You are currently viewing Santorini ~ Thera Sacred (Message for the Dragon Feminine) Intergalactic Council – Huge things are happening on all levels now!
Divine Happiness and Joy

Santorini ~ Thera Sacred (Message for the Dragon Feminine) Intergalactic Council – Huge things are happening on all levels now!

Santorini ~ Thera Sacred (Message for the Dragon Feminine) Intergalactic Council – Huge things are happening on all levels now!



Paul White Gold Eagle

Greetings Sacred Star Walkers of the Christos Sophia

The Rainbow Diamond Codes pouring into the Quantum Field from the most High are beyond anything we have experienced thus far. Stay anchored into the grids and Dragon lines of Pachamama as we rise into the Holiest of Holies, the Temple of the Sun.

Through these Cosmic Consciousness energies flowing in we merge the mundane with the metaphysical, the Spiritual with the Physical Vessel. We are transforming our 3rd Density Vehicles to 5d Avatars of Light through the Love and Power of our almighty I Am Presence.

Allow everything you are feeling and everything you are hearing to guide you to Infinite Source Creator, to your Higher True Self, Buddha Mind, the Pure Awareness of the Awakened One that rests at the Center of the Wheel of Life. Our Universal True Nature is shining through our Bright Virtue as we transform this realm into the Pure Lands of Amitabha Buddha.

The Paradisiacal timeline is being made manifest with the assistance of Lord Maitreya and all Buddhas of every timeline and dimension to bridge Heaven and Earth and consciously co-create together the New Golden Age of Shambhala …A’Ho!





Right now: Moon at 27°15′ Aquarius, Sun at 3°29′ Libra

sabian symbols

Current Sabian Symbols

Current Sabian Symbol for the Sun

A group of young people sit in spiritual communion around a campfire.
Sabian Symbol for 4º Libra

The current Sabian Symbol of the Sun is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing solar influence, the vital energy and the personality, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this day, while the Sun’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 4º Libra.


Current Sabian Symbol for the Moon

A tree felled and sawed to ensure a supply of wood for the winter.
Sabian Symbol for 28º Aquarius

The current Sabian Symbol of the Moon is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing lunar influence, the emotional background, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this moment, while the Moon’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 28º Aquarius.





Santorini ~ Thera Sacred
Water Memory Codes
Bathe in this crystalline plasmic fluidity
Soak up the quintessence of these primordial aqua frequencies and radiate it out 🙏
WE Are Going to BE SURPRISED Real Soon at How Everything SUDDENLY and MIRACULOUSLY Worked in our Favour!
WE will Realise How our Current Situation was ONLY Leading us to a BLESSING!
NOTHING is a Mistake!
Let’s ENJOY these DIVINE NEW ENERGIES Coming into our Lives Transforming our Bodies from Carbon based into a NEW Crystalline LIGHT Bodies!!!
UPDATE. A new journey is starting for you. There is anxiety and excitement both in the air and in your heart. The vibe of real change. So much seem to be supporting you as you walk towards the unknown. Don’t let fear stop you. Let the flow happen. Sometimes, what you’ve tried to manifest for so long is ready to come. This is one of those times. Embrace the transformation with open arms.

Ra James

Today is a major alignment between Saturn and our Moon. It’s helping to kick Libra Season off, as it brings a major clearing of karmic energies in your life. This means old lessons may be coming up to integrate. Relationships are being highlighted. Libra Season is all about relationship work. If you’re in a karmic situation, things are coming up for healing in these connections. Karmic partners are usually unhealthy. They show you karmic cycles. Karmic relationships are about growth, where soulmates and Twin Flames are about healing. Any type of relationship shows us what we need to work on within ourselves.
Old karmic wounds may be coming up for healing right now. This is helping you to cleanse and clear all of the karmic debt you worked through in this lifetime. You have been clearing a lot of past life baggage. Many old forgotten and buried traumas are being released. Libra Season is all about the clearing and balancing of karma. As you’re doing this deeper work you’re being guided to raise up to a 5D frequency. We are receiving a high influx of energies over the next few weeks. You will be experiencing more dreams, telepathy, chakra healing, and spiritual awakening over the next few weeks. Friday is the Harvest Moon. It’s also a Super Moon, and the last one of the year. Expect it to appear slightly larger and brighter. That makes this week time to be working your magic…

Message for the Dragon Feminine

Your ancient partnerships, soul connections, and divine unions are on their Dragon Quests. Their dragon selves are in stasis, waiting for their human selves to come home and remember. There are activation points on the earth, hearts of the Mountains, and heart portals of the earth where the dragons sleep.
The human aspect must choose to take the quest, and be guided to their hearts.
But do not wait dear ones,
allow yourselves to grieve and let go.
These ancient partnerships are ancient.
You carry the codes for the new earth, allow yourselves to fall in love with the Earth and yourselves and honor your soul path into the new.
Sync up with your sisters like the galactic connections of the bees.
Allow your heart frequency to find your hive and create your community.
Delight in the honey that is around you.
New partnerships will join you.
Beyond what your human level can hold.
The dragons who have already chosen to awaken and are ready to create the new.
Unions of divinity
Unions of creation
Allow the story to unfold.

