You are currently viewing A Rejoicing for all Souls! DISCOVER YOUR LIGHT KEYS *ARCTURIAN ENERGY UPDATE ~ Gene Key 12: A Pure Heart

A Rejoicing for all Souls! DISCOVER YOUR LIGHT KEYS *ARCTURIAN ENERGY UPDATE ~ Gene Key 12: A Pure Heart

A Rejoicing for all Souls! DISCOVER YOUR LIGHT KEYS *ARCTURIAN ENERGY UPDATE ~ Gene Key 12: A Pure Heart



Paul White Gold Eagle

Greetings Golden Legion of our New Lemuria Light Councils

The Veil lifts as the sleep is removed from the Eyes of our Spirit by Infinite Source Creator. Through this Divine Revelation we call in the gnosis of our True Nature of Buddha Mind and resolve all things perfectly.

In the zero point still center we release all that no longer serves our self and the collective to heal from all past traumas and pain and step into our Holy Sovereignty in the Freedom of our Higher Self.

All our Hierarchies of Light and Ascended Masters join us in these final phases of our Ascension Journey as we make our Quantum Leap of Consciousness into our New Golden Age of Enlightenment for all Sentient Beings of the Way.

As we continue to go through and through and through, we are at the precipice of our Great Shift of our Eternal Life on our New Heaven upon the New Earth…A’Ho!










It is OK to choose Life now! This Solstice is providing all the support each One of us needs for this! Please attend to yourSelf, so many gifts are here, receive them! It is happening!
Such a rejoicing for all Souls!Β πŸ™πŸΌβ˜€οΈπŸŽ‰β€οΈ

art by Sooj Mitton




Let the infinite consciousness swallow the finite mind and you will go beyond all things. With your mind attached to the Supreme, you will know the imperishable being
infinite consciousness
infinite consciousness
Peope will be LEAVING your Field
Literally asking directly or indirectly.
Big shifts overnight.
I released EONS yesterday afternoon and felt my Somatic body RECALIBRATING!
Big choice points MOVING you into optimal alignment!
Go where you’re celebrated!
❀ Valerie








Therefore it is untouchable for the dark ones.

The Source is waiting for the precise time and that time is approaching around the corner.





A Word from the Whales
13 June 2024
Shadow Governments have been disbanded.
Inharmonic off-world agendas are curtailed as extraplanetary influences are addressed.
All remaining Shadow Programs are transmuted for healing purposes.
Benevolent and Harmonic Non-Human Assistance is Amplified.
With Great Love from the Cetacean Collective
All Content is ©️ and may be freely shared in its original form 🀍
Benevolent and Harmonic Non-Human Assistance is Amplified
Benevolent and Harmonic Non-Human Assistance is Amplified
The present moment’s energy serves as a profound trial for many. The heightened vibrations and intensified electromagnetism increasingly stimulate the nervous system and, subsequently, the brain. In a brief span, you are becoming a superconductor of energy, and your mental template follows suit. This immense surge, akin to a potent drug, channels into the brain, particularly from now until October/November, potentially overloading the mental template with stimuli.
This can influence consciousness positively, yet it may also disrupt alignment with your higher selves as the ego grows denser both psychologically and chemically. As one approach’s this peak, you encounter a new balance of racing thoughts and grounded intuition. Thus, it is crucial to decelerate when making decisions during this period, especially those with enduring impacts on your reality. You are in a stage of enormous quickening. Stay in your hearts. Stay grounded. We thank you for your time.
Iawat An Sha – Arcturian
( Alexander Quinn )



Your brain is a neurotransmitter that conducts light. As photonic light is surging on this electrical aspect it will cause headaches as your pineal and pituitary glands are attuning your psychic gifts. Your heart is magnetic and it’s aligning to the magnetic fields connected to our sun and galactic central suns. As the entire universe and yourself is electromagnetic. Your frequency gives to the oscillation of your atoms, that quantum spin rate determines what timeline you enter. The light is aligning to assist your spiritual path, to forge you to higher states of consciousness!

