👁🌈🔮🌏
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger
💖💖💖 Expansive, Bright Shining Day to You Beloved One!!! May You Know that You Are Loved and Protected Every Step Of The Way As You Expand Into and In Light, May You Realize and See Your Own Light as well as the Light Of Others and Trust that Your Unique Way Of Shining, Your Own Facet of Source Light is Exactly the Medicine that the World Needs Right Now, May You Understand the Gift and the Contribution that You Are, May You Know that There Is No Competition, No Light can outshine another, no Light can replace another, All Of Our Lights is needed and Combined We Light Up the World, We Expel the dark forces from the Earth Plane and We Illuminate the Paths Available so that Others who have not yet found their own Light or who have dimmed theirs almost to extinction, Can Find Their Way Home To Their Power, Sovereignty and Heart Light Once More, May You Know that the More You Allow Yourself To Shine, the more Others Will Be Inspired and Encouraged to Do The Same 🌟💎🌈💫☀️🌕🔥✨ Blessings and Endless Love to You Illuminous One, Thank You for Shining and Sharing Your Light!!! ✨🙏✨ 🕉 Namaste 💖💖💖
I now sever, return and seal any and all negative spellwork, curses, hexes, thought forms or attachments across any and all dimensions and time frames and space! To be sealed and healed and healed and sealed! Never to be a part of my energetic space again!
So mote it be!

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