You are currently viewing Portals of Roses have been Activated ~ BIG Plasma Blasts Surfing the 5D Bliss Waves – Divine Union, A Sacred Alchemy
Portals of Roses

Portals of Roses have been Activated ~ BIG Plasma Blasts Surfing the 5D Bliss Waves – Divine Union, A Sacred Alchemy

Portals of Roses have been Activated ~ BIG Plasma Blasts Surfing the 5D Bliss Waves – Divine Union, A Sacred Alchemy



Paul White Gold Eagle

Greetings Soul Star Rainbow Warriors of the Path with Heart

It is time to live your Passions of your life as Art. You are a conscious Co-Creator of your reality, now we step into our roles as Wayshowers of the New Heaven upon the New Earth.

Inch, time, foot, gem; each moment is worth more than a priceless gem for each moment offers you the opportunity to live the Alchemy of Divine Union both internally and externally, this is Satori, Sacred Illumination.

As you realize your True Nature of Buddha Mind the clouds of Illusions and Delusions dissipate and what is revealed is your Glorious Eternal Light.

Gaia and all her Children of the Sun are being enveloped in the White Light of Source Creator to protect and Ascend all sentient beings out of the Dark Age of suffering and separation into the 5D Golden Age of Unity, Peace and Prosperity for all our Good People of the New Jerusalema….A’Ho!




Right now: Moon at 12°57′ Aquarius, Sun at 2°32′ Libra

sabian symbols

Current Sabian Symbols

Current Sabian Symbol for the Sun

The dawn of a new day reveals everything changed.
Sabian Symbol for 3º Libra

The current Sabian Symbol of the Sun is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing solar influence, the vital energy and the personality, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this day, while the Sun’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 3º Libra.

Current Sabian Symbol for the Moon

A barometer.
Sabian Symbol for 13º Aquarius

The current Sabian Symbol of the Moon is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing lunar influence, the emotional background, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this moment, while the Moon’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 13º Aquarius.




⚡️BIG Plasma Blasts Surfing the 5D Bliss Waves / Head Pressure 🌈 + Integration & Brain Re: Organization! ⚡️⚡️
Portals of Roses
Portals of Roses


Rays of truth, justice, love and harmony! Photonic light is what we are created from, god source light! It is within your DNA. It’s increasing from solar flares, winds and CME. We just had another CME! This month has been spectacular with solar activity. Libra season is magnetizing with the equinox portal, just as you are magnetizing the light here. Our magnetic fields magnetize together which is how they work in tandem. We are the bringers, anchoring the light to bring so many blessings to humanity, Gaia and the multiverse. That’s how important your energy is! Momentum is increasing for our diamond lightbody activations and planetary liberation as they both work on tandem. Harmonize, ground, center and anchor your beautiful pillar of light 
Photonic light
Photonic light

Ra James

Tomorrow our Moon and Saturn align. Expect a huge karmic release, karmic healing, and a chance to release karmic energies. Friday is the Harvest Moon too! Expect high energies this week, as we are still receiving some major energies from the Equinox.
Ascension Energy
Ascension Energy
This September 27 will be a very important day: on this day, a large gap between you and your goals will finally be closed. This day will feel like a big leap forward, as a boost to a new, more prosperous reality. 🦋✨🍒
big leap forward
big leap forward

🌀 EQUINOSIO CHANNEL: Closing Time Lines/New Beginnings🌀

✨️For about 10 days we have been vibrating in this space and we receive, even without being aware of it, important information that is acquired through magnificent Geometries of Light that penetrate our Field and generate… OF E V E R T H I N G …. ❣️
✨️Light and Darkness in perfect balance encourage the observation of LIGHT and SHADOWS in us and accelerate to the maximum the dynamics of being…
✨️What is happening in the Inner World? What are the aspects driving the process? Do we allow ourselves to be led by the Loving hand of the Superior Self or are we pulled back from egoistic structures/thinking/emotional field? Let’s watch this without judgement… it is what it is .. just like ..
✨️What Fears/Angers (and not only) are highlighted to be placed under a zoom lens? Everything manifests itself to be SEEN 💫ACCEPTED💫 TRANSMUTED💫
✨️What NEW ROADS/TIMELINES are they showing us? What TALENTS and SKILLS are most outlined in us? And what STORM LINES are closing or closing?
✨️This is an important 💫CHOICE POINT💫 that needs to be perceived and lived for what is, as deeply as possible, in connection with 💫our Heart and our Higher Self💫
🌀 With all my Heart and Love,
Cristina 💜
9/25/23: Today wants you “all in” on your transformational journey. It wants you open, alert, plugged in, and fully on the ride. This means not questioning the process, not struggling to get your own way, not minimizing your power, and not sacrificing your authentic voice in favor of the expected and uninspiring.
Today can reveal wonders great and small. It can unveil deep truths beyond the ordinary. But it all has to flow from and through you and you must be clear and willing. Your Right Action is to be present with whatever unfolds… not wandering in the past or the future where shadows can confuse you. Be at peace with your surroundings as they are.
transformational journey
transformational journey
To achieve the profound state of Divine Union, a sacred alchemy of energies between the Feminine and the Masculine, a fundamental requirement is the cultivation of self-worth and internal fortitude within each. The Feminine essence must embark on a journey to recognize and embrace her inherent value, summoning the courage needed to let her heart reign as the primary source of her energy and prowess. This vital empowerment enables her to tap into the depths of her being and unleash her greatest power.
In parallel, the Masculine essence is called to venture into the intricate layers of his psyche, navigating the labyrinth of his shadows. This inner exploration demands immense strength and dedication, as he confronts and works through these layers to establish a profound connection with his heart. When the Masculine achieves this heartfelt connection, allowing its wisdom to illuminate his path, he finds within himself a guiding light that leads him towards his higher self.
It is in this sacred convergence of awakened Feminine and Masculine energies that a remarkable synergy unfolds. When both the Feminine and the Masculine embark on this essential journey of self-discovery and inner work, understanding and trusting the profound potential held within their hearts, an irresistible force draws them irresistibly towards each other. This magnetic attraction is the herald of an impending and harmonious Divine Union, a celestial dance of energies that mirrors the universal balance and unity.
sacred alchemy of energies
sacred alchemy of energies

