Awakening and Transmutation to a New Spiral of Anchoring the New Foundations of a New Age ~ Earth Shaman

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Awakening and Transmutation to a New Spiral of Anchoring the New Foundations of a New Age ~ Earth Shaman

Right now: Moon at 6°55′ Capricorn, Sun at 11°01′ Taurus

sabian symbols

Current Sabian Symbols

Current Sabian Symbol for the Moon

A veiled prophet speaks, seized by the power of a god.
Sabian Symbol for 7º Capricorn

The current Sabian Symbol of the Moon is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing lunar influence, the emotional background, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this moment, while the Moon’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 7º Capricorn.


Current Sabian Symbol for the Sun

A young couple walk down main- street, window-shopping.
Sabian Symbol for 12º Taurus

The current Sabian Symbol of the Sun is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing solar influence, the vital energy and the personality, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this day, while the Sun’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 12º Taurus.




Paul : White Gold Eagle

April 30th Some of the highest amplitude resonance coming in with these 5th Dimensional Plasma Photon waves of Light assisting hue-manity in this Ascension and Great Awakening into the Golden Age of New Earth.

Keep anchoring the Codes of Light into the Dragon Grids of Gaia into the Crystalline Core of Pachamama!

Blessings in the Light…A’Ho!!


Disclosure News Italia

⚡️ Power ✨ 5️⃣7️⃣ 💥7️⃣5️⃣ 💥 6️⃣8️⃣
✨ #SchumannResonance Today
🌌 April 30 2021 – 12:30 UTC

Amanda Lorence

Just to give awareness:
There will be a SERIES of powerful INCOMING WAVES of energies from our Sun, over the next few days. Most likely starting evening of APRIL 30th (tonight), plus more on 1st AND 2nd MAY. Possibly into MONDAY 3rd MAY. Time reference is based on U.K. time zone.🌹
Whilst ALL Incoming Energies are ultimately designed to increase energetic vibration within humanity and upon Mother Earth, THESE NEXT FEW DAYS of INCOMING energetic PATTERNS, pulses and VIBRATIONS (light codings) will UPLIFT. I emphasise ‘UPLIFT’ human ENERGETIC frequencies. 🌹
If relaxed, detached from the MAIA (matrix/illusion), in no resistance, and less THOUGHT forms (of the personality), you will FEEL the ECSTASY the vibrational energies WILL present.
As always, any and each incoming energetic pattern (light coding) takes 3 solar days to become fully integrated into the physical cellular human body. (Photon Light codings turn into the crystalline light within our cells).🌹
You may notice with THESE particular forthcoming energies, that many unawakened, shall AWAKEN. And show you their own ‘signs’ of their ‘awakening’.
Finally just a word of wisdom:
As with all POWERFUL incoming energies there can be the opposite play out in the illusion, to simply witness.
If you get immersed in any OUTER chaos, it will temporarily lower your energetic frequency at a TIMELINE of such energetic WAVES.
REMEMBER, each here are in the process of GRADUALLY, mastering their ENERGETIC reaction to the old physical reality. In order to hold and maintain higher energetic vibrations to later create from, in Service to One.🌹
Just relax, to feel the ecstasy of these imminent Incoming Energies.
One Love
Amanda Lorence
30 April 2021