Holy fire vector code DNA activations are transmuting at a fast rate. This can bring heat up in the body to clear past cellular traumatic memories from many lifetimes as well as it’s transmuting antichrist rituals off the ley lines. This can trigger cellular memories which can make some anxious. Trust that you are safe as the planet’s transition into light can be felt just like earthquakes can be. Anchor trust and harmonize to the light of your soul through the portal of your heart. I anchor with aquamarine

Activations and alignments
Activations and alignments
6/13/24: Today will be hard for those who cling… to the past, to things, situations, relationships, expectations, rules, and standards. Anything that’s being carried, dragged, stored, justified, and used as an excuse to remain stuck. Gemini runs free, seeking the next newest experience, drama, excitement, gossip, technology, and fad. It hates getting bogged down in details and conformity. So today will be hard for those who just can’t let go of the status quo. Those who can, however, will find that behind all those shoulds and limitations is freedom and space… so much more room to breathe and opportunities to explore.
We are living in such interesting times and I just love it, the way things which were never spoken about in public, like deep esoteric subjects, are suddenly spoken about quite openly.
As our consciousness rises, we will find that even more which was hidden, or secret or purposefully hidden away, will surface, even what we believed had been lost forever. Much of this was stored either in the souls themselves, now returned, or they were stored in energy fields.
I was shown how the New Earth’s sacred places and the new Pyramids are being put in place and this is very exciting. For the Old Earth’s pyramids are now all reactivating and the New Earth’s are vastly superior and will pave the way for new, holistic power supplies for the future, apart from its esoteric uses.
Indeed, what is now forthcoming will stun and will expand our consciousness levels immensely.
In relationships this will exponential bring us into the greater insight and understanding of transcendental love, which means love with great tenderness, mutual respect and trust.
Vast expansion on all levels is upon us.
Judith Kusel
New Earth's sacred places
New Earth’s sacred places



Gene Keys: Unlocking the Higher Purpose Hidden in Your DNA – by Richard Rudd –

Gene Key 12 – A Pure Heart

June 13th – 19th 2024

Vanity – Discrimination – Purity

β€œWith the 12th Siddhi, we can be locked up in prison, they can do anything to us, but they can never stop our love. When we get in touch and in tune with our heart, then all of our relationships and dilemmas are resolved.” – Richard Rudd, 64 Ways



Gene Keys: Unlocking the Higher Purpose Hidden in Your DNA – by Richard Rudd –


Gene Key 12 – A Pure Heart
Gene Key 12 – A Pure Heart





Lemurian Memory & The Aquamarine Ray

We call in now the Aquamarine Ray, the color of the high heart chakra, to amplify each one’s sacred heart and memory and to abolish all mind-controlled limited frequencies and illusions of being less than sacred.
Through this ray we establish connection to the Mother of God frequency, a quality of the feminine magnetic force known as the Mother Arc and the original parent frequency carrying acceleration codes of light from the 9th Dimensional Merkabic structure awaiting connection and activation in those prepared to access another octave,another wave, another dimensional
layer of knowledge and love, and committed to being responsible and devotional for each.
It is through alignment with the Mother’s circuit of perfection that Creation can heal itself forward into its original divine blueprint as its seed codes begin transmission, by reminding you that this ray was a familiar ray in the time of your history that many of you were a part of… a time when you achieved enlightenment over 12,000 years ago on the beloved continent of Lemuria, a time when you knew yourself to be sacred and lived in your light bodies as beings of light on Earth.
Lemuria And Now
Overnight, Lemuria was submerged underwater along with many of us, many of its inhabitants. Everything was lost. All material possessions were gone, loved ones separated, animals, minerals, elementals in nature, along with all the beauty, all the aspects of daily living on this magnificent continent vanished in one fell swoop without warning.
All that was left was self, seeking the meaning and the purpose of life while in the void of nothing. There was no time for pity or stories. There was no time to be angry or truly feel the pain, though the agony was beyond words. The traumas of betrayal and abandonment that existed remained to be healed by each in succeeding lifetimes.
That was the beginning of fulfilling the purpose for coming to the Earth to seek one’s spiritual sacred mastery in a state of complete surrender. Every being was left only to themselves and with God. Can you imagine? Remember the heartbreak and then the courage and perseverance to begin again with nothing but God as your source and supply for all things.
During that time, the high priests and priestesses of Lemuria prophesied that many of you would gather again during a time of great change, great trial and tribulation upon the Earth. And it was spoken that those living on the Earth at such a time would be given every opportunity to make a full recovery and make their ascension back into the heart and mind of God, with feet on the ground, back into the heart and mind of themselves, freed from the 3rd Dimension and all its dark, dire, and separated influences forevermore.
You live in the midst of their prophecy. You were chosen to come back to Earth now, whether you lived in Lemuria or elsewhere, to purify yourself from your long and arduous journey, to come back to your sacred self and bring joy and peace to yourself.
You will never have to go through darkness and separation again if you will only dig deeply for your own love of self, returning to the light of God that you are and know without doubt the inherent value and worth of yourself.
You are a multidimensional being with unfathomable wisdom, power, and love dwelling in the center of your heart, the carrier of perfect love.
With Love to All,
source: Β
Lemurian Memory & The Aquamarine Ray
Lemurian Memory & The Aquamarine Ray