Portals of Roses have been activated. Mother Earth has also been activated for the final disclosure purpose

September 24th, 2023
Linda Li
Dear family of love and light, the Divine has been working hard for the final disclosure. The Divine says right now, huge amounts of the energies and miscreation have been cleared from the planet and humanity and that paves the way for the final disclosure.
The Divine says that the Divine has also done a great deal of activations for the final disclosure purpose. Rose portals have been activated. The Divine says that Mother Mary has a significant connection with the roses on planet earth. That is why roses have been activated so that roses on earth will emit helpful energies for the healing of the planet and humanity.
The Divine says that different colors of roses have different frequencies. Each color of the roses has a role to play in time to come. Some are more healing than others. However, roses are important flowers that heal. Each rose acts like a portal through which the healing light will be emitted so that humanity can benefit from rose’s healing power.
The Divine says so far, four colors of roses (Pink, White, Yellow and Peach) have been activated and working. Especially the pink roses which carry Mother’s unconditional love for humans to feel. Pink roses are the strong healers among the other roses. The Divine strongly encourages us to connect with the pink roses and benefit from their unconditional love and heart opening power.
The Divine says when the final disclosure happens, the planet earth will have a great deal of frequency shift so that humanity will also benefit from the frequency of mother earth. Now Gaia has activated the planet so that when time comes, mother earth will emit her love for souls on earth. The Divine says that mother earth has a significant amount of energies that were designed to help with the final disclosure and remapping process. The planet is ready now and she is looking forward to the final disclosure and the start of the remapping process.
The planet earth has a lot of changes in time to come. These changes were designed for the rebuilding purpose. Gaia has designed the process. Gaia and mother earth are all ready for the process and are excited that the final disclosure is finally coming.
The Divine encourages light workers to keep up the good work and stay calm. Know that the Divine plan is working well. Elements of the final disclosure are all in place. The process is moving forward nicely. The planet and humanity are ready and hearts are opening. Time has come indeed.
Thank you for your love and light. Divine blessings to you always.
Linda Li, the Divine and the company of heaven. So it is.
Stonehenge Equinox
Stonehenge Equinox

Archangelic Calendar

The Re-Emergence of Philosophy, There is a Time for Everything, New Portals


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This post’s launch time is at the peak of the New Moon on 091323 – 091523 (check your local time). The next day will begin at the height of the New Moon 101223 – 101423 (check your local time.)

If you know that a new day has begun, send love and kindness to all.

Today’s Date on The Archangelic Calendar is:


This day (10 of 13) is named after Archangel Azrael as the essence of abundance, protection, justice, truth, learning, fairness, and transmutation. 


Relevant to our Calendar Date:

– Gaia is in “Serzi’s Will.” Serzi (Our Galaxy) acts upon the “Infinite Universe’s” will, which is yet a microcosm for “Infinitely Expanding Creator Source.” The current setting is “Spirit” and will remain there. There will be so much love, hope, and peace in the air as we are refreshed and renewed in the cosmic energy of divine change. 

– The day is named after Archangel Azrael, a widely misunderstood energy that ends things without a purpose. Many view an end as a negative thing, but it is very positive in the case of something causing harm. It is only in our inability to let go that pain emerges. “Infinitely Expanding Creator Source” takes on all forms regardless of the micro (human) opinion of them. All things have a great purpose, and Archangel Azrael embodies that statement. 

Relevant to our Now:

– Tomorrow only comes if you are in superposition with yesterday’s thoughts.

– There is a deep peace, a stillness, in the ether. Our universe (timeline) has shifted dramatically within this lunar cycle.

– Synchronicity is becoming more and more common on a grand scale. Assess your direction, thoughts, and feelings; it matters more than ever.

– The re-emergence of philosophy is a direct and natural response to the confusion of the masses. When a maze presents itself, so does the exit.

– A rise in median consciousness has made the opinions of the masses impossible to control. 

– Being a citizen of this world is much like being in a romantic relationship. It will not be perfect, but as long as you’re an active participant, you agree to improve it. Fairy tale relationships and societies are a work of fiction. In life, we need to work on things to perfect them. If the intention to better our world is present, even our mistakes will be a step in the right direction.

Philosophical Buffet: 

– The roadblock most people face in spirituality is discipline.

– There are many channels the mind can set itself to. Its reception options are based on consciousness. If one can reach the highest aspects of themselves, they are open to inspiration from the highest source.

– The highest form of love is hell. If a being struggles to grow, this extreme life setting becomes necessary. It can also be summoned by a deep desire to grow or a yearning to gain wisdom. 

– The human body reacts under pressure and adapts depending on its challenge. This is also true for the spirit, a blessing of immeasurable purpose. 

– Friendship should be valued highest among relationships. A friend is at the perfect distance; they will be honest with you if they are authentic. 

– In the same way, there are unlimited expressions of the divine in physical form and endless paths of connection to the sacred. All of them are right; there is no one way to source.

– Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of spirituality and be honest about the issue. The human self does not trust the spirit self in totality. Remember, the universe follows your perspective and your focus. You have to trust the macro fully; some call this faith, but if knowledge is present, it is called enlightenment. 

– Metaphysically, to know something new, you must access that specific place where it originates in the nonphysical. There are two roads at the theoretical beginning: ignorance or experience. Those who have just stepped on this path of experience deserve our non-judgmental support. We must recall our first steps on this path and have compassion. Can you remember what initially brought you to your inner journey?

– Stop posing for the optical eye; it’s inauthentic. If you wish to be authentic, be true to yourself, not social media.

– The figures of god are visualizations of your higher self. Yeshua, Buddha, and Krishna are all your mind’s way of interpreting what your higher self is in physical terms. You are the same.

– There is a time for everything; things happen when scheduled.

– Everything has to be put in the context of “Infinitely Expanding Creator Source” in the form of. This applies to all things that exist; there are no exceptions.

– Why do we try to convince ourselves that we are many separate beings when we are just one being? What purpose does this have?

Metaphysical Tools: These will be individualized and forged by the person who uses them. Create your own way; we must not rely on anything or anyone in our quest for metaphysical power. We command all that is lower in frequency than we are and act in confidence. 

To be noted: All color legions, those who can not correctly be articulated, and named legions are active and can assist in every possible way. 

Today’s Assignments:

Nothing requires you to do the following: if you are ready, your higher self will call you to duty; if not, skip the meditation.




New Portals:

(The polarities have significantly changed; thus, writing these layers in either direction is acceptable.) 

* The exit portal will be erected like we usually do, square or rectangular. You can certainly do this in your mind’s eye or on paper. Please note that you must burn this page using the “form and pen method” (safely). This portal can multiply or expand as needed. ( Revealing Evil, Banishing Evil, Defusing Negative Energy and Stress ) 

Level 1 (Outer Layer): ntIt, ntIt, ntIt, ntIt, ntIt, ntIt, ntIt, ntIt, ntIt, ntIt

Level 2: bXI,bXI,bXI,bXI,bXI,bXI,bXI,bXI,bXI,

Level 3: C7iN, C7iN, C7iN, C7iN, C7iN, C7iN, C7iN, C7iN, C7iN, 

Then imbue the “Exit Portal” with the “Black Flame” and “Violet Flame.”

* The 1st entrance portal we will create is dedicated to healing. This portal will be circular in orientation. ( Appreciation, Healing, Miracle Making)

(Inner) Level 1: bll, bll, bll, bll, bll, bll, bll, bll, bll, bll, bll, bll, bll, bll, bll, bll, bll, bll

Level 2: 7iTn, 7iTn, 7iTn, 7iTn, 7iTn, 7iTn, 7iTn, 7iTn, 7iTn, 7iTn, 7iTn, 7iTn, 7iTn, 7iTn, 7iTn, 7iTn, 7iTn, 7iTn

Level 3: 77i7, 77i7, 77i7, 77i7, 77i7, 77i7, 77i7, 77i7, 77i7, 77i7, 77i7, 77i7, 77i7, 77i7, 77i7, 77i7, 77i7, 77i7

Level 4: Y7n, Y7n, Y7n, Y7n, Y7n, Y7n, Y7n, Y7n, Y7n

Level 5: D7iW, D7iW, D7iW, D7iW, D7iW, D7iW, D7iW, D7iW, D7iW

Level 6: OnU, OnU, OnU, OnU, OnU, OnU, OnU, OnU, OnU

Then, imbue this portal in the following “Electrical Strikes:” White, Pink, Light Blue, Gold, Green, and Rainbow.

* We will erect another portal dedicated to sustaining our bodies. ( Prosperity, Enough is Never Enough, Great Expectations )

(Inner) Level 1: bll, bll, bll, bll, bll, bll, bll, bll, bll, bll, bll, bll, bll, bll, bll, bll, bll, bll

Level 2: 7iTn, 7iTn, 7iTn, 7iTn, 7iTn, 7iTn, 7iTn, 7iTn, 7iTn, 7iTn, 7iTn, 7iTn, 7iTn, 7iTn, 7iTn, 7iTn, 7iTn, 7iTn

Level 3: 77i7, 77i7, 77i7, 77i7, 77i7, 77i7, 77i7, 77i7, 77i7, 77i7, 77i7, 77i7, 77i7, 77i7, 77i7, 77i7, 77i7, 77i7

Level 4: OXb, OXb, OXb, OXb, OXb, OXb, OXb, OXb, OXb

Level 5: 7Jn, 7Jn, 7Jn, 7Jn, 7Jn, 7Jn, 7Jn, 7Jn, 7Jn

Level 6: XnY, XnY, XnY, XnY, XnY, XnY, XnY, XnY, XnY

Then, imbue this portal in the following “Electrical Strikes”: White, Pink, Light Blue, Gold, Yellow, Red, Rose Gold, Silver, Violet, Platinum, Diamond, and Rainbow.

* We will erect another portal dedicated to global peace and benevolent society. ( Unity, Building, Bridges, Prophecy )

(Inner) Level 1: bll, bll, bll, bll, bll, bll, bll, bll, bll, bll, bll, bll, bll, bll, bll, bll, bll, bll

Level 2: 7iTn, 7iTn, 7iTn, 7iTn, 7iTn, 7iTn, 7iTn, 7iTn, 7iTn, 7iTn, 7iTn, 7iTn, 7iTn, 7iTn, 7iTn, 7iTn, 7iTn, 7iTn

Level 3: 77i7, 77i7, 77i7, 77i7, 77i7, 77i7, 77i7, 77i7, 77i7, 77i7, 77i7, 77i7, 77i7, 77i7, 77i7, 77i7, 77i7, 77i7

Level 4: Dn7i, Dn7i, Dn7i, Dn7i, Dn7i, Dn7i, Dn7i, Dn7i, Dn7i


Level 6: 7inn, 7inn, 7inn, 7inn, 7inn,7inn, 7inn, 7inn, 7inn

Then, imbue this portal in the following “Electrical Strikes:” Green, Teal, Rose Gold, Silver, Orange, Indigo, Violet, Platinum, Diamond, and Rainbow.