“The Human Heart is a Tetrahedron”
The shape of the human heart resembles the triangular-based pyramid known as the Tetrahedron.
“Tetra” means 4 in the ancient Greek, and the heart is known for its 4 chambers. It is a preferred form in Nature’s realm, many pollens are tetrahedral, some grains like buckwheat seeds are tetrahedral, many crystals, many single-celled creatures like radiolaria are this shape, so it is fit that the main organ of life, the Heart, is tetrahedral: minimum volume with maximum surface area within the encompassing sphere.
As we weave through significant and life-altering gateways and milestones on a cosmic, planetary and individual levels , the channelings sessions I provide need to be continuously fine-tuned to reflect the same.
As we move from the spiral of Awakening and Transmutation to a brand New spiral of Anchoring the New Foundations of a New Age Based on Balanced Masculine and Feminine Energies in Union ,we are recquired to step up as Agents of Translating Ancient Cosmic Wisdom into Purposeful Action via Leadership, Activism and Service .
This reconnection to our Ancient Cosmic Wisdom is available to us via the process of Embodying our Ancient Wisdom as Earth Shamans and Water Priestesses , by engaging the wisdom and magic of the Air elements and Transformational elements of Fire so as to manifest Spirit into the Reality we wish to create. It is Now Time to work our gifts of CoCreation , Alchemy and Manifestation so as To BE IN SERVICE at a whole new level of Conscious Co Creation.
It is my knowing that through these sessions I serve as a Midwife/ Channel to bring in initiations and activations or cancellations of Karmic/ Ancestral Contracts ( that have served their purpose) to Birth a New Template or Blueprint for all those individuals who wish to collaborate with me for the purpose of anchoring a Higher Vibrational Frequency Timeline for Gaia. We work in collaboration your Divine Entourage/ Guides and your Akashic Records via Light Language, Toning, Light Codes and Symbols. (See video link below to get an idea)
Hence the Sessions can be a mix of
A- Soul Contract Cancellations ( as guided by your Akashic Records) , Karmic / Ancestral redemption ( IF it is Time ) , integration of shadow aspects and associated Soul Retrival and Healing .
B- Initiations and Activations along your Rose Serpent/ Kundalini Pathways with Light language, Toning, Light Codes and Symbols. (see video below to get an idea )
C- Connecting with your Other Timelines and Dimensions of Existence with the help of your Higher Dimensional Aspects and Divine Entourage and for a reconnecting with your soul gifts, tools , skills, talents and Siddhis you have amassed over other lifetimes so that you may step into your Soul Purpose as a Sovereign and Powerful CoCreator and Alchemist, An Agent of The Divine Truth to anchor a New Reality that honours and protects Gaia and her interconnectedness with All sentient expressions of Life Force Energy on the Foundations of God’s Will (Truth, Power and Protection ) and Ma’at’s principles of Justice, Balance and Morality .
These sessions are NOT however meant to serve in an Oracle capacity ( for telling your future), predicting your Twin Flame Union ( the most important Union is of Spirit and Matter within and that is the main aim of these sessions …the rest/ fringe benefits will follow ) or as a means to quench your curiosity about your aspects as a Time Traveller through the Stars and Galaxies though information will come through about the Star systems/ dimensions you need to connect with in the Now in order to bring through specific gifts that you need to activate in the present.
Sa Kei Na
Intense activations are happening deeply underground in the pyramids and Middle East.
Liquid fire energy.
Indeed all has lain dormant for thousands of years.
Indeed, drastic earth changes are being activated as the New Epoch rises into prominence with the New Earth.
The ripple effects will be felt.
This was programmed into that region millions of years ago.
I have never been shown anything like this before.
This is liquid spiraling energy and intensely powerful.
Egypt like Africa holds the spinal column if the earth and immense activity is going on there.
There may be a shaking of the earth there. I do not know if there are earth faultlines there or volcanoes, but something will give in there.
Rise the new pyramids.
Rise the New Earth.
Judith Kusel
As we release Layers and Layers
To reach our inner Sanctum
Our Inner Lineage of Light 💥
We feel our Ancestral ways now before us, as we deeply connect to Light.
Know these are true sovergin energies, as we reach this now moment.
For the Moon has many faces, an Ancient Door Way to Light. Of self relection, deep internal awakening, as the moon Rays shine through the night.
A magnifier of self awareness, self expression and change. Providing a gateway to past adventures, past moments and lives.
Know the moon is a complex antenna of light. To tread gently and to see the frequencies as a tool of reflection and insight.
For our true light calling lies within, leading us to the Universal expansion of now. For we live in a construct of light, with limitations to reach true light.
Always remember the true path, the true internal calling, to reach beyond the matrix.
Lies within our Inner Light 💥


and fly beyond, this construct of LIGHT.
Love and Blessings Light Family ❤🙏
Karen Lithika 🌿❤

We are leaving the wormhole and bee coming ONE with Creator 144. Prepare for change Beloveds. New ideas, inspiring ideas, solidarity, and movement forward is happening for you, your family, and our Tribe. The Divine Feminine Christ components of self, from your inner child, to present self, and your Spirit, are all ready to move forward as ONE healthy, healed, and whole Feminine version of self. Now you are becoming fully integrated and whole with Creator Self, Creator mind, and Creator raptured DNA.

