Solar Christ Sophia Consciousness ~ Universal Mother of One ~  Divine Neutrality ~ Terra Christa ~ Blue Ray Transmissions

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Solar Christ Sophia Consciousness ~ Universal Mother of One ~  Divine Neutrality ~ Terra Christa ~ Blue Ray Transmissions

Paul White Gold Eagle

Greetings Cosmic Conscious Co Creators of Heaven on Earth

Happy October 13th 2021, the 13 of the Divine Feminine Goddess is flowing in, lifting, elevating and ascending all on the Path.

Today is Kin 43: Blue Self Existing Night on the Mayan Calendar. IT is our Venusian BroThor of the Light Nikola Tesla’s Galactic Birthday. We also have a Galactic Activation Portal on this day of the Blue Night. Healing through Dreaming.

With more codes and higher energetics pouring into the Field today from Solaris we are aligning more with the true natural organic timeline of positive confirmation. With all the convoluted energies and information it is best to stay centered in the heart presence of Divine neutrality. Keep anchoring the Higher Light into the Grids and portals as the final culmination and cultivation of Heavenly Golden Chi comes to fruition. The seeds of consciousness take bloom as the field becomes a prism of rainbow plasma light filling all with multi colored arrays of infinite bliss.

To see clearly we must fully open the eyes of our Spirit and allow the of the Holy Waters to take resonance within your Sacred Temple, our Vessels of Light, the Luminous Sphere.

Today on this 10th month and 13 day we have a  Portal of the Divine Goddess the Universal Mother of One opening and connecting with us all for the healing and nurturing of our inner innocence. Divine Feminine Sophia and Magdalene of the Sisterhood of the Roses are with us to guide and protect our Sacred Hearts while being encoded and upgraded with the higher light frequencies. Shekinah is with us now transmitting her BLue Ray of Healing, Balance, Prosperity and Abundance. 

All is coming into perfect harmony with the  Alignments in the Heavens and upon the Earth. With the Power of our mighty I Am Presence we bring our world into perfection on this day and every day. With my True Nature of Pure Awareness all things are perfectly reflected and resolved in the Unborn Mind of the Buddha. Blessings in the Light from the Most High, the Great Mystery. 

As we tap into and integrate the Still White Magnetic Light in the Center of our Beings, our Sacred Temples, we transmit and transform all frequencies and energies into the higher 5D resonance for all to Rise and Thrive upon the New Earth….A’Ho!

Shalom Shanti Elohim Adonai Namaste



Right now: Moon at 3°16′ Aquarius, Sun at 20°59′ Libra

sabian symbols

Current Sabian Symbols

Current Sabian Symbol for the Sun

A crowd upon a beach.
Sabian Symbol for 21º Libra

The current Sabian Symbol of the Sun is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing solar influence, the vital energy and the personality, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this day, while the Sun’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 21º Libra.


Current Sabian Symbol for the Moon

A hindu healer.
Sabian Symbol for 4º Aquarius

The current Sabian Symbol of the Moon is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing lunar influence, the emotional background, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this moment, while the Moon’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 4º Aquarius.



💜Violet Ray Healing💜
As we enter a New Light Phase, see the Great Light Metamorphosis.
Physical – Light Body Advancements
Each breath, a new Light Vibration
Cellular Light Advancement
Love for your day Brothers and Sisters.
Uprising in Global Unity.
The amount of PLASMA we are receiving to our bodies TODAY is UNPRECEDENTED (I see it with open eyes & physically feel it). It take 3 days to integrate to our cells. More sleep may be needed 💜


The new divine feminine consciousness is the Solar Christ Sophia Consciousness. As this consciousness anchors it clears the old feminine lunar consciousness. Within this new consciousness, a whole new geometry, codes, teachings and technology is streaming in. Because the old one has been reversed, misused through the misuse of the Free Will of the planet. Some of those codes, frequencies and sacred geometry colors are so new, that you might not in the moment sense them or feel them, because you are not recognizing them. They are totally new here to the planet in this new time.
When we move deeper and deeper into our Sacred Heart Center, we are reconnecting with the highest truth of our own soul. And here we seek stillness and guidance within and listen from within our heart. We connect with the deepest levels, with the divine within ourselves. When we merge with the divine within, our soul finally remember its own inherent power, the power of love. Then, and only then we finally can step into the fullness of the power of Ones soul. As the heart center opens and there is just pure, unconditional love, the true power of love arises.
Art credit: Daniel Holman

Solara An-Ra

The Councils sing-speak of the seeding of Multi-dimensional consciousness in humans on this planet. They remind us of how Star-beings came into our dimension to activate a portal in the Pacific Ocean that allowed higher dimensional frequencies to enter our planet.
This was a new experiment which was indeed a sacred path for many Star-beings who contributed their star-codes and genetics to the creation of a new race.
Those humans who honour their star-seeding call themselves star-seeds – but we are all this. The One-Heart holds the memories of our ancient ancestors and our star-seeding. These are within our original Divine blueprint – and we can access these memories now through conscious One-Heart activation.
with Love Love Love, as always!
Solara An-Ra


