The Sun has Moved into Sagittarius – OUR LIGHT SHIP ACTIVATING YOU NOW ~ Gene Key 34: Majesty

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The Sun has moved into Sagittarius – OUR LIGHT SHIP ACTIVATING YOU NOW ~ Gene Key 34: Majesty


Paul White Gold Eagle

Greetings Wayfinders of the Hidden Path within to Divine Redemption

Blessed Moonday of the 22:22 Portal of the New Lemuria. Encoded in todays date of 11/22 is the Master Numbers of the base of the Trinity allowing Consciousness to Rise into the Peak Experience of Heaven upon Earth. In our Ascension Process we rise and elevate above and beyond even what we can imagine into the highest expression of our True Hearts Delights.

What Lights you Up Angel of the New Earth?

The Fiery Passion of the Life Force within you is being activated in your full creative potential.

With the great courage and tenacity of the Royal Lions of Lyra we open the Eyes of our Spirit to become the Seers of the New Pathway into the Garden of Edenic Resonance.

As we connect and tap into our Higher Self in this moment we continue to remove all obsolete programs and paradigms that no longer serve us as an individual and as a collective and also Gaia and all her children. This has begun as a removal and resolving of all false beliefs and negative perceptions and in this healing we transform our self and our realm into a Positive Timeline of Peace, Abundance and Prosperity for all Sentient Beings of Pure Awareness.

We are holding the tones and the keys to the New Hue-man of Total Luminosity.

In our Great Exodus we journey to the Land of Our Salvation in the Purity of Eternal Bliss Consciousness…A’Ho!!

 Abundance codes for today: 3417 – 273 ~ 63803 – 5171 ~ 14489 – 1973 ~ 88


In our Vision for the New Earth the Eagle and Condor envision all families being caretakers of at least a hectare of land to cultivate and nurture and create beautiful sanctuary. There will be homesteading and bartering and gatherings of the families for festivities, music and storytelling. We will practice the art of permaculture and sustainable living and growing foods, with vegetables and fruit orchards and tea. These sustainable communities will be manifest all over this realm. We will intergrate technologies such as healing and free energy.


Right now: Moon at 12°00′ Cancer, Sun at 1°05′ Sagittarius

sabian symbols

Current Sabian Symbols

Current Sabian Symbol for the Sun

The ocean covered with whitecaps.
Sabian Symbol for 2º Sagittarius

The current Sabian Symbol of the Sun is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing solar influence, the vital energy and the personality, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this day, while the Sun’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 2º Sagittarius.


Current Sabian Symbol for the Moon

One hand slightly flexed with a very prominent thumb.
Sabian Symbol for 13º Cancer

The current Sabian Symbol of the Moon is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing lunar influence, the emotional background, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this moment, while the Moon’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 13º Cancer.





22💫11💫Divine Alignment💫Energy ramping up💫Timelines Merging🧜‍♀️In my reality now Dolphins Mermaids🐬a limitless OCEAN🌬NEW LEMURIA🌬
The Sun has moved into Sagittarius and we have left the depths and heights of Scorpio behind!
Sagittarius is lighter and brighter, but more fiery, so we can expect the intensity to continue and even to intensify!
Of course we are moving towards four special moments, the Total Solar Eclipse on the 4th, the 12/12 on the 12th, the Galactic transit on the 19th and the Solstice on the 21st.
And then it is over the top and into 2022!
As we head towards the Total Solar Eclipse, we can expect that the Sun will be more active. Solar Codes will be incoming as a rapid rate to assist with the expansion of Consciousness. There will be Galactic and Angelic energies at work to assist people in their awakening and transformation.
In real terms, this can mean that on the physical level, the lower levels, the chaos and fear will intensify, and we will be challenged to stand our ground and “walk our talk” as we demonstrate the principles that we have chosen to live by.
These include Love, Compassion, Kindness and non-judgment!
The Solar Energy is the Golden Light, which represents the Christ Consciousness. We walk the path of the Avatars Yeshua and Mary Magdalene, we demonstrate the path of True Love and Compassion.
May the incoming Light Codes give us all the Strength and the Courage to BE the Light and the Love in our daily lives.
Love and Blessings to you all as we embark on the Sagittarius cycle!


Alicia Roja

Dear family,  I know what we have been feeling for the past 48 hours, and I know what occurred. I couldn’t recognize it at first because it was the first time I felt something like this.  I originally thought it was a wave of Cosmic Radiation coming in very strong.

