Divine Rhythm ~ Embracing the Higher Golden Light ~ Shambhala LIGHT Codes Coming In



Paul White Gold Eagle

Greetings Divine Space Travelers of Pure Buddha Consciousness

The Gold Diamond Light of Cosmic Christ Consciousness is pouring into this realm from on high.  This is the energy of precision and clarity of our True Nature and missions as Guides and Wayshowers of the New Earth. Gaia and all her children received multiple waves of Gamma Plasma from the Great central Sun appearing on the Schumann charts at amplitudes of 31 hz, 57 hz, 33 hz and a big blast at 61 hz. Fifth Diemsnional energetics flowing in.

As the veils of separation continue to lift and dissolve  we are experiencing the in between as the worlds begin to merge. We have entered another re-calibration and refinement mode as our DNA and Cellular Memory is being fined tuned by Mother/ Father God through the Great central Sun and Deep into the Crystalline Core of Pachamama. With the Alchemy of the Five Elements coming into Balance and Harmony of the Music of the Spheres we are completing the purging and cleansing of our lower densities so we can once and for all make the final Collective Quantum Leap of Consciousness into homo-Luminous, beings of Infinite Light.

In the beginning was the word, this is the Sound of Silence, the original vibration, the resonance of Source that began with a though from the Mind of the Great Mystery. As the sound expanded as a sphere it built momentum and raised in frequency and transformed to light and the Light became the particle. The particles over time metamorphosed into Adamantine Light that is now flooding this Realm with its indestructible manifestation. In this transmission of light into our Physical vessels, which are vehicles of light, are upgrading and transforming into Rainbow Diamond Plasma Avatars of Immortality.

We are joining the ranks of the Living Ones of Eternal Life. This Ascension raises us higher up the Spiral of Life into Everlasting Light and Pure Consciousness of the Buddha Mind. this is our True Nature that is One with Mother/ Father God and all Life. Nothing can stop this evolution of Consciousness as we have stepped over the threshold of the Event Horizon and all is accelerated in the Quickening of the Revelation to expose all that has been hidden and reveal our Original Divine Self that is the I Am Presence…A’Ho!




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Right now: Moon at 18°48′ Aquarius, Sun at 26°57′ Gemini

Current Sabian Symbols

Current Sabian Symbol for the Sun

A young gypsy emerging from the woods gazes at far cities.
Sabian Symbol for 27º Gemini

The current Sabian Symbol of the Sun is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing solar influence, the vital energy and the personality, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this day, while the Sun’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 27º Gemini.


Current Sabian Symbol for the Moon

A forest fire quenched.
Sabian Symbol for 19º Aquarius

The current Sabian Symbol of the Moon is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing lunar influence, the emotional background, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this moment, while the Moon’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 19º Aquarius.







Valerie A. Elster


Shambhala LIGHT Codes Coming In – Strong Ley Line Activity. Inner Earth Realm. #Agartha




Pars Kutay


Intense DIVINE ENERGY WAVES are Streaming into our Planet Mother Earth – Terra Christa – Gaia Right NOW. . .



Take it IN plus June Solstice.




Pars Kutay


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Photo: Incoming Summer Solstice Energies captured over Sweden today 17-06-2022 by Kasia Basia della Orba



Incoming Summer Solstice Energies



Maureen Moss


The Divine Rhythm of Solstice


During the 5-5-Pleaidian Gateway the Pleaidians said, The Highest Point of your mission will come from a center point that is at rest. In last weeks Newsletter ‘Resolution and Ascending,’ Yeshua had spoken in part about resolve. He said resolve gives peace and strength to every cell in the body. It’s a way to reach a depth of quietude pertaining to what has been and pushes the Soul to its next experience.


Solstice (6-21-22.) offers us an opportunity to blend both what the Pleaidians had spoken and also Yeshua, together.