– Now, set the portals above on the Earth and allow them to nurture and cleanse every aspect of human life.

– Reveal all that is hidden, macro and micro, personal and global, by using: “Orange Flame,” “Orange Light,” “Orange Plasma,” and “Rainbow Flame.”

– Let’s plant the seeds of peace within ourselves and mankind with the following: “Pink Light,” “Pink Flame,” “Pink Plasma,” “Pink Lightning,” and “Rainbow Light.”

– Clear the malevolent energies forming around our galactic center. Use any methods you wish.

– Bring abundance to all people by showering the Earth with “Gold Coins” via the abundance portal we have created.

– Bring healing to all people of the Earth with “Emerald Green Ice” via the healing portal we have created.

– Bring natural order to the Earth with “Teal Rain” via the Global Peace portal we have created.

– Finish this act of kindness to all of life on Earth and beyond with the following: “Multidimensional Violet Flame,” “Rainbow Breeze,” “Rainbow Flame,” “Rainbow Winds of Change (Flame and Breeze),” “Rainbow Water,” “Rainbow Plasma,” “Rainbow Electrical Strikes,” “Rainbow Gamma Ray Lights,” “Rainbow Thundering Lights,” and “Rainbow Light.” 

Thank You for Your Service!



We are about to experience a strong incoming frequency of solar waves over the next three days. This is in preparation I believe for the full moon in Aries on the 29th and the solar and lunar eclipses that are incoming for the month of October.
Venus is ruling both of these eclipses, so the lessons of her recent transit through Leo will be revealing itself to you in deeper ways.
Venus is the energy of self-worth and intrinsic values which create an inner security. So all of those energies are going to be very much highlighted, amplified and grounded throughout the eclipse Corridor.
The eclipse corridor opens up for the full moon in Aries on September 29th and will close as Venus enters Libra on November 8th.
Venus and her recent transit/retrograde in Leo will be determining how you move forward through these eclipse energies so pay attention to where she is in your chart.
Venus enters Virgo on October 8/9th And she will be illuminating all of the things that came into your awareness during her passage in Leo, that you realized that you no longer need. Things your new sense of SELF-WORTH, no longer need.
She will be clearing and purifying those energies so that when her transit through Virgo is complete, you will have a very clear picture of how you’re moving forward into 2024.
Venus will enter the sign of her rulership in Libra on November 8 and divine partnerships will ensue from this day forward.
~”A cosmic stream of solar flare waves is approaching Earth in preparation of the Libra-Taurus eclipses in October. Both of these eclipses are ruled by the planet Venus, recently retrograde in Leo, ruled by the Sun. As the Sun/Moon moves through the eclipses, the lessons of the Venus transit/retrograde through Leo will be made manifest (March 9, 2015 – October 8, 2025). Being more centered in your core values, these energies are upgrading our auric field and repositioning us to align with our deepest truths and integrity, calling that energy forward in THE BELOVED OTHER.
The Venus ingress into Virgo allows you the clarity and presence to eliminate all distractions and move further into deep vibration, collapsing timelines with the eclipses as your clarity and forward motion will bless you.””A massive solar flare is expected to hit the Earth between September 25-28, . These cosmic solar waves can cause exhaustion, nausea, light-headedness, and brain fog. Our bodies will also require more hydration to help calm the high frequencies. These waves can create a feeling of anxiety, disconnection, overload, or sensitivity. As a result, mysterious rashes may arise. Additionally, solar waves may also cause cravings for sweets or chocolate. Grounding foods such as leafy greens and protein can help stabilize you. It is important to rest and trust that everything will be okay.”~ Lynnette
📸©Mégane Claire
eclipse energies
eclipse energies


Dear friends, welcome to yet another intense week energetically speaking. As the Equinox energies slowly continue readjusting our hearts and minds for the new season, we are moving this week into the energy of the last Supermoon of the year.
The first few days of a new season can be challenging as we transition into the new energetic patterns. We are all undergoing inner and outer shifts, shedding partially/fully an old skin and bringing to surface a new facet of our inner Light. Some physical symptoms such as a sense of uncertainty, lack of focus, and fatigue may still linger around this week.
Please listen to your body, rest, and reset your daily priorities.
On top of this seasonal transition, the energies of the super full moon taking place on Friday September 29 are slowly beginning to influence our fields. This last super full moon of the year will be pushing deeper into our subconscious and bringing to surface personal issues that need to be finally released. This Supermoon in the fiery sign of Aries will give us the impetus to carve out our own path, to seize the day, and to leap forward confidently and courageously.
As with every Supermoon, expect the moon to look bigger and brighter than usual this week. This week will be a conducive time for embracing change and letting go of what no longer serves us.By the end of this week we are also shifting into the energies of the month of October, bringing with it two very powerful events: a solar eclipse and a lunar eclipse. So fasten your seat belts friends…
we are getting ready for an intense season of change and transformation, individually and collectively, as we approach the end of the year. May you have a wonderful super full moon week. Try focusing your energy on releasing what has expired, and reaching outward into expansion and new growth. Stay tuned for more updates as the Supermoon energies roll on.
Much love ❤️
Diego E. Berman 2023 Ⓒ

The student has become the teacher. Your grounding in this wise, knowledgeable, evolved version of yourself, fully embracing it. Psychic gifts are expanding to becoming a Seer.