Blue Ray Transmissions: Intense Ascension Energy update Alert

{Today the 13th is Divine Feminine Empowerment & Day of Sister of the Sacred Rose} We are in a rebirth of the Divine feminine balancing energies on this planet, of loving, intuitive creative energies and you are bringing this forth.
These energies may feel very intense and dense at times. Where it’s almost harder to breath. You may feel yourself consciously taking deep breaths out. Where you are Intuitively guiding the energy to move and transform.
As there are many variables happening all at once. With geomagnetic storms, warring consciousness fields, Celestial Planetary alignments and where the Higher Divine realms, the White Light, your higher self and the Christ also feels closer and more readily available than ever before. It is right there along side all that is taking place that can look chaotic.
The sensitive empath starseed, Blue Ray and Angelic will experience an array of these energies. Not all will feel the depth of these shifts. As this is depending on your empathic sensitivity nature, your mission and purpose.
Being a Blue Ray empath transformer, grid worker, Earth anchor you are constantly in sensory experience of the harmonic resonances field. How the group consciousness, Mother Earth Gaia, the higher fields and dimensions are interacting with and through you.
You know instinctively when the energies are not as they have been or may feel somewhat off. You may not know what it is are how to articulate yet. It’s a knowing feeling resonance. Clarity integration is coming. By the end of the week breakthroughs and a beautiful new essence of a personal empowering nature will flow. A spiritual reenergized expansion of who you are.
Ascension New Earth symptoms & Energies
There is a celestial energy that is assisting you to Rest, recoup rejuvenate, organize, new realizations of the divine order connectedness are being revealed, a whole revision of you is taking place.
Times where you find it harder to work the way you used to ~ these are break, rest and regenerating periods. A new frequency flow is being generated that will be easier to flow and being in harmony with.
Hearing buzzing louder at different times and tones in your ears that come quickly and go.
Timeline shifts –
Psychic attacks
Internal energic shaking ~ feels like your light body maybe vibrating and at these times you may feel more vulnerable to energies.
Feeling vulnerability, wanting to cry, feeling sad, that comes a releasing and allowing of the emotions, energy and a sacred letting go. This can bring an in increase in Love and compassion.
Practice self-love, self-care, energetic boundaries.
Know your empathic sensitive heart is treasured by the Universe. You are beloved. We Love you! I Love you!
Please share freely to assist the Light Workers, Starseeds & Angelics

BIG TESTS MAY PRESENT, making sure you stand in your Mastery. If you’ve learned your lessons. See through the illusions & gaslighting attempts, don’t fall for old tricks. Keep returning to the Zero Point Field, to Neutrality & laugh as the illusions now breaking at the seams, as the last veils lift.