Channel from Archangel Michael : June 12 2024

The Brilliant colors of the Auroras that were seen worldwide in May of 2024 were a manifestation of great changes on the Earth and in the Galaxy. The New Tree of Life template was activated via the Tree of Grace. The battle between Good and Evil that was the hallmark of Duality gave way to the Flow of Grace and Love that is expressed on Earth as Divine Love and Support from the Higher Levels of Light.
These new energies were activated worldwide via the Grids of the Sacred Sites that were once the sites of the Great Sacred Trees that connected together to form the Web of Life on Earth.
And so, as you activate the new Tree of Life Template in your Heart, you too become part of this Sacred Network of the New Earth.
These powerful vortexes and spirals of the new energy are the Cauldron of Creation of the New Earth. The Colors and Lights and Frequencies are helping to revitalize the Earth and activate the New Creation.
This intensity explains why you may have been feeling strange in the last weeks as you access the Sacred New Earth grids.
Here are some of the feelings you may have experienced.
On the Physical level:
Feeling very tired to the point of exhaustion. This is because your physical body is reconfiguring your DNA to align with the new templates and frequencies. This may include Muscle aches and pains and spasms, especially in the legs and upper back and neck areas. You will need to rest and practice self-care. Don’t push yourself.
Feeling the Need to drink much more water and to eat simple organic foods where possible. This is to support the deep cleansing and changes in your body.
Very intense dreams that often have messages for you.
Feeling drawn to Nature and to be a part of the revitalization of Nature. Wanting to experience a complete immersion in nature, to feel the love and support of nature and trees and wildlife.
Feeling drawn to Natural Medicine and Energy Medicine.
On the Mental/Emotional Level:
A need to slow down. Time seems to be moving too fast and the faster you run the more exhausted you become. In the higher dimensions you have to slow down and breathe deeply to be able to work with these incoming Light Codes.
The need to live from an Open Heart and in alignment with Love and Compassion.
Deep Feelings of Peace and Harmony at times when you manage to slow down.
Feeling a need to live somewhere else or being moved by circumstances to your β€œnew place”.
Feeling the need to change your work or mission but not being sure what the next step will be because it hasn’t manifested yet.
Feeling called to be a New Earth Way shower.
Feeling the need to find your Tribe or Community.
Feeling very β€œfeely” with deep emotions from bliss to sadness. Feeling all of your feelings including vulnerability.
Feeling the need to create relationships where all people are empowered and loved and able to express their highest level of being.
On the Spiritual Level:
Deep feelings of connection to your Higher Self and Galactic/Star Self.
Knowing you are a Human Angel and a Galactic Being of Light.
Feelings of Grace and being supported by Divine Love.
Feeling blessed and living in abundance.
Deep love and compassion for all forms of life on Earth.
Wanting to serve Humanity and the New Earth for the highest good.
Wanting to express your Soul and Higher Self at all times.
These feelings are all indicators that you have moved to the threshold of the great shift into Higher Consciousness as a way shower, and that you will guide many people to this place of anticipation and joy.
May your path be blessed with love and joy at all times.
Archangel Michael
Ascension Guide


