Lightbodies, The Landing, And New Earth

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Lightbodies, The Landing, And New Earth

Host Michelle Walling interviews Sonya, who chooses to remain anonymous for several reasons. Sonya and Michelle met just after the huge Equinox shift and have been speaking every day since then, comparing notes in their everyday reality.

The biggest introductory topic between them was that Sonya and her sister began emitting light from their pores. Her sister and many people in her family have been activated and are glowing as well.

In part 1,

Michelle and Sonya discuss:

-Sonya’s background and where she is fromLightbodies The Landing And New Earth

-The light emitting from her pores

-Evidence that the shift is happening NOW

-What her diet/lifestyle is like

-The Mandela effect

-Her family’s activation with the light

-How Michelle and Sonya have been shown they are creating their own reality

-What it is like to take off the virtual reality goggles

-What starseeds and lightworkers need to do or not do right now

-Where we go from the void/rainbow bridge/zero point

-Who “father” is to Sonya

-How she has lived her life with instruction from Father

-Walking in between parallel lives and dimensions

-How no one will be left behind

-What happens when you move from fear to forgiveness and unconditional love

This is a continuation of the audio interview of Sonya by Michelle Walling. Sonya and Michelle further discuss timeline shifting and the process of shifting from the old earth to a myriad of places, including the Landing and New Earth. Further explanation of Michelle’s show with Allison Coe, where Allison’s clients share that the first large group to the New Earth are children.

Topics include:
-Cutting the tether from the Old Earth matrix
-The error in pulling your higher self here
-Timeline Shifts and doorways into other realities- what it looks like to Sonya
-How to handle an onslaught of questions from many people around you awakening at once
-“The Landing” place Michelle has dreamed about and Sonya has “walked in and out of” in preparation to merge realities
-Floating heads and the perception translation
-How to enjoy the rest of your time in this reality
-How the children are being prepped in the Landing before going to New Earth
-How ascension happens in groups until everyone gets to where they need to be

Michelle and Sonya plan to meet again to talk about-
-The next phase form the Landing or the New Earth towards going HOME
-Questions from listeners
-How the father of this reality has been healed from the inside
-The search for the Mother
-Disappearing/shifting your vibration higher than 3d



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