Now we’re done with the talking and instead LET’S  DO THIS and show ‘them’ how this is done when you BELIEVE and are in alignment with your Highest Version of Self and God Source Consciousness, in Service to The Law of ONE!
WE DID IT!! 🥳🥳🥳
And for anyone saying these are ‘false’, fantasy Timelines. I ask you; what is a ‘false Timeline’? Isn’t it the ones that are plagued with NAA interference? The manipulated ones, the inverted ones, the ones facing the past and recreating the past? Over and over again???
And what is REALity anyway but anything that we can imagine?! That which we BELIEVE to be REAL! It’s a PURITY OF FREQUENCY now that which decides Reality. That WE ALL CO-CREATE! Isn’t this what we came for? To collapse these old Artificial Timelines?!
Which is what we did!!!
The old ways won’t work here anymore!
Now we rise higher than ever before!!
Co-creating Miracles that noone can any longer deny that magic is real!
That God in fact exists and that we came to show all what it means when we become God Source Consciousness embodied!
What Timeline you experience now is up to you, your focus, what you spend your energy on and what you co-create with every word, thought, belief, feeling and action now and all-ways!
Manifestations are super amplified!
This is all about us remembering how to CONSCIOUSLY co-create responsibly!
Not from our little egos but in alignment with Source and your Highest Self!
Now let’s do this!
Enough talking!
Let’s show them how this is done when you BELIEVE!!
Divine Justice is being served and the seeds we have sown over many aeons, now coming to full bloom.
Time has come to an end..
The DIVINE BLUEPRINT RESET is now complete. Our full abilities/ inner technologies will come online very quickly now and with it the out-there! Our bodies are processing a LOT as the most powerful Multidimensional Upgrades & Clearings of our DNA unfold.
BIG SHIFTS IN REALITY keep unfolding, ALL activated from within and supported by the KP6 !! geomagnetic storms, solar winds, solar flares and powerful Timeline shifts and edits reflected by the very precisely focused Schumann Resonance spikes, after coming back online in the morning of the 11th, after being offline since the 8th. Confirmation to me of a
All I can see now is New Earth/ all New World’s, yet they’re also still assembling and being co-created in the NOW!
The old Matrix is no more.
Think Mandela effect.
A merging of all Timelines into ONE.
AS WE MERGE INTO ONENESS as a Collective Consciousness again.
The old Matrix is gone, now purely held in place by some remaining thought forms and beliefs. All being dismantled now.
THEN they clear and dissolve along with those Realities!!
Now we write and CO-CREATE ALL NEW NOW!!
Do you know now how truly powerful you are?
That you are the Co-creators of the Collective storyline or do you think someone/ something else is doing/ writing this for us?
Do who is the Director?
It’s all of us together as ONE!
That’s what we are supposed to ‘get’ here!
We are the ONEs who decide and CO-CREATE in every NOW!
So remember your power and go and co-create the most amazing, beautiful, magical Realities you can possibly imagine, all in alignment with your Highest Self!!
Because after all, who is THE ONE dreaming anyway..?
Eternal Love & Blessings,
The Universal Laws indeed work with the natural creative principles where all exists and flows in harmonic coherence, as One.
All forms part and particle on One Divine Source, thus Divinity exists in All.
There is no need to force anything.
All flows, all is created and recreates itself in beautiful synchronicity, balance and harmony.
Remember this.
When all flows in harmony there is peace. Inner peace. Equilibrium.
Your own soul will always warn you, through your own intuitive powers and your own gut feelings, when something is not right for you and when something is out of the Universal Law and thus not for your highest good.
Listen to it.
Do not allow anyone to override your own intuitive knowing, no matter who they are.
If something FEELS wrong, it does not serve you.
The herd instinct is that of sheep who blindly follow.
Those who are aware and awake and in tune with the Divine Laws and the Divinity within self and their own intuitive knowing and guidance have the ability to break free and stand in the fullness of their own Light, and thus walk alone if need be and be true to themselves.
Indeed, they are never alone, for the inner Oneness, Unity, Peace and Harmony of the Divine and the Universal Whole lives within them. Your soul is a Divine Spark and thus you are part and particle of the Divine Source who created you.
The greatest gift you can give yourself, is the ultimate freedom to be One.
One with All That Is.
Inner equilibrium, love and peace.
Living your truth.
Knowing who you are in truth.
Knowing what you are in truth.
Knowing how to serve in truth.
I AM That I AM.

Asara Adams

Message Archangel Michael: “Greetings, Beloved Ones.

We are sending you blessings of Love and Light, in this Now Moment, and we are inviting you to open your heart to our message for you…
You are well on your way of your Ascension into the higher dimensions.
On your path, your Higher Self has orchestrated different experiences to nudge you towards your alignment with God.
Your Higher Self knows exactly which buttons to push in order to get your attention.
In other words, the unpleasant experiences that you are having are designed to give you a choice:
Will you empower the unpleasant experiences or will you take back your power and give it to God.
Will you turn your focus away from your problems and place it with God?
God is so powerful to have created this entire Universe and Multiverse!
Therefore, your problems are such a small thing to handle, if you were to just give them to God…
Let God take care of your life and life takes care of you.
Your alignment of God has to come first in order for your life to bring you the solutions, the improvement and The Divine Plan Fulfilled.
Whenever something unpleasant comes up, simply give it into God’s hands and bring yourself back into harmony.
Bless the unpleasant experience and all involved, as the problem simply nudges you to come closer to God.
Say to anyone and anything that is triggering you: “God Bless You!”
And come back into Harmony.
You are well on your way, Dear One!
Know That All Is Well, Beloved Ones.
Welcome Home.
We are walking beside you, every step of the way.
Dear Ones, you are loved beyond measure. Always.
I am Archangel Michael and I bring you this truth.
Thank you, Archangel Michael!
Channeled by Asara Adams
Carolyn 144 GODCODE

Carolyn 144 GODCODE

Procrastinating over choices, and not taking action, are surfacing too see what’s been holding you back. The fears of rejection and not being supported have been trying to protect you from being hurt again “abandonment wounds of the heart.” These fears are being eradicated from the womb and lack consciousness, that created mental slavery. A new sovereign Divine Masculine Christ frequency is rising up from within, protecting you from childhood hurts, and healing this from within to without. This new Masculine completely overrides the ego, and stands in his authority, fearless, confident, and strong.

A new life cycle is beginning for you, your family, and your Divine Union. People that have different beliefs and values are leaving the flock. This is divinely orchestrated and collaborated with your angelic team answering prayers. They are here to assist you in this time of positive transition to new loving healthy relationships. Soul Tribe and Soul Family are restoring and becoming more unified.

You can utilize your new masculine frequency to make a plan and set goals on what you desire your relationships and lifestyle to be like, with people you can trust. Guidance of your soul’s true desires are downloading, so take time to turn inwards and listen to your heart. The seeds planted now will be rewarded in the future.