Channeled message in co-creation with my dragon sister. @galacticshamaness

Valerie A. Elster

Dragon Feminine
Dragon Feminine
9/26/23: You can be the biggest obstacle to your own progress and success. This isn’t news. So, the changes you’re making this year require your endorsement as you transcend Old You methods and integrate new ones. You must advocate for yourself… within yourself. Your Right Action today (and always) is to support your growth, not stomp on it.
You are evolving. It is right and it is true. It is natural, easy, and beautiful. But if you don’t support yourself you can’t accept what is offered by others or your divine guidance… which creates shadows and insecurities. Your work today is to believe in yourself and your journey and, equally as important, ACT like you do. You are the one you need.
Gold Road
Gold Road




Huge things are happening on all levels now!

The last two days I was called in to a lot of remote energy clearing and work with the Intergalactic Backup, and I witnessed a huge dark mass lifted from the earth!
With its intense activation of what the Intergalactic Council terms the Divine Imprint in all life and life forms on the planet and when these imprints are fully activated, not only are the full potentials of our souls activated, but also our DNA on which the Divine imprinted its original design – or creation if you prefer, for lack of better words to explain this. This means a total rebirth on all levels as the ascension process accelerates dramatically.
More than this I was asked to activate certain massive telluric devices with the Sun Discs I have worked with for a long while now, and it is bringing in a total merging of certain aspects of the Planet which are now being lifted into the New Earth and will be fully activated again to anchor in the New Golden Age.
I was shown the Golden Cities of Light – on the new earth and in its beautiful oceans, and inside of her, and it is beyond description beautiful. The cities are filled with lush green and waters, as holistic ways of life and living blend in with the whole. Thus the cities are not cities as we know them now, but pulsating in harmony, unity and balance as all life and life forms work together as ONE. Perhaps a better word to replace “Cities” would be “Communities of Light” for there are clusters of communities who work together to co-create with love these beautiful places, and in unity and harmony, as every soul contributes in their own unique co-creative ways, towards the greater whole, with love and loving intent.
We are in for wave upon wave of changes – and beautiful ones.
Change will only be painful if we resist or we allow ourselves to be distracted by outside forces instead of going deeper and deeper within, and to listen to our own intuitive knowing and the deep loving wisdom of our own hearts and souls as deeply connected to the Divine and All That Is.
Judith Kusel
image: Jonathan Solter
Communities of Light
Communities of Light


Dear friends, once again we are currently under a moderately strong geomagnetic storm. The solar winds have been blowing non-stop today, adding more pressure on our energy fields.
This is being felt more predominantly on our nervous system, head, eyes and ears, and a sense of overall fatigue and lack of focus. Dizziness and lack of balance may also manifest. Please stay hydrated and rest as much as needed/possible.
The approaching energies of the super full moon on Friday are slowly adding to the energetic pressure as well. Get ready for an intense Supermoon. We are clearing and purging day and night these few days. Vivid and strange dreams could also take place.
The sun and the moon energies are working in tandem to assist with the transmutation of imbalanced male and female energies within us, purging limiting patterns and belief systems that we have been carrying on with us for ages.
The eclipse season is also coming up in a few weeks, so our bodies are getting prepared for the bigger shifts ahead. Take it easy and allow this process to show you which aspects of your life are in need of clearing and balancing. We are in the midst of a transformative period/year, do use your energy wisely. Stay tuned for more updates as the energies roll in. Much love! 💖
Diego E. Berman 2023 Ⓒ

Asara Adams

💜🌟💜 Energy Update by Archangel Michael

“Greetings, Beloved Ones.
We are sending you blessings of Love and Light, in this Now Moment, and we are inviting you to open your heart to our message for you…
Beloved One, it is easy to be impressed by the experiences of the Illusion.
Your Ego Mind has created it and it did an excellent job, because it knows all your worries and fears so well…
It then went on and projected them into the matrix of your Illusion experience.
From there, it reached back to you and created unpleasant experiences, thus perpetuating your worries and fears.
How can you escape the Illusion that your Ego Mind created?
The first principle of the Ego Illusion is the separation from God, from God within you and the God within all the people in your world.
What is God?
God is Love and Divine Happiness and Joy.
If you take the Illusion experience, it is the absence of Love, Divine Happiness and Joy.
In contrast, God’s reality is the REAL Reality.
The Illusion of the Ego Mind is not real.
Your awareness of this Truth is the first step in leaving the Illusion and stepping into the Real Reality of God.
Whenever an experience is unpleasant, not of Love and Divine Happiness and Joy, it means that it is not real. (Even though it might look and feel that way.)
The first step of detangling yourself from the Illusion, is to begin to say in your mind, that the unpleasant experience is not real.
Then, focus on your connection with God, by placing your hand on your heart center.
Take a deep breath and begin to focus on the experiences of love and peace around you.
When you begin to focus on the loving experiences around you, you will move towards God’s reality.
This, Dear One, is a process and takes consistent application.
Know That All Is Well, Beloved Ones.
Welcome Home.
We are walking beside you, every step of the way.
Dear Ones, you are loved beyond measure. Always.
I am Archangel Michael and I bring you this truth.
Thank you, Archangel Michael!
Channelled through Asara Adams
Divine Happiness and Joy
Divine Happiness and Joy