Solstice, by its very nature is quiet and offers us so much if we partake of it in full consciousness. There is a Divine Rhythm to it calling us to breathe and honor the Light within, to receive nourishment, balance, peaceful illumination and a sense of new beginnings that is unique to each one of us.


This particular Solstice calls us more ardently to place ourselves in the Center of our Hearts together to amplify LOVE, to quiet the mind storms, neutralize the projections, doubts and fears… consciously calm the knee jerk reactions we may have and emotions that vibrate from the collective through the atmosphere and land in our field. To connect, as well, to Infinite Consciousness and receive peaceful though powerful answers from our own Higher Self and Soul.


Our Hearts are a perfectly balanced Illumination Field through which great Wisdom flows. My guidance was to create a space in which All Hearts shall have a greater opportunity to be calm, to expand and to receive what is given from within and receive more deeply with an open heart what is given from Above.

Feel welcome to join us in this beautifully balanced field.

With Love and Blessings,



Beautiful Image created by: Rose-Maria Marquez



Pleaidian Gateway



Mary Long


Many are moving into the higher dimensions physically.

Leaving the Platform of the False Matrix of Control.

Their roles have come to a higher purpose beyond the lower dimensional consciousness of 3d.

Many are feeling a sense of burnout which truly is a calling to completely let go of the lower matrix to live their Lives and Spread their Love from a higher perspective which does not require spreading their messages within the 3rd dimensional aspect.


They are moving up to their higher dimensional self where the work will be done within a 5th dimensional world where all is felt and all is heard beyond just words.

Energetically embracing the Higher Golden Light, crossing the bridge to total freedom of consciousness, where there is only love to be felt and more comforting to help in the final transitions of Mother Earth Gaia.


You will notice more and more of this, they are not dying, they are only spreading their Love and Light within the higher aspects of the higher self where all is connected as one infinite consciousness.

If one takes a moment to close their eyes and tune into the higher conscious Energy of Earth you will feel the Oneness that we are all heading towards.

This is the most Divine Journey of our Soul while inhabiting a physical form.



Embracing the Higher Golden Light


Crystal and indigo guide to the galaxy



The dead with the dead and the Living with the Living.  Dead are not those who have left their human vessel but those who are dead inside, meaning,


the ones who do not carry, have rejected or have forgotten the essence of their Soul’s Living Spark.

Those are the ones who thus have abandoned their soul, spirit and true memory, and have lost their true Solar Origin, Divine DNA αand their abilities.


Death is nothing but the result of contamination of the human being by the fallen viruses that exist inside the realms of the multidimensional game we are in.


These are certain viruses that had infiltrated the inner human flows and contaminated the human consciousness with separation, distortion and deception, leading it into oblivion in order for the Children to never remember who they truly were, what was their true position, charisma and right!


The Liberation from the dead and their viruses is happening now.

The bridges that were connecting the dead to the Living are closing and everyone is returning to where they belong.


The Children are being liberated from the inner hijacking and vampirism that the dead ones had imposed on them

and their physical body is returning to the natural rhythm of True Life too.


This is why they will be now able to receive their own Living Codes and regain their position in safety.




May all Children have a blessed return!










Οι νεκροί με τους νεκρούς και οι Ζώντες με τους Ζώντες.

Νεκροί δεν είναι εκείνοι που έχουν αφήσει το ανθρώπινο φορέα τους,

αλλά εκείνοι που είναι νεκροί μέσα τους,

δηλαδή αυτοί που δεν κουβαλούν, έχουν απορρίψει ή έχουν ξεχάσει την ουσία του Ζωντανού Ψυχικού τους Σπινθήρα.

Αυτοί είναι εκείνοι που έτσι έχουν εγκαταλείψει την ψυχή, το πνεύμα και την αληθινή μνήμη τους

και έτσι έχουν χάσει την επαφή με την πραγματική τους Ηλιακή προέλευση, το θεϊκό DNA και τις αληθινές τους δυνατότητες.