1111 the dark night of the soul has come to an end. The finale of depressions caused from mental overloads is here, with major endings and new beginnings. Whatever releasing of emotions that has been occurring, has been to release all stored mental programming and brainwashing that trapped you from finding yourself. The source codes of this information has been found and removed this karma from the database system, rapturing the mind for freedom.

We are beginning a new cycle that completes in October 2021. Various degrees of motion sets us apart from all others. Our database has been cleared from the human collective database. The New Nine have assured us that there are no shortages in our database. This means nothing will corrupt or corrode for our Tribe. We are part of the few select that have their new heart’s DNA lined up to the New Forcefield of Christ Consciousness, Christ Frequencies, Christ Tones, and Christ Hearts. The next 6 months we are as a group walking into major transformation of our Heart’s DNA, until it’s completed as Raptured DNA.

The Masculine and Feminine self are merging in the root chakra over the next few weeks, to complete the foundation of your self, your life, and your energy body. Your root chakra upgrade is complete for you to hold the Throne of God on the seat of your Soul. The PHI φ frequency as a 144 is coming into full merger within, for your genetic upgrade of Christ to take place. Tones, Harmonies, and Frequencies of the Soul are coming to balance for heart merging to take place. When this completes, your oversoul comes forward, leading the Way as part of your new self and new life, replacing all ego constructs of the mind that were previously leading yourself and your life.

Ground Crew, the Collective database is moving forward in a new direction of heart freedom. Our heart’s beat as ONE. We are completing what commenced with 2018’s Mars, Venus, and Jupiter retrograde Seasons. All of these influx of changes since the have been caused for you too see who you truly are as a Starseed Soul here on Earth. This version of yourself is ready to birth into reality. All the Activation Codes and Markers have been set in place. Various degrees of motion steers us into the new directions that Mars, Jupiter, Venus retrogrades, and Self, have taken us, under the Authority of God. This is destined DNA in the making. You’re a heartbeat away Beloveds.

New Dawn, New Day, New Cellular Way new ONECODE!

In Jesus Christ’s Name amen 🙏🏻

🕊 Love Carolyn



There’s electricity in the air this Beltane season, with the Sun and Uranus together in Taurus. This is an activation of our bigger spiritual self. As the mind control grid breaks down, we are having the opportunity to come into a new level of intuitive power.

Thousands of years of agenda have sought to separate us from our higher level abilities through fear and trauma. Mercury and Venus in Taurus are close to Black Moon Lilith, and joining in sextile with Neptune in Pisces. The new dream of the New Age is one based on higher intelligence. With an empowered feminine intuition, we can raise our creative thinking to a new level. We can use these visionary skills to dream our way out of the trap lower matrix.

As Mercury, and then Venus, come to the end of Taurus, they will take turns squaring up with Jupiter in Aquarius. We are coming face to face with where we haven’t been able to receive the abundance of who we really are in our star power. The world is waiting on SuperNova Souls to go SuperNova, and flower into their full potential.