In the last 9 hours, we have been experiencing a strong magnetic storm. In the days before and after the Equinox, the earth draws in solar activity because of it’s thinning veils. This is one reason the ancients celebrated equinoxes.
MAGNETIC STORMS will affect anything with iron in it. Earth has iron in it. Sedona, Arizona, is loaded with iron! But our blood has iron as well. So, let’s say this will affect our human space suit. Disruptions from magnetic storms might mess with our nervous system and throw us into a temporary “fight or flight” state, making us anxious or otherwise stressed. It can also trigger our hearts so we can have heart palpitations. Headaches and exhaustion are also common side effects. This uncomfortable state begins to WAKE US UP to what we are avoiding.
MAGNETIC STORMS can desynchronize our circadian rhythm, the internal biological clock that controls our sleep and wake times. The pineal glands affected by electromagnetic activity will produce an increase in melatonin, thus disturbing our sleep but will also impact our intuition. So please don’t jump to any conclusions while we are in the middle of a magnetic storm, and don’t make any big life-changing decisions. Magnetic fields interact electrochemically within the human brain. It can affect us psychologically by creating hormonal swings, and they can significantly alter brainwave activity.
Electrolytes and hydration are essential during solar events. Eat healthy, whole food. Most of all, remember your divinity. Divinity is our ability to transcend perceived human limitations. To LOVE ourselves, to TRUST ourselves, and LIVE from the HEART. Live from your heart and not from your ego-driven mind, and try not to take anything personally or overreact to any triggers.
This is a joyous time for us to ANCHOR our new, UPGRADED SELVES with JOY, PEACE, and, most of all, LOVE. We are excited to OPEN OUR HEARTS to receive new frequencies and to integrate the new codes of creation that have just arrived in this new cycle. The Earth’s new energy is rising, and we are becoming the twice-born children in this new field of manifestation. We invite you to join us in this great homecoming to the heart and home you remember!



As The Planetary Alignments Provide New Insights For The Wayshowers To Integrate And Expand.
We Ask You To Contemplate The Light Of Now, Allow The Light Information to Expand and Permeate Your Light Field.
Simply, ‘Surrender To The Light Of Now’
Open The Pathway Of Light Flow
As Your Soul Team Assists The Navigation Of Light. The Path Of Higher Light Initiation Is Rapidly Available.
As We Converse In Light
Expand In Light
Be Light
See The Light Language Of The Future Now Imprinted In The Cellular Formation Of All Beings.
Simply Play In This Light, To Reach The Expanded Light Version Of You 🌿
As We Collectively Feel The Light Pulsation Of NOW
The Light Synthesis Moving Through Our Reality
‘I Simply Awaken To The Path Of Now’
With Love Light Family,
Arcturian Light Guidance 🙏
Karen Lithika

Searching outside of yourself is concluding. The division within your temple that was created through lack, sacrifice, and giving away your life force alchemy to others has reversed. The powerful celestial support has helped you heal the inner child, trauma bonds, karmic attachments, and entity interferences so you feel safe, and at home, within yourself. You can continue returning all fragments of self back into the here and now, and ground yourself into the New Earth.

This provides stability, wellness, safety, and financial growth. From this new foundation you can create new intentions for the long term growth, starting with these roots that have been planted. You are the Author of your life, with all the power of creation back in your hands. Harness your gifts and intentions and narrate what happens next.

In Jesus Christ’s name amen. God bless you 🕊 Love Carolyn





V e n u s 2 0 d e g r e e s L e o F o r
3rd A n d F i n a l T i m e #venus ♀
Today 26 September Venus reaches the cazimi degree, this is the degree she became the Leo morning star in and its a degree she first passed over back in June. Hence she is also in her post shadow period.
She finally completes her journey in Leo and moves into Virgo October 9.
This 3rd passage which is her at her the Venus star point degree is a powerful portal.
It might reveal to us the final part of the story which connects to her retrograde passage.
Venus is ready to direct her own path as she is distant enough from the sun now.
She is the queen of her heart and of the earth, our new Venus path paves the way forward into a new 8 year cycle.
Venus and Star blessings
May the Morning Star Queen light your path forward.
Venus reaches the cazimi degree
Venus reaches the cazimi degree

Venus is making her way back through Leo and her retrograde shadow. Venus just made her third and final trine with Chiron and Aries, just as Mars is coming into opposition with Chiron. Venus and Mars are sextile to each other in the signs of Leo and Libra, trine to work together and heal the rift of duality thinking and bad marriage between the masculine and feminine. Mars in Libra is a warrior for truth and justice, and looking for the perfect balance between opposing sides. Humanity is starting to realize that we are in a major war with very dark energies that want to completely take over our world with AI. How can we fight and win, without getting sucked back into the battle with lower energies?