Ο θάνατος δεν είναι παρά το αποτέλεσμα της μόλυνσης του ανθρώπου

από τους έκπτωτους ιούς που υπάρχουν μέσα στις σφαίρες του πολυδιάστατου παιχνιδιού στο οποίο βρισκόμαστε.

Πρόκειται για ορισμένους ιούς που είχαν διεισδύσει στις εσωτερικές ανθρώπινες ροές

και είχαν μολύνει την ανθρώπινη συνείδηση με διαχωρισμό, παραπλάνηση και διάβρωση, ​​

οδηγώντας την μέσα στη λήθη

έτσι ώστε τα Θεϊκά παιδιά να μην μπορούσαν θυμηθούν ποια ήταν, ποια ήταν η πραγματική τους θέση, τα χαρίσματα και τα δικαιώματα τους.

Η Απελευθέρωση από τους νεκρούς και τους ιούς τους συμβαίνει τώρα!

Οι γέφυρες που ένωναν τους νεκρούς με τους Ζώντες κλείνουν και όλοι επιστρέφουν εκεί που ανήκουν.

Τα Παιδιά απελευθερώνονται από την εσωτερική

πειρατεία και τον βαμπιρισμό που τους είχαν επιβάλει οι νεκροί

και το φυσικό τους σώμα επιστρέφει επίσης στον φυσικό ρυθμό της Αληθινής Ζωής.

Γι’ αυτό και θα μπορούν τώρα να λαμβάνουν τους δικούς τους Κώδικες Ζωής και τη θέση τους με ασφάλεια .

Ελάτε μαζί μας σε αυτό το λαμπρό ηλιοστάσιο και για τη στιγμή απελευθέρωσης και επιστροφής των Παιδιών!

Όσοι νιώσουν το κάλεσμα να κάνουν αυτή την εσωτερική εργασία

μπορούν να μου στείλουν μήνυμα για τις λεπτομέρειες της συμμετοχής.

Είθε να έχουν όλα τα Παιδιά μια ευλογημένη επιστροφή!



Deeaia Cosmic BlueRay


Greetings dear StarOnes,


With LOVE we come to share this reminder….


Galactic Light Beings wish to see as many souls ascend and progress in that direction. Do not concern too much with other’s journeys as everyone has to make their own path to success. People have to take the path that is best suited to their needs, which inevitably means the parting of the ways for some.


Experiencing creation in the NOW as The One Source Energy, your Quantum Sphere of Reality, is not about understanding or comprehending, it is simply accepting and being present while holding intentions by listening to your intuition to guide you to unfold your greater Knowing.


Your soul’s unique DNA Light-codes cannot be grasped by your conscious mind, only be experienced by your energy field emanating from physical body. Each person’s codes is unique and will have a different impact upon your being. You will receive what is required at that moment to support you.


Whenever you connect with, and experience the energy wave of your soul’s unique codes, you will receive diverse energies or experience something different — you can also connect constantly to receive what you need, and require to unfold your Truth and unification with Source to enhance your existence Here & Now. When coupled with existing from the space of Knowing and Remembrance within you, your soul’s unique codes become a powerful nourishment, a guiding Light for the fulfillment of your purpose on Terra.


Sense and Acknowledge a powerful wave of Energy & Light extending from the core of your soul into and through your entire being. This wave of energy is the presence of your soul delivering its unique codes into your entire being. Simply allow yourself to receive for as long as is essential.




In Sovereignty as Free Soul


In Oneness of Grace, Love and Peace


Deeaia Cosmic BlueRay


Elder of the Blue Ray Council and guardian of the 13D Mother Ark Stargate



Galactic Light Beings



Carolyn 144 GODCODE

The Sagittarius Full Moon brought much needed endings for balance. We are fully in the 5th dimension without having to go back and forth into the 3D and 4D any longer. Be patient as the karmic relationships from those dimensions are still neutralizing. New beginnings of soulmate contracts are also taking shape, as we shift and mould into the 5D New Earth paradigm. Compassion and unconditional love are the new Way for us and our future generations.