A wave of Cosmic Radiation could have arrived early on the 21st of November. This is why many of us had a strange headache, as well as back pain and greater activity in the heart chakra.  What we actually experienced was a jump in the collective timeline.

Finally, Gaia reached its next eighth and is vibrating at a higher frequency. These past 48 hours, we have felt the resonance of this frequency anchoring into three dimensional reality. Although your eyes may not be able to see it, not even the chair you’re sitting on is the same chair it was last week.

Anything that does not vibrate at this frequency, will not be able to hold in this multidimensional material reality.  This is no longer the three-dimensional material reality as we knew it to be before.  It is in this higher frequency, that the solar flash we are waiting for (“The Event”) may be possible without causing us harm.

If your rational mind is struggling to understand this, remember that there is nothing in the universe outside of Energy, Frequency and Vibration, and that energy is resonating on a specific frequency, thus creating a vibration.

The multidimensional material reality in which we live now already has a different frequency, and is vibrating at a higher speed. Although our physical senses may be unable to perceive this, and that causes us to have a hard time believing it, our heart knows, and our nervous system knows.

In these last 48 hours the collective timeline has changed.  This is why many are having difficulty breathing, as if taking off on a plane, dizziness, the feeling of being in two places at once, numbness, confusion, melancholy and  sadness as if we have lost something, buzzing and strange sensations in our ears, feeling strange without being able to explain why, anxiety and/or despair. That anxiety or “sense of urgency” has to do with the fact that we felt we had to do something transcendent, and that “something transcendent” was to leave a version of us behind to be able to embody this new frequency and live in it.

Many people are consciously leaving this plane, others are waking up suddenly. They already have the full context. In fact, you don’t need to tell them anything, just make sure you try to maintain the frequency of compassion. Remember to always honor the process of others and respect what they have chosen.  When they need answers they will certainly ask for them. For them, this change will be so intense that they will feel that it is a “question of life or death”.  We have to help them without interfering with free will, and give them thoughts and information that they are able to digest. ����

Take into account that you may not be aware of the immediate change in this  multidimensional material reality. The laws of physics are not the same as those of energy in the form of waves.  Eventually, this new vibratory frequency will materialize in the world that surrounds us.

Drink water, have faith, and prepare to see and live in the multidimensional material world that you once thought was impossible. The year 2022 (222) is the threshold of this New Era in the history of humanity. Are you ready? ������





We are in the middle of the eclipse season and there is a lot going on in the energy. if you wake up in the morning and your head is in a weird “underwater pressure, spinning and ear ringing” kind of mode, this is a sign you were clearing and upgrading your system during the night. More of this will happen in the following days as we are nearing the Solar Eclipse. Forward and upward we go. is all about speed, velocity, travel, making split-second decisions, and upcoming positive resolution, haste, good news. It is action time.
This type of speedy energy is at play. It’s inspirational. It’s fiery. It’s positive. And it’s now. If you have a gut feeling that needs to be acted upon, listen to it! With all of this movement, avoid being swept along by an unpredictable tide by having clarity about your desires and direction. Harness this beautiful window of swift opportunity! Don’t allow other people to influence your situation. If you want to move, then move. If you want to step back, then step back. Do what feels right in your heart. Unstuck yourself and go with the flow. The high frequency energy is flowing in and enabling you to move into the right direction. It’s go time! Consistent movement that feels right in your heart is the best place to start.

Astro by Nala

After an intense period of rebirth and healing, the Sun arrives in the realms of Sagittarius. There’s a new light for those who committed to do the shadow work. Sagittarius is the centaur, the archer that is aiming its arrow up with the goal to reach the truth, and something that is beyond our human perceptions. Sagittarius is the bridge that connects Heaven and Earth, illuminating the path to evolution through spiritual wisdom and philosophies, seeking to unravel the meaning of life and his own existence.
As a mutable fire sign, new experiences are Sagittarius’ fuel, always transforming them into wisdom. He has a fluid way of being, there’s no endpoint, but constant evolution. The gypsy, the student but also the teacher, either through philosophies or travelling, Sagittarius wants expansion and live life in its totality. His faith in the Universe allows him to bounce back any negative situation with joy, humor and optimism. Having Jupiter as ruler, our archer is blended with a strong sense of abundance, purpose and spiritual connection. Adventurous Sagittarius asks you to see life through the glasses of expansion.
This season will make you question: What is my purpose? What is behind this big scheme of life? What is my spiritual path in this incarnation? What is MY truth? Then, he invites you to take a leap of faith and get past any limitations of the matter. It’s time to aim your arrow up to reach consciousness, awareness, to (re)connect with the laws of the Universe, and nurture your hopes. Scorpio season brought transformation and a lot of depth, but Sagittarius season won’t be less intense, we have a lot to look forward to! With the last Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius, we’ll bring closure to the series of Eclipses we are having since mid 2020. There’s closure, but also more necessary changes. We all have Sagittarius colouring a house in our chart, therefore the Sun is now illuminating and bringing consciousness to a different life area for each of us. Happy Sag season!