We will be feeling Mars opposite Chiron up through the Aries Full Moon which happens on September 29th/30th. It’s an intense culmination of frustrating energies, as this Moon becomes full at exactly 6 degrees Aries. 6 is a number of humanity, and human potential to evolve out of the lower dimensional matrix trap. We are fighting for our right to exist as pure human souls with a spiritual destiny, but dark forces are trying to take over our sacred human body make us fully controllable. How do we get out of this?

The Sun now in Libra is coming up to Asteroid Goddess Pallas Athene, representing Athena, Greek Goddess of war, strategy and justice. The Sun together with Pallas Athene in justice loving Libra brings a powerful energy. We must have truth and justice if we are ever going to be able to come back into harmony. It’s a potent picture of the masculine and feminine finally working together as a team. This Astrology is an activation of the human heart, spiritual organ of oneness consciousness. Venus will be conjunct Asteroid Juno in Leo for this weekend’s Full Moon, and together they will be in square with Uranus. Asteroid Juno rules soul mates, commitment, but also betrayal. Juno is enraged with inequalities. It’s a powerful message for Venus’ third and final square with Uranus in Taurus of this retrograde season. Uranus in Taurus is challenging our feminine on whether or not she feels worthy and capable enough to embody higher frequency vibrations. It’s a bit tricky, says Chiron in Aries, since so often she has been killed, persecuted, or burned at the stake for shining her light. No wonder she feels betrayed by the masculine. But now it’s time to heal it all.

Our feminine is getting a massive empowerment with this Venus retrograde cycle in Leo, but she is not totally out of the dark yet. Venus will come into the point of the Yod formation, across from the magical sextile between Pluto and Neptune, in the first week of October. We have been feeling Black Moon Lilith making this Yod for the last few weeks. She has been holding space for Venus, our Goddess to come home. Black Moon Lilith represents our deepest darkest hidden secrets, in this case about the feminine mysteries and magic, everything that was cut out of the patriarchal religious programming. She has been demonized and cast aside, but now it is time for her to come back into the light. It is the only way forward for our evolution, says this Yod, or finger of destiny, pointing right at Venus in Leo. Venus will also be in trine to the Galactic Center in Sagittarius while she is in the Yod, further confirming that the revival of the Goddess is our unavoidable destiny.

Venus will exit retrograde shadow on October 7th, and join Black Moon Lilith for their third and final conjunction, at 0 degrees Virgo on 10/10. Together, Venus and Black Moon Lilith will be opposite of Saturn at 1 degree Pisces. The dark and light of the feminine, opposing the keeper of time. Saturn retrograde at the beginning of Pisces is about re-writing the story of the Piscean Age. Saturn will turn direct at 0 degrees Pisces on November 4th. A new start for the Christ Consciousness timeline. Let’s try this again with our precious feminine whole and intact. We must treat her with honor and reverence if we want her precious juices to flow, and if we are ever going get out of this mess, and back to the Garden.




Surrender to the Divine
Surrender to the Divine
On Tuesday, September 26th, the Moon, ruler of our emotional cycles, starts the day in Aquarius, the Water Bearer, and ends the day in Pisces, the Fish. While Luna is in quirky Aquarius she will be in a challenging square aspect to Uranus, planet of surprises. Expect the unexpected, especially with emotional interactions with others. Freedom and liberation energies are magnified as we are feeling more independent and desire to do our own thing.
Once the Moon shifts into sensitive Pisces at 8:18pm Eastern Time, she will connect with Saturn, ruler of restrictions, and inconjunct the Sun, ruler of our vitality. We could feel a speedy decline in our physical energy and enthusiasm. This may also bring up karmic lessons in relationships or perhaps just a somber mood while we reflect on our own emotional state. On the positive side, we can be more focused in creative projects, have deeper meditation time, and have a more restful sleep than we have had in the last couple of days. Blessings of Love and Light to All! ❤️
 Moon, ruler of our emotional cycles, starts the day in Aquarius
Moon, ruler of our emotional cycles, starts the day in Aquarius
Sun in Libra square Vesta in Cancer – The Sun in Libra finds a sense of purpose through connection to others. We say things like, ‘You complete me’. ‘I’m better when I’m with people’. ‘Let’s make plans’. Sometimes life seems to make more sense when we see ourselves through the eyes of another. Sometimes others seem to give us a reason to be, a reason to live. But if we spend too much time people pleasing, the inner flame gutters, threatens to blow out altogether. Vesta in Cancer reminds us that fundamental self-care and support is a sacred act and we cannot neglect this duty.
The Sun is on the Sabian symbol ‘Around A Campfire A Group Of Young People Sit In Spiritual Communion’. Yes, being with kindred folk can offer profound support for personal as well as communal growth. But it’s also important that we don’t lose sight of the ability to be alone with ourselves, sequestered in the holy sanctuary of home. Whilst the ego basks in the attention of others, the soul says, is this what you need? Address tensions gently. Find your balance between the desires and allures of the outer world with the equally important spiritual requirements of the inner world.
Degrees and Times
Sun 03°Li01′, Vesta 03°Cn01′ – 09:54 (BST)
© Leah Whitehorse
Painting – Solitude by Winslow Homer

