Rainbow Light Codes

THE EVENT – Rainbow Light Codes – DNA Genetic Keys – DIVINE SOURCE CREATIONS

We are NOW in the midst of powerful incoming Diamond / Plasma / Rainbow Light Codes Energies that are NOT only activating our original template, but also throwing off all and any distortions and alterations in our DNA Genetic Key patterns.

We are NOW experiencing the reactivation of our Divine Human Template within our DNA.
We have NOW reached that point where our DNA is BEing purged and cleansed, and we are reconnecting with our Divine Power and merging fully with our Higher SELVES.
This is a most beautiful time for Simplicity and we have been invited to interweave the Divine SOURCE’s vibration of Simplicity into every area of our existence both physically and spiritually.
In accessing and embodying the Divine SOURCE energy of Simplicity we are creating space within our BEing, Mind, and Reality for us to engage with our Divine SELF (Higher Self).
Our Divine SELF is our view of ourselves which is beyond boundaries, limitations, and illusions. It is our essence, our relationship with the Divine SOURCE and our expression of the Divine SOURCE.
Our Divine SELF is our Knowingness of our ONENESS and Unification with the Divine SOURCE as well as the immense Love and Support the Divine SOURCE constantly shares with us.
To access our Divine SELF allows us to recognise all WE are capable of as a Sacred BEing and expression of the Divine SOURCE.
We Allow ourselves to BEcome a reflection of All That Is the Divine SOURCE, exploring and understanding this reflection upon the 5D New Earth.
We NOW make choices as to where we would like to BE and what we feel we want to BE doing to express our SOUL Purpose on the NEW Earth.
LOVE and Blessings,
Pars Kutay
~ <3 ~
Photo: Super Wave of Rainbow Spot Light Codes captured on March 13, 2019 over US 60 and Signal Butte, Arizona by Robert Rohr
Rainbow Light Codes

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