The Beloved Sanat Kumara joins us with The Divine Council of Overseers,The Queen of Light and The Pleiadian Council of Light and more, through the Central Sun, as an alignment of OUR Light Ship, present NOW we activate THOSE OF YOU ready for mastery to BE YOUR awakened EMBODIED DIVINE GOD SELF.
The evolving Light of Consciousness through YOUR expanded Heart AWARENESS and being, self initiates your DNA.
Your original Blueprint is encoded for this.
As this LIGHT awareness and pure being through your heart expands and Shifts Now, your imminent transformation into BEING all that you agreed to be before incarnating, becomes the revealing of your eternal God Self to YOU now. This becomes your full awareness and is experienced as you SEE through your heart.
The Heart sees and knows the purity of the eternal YOU in all moments.
This bypassing of the OLD way of being, becomes the GLORIOUS entranceway to your experience of the NEW EARTH, Ascended Being, GOD Self Embodiment.
AS you read this, the frequency penetrates deeply throughout your awareness levels and throughout all dimensions where you co exist now.
This activates your own unique BLUEPRINT, which is already encoded with everything needed to bring about THIS instantaneous manifestation of DIVINE Being.
The moment is always perfect for this.
The Light ships LIGHT of awareness IS held within the core of the GOD MIND, GOD HEART. Which does manifest itself faster than the speed of light.
This plays out through the PERFECT ALIGNMENT OF BEING.
We celebrate these initiations and bless the unfolding of the plan THROUGH YOU as the path to freedom and Mastery of Form, YOUR ASCENSION.
Now the Divine eternal self is aware of all of this.
This is an activation of all that you are, through your sacred HEART.
You may begin to feel this as the GOLDEN LIGHT of the Central Sun that we are transmitting to you now. Feel the warmth, feel your breath. FEEL this DIVINITY of Being.
Breathe this in slowly and deeply now.
We are present as we always are and always have been, before this Universe, we are. Now activating you.
The activations of awareness are three fold, your awareness of you as Light, your true HEART expansion and the embodiment of you as DIVINE GOD SELF. Your Ascended Master of form, eternal self.
This does exist now.
Through the space of your Sacred Heart.
In all worlds, throughout all dimensions, MERGED, connected and joined forever in this the expansion of your HEART AWARENESS, that ALREADY IS.
YOU in Divine UNION with this awareness now, as ALL THAT IS.
In this the eternal LOVE and Being, present and fully here, our Light Ship activating you now.
In Divine Love and Bliss now,


Karen Lithika



We ask you to attune to the Light Synthesis in every moment, the complex gift of Light Transmission.
To realise the subtle transformation when your eyes interpret Light, integrated with your consciousness.
We ask you to take a step beyond your current understanding. Expand your light to see a holistic view of the process. Layer this experience with the view of Light Expansion.
See the internal workings of your eyes and become aware of the natural processes.
As you choose this level of focus, expand this sensitivity to every cell, to become truly integrated in your own awareness.
For Light and Colour are expanding, an upgraded language to interpret. It simply requires your multidimensional light field to absorb the higher light codes, to move through to your physical conscious form.
The true awareness to your eyes will assist your higher light vision. Connect to colours and feel a higher light connection with your eyes, hands, feel your light body integrating.
Know you are doing wonderfully well xo
Sending waves of cosmic love ❤
The Arcturians & Karen Lithika
Pleiades Alignment exact Nov 22nd, earth aligns to Pleiades.
While Sun align to Alpha Centaur.
Asteroid Norway conjunct Sun.
Pleiadeans via Atlantean Hyperboreans went to Norway around 12,000yrs ago, they met native Lemurians who had already settled this area (according to researcher Krsanna Duran).
Stars of Pleiades appear to nest together at decagon nodes (Amenti) along the interstellar plasma DNA helix coming this way, our solar system is older than Pleiades but within the same stellar group.

Carolyn 144 GODCODE

Carolyn 144 GODCODE

The Full Moon Eclipse has illuminated the path for you to see the easiest way forward. The consciousness received the awakening to open your arms to receive love from our Father. This collapsed the interferences that were holding you back from entering one unified field. You are worthy and deserve this ascension that is coming for you now.