Rest and recovery may be necessary today. Know that this is occurring because karmic contract delays have suddenly ended, causing a big release. Truths are also being revealed during these endings so you can know what your truth is, and live by it. From that understanding you can claim back your life from a sensible approach.

Focusing on gratitude while the purification completes will be beneficial. Passion, optimism, wealth, health, and courage will replenish as your emotions heal. You are receiving back everything you need to make your life, family, relationships and home exactly what you desire them to be. This big shift is bringing a lot of your dreams coming true! All you need and more is there for you when you are ready, so there is no need to rush during this healing transition.

In Jesus Christ’s name amen. God bless you 🕊 Love Carolyn






Adrienne Elise


We are coming up on a new Season, as the Sun finishes up in the sign of Gemini, and prepares to enter the sign of Cancer early next week. We are still feeling the potent activation of the Sagittarius Full Moon as the planets continue to play out the drama of the moment.

The Sun in Gemini has been in square to Neptune this week. We are being challenged in our identity and personal character. Are you living true to your highest spiritual calling? if not, life is sure to be showing you, very clearly, what is in the way.

Mars has been in conjunction with Chiron in Aries, bringing up frustration with our current life, and how far away we have gotten from fully living. Venus has been in conjunction with the North Node of the Moon at 22 degrees Taurus. The way forward is through an activation of the feminine, intuitive gifts in each of us. In Taurus, we are being asked to embody this spiritual energy on a cellular level.

Mercury is now back in Gemini and completing his retrograde cycle. Mercury is in square to Asteroid Vesta, keeper of the sacred flame, as it comes out of retrograde shadow. Mercury in early Gemini, is also coming into a sweet sextile with Jupiter in Aries. Jupiter sits in square to Black Moon Lilith in Cancer. Our increased access to life force is supporting us to come back into expression of we are. Our sacred purpose is calling us forward, out of the shadows. Black Moon Lilith is challenging us in our ability to truly receive our own abundance.

This Solstice is about a new direction forward that involves the embodiment of our intuitive truth and re-connecting with our sacred path, purpose and power. In order to express ourselves and share our vision with the world, we must claim back our power, in essence, on a cellular level. So we can inspire, and be the living breathing example of what is possible.




Leah Whitehorse


Mars in Aries semi-sextile Uranus in Taurus – The atmosphere is jittery. Mars activates the reformed Saturn-Uranus square, an aspect we encountered during 2021. Whilst the square will not be exact again, by October this year, it will be a hair’s breadth away. Old versus new. Freedom versus restriction. Rules versus rebellion. Conventional versus innovative. Once again, we’re feeling cornered, charged with responsible management of progress and change. As resources and financial systems destabilise, it threatens societal cohesion. Values are changing yet some refuse to move with the times. Individually, it’s about being accountable to our fellow human beings whilst valuing autonomy and prizing difference.


Given the Mars connection, it’s possible that we may need some space today from endless striving and constant future focus to bring ourselves back to the present. Calm your nerves. Go to the park. Breathe in the clean air. Thank the trees. Your inner motivator will feel less stressed if you allow yourself time out once in a while.



Degrees and Times

Mars 17°Ar07′, Uranus 17°Ta07′ – 06:37 (BST)


source :


Painting – ‘Central Park’ by Childe Hassam


Central Park



The Tzolkin Times


Kin 30 ~ White Self-Existing Dog


We are now on the 4th day of the wavespell which is all about taking a closer look at the details. The number 4 is called ‘Self-Existing’ and its key words are ‘Definition, Measure and Form’. Today is a good day to read the small print, to scrutinize so that you are better informed when making decisions. Do your research, gather information and ask questions. Remember that we are in the Blue Hand wavespell and an agenda was set on the first day. Now we need to look more closely at our plans. Don’t let something important slip by unnoticed.