Kin 236 ~ Yellow Lunar Warrior

‘Lunar’ is the name for the number 2 and its key words are ‘Challenge, Polarize and Stabilize.’ To proceed through this wavespell we must first identify the challenges that lay ahead. Before we can turn a challenge around and solve the problem, we must first identify the issue. Take a look today at what is holding you back and make a plan to do something about it.
Today is Yellow Warrior and the key words associated with it are ‘Intelligence, Fearlessness and Questioning’. Yellow Warrior invites us to go on a mission, to accept a quest. Contemplate today what you could achieve using your willpower and by thinking like a warrior, wield a sword and don’t be shy about marching forth. Yellow Warrior days are all about exerting your will power, using your intelligence and asking the right questions. When you combine the meaning of both the number and day the result is ‘facing challenges with fearlessness’. It’s a great combo today because who better to deal with challenges then the warrior? The Yellow Warrior loves missions and quests, so today try to be a Warrior and you will find dealing with problems will be easy-peasy.
The Guide today is the Yellow Star which represents ‘Beauty, Art and Elegance.’ Follow the guiding star today and it will lead to beautiful experiences. May your quest be about discovering art and appreciating the beautiful world that’s around you. The Yellow Star is very handy as a guide because it illuminates our way.
The Challenge of the day is White Worldbridger, so if you were born on Worldbridger day, you will find it tough going, like everyone else, you must use your will power and be a warrior.
The Occult power is the Red Serpent which invites you to shed your old skin and emerge feeling like a new person. In this magical position the Serpent is powerful and can really help you transmute any poison within you. This symbolizes letting go of pain or fear or anything that does you no good.
I always say on challenging days, you can tap into the power of the other aspects of the day’s chart. Particularly useful I find, is the Occult power (and the guide). If you focus on their attributes, these can be tools that can help you navigate the energy of the day. If you’re finding it hard to overcome challenges today, then let serpent power help you. Be instinctual and sensitive.
The Ally is the Blue Night, the dreamer of the Tzolkin. Consult one if you need help today, their dreams can inspire you. If you are a Blue Night, you can be very helpful to others today influencing people with your great imagination.
Kin 236
Kin 236


