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Paul White Gold Eagle

Greetings Star Blooming Rainbow Tribe of the Galactic 144

In this Great Transformation and Transmutation our Sacred Nadis are being purified and cleared and our energetics refined for this Resurrection and Ascension Process. We Rise from the Dream of Death into the The True Life as Real Hue-man beings of the Light. All the old false projections and programs fall away and are absorbed by the Great Central Sun.

All is being born anew as the birthing of the New Earth is in full progress with each passing breath we are carried deeper into the fullness of being and into the fruition of our life’s work. The Light Forces are with us now to Assist us in this final mission of going fully Quantum. As one with Source Creator we activate our full potential and Infinite Creative Abilities of Celestial Proportion.

The Sky Ships are making themselves known with their higher resonance. We walk the Sacred Skies with our MerKaba Fields of Light spinning in Spirals of Divine Expansion. Cosmic Consciousness is our Guide and Pure Awareness is our True Nature. The Wisdom of the Ages is held within our Divine Blueprint. The Connections have been made for all the filaments of multidimensional light to weave the web of the New Life of Heaven on Earth. All nodes, nodules and portals have been activated to merge all timelines into the Still Zero Point Center of the Sacred Hoop of Transcendence. 

Spread your  Etheric Angelic Wings and take flight above and beyond all thresholds of the old 3d paradigm of lack and suffering into the 5d Realms of Peace, Freedom and Abundance. We keep going through and through and through never looking back with our eyes on the prize of the New Golden Age of Eternal Life.

Abundance codes for today = 3417 – 271 – 60612 ~ 157 – 14611


Right now: Moon at 17°55′ Gemini, Sun at 29°01′ Scorpio

sabian symbols

Current Sabian Symbols

Current Sabian Symbol for the Sun

Children in halloween costumes indulging in various pranks.
Sabian Symbol for 0º Scorpio

The current Sabian Symbol of the Sun is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing solar influence, the vital energy and the personality, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this day, while the Sun’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 0º Scorpio.


Current Sabian Symbol for the Moon

Two chinese men talking chinese (in a western crowd).
Sabian Symbol for 18º Gemini

The current Sabian Symbol of the Moon is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing lunar influence, the emotional background, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this moment, while the Moon’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 18º Gemini.


source: www.astrologyweekly.com


“Resting our awareness on the breath, we focus on the present moment, not chasing after memories from the past or speculating about the future. Through practices such as this, inner contentment can grow progressively. Sometimes when we feel a little helpless, or think we lack something, or feel lost, if we remember to focus on our breath, we can experience happiness. In addition, concentrating on the breath reminds us of our interdependence with the environment and the plants that provide us with the oxygen we need. Breathing can become something wondrous.”
Gyalwang Karmapa, Buddhism and the Environment, 2016.
Artwork by Karmapa.

Ra James

The Sun is quiet right now and the solars are really low. The Galactics are still coming in strong. The energies today are very healing and are to help with integrating some of the recent upgrades that have been going on. This week we will continue to be in the Pleiadian Portal. That means all week we are still aligning with, and receiving tons of high frequency energies from the Pleiades. It’s an amazing time to be connecting with these energies.

We are still feeling the effects of this week’s Taurus Lunar Eclipse. We will be feeling the effects for the next 6 months too. We are in a powerful space, as we are in between the two Eclipses. This is a powerful Eclipse Portal! Dec 4th we have a Sagittarius New Moon that is also a Super Solar Eclipse. That means until then we will be really feeling the energies of both Eclipses. This Eclipse Season is encouraging you to make some big changes. It may even be shaking things up for you. These two Eclipses are all about new beginnings and endings.

The Taurus Lunar Eclipse, we just had, is the first on the new Taurus-Scorpio axis. This was the beginning of a brand new Eclipse Cycle that has already opened major doors for you. This Eclipse Cycle will last til October 2023. We are about to have 7 Eclipses that will play out across the Taurus- Scorpio Axis. Expect major shifts to occur within the material and within relationships over that time. The Solar Eclipse Dec 4th is the is the final eclipse on the Gemini-Sagittarius axis. This will wrap up a year and a half cycle we have completed on this axis. We are in the process of shifting into Sagittarius Season. Sagittarius Season runs from Nov 22nd to Dec 21st.