Sun conjunct Black Moon Lilith and Uranus in Taurus. Mercury in Taurus sextile Neptune in Pisces – The witch within awakens, stirring a desire for freedom, progress, and revolution. Maybe you want to re-invent yourself. Maybe you want to finally let yourself LIVE the life that has been calling you. The earth shifts underfoot, flowers crack the pavement, life bursts up and out like a song. The choir chants ‘I’m worthy. I’m worth it!’.
We’re filled with anticipation, electric, wild. No more BS. No more feeling held back. No more living life under someone else’s shadow.
And as a cosmic thrill blasts through us, the mind is filled with colour, ideas, a tumbling waterfall of thoughts. We’re telling a story, writing a poem, having a long and meandering conversation with a loved one. We’re expressing forgiveness because life is just too short to hold onto that. We’re speaking of angels, miracles, prayer. Give your inner artist a voice. Let your soul speak.
Degrees and Times
Mercury, 22°Ta21′, Neptune 22°Pi21′ – 03:26 (BST)
Sun, Black Moon Lilith (True Position) 09°Ta52′ – 01:08 (BST)
Sun, Uranus 10°Ta40′ – 20:54 (BST)
Painting – The Song of Orpheus by Henri Martin
Kin 137 ~ Red Resonant Earth
‘Resonant’ is the name for the number seven and its key words are ‘Attune, Inspire and Channel’. We are right in the middle of the Blue Monkey wavespell and finally well clear of the intense squishy bit in between the two portal day columns. Its not over yet mind you.. when we are at the top of the next column – Red Spectral Dragon – the intensity will transform into awesomeness. This is the third wavespell of the notorious Blue Western Castle of Burning. The last wavespell is Yellow Seed which also contains ten portal days but it is more rewarding than intense; in my personal opinion. The Seed yields a cornucopia harvest and many good things come out of it. This is day seven the Monkey wavespell which translates into: Fine tune your intuition, be still and listen for instructions.
Today is Red Earth which represents ‘Evolution, Synchronicity and Navigation.’ These instructions that are waiting for you, if you can tune into the right frequency, will lead you to Evolve. ‘Navigation’ is about steering yourself in the right direction once you have understood these instructions. Again, use your intuition and you’ll know just what to do.
The Guide today is the Red Moon which symbolizes ‘going with the flow.’ As always when Moon guides us, we must surrender and relinquish control and trust that things will work out. This laid-back attitude is very good for channeling too, so permit yourself to chill.
The Challenge is the Blue Hand, the healing energy. We all need healing, the Earth too but today it is especially challenging to get the healing that’s needed so badly. If you are a Blue Hand your challenge is to evolve, if you are a Red Earth your challenge is to heal. These are opposing energies but together they create wholeness.
The Occult power is the Yellow Seed which represents ‘sowing awareness’. When in this position the knowledge being shared today by this energy, centers around all matters magical.
The Ally is the White Wind the communicator of the Tzolkin. If you talk to anyone today, talk to a White Wind. They’ll have a message for you to help you evolve.
Tip of the day: Poor monkey gets bad press and some folk fear him but remember he is also the provider of great magic. I find the latter half of the Monkey wavespell can bring surprising magical moments. Thanks for reading!
7 CABAN – KIN 137
30 APRIL 2021
Attuning to EARTH MAJIK💫
I channel in order to Evolve
Inspiring Synchronicity
I seal the matrix of Navigation
With the Resonant tone of Attunement
I AM guided by the power of Universal Water
30/4/2021 = 3/4/5=3/9 = 12=3
30- Introspection/Meditation
4- Foundation/Structure/Base/Angelic/Earth
5- Change/Transformation/Liberation/Freedom
9- Endings/Destiny/Mission/Humanity/Grace
3- Holy Trinity/Joy/Creativity
KIN 137 = 11 CODE! Portal/Gate/Polarity
A much more yin feminine day today attuning to the EARTH MAJIK of PACHAMAMA! 🌏🌎🌍
Day 7 in the BLUE MONKEY🐒 WAVESPELL of MAJIK,💫 Joy, Bliss, Play, Merriment and a return to Innocence. Today we are asked to SLOW DOWN, LISTEN and attune to the synchronicities which lead us to greater MAJIK and BLISS!
RESONANT🔮 – Tone 7 in the EMOTIONAL realm. ACTION – inspires, POWER – channel, ESSENCE – attunement. The RESONANT tone very powerfully IGNITES the potential for great ALCHEMY today, as it provides the ability to fine tune and channel the majikal forces available to us all, to walk through the doorways, offering new pathways and opportunities. Today we are super sensitive, as we are attuned through our senses – the emotional “feeling” body. So tune in and FEEL what your body is sensing. ❓❓What signals are you receiving?
At tone 7 our vibrating phenomenon, learns to be still and to listen. Mystical 7 understands that EVERYWHERE is majikal but right here is better, once we attune and then channel the majik through this present moment. Number 7 is also the frequency of the Mystic and the Magician which DOUBLES the MAJIK of the MONKEY wavespell today !!
❓❓ What are you ATTUNED to today? What form of MAJIKAL portal will you manifest?