In the meantime, the entities that did hurt and abandon you are receiving their karma. This completes removing the seed point of spells that created all the loss. You are also being remunerated with fun, lightheartedness, wholeness , and the light.

Confusion will suddenly be simple and clear, as the spells neutralize. Your ancestors are beside you as the heavy burdens of the past release. Your new Divine Masculine Christ Consciousness is expanding and solidifying within. Daily you will notice that you mind is sharp, logic is accurate, and direction and determined focus are easy. This is your natural birthright. Your heart’s harmony and tone are coming into a new alignment and frequency with your new consciousness. You are returning back whole through the consciousness streams of income setting you in motion back home to the Promised Land, healthy healed and whole, with the devil eradicated.

In Jesus Christ’s name amen 🙏🏻

🕊 Love Carolyn


Venus in Sagittarius sextile Saturn in Aquarius – The skies offer structure and stability in the realm of money and relationships. Consider what you need to invest for maximum return. With both planets in farsighted signs, this is a chance to get ahead of the game. Tally up your accounts, budget, ask for advice from those in the know. Open a rainy-day savings account or work out how to save for a significant purchase later down the line. The work you do now will pay off later. The same applies to romance too. Love sometimes takes work but it’s worth the effort under this influence.
With Venus in inspirational Sagittarius, the heart is called to adventure. Saturn in Aquarius offers forward planning and the impetus to make it happen. Put your heart into what really matters to you. The more you value yourself, the easier it is to accomplish what you set out to achieve. Treasure the person you are today. Learn to love your own company whether partnered or not. Appreciate the abundance of joy that life has to offer.
Degrees and Time
Venus 06°Sg53′, Saturn 06°Aq53′ – 20:26 (BST)
Painting – ‘The Lovers (Autumn Evening) by Émile Friant

Today our Galactic Signature is KIN 43 – Blue Self-Existing Night – and is a Galactic Activation Portal Day, notated by HUNAB KU.

Blue Self-Existing Night – guides and teaches us to commune with our intuition by focusing on entering our space of sacred mystery, our “House of Night”, our place of dreams, in order to bring Form into existence. Within this sacred place of inner darkness is the Sanctuary of Self. Since all Forms are self-existing, when we allow ourselves to surrender to the natural intelligence of the Forms that we are manifesting, without control or manipulation, they are birthed gracefully. Blue Self-Existing Night –reminds us that utilizing the powers of discernment, definition, and measure, we can bring Form into existence. All Form follows vibration and all vibration follows Form.
Blue Self-Existing Night – also reminds us that how we define things determines exactly how they will form.
Blue Self-Existing Night encourages us to awaken to the natural abundance that is always surrounding us so as to be self-existing, self-sustaining, and self-maintaining, or in other words, whole within one’s Self. The Cauldron of Creation is inviting us to be peace and serenity, by giving attention to how our lives are shaping. Are we receiving the inherent wisdom of our Form, developing our own autonomous nature? How are we co-choreographing our experience of this dream of life and using our abilities of discernment and attention to details? As we claiming our inherent powers of intuition and acknowledging the naturally occurring abundance that exists all around us, all the time? Truthfully seeking the answers to these questions, let us strengthen the foundational structure of who and what we truly are, while at the same time, enjoying the mystery of endless natural order.
In Lak’ech

Kin 43 ~ Blue Self-Existing Night

The fourth day of the wavespell is called ‘Self-Existing’ and it is all about ‘Definition, Form and Measuring’. It represents taking stock of the situation, scrutinizing and reading the small print. Only after you do this should you proceed. So, gather information and be sure that you plan your next move based on facts, don’t depend on guess work.
Today is Blue Night which represents ‘Dreams and Abundance’. If you wake up to the potential you have, you can make your dreams real. If you want to take your life long ambitions seriously, you have to give them the time and attention they need to become reality. As it is a number 4 day, look at the details of your dreams….make sure they have a realistic chance of coming true. It’s all about discernment and putting your energy where it will yield the most results. You may need to be honest with yourself and even consider changing your direction.
Today’s Guide is Blue Storm which represents changes. A day guided by this restless energy is never relaxing. The overwhelming need for change in your life will guide your actions today but this is what is needed to give your dreams a boost. To summarize; Analyze your dreams, if the details look good then allow the storm to guide the changes.
The Challenge of the day is Red Skywalker and so if you were born on a Red Skywalker day, your courage will not help, sometimes you have to stay home and not go on adventures but that’s OK. Instead use the day wisely and define what is challenging you presently.
The Occult power is the White Mirror which represents ‘reflecting truth’. For your dreams to come true you need to know the truth. Today the Mirror is in a magical position symbolizing that knowing truth about magic is what it takes to make dreams come true. I know that the biggest changes that occurred in my own life involved a lot of magic. The truth is we don’t understand the way magic works but just by believing magic is real (which is the truth) we can greatly increase the occurrence of magical changes in our life.
The Ally is the Yellow Warrior which represents going on a quest. If you need help making your dreams come true, consult a warrior… for they love to go on missions and today they play a supportive role.
In the Tzolkin there are 260 days. 52 of these days are called ‘Portal days’ and they are in a sense, gateways or doors. When we experience a portal day, like today, be prepared for things to be a bit intense. Everything I have said about the characteristics of today… amplify that tenfold and add some spice and drama, well…you get the idea!