This Sagittarius Season is all about stepping into your sovereignty. It’s here to spark the light for the Solstice. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter. Now that Jupiter has shifted direct, the fire energy will be much easier to harness. The rest of the year will be bringing shifts in luck, abundance, and major plot twists. Eclipses speed things up so the next 6 months has the potential to make things happen fast. The next 6 months is all about your dreams. Eclipses are meant to help you tap into your destiny. Sagittarius Season may be the time for some of you to make bold moves or big shifts…

source: www.sparksofdivinelighthealing.com

Amanda Lorence

We NOW start the PURIFICATION STAGE 20 Nov -1 Dec. A profound, POTENTIONALLY HUGE yet quieter stage of release within All of our bodies, coupled with higher frequency data that unpackages WITHIN you DIRECTLY.
Take your time through this stage. It’s in the quietness we hear, see, receive….then advance into higher hertz consciousness. We will build ourselves now in this profound period if we pull away from the OUTER old reality that is crumbling. Let all OUTER have their journey, beliefs, opinions, judgements…they will SEE in ‘time’. 💜
You came for this. To hold your highest frequency, that which is Love, that which is Light, that which is Vibration. I honour all of YOU with all of my Heart and Soul.




We’re receiving some very profound Activations today as these powerful Quantum Timeline/ Reality Shifts and edits are continuing to anchor and unfold!
On the day of this powerful full moon partial lunar eclipse, I am being shown a beautiful Crystalline Rose Heart at the Core of Earth starting to bloom in golden rose iridescent pastel colours, with lotus and other flowers and butterfly patterns growing and expanding rapidly across Earth’s body, as if when looking at the planet from space. They look as if they’re growing and springing up from underneath the ground and there are many different flowers and butterflies that are growing and starting to cover the whole planet. A truly beautiful sight!! This flower network is replacing the old AI machinery and old Grid System which is dissolving and dismantling at Quantum God speed now with all the extra help we are receiving cosmically, also healing the lower 3D layers and distortions. The Multidimensional Highway is wide open allowing more Galactic and Angelic assistance to help free humanity from its slavery! You can imagine it like a beautiful etheric flower garden covering Earth and I see this also happening to/ on our bodies.
These are assisting us in further anchoring the Collective Zero Point Field and new Tri-wave architecture/ energy current of the New Grid System and our own. In addition they are supporting our bodies rejuvenation process, physical regeneration, balancing, harmonization, rehabilitation and supporting the ongoing Activations and Upgrades of our Diamond Plasma Rainbow Lightbody as well as Divine Union. They are also assisting the Holy Trinity/ Grail Activations as well as the healing of sexual misery programming and the gender divide.
This is a BIG MASSIVE FINAL COSMIC and Planetary CLEAN UP OPERATION that is unfolding and we’re receiving all the help we can get!! It is removing any remaining negative entities, energies, reversals, distortions and assisting the final dissolution of lower artificial timelines and machinery etc, which is reaching its crescendo, as all comes to a head!! There are also many clean up operations of dumbs and secret underground facilities in progress, ultimately all assisted by these sacred plasma infusions.
It very much feels like the invisible wars are truly seeping through the veils, as these dissolve rapidly, as all becomes visible now… a Timeline ‘bleed through’, as ALL Timelines/ Realities and Dimensions continue to merge as ONE. It is like waves of Pure Divine God Source Love washing away and healing all remaining distortions, lower realities, reversals, entities, trauma energies and false programming from our memories and organic silicate DNA matrix. As the false memories and holographic inserts are being cleared and dissolved, this also dissolves the false Realities that are connected to what these are based upon.
New memories & beliefs (programs) = new REALities!
I am receiving the message that these Crystal Rose Heart and Crystal Core Activations are a precursor for what will come in as part of this Sunday’s Activation.
Earth and humanity are receiving and merging with their Starbody, their 12D Blueprint and Templates and truly it’s beyond even that, as we are going full Multidimensionality, re-claiming all access! We are experiencing ongoing Higher Heart-Mind, Galactivations to our Crown, Third Eye, Mouth of God and Thymus Chakra points and Sphenoid Butterfly Activations. The pineal and pituitary glands are merging energetically to secrete a new hormone and “The merging of these glandular energies allows the Cosmic Heart energies from the Godhead to be transmitted into the Pineal Gland which communicates to the Pituitary, in order to merge with the physical earthly energies that the master gland regulates.” Source: Ascension Glossary (link in comments included with more information). This is also assisting the Planetary Brain to run the Tri-wave current and come to a whole brain state!
I also saw a beautiful activation of our Divine Template of the 144 strands of Crystalline silicate golden DNA. I keep seeing a lot of golden iridescent pastel plasma liquid light infusions that are adding, weaving and repairing the codons of our DNA, wave after wave, layer by layer. Looks really beautiful, Multidimensional and holographic! Furthermore there is a big ongoing focus on the purification of reversal codings, reptilian hybrid genetic codes, 666 seal, AI materials etc., especially from our and the Planetary Crystalline Network.
I am seeing the Crystals, Crystal Caverns, Caves and Crystal Technology, as well as our inner Crystals and Crystalline Network being cleared of old false data/ memories, codings and black magic. Again a focus is on the clearing and upgrades to our and the Planetary elementals (esp ether, earth and water), cellular and subatomic levels and layers.
The field is ready for the final BREAK-THROUGH!
Can you feel the Freedom?!
Can you feel our Full Liberation at hand?
Can you FEEL what is coming?!
Eternal Love & Blessings,
Ramona 💙