source:Β  Β

Archangel Michael
Archangel Michael




As you delve deeper and deeper into the depths of your Soul…
I am shown Light Keys, a symbol of Light
To be gathered, collected, turned on, as you reach each stage of Light Advancement.
A symbolic reference to understand the great journey, the milestones you reach at each stage of Light Advancement.
For each Light Key is simply a Light Upgrade
A step up in your Light Journey
For eack Key will open a Lock of Light. To reach each Key is the path before you.
Simply know you are walking the path of Light
As you reverberate Light = I Am Light
The path before you, is simply the path you seek πŸ™
Wonderful Light Advancement πŸ’₯
Sending Waves of Cosmic Love ❀
The Arcturians
Karen Lithika
Authentic Light Message 🌿
Together In Light πŸ™

More clearings in the mind and memories are helping you focus solely on your own path. This is the chance during these last few days of Gemini Season to release these layers before heading into Cancer Season – no pressure!

More opportunities will come around again, however you can maximize this opportunity by putting all your focus on yourself right now. How can you be more intentional with your choices, and life for your own purpose? Focus on the answers and utilize these as your goals.

It will help you stay in your lane and avoid any problems in the future. There is no need to keep track of what others are doing. No one is equal to you! Follow your on way and happiness and you will arrive at your destination.

In Jesus Christ’s name amen πŸ™

God bless you πŸ•Š Love Carolyn


Sun in Gemini
Sun in Gemini
On Thursday, June 13th, Mercury, the Messenger, in lively Gemini will be in a positive sextile to Chiron, the Wounded Healer, in activating Aries. Yesterday it was the Sun, ruler of the ego self, connecting in this way to the Shamanic Healer. Now, with Mercury, we have the potential to heal our thoughts, perceptions and style of communication with others, and within ourselves! With the emphasis on mutable and changeable Gemini energies (Sun, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter all in the sign of the Twins at the moment), it can be challenging to know what is right or what is wrong, what the appropriate decision or direction is, and making the best choices for our journey forward.
This sextile connection is our opportunity to see, think, review and contemplate ALL of the potentials and possibilities. We do not have to have all of the answers right now. Let the ideas come in as your intellectual processes are stimulated. Adopt a “glass half full” mentality and appreciate that you have options. Have a productive and optimistic conversation with others, with your guides, with the Universe, with yourself! Soon the mental busyness will settle and, most likely, the correct path will be shown to you.
Blessings of Love and Light to All! ❀
source:Β  Β
Mercury, the Messenger, in lively Gemini will be in a positive sextile to Chiron, the Wounded Healer
Mercury, the Messenger, in lively Gemini will be in a positive sextile to Chiron, the Wounded Healer
Sun in Gemini sextile Chiron in Aries – There’s an opportunity for healing and reconciliation. Chiron is a natural bridge builder and a mentor and guide to all. In Aries, he heals the part of us that thinks we have no right to be here, the part of us that is afraid to push forward or go after what we want, the part of us that is afraid to take action. Here is a chance to accept ourselves as we are, delight in our similarity and difference. Self-acceptance is crucial if we are to express ourselves with authenticity and fulfil our purpose.
If physical, mental or emotional health needs attention, communicate with that part of you that requires healing with warmth, as if you are speaking to a friend. See problems as fuel to motivate positive change and an opportunity to learn more about yourself, If you have been struggling with issues of confidence and assertion, now is the time to be brave. Imagine you are the dawn breaking, a sky painter, a light healer. Every day is a fresh start.
Degrees and Times
Sun 22Β°Ge44′, Chiron 22Β°Ar44′ – 07:24 (BST)
Β© Leah Whitehorse
source :
Painting – Sunrise by Frederic Edwin Church