The level of telepathy and connection to source is growing exponentially. The sacral and womb chakras are transforming, helping you attain these new Spiritual Gifts of communication that have begun. This is the total eclipse of the heart that’s expanding the heart chakra to hear Spirit, and download new codes of source information. Our Father feels this reception and is opening His doors to answer the call and bridge Heaven on Earth through us.

You have attracted this Heavenly committed loyal loving union of your soul’s becoming One. This is the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit merger through you and your heart space. Through this union, difficulties, shadow work, and heartbreak trauma are purifying by fire. The pressure may feel intense as you are transforming from a 666 carbon being, into a beautiful diamond crystalline being.

This brings us to the end of the karmic Adam cycle of third party karmic interference that separated Divine Unions. Our mission to clear God’s original bloodline and marriage timeline through us, the Solomonic Dynasty, and the Tribe of Judah, is complete. Karmic balance has been achieved and we are being completely freed from those contracts, ties, and cords, so we can live the good life and have it all.

In Jesus Christ’s name amen 🙏🏻 God bless you 🕊 Love Carolyn


Gene Keys: Unlocking the Higher Purpose Hidden in Your DNA – by Richard Rudd –

Gene Key 34

November 22nd – November 27th 2021

Force – Strength – Majesty

The 34th Gift can be demonstrated in myriad fields of human endeavour, that is, in any area in which an individual rises above the common man. These people become our icons and gurus in business, sport, war, and sometimes government. There is a kind of primal power at work within such people, and it is impossible for others to miss it. In a world where the lower frequencies dominate, true inner strength never goes unnoticed.

The Gene Keys: embracing your higher purpose

“The difference between the Shadow and the Gift is summed up in one of the sweetest pieces of wisdom ever uttered by any human being. This one is from a Chinese sage, Chuang Tzu, obviously an old friend of Yoda. Take these words in deeply – Easy is Right. Wow, what do you think of that?” – Richard Rudd, 64 Ways




Gene Keys: Unlocking the Higher Purpose Hidden in Your DNA – by Richard Rudd –


Erik M Roth

Mars Rising from the Underworld

By Erik M Roth of Inspiral Nexus
Link to my astrology page:
In the early morning of November 22nd, Mars becomes visible for the first time in about 3 months, when it last showed itself to human eyes just after sunset. Mars is only visible when it is 15 degrees from the Sun, otherwise it is hidden in its glare, which the ancients perceived as an “underworld”.
Mars is at about 15 degrees of Scorpio in the Scales constellation with the star Zubenelgenubi when it becomes first visible. The star may not be visible at this time for most of us as it will still be close to the horizon before sunrise. In most cases, a person would need to be in a place with a clear horizon without any light pollution and low humidity to catch this conjunction and perhaps even see Mars!
Mars, in it’s 26-month synodic cycle, began its journey all the way back on October 13, 2020, when it reached opposition in Aries with the Sun in Libra. While this rebirthing of Mars, representing the masculine principle, is in Scorpio, the sign of Aries is part of the whole synodic cycle.
In Shamanic Astrology, this rise of Mars represents the vulnerability of the masculine as it awakens from death-rebirth slumber. Mars’ light is at its dimmest and its distance from Earth is far. The masculine is opening to a new way of experiencing Aries through the archetype of Scorpio’s vitality and will and the balance of the Scales.
In this cycle, it is known as Phase 4, which is six months long until it comes back into the sign of Aries on May 24, 2022 (which it left in January, 2021). Consciousness and awareness increase during Phase 4 as it travels through the signs between Scorpio and Aries and meets Venus twice in February and March, 2022. This is intended to be a highly eventful six-month period with the meeting between the masculine and feminine to be the center of this Mars initiation.


Sun has moved over into Sagittarius, bringing a welcome energy of lightness. With the Sun passing over the South Node of the Moon and Vesta this week, it’s time for the phoenix to rise from the ashes, as humanity claims it’s rightful place in the cosmos once again.

We made it through the darkest dark of the season, and this Earth Evolution. Mercury will join the Sun in Sagittarius this week, also crossing the South Node and Vesta, bringing our thinking into alignment with our greater spiritual destiny. Mercury will join the Sun for a powerful conjunction at 7 degrees Sagittarius at the end of the month.

This will lead us into the energy of the second of two Eclipses of this season. A Solar eclipse happens on Nov. 4th at twelve degrees Sagittarius, twenty two minutes. This Eclipse Season and 2021 Astrology won’t resolve until the Full Moon in Gemini on December 18th/19th, Solstice on December 21st, and through the end of the year. On December 28th, Jupiter will make his third and final pass over the shift of ages point, the Aquarius/Pisces Cusp.