source: www.facebook.com/ramona.lappin



…another important passageway ⚡A BIG ONE⚡ towards the December Gate…
We are accessing a more profound layer where we have the possibility to get in touch with our deepest wounds
according also to the ‘movement of the Collective Energy’ which is really “parallel” to our inner reality…(a mirror in a way)…
And the more we go deeper and deeper inside our cellular body to feel/see/release/transform our grief, the more we can 💫BECOME/EMBODY the LIGHT WE REALLY ARE 💫
Again in this moment ⚡the Altleantean⚡is one of the ‘most active timelines’…remember that when we connect to our Atlantean Wounds (and I mean basically the DownFall of Atlantis)…our pain/grief…the images we can have access to…the emotions that emerge…can be really ⚡DEVASTATING⚡
…Rage💫Fear💫Guilt…the Disconnection from our Higher Aspects/Higher Self and from our 💫12 Strands DNA💫…so Touching and so Profound…how many tears we “have to” release…🙏
❣In these hours I’m deeply working on all this…letting go of the old mindsets/patterns created in Atlantis…releasing very intense emotions that are still stored/anchored in my Ph. Body…completely horizontal to facilitate the process and the access to the Holographic Field and to ‘hundreds of important information’…while my head is really throbbing and I can barely stay up…❣
…this is a week end of Full Release and Full Integration through this Eclipses Corridor which will allow, for what I can see/feel now, a total Shut Down and Restart of the System…a total RESET…the possibility to completely 💫CHANGE OUR PERCEPTION/VISION💫…and to 🌀MAKE A BIG LEAP🌀 …as from the old timelines – like Atlantis – comes also our ⭐STRENGHT…our PURENESS…our connection to our GALACTIC HERITAGE…⭐ and we are opening up to all this…⭐
Have a Wonderful Week End…observe what is happening in your reality…observe your emotions as the Frequency of the Eclipse will probably amplify everything…💫do not judge your emotions and yourself 💫…BE EXTREMELY PATIENT now and go beyond your Human/Linear/Logical Perception to truly see what’s going on..
With Infinite Love
💜Cristina 💜
⭐ Dolphins Joy ⭐Swimming with Dolphins⭐ Marmaid Energy⭐Magical Flow🙏 My Deepest Gratitude for these REALIZATIONS🙏

~Mary Allison~

An old world is crumbling, let it.
The agenda is becoming painfully obvious, let it.
People are questioning fabricated lies they’ve been told, let them.
Others, are achingly intertwined in a dark domain of inverted reality ~ let them be.
Even as the matrix slowly collapses, it still uses mind games and manipulation to distort the truth, let it.
Allow the old reality to crumble.
The disproportionate ideologies of Rome to fall.
Let an inorganic reality built on global pessimism and materialistic addiction collapse.
There is an organic process trying to emerge… let it.
Those who have awakened from the matrix will not find salvation in desperately attempting to prove the matrix to itself.
Let the matrix reap its own karma, its life cycle unwind, as it has no choice but to reveal itself through clumsy missteps of parabolic paranoia and pathological persuasion.
Allow those who have a trauma bond with the matrix, to fall in love with systemic deceit.
Humans have to make mistakes to learn. Let them.
The time and focus spent detailing the corruption and mechanistic means of a dying society, can be spent building and creating anew.
Let the old world meet its fate.
No amount of psychoanalysis will cure or stop a broken system from dying.
Be the doula for a new earth.
You’re infinite potential woven into the tapestry of a new timeline.
You’re free now, if you’d like to be.
A new earth emerges, let it.~