Today is Blue Self-Existing Night day on the 13 Moon Dreamspell Mayan Calendar.

Blue Night, (tribe 3 of the 20 solar tribe archetype cycle), dreams, abundance, intuition.
The nighttime is the right time. Take the leap into the void, the darkness, the great mystery. This place is known by many names. It is the place that all things originate from and is where abundance is found. Pay attention to your dreams. What happens in the dream state is just as real as what happens in the so-called wakeful world. It is all real and happening to you. Your deepest levels of consciousness make no differentiation. Pay attention to any repeating signs, patterns, and messages coming through your dreams.
You may find a dream journal a handy tool. As with most things that we experience here on the earth plane, we are currently perceiving things backward from how they truly are, and what we think of as the wakeful world is actually the dream, and vice versa. This explains why you can visit with your ancestors and friends who have crossed over when you are dreaming. Merrily merrily merrily merrily life is but a dream. Your intuition speaks up very powerfully today. Always listen to and trust your intuitive inner voice as it is always correct. This is the voice of your higher self that speaks from a more integrated place of wisdom and knowing. Acknowledge and embrace the abundance that is in your life. Whatever you need is naturally being provided to you. It may not be the thing you thought you wanted, but if you truly are in need, it will find its way to you. Staying positive and looking for and expecting abundant blessings, enables you to find them more easily. Abundance is having exactly what you need as opposed to having a lot of things.
Self-Existing tone of Form, (step 4 of the 13-step creative energy tone cycle), define, measure, form.
All of life is built upon foundations of four. There are four sides, corners, seasons, elements, directions, (technically, there are 7 directions, including above below, and within, yet these still sit atop the cardinal foundation of four). There are four limbs on our bodies. We have 4 grandparents, the foundation of the family. Four represents a solid foundation that you can build upon in the creative energy cycle. Having acquired a position of strength during yesterday’s electric tone of service, you now find yourself sitting atop a solid foundation of four. On this foundation, you will find that you are self-existing, self-sustaining, self-maintaining, self-perpetuating, and whole within yourself. All outward manifestations act like mirrors showing you that everything you need to know is already contained inside of you.
Self-Existing, self-sustaining, self-maintaning, and self-perpetuating, dreams, abundance, and intuition.
Day 4 of the 13-day cycle themed Yellow Sun, enlightens, life, universal fire.
Written by Roger Grossman