Saturn in square to Uranus has been the signature energy of the 2021 Astrology. Exact three times, in February, June, and for the third and final time December 24th-29th. This whole year has been about the wealth revolution that is required in order to move into the Age of Aquarius.

SuperNova Souls, you lead the way. You have bravely gone to the absolute depths of human experience, in order to be strong enough, now, to rise and take your place as the true STAR you are. You hold within you the TRUE WEALTH of this world.

Rest up and make room in your life for the abundant spiritual blessing of light and joy that you are about to receive. Thank GOD you never gave up. For it is you, amazing SuperNova Souls, who have pulled us through this darkest night. And now it’s time to stand tall and proud and step fully into the spiritual light that you really are.


Sun enters Sagittarius – After a dark and intense journey, light floods the landscape. Suddenly we see there’s a whole world out there. Where do you want to go? What do you want to do? Who are you becoming? Imagine yourself in (or take yourself to) a new setting. Who are you in this new place? Putting yourself in a new environment stretches what you believe you are capable of. Climb up high to see the big picture. Engage your sense of humour – it chases away shadows and fills you with bubbling enthusiasm. Laughter is good for the soul and the body.
There is not one truth but many truths. Address those beliefs that try to keep you small, hold you back or limit you. Consider what gives your life meaning, what thrills your heart. Cast off the shackles and set yourself free to explore the possibilities. Give yourself room to grow.
Degrees and Times
Sun 00°Sg00′ – 02:33 (UT)

Painting – ‘Road to the Valley’ by Maxfield Parrish

Overtone Peacock Moon of Radiance

Peacock -Bird of Bodhisattva Quan Yin ( also spelled as Guan Yin)
The peacock is associated with Quan Yin and her great qualities of charity, compassion, integrity, and good faith towards humanity
Guan Yin has quite a number of statues that depict her riding on a peacock. Even in her most famous sutra, the Mantra of Great Compassion, the Sanskrit translation (not the Chinese) has a line supplicating the Bodhisattva Guan Yin which translates to “I turn towards your blue neck,” in reference to the color of the peacock’s blue.
Why does the Bodhisattva have such a strong connection with this beautiful blue fowl? Not merely because of their same majestic qualities, I assure you.
The peacock’s most special quality, apart from their splendid feathers, is the fact that, to sustain themselves, they consume poisonous plants, poisonous animals. Things that would otherwise be deadly to other creatures, the peacock eats with no hesitation. This marvelous feat is a boon to many creatures, who otherwise would been at risk to succumbing to such deadly traps. For them, the poison is simply another part of their daily diet. Their subsistence on this poison is the fuel they use to bring about their magnificence. Does this sound familiar? This is precisely the practice of the Bodhisattva.
The Bodhisattvas not only possess the unique capability to transmute the evils that they encounter into goodness, but run towards the opportunity to do so. Those people who rush in to save the lives of others, who stop at nothing to help someone in need, who have patience and equanimity in the face of anger and hate, who love the unloved. The Bodhisattvas who, even at the doorstep of everlasting freedom and joy, turn away and appear wherever they are needed to help whomever needs them. They are saviors, because they know no difference between themselves and others.
The practice of the Bodhisattva is to do good deeds for others, and expect nothing in return. Their practice is to transform the phenomenon of this world into that of One Taste. They consume the bitterness, the poison of the world, and transmute it into goodness and love for everyone they cross

Kin 83 ~ Blue Overtone Night

‘Overtone’ is the name for the number five and it’s key words are ‘Empower, Radiance and Command’. The fifth day of any wavespell is always intense but in a good way. There’s a lot of energy involved and it can wear you out by the end of the day. If you want to make the most of it raise your aim and don’t underestimate your own power.
Today is Blue Night which represents ‘Dreams, Abundance and Intuition.’ The Blue Night has a huge imagination but must wake up to make their dreams come true. On an empowering day like this, dreams get a great boost. Be inspired by your dreams and wake up to the possibilities! Believe in abundance and it will come to you.
The Guide for today is the Blue Monkey! The monkey is magical and if you believe in magic this will help your dreams come true but first monkey asks you to consider which dreams are illusions and which dreams have a realistic chance to come true.
The Challenge today is the Red Skywalker, the adventurer of the Tzolkin and it’s key words are ‘Explore, Space and WAKEFULNESS’. The Skywalker challenges the Blue Night to ‘wake up’ but the Blue Night wants to carry on dreaming and is reluctant to leave the comforts of dreaming. Skywalker wants to go on an adventure today but can get frustrated by Blue Night’s energy. Ironically though they need each other. Skywalker wouldn’t know where to go on an adventure if Blue Night didn’t have the big imagination…someone has to do the dreaming!
The Occult power is the White Mirror which represents ‘reflecting truth’. When in this magical position the Mirror shows that understanding the truth about magic is what it takes to make dreams come true.
The Ally is the Yellow Warrior who loves nothing more than to go on a quest, and Blue Night is lucky to have such a good ally. Warrior can lead the way so the dreamer doesn’t get lost! If you need help with your dreams today, find a Warrior to point you in the right direction.

