What is the quickest way to attract wealth, money & abundance?

GODDESS LAKSHMI – The Archetype for Infinite Abundance and Wealth
What is the quickest way to attract wealth, money & abundance?
The quantum sound SHREEM BRZEE is the ultimate money magnet – it carries deep within it the power and potential of pure gold. Just like how an oak seed has the potential to grow into a large oak tree, and thereafter multiply into a forest of oak trees, the sound SHREEM BRZEE once implanted into your consciousness and very soul, will turn you into a pure money magnet that attracts wealth and prosperity to yourself.
Enlightened master Dr Pillai (Baba) teaches that SHREEM BRZEEis the ultimate and most powerfulquantum sound to attract money, wealth, prosperity, abundance, joy and material happiness to you.
SHREEM is the seed sound for Lakshmi, the archetype who gives money and prosperity.
BRZEE is a sound that was revealed to Dr Pillai by an ascended master known as Visvamitra who meditated on this sound on a different plane for 1500 years. BRZEE is an ultimate sound which can attract untold wealth and riches to you.
BRZEE will also bring more Divine Light into your soul.
Goddess Lakshmi is the aspect of the Divine that gives you money blessings and material miracles.
Miracle Story #1: An Unexpected Payraise!
From Deyfan:
“Within a short time of practicising SHREEM BRZEE and attending one of the SHREEM BRZEE group chanting sessions, I received an unexpected S$1,000 pay rise!”
Miracle Story #2: A Surprise Gold Gift & An Unexpected Bonus!
From Sharmila
Here is my money miracle which came one after one another.
After I attended our most recent SHREEM BRZEE group chanting session on a Saturday, when I went home that day, my mother out of the blue gave me four gold bangles! She didn’t give me an explanation but said she just felt she wanted to give it to me!
Then, the following week, at work, my boss called me to his office and to my surprise, he told me he was giving me an additional bonus of S$1,500! This was really unexpected because my boss was not the type to give out money!”Shreem Brzee
You can listen to Sharmila’s audio testimonial on her SHREEM BRZEE miracle at
Miracle Story #3: Money Comes From Unexpected Sources!
At our SHREEM BRZEE chanting session on 30 April 2011, one of our Malaysian community members gave a great SHREEM BRZEE miracle story.
She stated that she enjoyed writing the mantra SHREEM BRZEE daily and since she started doing so, she had been experiencing people coming up to her and giving her money unexpectedly!
Miracle Story #4: A $2.8 Million Windfall!
Recently, one of our community members who participated in our SHREEM BRZEE chanting sessions for the last one year told me a great money miracle story.
Our community member told me that she had just received a fabulous money windfall – $800,000!
She had just sold her apartment and received an offer of $800,000 in excess of her asking selling price!
Earlier efforts to sell her apartment had been unsuccessful, but after working with SHREEM BRZEE, things dramatically changed.
Miracle Story #5: A $100,000 Blessing!
Another community member, who has been joining us for our SHREEM BRZEE chanting sessions for a year told us privately that her son received a totally unexpected gift of $100,000 from a grateful client!
This just demonstrates that when you propitiate Goddess Lakshmi and work with Her sacred sound,SHREEM BRZEE, not only do YOU benefit, but your entire family does too!
To read about the countless number of money miracles people have experienced, you can read the various posts I have made on SHREEM BRZEE by clicking HERE
SHREEM BRZEE Group chanting Session
What is the benefit of chanting SHREEM BRZEE in a group?
Chanting SHREEM BRZEE by your self is beneficial
However, when you get together and chant SHREEM BRZEEtogether as a group, the power of this miraculous sound  is magnified and multiplied a thousand-times over!
Every one participating in the group chant will get the benefit of the collective group chant. It is said that for example, if we as a group chant 10,000 SHREEM BRZEE repetitions and there are 50 of us present, each of us individually will get the blessings of 50 X 10,000 SHREEM BRZEE repetitions i.e. 500,0000SHREEM BRZEE repetitions!
The more SHREEM BRZEE repetitions you chant, the more powerfully you resonate with wealth consciousness and the faster you begin to attract money and abundance to yourself.
It would normally take you several weeks of dedicatedly chanting SHREEM BRZEE before you reach 500,000 repetitions of SHREEM BRZEE by yourself
That is why getting together and chanting SHREEM BRZEE as a group is a great shortcut – at the end, everyone gets to collectively share in the blessings of SHREEM BRZEE!

Do we just Chant Chant Chant?
Happily, No.
At our SHREEM BRZEE chanting sessions, we don’t just chant SHREEM BRZEE on its own for the whole day.
Each of us come armed with a GOAL of what we want to manifest (better job / new house / new car / loving relationship).
During our SHREEM BRZEE chanting session, we combine chanting SHREEM BRZEE with our individual Goal. In this way, our goal gets really empowered so that it will manifest in a shorter period of time.
After each SHREEM BRZEE session, all of us usually leave on a “high”, not only having personally completed 10,000 or more SHREEM BRZEE chants and coming one step closer to manifesting our goals, but also having received the collective  blessings of hundreds of thousands of SHREEM BRZEEgroup chants.
UPSIZE ME! How Can I Further Empower My Goals and Manifestations?
To do so, we will be offering items sacred to Goddess Lakshmi such as flowers and tumeric rice to propiate Goddess Lakshmi and be showered with Her blessings!
WAIT! There is More!
The key to manifestation is to be able to focus your thought-energy on the object of your manifestation/goal with laser-like focus in order for it to manifest in 3-dimensional reality.
However, most of us do not manifest because our wandering monkey mind cannot focus on one thought i.e. our Goal, with a sustained and powerful intensity in order for our thoughts to manifest into 3-dimensional reality.
Dr Pillai (Baba) has blessed us to use an advanced technique known as dharana (which He taught during His recent Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras exclusive in Singapore) to discipline and TIE down our wandering mind to one particular thought (SHREEM BRZEE & our goal)  with laser-like precision.
During our SHREEM BRZEE chanting session, we will teach you this potent mantra to still the monkey mind so you can use it with SHREEM BRZEE and thereafter, any other mantra you wish to realise!
What Do I Need To Bring?
We will provide you with all ritual materials such as the tumeric rice and flower petals for you to make your offering plus paper plates and light refreshments (to get you going)
If you like, you can bring along your sacred items such as yantras, gold jewellery, and empower them with your SHREEM BRZEE chantings.
Here is some good news!
For the last two years, the cost of our SHREEM BRZEE chanting event has been constantly priced at S$80 per person (given the costs of renting the room and providing all the ritual materials etc)
However, to encourage as many of you who have never experienced the miracle and power of chanting SHREEM BRZEE together, we are once again happy to offer the 28th April 2012 SHREEM BRZEE chanting event at an early bird rate of S$50!

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