** The Event- Planetary Disclosure Underway **

** The Event- Planetary Disclosure Underway **

* Pleiadian light forces transmission 6212019 *

Channeled by Michael Love
Begin transmission….
Great ones,
Two earth weeks ago, an agreement between Pleiadian light forces, key ambassadors of the earth alliance, and certain benevolent world leaders was reached, to begin a soft disclosure of celestial forces and their grand ships to the light beings of earth!
current earth alliance and inside space agency intel suggests that a massive fleet of approximately 2 million, light-weight plasma rainbow-colored, benevolent, extra-terrestrial, plejaren craft have already began materializing in the physical skies of earth as they are doing ascension work near and on the surface to assist in the spiritual evolution of this planet!
These ships can be seen almost every day materializing into solid forms, from the atmospheric clouds above the planet!
These elite plasma craft entered this solar system through a massive multi-dimensional central sun portal beginning on 9112018 and have been shuttling back and forth from earth to the sun for months on special planetary liberation missions!
Also, incredible celestial landscapes are beginning to manifest in the skies as well and are truly majestic to see and experience!
What used to simply be 3d clouds in the sky are taking on beautiful divine shapes with much more detail, depth, and auras now, that have not been seen in modern times!
Many do not believe any of this is real or that anything special is happening but we tell you, “you must have 5d eyes to see the incredible magic and real-ness of all of this!”
The only thing that is real dear one, is what you believe in and what you experience!
We say, ” lift up your eyes and look around! behold the glory of heaven!”
These lightships and celestial cities have been fully cloaked since the end of 2018 when 5d energy started being anchored to the earth and could only be seen, photographed or filmed by special telescopes as they moved through the illuminating light of the solar corona!
Higher beings are bringing heaven down to earth, and you are bringing earth up to heaven as you raise your internal frequency on both a personal and collective level!
As of 6/21/2019, any being resonating near or at the 5d frequency can and certainly will behold the majesty of what is truly happening on planet earth!

Many of us have had personal contact with the higher beings riding these grand ships for some time now, however, we have longed for the day when you could experience these personal encounters for yourself!
that day has arrived great one, so we ask you to be still, focus, align yourself with the higher realms and allow heaven to slowly open right before your eyes!
This is truly the greatest time to be alive on planet earth and it is the time written about in every great spiritual book on earth!
This disclosure event, dear ones, is not yet for 3d humans as they are in no way ready to believe or accept their galactic origins and family, so, for now, this super-natural experience is only for beings advanced enough on their spiritual journey to be able to receive it and accept it with a loving and open heart!
Channeled intel indicates these celestial ships are primarily from the Pleiades star cluster in the 5th dimension and are a mile in diameter, in size!
The main ships where this fleet of scout ships are docked, near the sun, is a large as a major continent on earth!
The intel from the earth alliance, gathered on these ships, is 100% backed up by solar observatory observations and recordings that understandibly locked away from human eyes!
The primary mission of the light forces is to bring enough, akashic-gamma-light from the central sun to the earth matrix, where it enters human-body cells and recodes and enhances dna to a more advanced state of functionality!
This 5th dimensional light is called ‘andara light’ or ‘andara energy and has a heavenly feel and tone to it that is divine and other-wordly!
dear one, this 5d, gamma, consciousness energy is the holographic, etheric framework for new light matrix that will support a more advanced, loving, galactic civilization on this planet!

The 7 rainbow rays of crystal light:
The great beings that have descended down to earth recently, embody the 7 rays of god and are here to transmit these rainbow light rays into your being!
these rainbow light rays will fully awaken you to your true higher state of being!
The qualities, attributes, and virtues of these seven rays of god consciousness for this solar system were placed within spheres of light eons ago by the creators of worlds!
these spheres, known as chakras, were designed to spin at a very high velocity, which made them appear to be spinning cones of light radiating from the front and back of the physical body, therefore, you are constantly radiating frequencies of light out into the world of form.
Your new silicon, crystal light body is forming fast now as your new container for your being!
this upgraded crystalline, lighter body will provide much more power, functionality and abilities for your new beginning on the new earth and beyond!
Every living cell within your body is a capacitor which stores memories and energy patterns and as this high -frequency, 5d energy increases around you, you will start to do things you never thought were possible!
As you begin the journey of ascension back into the realms of light, you gradually lose density within the physical vessel–not necessarily body mass–but your bodily form begins to resonate with higher and higher frequencies of light.
The grand beings who have come close to earth now are broadcasting and amplifying this 5d-andara, rainbow light energy on this plane, fully transforming the ether around the earth to the 5th-dimensional, new earth heaven vibration so that all light beings and humans here can once again experience a heaven they can actually walk into!
This is where you are now dear one on your great journey and the great from the stars are here with you, to assist you in reaching your heavenly destination!
This heavenly destination is right here on earth and you are lifting yourself up to it even now!
Your ancient star-family, the Pleiadians are here to make contact with you in the physical world and to help you finish your ascension mission!
We have seen what is called the future and we can tell you that all of you make it to where you are going and the earth shall be returned to a paradise in your very near future!
it is part of your divine plan and many celestial angels are going to make sure that your dream becomes a reality!
Dear one, for 6 months straight now Pleiadian light forces have been performing super-intense master level dna upgrades all across planet earth and many starseeds are noticing major quantum leaps in their personal spiritual evolution!
Life just seems to unfold and work out now, in a positive, magical and abundant way for these 5d starseeds and this is just something one just has to experience for themselves to fully believe and receive it!