3 AKBAL – KIN 43
13 OCTOBER 2021
I define in order to DREAM
Measuring intuition
I seal the input of ABUNDANCE
With the Self-existing tone of FORM 🌃🌃
I AM guided by the power of self generation
(GAP) ENTER ME!!! 💥💥💥
13/10/2021 = 4/10/5=4/15=4/6=10=1
13- Cosmos/Goddess/Mystic/Natural Lore
4- Form/Structure/Foundation/Earth/Angelic
10- Manifestation/Authority/Power
1- New beginnings/Leader/Original
✨MONTH/YEAR codes✨
10- Manifestation/Authority/Power
1- New beginnings/Leader/Original
15- Spiritual Alchemy/Charisma/Magnetism
6- Heaven/Christ/Romance/Harmony
KIN 43 = 7 Mystic/Majik/Spiritual/Solitude
🌟 🌟🌟 MAKE A WISH!!!! 🌟🌟🌟
Today’s energy is PURE MAJIK – with a 10 MANIFESTATION code, 13 COSMIC code and a 7 Majikal code💫 with the KIN. Today we have the ability to SHAPE and LIBERATE our DREAMS to tap into the INFINITE ABUNDANCE through SOURCE.
TODAY is also a GAP 💥day so the energy is extra INTENSE and potent. How many BLESSINGS can we have in one day?!
KIN 43 is NIKOLA TESLA’s Galactic B-Earth-day- so we have EXTRA POTENT manifesting POWER to create our DREAMS and imaginings today.
✨A very potent ABUNDANCE🌻💰 code for new adventures, new Quests and manifestations.
Day 4 in the YELLOW SUN☀ WAVESPELL of ILLUMINATING our HIGHEST EVOLUTIONARY PATH to reclaim our SOUL POWER and full Sovereignty.👑👑👑
✨TODAY is the day our HOPES, DREAMS and DESIRES start to take FORM.🎁 ✨
We are beginning to make progress in the goals we set on day 1. In particular we are being asked to use our MIND to evaluate, define and measure the unconscious beliefs held within the belly of Akbal. Today we define en-LIGHT💡ON-ment as catalysing change within our collective unconscious mind, generating the energy held there to become the STORM for transformation. All this underneath the waking consciousness will shift and be expressed. GET READY for our COLLECTIVE DREAMING to take root!
SELF-EXISTING📦 – Tone 4 in the MENTAL realm. ACTION – measures, POWER – defines, ESSENCE – forms. The code of today is a 13/4, so with the tone we have a 4.4. combo to build ourselves a very strong and stable structure.
SELF-EXISTING number 4 takes form and we have ourselves a square shape.Self-existing, measuring and defining, very intelligent, fascinated by self. We now have built a sturdy platform upon which further growth takes place. Dispense with the rest and build your new solid foundation on the basis of fun, creativity and majikal manifestation. It is time to build and realize our greatest DREAMS! Yahoooo – paradisiacal EDEN here we come!! 🐬🌴💕🌈
Today’s question is “What DREAMS have you held deep inside you that NOW need to come forth and be shaped into form?”
Divine blessings for shaping the LIFE of your DREAMS!🌈🌴🌸🏰☀💕
In Lak’ech a la kin 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger 🌏🌈
CONSCIOUS SELF: BLUE SELF-EXISTING NIGHT 🌃 AKBAL is THE DREAMER!😴💤 He carries the dreaming codes, and brings forth the keys to prosperity🔑 and ABUNDANCE, 💰🌻accessed through intuitive knowing.
In becoming a CONSCIOUS dreamer, you can assist in literally creating a new reality for yourself, as well as contributing to the larger dream that is emerging. By focusing on this creation, your thoughts and intentions are projected across the crystal grid network that encompasses universes. This energetic field seeds, supports, and empowers the creation of an unfolding reality.
At a certain point, when a critical threshold of energy has been focused on a clear intent such as world peace/unity/food for all people, the underlying constructs of reality shift and a new reality begins filtering into human experience.
Make no mistake: GREAT CHANGE is SEEDED by CONSCIOUS DREAMERS who understand and know that they are co-creating the larger dream. This is very POTENT creation energy for our GLOBAL transformation, and implementation of G.E.S.A.R.A. -Planetary ABUNDANCE and world PEACE🕊
Today allow your INTUITION to guide you and help you realize the deepest dreams that have laid dormant in your subconscious realms waiting for the optimum day to surface and begin to take FORM.🎁. Take time to measure and DEFINE which of those DREAMS you wish to realize into physical form, then walk through the Portal into your New Reality.
❓What DREAMS will you energize today?
As well as your personal soul DREAMS remember to HELP shape the COLLECTIVE DREAM of our new 5D Ascended Gaia in your manifestations today, to help it take RAPID form.
HIGHER SELF/GUIDE: BLUE SELF-EXISTING STORM🌀🌪 -CAUAC continues its purging actions today which may present as chaos and friction to purify your vessel and your life. Anything holding back your frequency will need to be addressed. You cannot climb a steep mountain burdened with a heavy backpack filled with rocks! You do not need those things in the new places you are headed! LET GO of the self-sabotage, addictions, beliefs, programs, people and outmoded living.
Allow BLUE STORM to catalyze the energy needed for your transformation. The POWER generated by the BLUE SELF-EXISTING FORM is tremendous for catalyzing the metamorphosis of your DREAMS, particularly on a GAP💥 portal MANIFESTATION day!! Monsoon WINDS available.
GREAT transformation brought by the STORM today will be the WIND🌬 that pushes you up that steep mountain. WE the PEOPLE are nearly at the SUMMIT🏔 and the views are glorious indeed!.🌄
SUPPORT: YELLOW SELF-EXISTING WARRIOR 🌈🏹CIB is the fearless warrior who uses his intelligence to QUEST-I-ON everything, in order to define and shape something BETTER for humanity. Through applying his wisdom from past experience in his many battles, CIB knows how to forge a peaceful and sustainable path forward.