2CIB – KIN 236
I polarize in order to Question
Stabilizing Fearlessness
I seal the output of Intelligence
With the Lunar tone of Challenge
I AM guided by the power of Elegance.
26/9/2023 = 8/9/7 = 8/16=8/7 =15=6
26- Empowerment through compassion
8- Infinite Abundant Source Flow
15-Spiritual Alchemy/Charisma/Magnetism
✨MONTH/YEAR codes✨
9- Completion/Destiny/Service/Humanity/Grace
7- Majik/Mystic/Spiritual/Solitude/Initiation
16-Tower struck by lightning/Sudden unexpected events
20- The AWAKENING/Clear vision
2- Partner/Twin/Cooperation/Alliances/Duality
23- Royal Star of the Lion/Strength/Protection
KIN 236 =11 = 2
A beautiful line up of DIVINE codes today – it is TIME for Heavenly PEACE, UNION and CO-OPERATION!!!
🚫🚫🚫 WARNING!!🔥🔥🔥 KIN 236 can be one of the most argumentative, and challenging codes in the DREAMSPELL to master. Today’s code – the Yellow WARRIOR, PLUS Lunar tone of CHALLENGE – questioning authority and reality – can be very combustible 💥 with the volatility to cause ARGUMENTS, conflict, uprisings and rebellion… Watch out for more dissension to erupt! 💥💥💥
Be AWARE and intelligently choose to be the PEACEFUL SPIRITUAL WARRIOR!! 🌹🌈
NOTE: The GOOD NEWS is that with LAMAT🌟 as the higher guide – the RAINBOW WARRIORS 🌈🌍of new earth focused on PEACE and HARMONY will be EMPOWERED and find their VOICE.
Day 2 in the BLUE EAGLE Wavespell 👁👁 where we are being asked to FLY HIGH – and focus on the BIG PICTURE 🏔🖼– the DIVINE PLAN for humanity – so that we can CREATE IT!…. Envisioning the Highest timeline for ourselves and our Planet.. as our VISION-ARY POWERS and 3rd EYE👁 are AWAKENED and ACTIVATED!
IT IS TIME for another WAVE 🌊🌊🌊 of MASS AWAKENINGS for HUMANITY!!💥💥🌻🌻🌻
Today we are fearlessly QUESTIONing the duality conflicts of the old paradigm, in order to ENVISION and CREATE a more harmonious world of UNITY, LOVE, PEACE and ABUNDANCE! 🌈🌏🌹🌴🎨🌻
LUNAR🌓– Tone 2 in the PHYSICAL realm. The LUNAR tone represents the sacred twins, cooperation, relationship, polarity of male and female and duality. It’s ACTION – polarizes, POWER – challenges, ESSENCE – stabilizing. Today we are focused on the PHYSICAL plane and how we can anchor the collective VISION of PEACE, HARMONY & ABUNDANCE in our PHYSICAL reality.
A day filled with uncovering how you can transcend the see saw challenges to infinite abundance and JOY … examining and questioning the separation between the “HAVES” and the “HAVE NOTS” – It is time to BALANCE and HARMONIZE this discrepancy.
NOW is THE TIME to step out of the duality game, and all its possible challenges in order to move into more constant FLOW.
✨DISENGAGE – and choose NOT to play the MATRIX game! 🚫
Polarity reveals your conflicts, struggles, and the apparent separation created by your belief in duality. Polarized positions actually work in cooperative alliances. In cooperation, all polarities serve as backgrounds for full appreciation of one another and the whole. Examine the opposites and polarity to giving and receiving JOY and abundance… allow yourself to RECEIVE and rise ABOVE any lack or illusion.
NOTE: Be mindful of any conflicts/relationship challenges that arise today, revealing what needs to be addressed in order to reach equilibrium and harmony in your life.
Overall a day filled with QUESTIONING the STATUS QUO, revealing challenges, in order to resolve any limiting FEARS, leading you back to wholeness.
Today’s question is “What challenges on my QUEST-I-ON need to be stabilized, in order to rein👑 in a new HARMONIOUS era of PEACE, LOVE and JOY through UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS?🌼💕😍
🐬🌈 ❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤
May your SUPREME intelligence lead you to unified and harmonious, divine alliances today.👭🌸✨
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
CONSCIOUS SELF: YELLOW LUNAR WARRIOR🌈🏹 CIB is the FEARLESS and driven RAINBOW WARRIOR, who QUEST-I-ON-s our physical reality, and the nature of our existence. The Warrior uses his intelligence to cut through the ignorance of the illusory world, by challenging the status quo.
His fearless spirit cuts through obstacles along the way, so that others may follow paths of increasing intelligence. The YELLOW WARRIOR banishes FEAR,🗡 so that you can see your true face bright and clear.☺ BLUE EAGLE is also FEARLESS, so he imbues the WARRIOR with bottomless courage borne of wisdom and foresight. The EAGLE provides the clarity to SEE SOLUTIONS – which enables the WARRIOR to become a mediator and instrument of PEACE rather than a war monger! A very potent partnership!
The LUNAR WARRIOR is the most FEARLESS💪💪💪 of all the WARRIOR kin, on the FRONTLINE of change🦁.which is BRILLIANT as they VALIANTLY lead us into this next ASCENSION phase of this potent spiritual year… They are the change agents and catalysts STORMING THE BASTILLE🐎🐎🐎 and breaking down any barriers standing in the way of the DREAM that they are anchoring and manifesting.
YELLOW WARRIOR🌈🏹 examines, scrutinizes and dissects the polarized energies that create the challenges we face, in order to get a bigger picture of what works for humanity.
❓❓How can we do this better?
❓❓What are the roots of your FEAR?
Allow the YELLOW WARRIOR to give you COURAGE 💪 today, to step up without the burden of heavy armour, to protect you from perceived danger. De-robe and hang up your heavy restrictive armour and let your radiant strong heart❤ illuminate your path, knowing that you are STRONG and courageous.
You have endured much terror and frightening scenarios, which have served to make you stronger and more resilient. NOW it is SAFE to return home to a place of love and comfort. 😍😍😍
The Yellow Warrior also carries the staff of wisdom (that looks like a Question❓ mark) in his star glyph… CIB is known as the Ferryman who fearlessly guides your boat 🚣 to your desired destination and back to safe waters…