We all came to earth at this time to witness this historic transition into the Golden Age. All the chaos and confusion that is unfolding before our eyes on the world stage is all pre-destined and preplanned and is being carried out exactly as it should.
Have faith that there is a divine plan for all of us and that you are a very integral part of that plan. Have faith that this story ends well and if you are still seeing chaos in your life then that means that the final act is yet to unfold.
The people of the world have declared their sovereignty. The people of the world are standing up for freedom. Those who enforce tyrannical acts against humanity will be brought to justice. It is just a matter of time that all of these false matrix games and illusions crumble and disintegrate into oblivion.
Once these intense galactic energies have leveled the old and dysfunctional 3-D playground, this soil will be fertile to plant the seeds of New Earth.
Stay patient and persevere with faith. Have faith in the divine plan and know that this turbulence will end and lead to a very exciting period of rebuilding Heaven on Earth. Things will get easier once we align ourselves with faith and surrender.
Remind yourself that these are cosmic initiations of mastery that we all must walk through as a unified collective. These are the tribulations before our graduation.
You are doing really well. Stay the course. Pick yourself up every time you fall. Be kind to yourself and those around you. Lend a helping hand to those in need when you can.
You are not alone! We are in the together!
With love,
Siman 💕
source: www.melchizedekrosemysteryschool.com
Mercury in Scorpio square Jupiter in Aquarius and sesquiquadrate Chiron in Aries – Big ideas are possible as is the desire to say yes to every opportunity that comes our way with these aspects. The problem comes when we feel like we’re trying to make up for a perceived shortfall, a sense that we’re not quite enough for the world. The more we try to prove a point, the less we believe in ourselves.
Think positively about your future but know that your power is in the now. Gather information but recognise that there comes a point where academic knowledge will not substitute for real world experience. Sometimes the lesson sticks more with hands on learning. Trial and error can be fun if you let go of worrying about the judgements of others. Laugh at your mistakes. Healing comes from recognising that you don’t have to have all the answers, nor do you have to get it right first time.
Degrees and Times
Mercury 23°Sc48′, Chiron 08°Ar48′ R – 18:07 (UT)
Mercury 24°Sc11′, Jupiter 24°Aq11′ – 23:43 (UT)
Source: LeahWhiteHorse.com
Painting – ‘The Knitting Lesson’ by Jean-Francois Millet
TODAY the energies assist with clearing  away old negative patterns and releasing karmic imbalance, its a good day to sit on a rock…… Meditate.
TOMORROW, according to the Mayan Calendar codes of Universal growth and true non manipulated Divine Time, 21 Nov is 11-Earth, FLOWERING, brings clarity for potential resolve, Earth is movement and intuition, and a connection to ancient wisdom. Its a good day to give thanks to mother earth for all her gifts.
On the Tzolkin 260 day count, time is in the second 20 days of duality, “creates a reaction”, to be or not to be, its a fragile time of the second Hummingbird, the seeds of the new are yet to root and grow, but our work we do now will create the foundations.
In 13 days of Deer, deep spiritual connections bring a return to nature to give inner spiritual strength, the 4 hooves connect to the 4 directions to bring stability.
On the 9th Wave Creation is in 18 days of a trough, a time of rest and healing and dreaming the new.
These Tun 360 days from Sept 2021 to Sept 2022 are pulling on conscious to look within and heal because its also in a trough, understood as the Valley or NIGHT of the 8th Wave, metaphorically speaking the Sun is in the shadow, this is on the Galactic level of consciousness. The 8th Wave was initiated in 1999 and is bringing back inner strength to the feminine, also initiating the digital revolution.
They say, according to astrology, the consciousness we are in is similar to the time of the French revolution in the mid to late 1700’s, BIG SOCIAL CHANGE is happening, all is in Divine Order and to a time schedule.
The memory of the Cosmic Seed within is awakening humanity to understand, TO BE LOVE, on the highest levels at the top, the sort of love that is courageously humble and trusts to allow the will of the Creator of the Universe to rule over the CONSCIOUSNESS of Earth through the heart mind alignment.
The CHAOS we see is the confirmation for those who are in power, at the top, to keep it in a manipulated dysfunctional way and thus possess and control the collective Soul. The crows nest of problems is feeding what is not growing the memory of the corn to be true, so to speak. Key is being still, opening the heart and shining the Will of Creator, transmuting the poison that creates the problems. Through the human consciousness, the organic corn seed is growing and shining the STARLIGHT memory of Earth, transcending and healing the trauma of time, collapsing what is off center from integrity.
Letting go of the duality of the mind and walking in truth to the path of the heart, is key.