Today is White Dog and key words associated with it are ‘Love, Heart and Loyalty’. The energy of a White Dog day is about putting all of your heart into whatever you do… whether it’s taking on a huge project or just doing the housework. Love what you do and be loyal about seeing it through to the end. Dogs can be very tenacious and they don’t easily give up their bones, take a leaf out of their book if you want to get it done. As it is a number 4 day, before you throw everything you’ve got at whatever you are focusing on, make sure you evaluate whether it’s worth all that effort. Scrutinize and gather information before you get in too deep.


Today’s Guide is White Worldbridger which represents ‘Death, Opportunity and Equality’. To be guided by Worldbridger is to be guided by the desire to cross a bridge to another place. ‘Death’ is associated with Worldbridger and we certainly cross a bridge when we die but in this case it is symbolic. The past is dead and we move forward to the future. ‘Opportunity’ is another keyword and this implies that when one door closes another opens.


The Challenge of the day is the Yellow Sun which represents ‘Enlightenment’. Those folk born on Yellow Sun will find today difficult. For the rest of us, it will be hard to find the answers we seek but not impossible. The Yellow Sun offers enlightenment but asks that you strive for it. If you are a Yellow Sun, you do have a tendency to be in your head a lot and when matters of the heart arise, you find it hard to deal with.


The Occult power is the Blue Monkey which represents ‘Magic’ and the monkey today is in the most magical position. The monkey is always better behaved when it is in this prominent aspect. There’s less monkeying around, less illusion and more magical moments. If you are a Blue Monkey, you provide magical experiences for others today. So folks, paying attention to the details of Monkey’s magic is the most important.


The Ally is the laid-back Red Moon. If you need to chill out today, find a Red Moon as they are masters of relaxation and can offer much support and friendship. This means that when you are being tenacious today, in regards to looking at those details, remember that you should be chilled out about it and not worry.



Kin 30





Christina Papageorgiou



4 OC – KIN 30

17 JUNE 2022






I define in order to LOVE

Measuring loyalty

I seal the process of HEART

With the Self-existing tone of form

I AM guided by the power of death



17/6/2022 = 17/6/6= 8/12=8/3=11=2


17- Immortality/Legacy

8- Infinite Abundant Source Flow

11- Portal/Gate/Duality/Illumination



6- Heaven/Christ/Family/Romance/Fertility

12- Acquiring strength/wisdom

3- Holy triad/Joy/Creativity/Divine

20- The AWAKENING/Clear vision

22- Architect of PEACE/Master builder


Today we are defining what a life FUELED by LOVE would look like.



Day 4 in the BLUE HAND WAVESPELL of HEALING and accomplishing our plans and desires, through new knowledge gained.

Day 4 is the day our hopes, dreams and desires start to take FORM. You are beginning to make progress in the HEALING goals you set on day 1. In particular we are being asked to use our MIND to evaluate, define and measure the quality of our relationships.




SELF-EXISTING – Tone 4 in the MENTAL realm. ACTION – measures, POWER – defines, ESSENCE – form. SELF-EXISTING number 4 takes form and we have ourselves a square shape. Self-existing, measuring and defining, very intelligent, fascinated by self. We now have built a sturdy platform upon which further growth takes place.

Today we are measuring the form that LOVE takes in our lives. We are defining our new lives built on a new solid foundation of SELF LOVE and love for others on the basis of HIGHER LOVE, loyalty and majikal manifestations.



Today’s questionS are

“What FORM of LOVE is my relationship with myself, and others based on? How HIGH is that LOVE?

How can I HEAL and elevate all my relationships to the highest form of DIVINE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE?”

Today on this 17 immortal LEGACY day is the day to SURRENDER to the HEALING balm of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

LET GO of the old stale relationships and build bridges to the new soul fulfilling unions. Happy unions!

Divine blessings for our attainment of absolute BLISS in all our relations. Aho!