Today is Blue Overtone Night day on the 13 Moon Dreamspell Mayan Calendar.

Blue Night, (tribe 3 of the 20 solar tribe archetype cycle), dreams, abundance, intuition.
The nighttime is the right time. Take the leap into the void, the darkness, the great mystery. This place is known by many names. It is the place that all things originate from and is where abundance is found. Pay attention to your dreams. What happens in the dream state is just as real as what happens in the so-called wakeful world. It is all real and happening to you. Your deepest levels of consciousness make no differentiation. Pay attention to any repeating signs, patterns, and messages coming through your dreams. You may find a dream journal a handy tool. As with most things that we experience here on the earth plane, we are currently perceiving things backward from how they truly are, and what we think of as the wakeful world is actually the dream, and vice versa.
This explains why you can visit with your ancestors and friends who have crossed over when you are dreaming. Merrily merrily merrily merrily life is but a dream. Your intuition speaks up very powerfully today. Always listen to and trust your intuitive inner voice as it is always correct. This is the voice of your higher self that speaks from a more integrated place of wisdom and knowing. Acknowledge and embrace the abundance that is in your life. Whatever you need is naturally being provided to you. It may not be the thing you thought you wanted, but if you truly are in need, it will find its way to you. Staying positive and looking for and expecting abundant blessings, enables you to find them more easily. Abundance is having exactly what you need as opposed to having a lot of things.
Overtone of Radiance, (step 5 of the 13-step creative energy cycle), empowers, command, radiance.
The number five is circular, centering, and radiant. A perfect circle forms around a five-pointed star. If you look at five as it appears on the face of dice, there are four dots in the four corners, the fifth dot in the center. Five radiates outward from the center. Having achieved a solid foundation of four to build upon during yesterday’s Self-Existing tone of form, you now find yourself gravitating toward your center and a centered state of being. When you are able to get centered, you are then also dwelling in your physical center. When you become physically, emotionally, and energetically centered, you can make your way more easily into your heart center, the place where you radiate outward from and are perceived by others in ever-widening rings.
Radiate from your heart center, dreams, abundance, and intuition.
Day 5 of the 13-day cycle themed Blue Storm, catalyze, self-generate, energy.
Written by Roger Grossman