Today is Red Electric Dragon day on the 13 Moon Dreamspell Mayan Calendar.

Red Dragon, (tribe 1 of the 20 solar tribe archetype cycle), nurtures, being, birth.
Red Dragon is the mother tribe. The fiery life source energy of yesterday’s Yellow Sun is birthed back into existence through today’s fire-breathing Red Dragon. It is an ideal day to get something new underway. Initiate new ideas, relationships, projects, journeys, or anything new. Get comfortable, and be at home with who you are at the core of your being. Nurture yourself and all of those who are in your sphere of influence.
Be sure to take care of your own needs first. If you allow yourself to become depleted, you will have nothing to offer to others in need. As with all things, in order for one thing to be true, its exact opposite must be equally true to make it possible. If you want to help or nurture yourself, then help and nurture others. If you want to help others, you must first attend to yourself.
“As within, so without. as above, so below”. A perfect balance is required to get optimal results from the nurturing process.
Electric tone of Service, (step 3 of the 13-step creative energy cycle), activate, bond, service.
Having met yesterday’s challenges of enlightenment, life, and universal fire, (Yellow Sun), you now find yourself operating from a position of strength. In life, when you are able to rise up and meet your challenges, you are made stronger from the experience. The number three is physically represented by a triangle. The triangle is the strongest shape known. From a position of strength, you are now feeling the urge and ability to help others. Service to others is the highest calling you can aspire to.
Serve others from a position of strength through nurturing, being, and birth. Serve others by helping them to get new things started, be at ease in their primal being, and to nurture themselves and others. Service to others is a self-perpetuating process. As others find their strengths, they will then feel called to serve and so on. Service to others is a powerful gift that keeps on giving. Today you will gain strength from, and also have a powerful experience of nurturing, being, and birth.
Service from strength through and about nurturing, being, and birth.
Day 3 of the 13-day cycle themed Blue Storm, catalyze, self-generate, energy.
Written by Roger Grossman
On The Galactic Calendar, we have now entered the new 28-day cycle: The Overtone Peacock Moon of Radiance (Nov 15 – Dec 12). This energy invites us to anchor to our center, claim our empowerment, take command of our journey, and emanate our radiance. The Overtone Frequency reminds us that when we are rooted to our center, living from that authentic perspective, the mandala of our life is naturally harmonized with the Center that is everywhere at once. This is a time to challenge yourself to receive the adventure of the present moment. Give yourself permission to trust your non-linear impulses, think outside the box, and let your unique ray shine!
Make Every Day Magic with The Galactic Calendar!
Learn more: http://13moon.com


KIN 81- Red Electric Dragon Power of : Birth

Galactic Signature of Alchemical Marriage of Valum Votan and Red Queen
The Alchemical Marriage is the union of duality and the most revered and possibly powerful union. It is the perfect conjunction, intimate bonding of duality and signifies the pure, deep harmony which occurs whenever the masculine and feminine elements of nature combines into One 💖. it symbolizes the alchemical marriage of the masculine energy, Shiva and feminine energy, Shakti to join within ourself and the love energy rising up in ourself and consequently within every other relationship too 💖 Shiva Shakti energy joining, melting together creating Divine Love. A Harmonic Duo, Sacred Oneness in Peace and Joy
Kin 81 – Precept 29 – Everything that grows is meant to transcend itself. When you become fully who you are your character opens like a flower – when you fully flower you pass beyond yourself into the final image of the flower, which is the full development of the soul.
Cosmic History Quote for
Moon 5, Day 6 – Everything is part of one inherently artistic cosmic plan.
Key 🔑0.2. :The 441 cube matrix system is a living order, rooted in the magic of time as the capacity to extend the One into all things and all affairs. This is the root of living unity.
-260 Keys To Synchronotron
source: 13moonpeacetime.com