In Lak’ech a la kin

Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66






CONSCIOUS SELF: WHITE SELF=EXISTING DOG OC pertains to matters of Love, loyalty, TRUST, devotion, unconditional love, faith, honesty, integrity, compassion, Service to others, and all matters of the HEART.

The focus today is on LOVE and relationships. In particular your LOVE of SELF and then your reflection of this in relationship with others.

Day 4 of BLUE HAND wavespell is calling us to HEAL all issues associated with opening our hearts to the highest capacity and welcoming a HIGHER LOVE to penetrate our being. We are being asked to DEFINE what LOVE means to us, and to measure the quality of that love.

Without LOVE, our life feels meaningless, and we feel like hollow vessels with huge empty caverns inside us, as of course no man is an island. We thrive on social connection and bonding. Building a solid foundation for loving relationships takes time and effort.





These qualities FORM the 4 pillars, and our own SELF-LOVE and honour, forms the core central pillar, around which the other 4 pillars follow. If any of these pillars are missing then the walls crumble and the whole structure collapses. Like builders we lay these foundations on solid ground and then once our structure is strong and stable we can reap the benefits of secure and lasting loving relationships.

Great relationships are built over time, with due consideration, self-reflection and awareness. Consideration for yourself and the needs of others is key. Placing your needs above all else is a recipe for disaster. As is self sacrificing and servitude in valuing others above yourself.

Are your current relationships loving and fulfilling? What about your relationship with yourself?

If they are crumbling then it is time to get out the plaster and do a repair job. If the damage is too far gone, it may be time to bail out of toxic relationships and start afresh with new prospects.

HIGHER SELF: WHITE SELF-EXISTING WORLDBRIDGER CIMI seals the STORE of DEATH and reminds of us of the impermanence of our LIFE and relationships.. We need to LEARN to CHERISH our friends, family, colleagues and whoever appears in our life’s journey as a Messenger, Teacher or Helper.

People appear in our LIFE STORY for a REASON, a SEASON or for a LIFETIME as the poem goes…and we need to ACCEPT the cycles, ending and revolving within our life story, much like trains arriving with a myriad of passengers embarking and disembarking on the carriage that represents our LIFE.. Not judging or clinging to those characters in our story. but merely observing, honouring and cherishing those souls who have volunteered for their respective role in our lives..

By DEFINING the nature of particular relationships, we can accept their purpose in our lives. We then have the ability to MOVE ON and embrace more loving relationships and connections with our kin. Worldbridger seals the store of DEATH. The SELF-EXISTING WORLDBRIDGER enables you to sever the cords to any toxic and dysfunctional relationships that are not serving your highest soul Mission.

When someone is in your life for a REASON, usually to meet a NEED you have expressed. They have come to assist you through a difficulty, to provide guidance and support. To aid you physically, emotionally or spiritually.

They may seem like a GODSEND and indeed they are – an EARTH ANGEL. They are there for the REASON you need them to be. Then without any wrongdoing on your part this person will say or do something to bring the relationship to an END.. Sometimes they DIE, sometimes they walk away. Sometimes they act up and force you to take a stand. Once your need has been met, your desire fulfilled, their work is DONE. Your initial prayer was answered and now it is TIME to move on…

Accepting the FINAL CLOSURE of this relationship can help you CHERISH the purpose they fulfilled.

Some people come into your life for a SEASON to help you share, learn and GROW. They may TEACH you a lesson through an EXPERIENCE, or help you acquire new skills, as your soul expands and grows.. They usually give you shared joyful experiences, and then it is their turn to GO, for their stay was only for a SEASON..

And then there are those souls who stay for a LIFETIME. They teach you LIFETIME lessons, the things you must know, in order to have a solid emotional foundation. Your job is to ACCEPT the lesson, LOVE the person, and put whatever you have LEARNED to good use in all your other relationships and areas of your life, to make you a BETTER PERSON.