Major dna upgrades occurred last week in operation Pandora that targeted the 40 hertz, 5d, gamma/bliss state of consciousness.
if a being resonates too far below this level they will not be affected in any way by this light frequency!
Some of these upgrades involve a complete shut-off of the physical vessel for a period of 1 hour or so! if you have experienced one of these upgrades you know it can be super intense for a moment! the good news is, your layered bodies come back on-line within a few hours afterwards and you begin to operate as a much more powerful being in all areas! after one of these master-level dna activations you become more intelligent, much more loving, more healed and more advanced in every area of life!
As the earth alliance reported on May 29th, 2019, benevolent light forces launched a major planetary liberation operation that will reach a critical apex on July 4th, 2019 and culminate in the earth year 2020!
This grand ascension and freedom operation involves millions of light beings working together from the sky to the ground to clear out all frequencies surrounding planet earth that resonate below the 5d level!
Decoded light transmissions directly from these benevolent beings to earth alliance members indicate that these angelic forces are in a green light go situation to perform a full disclosure to the beings of earth!
Dear one,
Your intuition knows that something big is happening on earth!
you know deep within yourself that things are changing in the atmosphere of planet earth!
A 5th-dimensional energy field is not fully in place around the earth and as you begin to resonate with this lighter energy you have noticed things are looking more celestial and heavenly in the skies and in the ether of the earth!
Heaven is appearing great ones, right before your eyes and the majesty of it all is so beautiful and amazing!
It’s here almost everyday, and to see it and experience it you must resonate with it and you must look closely for it!
At this stage it is felt first as a feeling of awe and as the higher realms open a bit this feeling becomes quite intense and so blissful!
It is just a grand feeling that just cannot be felt in dimensions below 5d! a dimension is a state of being dear one and 5d is the first of higher dimensions that takes on an incredible divine nature that is just deep and magical!
To feel this for the first time, the way many of us are, leaves us astounded that finally everything that we have waited and worked so hard for is slowly become the reality here for us!
We are the inheritors of the earth and new earth is the reward given to all the children of god who desire divine things most!
this, 5d andara energy boost that is being sent to the starseeds of earth now is already accelerating many of you to new levels of being and possibilities that you have not experienced before! this powerful Pleiadian dna activation energy is waking up and activating many star beings all across the globe!
We tell you the truth that a revolution is about to take place on the earth plane that humanity has only dreamed about!

Operation update as of 6-21-2019:
an all-out effort by the powers that were to block this arrival and disclosure is currently underway!
In a weak effort to hide these immensely advanced angelic forces from public eyes, govt. space agencies have been ordered not to let humanity see what is really transpiring all around this planet!
The reason for this cosmic cover-up is to avoid panic and so the powers that were do not lose control of their faithful human servants!
The primary way this cosmic, starship presence cover-up is being executed is by intense chem-trail efforts every day on a planetary basis!
The official story about why governments are chemtrailing so much is because they intend to save the planet from global warming!
Remember dear ones, the earth does not need artificial help from some bogus global warming agenda and the truth is, the earth is doing just fine, regardless of the carelessness that has been perpetrated towards here and she does not require human intervention to fix a problem that never existed, to begin with!
The agenda was to keep you in the dark but the entire universe is now conspiring to show you what has been hidden from you!
It is time to meet your galactic family great one, and a new wave of freedom is breaking out on planet earth that has not been seen here since the beginning!
Recent transmissions from Pleiadian guides says, “be assured, we are going to blast through every man-made barrier that keeps us from connecting to and assisting the Starseeds and humans on the surface of the planet!”
Furthermore, guides say, “we are already making contact with key earth alliance ground crew members who are leading the way in helping humanity in their ascension and evolution and nothing on earth can stop the awesome power and light that is dawning here!
Dear ones,
since 9-11-2018, you have been experiencing powerful and frequent influxes of exotic energy on this planet, one massive wave after another!
Your auric fields are being bathed in steady, mild doses of gamma light to quickly activate your dna to the 5th frequency!
be assured that this ascension is now approaching its apex as celestial light forces are showing up en-masse in their grand arrival to earth!
We the Pleiadians are here to assist you in this great hour and we will stand by you until all things are fulfilled!
We ask you to take your spiritual evolution serious and do all you can to clear out all low-vibrational energies from your being and begin to vibrate higher!
you must now start fully living as a divine-being on earth!
Finish up your inner work and begin now loving yourself at the highest level! when you do this, the whole universe will bow down to you!
This is your grand hour and we are here to witness the closing of your incredible mission across the cosmos!
Thank you for coming to earth at this time and for your great service to all of humanity!
i am Michael, the prime blue-ray Pleiadian ambassador to earth, and i am here with you all!
The kingdom of heaven on earth is at hand!
~ Michael and the Pleiadians 💙
special credit and acknowledgment to the earth alliance, the great white brotherhood, the white dragon society, pleiadian codename: cobra, the guardians of earth and the sphere being alliance.
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  1. Sandy Bella