Kin 81 ~ Red Electric Dragon

‘Electric’ is the name for the number three and its key words are ‘Activate, Service and Bond’. The third day of a wavespell ‘activates’ the energy and really gives things a boost. These days are great for getting things done but are seldom relaxing, use this electric energy to your advantage or beware of getting a shock!
Today is Red Dragon and its key words are ‘Nurture, Being and Birth’. Some combinations of day and number are special and today is great match of energies. The Red Dragon is about birth (Dragons live in caves and caves are the womb of Mother Earth) …and so to ‘Activate Birth’ means that today is perfect for giving birth to something new and as we are now in the Blue Storm wavespell and that brings big changes…this just adds up to spectacular opportunities. Whether you wish to launch a new business/project or start a new life or actually give birth to a baby (or make a baby), do it now, the timing is right!
The Guide for today is the Red Serpent which also represents ‘renewal’. The serpent can shed its old skin and emerge totally revitalized, a special magical gift it has. Allow Serpent to guide you today and you too, can shed your old self and become something different and fresh!
The Challenge today is the Blue Monkey who likes to have fun but can be bad at nurturing themselves. Often, they suffer from monkey mind which can result in too much thinking. On Dragon days they can struggle and so if you are a monkey try harder to look after yourself. If you know one give them some support.
The Occult power today is the Yellow Sun, shining light on all things magical! This sunshine boosts the electrical power of the day providing plenty of energy! The best thing about Dragon days is the warmth the sun gives us when in this Occult position. The Yellow Sun offers enlightenment, no matter what position he is in but when the Yellow Sun arises here you can bet the magical knowledge you glean will be a great help to you today. Do you see the light?
The Ally today is the White Mirror and so if you need assistance consult one. If you are a White Mirror, be prepared to befriend those in need today. Otherwise, take a good long hard look at your reflection and try to see yourself as your friend or ally would. Seeing your true potential is a friendly way to look at yourself. Give yourself a reality check and don’t worry… the truth isn’t always hard to take.
3 IMIX – KIN 81
20 NOVEMBER 2021
Bonding being
I seal the input of birth
With the Electric tone of Service
I AM guided by the power of life force
20/11/2021 = 2/11/221 = 2/2/221 = 2/2/5=2/7=9
2- Twins/Partners/Cooperation
9- Endings/Destiny/Service/Humanity
✨MONTH/YEAR codes✨
11- Portal/Gate/Polarity
2- Twins/Partner/Cooperation
5- FREEDOM/LIBERATION/Change/Transformation
7- Spiritual/Majik/Mystic/Initiation
KIN 81 = 9 Destiny/Service/Humanity/Compassion/Closure
A beautiful transformative day, ENDING old cycles and emphasizing SERVICE through NURTURING others.
Day 3 in the BLUE STORM WAVESPELL of purification, cleansing, transformation and evolution. Today we are ACTIVATING transformation, through the power of Nurturance, in Divine Service to humanity.
ELECTRIC💡 is tone number 3 in the tone of creation. It is the first of the three EMOTIONAL realm tones. It’s focus is on being of SERVICE to others through the action of BONDING,👭 that is coming together with others to cocreate and be of SERVICE.
ELECTRIC energy provides the ignition🎇 or SPARK🔥 for your manifestation, it is a current that needs to keep moving and flowing, transmitting energy..🔌 It also adds POWER to anything you are creating today. An extra electrical boost to draw upon. The power of 3 is derived from 2 units merging and creating the third, more powerful entity. This action duplicates the essence of bonding in service that the Electric tone provides.
Today beckons you to become emotionally mature. EXPAND your focus from bonding with ONE to the joy of bonding with ALL. Together with your divine counterpart offer your united energies to be of DIVINE SERVICE to HU-MAN-ITY.. 👭👬👫🌎
The ELECTRIC tone of SERVICE to HUMANITY is DOUBLE today through the Yearly ELECTRIC SEED tone and amplified through the 9.9 DOUBLE SERVICE code.. very potent energies to catapult your DIVINE MISSION. 🚀🚀🚀
Today you should contemplate HOW you can activate your electrical power to send waves of pure charged energy to uplift and energize others through DIVINE SERVICE!.
A very POTENT day for CLOSING the old cycle, and new beginnings initiating CHANGE as we have a DOUBLE WHAMMY DUO with the ELECTRIC DRAGON💡🐉 and ELECTRIC SERPENT💡🐍 joining forces to give our Planetary Grid system a huge ELECTRICAL JUMP START… extra rocket power🚀🚀 to boost your energy, vitality, PASSION and DIVINE MISSION!🔥🔥🔥
Today’s question is “How can I express greater nurturance and care for my community, through bonding with others in Divine Service to humanity?
In Lak’ech a la kin – the MAYAN saying which translates to “I am another of YOU!”
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
CONSCIOUS SELF: RED ELECTRIC DRAGON 💡🐉 IMIX represents the MOTHER, the WOMB OF CREATION and the SOURCE of all that is birthed through the Feminine principle. The ELECTRIC DRAGON is very emotional and strongly seeks to BOND with others through caring and nurturing for them in total SERVICE to her family. RED MOTHER DRAGON’s seek to protect, suckle and nurture their younglings.
IMIX combined with the STORM energies seeks to catalyze transformation in others, through compassion and love. We seek out others who are feeling isolated, depressed or lonely and BOND in SERVICE by opening our hearts and allowing them to feel loved, nurtured and valued. Through this empathy and compassion we seek to change the culture of greed and exploitation into care, protection and support for our fellow planetary kin.