All that controlled these inherent gifts are fading away as you move through the veil. Unity within is quickening this Spiritual growth spurt. Continue forward embracing your powerful gifts. Seek the connection of your oneness with all that is in this Universe. There you will know how truly powerful you really are!

In Jesus Christ’s name amen. God bless you 🕊 Love Carolyn

On Monday, September 25th, mental Mercury, ruler of the mind, in analytical Virgo is in a positive trine connection to mighty Jupiter, planet of new horizons, in focused Taurus. Both Virgo and Taurus are Earth signs so this is about practical, grounded thoughts and perceptions.
While Mercury in Virgo wants to pay attention to the details, Jupiter in Taurus wants to widen his perspective a bit. Try to do both of these things today. Every small idea or piece of information is one step closer to expanding into your desires and dreams. Blessings of Love and Light to All! ❤️
Mercury, ruler of the mind, in analytical Virgo
Mercury, ruler of the mind, in analytical Virgo
Mercury in Virgo trine Jupiter retrograde in Taurus. Sun in Libra quincunx Saturn retrograde in Pisces. Lunar aspects – The Moon’s leap into refreshing Aquarius helps us to gain some perspective on the problems that have been weighing us down recently. But there’s still a little piece of us that’s second guessing. Am I right? Is this for me? Should I commit? Will this last? So many questions and it’s getting old now. Mercury bounces into view and insists that we start thinking in more positive terms. For weeks he’s been saying, think bigger. Stop boxing yourself in!
Because sometimes we keep life small because we don’t believe in ourselves. Sometimes we never start because we don’t think we’re capable. It’s time now to put into practice what you already know. No more hesitation. No more wondering if it will work. Try it. Writers, it’s time to write. Students, it’s time to study. Teachers, it’s time to teach. Bookworms, you have cosmic permission to invest in more books. Share your favourite writers and stories. Tell others your tales. The more we talk, the more we understand. Expand your horizons. Start a conversation.
Degrees and Times
Moon 00°Aq00′ – 00:29 (BST)
Sun 01°Li48′, Saturn 01°Pi48′ R – 04:10 (BST)
Mercury 14°Vi51′, Jupiter 14°Ta51′ R – 13:09 (BST)
© Leah Whitehorse
Painting – The bookseller’s daughter by Alexandre Antigna
The bookseller's daughter
The bookseller’s daughter

Kin 235 ~ Blue Magnetic Eagle

Today is the first day of the Blue Eagle wavespell. The first day is called ‘Magnetic’ and its key words are ‘Unify, Purpose and Attract’. It’s always helpful to start a wavespell intentionally and because this wavespell is a 13-day period of ‘Vision and Creativity’ …it’s a great time to start a creative project. Spend some time today contemplating what you could make a start of. You always get more out of a wavespell if you use the first day to make intentions. ‘Purpose’ is a key word here and when you have purpose rather than just free falling through it, you are likely to get more out of it.
Today is Blue Eagle, the creative energy starts here as the Eagle is now in flight. Follow the Eagle if you want to see things from that bird’s eye view. When you combine the meaning of both the number and day the result is ‘Unify Vision or Attract to Create.’ To summarize; Today is about vision…what do you see? Be inspired to be creative with the visions you experience. Beware, Eagle power is very strong with sharp talons… the ‘visions’ eagle may show you has the potential to shred your reality to pieces. Beware all who enter this wavespell as it’s not for the faint hearted. It is best to fly like an eagle rather than be the prey on the ground that is shivering in fear as the Eagle’s hovers over you.
Today’s Guide is also Blue Eagle and therefore it is a double dose of Eagle medicine.
If you are a Red Serpent, today will Challenge you. Eagle is your polar opposite and where as you see things very up close and in detail, you don’t always see the bigger picture. Fly like an eagle if you dare and grasp that elusive bigger picture. For the rest of us, we may lack grounding and should be wary of flying too high. A great grounding exercise that I always recommend is quite simple….just go get your bare feet muddy. Play on the earth, do some gardening, get soil under your fingernails! This connection to the Earth can re-balance us.
The Occult power is the White Worldbridger which represents ‘Opportunity, Death and Equality’. When Worldbridger falls on an Occult day we have an opportunity to cross a magical bridge. This is a great partner for Eagle as flying high can help you locate the bridge you need to cross. There is magic to help you too and so be prepared for a shamanic experience.
The Ally today is the Yellow Seed and so their energy is very supportive, if you need a friend… go find a Yellow Seed, they love to share their wisdom and this can really be useful. Ask their help if you are going on a ‘vision quest’.
Kin 235
Kin 235