Through DEFINING WHO is in your life for a REASON, SEASON or a LIFETIME you learn to GROW and go with the ebb and FLOW of LIFE. Knowing WHEN to HOLD on TIGHT with all your MIGHT, and when to LET GO, forgive and SURRENDER to the greater plan in your life..

STAY? or WALK AWAY? That is the WISDOM within the relationship. Which choice leads to your Highest good?

As we look compassionately, both within and without, at what needs to be released in order to love the shadow and create connection with others… This compassionate loving mind seeks the shadow, loving it into healing, to release the thought forms of separation, in order to embrace all that is and finally HEAL.

What thought forms have kept you in seperation?

Can you now SURRENDER the PAST, as water under the BRIDGE, in order to allow and embrace NEW more loving connections, understanding yourself and the role of others in this great web of life?

WARNING: WHITE WORLDBRIDGER -seals the store of DEATH – so be prepared for the DEATH and sudden/abrupt ENDINGS of toxic relationships and cycles today, to make SPACE for NEW BEGINNINGS..

SUPPORT: RED SELF=EXISTING MOON – MULUC’s themes are that of Universal waters, feminine flow, communication, emotions, softness, intuition, receptivity, remembrance. The GODDESS continues her support today soothing the emotional waters and assisting us in finding our FLOW.

Through being receptive and listening to our intuition we can tune in through our loving hearts to guide our analytical mind so that we can SURRENDER the pain, the blame and the past – and just allow our MINDS to FORGIVE and become more compassionate and KIND.

The WHITE DOG’S main lesson is often through BETRAYAL. The person that has betrayed you in your life is usually your best teacher and closest soul ally.

They have agreed to “PLAY” the character of JUDAS in order for you to learn a lesson and give you the greatest soul growth. They LOVE you soooo much that they have volunteered to be the “bad guy”. When you review your experiences through reflection, you can witness the beauty in every soul, and cherish the sacrifice they have made in your LIFE for the sake of LOVE!

NOTE: Many are casting SHAME and BLAME on those souls who have “acted” as the “bad guys” in this grand global chess game. We (including myself!!) label people as GOOD and BAD according to our moral code – but at a UNIVERSAL LEVEL they are all just souls – here to play a part in


The souls with the darkest path, have made the ultimate karmic sacrifice, in order to be the catalysts for this great change. The polarity GAME causes the FRICTION which leads to greater GROWTH.

Let us practise NON-JUDGEMENT and FORGIVENESS in order to FREE ourselves from the accuser role. It is not our role to be the JUDGE and JURY – but rather to add more LOVE and LIGHT on the EARTH plane.


Take some time today to PRAY and send LOVE, FORGIVENESSand AWARENESS to all those souls – Politicians, Leaders, Corporations and “Elites” – even the off world beings and species who have orchestrated this AGENDA throughout the Cosmos.

It is a GRAND movie of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA on a UNIVERSAL level – what a script, what a battle, what a story! What a MARVEL of CREATION!

OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: BLUE PLANETARY MONKEY – CHUEN reveals the themes of Majik, illusion, deception, trickery, playfulness, spontaneity, inquisitiveness, curiosity, intelligence, divine child, innocence and BLISS..

KIN 30 has the BLUE PLANETARY MONKEY as it’s SUPERPOWER which wields great MANIFESTATION power... This MONKEY can spread LOVE on a GLOBAL SCALE – Think the hundredth Monkey effect! Once we start the BLISS BALL rolling, our whole Global family can come to the 5D party! Manifesting a world filled with deep, intimate and unconditional LOVE, respect, loyalty and DEVOTION for all Planetary kin.

HEAL the division and separation through the POWER of LOVE – accepting that we are all DIVINE CHILDREN inside. Our innocence and purity is begging to be expressed once more, as we UNITE as ONE GLOBAL FAMILY.