    ❤ After receiving my 2nd Andara Crystal in the mail a couple days ago, I was walking through the local mall with it in my bag and there was a kind of distortion for a couple minutes where the 3D mall was fading in and out and 5D bright white light faded in and out. My new Andara is olive green and gold and deeply connected to Mother Earth and The Central Sun and the Golden Christ Consciousness Ray. I was attracted to the olive green and gold Andaras because I had an experience a few weeks ago when meditating on photo of a ‘Golden Celebration Rose’ flower where a golden beam of light went through me from the Central Sun deep down into Mother Earth. I usually only experience awareness of my own golden beam of light within myself when meditating on this rose. About a week ago, I went on a couple of Mystic Journeys deep into Mother Earth after reconnecting with Australian Indigenous Spirits I connected with a few years ago and then Pacific Black Duck Spirits who always guide me to where I’m meant to be on my journey ❤
    Spirit has me but im currently struggling with different issues. I’m going through massive change. I’m grieving. I’m healing. The tools I use are changing. Going through periods of feeling lost and confused ❤
    About a month ago, I did witness The Magical Faerie Kingdom appear in the sky cloaked by light clouds ❤❤

  2. Sandy Bella

    ❤ A few years ago, I turned up at an Al-Anon meeting (12 step group for friends and families of alcoholics) because I thought my biggest problem in the world was that I kept getting into relationships with alcoholics but that’s because I was in denial back then that my ex-partners weren’t just alcoholics but also drug addicts. So, I decided to go to an Al-Anon meeting. That was about 5 years ago and now here I am having this Spiritual Adventure. I haven’t been trained in anything, no healing modalities, no psychic protection courses, no nothing. Everything just happens the way it happens. I think outside the square and try crazy things and some work. Like, for example I decided it would be funny to try EFT Tapping for healing my sense of humour but it was actually a Divine Idea that came from Spirit cause Holy Cow, my God, did I cry and cry and cry when I did it. I didn’t know the reason I’ve survived everything I’ve been through because my sense of humour keeps me protected. I just do whatever hits me. Sometimes I co-operate with Spirit and sometimes I dont and here I AM ❤ One hell of an amazing, crazy journey ❤

  3. Sandy Bella

    ❤ Its so strange how ‘The Pandora Protocol’ was announced a week ago. Some believe Gaia is the Greek Goddess Pandora. Wow! When I journeyed down deep into Gaia, there was a small wooden looking chest. I didn’t dare open it. I just enjoyed being in the depths of Mother Earth where her energy felt so strong and powerful. This was about a week ago. Now I keep thinking – ‘Wow! What if that is where Hope is kept’. Wow!!

  4. AtLaRa

    Thank you Paul for this Inspirational,Uplifting,Fortifying Video/Transmission! Love Love!!! It was perfect timing. Just coming out of a Dreg Clearing. During this past Full Moon Ended Up Meditating inside my 6′ Copper Pyramid with Andaras positioned all around me inside it and an Orgone Energy Ball at the Apex for 45 Minutes! Fried myself! Haha. Such fun! However, I don’t Recommend it for those who haven’t been Meditating for many years. So Worth it though- Many Octaves Higher now!!! Sending All here Happiness and True Tru Love AtLaRa

  5. Paul Butler

    Namaste AtLaRa,
    Thank you! I appreciate you and your Light my friend. Yes the energies have been intense and a lot of clearing and releasing going in in the collective and the field. Keep up the great work Divine One. Much Love and Blessings…Paul

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