1 MEN – KIN 235
I Unify in order to Create
Attracting Mind
I seal the output of VISION
With the Magnetic tone of Purpose
I AM guided by the power of MY OWN POWER DOUBLED.
25/9/2023 = 7/9/7 = 7/16=7/7 =14=5
25- Spiritual wisdom/test
7- Spiritual Test/Initiation/Solitude/Majik/Mystic/Magician
5- Freedom/Liberation/Change/Transformation/Movement
✨MONTH/YEAR codes✨
9- Completion/Destiny/Service/Humanity/Grace
7- Majik/Mystic/Spiritual/Solitude/Initiation
16-Tower struck by lightning/Sudden unexpected events
20- The AWAKENING/Clear vision
2- Partner/Twin/Cooperation/Alliances/Duality
23- Royal Star of the Lion/Strength/Protection
KIN 235 = 10 Manifestation = 1 New beginnings
Very, very powerful DIVINE MAJIK codes for SPIRITUAL AWAKENING to the VISION👀 of NEW EARTH. 🌈🌏🌍🌎
The theme of AWAKENING and BREAKING FREE from the MATRIX is amplified today (and the next 13 days) through this BLUE EAGLE cycle giving us X-RAY VISION…What was hidden and UNSEEN will now be REVEALED to uncover our BEST possible future path!!
GET READY – for more HUGE PLANETARY REVELATIONS as the evolutionary🎡 wheel turns to FULL THROTTLE!! 💥💥💥
This is the first day of the BLUE EAGLE Wavespell, thus in effect we have a TRIPLE EAGLE DAY 👁👁👁 bringing forth great VISIONARY POWERS, as your 3rd EYE is AWAKENED and ACTIVATED.
In the WHITE WIND🌬 wavespell we were forging a stronger connection to Spirit 🕊and now we are taking the next step, by amplifying the flow of VISIONS and messages from Spirit…through the MIND’S EYE of the EAGLE.
And INDEED – last week SPIRIT gave me a prelude to these BLUE EAGLE revelations with some very potent (albeit OMINOUS) SIGNS!!!
During this Wavespell of the BLUE EAGLE, the purpose is to DETACH from the mundane, in order to EXPAND your extra-sensory VISION, and SEE 👁 the BIG PICTURE in order to CREATE it.
❓❓What do you SEE? 👁
❓❓Is your path clear?
❓❓Do you have uninterrupted views and space to FLY HIGH?
MAGNETIC – Tone 1 in the SPIRITUAL realm. We commence a new cycle with the theme of MAGNETIZING and UNIFYING through our greater PURPOSE. ACTION – attracts, POWER – unify, ESSENCE – purpose
MAGNETIC energy encompasses Unconditional love, the one heart, indivisible essence, core vibration, new beginnings, chalice of the infinite, All That Is. One is the ray of UNITY with self and SOURCE. Call forth the resonance of your true vibration. Feel the pulse of this ecstatic frequency of the ONE. You are being offered profound awakenings and the exquisite radiance of unconditional love.
This is a time of new beginnings in your life. Be active in your individual expression, committed to the evolution of your soul’s VISION.👀✨
The MAGNETIC BLUE EAGLE is guiding you to focus on CREATING your greatest VISION👀🏔… and UNIFYING with your kin to magnetically attract all that you need to fulfill your future vision…
Set forth your greatest intentions for this 13 day cycle.
❓❓What VISION are you holding for your FUTURE?
CONSCIOUS SELF & HIGHER SELF: BLUE MAGNETIC EAGLE 👁 – MEN. We have DOUBLE power of BLUE EAGLE, as well as the wavespell power today, TRIPLING our VISIONARY POWERS.👁👁👁. The key trait of the majestic WISE BLUE EAGLE is having the POWER to CREATE the GREATER VISION held in the MIND’S EYE…👀..
BLUE EAGLE is the PROPHET, 🔮 the SEER, the WISE ONE👁 who can look far into the FUTURE 🔮 and SEE the outcome, discerning which timeline to CREATE…
PROJECT LOOKING GLASS 🔎 and the path of humanity’s destiny will be the focus for this wavespell.. Make sure you collapse all illusory events and continually
NOTE: This is an EDICT from SPIRIT – VERY IMPORTANT!!! ✨✨✨✨
BLUE EAGLE wavespell commences today on a waxing gibbous moon in visionary AQUARIUS – the sign of the NEW GOLDEN AGE… a beautiful illumination to overlay our RAINBOW VISIONS..
From the incoming VISIONS. BLUE EAGLE is a channel for the Planetary & Universal MIND – encoded with God’s greatest DIVINE PLAN for humanity… EAGLE holds the key to our evolution 🔑 as he can SEE the outcome, the end of the road where we are headed, he can fly far ahead and bring forth great solutions to current problems, and warn us of unforseen DANGER on our PATH.. especially during a 16 TOWER struck by lightning code month for SEPTEMBER!
HUMANITY is now in the TIME of PROPHECY as foretold by our ancestors, original people and wise elders.
When the EAGLE of the NORTH flies with the CONDOR of the SOUTH, soaring HIGH above in our skies, the SPIRIT of the land will reAWAKEN and there will be PEACE and UNITY on EARTH. 🌍🌎🌏 AMEN 🙏🙏🙏
Invite BLUE EAGLE to be your GUIDE for this wavespell revealing to you all that needs to be SEEN👀 for the highest good of your soul…be prepared to FACE whatever is uncovered as it may not be all “wine and roses”.
The EAGLE – like RED SERPENT is unrelenting in his purpose to get you on your highest path. Be prepared to EXAMINE what is revealed through the magnifying lens of the ALL SEEING EYE! (Last year on this day a beautiful lady commented that she literally had an EAGLE FLY into her car windscreen!! Many people reported SEEING actual EAGLES too and also DREAMING of EAGLES – so take note of when/where and WHAT the EAGLE is showing you!)
This is an opportune time to expand your psychic powers of clairvision, remote viewing and manifesting through VISUALIZATION. Clearing, opening and upgrading your 3rd eye/pineal chakra will be easier during this wavespell. It is important that you hold the DREAM in your MIND’S EYE, in order to bring it forth into your reality. If you can ENVISION it, you CAN CREATE IT!!
SUPPORT: YELLOW MAGNETIC SEED 🌾 KAN – the MAGNETIC SEED 🌱 is highlighting – new beginnings and new growth through inspired ACTION. Choose to rise out of dormancy, from the dark DREAM-SPELL and follow the SUN☀ to reach your highest potential. The SEED brings very focused and concentrated energy which bodes well with the EAGLE’s VISION.
NOTE: This will be especially potent as we venture into OCTOBER at the end of this cycle – the 10 th month – where we are manifesting NEW BEGINNINGS and NEW GROWTH.
Be willing to break open the constraining shells of past patterns, the shackles of belief structures in order to reach your Highest potential flowering…🌸💮🌺🌻🌼🌷💐
Call forth your creative involvement with life. This involvement FREES and AWAKENS the powerful energy of the life force, shifting your perceptions and experience, catalyzing the manifestation of your dreams. Participate spontaneously in your growth,🌿🌿🌿 unrestricted by the illusion of old structures that once provided safety.