Use the MAJIK of CHUEN today by aligning your MIND with your PURE heart, and become LIGHT and BRIGHT.. Through spontaneous PLAY you can forge more satisfying and loving relationships built on TRUST, LOYALTY and laughter.. the best foundation for the bonds to FORM.

DEFINE what you wish to attract and allow the UNIVERSE to surprise you!

Join your friends today for some Monkey mayhem and playfulness enriching your INNER CHILD.

CHALLENGE/GIFT: YELLOW SELF-EXISTING SUN – AHAU’s themes are Universal fire, enlightenment,BLISS, Unconditional love, radiance, Higher wisdom, Higher Consciousness, I AM PRESENCE, SOURCE, ALL THAT IS.

AHAU is challenging us today to look beyond the SHADOW.. and take the ENLIGHTENED view. REFLECT back on ALL your relationships through the loving EYES of SOURCE..

All souls made an agreement to play their character in your LIFE STORY, so now you need to HONOUR that agreement, and RESPECT their individual contribution as your teachers.

No more remorse, BLAME or SHAME… No guilt or grudges… just pure GRATITUDE...

Even the souls who have fallen to the darkest depths of depravity, have all volunteered to PLAY THE GAME.. some have LOST themselves in the charade – but we need to HONOUR every soul for their role in our PLANETARY GAME.. behind the MASK and ROBES lurks a being of PURE LIGHT..

At this STAGE of humanity’s evolution we all need to

RISE above the 3D EARTH GAME.. and become

The OBSERVER in our LIFE and


In this way we can recognize that all that exists in our world was born from LOVE and eventually will return to LOVE… such is the nature of existence.

In HONOUR of your own path and your soul’s value AHAU is challenging you today to DEFINE and discard anything that is not worthy of your LIGHT, and insist on a HIGHER LOVE.

Seeing and sensing SOURCE energy in yourself and others is the BLESSING of today.

This GIFT enables us to attain the ecstatic bliss of ONENESS with ALL THAT IS!



Today’s questionS are

“What FORM of LOVE is my relationship with myself, and others based on? How HIGH is that LOVE?

How can I HEAL and elevate all my relationships to the highest form of DIVINE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE?”

Today on this 17 immortal LEGACY day is the day to SURRENDER to the HEALING balm of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

LET GO of the old stale relationships and build bridges to the new soul fulfilling unions. Happy unions!

Divine blessings for our attainment of absolute BLISS in all our relations. Aho!


In Lak’ech a la kin

Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66















Implant Removal Ceremony


Implant Removal Ceremony



Cutting all Chords and Contracts ~ Freedom from all False Programs :


Inna Segal

A Simple yet powerful , protection / purification process.


Its important to protect ourselves especially around negatively , fear based focused or mentally unwell people.

As it can be easy to pick up other people’s heavy or sick energy, especially if you don’t know how to release it or work with etheric vitality.

This is a process which should help you to feel lighter more energized and healthier.


The intention is to assist us in doing the process of creating the clearest, purest space to work from.

I suggest you do this process every day, several times a day, especially when you are around negative people.

The colours which are powerful to use to connect to the Divine are Brilliant White and Gold.


First open your palms – the reason for this is that you are sending the message out to the universe that you are ready to receive.

Then take a deep breath in and exhale. Make sure your body is as relaxed as possible.




When you are relaxed, say: ‘Divine Love, I ask that you surround me with your rays of brilliant white light.

Please purify my mind, emotions, physical body and energy field.’

‘Divine Intelligence please bring vitality into my body allowing me to expand and open myself to wonderful new possibilities and opportunities that this day has for me.

Please protect me from picking up any density and negativity from other beings, which is not mine and has nothing to do with me.

Allow me to have compassion without the need to carry other people’s burdens.’

‘Thank You.’ (Repeat the word ‘CLEAR’ several times until your feel lighter.)


Imagine white rays of light with little gold sparkles bathing you, healing and clearing all density out of your body and energy field.





purification process






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