5 AKBAL – KIN 83
22 NOVEMBER 2021
I EMPOWER in order to DREAM
Commanding Intuition
I seal the input of Abundance
With the Overtone tone of Radiance
I AM guided by the power of Majik!
22/11/2021 = 4/2/5=4/7=11=2
22- Architect of Peace/master builder
4- Form/Structure/Foundation/Earth
11- Portal/Gate/Polarity
2- Twins/Partner/Cooperation
✨MONTH/YEAR codes✨
11- Portal/Gate/Polarity
2- Twins/Partner/Cooperation
5- FREEDOM/LIBERATION/Change/Transformation
7- Spiritual/Majik/Mystic/Initiation
KIN 83 = 11 = 2
11- Portal/Gate/Polarity
2 – Partnership/Cooperation
22… 11… 2… codes!! Huge PORTALS opening to the DREAMTIME today! 🚪🚪🚪
A very majikal, mystical day for uncovering what has been deeply hidden in order to step through the doorway and AWAKEN the DREAM of COLLECTIVE ABUNDANCE and HARMONY.💰🌻🍇🌈
Day 5 in the BLUE STORM WAVESPELL of purification, cleansing, transformation and evolution. This is the day we transform and COMMAND our natural collective abundance as we….
🎼The future’s in the air.
I can feel it everywhere,
Blowing with the wind of change. 🎶
🎼Take me to the MAJIK of the moment,
on a glory NIGHT,
Where the children of tomorrow,
DREAM away,
In the wind of change.🎶
SCORPIONS, Wind of Change. 🌬🍃
OVERTONE 🎆 Tone 5 in the SPIRITUAL realm. ACTION – commands, POWER – empowers, ESSENCE – radiance.
5 represents the Centre, core purpose, foundation and central intent. It is the CENTER of the wheel from which all the spokes emanate. This is the phase where the energy of Creation returns to the center and then RADIATES outwards. Overtones COMMAND the unbounded. They order it to BE and so it becomes! Their power radiates from their soul essence through a pure connection to SOURCE, this is the true source of unlimited power.
The 5th day of the BLUE STORM Wavespell is the one that empowers. When we give ourselves permission to receive and feel worthy and abundant, we transform! Which aspects of your life or outlook would you like to transform in order to feel empowered? Command your RADIANCE and empower your greatest DREAMS – radiantly spreading your golden LIGHT! ✨🌞
Connecting to the possibility of UNLIMITED POTENTIAL to create and receive this INFINITE ABUNDANCE from the multiverse! Expanding our creation throughout the realms of the Cosmos, and being the bridge to anchor the pillars of Heaven on Earth – commanding the BLISS codes in our everyday existence.
EXPLORE the multitude of opportunities that arise, leading you down new pathways of discovery, in the realization of your DREAMS!
Today’s question is “What DREAMS can I EMPOWER today, opening the floodgates to unlimited ABUNDANCE?”
Divine blessings for all your GREAT DREAMS, to come true!
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
CONSCIOUS SELF: BLUE OVERTONE NIGHT 🌃💰 AKBAL is the Keeper of the New Way Dreaming – the custodian who holds the keys to unlock the doors to collective ABUNDANCE. AKBAL encodes the power of DREAMING, that comes from trusting our intuition, to lead us to the natural flow of abundance.
DIVINE GRATITUDE 🙏❤🙏❤🙏to Beloved Blue Rhythmic Monkey -SISTAR Vasumi Zjikaa – who brilliantly narrates this dream
“Today is the 5th day of the cycle of change… The power of change is born from our DREAMS… The dreaming that is aligned with the dreaming or spell of our planet, anchored in the crystal core of our Mother Earth…
This dreaming or contract being ‘ABUNDANCE FOR ALL BEINGS’🎆💰🐬🌴❤🎆
Every in-tuition and potent prophetic dream is born of this Dream-Spell that we all carry, however conscious or unconscious we are of it, however deeply we hold our heads in the sand of the collective amnesia that has been overlaid upon us for the last few thousand years at least…
Today as Overtone Night, guided by the Biue Monkey, we EMPOWER the DREAMING by trusting the abundance of Majik 💫that is occuring, bringing powerful change in its wake. Because we KNOW it is ENCODED to happen, it is written as part of the spell.
And until that time, we are all compelled to keep on with our missions and fearlessly participate, following our in-tuition and living our dreams powerfully, radiantly and remembering to TAKE COMMAND 🎆both IN and of the DREAM” ❤🌴🐬💰🌃💞
HIGHER SELF/GUIDE: BLUE OVERTONE MONKEY 👑🐒– CHUEN the OVERTONE Monkey is the higher POWER today – bringing forth RADIANT MAJIK💫 to COMMAND our desires into being. 💫💫
CHUEN provides the MAJIK💫 to make our DREAMS come TRUE! ✨
In order to become EMPOWERED we must return to the PURITY and innocence of our DIVINE CHILD which the BLUE STORM is enabling. Purifying our essence to reclaim our Divinity and soul essence as the RADIANT 🌞 beings that we are in our core. Connecting with our DIVINE CHILD and remembering our childhood DREAMS – those desires that were seeded within our DNA to create the DIVINE PLAN through our incarnation. Those DREAMS that you longed to create, through the inner knowingness, that this is why you came to EARTH!
Use your intuition today, to tune in to WHAT it is that makes your HEART SING, all the innerDREAMS, desires and grandiose ideas that fuel your passion. Reconnect with your codings and COMMAND them into existence with your Majik wand!💫