CIB unites the Planetary RAINBOW WARRIORS today in their QUEST, who are FEARLESSLY defending the Collective Dream.. Holding this DREAM within their soul’s quest they will define the rules for New Earth. The RAINBOW WARRIORS will never give up until the DREAM MANIFESTS into physical form.
Allow CIB to guide you in the choices you make today, he will provide the strength, courage and staying power to reach your peak! . Choose wisely as there is potent majikal manifestation energy in vast supply today. Use this wondrous opportunity to SUPERCHARGE your DREAMS today. 🌴💕🌈
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: WHITE PLANETARY MIRROR🌏 🔎ETZNAB aligns with CIB to allow you to see what is TRUTH and what is falsity. It is time to surrender our attachment to all physical reality other than what is needed. Surrendering to the pure alignment of our physical form as a temple, in order that it may be the reflection and doorway to many dimensions… Sift through the infinite choices and possibilities reflected today and energize those in alignment with your BIGGEST DREAMS.
KIN 43 has the occult SUPERPOWER of the White PLANETARY MIRROR – which is able to MANIFEST in the physical realm.💫💫💫. ABRACADABRA 💫💫💫Whatever your MIND can define and form, the Majik Mirror will energize and MAGNIFY into creation.
ETZNAB represent a MAYAN Pyramid and thus provides the power of the PYRAMID to exponentially MAGNIFY and supercharge your DREAMS with the FIRE energy from the pyre! You may wish to write out your desires and place them under a pyramid to fully utilize ETZNAB’s powers (alternatively you can place them on a mirror or mirror tile to DOUBLE the power!). A quartz crystal or manifesting crystal is also a brilliant addition. A great day for DREAM casting!
With a PLANETARY manifesting tone – today is a BRILLIANT day to spend some time DREAMWEAVING 🕸– energize the collective DREAMING for our 5D ASCENDED PLANET in all its SHINING GLORY and BLISS.💕🌈🌎.
Use your majik, crystals and pyramids to create a mandala/grid to hold this DREAM so that it can rapidly take FORM. 💒
CHALLENGE/GIFT: RED SELF-EXISTING SKYWALKER ☁🚶BEN is the Galactic Shaman and Angelic Messenger who brings HEAVEN to EARTH. 💒🌍 His challenge to you today is to ensure that you do just that!
❓WHAT DO YOUR CHOOSE TO MANIFEST, in order to make life on EARTH more BLISSFUL and HEAVENLY? 🌈💕
Draw on the power of BEN to access codes from multi-dimensional realms defining which ones suit you best. You are the RAINBOW BRIDGE🌈 and you have the power to do this for yourself personally, and also collectively as a valuable member of our PLANETARY tribe of RAINBOW WARRIORS!
Be the DIVINE CONDUIT anchoring these DREAMS into FORM.
🎼HEAVEN must be here🎶 cos HEAVEN is a place on EARTH! 🏰🌴🌎🌈💕
🎼 In this world we’re just beginning
To understand the MIRACLE of LIVING
Baby I was afraid before
I’m not afraid, any more
Ooh, HEAVEN is a place on EARTH
They say in HEAVEN LOVE❤ comes first
We’ll make HEAVEN a place on EARTH
Ooh, HEAVEN is a place on EARTH 🎶
Heaven Is A Place On Earth Performing Artist: Belinda Carlisle
LYRICS by Rick Nowels and Ellen Shipley
Today’s question is “What DREAMS have you held deep inside you that NOW need to come forth and be shaped into form?”
Divine blessings for shaping the LIFE of your DREAMS!🌈🌴🌸🏰☀💕
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger 🌏🌈
Divine Neutrality is the ultimate shielding technique.
And it doesn’t involve a shield at all.
Nothing gets into our fields without a dualistic reaction: fear, judgment, distortion. We choose what to engage with, moment by moment.
Divine Neutrality allows us to pull back to the Cosmic Perspective, the Presence perspective.
From this space of the Heart and Higher Consciousness, we make better choices about what to engage with.
Sometimes we don’t engage at all. (No co-creation, no polarity).
When distortion or triggers present, they are easily transmuted because Heart coherence and neutrality are flowing through your fields.
Nothing sticks.
It takes practice. Start right Now. Be attuned to your reactions, emotions, feelings, thoughts.
De-normalize judgment in your own lifestream. Show the way, the truth and the Life.
Don’t embody external conflict. There is enough internal conflict to transmute in this process.
Remember that Miracles happen out of time constructs, out of polarized consciousness, in the field of Divine Neutrality.
We create a clear field, the clear Crystalline Stargate of the Heart by practicing depolarization.
Because #Ascension requires #DivineNeutrality
KIN 43 – 4 AKBAL
13 OCTOBER 2021
Nikola Tesla was born in Serbia on 10 July, 1856 during a severe electrical Storm 🌩🌪🌧🌩🌪 marking his DRAMATIC entrance into our world! 💥💥💥
Nikola Tesla was a Serbian-American inventor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, and futurist who is best known for his contributions to the design of the modern alternating current (AC) electricity supply system.
Nikola’s Galactic Signature is a Blue Self-Existing Night 📦🌃 – KIN 43 the 4th day of the Yellow Sun Wavespell of en-LIGHT-ON-ment which is also a G.A.P. – Galactic Activation portal day. So he was on a MISSION to literally bring more LIGHT🎆 onto our Planet through his DREAMS.