✨Move forward into the LIGHT☀ of new possibilities and your greatest BLOSSOMING. ✨
YELLOW SEED 🌻🌼 provides the FOCUS and ripening power, for your VISIONS👀 to be planted and blossom. The VISIONS that come forth need to be enacted, creating the new beginnings for your new projects, career and creations.
Offer your DREAM-Seed🌱 to the Universe.
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: WHITE COSMIC WORLDBRIDGER 🍥 🌈🌉 CIMI seals the store of DEATH…. calling forth CLOSURE of the old cycle and your old SELF… with every death comes a New beginning, so prepare to walk through the new doors that CIMI is opening.
WORLD BRIDGER is a brilliant networker and allows for new teams and communities to come together and share the VISION.
The COSMIC WORLDBRIDGER opens the doors to NEW WORLDS, and new REALMS. Building the RAINBOW BRIDGE to the New UTOPIAN WORLD.
COSMIC CIMI can bring forth all the resources, wisdom, contacts and connections needed throughout the entire COSMOS 🍥– INFINITE WISDOM ABOUNDS!!
Collectively we can all hold the global vision for our new world, new systems, innovative technologies and ideas, and better ways of living – especially supported through the AQUARIUS MOON. .
Allow CIMI to be the bridge that connects you, to all that you need, to CREATE your highest VISION..
CHALLENGE/GIFT: RED MAGNETIC SERPENT 🐍 CHICCHAN represents the reptilian brain. The part of the brain that thrives on routine, pattern and predictability. PREPARE to have your routine uprooted. In order to GROW in a new direction.
You may need to get up and MOVE out of our comfort zone – what feels familiar and “SAFE”. It is time to take some “risks” to invite new adventures and untold pleasures into your life.
If you are in the shadow of RED SERPENT, you may be living your life on “automatic pilot,” appearing to be separated from choices motivated by your soul. You may also be challenged with survival issues, FEAR and self-doubt, feeling paralyzed to follow your DREAMS.
The COSMIC SERPENT is challenging us to WAKE UP – release all the DANGER that is threatening our survival, our growth and our ascension and FOCUS on what is life enhancing! BE-AWARE of the DANGERS and pitfalls..
Yesterday SPIRIT alerted me to this by showing me an article that appeared in my newsfeed – it was very morbid and really unsettled me! 😱😱
It was about an odd woman who had a massive python 🐍 as a pet.. the bizarre part was that she had adopted the practice of SLEEPING WITH HER PET PYTHON in her bed every night 🛏🐍– with the PYTHON wrapped around her body!!!!!!… She was in LOVE😍 with her pet and CONVINCED that he would never harm her.. Despite the continued WARNINGS from her friends and neighbours she was totally BLINDED to the danger of sleeping with a wild animal – (he was rescued from the wild and adopted by her from an exotic animal shelter).
To cut a very L-O-N-G story short (pardon the pun) – the python stopped eating his food and started exhibiting strange behaviour! She was worried he was ill and took him to the vet. The vet took X-RAYS and did an ultrasound and discovered oddly that the snake’s belly was totally EMPTY of all food particles! The VET warned her that this usually indicated that the snake was emptying his body in preparation for a BIG MEAL!!! He educated her that pythons had the ability to unhinge their jaw bone in order to consume animals much larger than themselves!!!!
The WOMAN was in SHOCK and disbelief that her beloved pet was preparing to make her his next MEAL!!! She naively told herself that the SNAKE LOVED HER😍 and would NEVER HARM HER!!
Well that night she was insistent on continuing to sleep with her beloved pet.. but she felt quite unsettled… so she devised a PLAN.. She acquired a life size mannequin and replaced it for her body in the bed, and she decided to observe from a corner in the room! Soon after the SNAKE coiled its body around hers as he did each night.. and then she heard a LOUD CRACK!! The SNAKE had squeezed its prey and cracked the doll in preparation to devour the body!!
OMG!! What was she witnessing??? She had narrowly ESCAPED being devoured by this wild creature – who was just following its natural instincts!
Needless to say – the next day – she took the snake back to the exotic animal shelter!! Phew that was CLOSE!! 😱
And so the COSMIC SERPENT challenges YOU – to heed the WARNINGS and escape from the DANGERS in the MATRIX 🚫 that entrap you into a false sense of security!! STEP OUT of your false COMFORT ZONE – and DARE to venture into NEW territory.. change your habits, beliefs and behaviour and align with a HIGHER TRUTH.
OMG!!!! I just had another EAGLE EYE REVELATION!!! Today I spent a few hours repotting all the SNAKE PLANTS🐍🌿 in my house!!! This was necessary as very oddly all my SNAKE plants in every room, had simultaneously begun wilting/rotting and dying!! I have had them for 3 years now and never had any issues and lately one by one they all started dying!!!! I was very perplexed WHY????
I had 7 plants and I divided and repotted them into 23 pots! 7 = majik and 23=5 23 – is the Royal Star of the Lion – giving you the strength and protection of a LION.. 5 means FREEDOM and LIBERATION!!
All in all SPIRIT is giving us another message that …
✨THE SNAKES🐍 ARE DYING.✨🐍.. DIVINE MAJIK enables us to DIVIDE and CONQUER them, using the LION’S STRENGTH and COURAGE to LIBERATE our FREEDOM from tyranny!
HALLELUJAH – very STRONG SIGNALS that we are well on our way of LIBERATING ourselves from the slave matrix!!
Utilize the power of RED SERPENT🐍 to tap into the LIFE FORCE, VITALITY and PASSION that Chicchan gifts you today. Allow the COSMIC kundalini from yesterday’s COSMIC WIZARD to EXPLODE through your CROWN CHAKRA – forging your eternal connection to ALL THAT IS – the endless knowing of all CREATION.
Welcome the spontaneity and novelty, freeing the predictability of the routine and habitual. Escape the mundane and seek new horizons. Allow the wisdom of Chicchan combined with BLUE EAGLE to direct the FOCUS of your greatest VISION.
✨Envision it,👁 Believe it 🕊and then you can CREATE IT! 🔨
✨DREAM BIG precious STAR 🌟 BLISS 🐬 SUNS🌟 and BELIEVE in a grander vision.🌠
✨What else is possible for me?
Today’s question is “How can I CREATE the highest VISION👁 for my life, fulfilling my higher Divine purpose?”
What do I need to ATTRACT?
🐬🌈 ❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤
Divine blessings for the wondrous unfoldment of your GRAND VISION.👁👁🏔🖼
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈




🔥 A Journey to the Inner Sanctuary of Peace and Prosperity: A Sanctum of Healing (GUIDED MEDITATION)🔥


Our latest guided meditation from the Eagle and the Condor. Paul White Eagle guides you into a Sacred Special inner Sanctuary within your self to find the peace and tranquility you deserve and activate Prosperity in your life.

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Embark on a transformative voyage of self-discovery and renewal with our guided meditation, “A Journey to the Inner Sanctuary of Peace and Prosperity: A Sanctum of Healing.”
In this immersive meditation experience, you will be gently guided through a serene and enchanting landscape, where you will discover the inner sanctuary that resides deep within your soul.

As the soothing narration unfolds, you’ll find yourself amidst a lush and tranquil forest, where the air is filled with the fragrant embrace of blooming flowers, and the leaves whisper messages of serenity. With each step, a profound sense of calm washes over you, preparing you for the profound journey ahead.
You’ll encounter a clear, tranquil stream that mirrors the vibrant blue sky above—a representation of the abundant flow of prosperity in your life. As you immerse yourself in the symbolism, you’ll feel a sense of oneness with the universe’s abundance.

Crossing the Bridge of Healing, a shimmering path of radiant light, you will release physical and emotional burdens with each step. This bridge signifies the gateway to inner peace and rejuvenation, a portal to healing the wounds of the past and embracing a harmonious present.

Upon entering your Inner Sanctuary, you will be transported to a place of pure tranquility and beauty. Bathed in soft, golden light and accompanied by the soothing sounds of nature, you’ll gaze into a pool of water, its surface reflecting a radiant and peaceful version of yourself.

This is your sanctuary—a realm where worries, pain, and negativity dissolve into the waters, leaving you lighter and more at peace with each passing moment. Guided affirmations will empower you to open your heart to abundance, healing, and inner harmony, reinforcing your connection to the universe’s flow of positivity.

Expressing gratitude for this inner sanctuary, you’ll carry the newfound sense of calm and positivity with you as you return to your everyday life. With each meditation session, you’ll deepen your connection to this sacred space, amplifying its transformative power.

“A Journey to the Inner Sanctuary of Peace and Prosperity: A Sanctum of Healing” is your invitation to embark on a voyage of profound inner exploration, where you will rediscover the abundant wellspring of peace, prosperity, and healing that resides within you. Allow this guided meditation to be your compass on the path to a more balanced and harmonious life.



Beloved Family,
You are loved beyond the constructs of human perceptions held within the psyche. Beyond your choices of how you have coped with your survival and trauma in this life experience. Beyond the mistakes you think you have made. You are loved beyond how anyone’s projections; of how anyone thinks you should act, process and be on this Earth plane. Beyond all projections and judgements of yourself and the external world. Release all of the points of view that you are not a celestial divine miracle, a pure gift to this Earthly and Cosmic Experience Just As YOU ARE, IN THIS SACRED NOW! BE YOU! In All of Your Brilliance and Magnificence!
YOU Are Loved Beyond All Measure.


Full Soul Liberation of The New Eden Upon Heaven on Earth through the IAM within the Heart of Source GOD Pure Love of the Sacred Divine Mother and Sacred Divine Father
I AM The Sacred Divine Feminine Within
I AM The Sacred Divine Masculine Within
I AM The Sophia Christ Consciousness
I AM Ascended Master Consciousness
I AM Eternal Cosmic Consciousness
I AM Full Awareness In this Sacred Now
I AM Pure Love & Peace Flowing through me and all around me in this Sacred NOW
For I AM All That IS, Illuminated in the Love and Light ONENESS within All of Creation
And So It Is
Angelique and The Cosmic Divine Mother
I Love You, ALL 💗
Angelique and The Cosmic Mother of Creation
Cosmic Divine Mother
Cosmic Divine Mother

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