✨✨✨KIN 83 very powerfully ACTiVATES the DIVINE PLAN🕊👑 of ABUNDANCE for ALL beings on Planet Earth. 💰🌻🍇🌈🌹🌍🌎🌏
This WILL be realized through the GESARA – divine income plan for MAN-KIND and redistribution of WEALTH to WE THE PEOPLE!!! Hold this intention today, energize it with your MAJIK and COMMAND it into being NOW!!💫💰💫
SUPPORT: YELLOW OVERTONE WARRIOR 🌈🏹 CIB gives us the courage today to face our FEARS of lack and unworthiness, for realizing our ultimate dream and receiving the abundance and rewards that we so richly deserve.
BLUE NIGHT is a portal to your subconscious and the collective unconscious, so dive deep today and face what arises. BLUE STORM is bringing up these FEARS for purification and transformation to facilitate your evolution.
✨CIB gives us the POWER to believe in our DREAMS and to GO FOR IT!✨
YELLOW WARRIOR also gives us the power to FEARLESSLY QUESTION what is inadequate and does not support the collective welfare, and plan for Planetary Abundance.
The RAINBOW WARRIORS will fearlessly defend the collective DREAM until it is made manifest on the Earth plane and their collective Rainbow Mission is achieved. It is absolutely PERFECTO that the OVERTONE WARRIOR is the supporting energy today as this is WHY the RAINBOW WARRIORS incarnated on EARTH… To DEFEND THE DREAM!!!
You may find yourself CHALLENGING what is, in order to bring forth the new better abundance flow for all of humanity. OVERTONE WARRIORS possess incredible FEARLESS energy as Divine Crusaders catalyzing the power of the dreaming of a transformed reality here on Earth, where ABUNDANCE for all beings shall be! Should we choose fearlessly to take command!
🏹🏹NOTE: KIN 96 – The OVERTONE WARRIOR👑🗡🏹🎆 is the Solar seal on 5 December, 2021 the day after the Solar Eclipse (with SUN and MOON in TRUTH seeking Sagittarius) … MARK this powerful day on your calendar 🗒📆– because JUSTICE is coming!💥✨
KIN 96 last occured on 20 March, 2021 – which was the day of the global UPRISING for FREEDOM💥 and SOVEREIGNTY 👑against the oppressive patriarchal control. This is also a G.A.P. portal 💥day which will FUEL the POWER of this monumental day! Ultimately these RAINBOW WARRIORS are UNITING in their QUEST to bring equality, liberty and ABUNDANCE to our Global family.
The momentum is building dear beloveds. Hallelujah!! VICTORY TO THE LIGHT! ✨✨✨
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: WHITE SOLAR MIRROR ☀🔎 ETZNAB allows us to realize the TRUTH of what is, and what presents today. Seeing with extra CLARITY beyond the smoke and mirrors that the MONKEY projects!
❓❓What illusions and falsities have clouded our minds and obstructed our path to receiving endless abundance?.
The STORM will clear the FEARS, insecurities and scare -city beliefs revealed by the MIRROR!
The SOLAR MIRROR will reveal that the SUN☀ is the true SOURCE of ABUNDANCE and all LIFE.. pulsing forth the great LIGHT that is needed for our Soul-ar evolution and growth. The SOLAR MIRROR☀🔎 will pulse forth RADIANT LIGHT codes revealing the density and highlighting what needs to be magnified and energized in order to realize our intention for commanding our DREAMS.
WHITE MIRROR reveals that DIVINE COSMIC ABUNDANCE is available for all of us, EQUALLY on this PLANET of plenty.
Connecting to the possibility of UNLIMITED POTENTIAL to create and receive this INFINITE ABUNDANCE from the multiverse! Expanding our creation throughout the realms of the Cosmos, and being the bridge to anchor the pillars of Heaven on Earth – commanding the BLISS codes in our everyday existence.
EXPLORE the multitude of opportunities that arise, leading you down new pathways of discovery, in the realization of your DREAMS!
Today’s question is “What DREAMS can I EMPOWER today, opening the floodgates to unlimited ABUNDANCE?”
Divine blessings for all your GREAT DREAMS, to come true!
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈

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Pleiades 1 Messages November 21 2021

P1 calling Terrans for origins recognition! Attention for calls in PVSE / SdE !!

Freedoms continue to be achieved.

Overall panorama is adjusted.

Splitter Frequencies are overridden.

Time Travelers keep interacting.

Difficulties are eased.

Stargates keep expanding.

Expanded awareness in multiframes. 91% ++- (non-regressive).

*Protocol DESTEMPO (16:00/14:12) started. Harmonizations happen: 76% (non-regressive).

Attention Hatonnic supporters! Projectors aimed! Support: 76% (non-regressive).

Attention Hatonnic supporters! Projectors aimed and in support. Reverberation 71% (non-regressive).

Ascensional Metatronic Waves reverberate: 68% (non-regressive).

Terrans enter Final Ascension Zone.

Islands harmonize with Main Oracle.

Borders continue to be actualized.

Temporarily, end of transmission.




Condor Oracle Card for the Day



Beyond Lemuria Oracle Cards Cards by Izzy Ivy ~ 

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