IMIX encourages us to reach out to all planetary kin as though they are our family. The Lakota people use the phrase “Mitakuye Oyasin”. Meaning that we are all related, reflecting the world view of interconnectedness and Unity consciousness which is the foundation for tribal/community living. In a tribe everyone is family and everyone is responsible for the care and welfare of the tribe.. The problem of ONE becomes the problem of all, in order to find solutions returning the tribe back to equilibrium. All tribe members have a sense of belonging, and feel safe and protected in the shelter of their loving community.
IMIX also provides the spark to initiate new projects, and birth new creations. A new idea or new career path is favoured by these energies.. Some new groundbreaking ideas that can relieve the suffering of others. New solutions for Gaia’s environmental problems to bring back harmony through respect and care for our Earth Mother.
RED MUMMA DRAGON’S are very STRONG, fearless and protective – so call on the DRAGON clan today to support you in your path of Divine Service to your community. 🐉🐉
HIGHER SELF/GUIDE: RED SERPENT🔥🐍 CHICCHAN the Electric Serpent is primed and ready for ACTION today. The strong electrical current is stimulating both your personal kundalini and that of Mother Gaia’s.🔥🌏
✨✨✨ULURU’S POWER was reconnected through the Solar🌞 Umbilical Cord on January 13, 2020 on an Electrical Serpent day, 🐍so this is very potent CREATION energy combined with IMIX’s power releasing a SURGE of creative LIFE FORCE! Your battery is FULLY CHARGED and primed for ACTION!
CHICCHAN represents the medical caduceus and together with the Electric Dragon forms the double serpent healing power. The ELECTRICAL SERPENT 🐍also represents QUETZALCOATL – the masculine feathered Serpent that inhabits GAIA’S ley/dragon lines. 🐍🌐
You can harness the healing power of CHICCHAN🐍 today by honouring PACHAMAMA🌏 and calling forth the SKY DRAGONS, WATER DRAGONS and EARTH DRAGONS to bless you with their regenerative forces and enhance your LIFE FORCE.
CHICCHAN helps us activate change through our personal and PLANETARY transformation. RED SERPENT responds directly from an instinctual reflex. Our natural instinct is to serve others, and through this greater purpose we evolve and grow. The service to self program has caused the separateness in our society creating FEAR and the need to compete for survival. As we connect with our Divine instinct and SHARE our resources, skills and knowledge, we discover the true knowingness that….
✨✨✨ ALL IS BETTER when we come together 👪 to cocreate. ✨✨✨SHARING is caring! 💕
💡🌎🎆NOTE: If you have IMIX 🐉or CHICCAN🐍 in your Galactic Signature you may feel this powerful surge of ELECTRICAL POWER🔌💡🎇 today. If you cannot channel it into creative pursuits you may need to GROUND the excess into Mother Gaia, donating it to her for Planetary transformation and healing. 🌿💚
SUPPORT: WHITE ELECTRIC MIRROR 🔎– ETZNAB the ELECTRIC MIRROR will powerfully REFLECT the TRUTH today and the news may be SHOCKING!!! 💥💥💥
Relationships will be illuminated and MAGNIFIED, so take extra notice of who and what is being revealed. We will need to stay BALANCED and CALM in order to decipher what the MIRROR is projecting. If we are emotionally vulnerable🔥 we may indeed have a dramatic outburst💥 or be witness to one.
The 20 AWAKENING code gives us CLEAR VISION to SEE 👀in the MIRROR today. Use discernment in order to SEE the TRUTH with clarity.. Instead of getting caught up in the ILLUSION of drama, chaos and confusion – focus instead on being of SERVICE. Denounce the Old Matrix and align yourself with the New Earth, walking through the new doors opening.
ETZNAB reveals how to SERVE our DIVINE MISSION through fearlessly communicating the TRUTH as we see it reflected. We need to realign our emotional bodies, activating the energy needed to move beyond our primal fears in order to EXPAND into greater realms and dimensions.
✨🌿✨The TIME for greater SERVICE has begun as the TRUTHERS and whistleblowers UNITE in their message.
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: YELLOW SPECTRAL SUN 🌀☀ AHAU is today’s SUPERPOWER working synergistically with the BLUE STORM🌀🌦 to purify, cleanse and release any density that has been holding us back from claiming our Divinity and stepping up into greater Divine Service.
AHAU enables us to LIBERATE the unconditional love within us by being our true SOVEREIGN selves. We need to SHINE OUR LIGHT, independently of what appears in the external reality or whatever our beloveds are experiencing.
✨✨✨Do not lower yourself to assist others, instead RADIATE🌞 your LIGHT💡 so that they can RISE up to meet you. Always uplift and inspire others to SHINE brightly with you. 👬👭☀
CHALLENGE/GIFT: BLUE ELECTRIC MONKEY💡🐒 – CHUEN the ELECTRIC MONKEY – is releasing a surge of MAJIKAL 💫POWER⚛ today to energize your creations. This is POTENT Tom Foolery energy so crank up the dial on your time machine and ACTIVATE your highest destiny.
This MAJIK is also the GLUE that attracts your kin to BOND with you. This electrical charge can create much mayhem in the mischievous monkey – so again make sure YOU are in control and take CHARGE! Your challenge today is to CONTROL your POWER (and your E-motions) and claim your Majik to manifest a greater Destiny. Do not waste your Majik on inconsequential things but build it up to create SPECTACULAR CHANGE! ✨🌞✨
CHUEN the majikal Divine child is also reminding us to BOND and be of SERVICE through the Art of PLAY! LIGHTEN UP, play, laugh and seek merriment in all that you do. The gift of LAUGHTER is one of the most spontaneous joys that can bring great healing and instantly raise our frequency to that of SOURCE. As you laugh and play with your kin you establish a deeper and more authentic connectedness. This is the reason we were all put on this Earth – to discover our God self through our reflection.
Reconnect with the POWER of your DIVINE MAJIK ⚛today to create spontaneous MIRACLES!💫✨
Today’s question is “How can I express greater nurturance and care for my community, through bonding with others in Divine Service to humanity?
In Lak’ech a la kin – the MAYAN saying which translates to “I am another of YOU!”
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
PICTURE CREDITS: Solar Umbilical Cord Activation ULURU DIVINE GRATITUDE to Janet Patrick 🙏❤🙏