CONSCIOUS SELF: RED EARTH 🌏 -CABAN attunes us to the signs, synchronicities and FLOW of the natural rhythms of Gaia. The RESONANT EARTH is very closely bonded with Mother Gaia, and highly attuned to her signals. CABAN beckons us through our attunement to her rhythms to be sensitive to the flow of great Majik💫 through our Planetary body. The closer our CONNECTION to our Pachamama, the more attuned we become to the evolutionary cycles and the Ascension path – riding these waves on her body. The more we attune to her, the more we FEEL and sense, and the more RESPECT we have for our Earth Mother. To honour her journey, we accept our responsibility as her guardians and children – cherishing our land and our home. Creating our own piece of PARADISE on EARTH.🌴🐬🌞
Today Gaia gives us the signs of synchronicity, right timing, what it is to track the majik in our life and all around us. Tracking the JOY that navigates the path to finding our BLISS. ❤ If you have lost the BLISS in your life – go back to your roots and what makes your HEART sing.🎶💟. Being immersed in the splendour of nature is a quick boost to our BLISS quotient.
It is TIME to reset our BLISS BAROMETER… 💃🐬⛵🏝
Red Resonant Earth reminds us that we are the Children of Gaia, and as our Earth Mother we are all connected. As she feels and senses through us, we too can sense and FEEL through her, as we connect at a much deeper and more empathic level. Talking to the trees, listening to the wind, sailing in the Mediterranean Sea, soaking in the Solar rays, hearing the choir of birdsong, and feeling the pulsing of Mother Earth’s heartbeat.💓🌏
As we connect and F-E-E-L more deeply, we develop more love, respect and begin to truly honour this beautiful planet we call home. Tune in 🎧 and be inspired through listening to Gaia’s messages to navigate your path back home to unbounded BLISS.🐬❤🏝🐬
HIGHER SELF/GUIDE: RED RESONANT MOON👸 – MULUC adds more gentle feminine intuitive energies and a beautiful sensitivity to the day. Added to the resonant tone, this makes today a highly EMPATHIC day, so be sure to channel this into expression through greater compassion for all you connect with.
The power of the Goddess and the Universal waters💧 allows us to FLOW🌫 with the thoughts, ideas and opportunities arising today. Our focus is on PURIFICATION of our emotional body, particularly through the familial lines and ancestral patterns. We are releasing patterns of the past that impede us from obtaining a state of BLISS, and returning to our pure childlike innocence.👶 The Universal waters of the Goddess really SOOTHE our senses bathing us in the much needed gentleness we need.
Gently FLOW with the energies today, connecting to your inner BLISS, and feel the MAJIK coursing through your body as everything starts to GLOW and come ALIVE!🎆
🎼Row, row, row your boat,
Gently down the Stream,
Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily
SUPPORT: WHITE RESONANT WIND 🌬– IK works in unison with CABAN to bring us much stronger messages today. The RESONANT WIND – opens a SUPER HIGHWAY connection to Spirit and the natural world.. uninterruptible FLOW! 🔮🌊🌊🌊
We have the messages from Mother Earth,echoing and amplified through the whispering wind. Feel the connection to Spirit, to Mother Gaia and to the natural kingdoms. Be an antenna and ALLOW the BLISS to FLOW through you today.
❓❓Where are the WINDS of CHANGE guiding you? Open your mainsail⛵ and allow Spirit to be your GPS.. navigating your new path to more JOY and fulfillment.
Sing, dance, channel, play instruments, write, draw and allow the Divine to animate your being. Feel yourself in synchronic flow with the cycles and timing of the Natural world. Allow the breath of Spirit to course through your body becoming a Divine conduit, the living bamboo reed. The conduit of FLOW for spiritual evolution.
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: YELLOW RESONANT SEED 🌾– KAN Is the SEED of new potentials through expanded GROWTH. We are all SEED packets with potent LIGHT packets encoded within us. KAN enables us to express our creativity today and to cocreate the beautiful gardens of the future. One by one, each sowing our own unique seed, through our unique talents and contributions, until one day our garden has flourished into the GARDEN OF EDEN! 🍉🍇🍎🍋A haven filled with ABUNDANCE that we can harvest at will. Collective abundance for all beings.
Tune in to the highest potential revealed to you through CABAN, MULUC and IK to lead you down the path of greatest LIGHT and natural FLOW!
CHALLENGE/GIFT: BLUE RESONANT HAND🙌 – MANIK challenges us to trust in the presence of HEALING. This is revealed as the knowing of the greater vision, to our deepest inner-sense, our child-like nature that is drawn to the Majik of what we can accomplish. The RESONANT HAND is highly attuned to the healing wisdom from Mother Gaia’s treasury of medicinal cures and elixirs. Allow MANIK to navigate your course to accomplish full restoration and wholeness once again.
FEEL the POWER of Spirit coursing through our veins and allow nature to soothe our soul, and heal our ailing techno. stressed bodies. Open to the flow🌫 of chi🍃 that meanders majestically through the rivers〰, mountains🏔 and woods🌲🌳 of the natural world to accomplish great healing today!
Enjoy this beautiful gentle day beloveds, stop, listen, connect and revel in the Majik of synchronicity!
Today’s question is “How can I attune to the synchronicities, leading to the flow of more MAJIK and BLISS in my life ?”.
🐬🌈 ❤🐬🌈❤🐬
Divine blessings for attaining Majikal resonance with the BLISS codes of PACHAMAMA today! 🐬🌈🌏
We are ONE! ❤❤❤
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
PICTURE CREDITS: Celestial Journey Ocean of Dreams Artist -Josephine-Wall DIVINE GRATITUDE 🙏❤🙏❤🙏

