Aloha beautiful love family,
Strong reality alignment energies… flooding our bodies, the earth and every aspect of our existence now…

The galactic corridor is wide open and we are infusing light into everything more powerfully than ever before!
Today’s supporting newsletter is simple. Open your eyes, open your heart, open your mind and be open completely, choosing to release everything that is unable to easily fullyQUANTUM LIGHTBODY align on a Soul Level.
Your relationships with everything will undergo a huge transition/transformation as we all hold more LOVE in every way. No longer desiring that which takes up our precious energy (consciousness), the appeal is no longer there… what once was changes to honor a whole new way of life here.
If you truly look, you will see how magical, magnificent and beautiful your exchanges are/can be, how you can let go easily and “don’t need” to continue the inner struggle like before. You will see OTHERS living in JOY and SHARING, supporting each other through kindness, compassion and realize that our LIGHT GRID spans the whole earth and how connected we all are.
We will always be faced with unconsciousness, yet in the face of it we have to choose. This is part of COMING INTO FULL CONSCIOUSNESS, and what plays out in our physical is a representation of what we hold inside. It’s up to us to determine whether it represents our old unconscious programs still or our NEW. This decision creates REALITY. ♥
I’ve written a couple very long new articles to assist in various ways. I’ll share them below for you as we continue through this powerful passageway. Keep anchoring those new realities, keep creating, uniting, supporting, sharing, shifting, transcending and calling forth that which you are truly ready for now.
I will try to send out another newsletter before we transition over to linear 2018, if my own Gatekeeper and physical schedule aligns with this. If not, may every moment bring through new awareness to empower you further in the most amazing ways too!
I’m so very excited for what prepares to materialize for all through pure consciousness here! ♥
p.s. A code is YOUR new vibration/program/programming … your full consciousness, Self-Mastery and Highest Aspects hold this as your new way of BEing all of the time here. ♥
Gratitude, kindness, love and all as Unified Light ♥


Gatekeeper Update: NEW HUmanity Codes & Plasma Grid anchored in

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