Kin 236 ~ Yellow Lunar Warrior

‘Lunar’ is the name for the number 2 and its key words are ‘Challenge, Polarize and Stabilize.’ To proceed through this wavespell we must first identify the challenges that lay ahead. Before we can turn a challenge around and solve the problem, we must first identify the issue. Take a look today at what is holding you back and make a plan to do something about it.
Today is Yellow Warrior and the key words associated with it are β€˜Intelligence, Fearlessness and Questioning’. Yellow Warrior invites us to go on a mission, to accept a quest. Contemplate today what you could achieve using your willpower and by thinking like a warrior, wield a sword and don’t be shy about marching forth. Yellow Warrior days are all about exerting your will power, using your intelligence and asking the right questions. When you combine the meaning of both the number and day the result is ‘facing challenges with fearlessness’. It’s a great combo today because who better to deal with challenges then the warrior? The Yellow Warrior loves missions and quests, so today try to be a Warrior and you will find dealing with problems will be easy-peasy.
The Guide today is the Yellow Star which represents β€˜Beauty, Art and Elegance.’ Follow the guiding star today and it will lead to beautiful experiences. May your quest be about discovering art and appreciating the beautiful world that’s around you. The Yellow Star is very handy as a guide because it illuminates our way.
The Challenge of the day is White Worldbridger, so if you were born on Worldbridger day, you will find it tough going, like everyone else, you must use your will power and be a warrior.
The Occult power is the Red Serpent which invites you to shed your old skin and emerge feeling like a new person. In this magical position the Serpent is powerful and can really help you transmute any poison within you. This symbolizes letting go of pain or fear or anything that does you no good.
I always say on challenging days, you can tap into the power of the other aspects of the day’s chart. Particularly useful I find, is the Occult power (and the guide). If you focus on their attributes, these can be tools that can help you navigate the energy of the day. If you’re finding it hard to overcome challenges today, then let serpent power help you. Be instinctual and sensitive.
The Ally is the Blue Night, the dreamer of the Tzolkin. Consult one if you need help today, their dreams can inspire you. If you are a Blue Night, you can be very helpful to others today influencing people with your great imagination.
Kin 236
Kin 236