✨He is the wayshower – CREATING the path, where no path ever existed! ✨
He then turns back to personally escort his tribe, to the promised land of milk and honey…
TRUST in the Fearless Warrior to reveal what needs to be QUEST-I-ON-ed and CHALLENGED today – in order to BREAK THE MOLD and LIBERATE us from that old confining box!
The LUNAR WARRIOR holds a CLEAR VISION of our New Paradise🌴 ahead – thanks to his trusty BLUE EAGLE companion – so follow his LEAD to find your way HOME.
HIGHER SELF/GUIDE: YELLOW LUNAR STAR🌟 LAMAT. The YELLOW WARRIOR can attract battles and divisiveness through his constant questioning, and challenging of what is. Whatever stands in his way – WILL BE DISMANTLED! This can often lead to arguments and disagreements if not delivered in an objective and diplomatic manner.
YELLOW STAR🌟 seeks PEACE and HARMONY in relationships, thus smoothing over the friction and challenges through harmonization. It also adds grace, beauty and elegance, thus cooling any heated arguments and emotions. The 8 FLOW day code, facilitates the building of HEAVENLY relationships, healing and harmonizing any separation and conflict as the energy dissipates.
This beautiful harmonic energy is DIVINE to bring REUNION of any warring couples – bringing the offering of PEACE and reconciliation to forge the new stronger romantic unions and partnerships of the NEW TIME .✨
The YELLOW STAR✨ as the HIgher guide ensures the LUNAR WARRIOR is ultimately focused on attaining HARMONY🕊🌼 – despite appearances otherwise. Often the path to PEACE may be a turbulent one, stirring up the mud in the swamp – but the end result is beautiful CLEAR DRINKING WATER💧💧💧
YELLOW STAR encourages the RAINBOW WARRIOR, to focus on a beautiful outcome, as the final result of his questioning. The LUNAR WARRIOR always has his EYES on the BIG PICTURE – anchoring the new HARMONIC TIME!🖼🏔🌈
SUPPORT: BLUE LUNAR NIGHT 🌃 AKBAL enables the WARRIOR to connect with his intuitive promptings. If something does not sit right in his gut then his instincts are guiding him to challenge what is presenting – to follow his hunches! .
BLUE NIGHT also encourages the WARRIOR to pursue his dreams, in his knowingness that there is a better path in which to tread. The WARRIOR will slash through the illusion, and follow the yellow brick road, to the treasures he intuitively knows lay up ahead. Namely the INNER TREASURES that lie within us all.
Treasures abound as the Warrior returns home to claim his reward. 🏆 – the GOLDEN CHALICE of the HOLY GRAIL☀✨👑
✨✨Dare to DREAM of a better world 🌈🌍🌎🌏 as we collectively CREATE our Planetary Rainbow 🌈 Dreaming!
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: RED CRYSTAL SERPENT💎🐍 CHICCHAN represents our basic motivations, instincts, desires, and innate movement toward wholeness. RED SERPENT beckons us to release our FEARS, shed the skin of our past, and step into the fires of alchemical transmutation. In this, rebirth is revealed. This desire is an innate response encoded in the depths of your being.
Allow CHICCHAN to endow you with discretionary wisdom, and the vigor to pursue your PASSION and desires in creating your DREAM.
The CRYSTAL SERPENT 💎🐍SUPERPOWER will give you DIRECT access to the POWER in GAIA’s crystalline grid..🔥🌐 The energetic network connecting all souls with our Pachamama… this can be the fuel forged through CONNECTION and cooperation with our Planetary kin.. 👫👬👭
Connecting through PASSION of anchoring the Collective Dreaming for our Planet. The more kin that UNITE in this common cause the quicker we achieve this Utopian DREAM. 🌈🌏🌎🌍✨
CHALLENGE/GIFT: WHITE LUNAR WORLDBRIDGER🌈🌉 CIMI The shadow challenges of WHITE WORLDBRIDGER include the FEAR of DEATH, endings and change. Reluctance or inability to LET GO and move forward, clinging to the old way of being.
Death is a natural part of transformation. Sometimes we are brought to experience symbolic deaths such as loss, divorce, illness, or separation from others. Embrace these seemingly dark or difficult experiences; they will release you from attachments and expectations, clearing you to more fully receive the LIGHT on the new path that is OPENING now.
The GIFT of transformation and renewal offered by White World-Bridger is found in SURRENDER, release and forgiveness. Through awareness and clear intention, old patterns can magically shift, offering you a loving hand that shows a new way.
❓❓What are you afraid of that has impeded you from taking the next step?
Once you decide to take the plunge into the new cycle, CIMI will bring forth all the connections you need to start your new LIFE chapter, building the bridge to your New harmonious joy filled world!
The LUNAR WORLDBRIDGER through the DEATH of duality challenges, brings you a wondrous GIFT – the opportunity to travel over the RAINBOW BRIDGE🌈🌉 to the NEW UNIFIED 🌐 HARMONIOUS WORLD. 🌈🌎✨
✨✨✨NOTE: Joe.Bi-den is a LUNAR WORLDBRIDGER🌓🌉 – his role on this Planet is to play the “bad guy”, creating conflict and discordance through the SHADOW (particularly adept as a Scorpio!). This seeks to REVEAL where we need to focus the LIGHT, making better choices so that we can STABILIZE HARMONY on our Planet.
As he is in the CHALLENGE position today – his role on our planet may be CHALLENGED in a dramatic way 🏳🏳🏳– clearing the path for humanity to attain PEACE and HARMONY! Stay tuned!
Overall a day filled with QUESTIONING the STATUS QUO, revealing challenges, in order to resolve any limiting FEARS, leading you back to wholeness.
Today’s question is “What challenges on my QUEST-I-ON need to be stabilized, in order to rein👑 in a new HARMONIOUS era of PEACE, LOVE and JOY through UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS?🌼💕😍
🐬🌈 ❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤
May your SUPREME intelligence lead you to unified and harmonious, divine alliances today.👭🌸✨
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈




🔥 A Journey to the Inner Sanctuary of Peace and Prosperity: A Sanctum of Healing (GUIDED MEDITATION)🔥


Our latest guided meditation from the Eagle and the Condor. Paul White Eagle guides you into a Sacred Special inner Sanctuary within your self to find the peace and tranquility you deserve and activate Prosperity in your life.

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Embark on a transformative voyage of self-discovery and renewal with our guided meditation, “A Journey to the Inner Sanctuary of Peace and Prosperity: A Sanctum of Healing.”
In this immersive meditation experience, you will be gently guided through a serene and enchanting landscape, where you will discover the inner sanctuary that resides deep within your soul.

As the soothing narration unfolds, you’ll find yourself amidst a lush and tranquil forest, where the air is filled with the fragrant embrace of blooming flowers, and the leaves whisper messages of serenity. With each step, a profound sense of calm washes over you, preparing you for the profound journey ahead.
You’ll encounter a clear, tranquil stream that mirrors the vibrant blue sky above—a representation of the abundant flow of prosperity in your life. As you immerse yourself in the symbolism, you’ll feel a sense of oneness with the universe’s abundance.

Crossing the Bridge of Healing, a shimmering path of radiant light, you will release physical and emotional burdens with each step. This bridge signifies the gateway to inner peace and rejuvenation, a portal to healing the wounds of the past and embracing a harmonious present.

Upon entering your Inner Sanctuary, you will be transported to a place of pure tranquility and beauty. Bathed in soft, golden light and accompanied by the soothing sounds of nature, you’ll gaze into a pool of water, its surface reflecting a radiant and peaceful version of yourself.

This is your sanctuary—a realm where worries, pain, and negativity dissolve into the waters, leaving you lighter and more at peace with each passing moment. Guided affirmations will empower you to open your heart to abundance, healing, and inner harmony, reinforcing your connection to the universe’s flow of positivity.

Expressing gratitude for this inner sanctuary, you’ll carry the newfound sense of calm and positivity with you as you return to your everyday life. With each meditation session, you’ll deepen your connection to this sacred space, amplifying its transformative power.

“A Journey to the Inner Sanctuary of Peace and Prosperity: A Sanctum of Healing” is your invitation to embark on a voyage of profound inner exploration, where you will rediscover the abundant wellspring of peace, prosperity, and healing that resides within you. Allow this guided meditation to be your compass on the path to a more balanced and harmonious life.






Prayer for Transformation and Ascension –

My beloved I AM Presence, I acknowledge you as the Source of my being and life.
I ask for the Divine Plan for my life and my Holy Purpose on Earth to be made manifest now.
Please shine your Love and your Light into my heart and into all my chakras, into my mind, my feelings and my physical body.
I hold myself willing and ready to receive more of Thy Light and Thy Presence so that I may express and expand my consciousness through Thy Christ Love and Wisdom.
I ask that you monitor my heart and feeling world to receive daily and in all matters of my life the Wisdom and Guidance that will quickly take me, with ease and grace, through the Seven Temples of the path of initiation to receive the gift of my Ascension as soon as I meet all requirements.
Charge all conditions and activities of my physical life with your Sacred Fire, Love, Purity, Beauty, Grace, Divine Perfection and with all the God-attributes of the Seven Sacred Flames.
Reveal your Divine Will to me daily and release in me the Illumination Ray of the Mind of God.
Infuse in me the Healing Power of your Eternal Presence.
And so be it, beloved I AM!
From the Seven Sacred Flames!!
Mike Harrigan✍️
I Am.
You Are.
We Are.
Global Consciousness..
🔥🕎🔯🕉️ 🔥
💎 ❤️💚💙💜❤️ 💎
❤️ 🌟 🌎🌍🌏🌟 ❤️
Prayer for Transformation and Ascension
Prayer for Transformation and Ascension

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