Pleiades 1 Messages April 30 2021

P1 calling Terrans for origins recognition! Attention for calls in PVSE / SdE !!

Wizards perform for healing dances.

Disorders continue to be mitigated.

Lemurians present themselves in mastery.

*Sentinels continue to increase searches for cures.

Mental reorganizations are still underway.

Self-charges decrease.

Nevic deepening in progress.

Cycles finalization in progress.

Feminine Divines express themselves.

Risks of major disorders: 0

Island of Purification : Projectors aimed and in support >>>> 83% (non-regressive).

Special sensors are installed for Momentum.

Island of Dream being mapped. Projectors aimed and in support. >>> 83% (non-regressive).

Temporarily, end of transmission.



Lee Parore

Electric Body
Energetic DNA Geometric
Alchemical Inner-Space
Krystal Star Tech
Species Transition-Crossroads
Life-Force Instinct to Evolve
3 plus Dimensions or Nothing
Symptoms of Light-Programming
Atomic-Shift / Quantum Layer
Dimensional-Resonance DNA
Cosmic Mainframe Celestial-Coding
Astral Dynamics / Galactic Grid
Vesica-Fractal Mother Creatrix
Golden Ratio Harmonics
Straight Middle Expansion
Alchemical Circle divided by10
Decagon DNA Maths Code
10x144deg Golden Triangles
Grand Precession Phi Proportions
Natures Living-Continuum
Temple of Source Light
Cosmic Birthing Primordial Lagoon
Chalice of Living Plasma-Light
Hu-man Becoming Three Strand DNA
Conscious – Subconscious – Superconscious
Brain Hemispheres-Synch to Spiritual-Being
Silver-Gold Frequency
Magnum Opus Inner Unification
Precession of the Equinoxes
Elliptic Ascending Gate of Man
Orion Silver Gate Cosmic Eye
Circuit-Path around Galactic-Centre
Sequence of Consciousness-Gateways
Golden Gate Two Celestial-Spheres
Four Quadrants of Planetary-Sphere
Marked by Four Royal Stars
Under Ophiuchus right foot
Golden Gate – Multi-Verse
Spiritual Being / Soul Activation
Transition Earth-Frequency
Expanding-Bandwidth Innovation
Turtle Island Light in Action
Kids @Cusp of the Galactic Wave
Symbiotic Telepathic-Tech
Consciousness Renaissance
The Hegelian Dialectic
Centralisation of Power
Manufactured Terrorist-Viral Threat
Repressive Police State
Removal of Freedoms
Problem – Reaction – Solution
Corrupts Truth in Plain Sight
Worlds a Stage
Time Lords in Play

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