2CIB – KIN 236
13 JUNE 2023
I polarize in order to Question
Stabilizing Fearlessness
I seal the output of Intelligence
With the Lunar tone of Challenge
I AM guided by the power of Elegance.
13/6/2024 = 4/6/8= 4/14 = 4/5=9
4.6.8 Successive PROGRESS🚢🚢
13-Goddess/Cosmic Consciousness/Natural Lore/Synchronic Time
4- Form/Structure/Foundation/Earth/Angelic
9- Completion/Destiny/Service/Humanity/Grace
✨MONTH/YEAR codes✨
6- Heaven/Christ/Harmony/Fertility/Romance
8- Infinite Abundant Source Flow
5- Freedom/Liberation/Change/Transformation/Movement
20- The AWAKENING/Clear vision
24- Charisma/Happiness/Healing/Joy
KIN 236 =11 = 2
A beautiful line up of DIVINE codes today with the 6.8. and 9 – it is TIME for Heavenly PEACE, UNION and CO-OPERATION!!!
🚫🚫🚫 WARNING!!πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ KIN 236 can be one of the most argumentative, combative and challenging codes in the DREAMSPELL to master. Today’s code – the Yellow WARRIOR, PLUS Lunar tone of CHALLENGE – questioning authority and reality – can be very combustible πŸ’₯ with the volatility to cause ARGUMENTS, conflict, uprisings and rebellion… Watch out for more dissension to erupt! πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯
Be AWARE and intelligently choose to be the PEACEFUL SPIRITUAL WARRIOR!! 🌹🌈
NOTE: The GOOD NEWS is that with LAMAT🌟 as the higher guide – the RAINBOW WARRIORS 🌈🌍 of NEW EARTH focused on PEACE and HARMONY will be EMPOWERED and find their VOICE.
Day 2 in the BLUE EAGLE Wavespell πŸ‘πŸ‘ where we are being asked to FLY HIGH – and focus on the BIG PICTURE πŸ”πŸ–Ό– the DIVINE PLAN for humanity – so that we can CREATE IT!…. Envisioning the Highest timeline for ourselves and our Planet.. as our VISION-ARY POWERS and 3rd EYEπŸ‘ are AWAKENED and ACTIVATED!
IT IS TIME for another WAVE 🌊🌊🌊 of MASS AWAKENINGS for HUMANITY!!πŸ’₯πŸ’₯🌻🌻🌻
Today we are fearlessly QUESTIONing the duality conflicts of the old paradigm, in order to ENVISION and CREATE a more harmonious world of UNITY, LOVEπŸ’–, PEACE and ABUNDANCE! 🌈🌏🌹🌴🎨🌻
LUNARπŸŒ“– Tone 2 in the PHYSICAL realm. The LUNAR tone represents the sacred twins, cooperation, relationship, polarity of male and female and duality. It’s ACTION – polarizes, POWER – challenges, ESSENCE – stabilizing. Today we are focused on the PHYSICAL plane and how we can anchor the collective VISION of PEACE, HARMONY & ABUNDANCE in our PHYSICAL reality.
A day filled with uncovering how you can transcend the see saw challenges to infinite abundance and JOY … examining and questioning the separation between the “HAVES” and the “HAVE NOTS” – It is time to BALANCE and HARMONIZE this discrepancy.
NOW is THE TIME to step out of the duality game, and all its possible challenges in order to move into more constant FLOW.
✨DISENGAGE – and choose NOT to play the MATRIX game! 🚫
Polarity reveals your conflicts, struggles, and the apparent separation created by your belief in duality. Polarized positions actually work in cooperative alliances. In cooperation, all polarities serve as backgrounds for full appreciation of one another and the whole. Examine the opposites and polarity to giving and receiving JOY and abundance… allow yourself to RECEIVE and rise ABOVE any lack or illusion.
NOTE: Be mindful of any conflicts/relationship challenges that arise today, revealing what needs to be addressed in order to reach equilibrium and harmony in your life.
Overall a day filled with QUESTIONING the STATUS QUO, revealing challenges, in order to resolve any limiting FEARS, leading you back to wholeness.
May you rise above the challenges, may the past serve as the ashes for your rebirth, and may you fly higher into the night sky, towards a future of hope.
Today’s question is “What challenges on my QUEST-I-ON need to be stabilized, in order to reinπŸ‘‘ in a new HARMONIOUS era of PEACE, LOVE and JOY through UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS?πŸŒΌπŸ’•πŸ˜
🐬🌈 ❀🐬🌈❀🐬🌈❀🐬🌈❀
May your SUPREME intelligence lead you to unified and harmonious, divine alliances today.πŸ‘­πŸŒΈβœ¨
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
CONSCIOUS SELF: YELLOW LUNAR WARRIOR🌈🏹 CIB is the FEARLESS and driven RAINBOW WARRIOR, who QUEST-I-ON-s our physical reality, and the nature of our existence. The Warrior uses his intelligence to cut through the ignorance of the illusory world, by challenging the status quo.
His fearless spirit cuts through obstacles along the way, so that others may follow paths of increasing intelligence. The YELLOW WARRIOR banishes FEAR,πŸ—‘ so that you can see your true face bright and clear.☺
BLUE EAGLE is also FEARLESS, so he imbues the WARRIOR with bottomless courage borne of wisdom and foresight. The EAGLE provides the clarity to SEE SOLUTIONS – which enables the WARRIOR to become a mediator and instrument of PEACE rather than a war monger! A very potent partnership!
The LUNAR WARRIOR is the most FEARLESSπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ of all the WARRIOR kin, on the FRONTLINE of change🦁.which is BRILLIANT as they VALIANTLY lead us into this next ASCENSION phase of this potent ASCENSION year… They are the change agents and catalysts STORMING THE BASTILLE🐎🐎🐎 and breaking down any barriers standing in the way of the DREAM that they are anchoring and manifesting.
YELLOW WARRIOR🌈🏹 examines, scrutinizes and dissects the polarized energies that create the challenges we face, in order to get a bigger picture of what works for humanity.
❓❓How can we do this better?
❓❓What are the roots of your FEAR?
Allow the YELLOW WARRIOR to give you COURAGE πŸ’ͺ today, to step up without the burden of heavy armour, to protect you from perceived danger. De-robe and hang up your heavy restrictive armour and let your radiant strong heart❀ illuminate your path, knowing that you are STRONG and courageous.
You have endured much terror and frightening scenarios, which have served to make you stronger and more resilient. NOW it is SAFE to return home to a place of love and comfort. 😍😍😍
The Yellow Warrior also carries the staff of wisdom (that looks like a Question❓ mark) in his star glyph… CIB is known as the Ferryman who fearlessly guides your boat 🚣 to your desired destination and back to safe waters…