The BLUE NIGHT’s 🌃themes are Dreams, Intuition and Abundance.. having the ability to bring forth your Dreams from other realms using the intuitive senses. His great DREAM was to GIFT FREE ENERGY to the World – to make our lives better..a true humanitarian and Master. Although he did not achieve this DREAM in his lifetime, due to the opposition and suppression of his inventions, his work trickled out and is the basis for much of our technology today.
J.P. Morgan and Thomas Edison the founders of the General Electric Company💡 were his main adversaries, and Edison proved to be Tesla’s true nemesis. In a sweet irony this lifetime, Thomas Edison reincarnated as the entrepreneur Elon Musk who now promotes Tesla’s inventions. It is Musk’s karma to redress the wrong caused to Tesla during their previous incarnation and make the brand TESLA a household name.
Tesla’s well documented issues with poverty and scarcity highlighted the lessons of his BLUE NIGHT who was seeking to learn through polarity experiences the meaning of TRUE ABUNDANCE☀ – which Tesla strived to create through FREE ENERGY. Although he may have lacked material riches and possessions, his inner bounty was infinite.
The Self-Existing📦 tone operates in the Mental realm – accounting for Tesla’s brilliant mental acuity and ability to formulate ideas – performing involved mathematical calculations and constructing prototypes and models in his mind. Tesla claimed that he would not construct a physical model of his inventions until he had it 90% perfected in his imagination! And so over and over he would visualize, define and measure these forms and calculations until he was satisfied they would be successful.
Tone 4 seeks to measure, define and create FORM, from the energy supplied through the ELECTRIC💡tone – 3 generated through the preceding 3 tones. So Tesla had an ABUNDANCE of ELECTRICAL energy🌩 to tap into and utilize in his experiments and inventions to manifest his ideas into form. Tesla was able to access these unique ideas and mental thoughtforms through his intuition, his sixth sense and his Dreamstate. He spent much time day-dreaming and napping – whenever he hit a road block he would take a nap to gain clarity. BLUE NIGHT’s are very psychic and have prophetic dreams, they can access all realms – past, present and future. Tesla was able to bring forth futurist inventions that were needed by humanity and construct them into form.. using alchemy to bring the unseen subtle energies into matter.
Tesla’s genius and contributions to humanity’s evolution are now coming into the mainstream arena so that he can be recognized and applauded for the Master that he is/was. This man held many secrets and now they are being revealed.
Nikola discovered the relationship and POWER contained within the numbers 3,6 and 9. and insisted on utilizing this POWER whenever he could.
Tesla lived in the New Yorker hotel for the last 10 years of his life, from 1933-1943 he occupied a suite in both Room 3327 and Room 3328 on the 33rd floor of Hotel New Yorker.
Nikola along with his good friend and ally John Trump (the uncle of President Donald Trump) designed and built an electrical🌩 💡POWER 💥station in the basement of the New Yorker Hotel. However what was kept secret was that it also contained a TIME MACHINE. 🎆
It is alleged that TESLA and John TRUMP travelled into the future and were shocked to witness the downfall of New York City into the nefarious control of the C.A…B..A..L. It deeply troubled them to know that the city they loved had such an ill fated destiny! So they devised a PLAN to rescue our future!🎆🎆🎆
It is also alleged that they witnessed the imposition of WW3 in our future, so they ingeniously discovered a way to “cut and paste” a new timeline for 4 years – from 2008-2012 which cancelled out the WAR from happening! Which explains why after 2012 such mayhem occured.
TESLA and John Trump were time travellers and master Magician’s who orchestrated this ingenious plan to rescue humanity from the dark controllers and restore our Divinely promised Utopian world….. and so if this is indeed TRUE – we all owe a debt of infinite gratitude to these humble heros! 🙏❤🙏❤
Tesla fittingly departed the Earth plane on 7th, January 1943.. 7/1/17 = 16=7
7117 = number 17 mirrored. 17 is the number of immortality and leaving a legacy and that is indeed what Tesla did.. A huge LEGACY.. for many future generations to benefit from his contributions.. 7 is the number of the Magician and Wizard – and he was referred to as the Electrical Wizard! Jan 7, 1943 was the day of the Double Wizard – the White Spectral Wizard – KIN 154. KIN 154 is also a G.A.P. portal day – so he made both his entrance and exit on powerful PORTAL days like a true Magician!
The Spectral Wizard seeks to release, dissolve and LIBERATE his White Majik.. and our Tesla Wizard certainly LIBERATED his Majik on that day, as indeed his soul was LIBERATED to return to the LIGHT from whence he came on that stormy night. All his notes and patents mysteriously “disappeared” on the day of Tesla’s death, however fortunately were safely in the hands of his good buddy John Trump! And now soon to be released to humanity through his nephew – President Donald Trump! HALLELUJAH what a BRILLIANT story to be told!!
Yes indeed, REAL life is much stranger and more bizarre than fiction!
Aho, Planetary kin and now it is up to US – to DREAM TESLA’S DREAM into our REALITY!🌴❤🍇🍎🐬🌞
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina Papageorgiou
KIN 66 White Magnetic Worldbridger 🌈🌉🌏
PICTURE CREDIT: Nikola Tesla – Unknown Artist DIVINE GRATITUDE 🙏💞🙏💞

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