Galactic Invocation of The Fifth Force

Invocation of the Galactic force – the Hunab Ku
Fifth Initiation of Planetary consciousness
Power of the fifth force
Integrating Power of the cosmic totality – heart of radiance
From within the Galactic Center – Heart of radiance
May we be encompassed by the fifth force power of Hunab Ku
The Call to the One realized by the prophets and singers of galactic time Those who know how to invoke
The 72 dimensional energies of the 18-dimension universe Spinning the matrix creation force throughout the great dominion of time O you One Giver of Movement and measure
By the power of the 13 galactic tones of endless creation
Bestow on us now your unitive force of the presence of Cosmic Totality!
source: 13moonpeacetime.com


Electric House of the PRIMORDIAL FORCE.
6th Gate of the Heptad

The YOGUI / YOGUINI opens the door of Transcendence; Enter the PRIMORDIAL FORCE, bearer of the memory of the cosmic being; guided by the SERPENT INITIATE, guardian of the primordial wisdom of the fifth root race, the “Red Enigma”; supported by the YOGUI / YOGUINI, master of meditation “; challenged / strengthened by the ILLUSIONIST, Lord of the Game, the” Blue Alchemist “; And receives the hidden help of the ENLIGHTENED, bearer of the supreme truth. ”

source: https://www.13lunas.net



Moon 5, 6 – Everything is part of a cosmic plan, artistic by nature.




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