✨He is the wayshower – CREATING the path, where no path ever existed! ✨
He then turns back to personally escort his tribe, to the promised land of milk and honey…
TRUST in the Fearless Warrior to reveal what needs to be QUEST-I-ON-ed and CHALLENGED today – in order to BREAK THE MOLD and LIBERATE us from that old confining box!
The LUNAR WARRIOR holds a CLEAR VISION of our New Paradise🌴 ahead – thanks to his trusty BLUE EAGLE companion – so follow his LEAD to find your way HOME.
HIGHER SELF/GUIDE: YELLOW LUNAR STAR🌟 LAMAT. The YELLOW WARRIOR can attract battles and divisiveness through his constant questioning, and challenging of what is. Whatever stands in his way – WILL BE DISMANTLED! This can often lead to arguments and disagreements if not delivered in an objective and diplomatic manner.
YELLOW STAR🌟 seeks PEACE and HARMONY in relationships, thus smoothing over the friction and challenges through harmonization. It also adds grace, beauty and elegance, thus cooling any heated arguments and emotions. The 6 and 8 FLOW code, facilitates the building of HEAVENLY relationships, healing and harmonizing any separation and conflict as the energy dissipates.
This beautiful harmonic energy is DIVINE to bring REUNION of any warring couples – bringing the offering of PEACE and reconciliation to forge the new stronger romantic unions and partnerships of the NEW TIME .✨
The YELLOW STAR✨ as the HIgher guide ensures the LUNAR WARRIOR is ultimately focused on attaining HARMONYπŸ•ŠπŸŒΌ – despite appearances otherwise. Often the path to PEACE may be a turbulent one, stirring up the mud in the swamp – but the end result is beautiful CLEAR DRINKING WATERπŸ’§πŸ’§πŸ’§
YELLOW STAR encourages the RAINBOW WARRIOR, to focus on a beautiful outcome, as the final result of his questioning. The LUNAR WARRIOR always has his EYES on the BIG PICTURE – anchoring the new HARMONIC TIME!πŸ–ΌπŸ”πŸŒˆ
SUPPORT: BLUE LUNAR NIGHT πŸŒƒ AKBAL enables the WARRIOR to connect with his intuitive promptings. If something does not sit right in his gut then his instincts are guiding him to challenge what is presenting – to follow his hunches! .
BLUE NIGHT also encourages the WARRIOR to pursue his dreams, in his knowingness that there is a better path in which to tread. The WARRIOR will slash through the illusion, and follow the yellow brick road, to the treasures he intuitively knows lay up ahead. Namely the INNER TREASURES that lie within us all.
Treasures abound as the Warrior returns home to claim his reward. πŸ† – the GOLDEN CHALICE of the HOLY GRAILβ˜€βœ¨πŸ‘‘
✨✨Dare to DREAM of a better world 🌈🌍🌎🌏 as we collectively CREATE our Planetary Rainbow 🌈 Dreaming!
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: RED CRYSTAL SERPENTπŸ’ŽπŸ CHICCHAN represents our basic motivations, instincts, desires, and innate movement toward wholeness. RED SERPENT beckons us to release our FEARS, shed the skin of our past, and step into the fires of alchemical transmutation. In this, rebirth is revealed. This desire is an innate response encoded in the depths of your being.
Allow CHICCHAN to endow you with discretionary wisdom, and the vigor to pursue your PASSION and desires in creating your DREAM.
The CRYSTAL SERPENT πŸ’ŽπŸSUPERPOWER will give you DIRECT access to the POWER in GAIA’s crystalline grid..πŸ”₯🌐 The energetic network connecting all souls with our Pachamama… this can be the fuel forged through CONNECTION and cooperation with our Planetary kin.. πŸ‘«πŸ‘¬πŸ‘­
Connecting through PASSION of anchoring the Collective Dreaming for our Planet. The more kin that UNITE in this common cause the quicker we achieve this Utopian DREAM. 🌈🌏🌎🌍✨
CHALLENGE/GIFT: WHITE LUNAR WORLDBRIDGERπŸŒˆπŸŒ‰ CIMI The shadow challenges of WHITE WORLDBRIDGER include the FEAR of DEATH, endings and change. Reluctance or inability to LET GO and move forward, clinging to the old way of being.
Death is a natural part of transformation. Sometimes we are brought to experience symbolic deaths such as loss, divorce, illness, or separation from others. Embrace these seemingly dark or difficult experiences; they will release you from attachments and expectations, clearing you to more fully receive the LIGHT on the new path that is OPENING now.
The GIFT of transformation and renewal offered by White World-Bridger is found in SURRENDER, release and forgiveness. Through awareness and clear intention, old patterns can magically shift, offering you a loving hand that shows a new way.
❓❓What are you afraid of that has impeded you from taking the next step?
Once you decide to take the plunge into the new cycle, CIMI will bring forth all the connections you need to start your new LIFE chapter, building the bridge to your New harmonious joy filled world!
The LUNAR WORLDBRIDGER through the DEATH of duality challenges, brings you a wondrous GIFT – the opportunity to travel over the RAINBOW BRIDGEπŸŒˆπŸŒ‰ to the NEW UNIFIED 🌐 HARMONIOUS WORLD. 🌈🌎✨
✨✨✨NOTE: Joe.Bi-den is a LUNAR WORLDBRIDGERπŸŒ“πŸŒ‰ – his role on this Planet is to play the “bad guy”, creating conflict and discordance through the SHADOW (particularly adept as a Scorpio!). This seeks to REVEAL where we need to focus the LIGHT, making better choices so that we can STABILIZE HARMONY on our Planet.
As he is in the CHALLENGE position today – his role on our planet may be CHALLENGED in a dramatic way 🏳🏳🏳– clearing the path for humanity to attain PEACE and HARMONY! Stay tuned!
Overall a day filled with QUESTIONING the STATUS QUO, revealing challenges, in order to resolve any limiting FEARS, leading you back to wholeness.
May you rise above the challenges, may the past serve as the ashes for your rebirth, and may you fly higher into the night sky, towards a future of hope.
Today’s question is “What challenges on my QUEST-I-ON need to be stabilized, in order to reinπŸ‘‘ in a new HARMONIOUS era of PEACE, LOVE and JOY through UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS?πŸŒΌπŸ’•πŸ˜
🐬🌈 ❀🐬🌈❀🐬🌈❀🐬🌈❀
May your SUPREME intelligence lead you to unified and harmonious, divine alliances today.πŸ‘­πŸŒΈβœ¨
Namaste’ πŸ™β€πŸ™β€πŸ™
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈






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Be Sure to Laugh today and starve an archon… He He…Ha Ha!!!!


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The term ‘qualified light’ refers to the conscious use of LoveLight Intelligence.⁠
During the Ascension process, we learn to be responsible creators of positive, heart-generated realities. We qualify the Light which is set forth from our hearts, minds, and energy fields, in order to create with the higher vibrational states of pure Unity Consciousness.⁠
Unqualified light would be unconscious, undirected emanations that come from the lower mind, ego, emotions, or collective distortions. Part of the awakening process is to free the lower self and body consciousness from generating unqualified light.⁠
On the Ascension path to Kryst/Crystalline/Unity Consciousness, we become acutely aware of the light and creations we emanate – and their effect on the collective experience. Qualified light holds the Divine intent of its creator, and Source LoveLight Intelligence.⁠
Qualify your Light: Infuse every thought, word, action, emotion, feeling, emanation and creation with pure intention to serve the organic Ascension and Source LoveLight Intelligence (LOVE). Let it flow from the stargate of your Infinite Kryst Heart. Make it a conscious choice.⁠
Unity, Peace, Love, Freedom, Joy, Ascension, Gratitude, Expansion of Creation … qualify your experience and emanations with any Mastery quality which serves the highest interests of Source and all concerned.⁠
With practice, your Heart will create pathways for the natural, organic stargate function to activate and flow pure LoveLight into these realms – and your realities will begin to self-correct any distortions. ⁠
This leads to a direct reconnection with the I AM Presence, and becoming an open conduit of Source. Then we may create heart-generated realities, like the New Earth realms, with ease and grace.⁠

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